Monday, December 5, 2016

Worshipping Her

“May I please kiss you right there, right there where you smile?” I query as I look at her, looking at my Beloved.

The beautiful blond has dreamy round breasts that are fully proportioned and so perky within plump. The two lovely globes of womanly flesh immediately catch the eyes when being confronted by this blond goddess. Those so easily bring a sharp gasp as a daydream descends to be enjoyed.

Oh, such lovely breasts that they make it difficult to not stare at them even though there are mesmeric blue eyes to gaze within. Her beauty and especially those fleshly orbs do make it a need to worship her. To adore by bringing hands to smoothly touch with the trailing of fingertips over every naughty firm inch of them as eyes of green finally connect to the beautiful blue ones. That brings more smiles as my hands are molding them to feel them. A caressing of them, that has me crave to be forever embracing them. Oh yes, that is the wish and it comes with an awe of reverence, as I whisper, "Love, love, love you, my Beloved."

Then as I get dizzier my lips arrive at tenderly kissing each of them fully upon the perkiness of the nipples that are hard for me. Then as my lips leave the sweetness of tasting each lovely nipple so that I am slowly laying my moist lips in measures kisses over every portion of each breast`s surface. The pleasure of it drives me mad with needing to make love to every inch of her for she is making the most delicious of purring sounds. As she does I once more stop to look up into her eyes to next place a sacred kiss to each nipple with softly conveying, "Only mine, only thine and forever entwined."

All of it shared as my hungry mouth fully encompasses one of those perky knobs that need endlessly sucked, teased, bitten, nibbled and licked until we both are mad within our lust to please each other.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #9, Straight To Horny

Preferring dirty sex to dirty deception rings inside Xavier. It does with it then invoking the realization that Gabi is even shrewder than he expected. To his surprise, she is gifting him with what he hoped that she would. He wants her being able to handle all things that his world entails. That includes him being a control freak in all aspects of his life.

Yes, control fanatic to the point of traditionally commanding all aspects of any love interest`s life, any lover that entered his life. Then ever since the day that he discovered Gabi, Xavier readied to be married to her. And with that he researched her. Within all that data he found only unacceptable. That thing came as a habit of allowing romantic partners to dominate her life through emotional and mental intimidation. Such exists as a vile thing to him for that alone seems to be what creates any non-permanency of an intimate partner in Gabi`s life. Which is not okay by him for he is seeking a forever with her. Thus, he grins as the phrase that she speaks ring over and over inside his mind.

' ...prefer dirty sex over dirty deception. Prefer dirty sex over dirty deception.'

“Well, just don’t stand there. Food is here and I am hungry. You can deal with it while I dress in jeans and a blouse for dinner. “ Comes said with Gabi proceeding up the front steps to then soon be standing in the open doorway to her house. In doing so she turns to look at him with coolly proclaiming, “Xavier, do not ever play games with me again. If you do I will cut your cock off when you are sleeping.“

A hard swallow by Xavier swiftly follows as a reaction to her cold statement. It does for he is well aware of how she carries out dirtier deeds of business dealings. Thus, he snaps to attention with seeing her vanish inside the house and hears a delivery car pulling up the curb.

“Excuse me, mister, do you live here at this address? I have two prepaid orders of Thai for delivery at 107 Hastings to a Gabbriel Bruce." Such emanates from a husky male voice via an open window of a small roughed up sedan that is a delivery car for a very eclectic restaurant that has the best Thai food in the city.

“Yes, she lives here. She is inside but I can take the package. It is me who had called in the order. ” arrives as response as Xavier begin walking toward the car.

“Aw, okay, Mr. Bruce. Here it comes. Three bags and a bottle wine too.” And with that, the driver of the vehicle reaches over to the seat beside him to then pass the three large brown paper bags out the window.In doing so he conveys. ”If ya don’t mind can you come closer to get them? My car has issues with its doors and the motor needs to remain running. If ya know what I mean.”

Xavier grins of the name for he is not that but gee it sounds interesting. Yet, he gives it no further thought at the moment for he collects the parcels before walking into the house. Once inside he finds that Gabi still is upstairs for he doesn't see her around the large open area. With that, Xavier instantly has a wicked idea. Yes, a deliciously naughty idea of dinner on a bed, and doing undressing to afterward be sexually seducing this woman that he wants as Mrs. Gentz.

