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Randi`s One - Chapter 3, Trusting Kisses

“You need to be tasting me! “ is sharply spoken into the relative quiet of the kitchen, as Kristina is now standing just inside the archway between the kitchen and Great Room. “You are to taste me, Ms. Randi. You need my cream.”

With hearing such Randi immediately turns toward the direction of Kristina `s voice that seems to be almost divine within its heavy English Russian. Yet, Randi says nothing but she does supply her full attention to her houseguest. With the attentiveness, Kristina drops the white terry robe to display her full nudity, nudity that is delicate sensual flowing lines and well cared for young beauty that shows strength and sexual arousal. This has Randi`s body rise into an eruption of lusty desire as her boy shorts get even moister. It has her blue eyes gleam of carnal craving over sexually needing this naughty girl who is overwhelming Randi`s mind with the vision of being a dream to enjoy.

‘’You will fuck me! I want you!” Kristina demandingly asserts not accepting any rejection. “I am too hot and the feelings won't go away no matter how much I touch myself.”This is spoken as she eyes Randi in predatory desire to have sex. Oh yes, that is a goal but it`s more than that too as Kristin continues saying,”I can`t get you out of my head. And I always can control my thoughts but I now can`t.” She states in a firm declaration as she is walking directly toward Randi with a stare that is fully inflaming with sexual fire.

“We both know what exists in the barn. “ She conveys within earnest tones to be standing directly in front of Randi who cannot remove her visual inspection of appreciating the delicately smooth lines of truly untainted beauty that comes to her. This builds deeper breathing for them, as they are standing there too close with Randi frozen over what is happening between them. “Ms. Randi, I belong to you. We both know it. There is no argument over tools, but it is you telling me my place in your life. Yes, it is.” Kristina expresses about her using the whip in the barn. She does this as she looks deep into Randi’s eyes searching them for a response but she is only seeing a wall of controlled desire and that has her continue on with saying, “I get it! I am smart and I get it. ”

This has the air around them seeming extremely still and as a result that as Randi feeling it pushing in on her body making breathing even more difficult. But she stands unyielding while looking down at this beautiful woman who makes every fiber of Randi feeling truly alive with needing to have sex. Nonetheless, Randi holds solid in not allowing lust to control the moment. In that Kristina reaches out to lace her fingers of her right hand into Randi’s left as she declares, “Ms. Randi, I promise that love will not be a problem. I already know where I belong. So please, let us have dessert first? Afterward, I am doing anything that you wish of me and I am doing it forever.”

Randi immediately slides the fingers on her own right hand to embrace the fingers of Kristina`s left hand. That makes it two sets of palms touching with heartbeats felt by both women. It is the sensation of strong racing pulsations while breathing is heavier and bodies shiver of needing to be sexually pleased. Then in one swift jerking motion, Randi has Kristina’s nude body smashing hard against her own as Randi then barks out, “Kris, you are being a little slut and trading sex for safety.”

Kristina's eyes widen with her attempting to pull away as she begins to deny the accusations, “I am not….I ..I…” This makes her breathless of the ideas that flood her mind. It has her feeling caught between herself perception and the game of seduction, yet the being wedged in between the two exists while actually sharing truthfulness too.

True, Randi doesn’t know that but she wants all of the truth before things get sexual between them. Everything must be clear and truthful for Randi is tired of meaningless sex with dozens of random women. She wants a sincere relationship with a few interesting terms attached. “You are being a whore! You are selling sex to me so that I will keep you safe from harm.” Arrives as chat with additionally sharing a cold staring into those steel blue eyes as she further says, ”Naughtiness! That is badness. You are not permitted to be a whore for anyone.” This does subsist as a warning. “Do you understand me?” This comes in harsh querying as Randi is providing a sudden shift of energy within the game of seduction as she claims her status of Dominant.

Kristina mind explodes with a zillion worries. It now is swimming in the quagmire of wild thoughts and along with this, there are her deepest of fears taking charge of her. That causes her breathing to be winded while her body quakes with her stuttering within begging, “I….I…I…..please….please….please, Ms. Sund.”

