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Randi`s One - Chapter 10, Need A Hero

Standing while leaning on a pillar post of the door that belongs to the large modern kitchen brings no sound from her. She exists there after two full days of being at her father`s home in Sweden. She is dressed in a blue silk dress shirt and a pair of perfectly tailored dark wash denim jeans. Her arms are folding across her breasts while she is silently observing her father in the family kitchen. He is there now that everyone is relaxing in his or her individual bedrooms.

The day is currently at the end of evening hours. That does bring darkness seeping into the lives of those within the Sund mansion in Stockholm. This splendid house is a slightly older housing complex. It has sprawling stateliness with an assortment of rooms that include ten spacious bedrooms on the second floor. Those upper rooms are accompanied by the common rooms of the main floor with one of those communal spaces being a contemporary kitchen. This is a well-appointed kitchen of stainless steel appliances within this beautiful mansion that is belonging to a family of great wealth. It is well-earned wealth, but this home still has a feeling of a middle-class loving family who is living within great simplicity. This is assuredly a rarity amongst the mansions that are located in the megacity, but Karl Sund is not willing to compete with his counterparts. He is not for his values lay elsewhere than maintaining the theory of ‘keeping up with Jones’.

During these recent past days, this home entertains an extension of its family unit. It does for its only biological daughter is running away from living in potential chaos. Therefore, she comes to her family`s patriarch for security and care. She brings with her an entourage of instantly adopted non-family. With bringing these three others, she also is transporting a few threads of turmoil for her father to help her fix. Hence, it is with open arms she is welcomed but currently, her own arms are folding crossways on her breasts as she snickers at her papa, but he tosses her a drying towel.

She is amused by her father washing dinner dishes by hand, but the sixty-something male is now snickering in return. He needs to have his daughter aware that he knows that she is standing there with not helping him. And she maybe is a wealthy princess but she is a peasant when home. Thus, her keeping quiet does not intend that he is not aware of her efforts to avoid dish duty and that has him breaking the silence with chatting of mutual business matters so that she has something more than dishes to do.

“She owes near three hundred thousand American dollars with ninety percent of it a pretend interest payment. That is excessive, but most of it is an overcharging of interest to create extravagant sums to pay for a product. It is for illegal drugs and cash rented. Such borrowing comes with time limits and when payments are overdue then there are acts of violence or an increase in full payment. That is how any underworld organization maintains having a client indebted to them. It is assumed that it is that is why Vladimir Chekov and Anna Romanova are dead. It is rumored that they knew weeks in advance of their eventual end. Thus, they borrowed more money to help Kristina escape to America to her uncle Viktor. Her uncle is, of course, Viktor Nickolas Romanov. He took her into his protection by using false documentation and hiding her in America. But with all of that illegal activity, she is now stranded outside her homeland with her eventually having to face deportation.” Conveys Karl Sund with finishing the last of the dishwashing.

He afterward dries his hands on a dishtowel while he continues with his chat and leaning his long physically fit body backward against the countertop. In that, he is facing his daughter as she begins her portion of dish duty. He smiles at her for he likes her being home. It is within that feeling he further chats of an interesting bit of chaos for his family. “Of course it is all fruitless. This escape is only a delay for she must go back to Russia and that is due to that there eventually will be a government agency finding her. They will because she needs money and a job to live.”

He speaks his mind and she, in turn, listens to him. She stands beside him drying dishes and is pondering all that he shares. She is still saying nothing for she knows that there are more details coming from him for he has taught her to wait and as a result, he usually asks her to share opinions in the end. Plus, he always is thorough with anything when he sets out to do a task. So, she comprehends that he is far from done with his sharing and that has her take a deep breath. Then she is getting comfier with adjusting her long lithe body within her wishing that they are sitting and not standing in the family kitchen.

Therefore, Karl Sund does resume the information distribution. “I have a business comrade in Russia looking into all of this for me. He is being discrete, but he claims that the leader of the Solntsevskaya Bratva knows that you have Kris. In fact, the Sund name is openly talked about in negative ways. It is claimed that money must be paid and if money isn’t forthcoming then you are on a death list too. They know that you will pay whatever sum in order to free your woman. Thus, it is three hundred thousand American dollars and it is being only that until they can actually prove that Kris is with you. If they prove it before you deliver the entire sum of money then it is going to become five hundred thousand dollars as payment.”

