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Randi`s One - Chapter 1, Sweet Surrender

The long black leather whip laces through the air to be cracking the night`s stillness within the large well-kept stable barn. This is the sassy sound of power ripping the night as a woman of five foot five tall wields this instrument of taming. She stands there playing with something that she shouldn’t for it doesn’t belong to her, but she is out to enjoy a night of well-deserved playtime.

Kristina is a breathtaking beauty to watch. Her shimmering dark blond tresses look like feathery waves of a mane of a wild free stead on the run in life. Young, athletically beautiful with being petite and seeming almost undernourished. She draws back upon the whip again to immediately wield it in another ferocious biting of the dusty air. Once more it`s a sweet sound of power but that suddenly finds interruption for from out of nowhere the tether end of the twenty-foot-long bullwhip is finding gripping in mid-air. “Playing with my tools has you owe me a debt!” Comes sternly within cold strictness.

With that, a second woman shoots her gaze of deeply dazzling denim blue eyes to stare at this waif of a woman who is invading this woman`s riding stables. As she does survey this whip-wielding wild child the second woman keeps a strong tension filled grip on the whip but the force given is just as strong from the handle’s end making it a tautness within two wanting the power of the leather thread. “I don’t see your name on it. Who the hell are you?” arrive in a cool sassiness of a heavily accented English Russian voice of Kristina.

That places a coldly amused smirk on the other woman`s lips “I am the woman who is going to tie you with this whip and teach you how to kneel.” Is spoken in tones of a war declaration.

That brings a piercing laugh that turns into more laughter as the pretty dark blond female of twenty-one years stands tall while holding the handle of the whip as she sassily said, “Bring it, you bitch! Make me. I dare you! ” She growls in fierceness as she stares directly into Randi’s eyes with the most shocking fiery steel blue ones.

That rebelliousness and audacity are bringing Randi to shake her head of well-groomed medium length masculine stylized blond hair. The gorgeous androgynous lesbian stands there wearing a dark gray tailor-made mannish business suit and a custom-made blue dress shirt that comes with no tie as she positions sternly on the barn floor wearing well polish dress shoes. She looks sharp, sexy and professional, but she is tired from a long workday and the hours of traveling to her country estate. Yet, she comes alive now that she sees this woman of shimmering dark blond tresses; tresses that look like feathery waves of a mane that is belonging to a wild free stead on the run.

“You have no idea of things. You are going to regret taking me on. You will, yes Pretty One, you will.” Comes the crisp smooth warning as Randi widen her stance to be keeping stare with those eyes that look back at her in such defiance that it has her wet within her womanly loins.

“I regret nothing!” Comes in fierce response as the younger woman watches this ‘pretty boy type’ of a woman enters into what is usually void of anyone but the staff of the estate. Two of which are her uncle Nicholas and she, but very few know of her for it is on the sly that she helps him clean and care for the stables.

Kristina eyes Randi with those steel blue orbs that dance of fiery spells as the warm night air surrounds them. The staring says zillion of things, with some of it sending out notices of sexual hunting happening, and so it gets hot and hotter between them as the silence settles for long moments. That is making it even more of an understanding that they have an intense sexual connection and instant energy betwixt them. It exists as that until Randi sharply says, “Naughty girls are needing tied up and spanked.”

Kristina isn’t caring of whom this is for she feels her heart beating so wildly that she can hear it. She can feel her breathing to be deeper and richer by the second as she views this beautiful woman standing there before her within reeking of dominance, power, strength and possibly intelligence, but that isn't worrying for Kristina is now instantly aroused. She is so extremely horny that its wild energy as she stares into the eyes that won`t allow her to look away. In that, she spits back more fierceness, but it is wrapping in a seductive tone. “Then spank me! Bring it! Come on! I dare you!” she is almost biting the words while saying them as she then tugs on the whip to further be claiming, “If you want, then come take it.”

Randi said nothing. Instead, she swiftly yanks the fisted leather cord. The suddenness of it is crisp and strong like a bull charging at full force. The result is a stumbling Kristina instantly finding a place on the straw-strewn barn floor. In that, the sounds are a large harsh smack of a body unwillingly falling in an unpreparedness.

