Friday, November 27, 2015

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 2, Tidal Waves And Teasing

With bodies pressing together having nude skin smooth in heated lustful love there is the showering of sweet strawberry elixir to bless the open palm of Trinity. The sweet thick cream comes in a river that possesses Trinity’s entire palm to then begin to dribble on the blanket. Immediately Trinity is smoothing her body down over those curves which are within the trembling awe of orgasmic high. The heat, wetness and to taste as the lovely juice comes to tease the tongue of Trinity, while she twists the creamy treat around her tongue after placing her head between those silky thighs. It is a deeply delicious ‘morning’ juice that is exactly what is needed to begin the day. Ever so slowly the creamy juice is teased into her mouth to have it smooth down over her tongue and to coat her throat. Then there arrives that lovely sound of purring awe in concern to the rich taste. “Mmm. Naughty tasting.”

With the last whipping of her full tongue over her open palm she comes to snuggle in so nicely between those muscular feminine thighs with her head coming in too close to that cream covered wet womanhood. The scent is so intoxicating that she is spellbound by it as her nose tenderly nuzzles the outer edges of those exquisite moist lower lips. At this moment Laurel presses her pussy towards Trinity`s awaiting lips with Trinity bringing her lovely moist upper lips to fully suckle the treat before she is whipping her tongue along the contours to clean up every ounce of the strawberry treat.

This is yummy beyond belief as those lips of Trinity are once more starting to have Laurel scream out another torridly heated moan of ecstasy. These feelings rock Laurel into almost being too weak to continue but she isn’t giving in for it is now Laurel`s turn to tease and please her lover.

Within a blinking, the lovemaking turns into the raw need of enjoying a union through Trinity climbing up over the weakened body of Laurel so that the blond seductress is being pinned to the blanket as Trinity`s thighs come to straddle Laurel`s head. Those soft silken thighs that are well muscled are pressing, trembling in need of pleasure and are so strong in their presence as Trinity`s womanly wetness hovers above those upper lips of her lover. Laurel knows this is the place of sweet sexy scent. It is a scent that is wafting into Laurel`s nostrils to be creating the most sensual spell of seducing that naughty tongue out so it may tease Trinity into bliss. Laurel easily produces the tip of her moist tongue to tickle the outer folds of the delicate skin of those moist hot lips of naughty sexiness. Then suddenly as Laurel`s tongue whips slowly straight up the centre of Trinity`s lower lips Trinity`s whole body quakes sending out a need to grasp Laurel`s hands within entwining. Those locking of fingers mean stability is needed by Trinity but she still wants more as the sweet moaning cries of ecstasy from both women sound out to escape into the lively air of the morning`s beachscape.

“Taste me!” she begs. “Taste me, my little lover. Feast on me.”

“Mmmm” Purrs Laurel, as her tongue becomes busier within the folds of the sweet wet to then penetrate over and over. She takes to mapping out the lining of that naughty sexy canal. Each taste is teasing, taunting and providing euphoria for Trinity. Those fingers interweave with knuckles of white as her hip drive in rocking over the lips and tongue of Laurel whose steamy breaths makes the hot’ hole of love’ even more scrumptious. Soon Trinity`s back arcs back, head tosses backward to play out those chestnut colour tresses in a waterfall of silken strands that tickle Laurel`s legs. Even still, the blond lady remains diligent in her teasing for she wants Trinity to have two lovely moments of orgasm before they enjoy breakfast. This moment of now is beautiful as the first orgasm blazes to trail out to flow in moist lust upon Laurel’s awaiting tongue. It is eagerly swallowed with the overflow dribbling down Laurel’s chin as Trinity is erupting with a symphony of sensual cries of ecstasy.

Bliss arrives to possess both women, yet neither is done and they know it. Trinity thrills in the orgasmic high as her breath comes sharp from having such an intense climax but there is a flickering of thought that breakfast will soon be even more interesting with more sexual love enjoyed. However, Laurel isn’t ready for breakfast just yet. There is to be one more supply of ‘morning juice’ to enjoy prior to actual foods being feasted upon. Thus, as the brunette slides her firm ass back over those round plump breasts of her lover she feels Laurel rising upward to a sitting position. Then in unison, their bodies glide into a natural sitting posture of Trinity wrapping her lover`s torso with those long muscular legs, while she is grasping the back of Laurel`s head and is gripping a fisting of those long platinum blond tresses. In doing so she is forcing Laurel`s lips to come and caress her own upper lips within kissing.

Oh yes, there is sweet kissing to share the treasure of cum which caresses both of their lips. There is mixing the treat, teasing the skin and allowing it all to become completely breathless. Exchanging air; only air between them and their hearts do now race, as once more the need to have each other is revving up within their moist cum soaked vaginal canals. It is heated upon heat. Lust is coming full throttle between them. Laurel wants this from Trinity so that the day is efficiently started in the ways of their sexual love. Thus lips do touch; both sets of upper lips play with each other as tongues come to tango in a dance of sharing the moisture of the mouth. Immediately their lower lips are pressing in teasing touch as sensual soft moaning hums ascend out from both ladies. It is a deep playful pressing as their lower lips meet in greet so that these play into a seducing of each other. For, they are now keen on feeling sensations that are truly beyond heavenly.

It is to be heavenly lust as the sun shines bring over the dark blue early autumn seas of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The waters rush to the sandy beach bringing the cresting waves to the glitter of the dazzles of diamonds. The air is growing hot from this Sunday becoming mid-morning and breakfast will soon be brunch as the pace of the lovemaking is turning to be sensual within its mood. It is soft, deep and pleasing with the kissing of lips and of the love which is so intense in all its measures. Love; love divine, love eternal and love which is almost virgin in its ways. Yet, not too much in virginity, for just as the prolonged pleasure of kissing takes their air in the last breath of becoming dizzy it has their minds spinning of their past sexual events. This has Laurel needing what she needs and that is to give her angel one more climax before breakfast.

Laurel instantly brings her right hand to smooth down Trinity`s left shoulder as it retreats from the stroking of those long silken brunette strands of lovely hair that have the scent of fruity essences. Then Laurel`s open-palmed hand smoothes down over the contours of her lover’s backside creating sensual sensations of almost tickling but these are merely enjoyed as part of a mystical spell of how much love is given from the touch which spellbinds Trinity to Laurel. “Mmmm. More!” slips Trinity`s lips as they continue to kiss into bliss.

As that hand efficiently makes it way down over the skin of Trinity`s backside the muscles within that strong back flex and move in a harmony that sends back an invisible ‘I love you. I love how you have me feel’.

“So soft, my love” is whispered between kisses that are playing into torrid sweet playful ecstasy. Then with what feels like a perfect seduction by touch Laurel`s hand arrives at the lower portion of Trinity`s strong backside to then tenderly tickle the silky-smooth skin that is exquisite in its feeling under those teasing fingertips. Then Laurel’s hand cups the very midsection to forcibly scoots Trinity inward to be closer in the sitting upon Laurel`s lap. There is a shudder of desire sweeping Trinity for she can sense what is coming from the forced pressing and she wants it but there is no way that Laurel will be the only one pleasing a lover. Trinity wants to give this pleasure too. She wants to feel that euphoric bliss of cum caressing their bodies within a dual climax that always electrifies them within a union of oneness.

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