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Randi`s One - Chapter 6, What’s love Got To Do With It?

“Tempted?” queries Randi.

“Yes, she asked if you are. Are you, Randi?” states the elderly dignified sounding male voice through the cell phone.

“No, Papa. I have no intention of being tempted.” Honestly replies Randi to the senior gentleman who sits at his large desk that is on the top floor of a towering office building of fifteen floors high. She knows he is there at his office. In fact, she can almost envision him sitting there pouring over contracts of some sort. She knows he is there no matter what hour it is for long ago she has grasped that he works harder than his employees and thus he is there at all hours.

“Yet, you keep her with you with no plans of releasing her into her life. Plus, you stay away from your active social life in the city. Two weeks of no life or work, my daughter. Two weeks and your visit here is to be next week.”

This has Randi Erling Kristina Sund being silent. He speaks the truth and it is also the truth that she is a quieter sort of woman with having the balance of being the opposite when wishing to be. In fact, many of those within her vast circle of life have opinions of her being a thought-absorbed woman who tends to be more intellectual than being the rich playgirl type. However, that is not the truth for she is very much into playing but her playtime tends to have interesting content within it and not only the usual rich elitist things. Today there is playtime but still, she is currently quieter. That is usually not the case though when she is talking with her father or with those that are truly close to her in her personal life. Nevertheless, she is deeply silent and that exists for three reasons.

The first is that is she is always honest with her father, who is Karl Erling Sund. It is this way for it is the first rule between them and it is followed by a second rule that states that they that must be intelligent with everything that they share with each other. Within that understanding, Randi knows that she cannot honestly tell what is going on between her and Kristina. Nor can she be intelligent of it. She can`t be honest about being with Kristina for it is still something chaotic inside of Randi with her not sure what the relationship actually is. Therefore, in all sincerity, she shouldn’t be answering her father and that has her strangely quiet.

The second reason for no response is that she has no answers to give. She doesn’t for within her own observations of things she has come here to her country estate for a few days to simply get away from work and to tidy up loose ends about horse dealings. In that, she is achieving the necessary transactions that she set out to do. But upon arrival, she finds a world of things that make her crazy in chaotic sensations. These are things with moments that are having her existing in a daily life of almost constant sexual pleasure and abiding by feelings that are overwhelming. That she doesn’t quite know how to explain but explaining that to her father is not a current need. Thus, once more there is a need for silence for according to her she is doing what she intends to do while being here and the extra activities are not to be shared.

Thirdly, she is sitting partially nude in a bedroom. She is sitting at the desk that this in an elegantly decorated large room that is converted from being a ‘once upon time’ third bedroom on the second floor, but it definitely is now an office too. Yes, a home office. Yes, she is wearing only her panties making her somewhat nude. Yes, there is still a bed here in the room and it is in the form of a pull-out sofa that is currently covered in the remains of clothing and messy bed sheets. Thus, sex happened and its aftermath exists here in this non-sexual space. It does and Randi is not feeling up to talking about her extracurricular kinky activities that are part of her day. Hence, it is silence with needing to limit the daydreams of wanting more sex with Kris and keeping that from her father. Or at least she wishes to limit it while she is talking with her father. Thus, once more it is another reason for being quiet.

The no reply from his thirty-four-year-old daughter brings Karl Sund to once more query, ”Are you tempted? Is my little girl falling into some that ‘yucky love’ that she claims is the ‘wrath of Hell’ upon humanity?”

“No!” suddenly comes within a sharp chastising tone.

That has an instant laugh come from Karl Sund. He then chuckles, “You could not hide from it even if you try. We both know that a woman is eventually coming for you. We both also know that you can`t hold in pain forever. But yes, you won`t sort it all out until you are knee deep in it all again and then it is another woman sitting at my dinner table trying to get my approval.”

“Uhm.” ponderously responds Randi with remembering how she always takes the serious contenders for her heart back to her father in Sweden.