“Ms. Randi!”This flies out in a severe request from Randi. She demands it for she is never going to allow anyone to disrespect her, especially not a potential lover and all lovers use the title of Ms. Randi. Thus, she once more sternly commands, “Say it! Say my name, Pretty One! “

At that moment, Kristina’s eyes well up with bulky tears coming to stain the corners of those beautiful steel blues. She now has more fear, more uncontrollable emotion is building and she is so profoundly lost in what is happening that she stumbles within quivering fragile tones to be saying, “Ms.… Ms...Ms. Randi.” That arrives as her true fears totally invade with her feeling that she needs a savior from all of what is in her life. She does for she knows that her life is now over when considering that her future is her returning to Russia. Therefore, everything is falling into ruin with her uncle maybe needing to pay a high price for her family`s mistakes.

Randi watches the intense pain and horror sweeping into eyes that are so lovely in innocence and young life. Her mind begins spinning of what she has done to an angel, but she knows that things need clarity. She knows this for she understands that truth between them must always exist so that they build trust. “Be straight with me!” Sternness as she begins the investigation that is necessary. ”Tell me, why do you fear? Fear enough to surrender sexual favors. You sacrifice your virginity. You are twenty some years old and still a virgin, so why give it up now? And why surrender it to me? Tell me. Tell everything and then we are going to understand our places in life.”

By this time, tears silently stream down soft lovely facial cheeks. Eyes are bold with watery salty tears and Kristina is standing there lost in thoughts but overwhelmed with emotions. That has Randi sternly looking into her eyes saying,”Talk to me, Pretty One! We have nothing if we can`t talk. So tell me everything!”

Kristina simply hopelessly stares up at this stunning manly looking woman that supplies wild emotions and uncontrolled thoughts of every kind for Kristina. That is what exists for Kristina Romanova when near Randi Sund. It is untamed emotions and unrestrained thoughts of every kind even though Kristina is strong and capable in her life, but she is so soft within herself too. She is for she genuinely can`t deal with the reality of everything that is surrounding her in life. Yet, she is trying to deal with it all and she is doing it mostly on her own too. In fact, her entire existence has Kristina standing in this house entwined so close to a stronger woman but she isn’t feeling strong anymore. In fact, she wants to fall to her knees for she is beaten in life. She is crushed by losing her parents to murders, leaving her home, her homeland, her life and dealing with illegal refugee status. It all is too much for anyone to bear, but she does. Yet she refuses to kneel and chooses to stand defiant of all things even if she can`t handle what exists in her life.

“You either are going to trust me, Kris or you are going to always fear. Choose what you will do, my Pretty One.”

“I can’t Randi. I….” She stops with it being immensely difficult to say any more about its deep pain and horrifying truths. It is a tangling of wild emotions, helplessness, and a world of things that are barely chained within this beautiful blond. Yet, as she looks into those eyes of Randi she finds what she needs to push it out. “I….I will die.”

Such is stinging the air as crying overcome Kristina`s stability while her body feels like it can`t handle the reality of her life any longer. Within it, she tries to find the strength to once more deal with it and within this, she removes her gaze from Randi`s as Randi`s face suddenly flickers of shock but Randi chases it away within affirming, “No, no Kris! No one is hurting you. Not ever! “

Then Randi forces the initial topic back into being the discussion. ”Choose! Decide of trusting me or fearing for your life. Come on, you are an intelligent woman. Select what you believe the most in. Is it trusting me or fear?” This is coming in demanding of Kristina to move forward on a crossroads of life. But no answer immediately comes and that has Randi bringing a set of their entwined hands upward to nestle under Kristina's chin. Then she nudges Kristina`s face to look upward to be confronting Randi’s intense stare as she softly conveys, “Look in my eyes, my Pretty One. Look at them and tell me what you select. You know what you decide; you choose it in the barn. So say what you choose.”

In that Kristina, eyes hold raw emotion of being truly lost and needing help but within all the sobbing there are the tumbling of thoughts that make her dizzy with bleary answers. Yet, she whispers, “I was naughty. I chose to whip anyone’s ass that hurt me. I choose to be taking on anyone and that is including you. I want freedom from my parents’ drug debts. I want the freedom to love and to not be a slave to the Solntsevskaya Bratva.” Within this Kristina stares into Randi`s eyes with tears continuing. At that moment, Randi sees the crystalline truth shining there along with strength and wild passion burning to the extreme. As this is occurring, Randi leans forward to place soft loving kisses on Kristina`s facial cheeks as salty tears trickle down. ”Tell me, how much are you owing to your freedom, Kris?” Exists as a tender query as the kisses intensify and Randi`s hands lovingly squeeze Kristina`s within an unceasing possession.

“1310000.00 Rubles.” This is the truthfulness of Kristina`s existence in America. “I tried to bargain with them but they want me. That had Uncle Nicky smuggling me out of the motherland with a false visa to live here in the motel. “

“That is an approximate twenty thousand American, then.” Randi sums up after a quick mental calculation of currency exchange.