Such an idea allows swiftness in traveling up the steps as the parcels are maintained in his arms and all while he grins of the possibilities that can exist in the night. Then with arriving at Gabi`s open bedroom door, he spots her standing dressed in a bra and panties while she gives a sigh of needing to dress again. "No clothes, but yes, I must." Comes heard with a clearing of Gentz's throat with such having Gabi looking toward him to instantly be stalk still.

"Then don`t." He proclaims to her as an answer.

This makes her aware that he is in her private territory where she feels exposed in an awkward moment. Nonetheless, she says nothing for a strong peaceful feeling settles within her. A feeling of her owning power over him within a knowledge of her being in control for she did so with the confrontation in the yard. Thus, maybe she still possesses that even here and she likes that idea. Still, she says nothing while moving to collect a silk robe before slipping it around her curves and tying it snugly in covering up. Only then does she voice anything and it comes sharply. “You are naughty!”

“No, I am horny and I am following you. Just like you asked me too." He defends himself for he knows that he may not be playing games any longer but that doesn't intend that he is a pushover either. So, he continues with saying, "Following the woman that I love and she is hungry for dinner. So what do you say to dinner on your bed? We can have a nice picnic on your bed with us finally having the full pleasure of lovemaking. What do you say to that?”

It drips of a hoping. Xavier hopes it goes in exactly that direction of lovemaking. He wishes it even though he is aware of her perceptiveness over what exists between them. Additionally, he also understands that Gabi now sees that she has the ability to take control of any moment between them. This thus has her in silence with deciding of what is happening. Therefore, he waits, waits with looking deep into her eyes with sharing a coaxing.

”Gabi, you want no games. So, I said it. Said it straight. All men want it. I am no exception. So, if you are open to it then I want sex with you. It will only ever be with you from this second onward. Thus, you now have the power. You do for I am a man waiting on your whim when it comes to sexual anything. And yes, I am horny when I see you. Therefore, please, if it`s only the sharing of the dinner then I understand but I truly want to have much more. Your decision will stand no matter what. But please do decide.”

It flows out in a mature wisdom, yet it is such an innocence of seeming that is almost like a little boy asking access to his toy chest. That surprises her. Gabi expected him to be taking command back from her. However, it does not exist. Such a truth makes her stand there pondering of what should be done for in actuality Gabi typically is open to having sex at this stage of most dating relationships. Hence, she eyes him to contemplate how the tables have turned and that she truly is the authority of the moment. She likes that she has the power with that possibly a better thing for her when considering the history of her romantic intimacy in life. Such truths have her have her looking him straight in the eyes. "Place the bags on the nightstand. Your clothes are off, fully nude, you nude. Then we eat before you will fuck me, fuck me until morning." arrives cold toned, and with a directness as Gabi then questions. "Deal? It is a deal. Xavier, it is for it is what I want. I want sex. I do. Then maybe if you please me, I may agree to dinner at that restaurant that we should have been at tonight."

Xavier burst out in chuckling as he realizes that she truly wants to be doing dating. Next, he strolls over to set the bags down before then removing his clothes. "Mr. Bruce thinks that is a good idea. In fact, I think that I am going to like pleasing you."

"Mr. Bruce?" instantly queries Gabi on the heels of the comment for she doesn't understand what her father has to do with anything.

"Yes, the delivery guy married us. I suppose that makes the dinner in these bags to be our banquet meal. We apparently did a quickie thing with me becoming Mr. Bruce. It has me wonder if I am an easy hook up for marriage or a cheap date." He teases with tossing his shirt off and kicking his pants from around his ankles. Afterward, Xavier reaches into the bags to find the paper plates and the items for dinner.

Gabi is amused of what is said with her settling upon the bed to be adjusting pillows for comfort while watching him pass along the dishes of food and etc. She diligently watches him. She finds it cute of how he easily takes to caring of the meal and serving it. That surprises her but then again it doesn't for in the past he enjoyed serving her drinks during a sexual encounter.

Back then he served her with it stinging in her mind as a sexy romantic thing that she profoundly enjoyed. That event exists as a true pleasure. The memory of it creates heat, her hot in her womanly center proclaiming her to be even hornier than she thought. It does, yet she is hungry too. So she eyes him as he sets the last foil container on the bed. She eyes him with his dark eyes meeting hers as he begins to sit on the bed to enjoy dinner. As they stare he sees it, sees the lusty world of the primal desire for pleasure. "Oh god! Oh Gabbriel, you are so extremely beautiful."

