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Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

Oh, sexy sweet sin as there is a looking directly into those eyes of oceanic blue that seem angelic but hold such darkness that it is holy velvet in its divinity. This darkness and this woman are such a holy sexy seduction of a type which only the true ‘warrior of hearts’ may own or will travel into in order to hold them both. Only Trinity has been capable to vanquish the darkness yet keep the darkness so that Laurel may love in the world of light and still be part of the velvet midnight of her dark pleasures and dark career. It is darkness encompassed in light and the darkness seeming to be light but still being darkness. This would seem to be a toying with existence but it isn’t. Laurel won’t and doesn’t allow others to toy with her heart but she herself is a heartbreaker.

This Hell’s angel is a naughty hell raiser of lust that even Hell’s succubus envy but somehow she has a heart of golden wonders. Laurel has been born of lust, brimstone and Hell’s pains. She is the daughter of a female Parisian upper class ‘wannabe,' and the spawn of a man who hated all life and all women. Thus, one would think that Laurel Ann would hate the world to then proceed with showing the world that she could conquer it. Conquer it through her immense intellect for being a brainiac that holds a whopping high IQ and an amazing education. It is thought that she could make the entire world succumb to her personal will but she chooses Environmental Studies at university, for there is no intent of harm and even then she doesn’t work within a career that involves such. She tossed it aside to enter a career chosen for her by her best friend.

Once more she is giving to the others within her life, and she is forgetting herself but keeping herself safe for her eternal lover by harming none. This she has done while wandering through life, accumulating many lovers, then took a deep taste of true pure BDSM, while adding in the gains of libraries of knowledge on life, and then she took into possession her own sexy naughty Harley VSCR Nightrod. She indeed was wild, thorough and passionate in every measure as she prepped for life.

Thus by twenty-five years old Laurel is a biker bitch with a heart of glass, and personality that is true naughty logical seduction. Most would find Laurel loveable and cuddly but inside she isn’t. To only see the kindness and love is a mistake for it will bite you. Literally, bite you. Still biting will come later, and so does her making the world pay for her pains and the lack of proper love in her life. It would seem she has been nothing more than a woman, who deeply lusts, with her coming to understand everything which is a pleasure. Or she may seem to be the existence of pure demonic pleasurable sexual things. That could be all true but there is more to this woman. Even in all that is in life Laurel Ann choose to love from the age of fourteen. She closes the love of a woman over all things. Within Laurel is the profound belief that in a woman there is the salvation of humanity. This is so true for Laurel for within Laurel she is bisexual and Wiccan. Such concepts of dominant woman have been brought strongly into her soul and her logical mind.

That is what lay in her mind. This is the salvation of herself by finding love within a woman. Once upon a time, this ‘saving’ of her soul had been done by a lady of divine golden hair and curves of the lustful succubus. That lady is known as the Lady of Ice but now it’s the love found in the wonders of a ‘logical passion’ that come with wrapping within Trinity ‘Angel’ Roberts.

So in this love scene, you see none of the pain that has been within either lady but you see the true ‘warrior of hearts’ has come to enjoy the dark angel that is Hell`s spawn. This ‘warrior of hearts’ that is known as Trinity is a woman of high education, she is a lady of overachievement in every way; she has a family of classical American-French heritage and lives in the ways of private living. She is a lady of intellectual playfulness; she is a courting sweet tease in all she does and lives in cautious ways while possessing a tender strong heart. This is a heart that is guarded by never truly allowing it to wander too much into anything or anyone. Thus, it is not too easy to cage Trinity in the realm of love. Caging isn’t what can be, for she would wither into nothingness if she is truly bound. Thus, this Gemini of a gem has her freedoms and independence with Laurel and within life due to both ladies demanding it.

 Don’t get it wrong about them and their love.

Inside Trinity, she is deeply devoted to her lover, curious of all things in life, and has a passionate heart to accompany a vast mind that is capable of adapting to almost any changes in life but she needs freedom too. Her witty charming personality of talkativeness is reflected in how she triggers chat on anything which will provide an amusing smiling, even if its impractical at times. Yet her outgoing spontaneous ways and charming demeanour, with an adventurous attitude, is deeply captivating.

