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Randi`s One - Chapter 12, Sweet Surrender

The trip through the vast old-world city of contemporary touches is awe-inspiring, to say the least. It is a unique world unto itself with a dominant strength, ominous powerful energy, and a bold wonderful beauty that entices. It proclaims that it belongs here, that it owns space and that titans once possess this land. It has a person know that St Petersburg is a city created by titans; created for a people that are familiar with struggling, conquering and following powerful leaders. It is solid; hardcore basic life but radiates a love of the finery of life. And watching it pass through the windows of the van as the convoy of vehicles makes way to city`s outskirts is simply something that is irresistible.

Kris long ago fell in love with her home city but today she chatters of it in a glow of loving it even more as she shares it with all those in the van. She tells of being a horticulturist with the city`s urban committees. Along with that, she tells of the memories of schooling and of places to that are favorite haunts. She is thrilled to bring her beloved Randi here to her homeworld. She does it even though she dislikes the reasons for the homecoming. But she makes forty minutes drive beautiful with having everyone momentarily lost in being tourists with her being a tour director to her new family.

Randi smiles at her with giving into dropping all the seriousness that exists among them. She watches her girl explode into a happiness of sudden outbursts of Russian to exclaim something interesting. So precious and soon everyone is joining in with questions and plan making. Yet, as they enter toward the outer portions of the city Kris grows quieter and then it there is a sudden silence between everyone as the cavalcade pulls into the short driveway that belongs to a large stately gray stone two-story building.

“Демон зал,” arrives in an ill-omened fear as anxiety comes to possess the twenty-something Russian woman. Nickolas suddenly sits straighter to momentarily breathe heavier. Yet, he says nothing but Kris worriedly states, “I did not know that we would be here.” Nickolas watches her with softly reassuring, “Demon Hall. The house of Hell reclaimed by the government. It has beautiful gardens that your mother loved.”

“She did, Uncle Nicky.” Nervously replies the young woman with a million thoughts running in her head as her voice is flowing with sorrow. These flood thoughts her as her entire body is seized by knowledge of what is a most recent historical demonic fact about this old haven of evil. That fact has Kris shaking of emotional turmoil. Kris looks at Randi with being deeply lost in emotions and that brings Randi to securely embrace her girlfriend. Randi does it while wondering why a sudden change of mood. Within this Nickolas reaches forward from the very back seat to lovingly pat Kris`s shoulder as he comfortingly conveys, “She died in a place that she loved. Do remember that. Remember that your mother found what she needed in the end. She found family and beauty; she came here because it`s where you loved to be most.”

Randi immediately understands that is to be a powerful emotional quest for Kris. Instinctively Randi braces herself to continuously hold the woman that she loves. The solidness with even calming breaths exists as she reassures in whispers, “You are safe with me! We can do this. You are with me and we can do this. I love you.”

Kris looks into those eyes of true blue as an uncontrolled build-up of emotion creates a tear to stroll down her left facial cheek. That has Randi kissing it away with softly conveying, “Safe.” It comes wrapping in a solidness that is unquestionable as Randi gazes back into the tears streaming eyes while embracing this woman of great strength. “I love you, hold my hand and we are doing this together.”

Kris tries to hold the emotion in and she does it extremely well to then swallow it with saying, “I love you too. She would have loved you a lot.”

The flowing moments include all of the men from the cavalcade getting out of the other vehicles to then be surrounding the van. These dozen government agents from the defense ministry display their firepower as they ready for anything that may come. It is thought that they are to guard the foreign visitors but are these men that are dressed in black suits doing that? After all, it is more than evident that there is special interest in scrutinizing Nickolas.

Everyone except for Karl Sr. overlooks such activities. They do but Karl Sund Sr. is always extremely observant of everything and he seems puzzled of all the process. Everyone else appears to take it as part of the procedures of guarding a high-profile foreign family due to mafia and the Russian Defense Ministry being involved. Yet, it is evident that it is strange but processes flow smoothly with everyone allowed to step out of the van. The first to do so is Karl Sr. while he watches the Commander of the security agents usher all of them up to the house and into the entry hall. Within it, all Karl Sr. mentally notes that once the Commander is satisfied that all of the guests are inside he disappears into the bowels of the large older simplistically decorated mansion. This leaves the small group alone in the beautiful majestic entry hall.

“Is everyone okay?” inquires Karl Sr. of his family as he begins taking stock of everything and deciding next steps.

