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Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 7, Synergy.

“I am not forgetting anything.” Defensively replies Bethany who is following Dominick into the back portions of the store.

“Oh, come on? Are you sure?” Is returned in a directing of her into a confrontation. Dominick does this slickly without him changing pace while he is moving toward his office. With him entering through the open door, he is hoping that there is a magnetic cord attached to Bethany so that she trails along in behind him. He wants her to follow and he knows that she will for Bethany stores her purse in his office when she is working her shift. That reality has her following him, but silence comes hard between them with her stopping just inside the threshold of the doorway. She does this for his comments are sinking into her thoughts within ways of him judging her as a bad person. That has her eying him hard with almost wanting to hurt him for saying what he has.

So, it is violence and why is there such violent thoughts from a usually calm and happy woman? Well, some facts about our heroine are that she is extremely moody and temperamental at times. Those are profoundly true due to that she greatly disliking being judged. Yet, at seventeen years old Bethany is often judged. Thus, she frequently is a bit erratic. This, of course, tends to go against her beliefs in Harm None. Nonetheless, she tries to control that. She even rises to the occasion to make herself a better sample of a human when she has done wrong. Yet, somehow the moodiness always returns. Therefore, Beth sends out a snickering of disbelief about what she thinks that he is insinuating. That is swiftly followed by “Are you saying that I am not mature? Or are you saying that I am cocky? Or that I have no control?”

“I didn’t say any of that.” He gingerly articulates with him reaching for her belongings so that he may pass them
over to her. But as Dominick does he knocks over an opened box of BDSM books and magazines that rest on a nearby chair. It, of course, falls to the floor forcing Dominick to sidestep the getting hit by them. At that moment they both sort of stop for a few seconds to watch the raining down of magazines and images to the floor. With the last of the items having fallen Dominick sends out an exasperated sigh as Bethany does eye him. She observes him while his words from moments ago are rolling around in her mind. She, however, says nothing to him about it. At least she doesn`t just yet. Instead, she watches him standing there looking at the books before he then gazes back at her. As he does he repeats, “I didn’t say any of that. I don’t say bad things about my friends and I always tell you the truth. Truth can be hard and it can hurt. You do know that already.”

“You did too. You did say that.” Bethany irritably insists as she moves forward to gather her belongings so that she may leave for the day.

With her doing that Bethany is ignoring everything else but she stands inches away from him. That allows him to grab her by the arm. He seizes her in a forcing of her to look into his eyes as he firmly states. “If you don`t know yourself then you best start. You need to start because the girl that walked in here as a runaway is now a woman. Yes, you are a woman and if you don`t know you, if don`t you know you by now then you are going to be miles behind by the time you wake up to who you can be.”

This has Dominick passionately glaring at Bethany in a lustful hope that she will understand her budding personal power. He is daydreaming about what he truly hungers to do to her too. He wants all of that in order to prove to her just how much she has changed. He wishes to show her how much she can feel being a woman, teh woman that she naturally is. He needs her an empowered woman, a sexual woman and a woman kneeling in acceptance of owning who she is. For him to arrange that happening to her he knows that Bethany needs to know and control herself and to acknowledge her real inner self. Thus, as he stands to stare into her eyes all of that does stream from him into her as their eyes imprison each other in locking a sexual energy stare.

This creates an intense sexual energy exchange of gazing into his eyes. Bethany feels magnetically drawn to share this energy with him. It shakes her senses, and as it does she deeply understands that he has a dominance over people that she can`t explain. His power over people and a command of any moments of any kind. It is a control that she is lost within when she is watching him do it. In fact, it takes her breath away when he does it to his wife and several other women who regularly enter the store to visit his office. “Dom, Dom...sir” She replies in whispering begging.

“What is it my pet? What? If you don’t like the changes that you made to you then don’t make them.” He confidently proclaims in a seductive firm voice that dominates as he leans forward to almost be kissing her lips. “Be a good girl, truth, truth to yourself. Truth to me and do trust it, my Bethany. Trust in yourself for you will be amazing. Oh yes, my sexy sweetness, you are amazing! Amazing, my pet.”

The heat is wild between them. Her teenaged body is on sexual fire with feeling his power run through her to own her. She is completely alive with how much he has reached within her to invisibly own her without her even knowing that he could. But within it, she still maintains her abilities to think. “You did too.” Bethany faintly repeats within feeling dizzy and lost.

