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Randi`s One - Chapter 5, Stealing Temptation

“Bad girl, you are a very, very…” comes teasingly spoken by Randi as a truth that is confronting her. It is this for looking into Kristina`s eyes she does see a soul that is breathtaking with love. It comes to be this as Kristina`s eyes are sharing the reality of the beginning`s of falling in love with Randi. It has Randi becoming dizzy with watching the love light sparkling in growing stronger within Kristina and it is causing Randi to tenderly say. ”… bad for falling in love with me.”

Kristina smugly smiles while wrapping in the sensations of extreme arousal for she knows that she can’t do sex without love. This next has her nibbling a kiss on Randi’s lips within confidently saying, “You love me too.”

Women in love; is it two women in love? No matter what it is, it is beautiful while it is without a doubt that this Russian is a woman who needs a woman just like Randi. Kristina is also a woman who easily knows this fact too. In that understanding, Kristina knows that there is a glimmer of unconditional love that wants to join hers. That has her needing to be the woman that is capable of being everything that is Randi`s dream. To be the dream girl is what Kristina wishes to be even if she doesn’t exactly recognize what that is just yet, but she knows that she can be that. She demands to be Randi`s dream, a dream that screams in begging pleas while Randi’s hands force every cell within Kristina to feel the sexual fires that are now flaming even higher.

This is such an extreme heat that a dewy sweat is now on Kristina’s brow. Seeing this has Randi kissing the very center of Kristina`s forehead so that she may taste the moisture while her fingers slowly begin walking down over Kristina` pussy mound. This is a hot, well smoothly shaven womanly mound that has Randi feeling the wild energy within them both. Randi easily senses Kristina’s excitement just as she does her own vaginal heat that is skyrocketing into an inferno, but she never cares for herself first. Thus, she is forcing herself to focus more on Kristina`s need than her own neediness. Within her thoughts are filling with how much she likes shaven; she adores a well-kept woman and likes a woman who gets fiercely hot with simplistic teasing.

Naughty teasing that stimulates Kristina`s gripping of Randi’s shoulders so tightly that the grasp is painful, but Randi is immune to it for she knows that the ensuing pleasure is worth every step that is sexual pleasure`s processes. Therefore, it is onward with Randi `s fingers moving further down to cross the expanse of this pretty mound of flesh as a daydream fills her mind. A sweet mischievous vision of how she is eventually going to place her upper lips over every inch of this silken womanly mound.

This she is currently working on by sending shivers of lust through Kristina as they stare into each other’s eyes. It is causing Kristina`s entire body to tighten with sexual tension. This is hot and wildly arousing, as Randi now needs to have some personal freedom too due to her vagina is begging for relief from the heat. Therefore in the next seconds, Randi allows her other hand to find the belt of her own dress pants. She manipulates it to release all fastenings while Randi’s eyes glow with the hunger of sharing a mutual orgasm for their first sexual bonding. This has Randi convey in a demanding tone, “Your hand, I want it with mine.” With it being given there are two hands entwining as smiles are wickedly lusty and breaths remain heavy while bodies are trembling of the neediness within them both.

“Suck it! Make one of your fingers moist.” This comes sharply spoken in a hurried request that is following with, “Cover it with salvia.” Then Randi is placing Kristina`s index finger in Kristina`s upper lips as she leans in to kiss Kristina`s facial cheeks while soothingly stating, “And you will need two fingers for it feels best with two.”

This has Kristina eagerly helping to slip two fingers between her own upper lips while she and Randi gaze into each other's eyes to watch the lust grow between them. In this Kris`s lips are clamping around long fingers while providing a purring as she is slowly coating them with moisture before seductively retracting to set them free. This is leaving both long fingers very wet with Randi spellbound of watching a virgin be so naughty, but Randi doesn’t care if Kristina is. She does not for she needs to have sex. She needs to and she knows that lust is now out of control with the two of them, yet Randi takes control of Kristina’s damp fingers with guiding them to meet Randi`s own wet lower lips. Randi holds the fingers therein hesitation while her other hand smoothly comes to touch on Kristina`s soaked pussy lips. Then it is automatic moves as Kristina brings her other hand to hold Randi`s hand there is a suddenness of no longer any hesitation as all sets of two fingers swiftly slip within warm wet folds.