That ‘Uhm’ gives her father to softly chuckling as he then warmheartedly states, “Bring her to Stockholm next week to the family apartment. That way you are safe with the routine of bringing your lovers home for me to inspect for you." It shows that he knows more than she thinks that he does and that he is amused by as then he continues saying, "Taking her to the apartment is only halfway to bringing her to me. With you taking her only halfway home, then it might not intend that you are falling in love again. After all, maybe that tone from the first of our conversation is only a misunderstanding. Maybe ‘my old man’ senses can`t detect love anymore. Maybe, I especially do not know of love when it`s in my daughter`s voice tone and words.” He then chuckles more as he says, “You are too much like this old man. Bring her home to me and let me see what I can do about the Russian mafia issue.”

“Why are you dealing with it? “Randi demands of him as she then conveys, “It is not your task, Papa.”

She knows that she doesn’t want her father fixing the messes in her life. She never wants him mending anything in her life for she is demanding to be independent in all things. In fact, such concepts of his interfering in her life are partly the reasons why she lives in the southern United States. The second reason is that she is also the CEO of the American branch of the family`s company. That makes two markers of how she likes proving that she can do without her father rescuing her or helping her with issues. Yet she knows he is gonna find a reason for helping her with Kris`s issues of deportation and the repayment to a crude institution of underworld crime.

“Principles!” Arrives swiftly in calm undeniable truth as he then continues within directly sharing his opinions. “I won`t tolerate the concept that a child is responsible for the idiocy of their parents. I especially will not when a child is living a clean life with wanting only what they deserve. No child should fear due to their parents being stupid. No human should live in fear for his or her life.”

He then turned his voice softer placing more love in it. “If I was not a man of decent Christian principles and love, then I would not have cared for your mother or you. Instead, I took the responsibly of doing proper things. I did it so that I didn’t harm a child who deserves only love.” He states before he firmly conveys, “It is the love things in life that count. It is human to care. I am human. And Randi, you are human too. Thus, do try loving again.”

The soft firm wisdom in him always makes Randi feel honored to be his daughter. She long ago takes to understanding that she is the daughter of a man who blazes trails in the hardcore competitive retail fashion industry and he does it with creating a vast prosperous empire of other businesses. He does such things while being a man of compassion, principles, hard-handed controls and intelligent living. Yet, even with that understood she must defend herself when dealing with him being too much into controlling her life. She does it even if she respects him for if she doesn't then he may not respect her. Thus, there is a demanding of, “Papa, please! I can do this.”

This, of course, is setting up walls to block him from helping with a lover. She knows that he is going to help, but it is not due to principles. It is because she thinks she is in love. So there are walls erecting against that too for she needs to be doing more denying that she is falling into anything. But then with a swift afterthought, she instantly thinks that she is falling into something but she can`t be falling in love. No, it is not loving and that is the truth even if Kristina is also saying that Randi is falling in love. In fact, Kris has periodically mentioned it ever since the first night when they met. But Randi believes that lust is the reality of being with Kristina. Thus, she accepts that and ignores all other notions.

She does it even if her father is a keen observer of human behavior. He is indeed that and he is now listening to even more silence to have him understand that he most definitely is correct in his calculations of his daughter’s love life. Within the silence, and after the statement of ‘Uhm’ by Randi, her father gives a sharp continuance, “Randi Erling Kristina, you are bringing her home to me. You are doing that and in the between of time, I will look into the matters of deportation, legal documents and the contract made by her parents. But you are bringing her when you visit next week. Do you understand?“

Randi automatically sits more rigid in her chair for she can tell that he is no longer sitting at his desk. She distinguishes this for his voice tone is now tense with commanding. This reality tends to have him rise up to his feet to deal with her lack of compliance with his wishes. And that usually makes her a bit stressed and attentive. Which she now very much is as her father sets the world into a spin for her and that ha she easily continuing listening to him.

”You missed two phone calls to me. We have a deal of a personal call once a week, with it existing on Sundays. So, since you missed two calls to me then I assume whatever took you from me has great importance in your life. Add in that you don’t mention Sian even once during our chat today. You always mention her. Replacing that is chat is the talk of this Kristina and your talk of her is in love`s tones. Therefore, that has me deserving of meeting this new woman in your life.”

