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Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 4, Waxing Woman

The weeks leading to Bethany`s thirteenth birthday are filled with happiness while she is falling into teenaged love with Tessa. Accompanying this is the grade seven school year ending, which includes the last of the school year`s dances happening. That has Bethany feeling amazing even though she knows that she is going to miss the library access during summer vacation. The lack of library access is going to be hard to deal with for she really enjoys learning, but she accepts it for she has Tessa to be with. So it`s a sacrifice but it is one that is okay for now.

Alongside, this Bethany and Tessa are also being flirty with several other girls too. Such actions create a nice little clique of popular girls hanging out together. It occurs quite rapidly with most of the other girls gravitating towards Bethany. Not shocking for it is very obvious that the watching of various films and the reading of sexual literature have affected Bethany in the most stimulating of ways. Then add in the experiences with Tessa and there is no doubt that Bethany has learned to excavate her already naturally existing charisma. In fact, her magnetism is kicking into overdrive. Yes, this has Bethany high on life and thrilled of everything being so wonderful at this period of her life.

Thirteen is an amazing time for the Sweet Sexiness and along with this there is every evening freely spent at the local play park. This has Bethany happily experiencing Tessa and other girls at the play park and it comes while Marie distracts Damien. This has Bethany even happier for Marie keeps the promise of allowing Bethany to become solidly situated into sexually enjoying girls. True, it is a strange bond between mother and daughter but it works its magic no matter how odd it is. And that magic is that Bethany finds an eventual freedom to be able to have more than lust with limited love in her life.

But it is the truth that Bethany is working hard on easy lust. In fact, when the two girls are at the park together they manage to enjoy the pleasure of each other. It effortlessly becomes extremely interesting within experimenting with sensations through touching of skin. That makes the need for hidden moments due to fingers finding naughty play places. They thrill in pleasing each other through the sharing of lips, hands, tickles, kisses, and wetness within a deep naughty heat. This has Bethany addicted to the sounds that Tessa makes when they touch skin on skin. It is these experiences that have Bethany needing to regularly seduce Tessa.

Hence, she initiated building more of her personal charisma and talents of seduction through any means possible. She groomed her natural gifts and beauty to be advanced for her age. This has the Sweet Sexiness invoking and provoking through the natural spell that comes when people look into her eyes. Oh yes, Bethany finds that her own eyes say words that are never spoken but her eyes seem to entice girls into wanting to be near her. This has her understand that her best tool of seduction is her soul. Thus, there is a slow embedding of spiritual lust and she learns about it through freely using it. Using it along with a combination of a few selective naughty words so that she gets to enjoy closeness with any girl that she desires to be close to. This makes Bethany a powerful thirteen years old. It has her being a teen that has her own select harem of girls that are intoxicated with her intellect, magnetism, and that budding sexual prowess.

This is quite a change from being neglected and an under-loved child. But the efforts of CeCe to install something positive in her daughter Marie’s life and into her granddaughter`s life do eventually bear fruit. However, it only happens with the assistance of the school system and natural lust. These push young Bethany’s life into being more than her having an abusive home life and being a child ready for the welfare system during her thirteenth year of life.

Yes, I say abusive home life. It is not shocking when considering what is said about Damien. Some may think that hard work at home and the strict treatment is okay. In fact, some people may think that females have too much power and status in our world with feminism a horrid thing. But it is no doubt that not many people do think that the special bond that is between Damien and Bethany is acceptable. True, many think that Damien is not a proper father. Hence, it is not surprising that just after the closing of the school year`s classes that Damien stops Marie from sending Bethany out in the evenings.

The powerful dominant aggressive man brings it all to a halt after following his daughter one evening. This has him finding Bethany doing more than playing at the park. Damien then creates a family meeting to make the announcement that there are no more freedoms, especially of going to the park. As a result, there are punishments with Bethany doing anything that Damien demand of his daughter. This in turns creates a summer vacation that is too hard to think about. Too much for me, due to that, it is one that stings the mind and rips tears into screaming from anyone who knows what such a time consists of.

Two months of it and Bethany feels her first deep loss in the realm of love. She loses Tessa and she gains the understanding that men control her no matter what she does in life. She finds that turning fourteen is filled with the discovery that powerful people use anything to get what they want and those people truly don’t care about wrongs, rights or notorious actions. So, at fourteen Bethany does experience the power of a dominant man who controls through any means that he sees fit.

It is fortunate that Bethany`s ninth school year begins with her father invited to go on a three-month learning sabbatical. This has the beginning of September bringing a deep sigh of relief to our heroine. Yet, Tessa and the other girls have moved onward in life. The clique no longer is worshipping their ‘once upon a time’ idol. This devolves school life into being quieter with Bethany being moody and withdrawn into studying constantly. Such is to be expected considering how a fall from a towering pedestal is a hard hit on the concrete of life.