He looks directly into her eyes to finalize his information with, “She is worth it. You said the word love to her several times during recent days. Thus, I am paying it but you need to take the money to Petersburg. It is only you that is allowed for the hierarchy of Solntsevskaya Bratva is demanding that a Sund deliver the money while bringing Kris along. They want the money coming as clean old bills. All of it is to be within two cloth sacks and it is to be a publicly visible exchange too.”

Karl looks in his daughter`s eyes with a worry in his gaze as he instantly grips her into a loving bear hug. “I will destroy every one of them if they touch you. But yes, you must do this. You must and in doing it you are to get migration papers for Kris. Those will be used to continue the fast-tracking of her becoming a Swedish citizen. My friend has set things in a motion of papers, but she must actually carry out the end processes.”

“Papa, you are worried too much about things. You always do. Karl Jr said that during tonight`s dinner.” Randi shares with drying the last of the pots before reaching her left to set the dishwasher in motion so that the actual bulk of the dishes are washing.

“He is wrong and you are too” Comes with sharing a scowl as he sighs of how much his children lack understanding of how life truly is for a Sund. ”You both were wrong about the last merchandise campaign strategy too. You both said that I worry too much about tiny details in ads. But I do not. My worry about this is justified.”

The next moments have him walking over to the large double fridge to retrieve a bottle of white wine on the lower rack. Afterward, he looks in the upper cabinets next to the fridge before saying. ”Bring four glasses out this cabinet for me. Take them to my office and sit on the sofa seat so that Nickolas has the extra chair. I am going to go find your woman and Nickolas. We four are discussing this. So clean up and join me for a drink of this Palomino Fino.”

Such comes to exist with her following his orders and that is true even if she knows that the ad campaign worked. Thus, Randi brings the glasses and sets them on her father`s desk when she enters the room. Upon doing so, she sits on the leather-bound sofa to wait for everyone. As Kristina enters the room she takes to nestling beside Randi. Such is making Randi breathe a happy sigh of having her girl next to her. She needs this so that the situation progresses to have them returning home to America.

“Hey you, Papa said, you want to talk.” This comes with a soft kiss on Randi`s facial cheek. That has Randi grin as Kris snuggles in with bringing her legs up on the sofa and leaning into Randi before asking. “So what is up?”

“It isn’t me wanting to talk. It is Papa. He has things to say to you two.” Randi conveys with wrapping an arm around Kris as she smiles into Kris`s eyes.

“Oh, is there something wrong?” comes in a worrying of what is happening for she knows that there is a tension since dinner ended. She noticed that Karl Sr. disappeared after dinner and when he passed her earlier to go to the kitchen he held a grimaced sternness in him with not sharing any chat. Karl Jr. vanished too, but he reappeared to be solemn in his mood while asking of where Randi is. The entire atmosphere of the family`s happiness changed after dinner and Kris detected it. It is obvious for everything is a playful tease with stories between the three Sunds since they arrived. It is wonderful with everyone else also joining in, but now there is a heavy feeling hanging in the air.

“No, there is not Kristina, I have news of your home and the payments that are to be made.” Arrives at directing chat into what is to be as Karl Sr enters the room with Nickolas and Karl Jr. following him.

The following moments do have Karl Jr. taking over the chat with him standing next to the desk after pouring a glass of wine for the four others. He tells of the information that is acquired from the Russian businessman and of what is known through other sources too. Everyone else simply listens and drinks. “The processes are easy and are extremely dangerous too. Yet, acquiring the information so far is hazardous for our friend too. He is going get a bonus; it is a bonus for you, Randi. He wants one of the paintings that he painted for you years ago.”

Karl Jr. looks directly at Randi with firmly conveying, “My sister delivering extortion money to the mob is not suitable. But yes, you are doing it and I am coming. Nickolas is joining us too. We will take Kristina, but she is in the middle of us. She is to have protection at all times.

The tall muscular blond male child of the family then looks at his father. The elder Karl shakes his head over his two children being placed at death`s door, but he knows that Karl Jr. is not going stay away from this. Thus, they share cold stares of displeasure but it changes nothing. “I have contacted friends in the former KGB. There are going to eyes on us during every moment in Russia. There is both the Russian mob and interested parties existing in the shadows. We are being filmed by everyone and it's going to be interesting.”

“You are going?” suddenly interrupts Randi with a shock of not understanding why both of them are to be involved to such depths. “You can`t. One of us must be alive for the family.”

