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Randi`s One - Chapter 3, Trusting Kisses

“You need to be tasting me! “ is sharply spoken into the relative quiet of the kitchen, as Kristina is now standing just inside the archway between the kitchen and Great Room. “You are to taste me, Ms. Randi. You need my cream.”

With hearing such Randi immediately turns toward the direction of Kristina `s voice that seems to be almost divine within its heavy English Russian. Yet, Randi says nothing but she does supply her full attention to her houseguest. With the attentiveness, Kristina drops the white terry robe to display her full nudity, nudity that is delicate sensual flowing lines and well cared for young beauty that shows strength and sexual arousal. This has Randi`s body rise into an eruption of lusty desire as her boy shorts get even moister. It has her blue eyes gleam of carnal craving over sexually needing this naughty girl who is overwhelming Randi`s mind with the vision of being a dream to enjoy.

‘’You will fuck me! I want you!” Kristina demandingly asserts not accepting any rejection. “I am too hot and the feelings won't go away no matter how much I touch myself.”This is spoken as she eyes Randi in predatory desire to have sex. Oh yes, that is a goal but it`s more than that too as Kristin continues saying,”I can`t get you out of my head. And I always can control my thoughts but I now can`t.” She states in a firm declaration as she is walking directly toward Randi with a stare that is fully inflaming with sexual fire.

“We both know what exists in the barn. “ She conveys within earnest tones to be standing directly in front of Randi who cannot remove her visual inspection of appreciating the delicately smooth lines of truly untainted beauty that comes to her. This builds deeper breathing for them, as they are standing there too close with Randi frozen over what is happening between them. “Ms. Randi, I belong to you. We both know it. There is no argument over tools, but it is you telling me my place in your life. Yes, it is.” Kristina expresses about her using the whip in the barn. She does this as she looks deep into Randi’s eyes searching them for a response but she is only seeing a wall of controlled desire and that has her continue on with saying, “I get it! I am smart and I get it. ”

This has the air around them seeming extremely still and as a result that as Randi feeling it pushing in on her body making breathing even more difficult. But she stands unyielding while looking down at this beautiful woman who makes every fiber of Randi feeling truly alive with needing to have sex. Nonetheless, Randi holds solid in not allowing lust to control the moment. In that Kristina reaches out to lace her fingers of her right hand into Randi’s left as she declares, “Ms. Randi, I promise that love will not be a problem. I already know where I belong. So please, let us have dessert first? Afterward, I am doing anything that you wish of me and I am doing it forever.”

Randi immediately slides the fingers on her own right hand to embrace the fingers of Kristina`s left hand. That makes it two sets of palms touching with heartbeats felt by both women. It is the sensation of strong racing pulsations while breathing is heavier and bodies shiver of needing to be sexually pleased. Then in one swift jerking motion, Randi has Kristina’s nude body smashing hard against her own as Randi then barks out, “Kris, you are being a little slut and trading sex for safety.”

Kristina's eyes widen with her attempting to pull away as she begins to deny the accusations, “I am not….I ..I…” This makes her breathless of the ideas that flood her mind. It has her feeling caught between herself perception and the game of seduction, yet the being wedged in between the two exists while actually sharing truthfulness too.

True, Randi doesn’t know that but she wants all of the truth before things get sexual between them. Everything must be clear and truthful for Randi is tired of meaningless sex with dozens of random women. She wants a sincere relationship with a few interesting terms attached. “You are being a whore! You are selling sex to me so that I will keep you safe from harm.” Arrives as chat with additionally sharing a cold staring into those steel blue eyes as she further says, ”Naughtiness! That is badness. You are not permitted to be a whore for anyone.” This does subsist as a warning. “Do you understand me?” This comes in harsh querying as Randi is providing a sudden shift of energy within the game of seduction as she claims her status of Dominant.

Kristina mind explodes with a zillion worries. It now is swimming in the quagmire of wild thoughts and along with this, there are her deepest of fears taking charge of her. That causes her breathing to be winded while her body quakes with her stuttering within begging, “I….I…I…..please….please….please, Ms. Sund.”

“Ms. Randi!”This flies out in a severe request from Randi. She demands it for she is never going to allow anyone to disrespect her, especially not a potential lover and all lovers use the title of Ms. Randi. Thus, she once more sternly commands, “Say it! Say my name, Pretty One! “

At that moment, Kristina’s eyes well up with bulky tears coming to stain the corners of those beautiful steel blues. She now has more fear, more uncontrollable emotion is building and she is so profoundly lost in what is happening that she stumbles within quivering fragile tones to be saying, “Ms.… Ms...Ms. Randi.” That arrives as her true fears totally invade with her feeling that she needs a savior from all of what is in her life. She does for she knows that her life is now over when considering that her future is her returning to Russia. Therefore, everything is falling into ruin with her uncle maybe needing to pay a high price for her family`s mistakes.

Randi watches the intense pain and horror sweeping into eyes that are so lovely in innocence and young life. Her mind begins spinning of what she has done to an angel, but she knows that things need clarity. She knows this for she understands that truth between them must always exist so that they build trust. “Be straight with me!” Sternness as she begins the investigation that is necessary. ”Tell me, why do you fear? Fear enough to surrender sexual favors. You sacrifice your virginity. You are twenty some years old and still a virgin, so why give it up now? And why surrender it to me? Tell me. Tell everything and then we are going to understand our places in life.”