With such existing, she notices that she has the ability to have the boys interested in her. The schoolboys enjoy flirting with her. Yet every one of them reminds her of her father and how her father looks at her. That annoys her because now that he is not around she realizes that their bond is not acceptable no matter how much her father claims that it is. This truth inspires a need to treat males different than she does females. Oh yes, she does treat women very differently and has done it since a young age. And it shows very quickly with seeming natural to do so. She does such while wrapping it all up in sweet seduction. And so her first boys come to her.


“Hi, Bethany babe.” Darren casually spoke with a tone of seductive intentions as he walked up behind her to look over her shoulder. “A dance on Friday. I heard you don’t spend time with girls anymore. And so maybe now you should say yummy for me.”

Her body froze as she heard it. Darren Morton. Darren with his crew of sports jocks and it`s the middle of the school`s lower hall after school. Cornered by the school Romeo who has too many titles in sports to even try to sort it out. He has a lawyer father, a restaurant-owning mother, and siblings that are off at university; he is the youngest of three children. Plus, he is the stud that gets the girls and plays unfair with them. However, he makes her skin crawl. But she has seen enough movies and has read plenty of books to know that she is not to toy with him. Even at fourteen, she is intelligent enough to comprehend worldly ways. Thus, she turns to look him dead straight in the eyes. And she does it as she gives a snickering girlish giggle, “Oh Darren, it is not hard for me to say yummy. In fact, I will do it right here.”

She watches him give a sinfully delighted grin as he reaches for his zipper with saying, “Kneel for me, babe.”

With that, she can feel the dirtiness of succumbing to something she doesn’t truly want to do. But she can easily understand that someone is talking about what she has done with Tessa. Yet, she does her best to cover up the pain of being betrayed. This has her giving her best shot at weaving a gaze that wraps in seduction`s spell. She then lets out a feathery breath as she leans in to sweetly whisper in his ear. ”First, you kneel for me. Then it is yummy,” comes as she kisses his ear before looking into his eyes with a seductive stare from her dazzling grey-blue ones.

Darren stares back into her eyes as he watches the fire of true seduction come to glow in them. “Fuck, you have beautiful eyes.” He voices without realizing that he is saying it.

At that moment, Bethany heard voices coming from several feet down the hall. It took her immediate attention. It does for it is the school`s female Principle declaring, “You boys belong in the gym for basketball.”

This has the group of boys slowly scattering as Darren remains lingering with Bethany with him submitting to asking, “Just say it for me. Okay?”

With that Bethany looks at him. Then she looks at the Principle who is a distance down the hall. She realizes for the first time that a female easily commands males that are bent on controlling another female. She sees the female principle controlling all males around the area. She looks back at Darren who is staring at Beth while the Principle waits for his obedience. In her mind, Bethany ponders how her father is wrong about women being servants. In fact, she grasps that women truly do have great power. In that realization, Bethany smiles with being amused that Darren changed his tune when a strong, intellectual female commands him to obey. This has a light flash on in Bethany`s mind to be making the gears turn quickly to form up several hypotheses. Such logic has young Bethany whisper, “Kneel. You will get it. Kneel for me.”

“Mr. Morton, my time is precious. So quickly finish your business and get to practice.” This is heard by both of the teens with it making Darren caught between his two desires as he looks at Bethany in an almost begging. In seeing such Bethany walks directly in front of him to gaze intently into his eyes while bringing all of her budding imperial self-confidence to bear in a commanding whisper of. “Kneel!”

“Come on, babe. Say it.” He pleads for he has heard that she is desire itself in a fourteen-year-old girl.

“Kneel!” she unemotionally restates with heatedly breathing on his lips while gazing into his eyes with a stern summoning of all of the seductive power that is within her. The following seconds has Darren under a spell from those eyes.It is this energy that does become a notorious energy of Bethany`s. So it is the two of them eye to eye and it has him helpless for he wants what he wants. Plus, she knows that he is out of his league due to Marie`s mentoring of Bethany on the topics of flirting and seduction. In this Bethany understands that she suddenly has power over males and it feels amazing. True, it is a minor dominance but she is no longer mentally chained to the service of males and that eventually includes not being controlled by her father. So this moment feels good even though she knows that she is young and that leaps still must be made. Yet, this has Darren Morton the first male to see what Bethany can do when she commands her inner goddess. He is seeing Bethany`s persona that eventually forms into the powerful dominant woman that is a BDSM Dominea. Thus, Darren Morton kneels while holding stare into her eyes with him begging, “Please, please say it.”