“Yes, father we are fine,” replies Karl Jr. from the very back of the group where he and Nickolas stand leaning against the massive black wooden door.

“Good evening, everyone!” cordially proclaims a very richly elegant feminine voice that is soon revealing to belong to a tall beautiful brunette that has a greater resemblance to Kristina but definitely a woman in her later years of life.

From this, there suddenly bursts forth Kris with pushing her away from the gathered group to instantly wrap herself around this gorgeous sophisticated looking older woman. The two melt together within a loving embrace as Kristina excitedly screams “Aunt Mylena! Oh, oh so happy that you are here.”

“My darling niece, welcome home!” Is spoken with adoration and a melting into a familiar love that brings both to be speechless as the older woman clings to the younger one. There is a hugging with a grip of needing to squeeze love into Kristina as she emotionally let's go with happy tears while saying. “Welcome home and you bring your new family. Your Grand Aunt has missed you. Missed you desperately and my gardens deeply need your and your handy work too.”

“Oh, oh. And you smell like Mama use too.” Sobs Kris with emotion spilling out. There are worlds of it coming within endless tears that are a mix of happiness and sadness. This is for many reasons too. All of those have Kris simply dissolving from having any control while she refuses to let go of this stunning woman of Russian high society. This closeness remains to exist for extensive moments as the others watch but then just as it becomes a bit too long the older woman nudges Kristina to let go.

“Introduce me. I must meet our new family members. Be a good girl. Where is your lovely girlfriend?” arrives as a cheery request.

“Hello, I am Randi,” emanates the happy confident reply in claiming her rightful place as Randi steps forward to extend her left hand for a greeting. Within doing this Randi`s other hand, reaches to hold one of Kris`s hands. “I am Randi Sund. It is a pleasure to meet some of Kris`s family. But I must say that we hadn’t expected to be meeting any of her family, at least not so early.”

The older woman laughs to then be looking into the eyes the androgynous lesbian with a mischievous smile. ”Surprises are a good thing, Randi. I have a few more for you all. That is if you allow it during the week.” She joyfully states with possessing Randi`s hand with a friendliness as she continues to cordially convey, “Welcome to my home and welcome to Russia. You are to enjoy my home and everything that you wish too.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Davidov.” Exists with the release of the handshake that has the older lady insistently replying, “Please, it is Mylena. The family has no official to it when it’s loved ones.” And such is instantly accepted for it sounds as though it`s impossible to change.

With that, Kris releases her aunt to next lean into Randi while blissfully smiling at her aunt. She then slowly begins introducing the others that have come with her to her homeland. She begins with Karl Sr. making her way to Sian, and Karl Jr. Everyone is very cordial with being welcomed and enjoying a brief chat. As greetings come to what should be the close of such things everyone begins to walk into the interior of the house. Everybody moves along with a manservant appearing from out of nowhere to address that each of them possibly needs to freshen up before dinner. This has everyone moving into the inner and upper house. All of them travel along with the exception of Nickolas who does not. He remains unstirred from where he is located from the moment that he enters the mansion. That leaves Mylena Davidov and Nickolas Romanov in the entryway staring at each other while the others are ushered up into bedrooms and advised of dinner.

“Here, you! You! You here!” she scoffs in disdain as her eyes glow with the deepest hatred. It is easy to see that this woman of elegance and intellect is barely seizing her own emotions now that the others have departed. Yet, it shows that she wishes to have no control, as she next sternly expresses in seething anger, “My house has not seen the likes of you since my brothers' banished men like you from here!”

Then she walked directly up in front of him to spit in his face as she glares into his eyes with all the controlled hatred that any human may possess. As she does it he takes it all. It is as though he is a stone statue with nothing to give in return. The next moments have him glancing toward the location of where Kristina is. He seems suddenly lost, but he knows that he is not. He ponders what must be done and this has him swallowing hard the lump of understanding of what must be occurring. He next intentionally forces this to exist within himself and she waits for it. In the next seconds, Nickolas Romanov willingly kneels at the feet of this woman in a submission to her. “I beg of you to allow the five days. Please, Mylena and I promise that there is no more of me afterward. I know what I have done. There is great sorrow. Forgiveness is not an option. I do not wish it. But we are saving…we.. her…Mylena.” He pleads with trying to not allow the others to hear any of it.

