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Randi`s One - Chapter 7, Rebel Yell

Within the beginnings of continued naughty play, there is the hearing of a firm knocking on a wooden surface that seems to be coming from the direction the bedroom`s open door. It is quickly followed by, “Excuse me, Ms. Sund, but Maria and I are home again. And we want to notify you of our return to duties. We are back to schedules and with that there a moment ago is a phone call from Mr. Anders. He informs that dinner is sharply at eight this evening and he said that Miss Sian is attending tonight. He wants you to be aware of it so that everyone is on his or her best behavior.” Conveys the middle-aged manservant while conveying further information sharing. “I have taken the liberty of telling the driver to bring the car around in two hours for departure. Should I lay out your riding clothes or a dinner suit?”

Instantly all the sexual play stops between the two women with Kris scrambling for a sheet to cover up her nudity. However, Randi`s entire body slumps into frustrated behavior that is mixed with a disappointment of having to deal with too much emotionally attached crap when dealing out a simple transfer of horses and of being interrupted in lovemaking. The sudden awareness of what her evening is to be is having her mind roam of many unpleasant thoughts now that the sweetness of arousing Kris into an orgasm has stopped. It forces her to breathe a breath of annoyance as she sits on the bed`s edge to looks at the door.

“Goddamn, that man!” Is wrathfully declaring in suddenly heated anger with Randi then fisting the edge of the mattress before she stands up to look at the door to see if Anton is still outside the door entrance.

She does this with the knowledge that she wants to take steps to what must be done for the unpleasant evening of business dealings. Within that, she notices that Anton is outside the doorway waiting for her. She did expect that he is not taking any peeking privileges of what is occurring in the room. She understands that he is not the sort. He is not for he is an extremely well-trained manservant that controls the entire estate here in the country. He does it and knows how to do his job with discretion and proper manners. He and his wife, who is the housekeeper, are both excellent servants while they are being two of her friends too. In that Anton waits as he says “He is out to get you, Ms. Sund. He is jealous of your social position and your European family roots. He is not to be toyed with and he is going to destroy you if he can. As I said before, before and when we left for vacation. I said that he tries to buy my wife and me off with promises and trinkets. He does. But we are always loyal to you and your father. ”

Randi diligently listens to Anton with the feelings of rage continuing to fill her and that begins a mini-rant that has an edgy tone of hatred with the need for revenge attached to it. “He is a thorn in my side! He not only fucks my girl to taint her, but he then rip away my favorite parcel of land through obscure laws and now he is practically stealing two of my finest thoroughbred horses. He and that filthy bitch need to learn to kneel to me! They do!” she coldly asserts in severity with her body quaking of the need to get revenge and to not relent to this deal that legally must exist.

“Yes, they do, Ms. Sund.” Comes in silky solemn reply from Anton as he states, “ She deceived you that day with those false documents and deceptive behavior.” Anton then can be heard shuffling his feet with turning to leave for a walk over toward the master bedroom. The middle-aged Swedish man then shares some more facts. “He now has legal rights to Aria and her foal. Unfortunately, it is the truth that Miss Sian has given the animals to him as a gift of her submission to him. Thus, maybe you are to enjoy wearing your black boot cut riding breeches with silk pant cuffs and accompany that with the black Swedish Filippa Tuxedo blazer. Maybe the last ride on Aria is an option before totally relenting to legalities.”

Randi ponders that before affirming the suggestion and saying, “Yes, excellent but no dress shirt. Make it black lace bra, and no panties.” She commands as she watches Kris nestle on the bed while staring at Randi and listening to the information. Kris is simply listening for she isn’t aware of the evening plans that are being discussed, but she now is very conscious of it as Randi finishes the instructions with stating, “Plus, I need my favorite riding crop too. It may come in handy in more than one way.”

“Uhm.” interjects Kris to next have her rise from the bed while being wrapped in the bed sheet as she crisply claims, “I am coming too!”

