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Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 5, Angels And Demons

Now you are thinking she is unleashed. You are hoping that our Sweet Sexiness is on her way to tossing off ‘daddy dearest’. It is definitely possible for she is becoming the woman that is meant to be. However, maybe it takes a while but maybe, maybe she is not.

The meeting of soul mates brings many events into Bethany`s life. There is a day of being a rebel with the beautiful Jennifer. They run wild into the rural areas on Apple the horse. This gives a tightening of an instant mystical bond. It also turns into a week of hiding Jennifer in the family garden shed. It thusly allows a week of building an impenetrable friendship and a union that almost seems to have existed long before they met. The two teens even finish each other’s sentences and fall asleep in the shed together with Beth protectively holding Jennifer so that Jenn can have a peaceful sleep.

Bliss. It creates a protector. It screams that Jennifer is safe with Bethany. It binds two souls and the smiles glow. Friends to the end are sworn. Love is almost instant. Loving friendship is then built into ideas of always connecting through any means possible and that included running away together. Within all of this, they share their home life experiences. Within that Jenn is clasping onto Bethany in swearing that Bethany is to come to her house and is to be safe from Damien.

“No! No, daddies do not do that. Mine never spends time with me anymore, but he would never do that. No Bethie, you are not going to do that with him anymore.” She cries as those icy blue eyes fill with tears. “No, you must come with me. We will find ways to survive. We can protect each other.”

Bethany grins that angelic smile as she says, “Running to where?” She asks this while pressing a finger to the
tears that begin to stream on Jennifer`s lovely teenage cheeks. Streaming tears that Bethany is diligently wiping away before kissing her own fingers to taste the tears while saying, “You are so sweet. But we need a plan. We can`t rush into chaos.”

Jennifer looks at her through watery pools saying “I am not sweet. You say I am sweet but if I were sweet then my Daddy would want to be around me. I am so lonely in that house all summer and during breaks. Trust me there is no chaos there.”

“Uhm,” Bethany responds, as she knows about loneliness. She does even though she has two brothers and an entire family. “Then you need a sister.”

“We both need a sister!” Proclaims Jennifer in furthering the logic while smiling into those gray-blue eyes. “Too bad you aren’t my sister. We could hang out and enjoy my swimming pool and all my books.”

That easily brings the biggest happy grin to rest on Bethany’s lips. It shines so brightly that it finds an accompanying giggle. That has Jennifer follow with her own giggles. It also has Jennifer staring into those magical blue-gray eyes to softly say, “Your eyes are beautiful and do you know that?”

Bethany blushes to lower her eyes with bashfully saying, “Naw, it is you who has great eyes. I could look at them forever.” This has her then flash a loving glance into Jennifer`s eyes of blue. That has Bethany breathing faster until she becomes dizzy. In fact, her mind and body swiftly are dancing in dizziness as she peeks once more into Jennifer`s eyes. But this time she doesn’t look away. That has the two girls holding a stare between them with them both sharing soul energy as Bethany worshipfully whispers, “I would do anything to be with you…to be your anything.”

Speedily something registers in Jennifer. And it is something that feels too strong to continue the gazing into eyes and so she lowers her eyes to next be blushing. Afterward, she notices that her breathing is rapid and that causes a hard rough swallow to fill her throat. “Oh god, oh god…Bethie..what are you..what are you doing?” Comes in a gasping with a tinge of fear entering Jennifer.

That has the young golden blonde inching away from being held in Bethany`s arms. It is a pulling away from the two preparing to sleep. It has Jennifer visually inspecting Bethany too. This is a checking to be sure of trust while she continues to be lost in feelings. Then just as suddenly Jennifer grabs unto Bethany to snuggle in with her saying, “I feel so funny with you.”

With all of it, Bethany wants to say that she is doing nothing but she knows that she is doing something. True, it is not something that she can stop. Then again she doesn’t want to bring it to a halt either. “Shh!” She soothes in a hope that no more fear does come to Jennifer. She doesn’t want Jennifer won`t run from her too. This fact has her cuddling Jennifer as they nestle in the corner of the garden shed while sitting upon old cushioned armchair under warm patchwork blanket. With that occurring, Bethany quickly summons her fourteen-year-old logic to seal a life promise. “I am taking care of us. We take care of each other, forever. I didn’t mean to look too long. I am sorry, Jennie. I promise to be good for you.”