Bethany proudly towers over him while grinning down at him as the Principle once more is calling for Darren to attend practice. This is so magical for Bethany that she gives her best smile with feeling the universe is hers. These sensations fill her with the pleasure of having the power to control. In that, she happily releases a silkily purred, “Yummy.” before she ceremoniously twirls around to confidently strut down the hall before she is going home for the day.

It is easy to understand that she is on the edge of empowerment while entering into understanding more about the ways of lust. Bethany does it whilst she is knee deep in Dianic Wicca too. Along with it, there is taught traditional feminism by her grandmother. This is backed up by the public schooling in a twisting of feminism into a modern version. In fact, the school library supplies books on everything that Bethany desires to know about anything. It all helps her to enter into becoming a dominant woman due to the learning of her personal energy and how to control it. Hence, it is a wow in learning and an explosion of knowledge.

The autumn of being fourteen has Bethany finding that her mother grants a return to the freedoms that she once enjoyed. Marie does it because Damien is not expected home until December. Along with this CeCe phones more frequently to check up on Bethany. It is almost a daily checking up, checking in and talking freely about Wicca, female power, and anything. It is every topic so long as there is no talking about Damien. Through this sharing, it is understood that Wicca takes a deep hold onto her soul. It comes to exist due to that Bethany is equating it with love, power, and the balancing out of so many thoughts that are flowing within her. It also is apparent that Bethany is ripe for eventually being seduced by the realms of BDSM and feminine power. So this has an intelligent teen mind ready, able, and willing to soar high. In fact, she might physically rampage through being unshackled from her father.

Rebellion builds within her heart, mind, and body. She randomly talks to her mother about it too for she is only permitted that due to threats of no talking about her father to anyone. Bethany does this by proclaiming that she wants to be normal like most other teens. It is this desire to be normal that gets a reply of, “You are Hell` s spawn. You are lust. You will always be lust, Bethany Ann.”

These are cold hard truths from her mother. It is a weak woman having nothing to help her daughter for Marie still has not found her own personal power to combat Damien. Thus, Marie can only supply little amounts of relief to Bethany during times when Damien is not aware of it. Hence, Marie is once more allowing Bethany the daily evening walks to the play park. It usually involves Bethany relaxing under a tree while watching the playground being busy with others. This is sad for her, but she has given up on the ‘once upon a time’ posse of idol worshipping girls that she found pleasure in. Thus, she brings a book to read and no matter what occurs she is home by dark during every night.

With such good behavior more comes by mid-September, Bethany is permitted to spend entire Saturdays at the park. She sees this as having a semi-normal life but still, there is no more Tessa. Nor are there any girls that seem interested in being close to her in the ways that she enjoyed at thirteen. She has friends but not like before. So she watches children play and keeps her nose buried in whatever book that she is reading. This has her reading and relaxing during a beautiful Autumn afternoon when the beauty that is a fourteen-year-old Jennifer Santos rides into the park on a horse.

The gorgeous teen girl known as Jennifer Santos is adorned with golden blond tresses, icy blue eyes, and delicate features. She is a vision to gaze upon even when you are prepared to see an angel. Jennifer has run away from home with currently riding a lovely brown thoroughbred stallion into the play park. She casually saunters the horse over to position it in front of Bethany who is sitting under a tree unaware of anything around her. The next moments has Bethany looking up in wondering what is happening for the horse blocks sunlight. Within this moment, Jennifer is slipping from the saddle to stand directly in front of the book reading blond that is Bethany. This instantly takes Bethany`s full attention due to Jennifer looks like an angel descending from heaven. Heavenly dreams are what sweeps Bethany`s thoughts as Jennifer begins speaking in a Canadian-British accent. “Hey, do you know where I can get water for my horse and me? We have ridden all day. My father is after me and I need a place to hide. Can you help me get some water and maybe a sandwich?”

Bethany immediately stops everything. She glances up into those eyes of icy blue belonging to Jennifer Santos.Eyes that have a powerful angelic spell inside of them. Bethany is swiftly drawn into them. She is pulled there in a thunderclap of powerful unknown need as she stares for long moments. This takes her breath making her head immediately dizzy. Her body fills with mystical energy sensations that rips and zips to literally own her. These turn her soul into it willingly threading into Jennifer`s. In this her heart stops, it starts, it bounces and is wildly filled with feelings that she still is consumed by to this day. The mutual gazing seems to send a beacon connecting souls with each soul saying, ’I have come for you.’ And that is all that it takes for Bethany to know that she finds love and a new life. And that is why in that second she silently gives her life to Jennifer.She does for it is love at first sight. It is dreams, breaths, and wholeness within a soul event that, a soul event that to this very day has no equal in Bethany`s life.

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