"Xavier, don't say that. You can`t say that. You must not, for I am horny too, horny and hungry. And it`s your fault for having me drink wine the other night while you were tongue fucking Me." arrives in an edged seriousness of barely controlling her desire for she knows what is happening. She understands it as the heat in her vagina wages a war to consume her senses with it screaming in her mind. The screaming of, 'sex, sex, sex now! Just fuck him!'

Xavier mischievously grins for such is unexpected but he likes it. He likes it a lot but he knows that Gabi needs energy for sex. Therefore, the hunger must be dealt with first. Hence, he nudges chat into, "Yes, Pretty One, but we can do both. The food goes on the night tables by your bed`s sides. We then can feed each other and if you wish I will be between your thighs to once more enjoy the pleasure of tasting your cream. That way we enjoy some of the meal now and have each other too."

Gabi in turn simply forgets about food for the horniness is not controlled. Therefore, she is straight about what she needs. "Eat me, eat me now!" She next releases the slash of the silk robe with moving upward to lean against the bed`s headboard before spreading her thighs to allow him access to her wet heated pussy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #8, Deals Of Dirty Deception

Gabbriel soon finds herself walking across the ground floor of the towering modern spectacle of a thirty-story office building made of metal, glass and construction craftsmanship. The elevator doors whoosh open to allow a solidly walking pace to the front doors. Such brings prep for passing through the glass doors where she should discover an awaiting limousine. Yet, at that very moment, her phone rings with the unique buzzing that belongs to Roy.

“Yes?” whips out in a plain answering of what she hopes is not a delay of her forgetting something.

“The limo is stuck in traffic. A semi truck has engine troubles causing a stalemate in traffic. Henley`s driver is not sure of the time of pick up with Henley having called with an apology. Additionally, Henley told the photographer to meet you both on photo shoot site. That way you have direct input from him and the photographer of the project`s book cover.” Conveys Roy before cheerfully saying, “Boss, your man left here with a smile. And..”

Gabbriel noted that she had waiting to do but it is the last statement that brings an instant response. With the mention of ‘your man,’ she swiftly left all other thought in the dust to vehemently exclaim, “He is not my man!”

As she declares there exists preparation to spill out more comments but she has no time too. None whatsoever as Gentz`s voice chimes, “See you at seven tonight, my beloved. But for now, I must get going. However, if you require transport to anywhere then my limo has room for my wife`s ass.”

If there ever is a face that exclaims a human’s true unbridled thoughts then it exists now. Thoughts of, ‘My god, no! Don`t dare. Not him. What the hell is happening.’

Gentz sees that she has a comment for him but he has no time as he passes by her to finalize by saying. “I see that you have much on your mind. It would be great to chat but I must go. However, I will see you at seven tonight. Please, wear your best smile and do not be late.”

“Seven? Late? Smile? Chat?” arrives in rapid bewilderment as Gentz vanishes through the front doors of the building. Instantly, she knows that something is going on. She can sense that Gentz`s little game is still coming at her full throttle. Hence, Gabbriel gathers her wits of what to attempt to figure out what is now happening to her in concern to him. Such has her puzzling over it with that permitting a whispering, “What the Hell?”

Roy hears these questions and in all honesty he sort of overhears the rest too. This allows him to share the missing details. “A dinner date, with him. It is to be Stagira at seven tonight with his limo picking you up at your house at six thirty. He wants you wearing a knee length red cocktail dress with three-inch heels and silver accessories. Your hair must be up in a sophisticated ‘good girl’ styling while you are wearing a smile.”

Astonishment exists about the information for moments ago she dealt with putting Gentz in his place. She did so in her office before finding herself here waiting for a late ride to a meeting. That truth and the current facts have Gabbriel bewildered in commanding, “Repeat it!”

“Yes, boss.” Is the brusque direct reply, as he braces for the aftermath passible incoming responses. This allows Roy to hesitate for he is sure that his boss is going to lose all her sanity right there in the main lobby of the ground floor of the office building. So he quickly tries to sort out damage control and any next steps that can be taken to smooth out any upset. But he takes too long.

“Royster. Repeat it!” snippily demands Gabi with not caring why he is holding back. He may not hold back anything for she pays him to deal with shit storms and so she wants the info. Thus, through gritted teeth Gabi growls, “Now! Repeat it! ”

“I will!” Solidly declares the personal assistant who is more than aware of what the situation is. He knows that his boss`s business life is coming high speed into her personal life. He recognizes how that upsets Gabi for she controls how work actually affects her true personal life. He easily sees that Gabi feels a loss of control and that usually brings Gabi to do interesting things. This amuses him having him once more find it interesting to be working for his best friend, who is a publishing mogul.