This has both women gasp of the first thrust of surrendering to each other. From there it is more probing to build vaginal heat. It is passionately deep strokes, as the pressure grows higher to consume them both with moist heat. It is fingers feeling the increase in moisture of a faster pace by both sets of fingers. There is no slow, no stop, and no more teasing, but there is that intentional erecting of intensely high-energy orgasms. It takes both women mere moments to be spilling the creamy cum from the high energy sharing. It has both clinging tightly to each other as upper lips are hungrily kissing and bodies are quaking in the storm of orgasmic bliss. It is beautiful natural naughtiness that squirts to cover hands and thighs making both having smiles within the kisses.

The intimacy continues as kisses even after the first velvety release that has no words spoken but it is only sounds of heavy breathing with hearts thundering wildly. In this, there are simply the facts of continuing the onslaught to create more orgasms and so it's more plunging of fingers in soaking wet vaginas. They both merely push through the natural sensations as upper lips demand more touching with Randi imprisoning Kristina against the table`s edge. Then in a sharp passionate scream, there is more sweet cum covering both of the women`s thighs. Each is overwhelmed with a second orgasm as they cling to one another allowing the wave of energy to naturally flow around them and wane into calmness. In breathlessness, Kristina whispers. “You love me. I can feel it, Ms. Randi,” This arrives as she brings both of her hands up to cup Randi’s face while she is smiling into those true blue eyes, as she purrs.

However, Randi`s two hands grasp Kristina’s shoulders to the be pushing Kristina to her knees before Randi is forcing her own pants to her ankles as she then commands, “Lick me! Clean my pussy and then kiss me.”

Kristina giggles of hearing the dominance in the voice for it amuses her, but she understands her role in this too. That has Kristina being a dutiful submissive lover by kneeling to then diligently lick every portion Randi’s nether lips. She does it well enough to provoke a torturous tease of getting Randi further aroused making Randi tense again with being hornier. Kristina is too naughty causing a push toward a chance of a third orgasm, but Randi controls it by fisting Kristina’s hair to tug her upward to stand for the kiss that is to exist after the cleansing. In doing this, she eyes Kris in a warning of not pushing things too much.

“Bad girl, you are fucking bad!” comes sternly spoken as Randi departs from the kissing after sharing the taste of cum on Kristina’s lips. Nonetheless, she smiles; smiling for they have bonded and so she declares, “Mine; you are owned. You are no longer a virgin and you are mine. You are bad, but you are mine!”

Kristina stands there grinning for she feels naughty, but she feels that she belongs here with this woman too. She comprehends that she is to be here in whatever way that is permitted and she understands she must be with Randi no matter what exists. It is the truth that she isn’t exactly sure of the how and what of this relationship, but she knows that at first glance into Randi`s eyes out in the barn that she is to be with Randi. She recognizes that and she is hoping that Randi does too.

Within this Randi reaches down between Kristina`s thighs to play within the wet folds to moisten fingers. Next, she brings her fingers to trace the liquid upon her own upper lips before she is suckling the remaining wetness off of them. After that, she leans forward to lovingly kiss Kristina`s lips, as she declares, “I am yours, your Dominant, and your lover.”

Kristina says nothing. Instead, she chooses to watch Randi as she ponders that this entire uniting is to be true love. It must be for Kristina is not willing to take the chance of having her heart broken while possibly achieving the returning to Russia. So she stands there thinking of that as her new lover continues on with claiming the price for trespassing.

“I am dressing you for dinner and inspecting you. After an inspection, you are wearing this shirt and those shorts.” Randi announces with pointing toward the clothing on the chair.

Next, she looks at her ‘Pretty One’ to be admiring those gorgeous curves as she begins to visually study Kris`s body for scars and anything else that is medical. This causes Randi to take a deep breath as her eyes scan every exquisite inch of the soft silken skin of this sexy female. It is easy to see the beauty of Kris. It is especially effortless to see the beauty of arousal still existing and that has Randi taking deeper breaths while knowing that she could have the more sexual pleasure this very second. This exists as the profound truth for Kris`s nipples are remaining fully hardened in plump mounds that are needing tasting. Randi easily views those knowing that if she reaches to cup Kristina’s pussy then an extreme heat is still there too.

She recognizes that there is a need for more and it makes Randi further aroused. But she chooses to shrug off her own desire for more because she is starting to believe that getting enough of Kristina possibly doesn’t exist. Along with that Randi is sure that they both need food too. Therefore, shrugging off the enjoying of more sex. She does it even though it is a difficult battle to fight for Randi wants this woman even more now that they have shared sexual pleasure. Within this thinking, Randi occasionally looks into Kris`s eyes.