With this comes moments when she should look before leaping but she leaps. Even still there are times of being scattered brain, along with tendencies to forget to love her own self in health matters but she loves others deeply through caring on many levels and keeps a sense of direction. Still no matter what she is tremendously stimulating to be around. She does find all analyzes of her to be interesting even when she ponders her own self. She finds herself interesting within her dual self of the twin persona of Gemini but once more she sums it up in playfulness and logic by accepting all and trying her best to sort it all out by living within in her own sense of remaining a true Gemini.

At the beginnings of this romance a deep fear of committing to Laurel had existed for Trinity but with month after months of learning from each other, this came to be less true. Being a ‘warrior of hearts’ while being a lady of gilded protectiveness is hard in life. Within this laid nervousness for she wants no one to cage her, but at the same time, she holds to the idea that no one will take what she holds dear and she will conquer anything or anyone to have all she wants. So she protects herself and her loved ones, while she takes to enjoying her freedoms, and independent ways.

This Laurel allows in exchange for the powerful love which lay between them. Laurel does understand that Trinity is a rare woman amongst women and that Trinity is playful logic personified. So in all things, there is the understanding that this is true love, unbound lust, endless logic and a life that is to exist in individualistic ways but it holds a powerful unbreakable togetherness. This is a togetherness that brought the wedded union in legal marriage and the pleasure of the current year of passionate love and lustful sharing, while they both enjoy a daily life that is filled with busy careers and loving family.

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Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

With the passing of time, Trinity is feeling the emptiness of the huge bed that is without her lover. Her twinkling brown eyes do flicker open to gaze toward the window that has bright sunbeams dance upon the bed. Unhurriedly her curves stretch to loosen out the sleepiness that has occurred from being so deep in sleep. Her body moves gracefully underneath the sheets of red satin that accentuate her nude curves within a quality unlike most do enjoy. She instantly discovers the usual morning kindness of her woman to be missing and this stings her mind as she reaches to search for the other goddess which should occupy the bed. In a moment her hands discover the ‘left ‘behind note as it rustles just off to the side of her face. Retrieving it she instantly understands that it’s a love note from her lover and the reading commences with her eyes busy in taking in each word inscribed in pink ink. Looking up from the note she states in slight disbelieve “Seriously! “ Then with a roll of her eyes in almost disbelieve but knowing it is really what is she giggles. “What a woman that love bunny is.”

Glancing back at the note she reads it out loud “Petals so pink of the rose..Petals so soft and tender…Petals of the sweetheart`s virgin rose….Roses of sweetheart pink I do surrender…Rose petals were strewn in splendour...Rose petals on a path to a treat…Do follow to see...Do follow me…Follow if you dare. Dare to follow and I will dare to please you, my sexy sweetness.”

Laying there pondering it all Trinity holds the parchment paper within her fingers as she stares at the picture of a pink rose, and then glancing at the ‘X” marking that is placed a distance from the image of a bed. She smiles of the treasure map and is summing up that the next steps of this playful gesture are to be hunting for the treasure. This is the treasure that is her wife. Trinity thus takes to her feet and immediately does come to towering in the stance of her six-foot presence while displaying those nude sensual athletic curves for the sun to caress in warmth.

Feeling her own body with her two open palms she takes to understanding that a covering is needed so that she may keep the warmth which now laying upon her skin but what will be this covering since unpacking wasn’t done. Additionally, she hasn’t looked around the bedroom for anything and so she must have something to wrap within. Along with a deep sigh, she understands that there is only one way to be wrapping warmth about her for this treasure hunt. So she is reaching to pull a satin bed sheet from its placement of being in twisted rumpling upon the massive bed. She quickly wraps the sheet of red about her body to make it seem like a natural dressing gown so that it covers almost everything of her. She knows this will be a quick trip to find that naughty wife which likes to be mischievous with romance but she wants warmth until she can embrace the warmth of her Laurel Ann. 

Her mind is curious as to what has been going on but once she is walking out of the bedroom doorway it’s easy to sense that breakfast has been recently created. It is effortless to understand that the open patio doors with the trailing of strewn pink petals are where breakfast went. With the shaking of her head, she tightens the bed sheet about her body and laughs at the playful romantic ways of Laurel. “So you want public breakfast with me being nude.”