The hesitation by Roy gives Gabi a space to set free her anger. Anger at Gentz and maybe anger at not getting the repeating. “That bastard! He dares bully me around and makes plans for my personal life. I am not his wife. I am not his fucking wife! So repeat it. I need all the damn details to deal with him.”

With this declaration, Roy is ready to share it all again. He must for he knows that the highest of irritation for his beautiful middle-aged brunette boss is her not having control of her personal life. No control makes Gabi quake and to have a forgetfulness. And currently, she is beginning to do both and Roy can sense it. Thus, he wants her to calm down but he first must repeat the info. He states it to then add in, “Boss, calm down. Your car arrived. The dress and etc. will be ready for seven. You are in control and we both know that. Gentz will too. So, enjoy your day. Everything can be sorted. Smile and you will kick ass tonight.”

But Gabi not only takes to quaking but she has assuredly forgotten of the meetings and the limo that she is waiting for. Yet, the stretch limo and its driver now wait for her at the street curb of the office building that she stands within. She exists there trembling in the public lobby needing to have a seat while feeling defeated but defiant and listening to Roy.

“You agreed to this.” Comes with a stern clarity. Then with a deeper breath, Roy goes on to say, “You need to realize that his office legally signed by all jurisdictions about the project. Nothing in the documents says anything about this being more than a typical book contract. I thoroughly read it while looking for the extra parts of your verbal deal. But there is nothing extra there. Any deal outside of that contract is a private verbal agreement between only you and Xavier. That verbal agreement took place in a closed-door office meeting. Okay! Please, think about what I just said. Gabi, just think about it.”

Roy then waits for a response but Gabbriel only makes puzzled humming sounds. Therefore, Roy continues on with conveying more facts. “Yes, he never made the verbal agreement legal. So, you should follow his game with wearing the dress and enjoying whatever during the weeks. I know that you wonder why should you. But you should and one reason is that all this work with no playing makes us both dull. We both can have a good giggle at month`s end when everything is closed in concern to Xavier`s contract with us. Once we complete the deal at the month`s end than he is history in your life.”

That brings illumination. Gabi Bruce now sees newness to what actually exists in concern to Gentz Xavier. Hence, her thinking changed from having limited control to returning to being in total command of her personal life. In that, she breaks the silence to inquisitively say, “You want me providing you with amusement. You are amused at my predicament.”

Roy laughs before clarifying, “Providing us with entertainment, boss. We have always enjoyed your adventures. You have great exploits for tale-telling and now here is one of the best opportunities ever. It can be wild sex orgies or endless anything. It can be that for you did tell me that Xavier claims that it is equality in this verbal agreement. Thus, you may control him in the same ways that he does with you. So how about getting a few giggles and much more.”

Indeed, enlightenment occurs with Gabbriel feeling that she can figure out something to be more comfortable in concern to dealing with this business with Gentz. Therefore, the day proceeds on a happier note. The scheduled meetings that fill the remainder of her day are typical with the proper outcomes. Yet, the thoughts of the confrontation and expectations of Gentz Xavier persist in her mind. Those do. Thus, it easily rises to the surface with each exchange with Roy about business things and updates for the updates her on what is to be done at day`s end.

“Tina prepped your wardrobe for tonight. She picked up new stockings and will do your hair for you. She always says that she likes that you give her free books as a payment. Apparently, you save her a several hundred dollars a year and the gift cards are so useful. She also chilled a bottle of wine in case you need a drink before dinner.” Roy next paused as Gabi mentions of it being a pleasure to pay Tina that way and with such said Roy continues. “Having a former hairstylist and fashionista as your neighbor is like being given endless gold. We are so lucky. Us keeping her as a supplementary staff member is one of the best decisions that we ever made.”

“Yeah, she saves my ass often. She saves yours too and adores having lunch with you. So make sure that she has what she needs for reading and book coupons. And by the way, it is you who hired her. Not me.” Replies Gabbriel as the driver of her car begins the traveling the route toward her house, which exists in one of the most exclusive suburbs of the city.