To say that Randi is even quieter now is an understatement. She very much is enjoying the dead silence as she is swallowing the lump of tension in her throat. It has her eyes close so that she may focus on forcing her mind into compliance with his wishes. She knows that she must give in and that is even if she has minor tinges of rebellion. Yes, only minor rebellion in concern to him now that she is an adult. Yet those facts of any rebellious attitude still tend to wage a tiny war between her and her father on occasion, but she loves her father dearly. With that fact existing Randi usually is doing what it takes to be following the rules that Karl sets. Therefore, her eyes remain closed as she obediently retorts “Yes, Papa. I am going to do that. But I am only taking her to the family apartment.”

Her father agreeably replies, “Very good.” After that, Karl takes to talking to Randi`s elder brother who lives in Sweden. ”Karl Jr. will make ready the apartment for you. He will do it since he is the last to use it.”

“Thank you, Papa. Yes, please make sure that he does. The last time he left it in disarray after using it. It was inconvenient, to say the least.” She claims while looking at the mess on the bed across the room.

She looks at it knowing that she found similar to the family apartment that her brother uses as a secret den of extramarital kinky sin. That has her understanding that she is just as naughty as her brother about sexual trysts and the after messes. Hence, Randi takes a deep breath to stabilize her senses. Such is having her once more closing her eyes too. Then there is further realization that her sexual activities of this day are mixing with the existence of the chat and that creates another deep breath as she opens her eyes again. As she does she instantly wishes them closed again for standing there in the room`s doorway is a towel covered Kristina.

Kris is currently a naughty wet woman returning from having a shower, but she is more than shower wet. She is for she is seductively waving a come-hither motion as she then strolls over to the bed where she drops the towel to display clean nude curves that want further sexual play. That has Randi swallowing hard with her promptly aroused to want the same play as Kris does. Therefore, she somehow must magically manage to get her father off the phone, even though, her father is still talking about her brother and that has Randi between two hard moments. These are moments that have frustration with a building of sexual heat as she watches Kris being playfully naughty by teasing those delicious seductive curves that Randi has become addicted to. That has Randi finally needing some control so she interrupts Karl Sund with hurriedly saying, ”I must go. Someone is here. Thank you for dealing with Karl Jr. and yes, I will bring her with me.”

With that spoken Randi barely takes the time to say farewell before she tosses the cell phone on the desk as she rises to standing up. Then she walks over to bed`s edge to look at Kris with more lust than she has ever had in her entire life. Within the intense staring, Randi coldly states, ”My pet may not be clean enough to be on my bed. Maybe my pet needs to be inspected for cleanliness. Maybe my tongue is to examine my pet to make sure that my pet is ready for going into town for our dinner date.”

Kris giggles as she flashes the naughty fire in her eyes while she is looking up into Randi`s. Randi however only raises a disapproving eyebrow over the occurrence of the giggling. She does for today they are dealing with proper rules of conduct for a Dominant and submissive. Hence, Kris may not do most things without permission from Randi. That fact has Randi firmly announcing, “I did say that there are no sounds without permission. Consequently, you will now speak to me of why you giggle. Then afterward you will demand to be spanked for your disobedience.”

Kris goes silent for she remembers what she promises about their home life and this role that she now fills. This is her filling a role that is involving a written contract to be a BDSM submissive when with Randi. That truth of contract existing is now two weeks old with Kris quickly learning about Dominance and submission within the BDSM lifestyle. She finds its interesting ideas when Randi suggests that they enjoy such a relationship on day three of their new life together. With that suggestion, Randi supplies a crash course and a summary of expectations of their togetherness. From that Kris chooses to learn things the hard way by experiencing it first hand without fully understanding concepts. Therefore, it can be said that she truly does not understand what she is getting into.