This Kristina notices and with it is having Kris mischievously grinning while sassily saying, “I am perfection in a Russian goddess. You are going to love me and daily worship my body, Ms. Randi.” Claims Kristina in overconfidence, as she turns around wiggling her naughty ass. ”You are going to be fucking me again and it is going to be before dinner. Yes, you are going to. You will if you continue inspecting me.”

That has Randi sternly glaring at this Russian woman. It additionally has Randi pondering the giving of spankings in concern to the arrogance but then with a second thought, Randi truly can’t deny the facts that this young woman is causing barely controlled sexual hunger while she is physical perfection in a woman. Thus, it is a desire that is spiraling more out of control as this naughty woman looks at Randi in ways of sharing things that can’t be explained. It is easy to see that Randi seems to not be in command of anything and within her thoughts there tumble the concepts that she barely is holding back a storm of passionate lust, but she is. She is doing this even though she is hornier than Hell and is plotting out kinky scenarios of unbridled sex with Kris. That comes effortlessly written on Randi`s face as Randi becomes overwhelmed by the energy that isn’t dissipating between them.

“You are a brat, you, you are going to do this my way. “ Randi sternly tosses at Kristina in trying to take back her dominant role as she further firmly states. ”You are to be fucked so thoroughly tonight that you won’t be walking all day tomorrow.” This is crisply conveying in warning of the possible coming events, events that are going to exist if Kristina isn’t behaving immediately.

Kris next fully turns to face Randi while boldly saying, “More action, less talk. Come on, baby. You want me.” Hell yes, it is heard but Randi merely remains still with trying to be settling her anger over being pushed into things that she is trying to control. With great effort, she is gathering enough calm to take a few steps to be directly in front of Kristina. In standing there, she barely allows air to exist between their bodies as she coldly stares into Kristina’s eyes, “No sex for bad pets. Good pets eat meals and do what Mistress wants.”

Afterward, she extends her arm to reach for the white dress shirt upon the chair. In the following moments, Randi smirks of taking back her rightful position as Dominant while she is maintaining that cold stare into Kris`s eyes as she firmly says, “One arm at a time. There are to be no stains on my shirt. None or you won’t have anything to wear tomorrow.”

With that, Kristina laughs but she quiets herself as Randi`s frosty stare is not waning, but it is becoming more intense. This has Kris plotting more cheekiness, thus more comes, “Yes, stains are happening. You want me naked and need to fuck me all day tomorrow.” Comes as Kris mischievously steals a kiss of Randi`s grimacing lips before she continues with “Naked, tied to your bed and screaming of orgasms.” She claims to then supply another naughty unrequested kiss before shifting chat with saying “You are waiting.”

“Waiting?” arrives as questioning while Randi is finishing the placing of an arm in the first of dress shirt sleeve.

Kristina grins of the reply wondering if she should share what she has pondered since the barn. “Yes, Ms. Randi, waiting for me. You need someone who isn’t falling to her knees on command. You want a woman who holds a whip just as well as you. You know that I can, but you recognize that I don’t mind kissing your worthy ass too. So here is arm two and let us work on you making the shirt stained so that we are both naked tomorrow.”

There comes a silence that is wrapping in an inquisitive stare and it all exists before Randi simply declares a harsh “Shhhh!”

Then Randi shakes her head over how this woman isn’t relenting into being anything remotely close to submissive. That has Randi bewildered for she is only attracted to submissive women, but something inside feels okay about it all. In fact, Randi wonders if what Kristina has to say about their new union could be the actual truth. Could this be instant love? Is that the truth between them? Randi instantly sums up a silent ‘No’ in her thoughts. ‘It simply can`t be.’ No, it cannot for Randi no longer wants love in her life. Thus, she pushes all of the Love ideas aside. She does this until the second sleeve holds Kris’s second arm. With that complete Kris does rebel of the shushing with a replying of, “You can’t expect me to be silent, Ms. Randi.”

“Yes, I expect and demand it.” Smoothly comes as a cool controlled response.

“Uhm, no you don’t. You like hearing me talk. You like my accent too. And you want to hear me for you get turned on when listening to me and when looking into my eyes. You need both because you are highly sexual and we are having more lovemaking after dinner.” Kristina brazenly conveys and is smirking while watching Randi button up the shirt that is now fully on Kristina`s body. Within the smirking over the pushing of Randi into anything that is not what Randi is attempting to set out as rules, Kristina does snicker.