“You have no need to be sorry, Bethie. Your eyes are nice. Don’t be silly. I was silly.” Arrive in sleepiness and wanting to be loved as Jennifer pulls on the blanket to cover them both.

Bethany raises an eyebrow as this happens. For she highly doubts that this serious shy little Jennifer could ever be silly. That has Bethany tucking the blanket in around them as her arms cradled her new best friend. As she does it Jennifer asks, “Will you watch over me, again? Watch for my father. Please, I need sleep so that I can stay up all night to make sure he isn’t finding me.”

Bethany triumphantly grins and soothes her new girl`s worries, as she hushed with, “Yes, it is what I am born to do.”

Within the week, the horse is discovered. Then soon after Jennifer is detected at the school where she daily waits for Bethany to finish classes. Beth watches out a classroom window as the police take Jennifer into the squad car and that fills her with panic. It does for she is losing her girl. Losing again. She also losing to men, with men controlling and taking love from her. That has her rush for the classroom door and provides a ruckus. It does but even in that, she makes it to school`s front stops to watch Jennifer being driven away. “I am coming to Ottawa. You are mine. Mine!” She professes in a determination of what she demands as future.

Time`s wheels turn. It takes a few days but there is a phone call. Maria is shocked but happy. Bethany thinks that her mother didn’t know of the food disappearing or the blankets and girl in the shed. Of course, that is a wrong assumption. It is and when Bethany`s mood suddenly goes from joy to foul Marie equates it with a girl being in her daughter`s life. She does and now she knows the voice of the girl too. This creates a dilemma for Marie knows that danger is coming if Damien discovers this and so she conjures a plan. She does because she once more needs her daughter to like women more than her daughter could be liking men. This is just like before and it could be thought that Marie knows that it is going to free Bethany one day. Therefore, Marie allows the calls but from the second phone call onward she lays out a few rules and a plan.

“Jennifer, we are going, to be frank with each other. I know that you are aware of Bethany Ann`s father. He is ..he is..uhm.” She pauses for she has nothing to say about this man, this man that she married and that she does fear. Yet, she continues with setting up a plan for the two girls. “You and Bethany need to be careful from December first onward. No more calls to here from that day onward. If you want to stay connected then you two may write letters to each other. You will do that. You must understand this. Then when you send your letters you are to address them to me. That way there is no suspicion and still, there is communication between you two girls. That way Bethany is not know. Do you understand me, child?”

Jennifer listens and thinks before she replies, “I do. But does Bethie know of this? And why don’t you stop him?”

“That is complex. Not open for discussion.” Redirects Marie for she has no intention of creating a war in her house for she trying to create ‘harm none’. Therefore, she moves onto saying “Yes, Bethany and I spoke last night. Please, do this or there will be trouble. Please? You can ..can..” She pauses and shakes off the idea of this being loving, but we all know that it is a loving gesture. It is and she finalizes this deal to end the chat with saying, “Blessed be, Miss Santos.”

That act creates the letters that Bethany eventually receives. In that, she daily seeks out her mother who is claiming them for her. Bethany gets them many times a week and Jennifer never fails in writing daily letters. The friendship grows and Maria covers it up perfectly. She does it until one day at the start of February when Damien finds the mail before Marie does. This discovery of prohibited letters and forbidden friendship has Hell breaking free in the household. It also has Bethany being yanked out of school to be brought home. Once he has her at the house he stands his daughter mid-center in his bedroom to angrily command. “Strip, slut! You fucking disrespectful slut, strip!”

“No!” Comes in solid determined defiance.

His reaction is swift. The long leather belt is speedily loosened as it is rapidly ripping through loops to be free from his pants. It is slow motion moments, though. It is also horrific sounds echoing in stillness with hell raining its power into a moment that is stinging in decisions. The leather belt within the strong tight grip of his left hand immediately takes to whipping hard against Bethany young body.

“No, Papa!” Arrives in screams as the sting of the whipping blows fills her delicate skin. They do this as sternness settles boldly into a refusal to allow anymore his power to control her. “No! No!” This is said through gritted teeth as rebellion`s fire fill her and spill out, “You are not allowed! Harm None! Harm None!!” She screeches as she tries to get out of the room, but he blocks her. This obstructing doesn’t last for he finds that his daughter has learned a few tricks. These include kneels to balls and he is in a heap on the floor. Thus, she is soon out the front door of the house with her mother passing over all the money that she has. It comes with throwing a winter coat and anything that she could get in a cloth shopping bag.