“Fuck you!” Kristina growls feeling the sharp pain in her knees and body as she then snarls. “You fucking bitch, when I get up you will regret it. You don’t belong here.” She spat out in aggressive tones of anger while gathering herself to push herself upward but in that second Randi is standing over her with placing a foot solidly upon Kristina’s delicate shoulders.

“Kneel; kneel and enjoy it.” Comes in dominance`s tone as Randi`s right foot is pressing downward to force Kristina to the lay firmly on the floor. “You are going to be looking up at me a lot tonight. You are surrendering and you will please me.”

Kristina lay there beginning to say something of more rebellion, but she is interrupted by Randi who strictly commands, “No talking from you, you want this as much as I do. Talking is only going to delay your orgasms. So be a good girl. The Pretty One needs a Mistress.” That brings heavy breathing by both as they each have their minds filling with controlled sexual arousal. “You are needing control, need to be taught and pleased. I am going to show you your place. You are trespassing on private property and are begging me for this.” Randi coolly states to then wheel her body around to straddle over Kristina`s leveled body to next unemotionally proclaim. “I promise to fuck you just the way you need it.” She does avow as she takes the flexible leather tether of the leather whip in a two-handed grip as she brings both of Kristina`s wrists up behind Kristina’s own backside before then binding them.

“You are so fucking hot. So sexy.” Kristina declares within heavy breaths and feeling the leather come tighter around her wrists ”Don’t hurt me.” arrive in an instant realization of what is happening but she then changes gears to saying, ”You must be a staff member that I have not met. I am Kris Romanova.” She states as Randi begins helping the younger woman to stand on the barn`s floor. “Don’t hurt me, please. I didn’t harm the whip. I finished nightly chores for Uncle Nickolas. And I am only doing a bit of goofing off to relax before going to the motel on Rand Way Road. My Uncle is ill with his bronchitis and I help when he is unable to work. We can`t lose the money from here, so please give us a break. I won`t touch the whip or things anymore. Just don’t tell Ms. Sund.” She pleads in desperation as Randi pushes Kristina forward while giving her a look of a non-verbal statement about needing to walk out of the barn “Please, Ms. Sund is never here.”

“Walk; walk out and into the house. You can`t take what isn’t yours.” Sharply orders Randi in coldness while thinking that the words from this woman sound as though it has a realistic despondency to it. Yet, she focuses on the misdeeds and payment for them. ”You shouldn’t provoke and beg for sex when you aren’t willing to give it. The whip is a matter all on its own.”

“I am not saying that I am not willing.” She seems to almost cry but is controlling it with a fierce defiance of simply understanding that she is wrong; wrong while she walks forward to the barn doors. “I will have sex with you. You are fucking hot. Seriously, you are so sexy that my pussy is aching and I am a virgin.” She voice with stepping forward into the yard area as the night air`s chilliness blast them both.

In that Kristina turn to look back at Randi “But don’t tell Ms. Sund about me. I will do whatever you want tonight. Please.” She begs for keeping secrecy for it is her deepest need. “I can`t go back to Russia, the mafia wants me. They killed my parents and we owe lots of money. Please, please.”

Randi may be many things in life, but lacking compassion isn’t one of them. She has great empathy for those who are in trouble. Yet it is not what she is known for in life. Therefore, it is not odd that such is shining upon her face even though Kristina can’t see it due to the lighting being dim. In that, there comes a silence between them as they are walking toward the manor house with Kristina in the lead.

She is leading to the to front door having them come in through the main entrance of the covered porch and landed in the foyer that led to everywhere else within the house. To the far right and down a short hall is seen the Great Room and the breakfast area of the upscale modern Euro house. The short hallway did also eventually lead into a contemporary kitchen, a sophisticated masculine chic dining room, the vast Great Room and several other lesser areas of the first level of this two-story home. However, currently there lay directly in front of them a dark wooden stairwell that leads up to the second floor where there exist two bedrooms with separate bathrooms, plus there is a Games Room and a Theater Room up there. But currently, it is one of the rooms on this main level that Kristina needs and it adjoins to the bedroom number two on the main floor. This is to the main bathroom that is next door to the doorway to bedroom number two on the main level. That is the door leading into the master suite and master bathroom.