Pausing, then striding toward the patio doors she is seeing Laurel`s backside. It is strong, well muscled and beautiful to behold. It is so kissable and she desires to kiss it to have her wife shiver in lust under her loving caress. Trinity straightens her body to stand taller as she gauges the ways to achieve a surprise pouncing upon Laurel who seems to be at great peace as she watches the rolling ocean while she is sitting upon the blanket that is laying on the sandy beach. In Trinity`s mind, she thinks that she must at the very least own some part of creating the playfulness of this morning by constructing an attempt at a surprise pouncing of Laurel.

With her mind focused on the pleasure of kissing that warm silken skin, with her body on fire to be pleased and with her every sense alert Trinity walks forth into the morning of a beautiful day as she gauges her coming attempt at pouncing. Yet, the lack of morning ‘pleasure play’ now consumes her mind for they have always shared pleasure first thing every morning since they married a year ago. With each step forward her body grows more in need to have the passion which erupts so easily between them. Her feet play on the sandy earth, her body quakes of needing sexual pleasing and her brown eyes focus on the prize of getting close to her life mate. Taking a deep breath of salty sea air she smiles and watches Laurel intently so that she may gauge when and how to pounce. Then she is creating stealth-like movements to come up behind Laurel while wrapping within a silence and it is not easy but she is doing her best to not alert the blond bodyguard about being attacked. Then Trinity is arriving in a slow careful kneeling just behind her lover and she holds to not breathing. Well, not breathing heavy but she is sure she will be found.

This is all fine so far for Laurel is oblivious to this coming attack for she is intently watching the tumbling waters of the St Lawrence Seaway while she is thinking of meditation rituals. Taking in a deep breath Laurel sits serenely upon the edge of the spread out picnic blanket while capturing a glancing out at the far horizon where a fishing boat sways on the sea. At this moment Trinity is whipping her hands forth to swiftly bring her long soft fingers to capture Laurel`s blue eyes in covering them so that those are blind to anything that can be seen. With a brushing of her long dark chocolate tresses in playful caress upon those soft cheeks of a shocked goddess Trinity giggles to state “I am prettier than the sunrise. You are naughty for leaving our bed. I need you to please me.”

Those clasping hands bring an instant smile from Laurel Ann while breathing deeper into a gasping when Trinity presses to that strong backside to have Laurel’s body to be instantly trembling of the energy exchanged between them. Her only thoughts are ‘You are here. You take my breath away; you have my heart in racing and more…more.’

The words spoken by Trinity are being allowed to simmer. This is only for a second before the blond goddess is softly stating in a romantic coo."You are beautiful in every measure and my ‘all’ in life. No natural or unnatural element will ever be more than you. Nothing but you will be you. Only you can be you to me and you, I do love.”

With this gesture of love conveyed Laurel Ann does keep Trinity’s hands covering her eyes by bringing her own hands up to press them to her face. Yes, those hands still are covering, as she senses warm breath upon her neck, while her lips come to touch the lips which cause the breath. Yes, capturing a kiss and there it is, it is morning` s first kissing in tender wistful bliss while leaving eyes covered and hearts racing of the love shared. This momentary blindfolding has both bodies to understand the seduction wasn’t done by only the blond woman but assisted by the lady who leads in the ways of love, life and dreams. Trinity the woman who gives to Laurel all she has ever wished for.

Immediately Laurel Ann is twisting those curves to face her lovely lady just as Trinity’s hands fall to lie on those strong shoulders of her lover. This is bringing a smiling upon the brunette`s luscious pink lips while she enjoys a gazing into those oceanic blue pools of eyes that lead to a lovely soul. With a sexy sweet smile that grows upon Laurel’s delicious full lips, she looks upon the woman who is wrapped within a bed sheet. It is so lovely that at this moment of playful seduction that Trinity is making herself known to the blond goddess, for Laurel has been wishing she would awake. This swims in her mind as thoughts of ‘You do need to be spanked and pleased for trying to pounce on me this morning.’