Dominick knows that he is wrapping his sexual energy around her as he holds her spellbound with sharing souls by not breaking the eye contact. Within that Dominick smirks as he waits for it all to totally consume her. He wants her to feel him just like this, oh yes, he does and he needs her wanting it. He desires for her to understand many things and this is one of them, the one of them that is her needing this energy exchange that they so easily share.

“I have done a lot of things in life, Bethany. I have told you some of them. I have told you parts of my life, but as of today, you are going to learn so much more. You need to know more; so much more about me for you need to learn more about you. The ‘about you’ that you are going learn are those parts that we have in common. And those include sexual you, dominance and what type of human that you are.”

Bethany swallows hard as he breathes on her while he seductively talks. Within it all, she can`t stop looking in his eyes and this is causing her upper lips to tremble of the carnal tension between them. It is having her own breathing rough, raw, deep, and she is feeling as though the universe has aligned. That has her standing stock-still, but every cell within her is wildly alive within an unfathomable sexual heat. It is a tormenting heat with it having her pussy ache and drip of fleshly juices. It is dripping onto her panties and soaking her senses with lust. Lustful primal and controlled sexual energies as she stammers, “I...I...I…I…”

“Are you a woman, Bethany? Are you capable of knowing you?” he sternly demands, “You think about that. Yes, you need to. Along with that, you are taking home a few of those books on the floor. Enjoy them and return them next week. Be good and do enjoy being a woman. I trust that you will be a very naughty woman with studying them too. Study them like you do your schoolbooks. Do it, do read them in the same way that you have been enjoying them during this past month. Do it so that you learn about yourself. Learn and we can chat about it later.”

Of course, she is reading the BDSM books but she isn`t telling anyone. Thus, Bethany is shocked that he realizes that she is peeking at them during work breaks or at the other times. But Dominick knows of it for he intentionally left the books in his office. It is done like that in a hope that she is secretly looking through them. Or she thinks that it is a secret. He identifies that too, and he understands that she knows that she is being deviant. He knows it all because he has arranged the books in a particular way and there is the promise of no looking at such materials that are associated with him. But that is part of his plans too for he is covertly testing Bethany and observing her behavior without actually watching her.

However, his little test is now done and that leaves Bethany silent. She is in shock of what is going on. That has Dominick giving her some help with settling back down to Earth into their friendship. “You have answers to all that you want to know, just please listen to your inner self. You did that very thing when you ran away. You did it when you befriended Jennifer too. Now listen to you again, listen to what you need for yourself in order to understand yourself.”

“But, but you did.” she once more confronts him with the truth of what she thinks is happening.

Dominick immediately softens his gaze into allowing her freedom from the sexual energies that have been sharing. Within an easy friendly voice, he then questions, “What did I do? Tell me, because hurting is not something that I want to do. And you think that I have said bad things.”

Bethany now feels free from whatever power he has over her. She gasps a little as she tries to clear her senses to focus. In that, she shakes herself free of the hazy spell that is between them. Then her mind begins tumbling within what she is accusing him of. That allows her to once more make her point. “You said that I am not mature. You think that I do not control me or that I don`t control my actions with women.”

“No, I didn’t say that,” Dominick says with him standing back from her as he continues, “Truthfully, I asked you if you think that you are an adult. Then you questioned yourself by accusing me of questioning you on what you think a female adult is. But what I did do is this. I asked you to ask yourself if you think that you are now an adult. And you answered as you did.” Dominick claims with watching her as her mind clear into relaxing.

Yet, Bethany is still somewhat lost while slowly understanding what he claims to have happened. She tries to apprehend it all. And that has her thinking that what he says could possibly be the truth. Yes, he could be telling the truth. After all, she may have taken it wrong. She kind of accepts that she is occasionally wrong. In fact, she knows that she has a quick defensive trigger and that she is a bit temperamental. But it is just a bit volatile and she doesn’t always like that about her own self. She doesn’t like it for it feels like that she intentionally harms others with that part of her personality. Thus, she is accepting that he is telling the truth about it all. Plus, in all of this, she is mentally drained and that is having her not caring for she is overwhelmed with a few other things that he has spoken of.

Which even in the fact of Dominick noticing that she is not quite understanding he continues to speak about what is happening between them. “You said that you are immature, cocky, and uncontrolled.” He then kneels to begin retrieving a few books to give to her. “ Pet, if you think such things then please think harder.”

“But sir, sir…” she tiredly conveys with watching him hand over several books.

“Pet, we now have more honesty between us. You will be eighteen next year and you have worlds of learning to do, learning about yourself.”

