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Randi`s One - Chapter 4, Love Me Like You Do

“I want to feel you.” Is spoken by Kristina as their lips part from kissing for what seems like hours of impassioned lust sharing. Yet, it isn’t hours but it is merely less than ten minutes with them standing close to the stove in the kitchen.

“Please, please show me what sex is. Please,” begs Kristina who is experiencing Randi placing tiny loving kisses on her facial cheeks as Randi then trails those kisses downward over the curve of a strong delicate chin before then planting nibbling kisses along the entirety of Kristina’s gorgeous delicious neckline. This has Kristina breathless within the lustful seduction having her whimper, “Oh, oh.” is sharing in almost breathlessness as she says, “That feels so, so good.” Comes within all of the dizzy sensations that now float between them but Kristina tries her best to focus on things to further state, “I need to feel all of you. Please, please Ms. Randi, take my virginity and make me yours.”

With the ‘make me yours’ statement Randi stops the kissing to stand totally stalk still and to be ever so towering in front of Kristina. Randi then studiously eyes Kristina with inspection of what lay deep in windows to Kristin`s soul and it brings Randi a soft knowing smile. As she smiles Randi next reaches out to tenderly brush Kristina`s facial cheek with fingertips. ”Oh, oh yes, I wish to make you mine. I want you to mine.” She asserts to continue driving her to stare deeper into those steel blue eyes with her own true blues ones. Beautiful blues that share souls as Randi opens herself to Kristina in saying “Sex, yes, but eventually, we are making it kinky and if you enjoy it and still want me, then one day our sex life may turn into lovemaking.” She affirms with sharing a truth.

This is a truth that simply must be part of Randi’s intimate sexual life. It is also a need when she truly loves a woman. It is this way for she must enjoy all of who she is in life when it is love and that tends to produce the sharing of dark, sensual and kinky sexual play within an ownership in the lifestyle of Bondage Discipline Sadomasochism. BDSM a terrifying concept for most people with many unknowledgeable minds possibly saying that Randi Erling Kristiana Sund is into things that are abusive, elusive and illegal. Yet, she is not. She is not into non-consensual sexual play or into abuse of any sort. She is however into the balancing of what nature gives her as her natural self. She balances it with a biological energy given to the person who she chooses to have her sexual adventures with. She does it by enjoying power exchange and providing control within the world where truth, trust, and temptations exist. It is the world where dominant alpha characters and submissive ones participate in sexual roles. It can be games or it can be a lifestyle choice. Thus far in life Randi has only had games but she is very willing to make it much more in her life. Therefore, Kris’s statement of, ‘make me yours' is something that is truly an intriguing one to explore.

In that sharing of what may lay ahead, Kristina reaches up to press Randi`s hand flat on her facial cheek while repeating “Make me yours.” As she then pushes it further with ”I said that I belong to you. Bring the kinky but you are loving me and we are going to make love every time you have sex with me.” She affirms.

“Uhm.” ponders Randi with holding her hand squarely solid on the facial cheek as she watches eyes “You do not know what can happen to you when I enjoy kinky sex.” “No! I do not!” comes the reply that is stinging air. “I do not know anything about kinky sex. But, I trust you. I did it moments ago and always will trust you. I will until you give me reasons to not trusting in you. So yes, we are having sex, it`s kinky and it is our lovemaking.” Declares Kristina in a tone of it all being a matter of facts known to the entire universe.

“Uhm.” once more arrives from Randi as she takes long silent moments to sort out what is happening for it is all coming away too fast.

That allows Kristina to think a bit too and in that she casually conveys, “The whip is something from the upper room in the main stable barn.”

Randi`s eyes flash of her sexual secrets being opened to prying eyes after her assuming that the whip being out is due to her forgetting of it, but she says nothing, nothing just yet. Instead, she allows Kristina to continue on with sharing of the invasion of Randi`s privacy.

“In the room, there is a bed; a unique poster bed of quilted bedding,” claims Kristina to then play a soft peck of kiss to Randi`s lips as she whispers, “I am the only one who knows. I closed it up for you. I did. But..” She giggles with seeing the fragility in Randi`s eyes as she mentions. “But at the foot of the bed is a large wooden box that you left unlocked.” Randi’s eyes widen at the thought of what is coming as unpleasant news, but she still says nothing. Yet, Kristina does say more and it comes wrapping in a tone of teasing. “A lot of naughty sexual items in that box. I like some of them and am curious about other items. Maybe we could enjoy them.” She purrs to then lick her lips before supplying another kiss to frowning lips as she steals the dominance in the situation. That gives her self-confidence to continue on with, “And there are interesting things hanging on the walls and on the ceiling too.” She states with a mischievous smile. “I assume that you like spanking your lover. I see that you need everything that is in that room.”