Watching with delight as Laurel comes to be turning around to possess ‘her’ lover, Trinity won’t have it to be only Laurel doing the embracing but Laurel does look up and embrace. Trinity will never permit Laurel to totally command of any event of pleasure that they share but traditionally Laurel is BDSM Domme. There is no Domme allowed to exist within their relationship. Yes, this is a relationship made of two dominant women in love and allowing dominance by both. This exists even if the romantic or sexual moment is initially created by Laurel. So Trinity is placing a finger under Laurel’s chin to then raise that face upward to look into her eyes with full stare shared. Then there is arriving in serious tones of playful teasing is. “You have kept me from my first orgasm today. You need to learn to be where I wish you to be and to understand that this playful hunt is you being naughty.”

Wrapping arms around that athletic waist of Trinity, to then have pressing of breasts to breasts is a feeling of true blissful connection that is cherished. This love embrace now circles them to create breathtaking beauty while the intense passion is barely chained as they gaze into each other’s eyes. It can be easily seen that this lovely woman does so easily please the French Canadian seductress of blond tresses as the brunette comes in ever so sweetly close to her prey so that they both feel those rapidly growing breaths exchanged to play over facial skin.“Mmmmm” slips from Trinity in cooing lust of needing pleasure from this woman who is pure sexy sin.

Each breath that is taken is dreamy to be heard and felt. These breaths come heavier due to the feeling of Laurel’s heartbeat in rhythm to the same within Trinity`s own breasts. This is too much bliss for them and it does send the inner fires high with the need to breathe even deeper as the hungry stares are exchanged. It could have Trinity grow less into wanting answers of why the empty bed existed upon waking but it could additionally bring out more of the wanton lust that already exists in concern to wanting her wife. This is a constant deep wanting of this her sensual seductress wife who always so sweetly pleases Trinity into high heavenly bliss. This is indeed the case on this morning as instantly lips meet with Trinity`s hands clasping Laurel’s shoulders. Yes, those lovely long fingers pressing into the material of the over-sized men’s dress shirt. “Mmmmm” slips Laurel’s moist awaiting lips.

Instantly it wants; it is a need, a need that is now and no bloody breakfast will be existing before Trinity has her pleasure needs filled. It will be true for instantly Laurel is being pushed backward on the blanket having her backside swiftly meet the blanket`s soft surface while Trinity comes to lay completely on top of that fine hard partially nude body. Those blond tresses are spraying out in an ocean of platinum gold, with Laurel’s legs unfolding as her thighs are spreading wide to have Trinity lay betwixt them. Then in a lovely showering Trinity’s long brunette, hair is dangling in display over the head of her lover. Immediately the kissing continues and it is growing more heated in touching, with lips playing to the moisture that is lovingly shared. At this moment there is a slipping between those same upper lips of the soft skin by two tantalizing tongues which desire to tease out more erotic heat. Two tongues driving playfully over and over to tango in a dance of passion which has them both lusting to be filled with each other’s cum and essences. Everything is getting moist, hot, and Hell’s angels will stand up to take notice as this kissing come full throttle in it's heavenly sin.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

Yes, the two lovebirds are enjoying their new home away from home but Laurel Ann now climbs slowly off that comfy ‘bed of love’ that possess a rich red colour of satin sheets. The night has turned into the morning after they have found sleep through exhaustion of ‘pleasure play’. This bed that they both lay within is a bed of the Gothic style with pillars of solid maple hardwood, plus a frame and mattress that raises the naughty lust of any who could have the pleasure of enjoying the splendours of it. Such a firm mattress of bouncing joy that gives a good surface to tossing a lover upon it. It additionally has stately dressing curtains to envelope the lovers in privacy during the lustful sharing so to keep the play of sexual pleasures from naughty peeking eyes. The finery of these curtains gives much fun for these possess sashes of lovely long ropes that are entwined threads of strong silk. These are looping about the pillars so that they are easily removed if these need to be enjoyed by toying with the pleasure of bondage rituals. Yes, chains of seduction to supply subtle erotic bondage within the sinful darkness of sexual treats. Treats, oh yes, treats of pleasure and comfort for the bed has large pillows and is strong in its upper carriage. Truly it is a bed of passion, a bed of play, and bed of lusty pleasures.