“Get out!” Snarls the middle-aged woman. “Don’t come back! Do you understand?” Marie spits out in forced anger. “Get the fuck out!”

Bethany then runs. She runs for her life. Runs through yards and she does hide in any place that she can. Plus, in this she sort of lives in the forest that lay along Route 17 since she is headed for Ottawa. She travels under the cover of night with hitching rides with truckers. She is lucky with that in endless ways for that is definitely not a safe thing to do for a teen. It isn’t, but she takes to telling a few credible lies and along with that there is the truth of what is at home. It all helps her to get the safety that she quickly finds. That safety is Bethany discovering herself dropped off in Kanata that is just outside of Ottawa.

Kanata is the small city just on the outskirts of Ottawa. Kanata is what exists at first and soon it is to be Ottawa if she has a bit more luck. Ottawa and her Jennifer. Yes, she is filthy, hungry and tired but she can almost sense Jennifer being close. So she finds a phone to call her angel, an angel that is in school in the United Kingdom. To say there is joy in hearing Jennifer’s voice is an understatement. Then with this, there spill out what is happening to Bethany. Jennifer is shocked, but she now chooses to be Bethany`s protector.

“Daddy is in Italy until the end of summer. You can’t get in the house without tripping alarms. But the shed is open.” Thus, it is agreed that such a living arrangement is the best option for the moment. It leads into statements of “I will call our corner grocer. He is a friend. Go there tomorrow. Tell him that you are picking up things for daddy. Get whatever. It will be okay.” Claims Jennifer in suddenly feeling alive for she now has a sister.

Or she plans to have a sister once she can get her father involved. She distinguishes that if her daddy knows the truth then he changes everything into what she needs. It is in this faith about Sean Santos that Jennifer continues with the chatter in a high excitement. “Easter Break is next month. I am coming home then. I will let you in the house and we can hang out. Yes, we can sister!”

Hence, such a reality exists. That also makes Bethany a street kid until mid-March. Yes, in all honesty, she sort of lives on the streets of Canada’s capital city but she doesn’t too due to that she lives in the shed behind the house but she walks the streets in the day. Thus, she has time to be haunting the grocery store for warmth.

Within such being a daily event the store owner can see that Bethany is a good kid, but something is not right with things and he knows it. In this arrangement, Jennifer also tells the grocer that Bethany is a cousin. It is the lie that adds to the one of Bethany doing tasks for the Santos family. This has the grocer thinking that he can trust Bethany and so he gives her a job because Sean Santos may appreciate it. Thus, Bethany is okay for a while and is cared for by Dominick Williams. He does it while it is unknown to him that Bethany is a runaway living in the Santos garden shed. But he provides the daily foods, cleanliness, and warmth to her no matter what is going on.

This all leads to the end of March bringing Jennifer back to Canada to have Spring Break home alone. No Sean Santos doesn’t show up. Such is not unusual either. Jennifer often spends holidays alone or with a nanny. Now that she is fifteen it is only a family friend checking on her every a few days. So it’s not too lonely but otherwise, she is alone.

So as she arrives home to the house in Ottawa`s West End Bethany watches Jennifer dealing with the family friend that is helping Jennifer settle in. Then as soon as the car leaves the driveway Bethany pops out from around the corner of the house. And she is instantly spotted!

“Bethie!” Comes the elated scream as they eye each other. It is instant again. That bond and that energy, it zooms to the outer limits as they each do a happy dance with Jennifer motioning Bethany to get her ass into the house. “Get in here, sister! We have two weeks of partying!”

Two weeks of fun and becoming even closer. Then Jennifer returns to school in the United Kingdom. But there are daily phone calls and Bethany is now freely living in the Santos house. She is hidden, but she lives there in safety with neighbors thinking that Jennifer has a cousin staying at that house. It all is great and soon Summer Vacation arrives with the two girls having an entire summer to do anything that they wish to do. Or they think that they do.