In a short time, Gabi enters her residence with a quick girlie chat with Tina before having a shower and then beginning the hairstyling process. The bottle of fine Riesling wine is uncorked for drinking to then have two champagne glasses topped up and slowly drank. With a toasting of smiles being needed then Gabi’s hair comes to be even more gorgeous than its full natural waviness. It soon is swept up into an elegance reminiscent of film`s golden era of leading ladies. Then once Tina and Gabi are satisfied with the hair styling there is dressing in the cocktail dress.

The long sleeved cocktail dress barely meets the knee but it is one of Gabbriel’s favorites. It always has her feeling confident, sensual and dominant. The bright bold red of it has a fine red lace mesh embellishment over the exquisite rich red satin that is a corset to form fit her athletic mature curves. It forms around a beautiful feminine figure with an exclamation of seducing the onlooker while remaining to be a teasing. Thus, the scooped neckline doesn't allow too much cleavage to show but the dress amplifies Gabi`s womanly gift of being large breasted. It screams of sophisticated, classiness, mature, sexual, and sexy woman. She is ready. Her appearance is breathtaking as she stands at her front door at six-thirty seeming to be in command of the world.

“You go get him, Tigress! Grrr! Make that boy kneel. I can`t believe that he thinks that you are his wife. Goddam! Men, eh! I guess the world spins in messed ways. And I am so happy that I am a lesbian.” Says the sixty-year-old Tina as she opens the door to the driver who is waiting for Gabbriel to come with him.

“Yeah, I agree.” Gabi conveys with sighing before politely nodding at the male limo driver. As she does Gabi leans over to kiss Tina`s cheek with saying, “Once again, thank you and do take the remainder of the bottle of wine home with you when you go. I won`t be drinking what is left in it. It is my treat to you two, you and Alisa. Plus, you two must come over for dinner on Sunday. We will grill something and chat about life.“

With that said Gabi begins walking through the doorway to make way to the white limousine. “Gabi, it is no problem about helping out. Eliza and I love being your neighbors and friends. I will lock up and clean up for you.”

Soon Gabbriel sits in the backseat of the limousine with the driver assisting her. Next, he finds his position behind the wheel of the car. As he pulls out of the driveway he turns on some romantic music in the CD player that then filters throughout the entire car. Once they have turned onto the main street that leads to the highway the driver clicks on the intercom system to convey “We will be stopping for service gas before hitting the highway but otherwise the trip is smooth. Since it will be at least forty minutes Mr. Xavier suggested that you could enjoy the chilled champagne, and strawberries. Additionally, if you wish there is a selection of movies for viewing or a short biography of Mr. Xavier`s life on DVD.”

“Thank you, and the stop is understood.” politely replies Gabbriel.

“You are most welcome, Ms. Bruce. I personally enjoyed the DVD and will place it in the disc player. That is if you wish it. That way you may relax until we arrive at your destination.”

To say that Gabi is interested in knowing more about Gentz is an understatement. And since Gentz offered knowledge to her then she figures why not. ”Yes, do play the DVD and thank you for letting me know about the other options.”

“No problem, Ms. Bruce. The headphones are in front of you.” With such said by the limo driver, Gabi readies to listen and to watch the autobiography of Gentz Xavier.

Being able to watch it provides an opportunity for her to collect information on this man who is a new annoyance in her life. Collecting knowledge happens quickly too with Gabi soon oblivious to anything existing around her. That includes barely even noticing the stop at the service station, which takes place ten minutes after the beginning of the DVD video. In fact, by this point, Gabi is nicely interested in the content with her finding Gentz quite entertaining to watch. She notes that he owns several lovely residences with her impressed by his taste in housing and locations. Then as the pictures turn to the story being about Gentz`s history Gabi feels the car pulling to stop.

The car coming to full ‘turning off‘ the motor stop puzzles Gabi for she is quite certain that they have not reached the inner city as of yet. Therefore, she gazes out the window of the car to see why an unscheduled break in traveling exists. When she does no city life or any busy streets with business lining both sides can be seen. Instead, she recognizes her own house in the middle of quaint secure suburbia. That simply boggles her. Thus, she begins to question the driver but he swiftly departed the car when the car halted. Gabi doesn’t understand any of this and then before she can figure out much of anything driver assists her to get out. In doing so he states “Mr. Xavier is on the steps of your porch waiting for you. I apologize for the deception but he pays my salary.”