It is a slow going to be removed from the bed for Trinity sleeps within ‘faerie dreams’ that can pull her from waking at an easy rate. Thus Laurel Ann always needs prowess to claim waking first so that she may rise from that bed to leave her lover to sleep. This lady of platinum colour tresses on this first day of true vacation wishes to waken prior to Trinity to set into motion romantic plans of the first day of pleasure vacation. She wishes it to begin within romantic treats for them both to enjoy. Therefore preparations have been made for a special day of endless pleasures that will be forthcoming in many ways. Thus with a hoping Laurel watches Trinity continue to sleep deeper than usual for they both had been exhausted in endless ways.

In fact, they had only time to enjoy a quick romp within a much needed hour of pleasure when they climbed upon the bed that awaited them during last evening. Soon after the first orgasm that was mutually shared sleeping caught them both while they lay entwined out of breath. These two dominate ladies did lay within lovers embrace with Trinity enveloping Laurel Ann from behind. It is always the case to have Trinity’s arms wrapping about Laurel Ann, then to have a cupping of an ass to hips, with their heads inches from the other, and legs embracing in a lingering pose. All this exists as Trinity’s full firm breasts press to Laurel’s muscular backside. So beautiful it is with Trinity’s hand cupping that firm left breast of her older lover so that she feels that heartbeat for only her. It always feels like a crime to have to release from that embracing but Laurel did and now tries her best to escape the bed without being caught.

In short, moments, that seem to take an eternity, Laurel Ann has found her way from the ‘bed of love’ into the open space of the living room of the immense one story beach house. A house made of many windows that spread across its seaside view. This splendour of a wall of windows gives a tremendous display of natural artistic wonder for the eyes to behold that is the Canadian eastern coastal seas of the great St. Lawrence Seaway. It is a natural view of a tumbling sea when it is a view of warm summer waters but can be torridly sprawling in raging ocean in the winter. This view does give notice for the onlooker to consider the inequality between the calm earth tones of the interior of the beach house and that of the exterior display of titanic wild oceans which surround this island. This homey interior of the house is a mixture of various tones of earthen dreaminess that coincide with nature and the greenery of Prince Edward Island. Truly this is an island of ’small world’ life, of old-fashioned family values and of a feeling of being encompassed in the ways of agricultural glory, seaman’s dreams and hardworking middle-class citizen. This too is seen in the d├ęcor of this house. Indeed the homeland of the Wind Goddess is wondrous to view and now these two ladies will thrill in its treasures

Peering around the space Laurel easily finds the basket of two dozen pink roses that have been left in waiting within a compartment of the kitchen counters. This is a kitchen of modern resources and concepts that are kept up to date for the convenience of being used by a professional chef. Thus it is complete in all that is required for cooking, entertaining and enjoyment within culinary delights. Laurel takes to peeking in the refrigerator and she sees there are the quantities of various fruits, buttermilk pancake mix, a chilled bottle of apple juice, and a container of chocolate whip cream. Gathering these Laurel Ann begins the cooking of pancakes while she gazes around at the opened spaced house. It is a concept of the kitchen looking out into the living room that brings the gaze beyond the main counter and quaint hardwood dining table. From there the living room is looking out into the windows which lead to that view of the sea.

She looks toward the windows that are gorgeous for viewing the picturesque display of the cold morning waters that are deeply contrasted by the warmth of the fireplace that lies to the right side of the wall of windows. Moving her gaze she takes in the rest of the house and her eyes pick up the sight of the two bedrooms. One of which is the master bedroom with its Gothic poster bed and its many exquisite furnishings. Within that room is the sleeping beauty that is Laurel`s Trinity. Trinity Roberts who hopefully is still enjoying naughty sweet dreams. She must maintain her faerie dreams for Laurel has a plan that she wishes to carry out and Trinity staying in bed a while longer is very important to the plan.

Smiling as four medium-sized pancakes are created Laurel places them within two plastic containers before collecting all the food which she has cut for specific needs and placed within another larger container. Then she gathers the items that she needs for the morning picnic. All these go into a larger wicker basket that will have a large multi-colour blanket threaded through the handles. The blanket set in this way so that it’s easier to carry all that is to be carried outdoors. The large blanket is needed to spread on the red sand to keep the allure of picnicking. Laurel knows the blanket will end up covered in sand, painted in food stains but it will be necessary for their comfort, pleasure sharing and meal sharing. Plus, it creates part of the romantic notions of a picnic that is much needed as part of this naughty start to a treasure of the day.