“You! You!” She is too angry, but Mylena knows what is truly happening in all of this too. So it is through gritted teeth and retaining her composure that she replies, “Yes, we are! We are and don’t you forget that you, you. Demon!” She stresses within contempt while not liking it.


In the between time, Randi and Kris are getting acquainted with Kris’s former bedroom. After the luggage is delivered to them there is the closing of the bedroom with Randi beginning a tease to bring smiles. ”So you did secret naughty things in this bed” Randi shuttles out as she lovingly wraps her arms around Kris`s waist. Then she furthers the tease with whipping out more teasing. “Damn, I wonder if the walls have kinky tales to tell. Wonder if my girl dreamed of me.”

Kris looks at her supplying giggling as she stands there looking around at how very little has changed. There are freshly cut pink roses in porcelain vase on the dressing table and another matching vase of yellow lilies on top of a highboy dresser. As she glances them both she sounds amused while conveying, “She always spoils but in doing so she makes sure I understand that work awaits me.”

Randi can tell that naughtiness brings a limited reaction. Hence, there is a must for listening since her girlfriend is caught up in a world of old and new emotions. Thus, she chooses to listen as Kris leans her head back on Randi`s shoulder. This is having them both stand mid room for a while in a silence that contains deep breaths of controlling emotions. However, it doesn’t take long for Kris to actually answer Randi`s teasing for she doesn’t yet want to face most of the turmoil that floods her.

“The bed has seen more masturbation than your bed.” She then tenderly kisses Randi’s facial to continue with sharing as her voice claims a giddy edge to it. “I am hoping that we christened with our lovemaking. I want us being one everywhere that we go.”

Randi`s grin is huge as a chuckle does fly from within her. It amuses the Swede that such wild arranges of emotion and passion exists in this beautiful woman of Kristina Romanova. In fact, Randi finds herself to be feeling that she is extremely fortunate to have such a lady as part of her life. Such truths currently have Randi lovingly planting kisses along Kris`s neckline. This has Kris purring for she adores these sensations. “I like when you do that. More, please, please, my Dominea.”

Randi is more than happy to help stir additional sweet seductive sounds out of this gorgeous woman. Indeed, her truest wish is to help bring more pleasure with less upsetting moments. Randi wants to do this for she knows that Kris definitely must relax and let go for a short while. The foreseeing of high emotion involving the complete spectrum of emotions is eventually coming full throttle during the next five days. This brings Randi to be further kissing the curve of Kris`s neck before she is turning Kris around to be face to face with her. This has Randi brushing the fingertips of her left hand over Kris’s facial cheeks. A deep searching gaze follows with having Randi solemnly say, “I love you, you are my everything.”

“Do Everything’s gets more kisses before dinner?” Suddenly sassily shoots out from Kris as she stands there looking into Randi`s eyes. She positions with feelings a semi naughtiness coming for she is recollecting the tease of moments ago and that brings the memories of many of the sexy and wet dreams that occurred in the bedroom.

“Maybe, but maybe not.” Replies Randi with noticing lust arriving in her girlfriend`s eyes.

“Why not?” arrives as a disappointment.

Randi cocks her head to the side in a display puzzlement of why there is a sudden need to have sex. True, there is no complaint of it, but she figures that with all the emotion that is filling Kris that sex is the last thing that is wanted. This has Randi conveying within studiousness. “Because we will be messy for dinner. We may not have time to clean up before we must return downstairs.”

There comes a severe and almost angry stare from Kris. It is as though the one that she loves is rejecting her. It is hurt and bewilderment as she begins her defense about wanting kisses that they both know that is leading to sex before dinner. “But we both enjoy having the scent of cum on us. I like being marked by you.” Defensively supplies Kris as she amorously kisses Randi’s lips to encourage more of such kisses. With doing so, Kris is demandingly tugging Randi toward the bed. “Please, Randi, one for each of us. Then we have a shower before dressing for the meal. Only a quickie before I must meet my new uncle. Please, I need to relax. She is my favorite person in the world and my new uncle seems like a tyrant of a man.” Kris pleads with seeming to read Randi`s mind about the concept that relaxation being needed.

That has Randi snicker with saying, “Davidov is not that bad. I have known him for a few years through Papa. He is brutal in business but he is wonderful to his friends and he is a man who collects beautiful portrait art.”