Randi turns to look her straight in the eyes with a questioning look that turns to the beginnings of ignoring the statement. Randi knows that it’s best that the demand is ignored, oh yes. It is for she comprehends that the situation definitely doesn’t need more drama. Thus, the option of her new girlfriend attending doesn’t need to exist. In that, she determines that the idea best be stopped immediately and so she coldly instructs, “No! You will not! You will…”

“I will be at my lover`s side through everything!” Firmly counters Kris with releasing the bed sheet to fall within a visual declaration of needing to get dressed too. In that move of a power display the feisty Russian walks past Randi with a seductive sway of those hips while she is coolly saying, “If that damn whore wants to mess with my girlfriend then she messes with me. And, we, Russians do enjoy direct confrontation and our war declarations. I am coming and you are accepting it.”

That is exactly what Randi had instantly feared. The drama of more and needing to stop a catfight between two women. Yes, there may be one of those occurring if Kris steps too deeply into things tonight. Especially if Kris`s attitude from their first meeting in the barn where wielding whips exist does come during tonight`s business dinner.

“Come, my Mistress. I need to wear one of your best white dress shirts and that black silk Armani skirt that wraps around me, the one you bought me last week. Should I wear no panties and that collar you gave me the first night?” Is the question but the answer is not wanted for Kris sweetly answers it herself as she happily walks out of the bedroom`s doorway. “Yes, I think so.”

Randi stands just inside the room`s door pondering about commanding Kris to kneel or halt, but she swiftly wonders if it is going to be a waste of words. Instinct tells her Kris is sitting in the decision and rebellion is ripe in the air. It is that just as Randi does understand that drama is forthcoming with two women soon to be locking in a declaration of who is what and to whom. She knows it's coming for she has heard that Sian now regrets her choices of the affair and of leaving Randi many months ago.


Within two hours a Rolls Royce Phantom of English White, with its black leather interior, is turning from the main road to drive on the long lane that leads up to the manor house of Dario Anders. Traveling directly behind in a seeming caravan style of a procession is a heavy-duty silver Dodge Ram truck with a double unit horse trailer hitched to it. As the large truck follows the luxury car it comes to a halt a few hundred feet along the lane and as it does the White Rolls Royce does too. The driver of the Rolls-Royce immediately gets out to open the back door on the opposite side of the car. In seconds out steps Randi Sund with supplying an exhaustive breath of not enjoying what is happening while she is coolly commanding, “Stay in the car. Remain in it until I come for you. Do not get out before then. It is important that you don’t.”

“Yes, my love.” sweetly responds Kris in a willingness to comply with instructions as she sits very comfy in the back seat holding a wine glass and sipping a bit of white wine while she is enjoying being in the luxury automobile.

“I love this car, it is amazing!” is heard by Randi as Kris seems excitedly content in the lap of automotive luxury and that is having Randi turn to face the driver to strictly announce, “Keep her in the car until I come for her. Do whatever takes and if she complains do not worry, but you are to do whatever it takes to keep her locked in this car. I will deal with her later and you won`t be reprimanded. I know that she is a handful. I know.” Arrives as a frustrated sigh is coming to exist with the thoughts of how much drama is looming on the arisen as dusk sets in on this horrid day.

“I will be good,” cheerfully claims Kris with having heard the exchange of instructions. With that Kris melodiously continues, “I love you and my reward is naughty kisses on our way home after dinner. So I am going to be good. I promise.”

With that, the driver closes the door and pressed a button on his keychain before striding with Randi to the back of the horse trailer. As the two of them passes by the driver`s door Nickolas gets out of the driver`s side of the truck to add in with “You amaze me, Ms. Sund. I do not know how you do it. She is wildfire and acid all combined. She is but we two men will make sure that Kristina is behaving.”

With that Randi states, “Nickolas, your niece is a woman that brings out the best and worst in me. But she is definitely worth keeping and to be keeping her safe. Tonight she needs to behave and so do I. That house at the other end of this long lane is a place where tempers, passions, and revenge will brew until I kill him or that bitch that was my fiancĂ©.” States Randi with barely bridled rage as the two men open the trailer gates as Randi watches the processes of it. As they begin to bring out the fine thoroughbred of partial Arabian ancestry Randi further states with a bit more calm in her tone. “You two need to hang close and watch Kris. You both need to do it unless we go in the house. I do not plan to actually stay for dinner but if I must then she and me do.” Randi claims with her looking up toward the large old manor house with disgust of this entire evening consuming her with that having her breath deeply in being irritated as she says, “Feasting with the enemy is only asking to be further poisoned.”