That fact makes the BDSM bond not an acceptable contract between a Dominant and potential submissive. It isn’t for according to the rules of proper engagement in the BDSM lifestyle there must be safe, sane and consensual play in the lifestyle. And in order to have that, there must be consent by all individuals while each understands what participation may truly involve. Thus, everyone contributing must have the needed knowledge and all participants must comprehend it before they sign a contract with providing consent. This must exist in order to make it safe to enjoy the events.

With Kristina not experiencing full understanding, prior to these two weeks, it can be wondered if safe things actually exist for them. That truth has both Kris and Randi taking baby steps within the building of their BDSM bonding. Kris, of course, doesn’t take it too seriously for she is simply falling in love with Randi. That has her giddy as a schoolgirl and doing almost anything that Randi wants. Or at least she tries to do it but a basic fact of Kris that limits her is that she is extremely rebellious in little ways. Yet, she attempts to chain it for she finds it a turn on that Randi knows how to control things between them. To be quite honest, Kris finds it a thrill to exist within such control and kinkiness with a highly experienced sexual woman who expertly wields sexual play. Therefore, Kris only wishes to be with Randi no matter what the requirements are. All of that easily shows in the giggling during what is to be serious play but still, it is a rebellion of the rules just as the next response by Kris is also a marker of it all.

“But Mistress, you like my giggling and I like your spankings.” Arrives in a sassiness as Kris crawls over to Randi to lean in to kiss Randi on the lips with a very intense purring of the pleasure that she has not permission to enjoy.

“What am I to do with you?” sharply response Randi within gripping Kris`s shoulders with two hands in order to give her a slight shaking to wake her up to what is supposed to be occurring.

“Anything that you want, my Mistress.“ Comes spoken in adoring the fuzzy love while wrapping it in a cheeky grin as there then is another attempt at a kiss but it fails while making Kris pout. It is a playful sadness of not getting her way, but she also sees that Randi is not getting her way too. She also notices that it not playful for Randi.

“If it actually is what I want then you are to keep your promises to me!“ Sharply demands Randi with her next reaching her right hand around to unceremoniously swat a firm forceful open-handed spank to Kris`s bare left ass cheek.

“Ouch!” Screams Kris of the sudden non-sexual pain.

“Discipline, my pet. Now adhere to what your promises to me are,” is spoken in sincere strictness as Randi stiffens her posture to seem almost military in her demeanor.

“We start again!” Announces Randi of needing to rein in everything to keep the playing on the track. Within that Randi`s eyes grow frigid in stern stare into Kris`s beautiful blue ones as she once more requests, "You will now speak to me of why you giggle and then you will demand to be spanked for your disobedience.”

At that moment, Kris`s eyes send back shock over what is occurring. Then her eyes instantly flare of the defiance that is mostly unbridled within her soul. It comes for she never imagined that love involved discipline spankings. Therefore, she doesn’t fathom that she is to endure such. She especially doesn’t when she is raised to understand that being an adult relieves her of being spanked like a wayward child. That has an angry retort of, “If you hit me again then I swear that you are going to be hit back.”

Quiet instantly fills the room. It is almost deathly still, but it really isn’t that way for long. Soon high-speed motions of Randi shoving Kris to the bed are breaking the disquieting silence. Randi next is climbing on top of Kris within straddling her torso before there is wrestling Kris into lying face down. In a moment, Kris`s hands are bracing behind her backside as Randi next reaches for any piece of clothing within grabbing reach to make it a rope for binding. It happens to be Kris white lacy bra that is giving the cords of binding to two wrists while Randi growls of the need to be doing such.

“Pretty One, you are not understanding that pets are to be obedient.” Randi firmly announces to next turn Kris over to lie on her backside. With that complete Randi then is nudging Kris upward to lean against the back of the sofa in a pseudo sitting position as Randi, sternly conveys “Pretty One is not getting to touch me until dawn tomorrow.” Randi then rises to stand by the bed’s side as she reaches to dress in her discarded dress shirt.