Kris doesn’t seem impressed as she loosens the belt on the denim pants to slip out of them before climbing onto the bed. It takes no time for her to comfortably lean back on pillows with displaying a nude torso and the rest of her clothed beauty for Randi to see. “Please, please come and I promise to serve every need that you want to me.”

Randi watches this with being spellbound, but she shakes it off with conveying. “You look a lot like her; like Mylena. Maybe that is what you might look like when you get older.”

“Yes, Aunt Mylena is beautiful, isn`t she? She is the beauty of our family. She is my mother`s youngest aunt. Many of my family say that I am her little protégé, her twin. We both even demanded to attend university and we both love women, but she could not be with a woman. It is not okay for women of her generation to be a lesbian. However, she is smart enough to not openly ever say that she prefers women. But she has married very well three times in her life but with doing that she refused to have children. Of course, now she is too old.”

Randi listens but she still effortlessly views the gorgeous exhibition of Kris`s legs wide open and those lovely knees towering upwardly to give full access to receiving sexual pleasure. This Kris notices; she sees that Randi is watching while controlling a desire to enjoy what is freely given to only Randi. This has Kris purr of the naughty ideas that fill her mind for she knows that Randi too must want sex. She sums this up for there is none of the usual quick controlling by Randi when Kris dominates the balance between them.

“Children,” exclaims Randi with trying to further direct the topic away from sex so that Kris`s emotional build-up maybe slowly tamed. But that is most assuredly is hopeless for Kris replies, “Yes, and I wish for us to have children. We may be able to do it by using artificial insemination and a male donor from your family. I know it seems clinical, but we are to make love before we inseminate me. You get to be a daddy, I am a mommy and we may have two children.”

“Wow, you have it all figured out for us.” comes with great astonishment over something that they have never before discussed.

“Not really, but if you come finger fuck me then we are giving a test run of how well I produce eggs.” This is showing the real agenda of why Kris is on the bed. The next thing that is said is merely a constant seductive purring as Kris’s own fingers travel over her soft skin to hypnotize Randi. Randi diligently is watching the naughty show with slowly succumbing to desiring to do more than viewing. Kris`s fingers create a spell that weaves downward to eventually touch the pleasure of her throbbing wet pussy lips. “Mmmm, it`s so hot. It’s so hot. I love you, love me, love me, come love me like we do.”

It is all fuzzy with a dizzying carnal desire filling them both. Being around each other creates a constant horniness. This is even true when Randi controls the sexual energy between them. Their life energy connects intensely in sexual ways and currently, Randi wants to control it the activity but is not. She wishes to enjoy play too. She does for her own lower lips are pulsating as Kris`s fingers continuously travel the pleasure of teasing an orgasm into existence.

“Come on join me.” She encourages Randi while studying Randi`s eyes that are beginning to be overpowered with lust. This inspires breathy encouragement for her lover to enjoy too. “Randi, I need you. Please, please touch me. Make me cum. Let me feel that you want, that you want this too.”

Yet, the tall Swedish blond merely walks to the sleigh bed’s edge to gaze directly down into Kris' eyes. She stands there loosening the belt of her dress pants while occasionally glancing at the touching that Kris is doing to pussy lips. It is a pleasure to watch Kris masturbate. It is very much a turn on with Randi`s thoughts echoing of Kris saying about how much she has masturbated with wanting a lover in this bed. That makes Randi`s breathing deeper as she surveys the process of Kris slipping fingers through the moist fold.

“That is a good girl. Play with tinier circles” Instructs Randi with encouraging Kris into building the heated tingling.

Both women more aroused with Randi now pushing off her pants with then slipping completely out of them. It has her quickly removing her boy shorts to with soon having her lower body nude. As she stands there within heavier breathing she demandingly conveys, “A little more tenderly but faster!”

This has Kris`s body growing more excited with arousal and the need to release the build-up orgasm. She is teasing the tension into pulsing more rapid in her pussy. She does it while lustfully looking intently into Randi`s eyes. Kris needs to serve and please this beautiful androgynous lesbian. She craves to please Randi and to submit to whatever Randi desires.

“I love you, love you.” Breathily pants Kris with the holding of the dramatically increased sexual heat. This has her entire body screaming with a demand to have an orgasm. Yet, she won’t have an orgasm without Randi saying that she may have it. This is even though Kris`s nipples now ache from being puckered due to over-stimulation that is a result of the sexual energy between the two of them. If this continues it could be possible to have her naughty nipples popping off her breasts. This, of course, is not occurring, but the pleading of a wish to release orgasm slips Kris’s lips “Please, please may I? Please, I want to give you my cream.”