“I don’t know if it is that or what it is.” conveys a sobbing Kristina who is lost in all that is occurring on this night.

“Uhm, I know that it is that. I do, for I often must deal with international currency.” Randi replies continuing to kiss away tears and then she is pushing the conversation into asking. “Did you work when living in Russia?”

“Yes, as a gardener for the city of Petersburg.” Is the reply with the sobbing approaching sniffling while she further replies, “Five years of horticulture and I like my job. But it stopped a year ago when I ran way on a temporary visa.“

“Uhm,” arrives from Randi while gazing into those beautiful eyes of Kristina’s. Randi then takes to pondering the information. Thus, it is thoughts turning hard and fast with sorting out steps to be taken as Kristina looks deep into those sparkling true blue eyes of Randi`s. Within it, Kristina softly says, “You. I choose you.”

These are potent soft words that meet Randi`s ears causing Randi's eyes to a flare of a feral joy; an instant uncontrolled joy to then have her lips crushing Kristina`s. It is two sets of delicious upper lips crashing in consuming each other’s passion with breaths heavy. It is Randi only needing that said for her to push forward into what they both want tonight. Thus, Randi zealously devours those lips of Kris`s, which seconds ago spoke of trust. Trust and truths within kissing, with it being primal kisses for it is mating in lust`s ancient ritual of pressing lips together in neediness as the breaths of lovers become eaten and teased out in hearty heady pleasure. Wild hungry passion explodes further between them with it moving hands to be releasing from possessive gripping as Randi’s strong hands are coming to be solidly grasping Kristina’s hips to hold this beautiful woman ever too close in ownership of her. A reaction comes just as swift from Kristina as her hands slip up over Randi`s strong arms and shoulders to then cup Randi`s facial cheeks. Both women are seizing each other in a needy desire to play out the kisses and to taste as lust comes to break the borders of two women who are destined to be this and so much more.

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Randi`s One - Chapter 2, Criminal Lust

Teasing is happening by two who are willing to play it out into what it takes to get what they each desire, thus yes it is fire. Hot, hot as Hell but Randi is experienced enough to know when to take and when to give, thus, she devilishly grins at Kristina. “Naughty girl, get your ass in the shower. “ Comes sternly as things become a bit too much but Randi is not giving in to the energy, not just yet. Thus, she forces in thoughts of other things so that calm does exist for herself. “I am making dinner and you are going to be dessert,” Is spoken in cool chastising as she releases both hands to look into those eyes a bit longer as she takes a deeper breath to still her senses.

Kristina knows that she is stealing Randi’s attention with making the sexual energy hotter; she knows that she is doing so and it is with good reasoning too. It is something that she must do. She needs to for it helps Kristina with a larger problem. Thus, Kristina is giving sex to this beautiful woman for she rather relents her virginity than pay the true price that might come with unlawful trespassing. It is an expensive price if policing authorities come involved. It is with her then she paying the highest price in life. She knows that being caught and having to deal with authorities is going to have an illegal immigrant deported and it is then having her Uncle Nicky seeing prison for harboring such a person during the past year. Therefore, yes, it is giving up of the priceless of her virginity by fucking this wealthy woman and doing anything to simply keep her secrets hidden. It must be dealt with like this for Kristina knows her life is over if she returns to Russia. Thus, she needs Randi to take the offer of sex with nothing more happening and so she smiles at Randi saying, “You will have the finest cream dessert that you have ever enjoyed, Ms. Sund.”

“Mmm”, Purr Randi eying this beautiful blond female with becoming even more tempted into joining her in the shower but she isn`t doing it. She is not going to for she feels a twinge of something in her psyche that she needs to listen to. Plus, in a moment, she is heading into the kitchen to create a dinner. But she is tempted to have shower sex for Randi likes women who are beautiful and that do have a fiery spirit.

Kristina is perfection within a sexual energy that is seamlessly aligned with Randi`s own. That reality is pulling Randi into wanting Kristina more than anyone that she has ever wished for in life. It is easy that for Randi does notice the intellect, the fiery soul, and strength of this woman. Yet, she senses vulnerability and something not quite as it should be. She understands that there can be legal repercussions for trespassing and that payment should be but why is Kris so willing to give sex. That sits in the back of Randi`s mind, even though, the lust is more potent than anything else that is occurring at the moment.