Kris simply stares at Randi in disbelief over what is happening between them. That soon turns to coldness for she remembers that same emotion being thrust at her. “You are going to love me. You are loving me and that can`t be controlled.” Within declaring it she next wiggles into being more comfortable as she frostily eyes Randi saying, “This way of loving that you say that you need is going to only exist if you love me.”

Randi glares at her. She does for Randi knows that love has nothing to do with this union. She knows it doesn’t. It can`t for Randi refuses to ever have that again. And that is what comes instantly in reply. “Love has nothing to do with this.”

That has Kris taking an exasperated breath as she forces her body forward into a kneeling so that she has maneuvering abilities. That has her moving enough to be kneeling as she then crossly eyes Randi. She simply takes a long time to be eying her as thoughts plunder in a thunderous high-speed process to form something very unexpected.

“Whoever that bitch is, that one that hurt you, she needs to know that she is not ever having you, again. You are mine!” Once more it can be said that there is no silence. That most assuredly is the truth since Kris is not stopping as she sends out. ”So drop the walls! Let me in that heart and I will give you the leash to me. You speak of rules and promises but have you earn them?“

Randi immediately turns around to frigidly glare at Kris. She does for Randi most certainly keeps rules. Plus, she understands what comes with broken rules. That is the truth even if love is not a rule for her in this relationship, but she does recognize that Kris sees love as a rule in their bonding. That has the next step for them to be lessons the hard way and that has Randi walking over to stand at the bed`s side. She does it somewhat ceremoniously, as Kris watches her come with wondering what is happening. She wonders for she hopes that Randi is giving into allowing what actually does exist between. Yet, what she finds is that Randi is rolling up shirtsleeve in the preparation of more spankings. That causes Kris to pull out her instincts of bracing for what she knows is part of the rules. She readies for she figures that being more rebellious is going to make no difference but she figures that if Randi loves her any then Randi is not going to bring more punishment when she already does give another disciplining. Therefore, Kris has something to share about this turn of events.

“My Mistress, you say that there is no more touching for today.” Kris voices as a stinging blow of the trying to assist love notions by sending out verbal blockages to discontinue physical aggression.

Randi immediately stands stalk still even though she is still gauging the placement of the first disciplinary strike. In this, she looks down at the nudity of this woman that is a ball of wildfire. Randi stares at her in pondering the facts of what is said. It has her needing to accept that more spanking is a breaking of the rules that she herself creates only seconds ago.

That has Kris shrewdly admitting, ”My Mistress, my giggles of affection of our love and play are needing to be controlled. I apologize for them and if spankings are coming then I accept each one. I take them as a gift of you telling me that you love me.”

Instantaneously there rips a guttural growl of extreme frustration from within Randi. It does for she refused to love and this sexual union is to have no love in it. And that refusal of such has her eyes flaring of being caught between that rock and hardness. Two places that no one enjoys and that reality in life force crazy ideas of having no true control over Kris. It is flooding into her mind and it creates feelings of loss. Lost within totally having no control. That truth even exists as Kris is freely submitting to Randi`s requests. As a result, the world seems to spin into chaos having Randi closing her eyes as her body trembles of the irritation. Yet, that is then swiftly controlled for it seems to be the only thing that can be. As all of that comes Randi`s way she listens to Kris continue, “I am your pet. It is easy to be, but you are to love me. In fact, you already do.”

“Do I?" is said suddenly in sharpness as Randi repeats. "Do I, Pretty one?” This comes as a sincere query from a woman who is still spinning even further into chaos sensations because she longer understands what exists.

“My Mistress, you do. Two weeks, two weeks of this and you still claim no love, but that is a lie between us. It is for your eyes say love to me every time that you look at me. Yes, you are falling in love and letting your walls down. You can’t stop it either.”

“My eyes are filled with chaos.” Randi wearily replies with still being off balance and thinking of how to get back her Dominant position in this relationship. That has her wanting to know all that Kris wish to say so that it aids her efforts, but she instead finds herself choosing to scornfully state “And If I tell lies, lie like you say then my eyes do tell lies too.”

