Friday, May 22, 2015

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

Oh, sexy sweet sin as there is a looking directly into those eyes of oceanic blue that seem angelic but hold such darkness that it is holy velvet in its divinity. This darkness and this woman are such a holy sexy seduction of a type which only the true ‘warrior of hearts’ may own or will travel into in order to hold them both. Only Trinity has been capable to vanquish the darkness yet keep the darkness so that Laurel may love in the world of light and still be part of the velvet midnight of her dark pleasures and dark career. It is darkness encompassed in light and the darkness seeming to be light but still being darkness. This would seem to be a toying with existence but it isn’t. Laurel won’t and doesn’t allow others to toy with her heart but she herself is a heartbreaker.

This Hell’s angel is a naughty hell raiser of lust that even Hell’s succubus envy but somehow she has a heart of golden wonders. Laurel has been born of lust, brimstone and Hell’s pains. She is the daughter of a female Parisian upper class ‘wannabe,' and the spawn of a man who hated all life and all women. Thus, one would think that Laurel Ann would hate the world to then proceed with showing the world that she could conquer it. Conquer it through her immense intellect for being a brainiac that holds a whopping high IQ and an amazing education. It is thought that she could make the entire world succumb to her personal will but she chooses Environmental Studies at university, for there is no intent of harm and even then she doesn’t work within a career that involves such. She tossed it aside to enter a career chosen for her by her best friend.

Once more she is giving to the others within her life, and she is forgetting herself but keeping herself safe for her eternal lover by harming none. This she has done while wandering through life, accumulating many lovers, then took a deep taste of true pure BDSM, while adding in the gains of libraries of knowledge on life, and then she took into possession her own sexy naughty Harley VSCR Nightrod. She indeed was wild, thorough and passionate in every measure as she prepped for life.

Thus by twenty-five years old Laurel is a biker bitch with a heart of glass, and personality that is true naughty logical seduction. Most would find Laurel loveable and cuddly but inside she isn’t. To only see the kindness and love is a mistake for it will bite you. Literally, bite you. Still biting will come later, and so does her making the world pay for her pains and the lack of proper love in her life. It would seem she has been nothing more than a woman, who deeply lusts, with her coming to understand everything which is a pleasure. Or she may seem to be the existence of pure demonic pleasurable sexual things. That could be all true but there is more to this woman. Even in all that is in life Laurel Ann choose to love from the age of fourteen. She closes the love of a woman over all things. Within Laurel is the profound belief that in a woman there is the salvation of humanity. This is so true for Laurel for within Laurel she is bisexual and Wiccan. Such concepts of dominant woman have been brought strongly into her soul and her logical mind.

That is what lay in her mind. This is the salvation of herself by finding love within a woman. Once upon a time, this ‘saving’ of her soul had been done by a lady of divine golden hair and curves of the lustful succubus. That lady is known as the Lady of Ice but now it’s the love found in the wonders of a ‘logical passion’ that come with wrapping within Trinity ‘Angel’ Roberts.

So in this love scene, you see none of the pain that has been within either lady but you see the true ‘warrior of hearts’ has come to enjoy the dark angel that is Hell`s spawn. This ‘warrior of hearts’ that is known as Trinity is a woman of high education, she is a lady of overachievement in every way; she has a family of classical American-French heritage and lives in the ways of private living. She is a lady of intellectual playfulness; she is a courting sweet tease in all she does and lives in cautious ways while possessing a tender strong heart. This is a heart that is guarded by never truly allowing it to wander too much into anything or anyone. Thus, it is not too easy to cage Trinity in the realm of love. Caging isn’t what can be, for she would wither into nothingness if she is truly bound. Thus, this Gemini of a gem has her freedoms and independence with Laurel and within life due to both ladies demanding it.

 Don’t get it wrong about them and their love.

Inside Trinity, she is deeply devoted to her lover, curious of all things in life, and has a passionate heart to accompany a vast mind that is capable of adapting to almost any changes in life but she needs freedom too. Her witty charming personality of talkativeness is reflected in how she triggers chat on anything which will provide an amusing smiling, even if its impractical at times. Yet her outgoing spontaneous ways and charming demeanour, with an adventurous attitude, is deeply captivating.

With this comes moments when she should look before leaping but she leaps. Even still there are times of being scattered brain, along with tendencies to forget to love her own self in health matters but she loves others deeply through caring on many levels and keeps a sense of direction. Still no matter what she is tremendously stimulating to be around. She does find all analyzes of her to be interesting even when she ponders her own self. She finds herself interesting within her dual self of the twin persona of Gemini but once more she sums it up in playfulness and logic by accepting all and trying her best to sort it all out by living within in her own sense of remaining a true Gemini.

At the beginnings of this romance a deep fear of committing to Laurel had existed for Trinity but with month after months of learning from each other, this came to be less true. Being a ‘warrior of hearts’ while being a lady of gilded protectiveness is hard in life. Within this laid nervousness for she wants no one to cage her, but at the same time, she holds to the idea that no one will take what she holds dear and she will conquer anything or anyone to have all she wants. So she protects herself and her loved ones, while she takes to enjoying her freedoms, and independent ways.

This Laurel allows in exchange for the powerful love which lay between them. Laurel does understand that Trinity is a rare woman amongst women and that Trinity is playful logic personified. So in all things, there is the understanding that this is true love, unbound lust, endless logic and a life that is to exist in individualistic ways but it holds a powerful unbreakable togetherness. This is a togetherness that brought the wedded union in legal marriage and the pleasure of the current year of passionate love and lustful sharing, while they both enjoy a daily life that is filled with busy careers and loving family.

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