“You are a very bad girl!” sternly voices Randi as her silence is broken at long last. Within her, there is a summing up of even more information in concern to her houseguest who is a soon to be sex mate. “You have chosen to invade and steal my privacy. That needs discipline. You need rules and governance with a strong hand.” Comes with a studiousness of what is to be parts of the new relationship. Next Randi suddenly thrusts her left hand upward to solidly seize the ever-tightening grip around Kristina`s throat. That act of aggression is making the pretty Russian gasp for air with her facial expression being of shock. Yet, Kristina doesn’t scream. She doesn’t cry about it, but she herself is looking directly into those eyes of Randi`s with her defiantly declaring, “I am a girl that is falling in love with you. And that is whether it is to be with the kinky or with no kinkiness. It is this way from the moment that we look into each other`s eyes in the barn. So bring it! Make me yours!”

Suddenly Randi is drowning in chaotic thoughts of what is happening. She is for Randi doesn’t believe all of what is happening to her on this night. It can`t be what her instincts claim it to be and so she thinks that this is craziness. She cringes in disbelief of the look that comes to be fixed upon her eyes. However, she takes to soaking it in while she silently defines it to then shake her head over the fiery spirit of this beauty that she titles Pretty One. A Pretty One who is spirited and sexy in every way as the pheromones between them simply grip Randi to shake all common sense from her. Therefore, it remains to be unruly thoughts and sexual energy with Randi understanding that her well-ordered life has become crazy in the matter of a few hours.

That brings a profound sigh over the event of returning here to this rural estate after a six-month absence due to a lost love. This homecoming is one of solemn expectation but it's different than what she has beliefs about it. This is even though she arrives at a very late hour of the night to control many things about the reality of what is here waiting to be confronted with emotions. She figures that she should be expecting loneliness existing while dealing with haunting memories of Ana. Hence, she does anticipate powerful romantic memories that are not actually coming to her and that is unusual. It is also unusual to be appearing here with having dismissed most all of the staff for a week-long vacation prior to her arrival. Therefore, that makes two abnormal things on this night with this woman that is accustomed to unique things in life. She is for Randi Erling Kristiana Sund is a woman of the most thought-provoking qualities and unconventional lifestyle while she is remaining somewhat a traditionalist in her life. Thus, she expects strange things but she doesn’t anticipate those too. Yet, no matter what comes her way in life she usually displays herself as being confident, dominant, commanding, classy and, above all, intellectual. Along with that, she works harder than most people of her age with that existing in her life ever since her youth and those things are also distinctive characteristics about this thirty-four-year-old woman.

This is the truth, just as it is also facts that she achieves greatness in what she chooses to be part of her life. This is even within her growing up within crazy or n abnormal reality in her life. This is abnormal things such as she is one of the youngest top graduating students within the best of European universities. Then by twenty-three, she is in the family company taking the management ranks by storm. Everyone sees that she definitely takes to owning the family name by being a chip off the old block when it`s business ventures and crazy risk-taking. In fact, she brandishes power better than any male heir might. She does it knowing that she may never be the heir to the actual main company. That does have anyone wondering why is she doing all that she does for Sund Industries. Well, unlike occurrences on this night that has a simple answer and that answer is that she is giving back to her father and making him proud of her.

Yes, family pride, with her family being one of wealth and prestige with much being available to be used by her when needed, but Randi does not take to exploiting either side of her hereditary lineages. She cannot do it for within all that power and authoritativeness there is a spirit of compassion too. Her mother places it there; her father demands it to be there and yet her parents never cohabited to enforce it. And yes, she is the offspring of an affair with that creating Randi to be a love child. That subsists even though Randi`s mother died of Cancer twelve years ago. Twelve ‘ heart-wrenching’ years without the woman that loves her most in life and since then all that she has is the love of her father, her work, clubbing and random girlfriends.

“My god!” She exclaims of what Kristina says of love, kinkiness, and ownership. ”Kris, I am not joking. I am going to literally own you for as long as you wish it. It is to be sex when I want it. It everything when, where, why and in the ways that I want it. Do you understand that I am going to control your entire life and be totally responsible for you?”

