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Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 1, Strawberries and Cream

So here we have two lovers that are entwining on the sandy beach of Prince Edward Island that is indeed true soul mates. One is playful logical love and the other is divine dark lust. This is the true love story of two mortal goddesses, which are known as a Trinity Isabelle ‘Angel’ Roberts - Angelos and Laurel Ann Angelos.
So as Laurel’s backside swiftly has met the blanket, with Trinity coming to exist over top of the lady of blond tresses there lay Trinity`s long athletic curves to rest between Laurel`s thighs as the kissing is finally making way to heaviest breathing.

There is definitely heavy breathing as Trinity’s right-hand smoothes down over her lover’s nude thigh, up to softly caresses that bare ass and leisurely tickles the soft firm skin that is there. Such a naughty ass that comes so firm and well shaped in its heart-shaped sweetness. Then suddenly temptation arrives in a snap of the skin as Trinity places a raw hard spank upon that naughty ass “You, badass bitch! How dare you make me wait to please you and taste your cum.” This does come roaring out in pretend anger from the gorgeous brunette as she leans over her lover.

Laurel snickers into a giggling as her lover`s smile is bright in concern to the spanking and tease “Oh, you like having me make you wait, my Sexy Sweetness.”

Trinity raises an inquisitive eyebrow over that statement than with a small amount of wonder entering her thoughts there comes to be mixing of a disdain look upon her facial features. This quickly is made to vanish as Laurel leans up to steal a sudden sharp kiss. Thus she is capturing those lips has Trinity goes quiet from any possible further comment or raw response of displeasure, but she releases from the kiss to state “You are going to be punished.” This comes in solid stone cold seriousness.

Then Trinity’s hand, that has accomplished the spanking, comes down to wander over thighs in a tickling caress, with fingertips finding placement on the sweet middle of the curve between thigh and pussy mound. Soft playful fingertips travelling with the index finger tickling in soft teasing to be having Laurel’s body quivering. The lovely blonds’ eyes go wide of the sensations which are arriving.

Then in this there is trembling out in deep purring tone “Ohhhhh ..Angel…you…are…oh…” her eyes close to the knowledge that pleasure is truly going to be coming between them. “Ohhhh...mmm…more…more…” is coming in sincere soft pleading with the coming of sexual tension to rest so very strongly within Laurel`s body.

This lovely sensual touching is creating stiffness upon her body that is holding within nervousness over the idea of whether she can achieve more spankings while she is in need of sexual release due to the ways Trinity is tracing tiny circles lower and lower toward the awaiting wetness. This soothing exciting touching is creating tightness that adds to the sensation of intense heat within that moist vaginal canal. Without a single doubt, all that it ever takes is a suggestion or one-touch placed by Trinity to have Laurel to simply quake. So Laurel has this longing pleading stare within her eyes of blue. The next touch is one that can only come from Trinity for it is the one that needs love within it. It is a love so strong but Trinity has made Laurel weak in every way within any part of life or love. Thus, a deep crying humming whine slips her lips as the tease of fingers tips arrange to be almost on that sweet spot. Those lower lips are ready to embrace fingers. That womanhood is wet, wild and wanting as the heat of Hades` temple rips out from within to grace the hand of Trinity.

The sound of her lover`s pleasure sets a fire to be blazing within Trinity. A blazing lust comes and she now wants to tease her even more than she has. Through this sharing, she wishes to teach a lesson to her lover but that lesson of teaching Laurel to not be having lovemaking waiting will need be taught another time. It will be taught tomorrow morning when she will have Laurel remain in bed while Trinity will tease those sexy curves for hours with no possible climax coming. Yet with a second thought Trinity may very well make that the end result of this morning`s pleasure session now that she ponders this moaning cry from Laurel.

“You little tramp of my wife; you best know your place in the morning.”She glares playfully at Laurel as she teases a little more with her fingers tips creating more lust to exist as Laurel`s hips quake of needing deeper penetration and faster touch.

Once more Laurel is trying to capture Trinity`s upper lips for a kiss and in quickness, the blond goddess comes to achieve the possession of those enticing fleshly treats of the mouth but it is without maintaining complete success. So she begins to squirm and pressure upward to have Trinity stop the teasing, or at the least commence with deeper pleasures. Yes, she wants the stop to playful teasing and needs Trinity to simply drive those fingers deep within that tight overheated womanly canal. With such a thought there is no smile upon Laurel’s lips for it is sweeping off of her beautiful face due to the tease becoming almost torture. Then there is a trying of once more to capture a kiss from Trinity but she is even in being relentless this isn’t achieved. Next Laurel’s hands press the blanket in pushing herself upward to be creating breasts to press breasts and lips too close for them to be denied for kissing.