Yet, before Karl Jr. responds Kris cries out. “No one is dying for me. No, no, I won`t allow you too.”

Instantly Randi holds Kris tighter with sending out a shushing to comfort her girlfriend. “Shh, now, now. I love you.” As Randi rapidly takes to repeatedly kissing Kris`s lips so that Kris has no chance to be more upset. Through the kisses, Randi soothingly whispers, “Shh. It is okay. We are only delivering the money. Then, you and I are going home to our happiness. Shhh, I love you and you have me forever.”

The information sharing comes to an immediate stop with Karl Jr. walking over to kneel in front of the two lovers while he is carrying the wine bottle. He then pours out more wine into Kris`s glass. In doing so, he warmly smiles into her eyes reassuring her with saying, “I am sorry but the only bad news is that you must endure having Randi forever. You must for I won`t allow her to do anything else.” He reaches out to hold one of Kris`s hand to comfortingly squeeze it as he further shares. “We Sunds marry for life and only do it for love. We all know that Randi is marrying you.”

Randi instantaneously is in more shocked, and that is even if it is a tease or something to sooth the moment. Yet, Karl Jr. simply nudges his sister. “Time to man up, dude. Even you need a ball and chain to keep you in line. That way we both have one.”

Nickolas turns to watch the dealings with his niece`s upset. He is diligent in his listening, as he too is conscientious with viewing everything, but he is notably lacking in compassion. Thus, he says nothing to help Kris relax or to feel better. That has Karl Sr. puzzled of that as he surveys events unfolding. Yet, he says nothing but her does sip wine as he reaches to open a drawer in the desk. In doing so, he pulls out his cellphone to secretly snap a photograph of Nickolas and then he neatly hides the phone away.

The moments that follow have Karl Jr. continue the information sharing after he rises to his feet and returns to leaning against his father`s desk. As he does he places the wine bottle on the desk`s top while conveying, “There is nothing for protection due to its mid center of the open plaza outside the Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg. We are to leave the money there for motorcycle couriers to pick up. They get the money and we all walk away.”

Nickolas’s eyes widen over that idea. His studiousness has him saying, “The square is fully open space and we won`t have a chance to catch the rider. Your money is gone and we are totally open to any attack.”

“We are not! The mob gets the cash. It is allowed!" Exists as sharpness that is followed by Karl Jr.`s firm declaration. “We pay the price and do comply with the rules. We are giving them the five hundred thousand American and walking away. Kristina’s freedom is worth it. My sister`s happiness is worth even more.”

Nickolas raises a studious eyebrow of coldness. “I know that she is. But do you not see that we are to be shot? Kris is to die. And each of you is to feel the humiliation of serving the mob.”

“No one is dying!” austerely proclaims Karl Sr. “None. Once the riders clear the grounds then policing moves in. There is a KGB helicopter waiting to take us out to safety. It is located on a large barge on the ocean behind the museum. It is rigged with weapons. It is our protection, but it has limits too.”

“I don`t like it!” Nickolas gruffly declares within rising to his feet as he is placing an empty glass on the desk`s top. He does it before gripping the edge of the desk and leaning forward to coldly glare into Karl Sr.`s eyes. “It is too easy for anyone to kill us. You do not understand. All they really want is to have me dead and to have Kris living as a whore.”

Karl Sr. says nothing. He doesn’t even move, but he watches eyes that don’t seem to be anything like Kristina`s. The eyes aren’t blue, they have an entire other shape and the soul in them has no comparison to what he is experiencing about the bright strong dominating young woman. He sees dullness, weakness, and anger with not much of anything that seems like Kristina. Plus, he is constantly unhealthy with lung issues. That too is odd for Kris claims that her entire family has always been immensely healthy and strong. This is even true of her mother with the only weakness a drug addiction to stress medicines during her last year of life. This is what he thinks of as the Nickolas becomes quiet to then backs off due to not getting any reaction.

Yet, Randi has a reaction for him. “Calm down!” She declares while still comforting Kris with caressing within a warm embrace. But she doesn’t stop there with her response. “Nickolas, you becoming all vexed is only going to upset Kris and it is making this harder for everyone.”

Karl Jr. intervenes with a reaction too. “He has the rights to be upset. I would be irate too if it were your life. As it is, I am not okay with any of this. But yes, this must be done and completed in this way too. We have controlled it in the best possible ways. Money and connections are doing what can be done. But there is still a grave danger and we must be courageous and willing to trust.”