Within that Randi watches those eyes of Kristina. She studies them to see if there is more shock to be entering into this woman who is a trespasser and wannabe sex mate. Yet, no signs of shock show up as Kristina smiles sweetly to be leaning upward to place a soft kiss on Randi`s right ear as she whispers “We make love tonight, it is the first time for us. I am thinking about the rest but if you need it then enjoy it then do." She says with understanding the need to thoroughly ponder such ideas, but she still conveys, "Ms. Randi, you are going to love me. Just don’t send me back to Russia.” Then she places one of her open-palmed hands over Randi`s left breast to press it to feel Randi`s heartbeat. “This is mine, you are going to discover that soon.” Then once again she kisses Randi`s ear saying, “We are moving too fast with things.” Then she purrs and giggles at her next statement. “Should I beg for discipline, sex or dinner? Or all three?”

In the next seconds, Randi allows those options to sink into her mind and to absorb what is possibly coming to exist between them. When finished with all of the chaotic thoughts she simply is tossing them aside as she reaches for one of Kris’s hands to hold it tenderly before bringing it up to her lips. With this Randi is next playing a chivalrous kiss to the hand’s backside as she firmly claims “ I am going to tame you, train you enough to be more than my dream and maybe you are to be more than that too.”

Kristina giggles of that as she snuggles into rest against Randi as she soon feels Randi`s arm encompass her. ”My Pretty One.” Arises in a soft adoration and acceptance from Randi as she then she pushes the moment into next phases for their night. ”You are having dinner with me tonight. It`s the starter. There is no sex, not yet.”

“Oh, we are having sex, oh yes, we are.” Affirms Kristina, who is not quite understanding that she is not the Dominant and that Randi is supposed to be, yet she continues to cheerily convey “Lovemaking is happening, Ms. Randi.” Randi once more grasps a hand, but does not kiss it. Instead, she begins to walk toward the dining set that is across the kitchen. In doing so, she says nothing but she is simply tugging Kristina along with her while Kristina continues happily talking. “Ms. Randi, you want me, you want me tonight. It is in your kiss.”

In that Randi does walk directly over to the chair where the silk dress shirt, boy undershorts, and the black silk ribbon wait for them. With them standing in the breakfast area of the kitchen, Randi pulls Kristina along until the woman`s backside is against the edge of the table causing Kristina`s ass to be touching the table`s edge. Next Randi stands in front of her with a cold grimace as she reaches for the tiny half-inch wide thirty-inch-long ribbon of black silk. Then she firmly announces, “You are beautiful when nude. You are beautiful when dressed. Your fiery spirit consumes my senses. Your thoughts and intellect are intoxicating. And your emotions are wild with those making wanting to feel more of you.” Arrives from Randi while she is staring intensely into Kristina`s eyes.

Randi next holds the ribbon`s ends in her two hands to have it stretched out to its full length as she kisses the middle of it saying “I am protecting you, caring for you and being responsible of you. I am this to you.” Then she takes the ribbon to bring it above and over Kristina`s head before she is tying it around Kristina`s neck to display a pretty bow in the very middle of the front to make a collar. "We are to always have the truth, and trust in everything that we wish to have in life, in life as Dominant and….and…and..” She stammers because she doesn’t think that this union is going to be a usual one, thus she changes the pledge, “Ms. Randi and the Pretty One.”

Afterward, Randi smiles with looking downward at the lovely physical beauty as she slowly sits her hands on Kristina as her heart thunders into sensing peacefulness and newness of things that she thought lost. Lost emotions just as there should be loneliness and horrifying emotional pain, yet the electricity of soul connection pours between them as Kristina`s nude hips are tenderly pressed by fingertips before there is a commanding declaration of, “This body is given to me, and only me.” In that Randi allows the fingers on both of her hands to simultaneously enjoy the sensations of touching supple silken skin. Lovely female flesh that is the length of Kristina`s hips as a shiver of awe is overcoming Randi who reverently stares at her new lover. Then Randi traces her touch down over strong curvaceous legs while being sure to watch Kristina`s eyes. Within this indulgent seduction, Kristina gazes into those true blue eyes with love flying from deep within as she seductively whispers, “Love me. I love you.”