This breast play sends more signals that Laurel’s body is ready for intense pleasure. These are signals such as hardened nipples upon both sets of breasts, and racing hearts to join with the already torridly hot pussy that is begging to receive more than teasing. Now this teasing is simply becoming beyond bearable and she opens her mouth to once more beg to be pleased but in that second a heated glare of ‘NO!’ comes. Not only is there a disdain sent out from Trinity but swiftly up comes her free hand to cover Laurel’s mouth. The hand is clasping in covering those trembling lips creating a muffled yelp of begging for pleasure. Trinity leans down to kiss the back of her own hands and then she whispers to her lover “You behave! Or there will be no skinny dipping tonight.”

The warning is instantly completely understood. That is even though there is a muffled giggling arriving from the bottom of the heap of two ladies. This has Trinity press her hand tighter to the mouth that it covers. This act is causing Laurel to squirm and toss her head about. The tossing is done with no success of escaping the grip of the hand and there is no kiss coming even though it’s still wished. Instead, the squirming is creating another snapping spanking to come to Laurel’s nude ass.

The snapping spanking brings a reaction of pleasure running sassily in her body`s lower regions, along with a hushed giggling and wide eyes of the wonder of what possibly could be next. After all, it is all getting to be too yummy for the blond goddess to contain her excitement and horniness.

The tension is certainly building between the two women. The pleasurable tension of the naughty sort that now brings Trinity’s other hand to move once again. The’ spankings’ hand comes to caress in softness along the inner thigh of her lover. It teases there in trailing a path upwards. So soft in taunting touch that it arouses Laurel more and more. It is meandering onward as it comes closer to the glistening wetness of a wild womanhood which is now hotter than a blazing inferno. The spankings have brought the intense heat. These most definitely have raised the level of needing pleasure and both know it for they feel the sexual climate at its peak as both bodies feel electric and are pressing in need to be having pleasure.

Spankings are such a delight within foreplay. This Trinity knows, thus each spanking is delivered precisely as needed in ways which bring great satisfaction for both. At this moment it’s difficult to tell who is enjoying the spanking more as bodies press with Trinity lying on top and with faces so close that the steaming breaths mix together having the heat a million-fold the norm. In a sudden serious play, Trinity has that meandering hand stiffen her index and pointer fingers in preparation for the onslaught of giving the needed pleasure of deep touch. The process is so swift in its delivery that it’s a blur when it enters that hot tunnel of love. The first thrust is hard, rough and causes Laurel`s body to be in a slight shock over being probed in such abruptness. “Damn! You are already extremely tight for me. I like that about you, my wifey.” This arrives as Trinity leans in to kiss a blessing on Laurel`s forehead.”Now, take this and behave for me.”

The response comes with hips ramming upward in a demanding need as those precious long fingers thrust into full throttle motion over and over. This brings the sucking sweet sounds of pressured pleasure arriving so intense that it is raw in becoming out of control. It is hard to love; Hellish hard in its rough, as the two long feminine fingers drive deep and deeper. Probing in all that can come between them. This comes over and over, and over the top of erotic ecstasy to bring the bliss of a possible orgasm. Everything is so tight and tension filled. Laurel`s body is ablaze as it is pressing to the blanket upon the sandy beach as it is being pressed downward by Trinity`s lusty lovely curves Every inch of each woman is aroused and all proper fleshly portions are hard with needing to display how much they want to be pleased.

Removing that hand from covering Laurel`s upper lips has Trinity replace the hand with her own lips as she is giving an intense hard kiss to seal in the love that is being shared. There is no wait to bring play into the kiss but there is time to thrust a wet tongue deep into Laurel`s mouth. So now tongues dance in tangoing pleasure, with hips rocking to and fro, while those fingers feel that tight wetness of her lover seizing in a clinching command to give out the treatment which has been building from this sharing of fleshly love. This clinching is a signal that warm sweet strawberry juices from Laurel`s womanly loins need to be allowed release in gushing wonderment.

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