With that action, there is a stern glare from Randi. “Uhm, you really are so very full of yourself. But you will learn to be submissive and you can eventually be a woman who is capable of being mine.” Coolly retorts Randi, while she is adding more information to the growing library of thoughts about this woman known as Kris.

“‘I am already capable!” Arrives the stern retort to what Kris thinks is wrong calculations and in that she further claims, ”So it must be you who is full of her own self.” Is sharply spoken while there is a sudden sense that feelings are hurt over the moments ago comments.

Randi raises an eyebrow over the outburst as she takes to placing these newer additions of ‘Kris knowledge’ into storage. That has her decide that they both need a change of pace in chat and activities. Therefore, she dictates a few next steps that are to exist them. ”We are always going to eat in silence. So yes, it is a hush.” Randi next kisses Kris`s left facial cheek causing Kris to sort of settle before Randi is then continuing with, “And for tonight our night is going to be spent in the Great Room where we are listening to music and watching the fireplace. But there is no more sex.”

Randi next smiles warmly as she holds one of Kris`s hands to lead her toward a dining chair. Kris easily follows while seeming to be lost in thought and studying the moments that now pass between them. Within that Randi pulls out the chair so that Kris may sit upon it. In return, Kris raises a studious eyebrow while she is expecting Randi to come sit on the chair at the opposite side of the table. But there only comes a momentary silence with Randi understanding that Kris is rarely quiet when confronted with rules. Thus, there comes a somewhat of an expected response that is wrapping in tinges of confrontation. “I don’t think so. I think that I may need to go home, home to care for Uncle Nicky.”

That has Randi stop dead in her tracks with her pondering of no further pushing over eventually acquiring a permanent submissive playmate. She is it, for now, seems wrong to do it when considering actual life circumstance. Within that, she once more realizes that the current situation springs from the requirement of an employee doing anything possible to keep his job. Yes, a job and a misdemeanor of illegal trespassing. That has Randi further understanding that Nickolas Romanov is constantly ill. Those thoughts have Randi standing stalk still behind Kris`s chair while she is looking down at Kris `s beautiful blond hair and listening to more of what Kris somberly says. “I am sorry but I must go home. I can eat with you tonight. I can entertain you for a while, but my Uncle Nicky needs me home by midnight.” She then intentionally looks up at Randi as she turns around to seriously express, “I really am falling in love with you. It is my wish to be with you, but I can`t. I want all that you said but in reality, my family comes first. ”

Randi stares at her puzzled over this turn of events for she has thought that a new woman is entering into her love life. Yet, she instantly realizes that such is a wrongful assumption even though everything leads to claiming otherwise. In that Randi`s eyes go blank to hide her soul from being read and that exists because she is not going to be hurt by another woman. At least not hurt so soon after being ripped to shreds by Sian a few months ago. Thus, it’s a quick attempt of walling up things up but Kris is quick with seeing such happening and she sharply proclaims. “No, no!”

That coaxes Kris to stand up with reaching out with her right hand to press against Randi`s left breast. The two women are standing face to face with looking into each other’s eyes as Kris firmly conveys, “I am coming to possess this heart. It is mine! I don’t care who says what about it, but you are going to love me. You simply must but first, there are a few things to deal with in my life. Things like me having family issues and a damn mafia to deal with.” Then Kris leans up to kiss Randi`s pouty lips in a soft lingering pressing as she whispers “I want all of you too. I intend to be your girlfriend.” She is then warmly smiling as she is placing another kiss to lips while she states, “Randi, everything that I have said is the truth. Especially, the part about me belonging to you and being yours.”

“Are you?” Sharply queries Randi while she is giving another attempt to further hide her soul. She is doing this for she feels like something bad is coming her way. Thus, she redirects things from focusing on herself so that she is protected from any pain.

“Yes, and you know it!” is a snappy retort from Kris that is a demand that leads into, “Don’t you dare forget the barn! I am not ever forgetting it! Also, don’t disregard that I give you my virginity to pay for the wrongs that Uncle Nicky and I have done.”

“Payment?” This arrives in astonishment as Randi furthers response, “You do not owe me anything! Especially not something that is priceless such as your virginity.”

Within this Randi is backing away from Kristina with suddenly feeling dirty about everything. In fact, it has her standing several feet to the left of Kris while she is scrutinizing this young Russian woman. She is studiously staring at her to judge what is actually happening between them. But within this, she does not accurately sum things up for she is impatient with the idea of trading sex for something. The concept of it is appalling to her and that has Randi off balance causing her to be growling, “Don’t stain sex with prostitution. I am not fucking you for any other reason than our lust. No, no payments! None and don’t ever sell me sexual favors!”