Gabi looks at the driver with her being puzzled of everything. Then when he gives no more answers she glares at Gentz who is sitting on the top step of her front porch steps. Gabi figures that Gentz holds answers for he looks like he has a million things to say. That is concluded to be a definite truth as the driver walks off to re-enter the car to allow him to escape giving answers to any questions. This allows Gabi to shake her head in not understanding any of this. So she decides that solutions must to all of this weirdness abides in Gentz but it possibly may be more of the game that he insists on playing with her. But she has no time to ask anything of him for he speaks first to her.

“Why? Why?” He sternly exclaims in a frustration of viewing her in his car. With seeing her doing what he commanded her to do it simply sends him into being disappointed. “You are not learning, Gabbriel. You must stop allowing men to control your personal life. Gabbriel, I am in love with you and my woman is not controlled by anyone. Not even me.” he states with trying to control his irritation while standing his full height. As he does it can be seen that he is underdressed for dinner for he wears casual white pants, a loose-fitting simple white cotton dress shirt, and black loafer shoes.

Gabbriel, in turn, tries to get over that she returns home when expectations have been so different. Then mixing in with that is what Gentz says and the feelings that she is being played with. Therefore, she too grows irritated. This has her walking toward him with a stare of utter exasperation over everything that he is doing in concern to want should only be a business deal.

“I have ordered a meal to be delivered to here. It arrives in a few moments. We may enjoy it but from this point onward you must be the woman that I know that you truly are. So, please, if it is convenient we may have a picnic on this your front porch. If you wish for me to go then I depart and the meal is all yours.” He finalizes before once more sitting back on the step to wait for her decisions.

Gabbriel stands at the end of her walkway partially disbelieving all of it. Her existing there creates a stinging silence consisting of an extended length of more than several minutes. It creates a world of peace for Gabi that allows Roy`s words from earlier to filter into her thinking. Words of how the book deal actually has nothing to do with this verbal deal between her and Gentz. Hence, she tosses out all of Gentz`s speech from moments ago. With that firmly in her mind, she leisurely travels the walkway`s stones to move toward Gentz with then coolly conveying, “I see.”

Afterward, Gabi strides up to Gentz with staring deeply into his eyes before sternly warning him. “No more games. I don’t care what you are teaching me. You can`t treat anyone with such disrespect. It is a time that you learned boundaries. Now get up off your ass to follow me inside and while you are at it send your driver to get a meal and some relaxation. He deserves it since he had to deceive someone when it goes against his morality.”

Then as she continues looking into his eyes with feeling those eyes of his drawing her into being bewitched she says, “No weaving spells with those eyes. I see what is there and I prefer dirty sex over dirty deception."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 10, All That She Wants

Doing what Jennie wants is to become the motto of Bethany Ann. From that moment on things begin to change but it is only enough to make it seem like there is a change coming. Therefore, when the two go on autumn break during the coming week that change becomes confusion within Bethany. It does for several reasons and it is mostly due to the pushing by three forces upon the young woman that is still in her late teens. One is the powerful obsessive love for Jennifer, with the others existing as owning sexual self and creating her own self-image. These collide and mix within an explosion that seems to last the entire almost two weeks of autumn break.

The flight back to home in Ottawa is as it usually is. Both girls are seated in Executive Class on a direct flight from London Heathrow Airport to Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport. There are pains taken to be sure they both are always together and that the best of everything is done for them, including safety. It is this for Captain Sean Santos demands that his two daughters are cared for. As they sit together Jennifer is reading quizzes in magazines and asking Bethany the questions while she too answers them.

“Rate your first kiss. On a scale from one to five with number one, a fantasy comes true and five don't remember it.” Asks Jennifer as she crosses her legs making her little school skirt ride a bit high with that catching Beth’s eye to create a yearning look of wanting to see much more as she ponders the quiz statement to then ask, “My first kiss with someone other than you 'know who,' is that what you mean?”

Jennifer instantly shoots a sideways look at Bethany, a look of annoyance. “Forget him! No talking about him. He doesn’t own you anymore.”

Beth`s eyes seize Jennifer`s stare as the two glanced at each other with Jennifer sending further warning but those are unspoken. It is to be the understanding that there is no talking about Beth`s biological father. That has a pondering humming exude from Beth as she thinks about how Jennifer dislikes it when Beth talks about her biological family. It also has her thinking of how life once exists for her and how it now is. She knows that she is now a Santos, but she is not really one and that is even though Jennifer continually tells her that a Santos female behaves in certain ways. This has Beth sigh; she breathes even deeper than before and folds her arms in front of herself in trying to send away the scars that are forever embedded in her.