This has long moments of soundlessness resting in the room. It is that way until Karl Sr. stands to his powerfully tall height with resolutely revealing, “We have two days. In that time, we are traveling to St Petersburg via my private jet. We are landing at the international airport and have a private escort of protection. We are staying two days with my friend.”

The elder Sund then walks toward his daughter and Kris. He does it while smiling and saying, “Kris is permitted into Russia because she is a legal citizen. The proper governmental authorities are getting paperwork registered for anything that could be an issue. She has no worries about red tape and has a free pass but only this once. In fact, she is to be a Swedish citizen by next month with Russia allowing dual citizenship because of her cooperation with Russian mobsters.”

Kristina doesn’t smile at him. She can`t for she is lost in sobbing, and melting under the worry about all of this but she is trying to control it. She makes best efforts over the pressure and anxiety as Randi holds her. They both know that the weight of it all is something that is extremely hard to tolerate. Kris knows that it is only her being alive that brings this to anyone. Randi distinguishes that Kris feels that way too, but she also recognizes that is not true. It is not Kris; it is the way that it is because of how her parents dealt with life. Not how Kris does live life.

“Shh, we are safe and okay. Shh, I love you. Calm down.” Arrives with more kisses and a closer embracing that brings a crying Kristina to sit in snuggling up on Randi`s lap. Randi does what she knows is best. That is surrounding fear in a love. Taking on fear with whips is not ever productive but placing love around fear it brings safe zones.“Shh, my little whip wielder, you are safe with me and I am with you forever.”

The mentioning of the whip-wielding has no smile coming from Kris. Randi thought that a tease may create a smile, but it does not. With this Karl Sr. turns to look at both Nickolas and Karl Jr. Those two are watching what is happening and it brings a deeper silence for they have not the words but each knows that Randi does. In that understanding Karl Sr. softly conveys, ”Men, we should talk elsewhere. Randi is to be briefed later. But for now, our two ladies need some rest and a night together. So, come, we have vodka on the patio.”

Mere moments later the three males left. It seems to go unnoticed by the two women, but Randi does notice as she whispers, “I am taking us to bed and you may enjoy talking about all of your worries. I am listening to you all night and kissing away the tears. Tomorrow, we deal with life. But tonight you are loved, loved by me.”

Through tears, Kris says “No, no. You should not love me. It is dangerous. Do you see that it is dangerous?”

“No, I only see that I took too long to accept that I love you.” It is solid, strong and powered by her soul as she next explains further. “The thought of losing you cracked me. I cannot live without you. I felt that when those two thugs were in my house. That second of when the shorter one stood to stare into my eyes with demanding of having you, it broke me. There no longer are walls; there is no pushing away and no protecting my heart. The idea of you being taken from me drove me to this and if it is this extreme then I love you. I realized that when my father met you the other day. Home here with him and with you being beside me feels perfect. It is why I said about loving you and I still do say it with every chance that I can.” Randi confidently shares as she kisses Kris`s forehead “Mine! And no one touches mine. We do this. You are mine.”

Kris looks in those true blue eyes while still crying oceans of tears and that has her voice in that soaked whining helplessness. ”I so love when you say it. Say it to me.”

“I love you, Kris. Love only you.” Randi whispers on Kris’s lips that taste of salty tears as those trembles amongst the sobbing. This upset is surrounded by Randi`s steadfast promises of protection and a strong compassionate love that is within an understanding that this event is going to wreak havoc on Kristina. Randi knows it is. And it is to continue as that for Kris soon faces moments that bring upheaval of raw emotions.

In fact, the next days are the dealing with her parents' death and the possible destruction of all that is Kris`s future. The return to Russia is not a glorious victory over chaos but a confrontation on several fronts. With that knowledge, Randi listens further to the crying because she knows that above all else Kristina needs listened to and comforted.

“I want your love more than anything. I need you. You can’t die on me,” she sobs profusely as Randi brushes more tears away with loving kisses.

“Uhm, not dying, I am yours and only you may try to whip me. Only you have the chance to at any such things, my little whip welder.” “Momma died. Daddy died. No more dying. I can’t, just can`t.” comes with Kris slipping a full embrace around Randi`s neck as she buries her head in those shoulders that are gaining a torrent of wetness from the crying.