As Randi brings her stare back to what is occurring at the laneway`s end that is next to the main roadway she notices that the horse is now out of the metal tailor. The animal is being prepped for riding with only reins being on her and no saddle being used. Such immediately brings a question of “Are you sure there should be no saddle, Ms. Sund?” Does ask the male car driver.

“Yes, Lucas. I am sure.” Randi casually conveys as she takes to lovingly stroking Aria`s long silken reddish brown mane. “I may love Aria El but I am not giving that damn man more than I legally must. I simply won`t, and with that truth, you are to remove her bridle and all my gear when I dismount her to give her over to that evil waste of human flesh.”

As that is spoken Nickolas passes over the leather reins with Lucas kneeling to give a foothold for mounting. Randi swiftly does just that to next proudly mounted in rider`s pose with shoulders strongly squared in a statement of a warlord unwillingly relenting to being conquered.

“What time is it?” she requests of wondering if they are late yet.

“Seven fifty-one, Ms. Sund.” Retorts Lucas after looking at his wristwatch.

“Good, we have time to enjoy this.” Randi sends out in a tone of relaxing a little. “Take it, slow men, we are to enjoy this. Oh yes, we are. We are here before eight, we are not late, not even if it is only being on time at the laneway`s end.”

The following seconds has Randi nudging Aria into a slow trot forward with a destination of the old renovated manor house that is at the end of the well-traveled but paved lane.


“Good girl, very good slave. Now go meet that half-wit of lesbian Euro-trash. Bring her into my house and be sure that she sees that my collar is on you. Be sure that she understands that she lost you and that I own you. She lost you and is losing everything. Everything!” This comes in demanding strict obedience to a cold seething command from a mid-forties man, with his back turned toward the inner room, as he stares out a window seeing the procession arriving to enter his main property.

The gorgeous ginger-haired woman of twenty-seven years of age rises from kneeling on the cold hardwood floor. She comes to stand up just inside the door of this lavish mannish decorated room that is considered the dining room of the large old house. As she positions within her five foot nine frame of exceptional feminine curves she is displaying full nudity with the exception of a solid stainless steel dog collar with dog tags displaying ‘Property of Dario Anders.’ She abides there with her eyes of deep opulent green lowered as she humbly responds, “Yes, my Master. It is being done as you wish it to be done.”

“Go!” Is spoken in frosty sharpness to further his response on with, “Go, you piece of worthless flesh, go and don’t touch her. No touching or I will put you on the street.” He ruthless declares with knowing that his slave no longer is his. His main slave does not surrender her heart any longer but she in concern to his power over her and wants to be back with her former owner. This is an owner that currently slowly parades a horse along the driveway and into the main courtyard while a procession of automobiles slowly travels behind horse and rider.

With deep breaths after the leaving of the stately dining room, the beautiful Southern American woman tugs on the metal collar as she whispers, “This is coming off; off today and Randi is taking me out of here.”

She walks in well-paced stride to the main door of the sizeable timeworn brick house. Her bare feet sound in soft purposeful pressing to the hardwood floors. Upon coming to the large black colored door, she reaches for the doorknob as two other house slaves peek out from a doorway with one whispering, “Good luck.”

No reply comes, but the busty ginger-haired woman holds her head prouder of life`s light returning to her eyes. Next, she is reaching for scrolled up paper documents that lay hidden in an empty brass flower urn. It is a nicely located urn that sits just inside the main door. She smiles as she brings the paper out for her to hold them.

Then she is opening the door and as she does she sees the silver truck with the horse trailer passing by as it travels around the looped driveway. It is maneuvering to face toward departing of the property. At that moment the truck stops to rest in parking as a very broad shouldered handsome young Russian man departs the truck to stand on the pavement of a vast courtyard that has a small water fountain in the middle of paved loop lane. The truck driver then leans against the truck and that is bringing a smile to be on the ginger-haired woman`s lips. She likes what she sees as she eyes what she thinks is man candy.