But facts are that Randi is highly attracted to women that are strong, passionate and beautiful within angelic sensual sexiness. Hence, Kristina is definitely the perfect little mix of intoxication to overwhelm the senses of the gorgeous androgynous Swedish American lesbian. She is for it is easy to see the physical beauty of Kristina. Within that, there is an understanding that Kristina is an innocent within life for it glows deep in her eyes. Such angelic characteristics are wrapping in walls of a bold wild child, but an experienced soul seeker can unearth it. This Randi does discover and she adds to it what she already calculates about this young Russian woman. It thus accompanies a noticeably high intelligence, a fierce spirit, a powerful emotional essence and a formidable inner strength. Oh yes, there is a great strength for it takes a great deal of it to confront such a situation that now exists for Kristina. It also takes a special ability to hide whatever the truth is about Kristina being on the estate is. Therefore, the attribute of mysterious is added in and so is deceptive. Along with it, there is the reality that Kristina is creative. She is for the story of harm occurring over her returning to Russia is interesting. Just as is the idea that such not be happening seems to be extremely important. Thus, Kristina truly is an intrigue for Randi.

It all has Randi noticing that the intoxicating young woman is most definitely holding everything together in an almost perfection. She is maintaining calmness extremely well and it is occurring when most people do question why sex is the trade for a lightweight illegal activity. Most people usually do accept that the police are to be involved in intruding activities and it comes at a minor league legal price of such things. Thus, why is Kristina complying with sexual favors when really the normal route for such is what should exist? That makes Randi extremely curious and therefore she takes to plotting out the controlling of her own lust while doing similar to Kristina.

Therefore, her mind begins to clear as the data begins adding up within her intellect. Along with it is the assumption that maybe there is more than trespassing that is illegal. Thus, it is to a keeping of Kristina and her Uncle Nickolas close to her, for it is now important to do so. That is why the offer of Kristina being in the house is actually given. No, it really is not having anything to do with sexual anything. It is given as a command to control something suspicious. Yes, it is, just as is the proposal of the stables’ apartment happens for Nickolas. Hence, in all truths, both offers exist with Randi fully intending to watch both of these Russians until everything is sorted out to her satisfaction. She pushes the lust aside to have her stand there simply smiling as she states. "Uhm, you are extremely pretty. Oh yes, but there is a bathroom right over there where you are to a shower. I am baking fish for dinner. See you in the kitchen in thirty minutes.”

Randi points to toward the bathroom door that is a few feet away while she is smoothly conveying, “The door to your left is the household`s main bathroom. You are to thoroughly cleanse all of you. When you finish the cleansing you are to dress in the terrycloth bathrobe that is hanging on the backside of the door. I am going to provide fresh clothes after dinner is set to cooking. You don’t need barn smell for your evening here tonight. “ She states, trying to hide her abiding lusty sexual desire for Kristina by walking slightly past the young woman to make strides for the kitchen but she stops to further convey, ’There are slippers to wear as well. Plus there are other necessities too. So use what you need to be fresh for me.”

Then turning around Randi sees that Kristina is watching the departure to the kitchen and Randi grins, “Naughty, for you don’t follow orders.”

“No! I do not follow orders from anyone, but I am going to do it for you.” States the beautiful young Russian woman with an odd sounding voice tone that has Randi raise an eyebrow and change the smile to a placid grimace. Kristina then conveys in coldly curious tones, ”You are not going to have sex with me. I see that. But I will do anything. Remember that. So do what you want with me tonight.”

“I am not seeking sex from you tonight. I want only a heart and soul in my bed. Thus, your little trespassing incident is paid for by having dinner with me and staying in one of my spare rooms so that I may enjoy breakfast with a person instead of an empty house that only has servants.” Comes in the collected calmness of direct truths being shared in emotionlessness.

“The invite to stay in my house is for you to decide on in the morning. You can go back to the filth-ridden motel on Rand Way, but only if you want. However, I have a purpose with you. I do. And if you are a good girl then you might earn that bed of mine.” She stated firmly as she leans in to place a soft kiss on Kristina’s pouting lips. Pouting due to, not getting the sexual trade for her misdeeds. ‘You look sexy when you pout,” Randi states looking deeply into those steel blue colored eyes as warmth fills her voice tone as she next conveys, “We both know that we have a purpose with each other. Now, be a good girl and be you. I want to know who my Pretty One truly is. So you are going to live with me until we both really want to be more than a badass trespasser and big bad corporate bitch.” She says at once more kissing those sweet frowning lips to finalize with, “Okay, so go get clean to then eat a meal or two with me. Even criminals need food. Even criminals who lust after bad bitches need food and sleep.” Then Randi smirks before nudging Kristina to move along to the bathroom as she declares, “Criminals and lust; lust and a criminal, and we both are bad for messing with each other, but we are going to. My Pretty One is a criminal. And I am no better than a criminal, I am a criminal….”