This leaves Jennifer to be watching as Bethany obviously is thinking and choosing to hide it like she always does. “Bethie, you know I that don’t like us including that bad stuff. We are both now happy. Happy and we are sisters, best of best friends and ..and..and..”

“And lovers, Jennifer. I love you, Jennie. You love me and we make love often too. It is why only we share a dorm
room.” Claims Beth with snapping out of the thinking and then returning to focusing on Jennifer having her further say, “And yes, I am a Santos. I am yours, forever owned by you.”

Jennifer smiles to then lean over to kiss Beth`s facial cheek. But Beth turns her head as the kiss is given and it becomes full lip kiss. That is beautiful with it taking Jennifer breath with her automatically succumbing to it and playing it. Their lips simply love each other and it`s lovely as they both seem to forget that they are in public. Within the bliss, Beth`s hand cup Jenn`s head to hold the moments and they kiss and kiss. Soon Jenn pulls away but Bethany leans in to play another kiss on Jennifer`s lips. This brings Jennifer to whisper “Bethie, we will get caught. Daddy can`t find out or we lose each other.” Worriedly claims Jenn, as her eyes instantly take to seeing if anyone is watching them.

Bethany immediately backs off to join in the looking for them to see if they are being watched but no one is even seated in executive class with them on this early morning flight. Her heart falls a bit with her longing for more than kisses and to be so close to Jennifer that air can`t even pass between them. Thus, is sorrowful voice tone Bethany states, “No one, my goddess. No one has seen us. But, I wouldn’t care of they did.”

With hearing such Jennifer instantly turns to look at Beth to sternly say, “I care! I can`t ever lose us. So, it is not here Bethie. No love making here…daddy will kill us. People are watching. And we will be found out.”

“I like people watching me.’ replies Bethany with maintaining a gaze into Jenn`s icy blue eyes as she loving coos “I love you and I don’t care who sees our love. I want to show everyone. Love is love, Jennifer.” She states to then stand up to make a direction for the airplane`s bathroom.

In doing so, she steps past Jennifer as she says “If you follow me to the bathroom then we can have more then some kisses. And yes, you want more than kisses.” Comes seductively spoken with great confidence as Bethany places a finger under Jenn`s chin to the force Jenn to look up at her. “You can`t always be an icy goddess, my love. Come and enjoy before we get home.”

“Bethie, no.” exists the firm reply.

Bethany smirks to walk on for she truly needs to use the faculties of the lavatory. This leaves Jennifer sitting there thinking of the kissing and of their lovemaking. That leads to thoughts of the moments in their dorm room when it is only the two of them and her being held by Bethany. She likes it, needs it and craves but she knows that she shares Bethany with anyone and everyone. Plus, deep inside her Jennifer hears that voice of how girls don't love girls and that sex between them is sinful. That ‘good’ Christian religious teaching that is being embedded in them both in the school nags at Jenn but she is just so addicted to Bethany. She is that from the day that Bethany held her in the garden shed. And yes, she wants to go to the plane’s little bathroom and enjoy what Beth wants to give her. But she can`t, no she just can`t make their love public, not public in any way.

This is pondered as Bethany returns to her seat next to Jennifer. With Bethany settling in she glances at Jennifer who seems almost heartbroken over something. This has Bethany querying “What is wrong, Jennie?’

“Nothing. Nothing.” Arrives as lies.

“Yes, there is something. So tell me..." She pushes and when none comes she further pushes it “Tell me. Tell me or I will tickle you and make love to you in the airport bathroom.”

“Bethany, no it`s not important.” Is said as Jennifer turns away to try to seem busy with other things and to avoid the ensuing chat.

“Yes, it is always important. Everything about is important and comes first.’ Then Beth leans over to lovingly whisper in Jennifer`s ear saying, “You know that I listen. Tell me. We will fix everything.”

And as they sit so close Jennifer mentally questions within her own self what she should say and how to say it. She does for that struggle within is a never-ending battle. That ever-raging war between knowing what love is, wanting, having it and the way the world demands things to be. The world says no to loving Bethany and her soul says yes that its the truth. Even at this young age, Jennifer knows that she loves Bethany much more than as friends. But she can`t love Bethany, it is not allowed for good girls like Jennifer.

It is that war that wages within Jennifer but somehow she chooses to say, “I want tickles, tickles in the airport bathroom.” With that, she turns to gaze directly into Beth`s eyes saying, “ I am sorry. I was cold before.”