Randi subsequently is sitting on the bed next to Kris for she simply is tired of struggling to get what she thinks is her proper place in the relationship. That has the pretty submissive smile with assuming that Randi feels defeated over fighting about love not existing between them. That has Kris further declare, “Your love for me is in your words. It is in your touch and it exists even when you want this kinky play.”

Randi looks at her in disbelief and raises a doubtful eyebrow in concern to such being the truth, but she says nothing. Instead, she chooses quietness with Kris seeming to be on a roll of taking freedoms that should have some punishment attached. That has Randi leaning back on the bed with listening and plotting out new ideas of dealing with a wayward submissive. Thus, she hears Kris continue with the love claims.

“You love me. I know that you do. See, I realize that I set your world into chaos. I do because you can`t control the love feelings that we have shared since that night in the barn.” Kris next looks over her shoulder at a now lounging Randi and in seeing that her lover is succumbing she then is relaxing next to Randi as she states, “Which is not odd. I cannot control them either. And that is why I giggle about our love. We both have no control and it feels good even if it is chaos.”

Randi smirks doubtfully of such being the truth as she comes up with a plan to force Kris into a special session of disciplinary activities. Yet at the moment Kris completely settles in against Randi to then whisper, “Love is why you are not able to be this Dominant woman that you claim to be. To be honest, I am not anymore either. But yes, we are two strong-willed; controlling women that love each other and neither of us knows how to not be dominant.”

Next Kris tenderly kisses Randi with looking into those true blue eyes purring of "I love you. Feel me. I feel you and need only you no matter what you need from me.”

Kris`s looking in her eyes is too much for Randi`s unwilling heart to bear. Thus, Randi has no choice but to gaze back into Kris`s beautiful blue eyes for they call her in endless ways. Those do and that is part of the chaos that is constantly wrestling wild inside Randi. Hence, as she continues to look into Kris`s soul she is allowing the words of love to repeatedly enter her mind as Kris doesn’t stop saying them within supplying more and more kisses. In that Randi mellow of everything. She does, even though that too is going to lend into eventual chaos but for some reason, she likes it a lot. She does as her eyes soften and her heart thunders a wild rhythm having her arms wrap around Kris within a loving cuddling embrace.

Kris smiles of seeing it as she seductively purrs, “Our love makes for amazing sex too. I adore being your kinky playmate.“

That brings the realization that her nipples pressing into Randi’s firm breasts and that has her convey in a naughty grin. “And like that, we allow love to exist within our lust. That is the truth even if we both do not accept that we are loving the other person.”

That has Randi`s eyes once more shining of being lost for she too likes these sensations and the closeness, closeness that is a wild thing to control when with Kris. That is odd since Randi has always been able to control the effects that women have on her. And that has her realize that Kris is not like any of the long lines of other women that have been in her intimate life. Indeed, Kris is not like any of them. Such a fact has Randi mentally running the list of serious lovers through Randi`s thoughts with her beginning to mumble inaudibly until she finally is coming to a halt with a clearly spoken. “Sian.”

That has Randi realize that the name is actually voiced with Kris hearing it. In that Kris giggles of Randi saying it. She does for finally, the walls are falling. Randi shakes her head of knowing that everything no longer is what she wants as plans for their relationship. In that understanding, she gazes deeper into those eyes saying, “The bitch is Sian Windsor. She was a submissive; a damn good one too and was to be my wife. But she was secretly fucking Sir Anders.”

Then with that said the warmth in her eyes changes to worried coldness causing her to say, “If you ever want a real cock then you are to walk. You are not allowed to sexually touch others, especially no men. Not ever!”

Kris continues to kiss Randi because she knows that any rules set are going to be okay. She does for she is never changing her feelings and has made up her mind of what is between them and that has her response “Marrying you. Uhm, maybe but first I need those spankings and to learn to be your good pet.” That forms instant shock within Randi about the topic of marrying. As that fills her Kris takes to fully covering Randi`s lips with her own while she is climbing on top of Randi to be Randi pinning to the bed in demanding to be busy with more than chatting.

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