Randi cordially smiles with saying nothing while her two hands move upward to cross over Kristina`s firm flat tummy. Kristina gasps as the sensations make her hotter within her nether region. It is hotter within every cell of her as her heart raced and her mind spills of lustful wishes with her sending out a continuous moaning of her sexual desire. “Make love to me.” She begs of Randi as Randi barely smiles at her before she is continuing on with the tracing along on the skin of her new lover. “Please, please Ms. Randi. Please, make me cum.” Arrives within more imploring while both of her hands are placing a steadying grip on the table`s edge. This swiftly comes as Kristina feels the push of passionate lust into her body; a beautifully pleasing body that needs a sexual release and virginity scrapped forever. Yet, Randi simply circles the entirety of both breasts with her fingertips of both of her hands. She does this for she demands to create an exquisite searing caress to play hard into a virgin`s neediness. A neediness that Randi is hoping to make into Kristina crying out in wishing for sexual pleasure and she is not disappointed either. “Ms., please....Ms., please….Ms. Oh god, that feels so fucking great! Fuck me! Make yours!”

With such spoken, Randi leans forward placing a demanding kiss on Kristina`s upper lips. But in doing so she doesn’t allow Kristina to be kissing back. However, Randi does hold stare into those eyes as she gives a warning growl. “Patience! Or you are not having an orgasm tonight.”

Such an idea instantly places fear into Kristina. It does until she mentally tells herself that she can have an orgasm at any time. After all, she is capable of giving herself one. Yet, she knows that she wants more than that now that she has Randi. She wants more from the moment Randi stood up to her in the barn for she craves to have Randi supply an orgasm, to supply one. ‘Oh yes, one. No, two. No, three. Oh, fuck!’ she screams in her thoughts. ‘More, more, I want more.’ Screeches in her mind as her body quivers while Randi is now lightly traveling the fingertips of her right hand down through the valley of Kristina`s breasts.

These are nicely sized C cup breasts that have nipples peeking delightfully hard in a display of needing to be tasted. Yet, Randi doesn’t taste, at least she doesn’t just yet, instead, she relishes in the continuous symphony of pleasing moans that come from her younger lover. This has the neediness of sexual pleasure blazing through Kristina, and in that energy, Randi is coming in close to whisper on Kristina’s luscious upper lips, “Be my pet, let me into your darkest desires and I am going to fill them to then spill our cum together.” Is spoken in a heavy seductive challenge, as Randi remains emotionless of the beginnings of sexual pleasure.

“Patience!” Is sharply replying with hefty breaths and moaning as breasts heave in needing more air to control the dizziness. This is wooziness in extreme arousal, but it still has a sassy reply of, “Patience, Ms. Randi. You said it is patience.“ Is delivering within a lusty dreamy smile as Kristina is within the rapture of Randi`s teasing touching. Touching that is causing the dripping of wet lower lips and a heart that is about to pound out of her breasts. This is creating more dizziness within Kristina`s senses causing her to yelp, “Oh god that feels great! Love me, love me, my Randi.” Arrives in heavier breaths that are within unfocused attempts to think through the threshold of arousal as a primal energy within virginal lust has her moaning, “Yours. Yours. Yours. Yours. ”

It is hard for Randi to not smirk of the tables turning over the idea of needing patience. Just as it is amusing of how Kristina isn't patient but is preaching it. It has her shaking her head of the understanding that this journey with this woman is not going to be boring. It can`t be for Kristina’s bold fiery spirit seems to keep things interesting between them. Such is an acceptance while Randi`s fingertips travel along to cross over that flat smooth tummy. It is a sweet seductive tracing of tiny edgy searing lines as Randi`s fingernails come to glide circles around and within Kristina’s tummy button.

“Please!” comes the impressive whining scream of desire at long last. Yet, Randi remains completely calm within traveling more circles around that tummy button making Kristina wild in her craving to feel more pleasure and that is making the knuckles of Kristina`s hands white in gripping the table`s top.

“You are a very bad girl!” teases Randi as her fingers begin to move further down to cross the dip that is the minor valley between the stomach and the firmness of Kristina`s pussy mound. That has Kristina tensing up every muscle within her fine curves and this is causing her to stand on her tippy toes to scream, “Randi, Randi, please fuck me! Love me, love me!” She declares as her hands suddenly fly to grasp onto Randi`s shoulders as Kristina lunges forward to peer deep into Randi’s smiling eyes. “Love me like you do.” Arrives in pleading breathy whispers with an intense stare of love and lust mixing together.

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