With that Randi slips her hands and arms under Kris before giving a hefty urging of her body to begin to stand. In a few moments, she is making her way into standing while carrying Kris in her arms. She holds her girl tightly as she walks the floor to come to the staircase to the upper floor level. Soon they are on the second floor but with each step, Kris kisses Randi’s cheek making Randi tease her with saying. “Naughty, girl,” but it only brings another kiss on the next step. ”Kris, you tease.”

The third step from the top brings. “Okay, that is not a sweet kiss. You are naughty….” Randi teasingly states in stepping up to the next step and eventually coming to the upper landing.

“I am loving you,” Kris responds with barely any tears being visible.

“You keep doing that naughtiness and there is more than listening happening in our bedroom.” Randi gives as notice of them possibly doing much loving with lovemaking and smiles fast approaching.

Kris smiles into snickering for the first time since dinner. Randi grins while she continues the carrying. They are soon pushing open the bedroom door. Once inside the spacious room, Kris nudges the door sealed closed as Randi then brings them both to the bed. In the coming seconds, Kris sits upon the king-sized poster bed of endless pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets. She looks lovingly up at Randi as Randi brushes back the wayward strands of blond hair. “We are having a shower. Afterward, I am helping my submissive to relax.”

“Yes, my Mistress. May I please you first?”

Pleasing is what comes in the following hours. The two women venture into the bathroom that is shared between Randi`s room and another bedroom. This bath chamber is a room of dark woods, white marble, and antique fixtures. It retains a large antique lion`s claw bathtub and a separate enclosed shower of white glazed marble. Very posh for the set of three rooms once upon a time are the quarters for Randi and her mother.

Tonight a light from Randi`s bedroom is glimmering into the barely lit bathroom where darkness mostly resides. These rays from a bedroom ceiling light fixture are creating shadows with the darkness scarcely cloaking two nude women. They exist there wrapping in a love that is only theirs. They enjoy its physical play within a steaming streaming shower of sprinkling waters. This has the moment beautiful in mists, shadows, and sounds of pleasure swarming the later hours of the night.

Randi stands nude as Kris slowly kneels before her Dominant. In doing this Kris, seductively smiles with remaining silent. The kneeling has her two hands worshipfully placed on Randi`s taut flat tummy. This arrives with Randi watching every motion that occurs. It has her gasping, as each cell of her body grows hotter and her heart races with her lips continuously moaning of her sexual desire. Kris grins of the pleasure that her touch creates for her Mistress. Such provokes a continuing onward with tracing downward with her two palms until Randi is almost breathless. She can`t believe how amazing such feels when she knows that love is within the sharing. With a sharp panting breathing Randi feels Kris`s lips kissing her tummy button. This has Randi staring down into those beautiful blue eyes that gaze up into her own.

“Love! I love you and give me to you.“ Kris follows this softness with her hands climbing upward in smoothly caress along Randi`s sides until her palms come clasp unto Randi’s two breasts. That has Kris making a sacred pledge. ”We are one.“

Randi is lost in sensations that make her nipples harder. With those perky tiny mounds of flesh aching for touch, her eyes filling with pure lust and Kris takes to plucking those firm naughty nubs of the skin. She plays with them, as though each is an instrument to be strummed. Which is wild for Randi and in no time there comes a panting cry of pleasure that forces Randi’s hands to clutch Kris’s head due to her needing some control of something. Randi’s lithe fingers thread through silken blond hair to hold Kris in looking upward at Randi as Randi barely breathes. She breathes and gazes while eyes are filled with passion and her body is overflowing with desire.

Kris lightly travels her fingertips of her right hand down through the valley of Randi’s breasts. She does this as she once more proclaims her love. Within this Kris easily sees that Randi has a neediness of sexual pleasure. It shows in hefty breaths of moaning that has Randi`s breasts heave and such is creating dizziness. Kris grins at her lover while there comes more touching of the left breast`s nipple. Touching that is causing the dripping on wet lower lips and a heart that is pounding out of control for more pleasure.

Kris winks of how naughty she is being by taking most of the control from her Dominant. It has her shaking her head over how much she enjoys this life journey with Randi. The entirety of it is far from boring and this moment is definitely not lackluster. It has her fiery spirit easily feeling no calm from Randi. It is pure heat as they begin entwining in sexual love. It’s hot and passion on endless levels of lust but Kris has learned to control it all to some degree. She thinks she can do it while keeping things interesting between them. Such ideas have her fingertips teasingly traveling down across Randi`s flat smooth tummy. This has Randi`s tummy filled with muscle tension as gasping breaths are sent out between the sprinkling waters. The craving for more than teasing is hitting high with her now that Kris is wandering downward over Randi`s pussy mound in a seductive tracing of tiny searing circular motions as Randi`s fingers grip thread of hair into a fisting.