All of the romantic aurae which Laurel works hard at creating will be swaying into dreamy pleasures that are planned for this day. These romantic ways are a familiar process for the two women and it is greatly enjoyed in their daily life. Laurel is indeed a lady of dark pleasures but without a doubt, she is a woman of high romantic seduction. She enjoys seducing her lover, and Trinity deeply enjoys being seduced. This makes the reality of many types of picnics, or long walks to meet up with a dinner being enjoyed on the beach, then there is the building igloos for a weekend getaway, or high jacking of friend`s boat so they can have a romantic night alone with dance on the bow of the large watercraft. Romance and seduction are very much part of their love life and marriage and Laurel is that main initiator of this. Just as she now creates such on this beautiful morning.

The next step for her is carrying the picnic basket too large patio doors that are made of glass. Once there she is setting the basket down before returning to acquire the basket of roses. In moments she is removing the petals of the long stem pink roses. Only twelve roses are processed at first. The petals are placed in a small basket once they are plucked. Once these roses are defrocked Laurel tiptoes into the bedroom to unearth the pre-written note that is to be the treasure map, and in stealth-mode, she lays it upon the pillow that is beside Trinity’s head. Then Laurel begins the placement of pink rose petals to leave a trailing from the bed to the bedroom door, then onward out into the open space of living quarters. This is an arranging of the petals that continues until the pink petals of loveliness are spread along in mapping out of the path to where the treasure is to lay in wait.

Once this is complete Laurel scurries off to complete further preparations before she then waits for the romance of being loved by her Trinity. She sits on the blanket waiting for Trinity to be awake and takes to saying morning mediation prayers.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

The morning’s first ray’s glisten upon Laurel`s nude curves as the brilliant sun arrives through the stained glass window of the lovely modern beach house with its exquisite bedroom of sensual pleasures where Laurel is waking from a peaceful slumbering. She is immediately seeing her beloved sleeping within peaceful dreaming and this greatly pleases her since the sleep is so well deserved due to the long trip they completed yesterday and from the many long weeks of racing in sailing regattas. Enjoying the solitude of the moment Laurel is smiling, while lingering over her lover with a cuddling into this exotic specimen of a woman.

Laurel’s platinum colour locks mingle within the chestnut colour tresses of Trinity. The leaning does bring a sweet tender caressing kissing upon the facial cheek of the lovely Trinity. Within all this sweetness of ‘morning love’ Laurel is trying to begin to cautiously be removing from the ‘bed of love’ by pushing off the one satin bed sheet which covers her nude curves. Laurel does her best to not disturb the sleeping goddess which has caught her heart but Trinity stirs a moment to cause hesitation by Laurel. It takes very little to awake Trinity and so this waking first is quite an undertaking. Laurel smiles warmly knowing that it is true that Trinity has the heart of a woman who lives within darkness and lust but Laurel has now found true passionate love with her Trinity and darkness has turned into light. Their love is the light and it will on this day bring forth treats of romantic passion and sweet dreams of a day spent wrapping within their love and the pleasures that their love brings. So, she must escape the bed to begin the creation of such a lovely day.

These two goddess-like ladies did arrive at this wondrous seaside paradise at a late hour due to the long day of travelling and as result simply tumbled out of the car to find the owner of the property that they are renting the beach house from. They have come to this renowned location to access the rental of luxury waterfront beach house for a week-long stay. The owner of this prized property is supposed to be waiting onsite with keys and a bottle of fine Prince Edward Island wine. It had been nearly three in the morning upon their arrival at the seaside beach house along the Canadian coastline of the East. After they both had made way out of their rental automobile Trinity did stand in the glow of the moonlight tossing back those sleek strands of chestnut colour hair. The warm salty air captures her senses to be making her body feel suddenly less tense, thus needing sleep but within walking from the night air. Laurel, on the other hand, has wandered off to arrange the access to the house and to gather info that is required for their stay.