“Careful, I might steal something precious, something like your bed, Ms. Sund.” arrives in sharp sassy interruption as Kristina moves toward the bathroom, after settling her mind to not having sex.

“It is Ms. Randi to you, and I am betting on you doing just that, Pretty One.” Claims Randi watching her go to disappear behind the bathroom door. With the door`s closure, Randi shakes her head in disgust of herself as her eyes close to having next chastising herself in a low whispering of “My mother would shoot me for doing this one.”

Then in that whisper of truths, Randi has a memory flash of Kris`s fine firm ass that sways so nicely just before the bathroom door closed. It is so pretty and sweet to watch as it creates a heavy sexual spell.

“I need to get laid. God, do I ever!” arrives in breaths of trying to halt the spell of lust, but it isn’t effective. It simply can`t exist for the memory of Kris`s ass is beautiful with making Randi suddenly want to enjoy of that virgin sexiness in ways that are a crime of wild lust being implemented upon virgin that should have romance first before events are existing as raw sexuality.

Randi knows that she is going to eventually show Kristina what sexual pleasure is but she suddenly wants to do just that with no waiting involved. She is beginning to truly crave this woman who calls herself Kris. She is and it has nothing to do with love or sacred anything but it`s simply primal sexual energy between them making Randi need to steal virginity from an angel. She could do just that for Randi is a woman who knows how to deliver lust, love, and pleasures. But something in her tells her ‘No’. That had Randi shaking her head of well-groomed blond hair to send out the desire for sex but really that is always going to be simmering within her body when Kris is around her. Randi knows that without a doubt that it is an obvious fact when considering what occurs in the stable barn. Therefore, Randi knows that the evening is going to be a war within herself. This has Randi instantly reigning in all of the desire with forcing herself to sternly say in her thoughts, ‘Don`t fuck, Pretty One. Make Mother proud of you, don’t be bad tonight.’ She then blows a cooling breath to try once more to have calmness, but it isn’t coming.

With that, she takes to walking the short hall that has her passing by one of the entries to the dining room. It is on her right-hand side while just bit further along the hallway and to her left side there opens the abundant expanse of the Great Room. It has black leather furnishings, elegant antiques and contemporary scenic art paintings on all the walls. Accompanying those is a luxurious metallic fireplace that simply is the perfect centerpiece to this masculine decorated space. Randi next is walking along to find on her right a large archway that is the entry into another sizeable open area. This area is the breakfast zone with a large modernly equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops with white cabinetry.

As Randi stands there she looks to the left of her to see the breakfast area and she ponders the meal. The area does hold an ebony colored table and four matching chairs that higher than normal but is sleek in a Euro design. Randi smirks of the idea of sharing a meal with Kris at this Breakfast Nook as she gazes at the dining set. Within that, she continues to ponder the meal as she turns her stare toward the remaining area that is the fullness kitchen that includes a middle island counter.

It is a large well-lit kitchen with a marble-topped Island counter that is a few feet in front of her as she begins to make the direction of seeking to create a meal. “Food; fish and I don’t want to cook,” comes with a sigh as she walks to stand directly in front of the Island counter. Within that Randi looks down at the papers on the countertop. Her housekeeper; Isa, always leaves a note about what is waiting for Randi when Randi calls ahead to say that she plans on living at the estate for a term.

Today the mature Spanish woman leaves two notes. “Yes, very thorough and yes, dinner is made. Thank god.“ States Randi with relieving for she really isn’t wanting to do cook. In that vein of cheerfulness, Randi scans the note again. ‘Ms. Boss, cooked meals in frig; a small beef roast and a baked salmon. Plus there are fresh salad products in the fridge and there is a bottle of white wine chilling too.’

“Uhm!” responds Randi understanding that the housekeeper kind of owns the house. She does for Isa is a leftover product of the last owners of the estate. Thus, Isa very much feels that she is the owner and housekeeper, along with feeling free to be a mother figure in Randi`s life but still Isa recognizes when to not be intrusive too. “Now, I can find clothes for Pretty One and then set the table.”