“Taste me!” comes the sharp command.

Instantly Kris slowly glides her other hand down over the hot silken skin of her lover. She brings her this other palm to ay fully flat on Randi`s tummy. This has her seeming to be defiant of giving oral pleasure to her Mistress, even though that is what Randi asked for.

“Bad girl!” gruffly declares Randi as Randi’s two hands push Kris`s head to almost touch those wet lower lips between her own thighs. However, there is no further forcing for she likes the teasing process while watching Kris have control. This she enjoys even if she is craving to have an orgasm. It has her mind swarming of how she is not in total control while all of her senses are being overwhelmed with sensations. She never thought that she could allow anyone to regulate sexual anything, but this feels good as they both push pleasure into becoming fuller between them.

It is both lost in lust or is it drowning in love? But in all truths neither woman cares for this is what they wish for. This wish has Kris letting loose a primal purring as her tongue whips out to flick against the skin of Randi`s hot pussy mound. Kris knows that she likes Randi. With her liking it even more than usual, she licks it again and again. Then she brings her two hands to grip Randi`s ass cheeks. It creates blissful sensations as Randi leans back against the wet shower stall`s wall while water cascading even more on them both. She spreads her long legs wider by allowing Kris to suddenly plant a full luscious sucking kiss to those moist pussy lips.

Randi`s knuckles grow whitened as her grip on Kris`s hair is impossibly tight. Yet, it is not a tugging fisting but it is pulling several hair strands to declare that the heated pressure is building within Randi`s vagina. In this Randi pushes her lover into her throbbing pussy to encourage more of the tasting. Kris takes to diligently frolicking in the moist folds to build up the tingling pressure and the horniness within Randi. It shows that Kris has become extremely good at oral pleasure and the magic of her tongue is definitely thrilling in making Randi feel lost in the skills. It creates the high ecstasy of being orally pleased. It is so good that it has Randi unable to even think of having control and so she lets it all go.

“Bad girl, bad girl, bad girl.” Worshipfully chants Randi as her fingers loosen the grip on the threads of hair.

The pleasure overwhelms as Kris`s tongue playfully pleasures within Randi`s womanly folds. It makes Randi dazed and crazed in hotter sensations. The tension in her body is wild, but she refuses to press or force again. She wants to feel all of this and not demand of Kris. She needs this to be love in whatever form of softness that may exist. She desires it even if her entire person screams that she is to be in control of the sexual play. Yet, she enjoys this and Kris is so relaxed with taking the power and treating them both to this erotic pleasure. They each are showered with sensations as their bodies tremble of the desire to please and be pleased. Each woman feels the powerful sexual energy that is totally consuming until that is all that exists. It has the taunting tickling by Kris`s tongue building an orgasm to full intensity. Each deep probing by her tongue and the squeezes of Randi`s ass cheeks do force Randi to grit her teeth within bringing a loss of breath.

Then it gets wild in the play as each becomes primal.

Primal lust!

Wild want!

Passionate pleasure!

Torturous teasing!

It`s primal pleasing as rich creamy cum thrives into a releasing. Oh yes, it explodes into a creamy shower of lusty love between them. It forces out a high scream from Randi for she is lost in completely letting go. This has Kris ravenously slurping up every speck of cum before she thoroughly cleans her Mistress`s lower lips. Within it she is making sure to care for Randi by holding her from falling to the wet floor of the shower stall. Kris`s hands and arms press Randi into her body as the waves of orgasm slowly bring stability from the ocean of sensations that they both feel. Randi`s two hands grasp Kristina’s shoulders pulling her upward. As Kris comes to kiss Randi’s upper lips there is a renewal of the fisting of Kris`s hair by Randi. The two women stand closer to be deeply kissing thier love into each other as they are feeling the water getting cold.

“Bad girl, you are naughty, but I liked that!” comes sternly spoken as Randi departs from the kissing after tasting cum on Kristina’s lips. She is smiling with saying it as she smiles through sharing, “I love you so much that I give you, me. I am making anything possible for you. I am making everything possible for us. Oh you, you. I love you.”

For them both it is smiling, but both know that there is to be so much more once the shower is over. Thus, Kris giggles, as she remains silent for she now is finally having Randi see that they love each other

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