Kris, in turn, is shaken by this anger and negativity. She begins to wonder if this sudden upset is going to truly harm her when considering what it can mean to her. It can intend a deportation to Russia and the unhappiness that it holds for her. She is well aware that her former homeland is demanding high prices for her existence and that includes a life of possible prostitution for mafia groups. That causes her thoughts to go into chaos and to dive deep into fear as she begs Randi for rescue. “Please, do not send us back to Russia? Please, do not?”

“I am not!” gruffly arrives from Randi as Randi walks over to the kitchen`s countertop to bring food to the dining table before she plans on having a seat at the table to eat the meal.

This is now a cold meal, but it is a meal nonetheless. Randi carries the dishes of food to the table while those beautiful blue eyes of Kris`s study Randi and hold tears. The scanning of Randi by Kris is a searching for being able to trust this Swedish American. That is important as Kris’s thoughts now run rampant of how bad things soon can be. That brings the reality of Kris`s body quaking in concern to what her life truly is becoming and that creates true crying, as her mind spins of how things have gone wrong in the last several moments. Several wrongs that she must make right for she truly wants to be with Randi and so she begins to set the record straight.

“I..I..L” She stammers as she folds her arms over her own breasts in an attempt to fortify herself. She does this for she knows that the misunderstanding between them is not okay and to settle it she needs a shield to do so. Therefore, it is summing protective anything and all her mental strength, as she must attempt to save her own ass. Thus, she pleads with saying “Randi, please, it is not selling me to you. I…I.” She stops for a second to take a deeper breath to make calmer energy within herself before she is rambling out. “I said it all wrong before. All of it from before is wrong when trying to tell what is between us.” She claims within the continuing crying. “It is said wrong. I say wrong things a lot. So please, I will do anything for you. Anything for you for I need to be yours. But please help us out by letting Uncle Nicky keep his job. I will even be your playmate like we planned from before. I will do anything to be yours, but I must go to him tonight. I must and then I need to work out things so that he understands what is happening.”

That has Randi standing a few more feet away from Kris while Kris takes to staring in a passionate pleading with her eyes. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Randi, just as the listening to the truth is pondered too. The pondering brings calculating by Randi. She is summing up what needs to be done and it quickly comes clear about what should be done. That has Randi carry on with placing dinner on the table before she walks over to usher Kris back to her chair. Within it, she evaluates that it is time to allow the lustfulness to settle and it is time for the dust of battle to level out so that emotions and fear are dealt with. Within that, she must have Kris settling so she sets out to soothing things into peace by chasing away the biggest badness that is involved with them. That is this reality of fear among them.

“You will stop fearing me!” Comes softly spoken with crystal clearness. Then Randi begins to make sure that Kris understands that Randi is not badness in all of this. She starts proclaiming this idea. “You are eating a meal. You are hungry. Thus, you are eating this meal with me. I am then driving you to the Rand Way Motel. We are doing that after you are properly dressed again. You are to enjoy your last night there at your home. You are doing it because it is your need to.” She states firmly with smiling lovingly at Kris before continuing on, “But tomorrow you and your uncle are living here. You both are doing it from then onward. That is a fact!” Randi firmly announces before pouring white wine into the two dinnerware glasses that sit on the table`s top. She next is staring into Kris`s eyes as she further claims, “I too meant what I said before. You are living here in my house in a guest room and we are working on…” There is a pause, as she knows that she doesn’t have a name for what they are actually doing. At least she doesn’t just yet, but Randi knows that she eventually is having one for it. Therefore, she continues to share her thoughts “...we are…we just ..just...just...well we are!” That makes Kris smirk of the stammering as Randi further conveys, “You are here with me. You are that forever, just as Nickolas is having a residence in the stable`s apartment and is to see doctors.”

Kris looks at Randi doubting of if she should trust this powerful woman who accepts virginity from strangers while displaying that she easily holds influence over most situations. Yes, Kris swiftly understands that Randi is a powerful person in life and that scares her. It does for according to Kristina influential humans are the evilest humans. For most people in power use their authority to hurt others so that they do acquire more control of whatever their powerful world is made of. Thus, Kris sits there wondering if she should trust Randi. However, her soul screams at her mind with saying ‘Be tempted!’ That has Kris looking Randi in the eyes asking, “Are you tempted to love me?”

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