This has her turning around to carry out the collecting of clothing that needs to be done. In no time, she returns to the kitchen holding a medium-sized men`s silk dress shirt and a pair of boy white undershorts. Along with those, she is carrying a tiny half-inch wide thirty-inch-long ribbon of black silk. She walks over to place all three items on the chair where she is going to have Kris sit for dinner.

Afterward, Randi is placing the fish in the warming oven and creating a basic Garden Salad for two. It is simple for her to prepare, especially with the fish already cooked but still she rather not be doing any of it at this hour. It is a truth that she can cook many foods very well, but she really doesn’t like to. Hence, she is thankful for having chosen a decent housekeeper who does mother the life out of her and makes the cooking ideas easy.

The next thing on her agenda is placing the salad bowl and salad dressing on the table. In doing so she takes to thinking about her little criminal lady who should be soon done with cleaning herself and being ready for an evening that should begin a journey into something more than lust and criminality from either of them.

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Randi`s One - Chapter 1, Sweet Surrender

The long black leather whip laces through the air to be cracking the night`s stillness within the large well-kept stable barn. This is the sassy sound of power ripping the night as a woman of five foot five tall wields this instrument of taming. She stands there playing with something that she shouldn’t for it doesn’t belong to her, but she is out to enjoy a night of well-deserved playtime.

Kristina is a breathtaking beauty to watch. Her shimmering dark blond tresses look like feathery waves of a mane of a wild free stead on the run in life. Young, athletically beautiful with being petite and seeming almost undernourished. She draws back upon the whip again to immediately wield it in another ferocious biting of the dusty air. Once more it`s a sweet sound of power but that suddenly finds interruption for from out of nowhere the tether end of the twenty-foot-long bullwhip is finding gripping in mid-air. “Playing with my tools has you owe me a debt!” Comes sternly within cold strictness.

With that, a second woman shoots her gaze of deeply dazzling denim blue eyes to stare at this waif of a woman who is invading this woman`s riding stables. As she does survey this whip-wielding wild child the second woman keeps a strong tension filled grip on the whip but the force given is just as strong from the handle’s end making it a tautness within two wanting the power of the leather thread. “I don’t see your name on it. Who the hell are you?” arrive in a cool sassiness of a heavily accented English Russian voice of Kristina.

That places a coldly amused smirk on the other woman`s lips “I am the woman who is going to tie you with this whip and teach you how to kneel.” Is spoken in tones of a war declaration.

That brings a piercing laugh that turns into more laughter as the pretty dark blond female of twenty-one years stands tall while holding the handle of the whip as she sassily said, “Bring it, you bitch! Make me. I dare you! ” She growls in fierceness as she stares directly into Randi’s eyes with the most shocking fiery steel blue ones.

That rebelliousness and audacity are bringing Randi to shake her head of well-groomed medium length masculine stylized blond hair. The gorgeous androgynous lesbian stands there wearing a dark gray tailor-made mannish business suit and a custom-made blue dress shirt that comes with no tie as she positions sternly on the barn floor wearing well polish dress shoes. She looks sharp, sexy and professional, but she is tired from a long workday and the hours of traveling to her country estate. Yet, she comes alive now that she sees this woman of shimmering dark blond tresses; tresses that look like feathery waves of a mane that is belonging to a wild free stead on the run.

“You have no idea of things. You are going to regret taking me on. You will, yes Pretty One, you will.” Comes the crisp smooth warning as Randi widen her stance to be keeping stare with those eyes that look back at her in such defiance that it has her wet within her womanly loins.

“I regret nothing!” Comes in fierce response as the younger woman watches this ‘pretty boy type’ of a woman enters into what is usually void of anyone but the staff of the estate. Two of which are her uncle Nicholas and she, but very few know of her for it is on the sly that she helps him clean and care for the stables.

Kristina eyes Randi with those steel blue orbs that dance of fiery spells as the warm night air surrounds them. The staring says zillion of things, with some of it sending out notices of sexual hunting happening, and so it gets hot and hotter between them as the silence settles for long moments. That is making it even more of an understanding that they have an intense sexual connection and instant energy betwixt them. It exists as that until Randi sharply says, “Naughty girls are needing tied up and spanked.”