By this time, tears silently stream down soft lovely facial cheeks. Eyes are bold with watery salty tears and Kristina is standing there lost in thoughts but overwhelmed with emotions. That has Randi sternly looking into her eyes saying,”Talk to me, Pretty One! We have nothing if we can`t talk. So tell me everything!”

Kristina simply hopelessly stares up at this stunning manly looking woman that supplies wild emotions and uncontrolled thoughts of every kind for Kristina. That is what exists for Kristina Romanova when near Randi Sund. It is untamed emotions and unrestrained thoughts of every kind even though Kristina is strong and capable in her life, but she is so soft within herself too. She is for she genuinely can`t deal with the reality of everything that is surrounding her in life. Yet, she is trying to deal with it all and she is doing it mostly on her own too. In fact, her entire existence has Kristina standing in this house entwined so close to a stronger woman but she isn’t feeling strong anymore. In fact, she wants to fall to her knees for she is beaten in life. She is crushed by losing her parents to murders, leaving her home, her homeland, her life and dealing with illegal refugee status. It all is too much for anyone to bear, but she does. Yet she refuses to kneel and chooses to stand defiant of all things even if she can`t handle what exists in her life.

“You either are going to trust me, Kris or you are going to always fear. Choose what you will do, my Pretty One.”

“I can’t Randi. I….” She stops with it being immensely difficult to say any more about its deep pain and horrifying truths. It is a tangling of wild emotions, helplessness, and a world of things that are barely chained within this beautiful blond. Yet, as she looks into those eyes of Randi she finds what she needs to push it out. “I….I will die.”

Such is stinging the air as crying overcome Kristina`s stability while her body feels like it can`t handle the reality of her life any longer. Within it, she tries to find the strength to once more deal with it and within this, she removes her gaze from Randi`s as Randi`s face suddenly flickers of shock but Randi chases it away within affirming, “No, no Kris! No one is hurting you. Not ever! “

Then Randi forces the initial topic back into being the discussion. ”Choose! Decide of trusting me or fearing for your life. Come on, you are an intelligent woman. Select what you believe the most in. Is it trusting me or fear?” This is coming in demanding of Kristina to move forward on a crossroads of life. But no answer immediately comes and that has Randi bringing a set of their entwined hands upward to nestle under Kristina's chin. Then she nudges Kristina`s face to look upward to be confronting Randi’s intense stare as she softly conveys, “Look in my eyes, my Pretty One. Look at them and tell me what you select. You know what you decide; you choose it in the barn. So say what you choose.”

In that Kristina, eyes hold raw emotion of being truly lost and needing help but within all the sobbing there are the tumbling of thoughts that make her dizzy with bleary answers. Yet, she whispers, “I was naughty. I chose to whip anyone’s ass that hurt me. I choose to be taking on anyone and that is including you. I want freedom from my parents’ drug debts. I want the freedom to love and to not be a slave to the Solntsevskaya Bratva.” Within this Kristina stares into Randi`s eyes with tears continuing. At that moment, Randi sees the crystalline truth shining there along with strength and wild passion burning to the extreme. As this is occurring, Randi leans forward to place soft loving kisses on Kristina`s facial cheeks as salty tears trickle down. ”Tell me, how much are you owing to your freedom, Kris?” Exists as a tender query as the kisses intensify and Randi`s hands lovingly squeeze Kristina`s within an unceasing possession.

“1310000.00 Rubles.” This is the truthfulness of Kristina`s existence in America. “I tried to bargain with them but they want me. That had Uncle Nicky smuggling me out of the motherland with a false visa to live here in the motel. “

“That is an approximate twenty thousand American, then.” Randi sums up after a quick mental calculation of currency exchange.

“I don’t know if it is that or what it is.” conveys a sobbing Kristina who is lost in all that is occurring on this night.

“Uhm, I know that it is that. I do, for I often must deal with international currency.” Randi replies continuing to kiss away tears and then she is pushing the conversation into asking. “Did you work when living in Russia?”

“Yes, as a gardener for the city of Petersburg.” Is the reply with the sobbing approaching sniffling while she further replies, “Five years of horticulture and I like my job. But it stopped a year ago when I ran way on a temporary visa.“

“Uhm,” arrives from Randi while gazing into those beautiful eyes of Kristina’s. Randi then takes to pondering the information. Thus, it is thoughts turning hard and fast with sorting out steps to be taken as Kristina looks deep into those sparkling true blue eyes of Randi`s. Within it, Kristina softly says, “You. I choose you.”

These are potent soft words that meet Randi`s ears causing Randi's eyes to a flare of a feral joy; an instant uncontrolled joy to then have her lips crushing Kristina`s. It is two sets of delicious upper lips crashing in consuming each other’s passion with breaths heavy. It is Randi only needing that said for her to push forward into what they both want tonight. Thus, Randi zealously devours those lips of Kris`s, which seconds ago spoke of trust. Trust and truths within kissing, with it being primal kisses for it is mating in lust`s ancient ritual of pressing lips together in neediness as the breaths of lovers become eaten and teased out in hearty heady pleasure. Wild hungry passion explodes further between them with it moving hands to be releasing from possessive gripping as Randi’s strong hands are coming to be solidly grasping Kristina’s hips to hold this beautiful woman ever too close in ownership of her. A reaction comes just as swift from Kristina as her hands slip up over Randi`s strong arms and shoulders to then cup Randi`s facial cheeks. Both women are seizing each other in a needy desire to play out the kisses and to taste as lust comes to break the borders of two women who are destined to be this and so much more.

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