As the two women enter the house Randi commands, “Straight in, then in there to shower. Remove your clothes and put on the bathrobe when you are done. I am waiting. Therefore, make it quick.”

With that Kristina look at Randi sternly as she comes to stand truly close. Their eyes meet once more in electric connection as Kristina convey, “Don’t send us back, I will do anything for you. I saw your eyes. You aren’t staff are you?”

Randi is studiously staring into those steel blue eyes as she sees a universe of deep hurt, strength, vulnerability and hidden treasures. She ponders what is sharing between them as she next takes to remembering the physical beauty of this woman and what they share as an instant special connection. Randi calculates many things in her thoughts to next state in a soft humble tone. “Randi Erling Kristiana Sund, owner of two stable barns, an estate and the Junior Vice President of Sund Manufacturing.”

“I am Ms. Sund.” This is spoken clearly in soft confidence as she sees the flashing of understanding fill Kristina`s eyes. That is quickly allowing fear to begin entering into those spellbinding steel blue eyes. Yet, Randi swiftly conveys in soothing assurance. “ You are not leaving. I can`t allow you to. You are staying with me. Your brother has his job. He has my barns.”

Then Randi rapidly reaches out to possessively grip Kristina`s left hand with Randi`s right. Randi next tenderly declares, “You look at me in ways that I want. You are staying!“ Arrives as Randi promptly decides that all of the silent sharing and then the feistiness of the stable barn is something she wants to know more about. Thus, she continues onward to say, “Staying in my house and no, I can’t explain all of this. But you are staying here.” She plainly said squeezing Kristina`s hand as Kristina smiles in holding the gaze and clutching Randi`s hand in return.

“Ms. Sund..” Begins Kristina but Randi interrupts to further clarify the situation. “Your brother is to stay in the barn`s loft apartment. No, I can`t explain why it is to be that; so don’t question me about it. Simply stop fearing me.” She firmly instructs within reaching for Kristina’s other hand to hold it so that both hands are possessed.Then in that taking Randi is pulling Kristina in close so that its breasts to breast “You will do anything that I desire. No sex needed, but you …you….you “ She stumbles of the next thoughts. She does it after being so smooth with everything else. “You, Kris, you have fire and …and …and…” and the spell is spinning wildly within Randi making her dizzy in her thinking processes.

“And you feel me, I know that you do,” Kristina softly state as she remembers their silent exchange in the barn. Then she starts clarifying a few things “I am smart, Ms. Sund. I understand things extremely quickly, I know what was in our staring at each other in the barn.”

She then takes to industriously scanning Randi`s eyes to be thinking, calculating and summing up many thoughts.Summing up thoughts and feelings, along with the pondering of what their reality is. It has her breathing heavy; breathing deeper with each new breath as her heart is racing and her virginal lower lips are moist with a desire to feel this powerful woman have sex with her. ”Oh my god, you are yummy. I want you. You fucking me, I will do everything that you want. But please at some point fuck me.”

Requests Kristina who is gripping Randi’s hands tighter while staring into those eyes with hungry desire, this is a primal need to simply have Randi give her sexual pleasure right there in the foyer. Randi knows it; she feels it and wanted to enjoy sex with this woman. Yet, even within being aroused beyond her senses Randi simplistically states in calmness, “Shower, Pretty One. Go now, I will begin dinner for us.”

That has Randi beginning to release from the hand holding as she remains gazing into those steel blue eyes that now flash of a rebellion again. Those do as Kristina is leaning in closer to almost be kissing Randi`s lovely lips as she whispers, “You are horny. I can see it in your eyes. I am going to be nude in that shower.” She purrs as her tone goes deeper into turning seductive. It comes while lust`s energy spills out between them with Kristina supplying. “Ms. Sund, please do not tease me too long. This virgin finds you resistible.”

Then Kristina barely touches Randi`s upper lips with her own but she doesn’t kiss as she simply is breathing within watching Randi’s eyes flare of hungry wild desire. This is sexy energy while Randi quivers of wanting to fuck this sassy woman who needs controlling. “It is not me who is teasing, Pretty One. But you will surrender and it is going to be sweet.”

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