However, the last week of June brings Sean Santos home to his Ottawa haven. As he steps in the door he finds two teen girls on his sofa laughing while watching TV. This has one thing leading to another and soon Sean Santos is told the full story of how Bethany is in their lives. He does not like many aspects of the story. No, he does not for his daughter does not seem to be an angel in any way any longer. But those things are forgiven once he hears the dark parts of Bethany`s life. He dislikes those parts greatly and that is even though he is a man of dark deeds. But in that, it must be said that he is also a man of moral codes too. Thus, the dark tale about Bethany brings a rapid response from him. “That fucking bastard! I will place him a body bag. No one hurts children!” He growls in a fuming rage of what he is told by the two girls.

“Daddy, please I want to keep her!” Demands Jennifer in a begging for something that she possibly may not get. Yet, she continues her request. “She is my sister. Can`t you see that we belong together, that we take care of each other? So, please, can she stay with us, forever? Please?”

Within this Jennifer knows that their story tells of her being bad, but this request of Bethany living with them is something that she must have. So, she plans to fight for it. Along with it, she knows that her father has some power that she is fully unaware of. Big power. This is a power that he doesn’t ever explain to young Jennifer, at least he does not until she is in her twenties. So, she brings that into play too within the negotiations. “If anyone can do it then you can do it. You are powerful, Daddy. Please, I don’t know how powerful you are but I know that you can do everything.” She implores for she has learned that Sean can do things that most fathers can`t. Plus, he gifts nearly anything that he can to her, but that is gifting that only exists if she can prove that she needs it.

Indeed, it is the truth that Sean Santos supplies anything to his daughter to shows his love. He does it for he knows that he lacks what it takes to be the traditional type of father. This has him staring in studying both of the girls as the cogs in his business mind turnover. Turning within ideas of how he can do the request. In this plotting of the new endeavor, he recognizes a beautiful light dancing in his daughter`s eyes. A shining of life for the first time since his wife died when Jennifer is five-year-old. Back then the light abandoned his daughter for he poorly dealt with the loss of the woman who made this house a home by filling it with Love`s life. So, it is with a deep breath that Sean acknowledges that he is soon to make a deal with the devil that is known as Damien. Hence, it is deeper breaths and this is true even though Sean is not such a saintly man either.

Oh yes, it is the truth that he is a demon man who doesn’t like doing the type of deal that he is about to make. He doesn’t for it is to be a slick tricky dirty necessary arrangement with Damien that borders questionable ethics, ethics that are his only sworn off limits. It is that type of deal. Hence, it is definitely a deal between two different types of devils; devils of different levels so that a lovely teenager is free from abuse while Sean gifts his own daughter with things that truly can`t be bought. Thus, it is secrets with buying things that are priceless and he does it with a minor strong-armed fanfare and some quickly arranged official legal documents.

“Hooray!” Is shouted by both girls on July 31st, 1995 at a birthday party that is full-blown teen fun. It is a rebirth! Bethany is now a Santos. Adoption is done. There is a setup of Bethany going to school in the United Kingdom with Jennifer too. In fact, full rights and responsibilities of being a daughter of Sean Santo are given to the young blond of grey-blue eyes. Therefore, life is new for Bethany, new life with now being Bethany Santos.

Within all this excitement of freedoms and the budding presence of lesbian romantic love, it is to be noticed that a new person has entered Bethany`s life. Oh yes, a very new person and it is an important someone that Bethany still deeply loves to this very day. It is also factual that he too is a demon but once more he is a demon of a different sort.

And with that said it is time to meet and greet the most influential man in Bethany`s life. Oh yes, we have not truly met him and yes; you thought that you already have truly met the most instrumental man in her life. Nope, you have not. This other man is not like the devil Damien or demon-savior Sean. Instead, it is a very interesting character and we do require having a proper introduction of him too. We do and that is even if he is sort of a demon who commands such etiquette of proper things from existence. So yes, we introduce Beth`s true male love. In doing so, we begin an erotic roller coaster ride from here onward and it leads right to him and unto so much more.

In fact, from this point onward it becomes extremely naughty with unearthing more of all the degrees of our Sweet Sexiness. So, hold on to your smile but do find some more coffee brew for you and me. And while you do that I ask this. Can you hear the whispers of sexual erotic love coming to mate with kinky lust? Are you starting to wonder about how the world of dark sexual desire comes to create a Dominea out of Bethany? Dominea Beth. Oh yes, please do, because I am already beginning to squirm in my seat about it coming into our story.

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