The nude woman next spies the Rolls Royce, it is a familiar car and one that parks just ahead of the truck with the car`s driver getting out to stand at the back door on the driver`s side of the car. She wonders why Lucas is standing there for it is easy to comprehend that Randi is dismounting the horse and waits to be greeted. The woman knows that Randi is coming for dinner. Thus, the idea of Randi leaving so soon doesn’t seem possible and such makes it illogical for Lucas to be ready to open the car door for Randi.

With events appearing to need attention the woman steps out of the house to pompously display her beautiful nudity in full public. She sways her hips within a naughty seduction knowing that she has erotic power, a power that Randi inclines to find irresistible. As the woman walks forward along the stone walkway she is soon standing directly in front of Randi. Positioned there she looks straight into Randi`s true blue eyes as she confidently conveys, “Welcome and I have a personal gift for you.”

The next seconds brings the woman to be whipping forth the paper documents as she says, “Keep them. The lawyer is soon to be here and I won`t be signing any documents. I will not do it if you take me out of here and protect me when you leave. Help me escape his tyranny and I will do anything that you want me to do.”

Randi glares at her. She coldly stares at her former lover over the obvious attempt of a wayward submissive declaring rebellion against their chosen Dominant. The Swedish American blond that is a well-known Dominant stands tall and perfectly commanding without giving any attention to documents. Instead, Randi is pondering of what should be done about the rebellion. She knows that part of the unwritten Dominant code is to spell out how the submissive needs to follow the rules and return to what are the bonds of their submission contract. Yet, Randi also understands that there are times that a submissive needs protection from another Dominant`s cruelty. She does recognize such and in that understanding, she must take steps to help the submissive that is if aid truly needs to exist.

“Sian, what has he done to deserve your rebellion?” comes in solemn demand while controlling a great amount of anger and loathing of this woman who betrayed her before then breaking her heart.

“He is planning to truly torture me and possibly bring my death once he has used me to get everything that he wants from you. He is determined to make your life living hell. He hates gays. He publicly hides it but he does and he belongs to anti-gay groups. To make it worse, you represent ruining his chances of being on the membership board the state`s largest BDSM organization. It is why he is terrorizing you the past three years.”

Randi simply unemotionally stares at Sian feeling bewildered of what is being said of things that Randi can't fathom to be real. It has the blond Dominant not moving at all while trying to sort out if such could the truth of why Anders does behave as he does toward her. Within such Sian knows that she must convince Randi of this truth that she has moments ago told.

Sian distinguishes that such claims sound crazy, but she also understands it`s the truth too. Yet, there is no time to say any more of the circumstances that are occurring without Randi`s awareness of them for suddenly there is heard. “Slave; you are to kneel to all Dominants. Do not dare raise my ire over rebellion against protocols. Kneel to Domme Sund. Show her the proper respect.”

This is said so unnecessarily harshly that Randi sends forth a frigid glare of disapproval toward Anders Dario. She does it to then gloss over her judgmental gaze with feelings of indifference. She must do this for part of her truly believes Sian. Randi long ago learned that Sian is many things, but she never speaks a negative word about a Dominant unless it is the undeniable truth. Therefore instinct now tells her that she must hide her true thoughts as this man of cloak and dagger businesses is standing dead center in the doorway of his house. He stands there in six-foot stature in a well-built male while pretending to be a godman in his self-made kingdom. Seeing this has Randi with thoughts of possibly needing to protect Sian but Randi says nothing for it`s not her place too. This momentary inability do anything is comprehended by Sian too and in that understanding, she hastily kneels at Randi`s feet in humble submission pose. Randi looks down at her feeling as though too much is colliding with a business deal and if Sian`s claims are the truth then things are going to be messy tonight. Such is to be for Randi is not the type to tolerate true abuse of any sort toward women. Thus, she makes decisions that are to render out in the next seconds.

Bringing her eyes to focus toward Anders has Randi serenely address. “The exchange happens after the signing and the lawyer. Until then the horses are in my trailer and my men are addressing what is needed.” Suddenly Randi snaps her fingers and Lucas is swiftly standing directly in front of her as she sternly instructs. “We have an extra parcel for my backseat on the way home. It is similar to the one that is already there. Protect both.”

