Friday, May 8, 2015

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

Yes, the two lovebirds are enjoying their new home away from home but Laurel Ann now climbs slowly off that comfy ‘bed of love’ that possess a rich red colour of satin sheets. The night has turned into the morning after they have found sleep through exhaustion of ‘pleasure play’. This bed that they both lay within is a bed of the Gothic style with pillars of solid maple hardwood, plus a frame and mattress that raises the naughty lust of any who could have the pleasure of enjoying the splendours of it. Such a firm mattress of bouncing joy that gives a good surface to tossing a lover upon it. It additionally has stately dressing curtains to envelope the lovers in privacy during the lustful sharing so to keep the play of sexual pleasures from naughty peeking eyes. The finery of these curtains gives much fun for these possess sashes of lovely long ropes that are entwined threads of strong silk. These are looping about the pillars so that they are easily removed if these need to be enjoyed by toying with the pleasure of bondage rituals. Yes, chains of seduction to supply subtle erotic bondage within the sinful darkness of sexual treats. Treats, oh yes, treats of pleasure and comfort for the bed has large pillows and is strong in its upper carriage. Truly it is a bed of passion, a bed of play, and bed of lusty pleasures.

It is a slow going to be removed from the bed for Trinity sleeps within ‘faerie dreams’ that can pull her from waking at an easy rate. Thus Laurel Ann always needs prowess to claim waking first so that she may rise from that bed to leave her lover to sleep. This lady of platinum colour tresses on this first day of true vacation wishes to waken prior to Trinity to set into motion romantic plans of the first day of pleasure vacation. She wishes it to begin within romantic treats for them both to enjoy. Therefore preparations have been made for a special day of endless pleasures that will be forthcoming in many ways. Thus with a hoping Laurel watches Trinity continue to sleep deeper than usual for they both had been exhausted in endless ways.

In fact, they had only time to enjoy a quick romp within a much needed hour of pleasure when they climbed upon the bed that awaited them during last evening. Soon after the first orgasm that was mutually shared sleeping caught them both while they lay entwined out of breath. These two dominate ladies did lay within lovers embrace with Trinity enveloping Laurel Ann from behind. It is always the case to have Trinity’s arms wrapping about Laurel Ann, then to have a cupping of an ass to hips, with their heads inches from the other, and legs embracing in a lingering pose. All this exists as Trinity’s full firm breasts press to Laurel’s muscular backside. So beautiful it is with Trinity’s hand cupping that firm left breast of her older lover so that she feels that heartbeat for only her. It always feels like a crime to have to release from that embracing but Laurel did and now tries her best to escape the bed without being caught.

In short, moments, that seem to take an eternity, Laurel Ann has found her way from the ‘bed of love’ into the open space of the living room of the immense one story beach house. A house made of many windows that spread across its seaside view. This splendour of a wall of windows gives a tremendous display of natural artistic wonder for the eyes to behold that is the Canadian eastern coastal seas of the great St. Lawrence Seaway. It is a natural view of a tumbling sea when it is a view of warm summer waters but can be torridly sprawling in raging ocean in the winter. This view does give notice for the onlooker to consider the inequality between the calm earth tones of the interior of the beach house and that of the exterior display of titanic wild oceans which surround this island. This homey interior of the house is a mixture of various tones of earthen dreaminess that coincide with nature and the greenery of Prince Edward Island. Truly this is an island of ’small world’ life, of old-fashioned family values and of a feeling of being encompassed in the ways of agricultural glory, seaman’s dreams and hardworking middle-class citizen. This too is seen in the d├ęcor of this house. Indeed the homeland of the Wind Goddess is wondrous to view and now these two ladies will thrill in its treasures

Peering around the space Laurel easily finds the basket of two dozen pink roses that have been left in waiting within a compartment of the kitchen counters. This is a kitchen of modern resources and concepts that are kept up to date for the convenience of being used by a professional chef. Thus it is complete in all that is required for cooking, entertaining and enjoyment within culinary delights. Laurel takes to peeking in the refrigerator and she sees there are the quantities of various fruits, buttermilk pancake mix, a chilled bottle of apple juice, and a container of chocolate whip cream. Gathering these Laurel Ann begins the cooking of pancakes while she gazes around at the opened spaced house. It is a concept of the kitchen looking out into the living room that brings the gaze beyond the main counter and quaint hardwood dining table. From there the living room is looking out into the windows which lead to that view of the sea.

She looks toward the windows that are gorgeous for viewing the picturesque display of the cold morning waters that are deeply contrasted by the warmth of the fireplace that lies to the right side of the wall of windows. Moving her gaze she takes in the rest of the house and her eyes pick up the sight of the two bedrooms. One of which is the master bedroom with its Gothic poster bed and its many exquisite furnishings. Within that room is the sleeping beauty that is Laurel`s Trinity. Trinity Roberts who hopefully is still enjoying naughty sweet dreams. She must maintain her faerie dreams for Laurel has a plan that she wishes to carry out and Trinity staying in bed a while longer is very important to the plan.

Smiling as four medium-sized pancakes are created Laurel places them within two plastic containers before collecting all the food which she has cut for specific needs and placed within another larger container. Then she gathers the items that she needs for the morning picnic. All these go into a larger wicker basket that will have a large multi-colour blanket threaded through the handles. The blanket set in this way so that it’s easier to carry all that is to be carried outdoors. The large blanket is needed to spread on the red sand to keep the allure of picnicking. Laurel knows the blanket will end up covered in sand, painted in food stains but it will be necessary for their comfort, pleasure sharing and meal sharing. Plus, it creates part of the romantic notions of a picnic that is much needed as part of this naughty start to a treasure of the day.

All of the romantic aurae which Laurel works hard at creating will be swaying into dreamy pleasures that are planned for this day. These romantic ways are a familiar process for the two women and it is greatly enjoyed in their daily life. Laurel is indeed a lady of dark pleasures but without a doubt, she is a woman of high romantic seduction. She enjoys seducing her lover, and Trinity deeply enjoys being seduced. This makes the reality of many types of picnics, or long walks to meet up with a dinner being enjoyed on the beach, then there is the building igloos for a weekend getaway, or high jacking of friend`s boat so they can have a romantic night alone with dance on the bow of the large watercraft. Romance and seduction are very much part of their love life and marriage and Laurel is that main initiator of this. Just as she now creates such on this beautiful morning.

The next step for her is carrying the picnic basket too large patio doors that are made of glass. Once there she is setting the basket down before returning to acquire the basket of roses. In moments she is removing the petals of the long stem pink roses. Only twelve roses are processed at first. The petals are placed in a small basket once they are plucked. Once these roses are defrocked Laurel tiptoes into the bedroom to unearth the pre-written note that is to be the treasure map, and in stealth-mode, she lays it upon the pillow that is beside Trinity’s head. Then Laurel begins the placement of pink rose petals to leave a trailing from the bed to the bedroom door, then onward out into the open space of living quarters. This is an arranging of the petals that continues until the pink petals of loveliness are spread along in mapping out of the path to where the treasure is to lay in wait.

Once this is complete Laurel scurries off to complete further preparations before she then waits for the romance of being loved by her Trinity. She sits on the blanket waiting for Trinity to be awake and takes to saying morning mediation prayers.

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