Trinity stands there so tall with feminine athletic curves of over six feet in height. She towers like a goddess from ancient times; a goddess from times when ladies of power and prowess lived as legends. Trinity is much like a goddess of the realms of the past for she has intense passion in concern to her life, possesses commanding prowess in all areas of her life and is spellbinding in the world of pleasures. It is true that she tends to find ways to bring to herself all of her life wishes. This indeed is the case for she has won Laurel to be her life mate, while she maintains the perfect career and a loving world to embrace her.

 As her curves of excellent seduction sway to the winding night winds that sweep in a harsh bombardment of the coastline,, she must stretch out the ache of the day that has had too much travelling as part of it. Thus she is stretching and gazing upon Laurel as Laurel chats of details with the beach house’s owner. She gazes at her lover knowing that she has found all she wished in her life, for she refused to accept anything less than what her life needs and people that will make her happy in life. However, there is not any serious conquering to be done on this vacation for there is now a need to relax within life. She has the woman of her dreams and that is the lovely goddess of pleasures known as Laurel Ann and she has found that marrying her is the best thing she has ever done.

Laurel Ann who stands a healthily five foot eleven is feeling the chill of the night winds as she laughs over the chatter between herself and the female owner of the property. She hugs herself tight and pulls the sweater more around herself to create the needed warmth to arrive over her upper body. It is easy to see the beauty in her elegant curves that are such a truly sweet seduction. Many have fallen to her charms and beauty without even getting to know that deep dark angelic soul of true kindness which is wrapping in logic and a passion unequalled by most females.

They each wrap within the other in life and both women are amazing as individuals and yet powerful as a unit. They each are suited to enjoying pleasure, have immense intelligence, are soulful in pursuits and thrill in playful things. Each lady has a smile that is a sin in its self even if both smiles are unique in the ways the smile glimmers upon their lips. Each lovely smile is a teasing of the serious play that lay beneath, and of the way each may provide a challenge to any who feel like conquering them is an easy task. This is truly not the case with either. It is difficult to truly capture either of them in any way or to hold either of them for any period of time. This is except when the two females met and melted to each other’s charms. Back then it was electric and sensational within its overwhelming temptations. In fact, the air seemed to be the thing both found. Air surrounding them both in suffocation until they could not breathe, then it is a new air so that they could breathe, then more air to swim within as love entwined them both. This is air to love within, so that passionate pleasures could be floating about their union and it to the air of the sweetest kind as they come to lay in the eternal knowing that they could simply fly upon the wisps of the wind into the dream which they both desire in life.

These two have come here to the eastern isle of Prince Edward where summer is divine and play is abundant so that they can have a second honeymoon. These ladies have always played within their leisure and with this getaway gift from another goddess, they will enjoy a week of rest and pleasures. This gift of play and pleasure is from a lady who Laurel Ann does adore with all her heart. She adores her and does consider this other woman a life mentor in her life. The gift is one which is cherished and is a visit here to the homeland of the lady who is known as the Wind Goddess. This gift or treat is to allow the two ladies to relax from a life of high stress that simply can be a little too much even for them. Thus play will exist and it will come in many forms.

Both Trinity and Laurel do treasure all types of play and do play well within the many facets of the play they choose to enjoy. That would include the play of the mind, serious sporting games and tinkering with the word of texting. Oh yes, play within texting is something they both enjoy and that does tend to lead to interesting pleasures within ‘pleasure play’. Without a doubt, both play well within romantic erotic pleasures, and they know how to please, especially each other. This is even true when they share the written word to inspire arousal and then invoke touching to bring out a climax. This is a favourite activity when they are travelling apart from each other. It, in the end, is playful but maintains the strong bond of love that they share and it has made this made this night to come to exist.

The night did find itself to be cloaking them as they settled matters of residence and then they took charge of the beach house for the week-long stay. With the departure of the owner of the property, both women enter the building to be finding the fireplace blazing with warmth to greet them in a charming call of a silent’ Home sweet home’ and this has both smiling at the other. They each then knew that their old friend truly has showered them with a gift that is a treasure beyond compare. So they then took to enjoying the treasure in ways that only they could.

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