In the midst of this Dario Anders strides over to where the little congregation is. He speaks with an almost friendly tone as he walks toward them. “Yes, yes, by all means, my friend. Do what you feel is best but in the end, my slave gives them to me. So, please, come in to have dinner and she is to serve you one last time. After which she will be no more.”

That cements it for Randi. It simply does and as she walks toward the house she looks over her shoulder at Nickolas with giving a nod and a stare that intends that things are getting messy. She does it knowing that it seems like they have an unwritten language between them. It indeed is that, for before they all left the estate she addresses him of the conceivable events getting crazy. Since such is possibly coming true it has Nickolas walking to the back of horse trailer to lock the horses in and to prepare for leaving.

With Randi making motions toward the house, Anders follows suit by keeping stride with her and taking the eventual lead. He is soon entering the house first. Yes, it rude to do when there are guests in one`s house, but that is part of his statement that he is Master. He intends to have her know that he is man, Master and he comes first. It is his full intent to make it noted that Randi is out of her league and that she is losing anything that he wishes her to. She is going to for he is a heterosexual man and no filthy abomination is going to have more than a man. This he refuses to allow her to be anything for as far as he is concerned all gays are unnatural demons. He claims that gays are the scourge of the Earth while the natural order of human life is man and woman with no other sexual preferences permitted.

Therefore, as he does not turn around to even be congenial but Anders walks directly in with saying, “My collared slave will wait for the lawyer, but you may wait in the dining room.”

At that moment, Sian walks in the house and she is alone as she does next stand beside Randi to say, “Anders, the lawyer is not coming.’

Instantly he swings around to send forth the darkest hate-filled glare at her as he thunderously shouts, ”On your knees my slave!”

Randi studiously watches him with not moving an inch for she knows that Sian must do this. Sian must release herself from him and in that happening maybe Randi is to find out much more than she already suspects to be the truth of things.

“No, I am not signing anything over to you. I am leaving. You lose.”

“Kneel, whore! You will sign it for I own you,” he rigorously commands as he marches over to next reach out to grasp her by the throat with beginning to choke her into submission. As he does Randi swiftly knees him in the groin sending him to his knees on the hardwood floor of the house`s entry.

“The lady said no. You won`t touch her.” Randi then gives a sideways glance into Sian`s eyes with smoothly declaring, “Out to the car.”

“She is not going anywhere. You have no power here, Dyke!” This exists in a cold seething declaration as Anders has great difficulty in rising to his feet. Yet, he forces his needs to defend his position and to stand in confrontation to what he sees as evil. “The horses are mine!” He tyrannically claims as he stands to frigidly peer into Randi`s eyes with an unspoken warning of what is coming. It has him further growl, “Mine and you are getting to fuck off my property and leaving my property here.”

Sian has not left, as she should for she is not done taking back her leash and collar, so she interjects with, “You make a big mistake with pushing me from the stable’s loft a month ago.”

Randi steps partially between them and with doing so it makes big statements. It does. It is also making the tension wildly intense as she reaches for a sizeable wooden walking cane that rests in a brass canister near her feet. Next, she stares into Anders's eyes with a cold warning as she nudges the full round knob of the large wooden cane into his groin. With that, she supplies a growl of daring him to move. She does it knowing that his cock and balls still strain in minor pain from her knee forcing him to kneel to her.

Anders shoots back a similar stare, but he doesn’t move for he knows that if things get too chaotic then the police are going to be involved. He discerns it for his temper is almost out of control and if it goes wilder than this then he is going to do things that he may have a high price to pay for. And payment is something that he most certainly isn’t paying. At least he isn’t doing it over a Dyke and a whore. So, he takes the warning but pushes back in the same vein of aggression before gluing his hunter`s gaze to stare at Randi.

In that Sian continues with what she has to say for she figures that she is now safe. “You make a mistake and it exists even if I landed in a large pile of loose fresh hay on the barn floor. It is you that tried to kill me a month ago. I realized it for the police examined my clothes and they said that a type of tobacco from India is the only stain on the freshly laundered shirt that I dressed in that day. I dress in it the moments before going to the barn. Only you chew that type of tobacco from India.’