“But, I know me, sir.” She insists on it for she has that normal teenage aged cockiness of thinking that immortality and all knowledge is owned at that age.

He looks at her from head to toes within him rising to his feet. He does it within a sympathetic understanding that even at his age he has space to learn more. In that space of more, he also knows that no one is immortal. So he recognizes that Bethany does not understand that she is currently being typically teenaged and cocky. Dominick additionally realizes that Bethany one day will see that she is an adult at seventeen but at seventeen she is only beginning that journey.

“You don’t believe me, sir?” Bethany asks while accepting and holding the books as he gathers a bag to place them in.

With finding a grocery bag, Dominick holds it for her to place the books inside it. He sighs and he warmly smiles at her with saying, “You will read these. But if I could, then I would cuff you so that you truly know about control. I would like to have you understand what it is like to give another person total control. Then in that experience, you can see what is like to actually control. You need that to comprehend all aspects of control so that you can begin to understand about yourself and control within sexuality. You need to grasp the concepts of control because you apprehend that it is a powerful force. And, as with all powerful things, it can be dangerous or productive.”

“I don`t understand you,” She says with sighing over being tired. She is exhausted but even in being fatigued Bethany has a talent of thinking clearly. So she brings her thinking into a high-speed way with analyzing everything that is occurring. That has her asking, “And how did you know me reading the books?”

“In all honesty, I left the books here for you to read. You are interested in the sexual content. You non-verbally told me that when you scanned the images during your interview. You said no words about wanting to read, but you did insist on keeping secrets while being explicit of your familiarity with sex. Since then I have learned about your childhood. You also have told that you have regular consensual sex. You furthermore have occasionally acted with deviance and are overtly sexual with seducing anyone that you want for sex.”

All of that settles into a sinking truth inside of Bethany. It allows her the understanding that he is brilliant and that Dominick is far ahead of her in the knowledge of life. It additionally has Bethany feeling that Dominick has some weird superpower or that he is stalking her, but she believes that he isn’t. Or it is better said that she feels that he can`t be any of that bad of stalking her. At least not according to logic but she doesn’t know for certain, for she is tired and lost for answers about any of what has occurred.

Nevertheless, even with her deciding that he is innocent of any badness she knows that she is excited. Bethany is very thrilled about actually getting to thoroughly read the books and to do it without worrying about being caught reading them. That has her standing there forgetting that she is on her way home. As Bethany does she ponders what has passed betwixt them and Dominick furthers the chat with sneaking in a bit more of his true agenda for her to be thinking on. “To truly trust is to have no control over anything after sharing all truths. It is cuffed, gagged, blindfolded and showing reliance on one other person`s judgment and power. That is a part of understanding the concept of control and dominance. To prove how much you can be controlled shows a depth of trust. To prove that you can control is dominance and trusting the truths that two people have shared. Within that, it is important to know the five W`s. Those are these; why, when, where, what and well-being. It is also important to have consent and to be safe and to it have it consensual.”

“Sex?” She says with not really following him and so she tries to clear the fogginess of not understanding, “Are we talking about sex? You are talking about sex, sex with me, you with me?” Arrives in wonderment and understanding that there is a legal age limit with their chat suddenly feeling like she is in the presence of a man like her father.

“No!” Comes sharply as his voice is instantly harsh “I am talking to you about you being an adult.”

Next, Dominick slowly walks toward Bethany as she instantly backs away in fear of what is coming. As she does Dominick stops, then he rubs his chin to ponderously say, “I swear that only you have the power to say whom you have sex with. Only you have that power over you. No one else ever.”

“But you are talking about sex with me. Kinky shit like in the books.” Bethany instantly sends back at him with it tinged with fear and in a fervent need to escape.

That has Dominick seeing the fear and fire in her eyes. He instantly stops everything, but with that, his mind is running fast for he can`t have her not trusting in him or in men. Added to it, he won`t have her endure the abuse from her childhood, not ever again. So, the world becomes strange for him. It does because no matter what his desires are Dominick knows the fragility of Bethany`s soul. He recognizes how this will affect her opinions of men. Hence, it is a moment where there should be a thunderclap and earthquakes existing for he can`t be who he is. So yes, there should be that shattering event for his next step is having him, an alpha male BDSM Dominant, reverently kneeling before a teenaged female. Yes, he kneels in relenting all of his power to her. He must and he knows that he must. This event comes as his eyes of dusty blue look up into her beautiful blue eyes. Then his voice hits deeply serious within a begging, “Please. You are safe. I promise. The power is only yours. Not mine! I will not touch you, not unless you actually sign a contract after you are eighteen. But yes, this is partially about sex.”

