Friday, May 1, 2015

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

The morning’s first ray’s glisten upon Laurel`s nude curves as the brilliant sun arrives through the stained glass window of the lovely modern beach house with its exquisite bedroom of sensual pleasures where Laurel is waking from a peaceful slumbering. She is immediately seeing her beloved sleeping within peaceful dreaming and this greatly pleases her since the sleep is so well deserved due to the long trip they completed yesterday and from the many long weeks of racing in sailing regattas. Enjoying the solitude of the moment Laurel is smiling, while lingering over her lover with a cuddling into this exotic specimen of a woman.

Laurel’s platinum colour locks mingle within the chestnut colour tresses of Trinity. The leaning does bring a sweet tender caressing kissing upon the facial cheek of the lovely Trinity. Within all this sweetness of ‘morning love’ Laurel is trying to begin to cautiously be removing from the ‘bed of love’ by pushing off the one satin bed sheet which covers her nude curves. Laurel does her best to not disturb the sleeping goddess which has caught her heart but Trinity stirs a moment to cause hesitation by Laurel. It takes very little to awake Trinity and so this waking first is quite an undertaking. Laurel smiles warmly knowing that it is true that Trinity has the heart of a woman who lives within darkness and lust but Laurel has now found true passionate love with her Trinity and darkness has turned into light. Their love is the light and it will on this day bring forth treats of romantic passion and sweet dreams of a day spent wrapping within their love and the pleasures that their love brings. So, she must escape the bed to begin the creation of such a lovely day.

These two goddess-like ladies did arrive at this wondrous seaside paradise at a late hour due to the long day of travelling and as result simply tumbled out of the car to find the owner of the property that they are renting the beach house from. They have come to this renowned location to access the rental of luxury waterfront beach house for a week-long stay. The owner of this prized property is supposed to be waiting onsite with keys and a bottle of fine Prince Edward Island wine. It had been nearly three in the morning upon their arrival at the seaside beach house along the Canadian coastline of the East. After they both had made way out of their rental automobile Trinity did stand in the glow of the moonlight tossing back those sleek strands of chestnut colour hair. The warm salty air captures her senses to be making her body feel suddenly less tense, thus needing sleep but within walking from the night air. Laurel, on the other hand, has wandered off to arrange the access to the house and to gather info that is required for their stay.

Trinity stands there so tall with feminine athletic curves of over six feet in height. She towers like a goddess from ancient times; a goddess from times when ladies of power and prowess lived as legends. Trinity is much like a goddess of the realms of the past for she has intense passion in concern to her life, possesses commanding prowess in all areas of her life and is spellbinding in the world of pleasures. It is true that she tends to find ways to bring to herself all of her life wishes. This indeed is the case for she has won Laurel to be her life mate, while she maintains the perfect career and a loving world to embrace her.

 As her curves of excellent seduction sway to the winding night winds that sweep in a harsh bombardment of the coastline,, she must stretch out the ache of the day that has had too much travelling as part of it. Thus she is stretching and gazing upon Laurel as Laurel chats of details with the beach house’s owner. She gazes at her lover knowing that she has found all she wished in her life, for she refused to accept anything less than what her life needs and people that will make her happy in life. However, there is not any serious conquering to be done on this vacation for there is now a need to relax within life. She has the woman of her dreams and that is the lovely goddess of pleasures known as Laurel Ann and she has found that marrying her is the best thing she has ever done.

Laurel Ann who stands a healthily five foot eleven is feeling the chill of the night winds as she laughs over the chatter between herself and the female owner of the property. She hugs herself tight and pulls the sweater more around herself to create the needed warmth to arrive over her upper body. It is easy to see the beauty in her elegant curves that are such a truly sweet seduction. Many have fallen to her charms and beauty without even getting to know that deep dark angelic soul of true kindness which is wrapping in logic and a passion unequalled by most females.

They each wrap within the other in life and both women are amazing as individuals and yet powerful as a unit. They each are suited to enjoying pleasure, have immense intelligence, are soulful in pursuits and thrill in playful things. Each lady has a smile that is a sin in its self even if both smiles are unique in the ways the smile glimmers upon their lips. Each lovely smile is a teasing of the serious play that lay beneath, and of the way each may provide a challenge to any who feel like conquering them is an easy task. This is truly not the case with either. It is difficult to truly capture either of them in any way or to hold either of them for any period of time. This is except when the two females met and melted to each other’s charms. Back then it was electric and sensational within its overwhelming temptations. In fact, the air seemed to be the thing both found. Air surrounding them both in suffocation until they could not breathe, then it is a new air so that they could breathe, then more air to swim within as love entwined them both. This is air to love within, so that passionate pleasures could be floating about their union and it to the air of the sweetest kind as they come to lay in the eternal knowing that they could simply fly upon the wisps of the wind into the dream which they both desire in life.

These two have come here to the eastern isle of Prince Edward where summer is divine and play is abundant so that they can have a second honeymoon. These ladies have always played within their leisure and with this getaway gift from another goddess, they will enjoy a week of rest and pleasures. This gift of play and pleasure is from a lady who Laurel Ann does adore with all her heart. She adores her and does consider this other woman a life mentor in her life. The gift is one which is cherished and is a visit here to the homeland of the lady who is known as the Wind Goddess. This gift or treat is to allow the two ladies to relax from a life of high stress that simply can be a little too much even for them. Thus play will exist and it will come in many forms.

Both Trinity and Laurel do treasure all types of play and do play well within the many facets of the play they choose to enjoy. That would include the play of the mind, serious sporting games and tinkering with the word of texting. Oh yes, play within texting is something they both enjoy and that does tend to lead to interesting pleasures within ‘pleasure play’. Without a doubt, both play well within romantic erotic pleasures, and they know how to please, especially each other. This is even true when they share the written word to inspire arousal and then invoke touching to bring out a climax. This is a favourite activity when they are travelling apart from each other. It, in the end, is playful but maintains the strong bond of love that they share and it has made this made this night to come to exist.

The night did find itself to be cloaking them as they settled matters of residence and then they took charge of the beach house for the week-long stay. With the departure of the owner of the property, both women enter the building to be finding the fireplace blazing with warmth to greet them in a charming call of a silent’ Home sweet home’ and this has both smiling at the other. They each then knew that their old friend truly has showered them with a gift that is a treasure beyond compare. So they then took to enjoying the treasure in ways that only they could.

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