Randi attentively listens, as the tension is undeniable thick between all three of them as they stand there in the compact entryway. As the statements continue Anders spits out with a defiant. “Lies. You lie to all your Masters. You even lie to this filthy Dyke who has no true status as a Dominant.” He states in coldness as he reaches to once more grasp to Sian but Randi stops him before he can touch her but with his inability to get to his goal he simply says what he feels since that can`t be controlled. “You are not worth killing. You are a whore. I don’t need to take your life. I don`t, for my ownership of you can make your life living hell. Thus why kill you when I am going to torture every day. I am doing it just so this Dyke knows that you are getting what she should be receiving.”

That has Sian ignoring him for she knows that it is a mere delusion for he is not actually possessing power over her for over a month now. He has not and that is why the horse deal exists. It does for she needs a way to bring Randi here to help her out of a mess. Therefore, she knows that what he is saying is shit thus she says her last statements to him. “Only you, Anders. You tried to murder me and for what, for what? You did it because you hate gays and are jealous of Randi. Yet, she is more of Dominant than you ever could be and to top it off she is a better human than you ever could be. She protects her friends and she did come for me. I knew that she would. So it is you who is the loser and the evil. Not her or me.”

Anders is infuriated but and that has him shove Randi in order that he may carry what he wanted to do a month ago. Yet, Randi barely stumbles before she is gaining her full balance. That quickly brings her to instinctively whip the cane in a throttling whipping across Anders`s face. The full forced blow of the thick wooden cane sends Anders reeling backward as Randi advances toward him roaring. “No touching the lady!”

She brings the cane to rise for another whipping blow that knocks his knees out from him while he is still somewhat off balance. He lands on his ass with her threateningly standing over him in a dark glowering stare that comes with a warning. “She is freed. You lose. She wins!” She states as Sian watches and comes over to kiss Randi`s facial cheek

“Thank you, my friend.” Arrives in soft sincerity as Sian spits on Anders who is helpless on the floor for Randi holds the small end of the cane to his throat in an assertive display of her authority being more dominant.

“You are welcome, Ms. Windsor. Now out to my car.” Randi calmly retorts with a partial smile. Then she places her hand in tuxedo`s jacket pocket to wipe the can clean as she keeps Ander forced to floor with the cane. She next stands straight after cleaning the rod of her fingerprints before she wraps it around the shaft to hold it in further warning position to Anders as Sian walks out.

“You bitch!” he yelled at her defiance and the aggressive power over him.

“Yes, I am” is spoken in serenity.” With that Randi is swiftly turning to march out the doorway with following Sian and as she does she tosses the cane on the floor before closing the door.

The next seconds have them entering the car with Sian climbing in the back while still nude. Randi enters into the front passenger`s section to sit there as she watches the truck speed down the lane for departure. She nods to Lucas who puts the pedal to the metal to follow Nickolas. “A good dinner indeed,” Cheekily says Lucas with a smile of over his boss being naughty and taking back what she brought.

Randi looks at him with then chuckling with allowing the stress out of her as Sian says “Yahoo! Hi, Luke. You missed me, eh.”

“And we have two rebels in the back seat, Lucas. Homeward. We all need dinner and one of them need clothes too.” Sigh Randi watching out the mirror to see if they are being followed. They aren’t and that has her relax a minor amount.

“I am that and more, but I am not sure if she is.” Sian declares as she gets a first look at Kris who is completely astonished at what is happening. That has Sian congenially convey, “ I am Sian and don’t worry I won`t be staying. But I am the ex and you must be the new rebel. You are for she kept you here to protect you from him. She did it even though I am sure that she tried to make you stay home. She likes protecting those that she cares for. And that is the truth even if rebels commit treason against her. ”

Kris stares at Sian in amazement for that is definitely the truth of things from Kris`s perspective. So yes, a rebel, in fact for some reason she thinks that there are two rebels along with a sexy American Swede as the car`s driver speeds the Rolls Royce in departure along the lane.

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