Next, he holds his two hands outward with palms upward, “In fact, we will have a signed contract stating just that. It will state anything that you want it too. And as collateral, I will place my store as the buffer and reward.”

This has Dominick looking at her as she watches him. She has never seen him kneel and she has always thought of him as being larger than life. But now, he kneels surrendering dominance to her. It has Bethany lost. And she is still confused about what is happening and it doesn’t help that she is now hearing the words, “Truth, and trust.” from him.

“Don’t, don’t...I am...I…Dominick, I.”

“Shush, it is okay.” Arrives in loving tones as he continues conveying, “You have all the time in the world to sort it out, Bethany. But yes, you are a woman. Please, allow me to help you understand what that truly can be. We have known each other for almost two years. You have worked in this store for over a month and our friendship feels like it is ancient. We both said that after two weeks of you being here. You do remember that?”

Bethany desperately attempts to settle the sensations of being overwhelmed with the information while she is still wondering if she is going to be forced into having sex with him. Within that wondering of it, Bethany begins to tremble as she stands there towering over him. She does for it is emotional overload for her as Dominick watches her with not moving. She too is now staring at him, but it is in fear and in a hope of this not being what she thinks that it is. And this is thought as her entire self suddenly succumbs to thinking that men are always going to abuse her. Yet, Dominick says nothing, he can`t, and he knows that he shouldn’t say anything either. And that is because it is easy to see that part of Bethany that is the runaway, the runaway at that moment is returning to exist in this now adult woman. Oh yes, it is almost like she turns back time, as all of her recently acquired ego and self-confidence vanishes. That happening has her stammering, “I have trusted you,” she then eyes him with demanding him to not hurt her. “Harm none, harm none. Please?”

Dominick still does not move from his kneeling position. He is not even making any gesture of having dominance. He wants her to instead to see that this is about her and not sex. He believes it is about her knowing her inner self and living life as she is meant to. In order for Bethany to do that, he understands that she must learn about her own self. So he gently says, “It is about you learning; you learn more about you. You must do that. To do that you need a guide in life, you must have a proper hand that you can trust and expect truth from. You have not had that in life. You need that and require it within the boundaries that you find acceptable. I will erase your parent’s sins and place you on the stage of humanity as the treasure that you are. Your life has had limited truth and trust. But, no longer is that happening. Today, you take back that sacred part of being human. You can trust again. I promise. And, this is about balances within knowing you and it is not about sex. But yes, life is sexual and the books have sexual content.”

She watches his eyes; she does and sees a soul surrendered within a willingness to live within her rules. Yet, Bethany is mesmerized as she stands mere feet away from the kneeling Dominick. It has her mind spin and it twirls in overload for she can`t understand what all of this has to do with her seducing a few women and other teens. She simply does not and Dominick sees that it is too much. Therefore, he takes a deep breath allowing his body to relax. In doing so, his knees are not enjoying the hardwood floor but he figures that is okay. But still, he needs to stand. So, after a long silence of allowing her to be judging him and sorting out everything Dominick requests “May I stand? May I stand, Bethany? I am not a young man.”

This has Bethany shaking free of her own thought to have her wonder of why he needs permission. To her, he doesn’t need that at all. Then she realizes that he gave her control. Such a truth provides a weird sensation to suddenly fill her. It comes in as a wild new awareness of her power and that is an interesting thing. It grows to be too much to comprehend as it turns inside of Bethany. In that, it brings her to understand that he is her boss. So, she awkwardly replies, “Yes. Please stand up. I am sorry. That must hurt.”

“There is no sorry,” Dominick claims as he rises to his feet to brush himself off. With this occurring, it gives a quiet moment, but Dominick soon states, “You are most beautiful when humble. Overconfidence is ugly. Ego is unneeded. Natural talents are precious and one day you will truly know that sex is powerful. But for now, you read the books and to enjoy, as I will mentor.”

Bethany still is confused about what is happening between them. She has no idea of it. At least she doesn’t until a little later on in the month. Yet, the one prominent lesson is that they have sexy energy and she takes that with her as she says, “Captian Sean wants me home to make dinner. I can’t stay any longer.” And that has Bethany firmly holding the bag of books and walking out of the office as she says, “Blessed be, Sir.”

“Fare thee well, Bethany.” Dominick conveys while watching her strut out with him hoping that this will bring him his true goals.

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