Kristina isn’t caring of whom this is for she feels her heart beating so wildly that she can hear it. She can feel her breathing to be deeper and richer by the second as she views this beautiful woman standing there before her within reeking of dominance, power, strength and possibly intelligence, but that isn't worrying for Kristina is now instantly aroused. She is so extremely horny that its wild energy as she stares into the eyes that won`t allow her to look away. In that, she spits back more fierceness, but it is wrapping in a seductive tone. “Then spank me! Bring it! Come on! I dare you!” she is almost biting the words while saying them as she then tugs on the whip to further be claiming, “If you want, then come take it.”

Randi said nothing. Instead, she swiftly yanks the fisted leather cord. The suddenness of it is crisp and strong like a bull charging at full force. The result is a stumbling Kristina instantly finding a place on the straw-strewn barn floor. In that, the sounds are a large harsh smack of a body unwillingly falling in an unpreparedness.

“Fuck you!” Kristina growls feeling the sharp pain in her knees and body as she then snarls. “You fucking bitch, when I get up you will regret it. You don’t belong here.” She spat out in aggressive tones of anger while gathering herself to push herself upward but in that second Randi is standing over her with placing a foot solidly upon Kristina’s delicate shoulders.

“Kneel; kneel and enjoy it.” Comes in dominance`s tone as Randi`s right foot is pressing downward to force Kristina to the lay firmly on the floor. “You are going to be looking up at me a lot tonight. You are surrendering and you will please me.”

Kristina lay there beginning to say something of more rebellion, but she is interrupted by Randi who strictly commands, “No talking from you, you want this as much as I do. Talking is only going to delay your orgasms. So be a good girl. The Pretty One needs a Mistress.” That brings heavy breathing by both as they each have their minds filling with controlled sexual arousal. “You are needing control, need to be taught and pleased. I am going to show you your place. You are trespassing on private property and are begging me for this.” Randi coolly states to then wheel her body around to straddle over Kristina`s leveled body to next unemotionally proclaim. “I promise to fuck you just the way you need it.” She does avow as she takes the flexible leather tether of the leather whip in a two-handed grip as she brings both of Kristina`s wrists up behind Kristina’s own backside before then binding them.

“You are so fucking hot. So sexy.” Kristina declares within heavy breaths and feeling the leather come tighter around her wrists ”Don’t hurt me.” arrive in an instant realization of what is happening but she then changes gears to saying, ”You must be a staff member that I have not met. I am Kris Romanova.” She states as Randi begins helping the younger woman to stand on the barn`s floor. “Don’t hurt me, please. I didn’t harm the whip. I finished nightly chores for Uncle Nickolas. And I am only doing a bit of goofing off to relax before going to the motel on Rand Way Road. My Uncle is ill with his bronchitis and I help when he is unable to work. We can`t lose the money from here, so please give us a break. I won`t touch the whip or things anymore. Just don’t tell Ms. Sund.” She pleads in desperation as Randi pushes Kristina forward while giving her a look of a non-verbal statement about needing to walk out of the barn “Please, Ms. Sund is never here.”

“Walk; walk out and into the house. You can`t take what isn’t yours.” Sharply orders Randi in coldness while thinking that the words from this woman sound as though it has a realistic despondency to it. Yet, she focuses on the misdeeds and payment for them. ”You shouldn’t provoke and beg for sex when you aren’t willing to give it. The whip is a matter all on its own.”

“I am not saying that I am not willing.” She seems to almost cry but is controlling it with a fierce defiance of simply understanding that she is wrong; wrong while she walks forward to the barn doors. “I will have sex with you. You are fucking hot. Seriously, you are so sexy that my pussy is aching and I am a virgin.” She voice with stepping forward into the yard area as the night air`s chilliness blast them both.

In that Kristina turn to look back at Randi “But don’t tell Ms. Sund about me. I will do whatever you want tonight. Please.” She begs for keeping secrecy for it is her deepest need. “I can`t go back to Russia, the mafia wants me. They killed my parents and we owe lots of money. Please, please.”

Randi may be many things in life, but lacking compassion isn’t one of them. She has great empathy for those who are in trouble. Yet it is not what she is known for in life. Therefore, it is not odd that such is shining upon her face even though Kristina can’t see it due to the lighting being dim. In that, there comes a silence between them as they are walking toward the manor house with Kristina in the lead.

She is leading to the to front door having them come in through the main entrance of the covered porch and landed in the foyer that led to everywhere else within the house. To the far right and down a short hall is seen the Great Room and the breakfast area of the upscale modern Euro house. The short hallway did also eventually lead into a contemporary kitchen, a sophisticated masculine chic dining room, the vast Great Room and several other lesser areas of the first level of this two-story home. However, currently there lay directly in front of them a dark wooden stairwell that leads up to the second floor where there exist two bedrooms with separate bathrooms, plus there is a Games Room and a Theater Room up there. But currently, it is one of the rooms on this main level that Kristina needs and it adjoins to the bedroom number two on the main floor. This is to the main bathroom that is next door to the doorway to bedroom number two on the main level. That is the door leading into the master suite and master bathroom.