Yet, Randi snarls of the wishing by then denying the request by giving a deeper growl of displeasure as she shakes her head with a gesture of no. She knows that she is controlling this and Kris understands that too. Thus, she sternly stares into Kris’s eyes that radiate with the need to give into pleasure. The denial remains constant even when Kris`s stare waxes more intense. It remains even with Kris`s body quaking of the tension that consumes it with each circle pressuring. It is to be a clitoral orgasm. It is raging with craving release into freedom. Yet, Randi sternly barks, “Push it higher!”

The next moments have Randi coming to settle upon the bed to be directly in front of Kris. As she does she maintains eye contact. Kris does too while she continues to hold and build the orgasm. Randi brings her own left leg over the top of Kris`s right legs before she next places Kris’s left leg over the top of Randi`s right one. Then in a blinking Randi reach to grip Kris’s torso with sharply commanding “Don’t give in until I say. I want to you squirt all over me. But wait. Just wait!”

It takes mere breaths of time to have Randi snuggling into placing her own pussy almost completely against Kris`s. There is only enough space to allow Kris to continue the slow rubbing of her pussy lips. This has a growling gasp of extremely horniness from both women as their lower lips tease within touching. It has Kris begging, “Please. Please, please.”

Randi leans forward to lovingly kiss Kris upper lips. This momentarily stifles the pleading. She kisses until it is certain that Kris is even dizzier than the power of the sexual high is making her. In fact, when Randi releases from the kissing, to allow Kris some air, Randi then suddenly begins kissing again. This is pushing Kris into being breathless with possibly passing out. Yet, without so much as a blink of thinking such is happening Randi sweetly whispers “Prove to me that it’s more of a turn on now than in the past. That is it, my pet. Do fuck yourself faster. Do it! Do it real good. “

With seeming hypnotized Kris does as commanded. This brings intense panting, deep gasping, and her entire body trembling while her eyes glow of wild lusty love. It’s a state of euphoria as Randi constantly gazes into those blue eyes with her softening the gaze into the love that exists between them. Kris sees this and she listens to it. Thus, Randi begins allowing what they both now truly need as she lovingly whispers. “I love you.”

Randi then kisses Kris’s upper lips with a peck of a kiss as she conveys, “One, my beloved.”

This is followed by another kiss and the whispering of, “Two, my beloved

Kris continues the rubbing of her lower lips, but she barely concentrates and has almost lost control, as her body is scarcely able to handle this, yet she waits. She waits only a few seconds as Randi kisses Kris`s lips once again to say “Now, my beloved!”

It`s instant orgasm! It comes squirting in a cream spray all over Randi`s nether lips and torso. As it does Randi’s arms wrap instinctively surround Kris to hold them close in true love`s embrace. Their love radiates through them and into each other. it creates more kisses between them as Randi barely allows Kris to succumb to relaxing. She does not for she demands the kisses for a reason. She does this as her soaked lower body frantically rubs her pussy lips against Kris’s. In several long moments of ceaseless kissing Randi and of enjoying ‘tribbing’ there is the release of Randi`s own orgasm.

“Love you too.” Whispers Kris as she feels the hot cum coating her lower body. This makes her truly happy for she knows that she pleased her Dominant.

With slowly gaining her sense, Randi looks into Kris`s beautiful eyes that dance with joy. Kris giggles to then kiss Randi`s lips as she says “I am now totally relaxed.”

Randi laughs about that fact. She does for no matter what she knows that her control of Kris and of their relationship is mostly an illusion. It is a fantasy that is allowed and it is only permitted to Kris. It is for no others are what Kris is. None. Additionally, no other woman is capable of manipulating Randi into sex when Randi is sternly set against it.

These thoughts bring Randi to take an exhaustive breath of how life is changing. Great amounts of shifting exist and with those thoughts, she suddenly remembers that both of them soon must go downstairs to dinner. Therefore, she abruptly declares. “Shower time! We have only a few minutes for one. We must dress and get to dinner a.s.a.p.. Being late is not how your girlfriend impresses your aunt.”

Kris giggles as she pushes to get up. In that, she swings around as she looks back at Randi saying, “It is impossible to impress her. Simply be honest. It is all she demands.”

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