As the two women enter the house Randi commands, “Straight in, then in there to shower. Remove your clothes and put on the bathrobe when you are done. I am waiting. Therefore, make it quick.”

With that Kristina look at Randi sternly as she comes to stand truly close. Their eyes meet once more in electric connection as Kristina convey, “Don’t send us back, I will do anything for you. I saw your eyes. You aren’t staff are you?”

Randi is studiously staring into those steel blue eyes as she sees a universe of deep hurt, strength, vulnerability and hidden treasures. She ponders what is sharing between them as she next takes to remembering the physical beauty of this woman and what they share as an instant special connection. Randi calculates many things in her thoughts to next state in a soft humble tone. “Randi Erling Kristiana Sund, owner of two stable barns, an estate and the Junior Vice President of Sund Manufacturing.”

“I am Ms. Sund.” This is spoken clearly in soft confidence as she sees the flashing of understanding fill Kristina`s eyes. That is quickly allowing fear to begin entering into those spellbinding steel blue eyes. Yet, Randi swiftly conveys in soothing assurance. “ You are not leaving. I can`t allow you to. You are staying with me. Your brother has his job. He has my barns.”

Then Randi rapidly reaches out to possessively grip Kristina`s left hand with Randi`s right. Randi next tenderly declares, “You look at me in ways that I want. You are staying!“ Arrives as Randi promptly decides that all of the silent sharing and then the feistiness of the stable barn is something she wants to know more about. Thus, she continues onward to say, “Staying in my house and no, I can’t explain all of this. But you are staying here.” She plainly said squeezing Kristina`s hand as Kristina smiles in holding the gaze and clutching Randi`s hand in return.

“Ms. Sund..” Begins Kristina but Randi interrupts to further clarify the situation. “Your brother is to stay in the barn`s loft apartment. No, I can`t explain why it is to be that; so don’t question me about it. Simply stop fearing me.” She firmly instructs within reaching for Kristina’s other hand to hold it so that both hands are possessed.Then in that taking Randi is pulling Kristina in close so that its breasts to breast “You will do anything that I desire. No sex needed, but you …you….you “ She stumbles of the next thoughts. She does it after being so smooth with everything else. “You, Kris, you have fire and …and …and…” and the spell is spinning wildly within Randi making her dizzy in her thinking processes.

“And you feel me, I know that you do,” Kristina softly state as she remembers their silent exchange in the barn. Then she starts clarifying a few things “I am smart, Ms. Sund. I understand things extremely quickly, I know what was in our staring at each other in the barn.”

She then takes to industriously scanning Randi`s eyes to be thinking, calculating and summing up many thoughts.Summing up thoughts and feelings, along with the pondering of what their reality is. It has her breathing heavy; breathing deeper with each new breath as her heart is racing and her virginal lower lips are moist with a desire to feel this powerful woman have sex with her. ”Oh my god, you are yummy. I want you. You fucking me, I will do everything that you want. But please at some point fuck me.”

Requests Kristina who is gripping Randi’s hands tighter while staring into those eyes with hungry desire, this is a primal need to simply have Randi give her sexual pleasure right there in the foyer. Randi knows it; she feels it and wanted to enjoy sex with this woman. Yet, even within being aroused beyond her senses Randi simplistically states in calmness, “Shower, Pretty One. Go now, I will begin dinner for us.”

That has Randi beginning to release from the hand holding as she remains gazing into those steel blue eyes that now flash of a rebellion again. Those do as Kristina is leaning in closer to almost be kissing Randi`s lovely lips as she whispers, “You are horny. I can see it in your eyes. I am going to be nude in that shower.” She purrs as her tone goes deeper into turning seductive. It comes while lust`s energy spills out between them with Kristina supplying. “Ms. Sund, please do not tease me too long. This virgin finds you resistible.”

Then Kristina barely touches Randi`s upper lips with her own but she doesn’t kiss as she simply is breathing within watching Randi’s eyes flare of hungry wild desire. This is sexy energy while Randi quivers of wanting to fuck this sassy woman who needs controlling. “It is not me who is teasing, Pretty One. But you will surrender and it is going to be sweet.”

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