Such should have Beth grinning but she does not. Instead, she says, “I understand. I do. It is difficult for you. Father will not like what we do. Many don`t but I will never stop loving you. You are my soul Jennie and I am waiting for you to be mine.”

“I am yours. Bethie I have not had sex with anyone but you.”

Jennifer saying that makes Bethany dizzy. The beautiful energy in it is powerful and it is all that Bethany truly wishes for in life. But she is also smart enough to know that if Jenn won`t share public affection with her then Jennifer isn’t ready to truly be Bethany`s girl. This has her mind flowing of that truth just as it has often struggled with that during the recent few years. To further that thought Bethany can tell it’s not easy for Jennifer to love anyone and especially not other girls. It isn`t easy for many girls to love another girl beyond friends, and that is including herself. But she knows that she loves Jennifer and nothing is going to stop that. She may need to love Jennifer within a limiting but she loves and is going to love Jennifer forever. And as Bethany smiles at Jennifer, smiles within the thinking of how hard it is for them a slight frown comes push away the smile but Jennifer reaches for her hand saying, “We have almost two weeks and daddy is not home until the last three days.”

Bethany looks at her and giggles to say, “Ya know, for a girl who doesn’t like public kissing you sure are eager to get me naughty in private.”

That makes Jennifer blush to try to hide her head by pulling the little comfy blanket to be up over her head. That encourages Beth to peek under saying “You are such an angel. But you are my bad girl. And yes, we can slip into the bathroom when we land. That is we can if the driver isn’t there looking for us. If he is then we make love when we get home.”

With that Jennifer blushes even more and they both share a quick kiss under the blanket as Beth shakes her head being amused. “Mmm” purrs Beth then there is removing further temptation by conveying, “Come, we need to be good girls and finish reading our chapters for the literature class.”

Yet, it is chemistry that occurs when they arrive home. The driver no sooner carries the luggage in the house to then leave and the two girls look at each other with that naughtiness that screams horny teen girl. Reaching for Beth`s hand Jenn seductively says, “I am not an angel. Last to your room gets the bottom first.”

Jennifer makes it to the room first to then plop on the twin-sized bed. She turned to face the door to see Bethany arrives second to the room. Then she taunts, “I always get what I want. When I want it, how and you better..”

“Fuck you. I going to fuck you for the next week and make you chant my name.” And with that Bethany has a lusty look within her mesmeric blue eyes as she stares at Jennifer. Bethany now stands at the end of the twin sized bed seductively saying “You want me, my princess. I can see it. So, take it off slowly for me. Tease me. I am wanting ..wanting..”

“Then come get it you badass. Come, love this angel.”

“You are not an angel.” Beth giggles with a grin, as she knows that Jennifer rarely leads their sexual lovemaking. So, Bethany kneels on the bed to crawl up to face Jenn. Being on all fours, she looks deeply into Jennifer`s eyes lovingly whispering, “ I love you.”

This has both them knowing that their hearts are racing and the world is now spinning with only them in it. Two hearts rushing in a melody of love that takes the very breath from them both as it places in dizziness within their entire beings. It has Jennifer fighting for air to say of love, “I..I...I love..oh god, you make it so hot, so fast.”

“Oui, mon chéri. Sì, il mio amore che facciamo. Oh, Bella and if you are a good angel I will let you kiss me after you cum all over my face.” Sensually purrs Bethany with shifting to kneeling on only her knees before sweeping in to capture Jennifer lips in a hungry kiss.

Even in her late teens, Bethany is a rising master of seduction. She spills out erotic sexual energy and plays in it like it’s an art that she is born with. Sexy energy, an energy that is so carnal that even when she isn’t seducing it pulls people into her and thrills them. It is often said that resistance is futile once Bethany directs her lust in your direction. And so it is this same thing for Jennifer as they begin lovemaking on their autumn holiday.

It is rapid exhaling wand inhaling within them demanding their kisses to play and it is making them even dizzier with desire. Oh, it`s fiery but Jennifer finds means to breathily say, “Fuck me. Fuck like you promised.”

That has Bethany stopping the kissing to grin with replying, “Only if you strip. Take it off..” she growls with lust shining in her eyes “Take off your clothes for me, Jennie. Strip!”

Souls meeting with eyes staring in a daring and with a declaring of needs; those eyes are beautifully shining beacons of love as the two come to dance within their mutual lust. Each is ready and so Jennifer pushes Bethany back as she then whips her body around to stand next to the bed. Her fingers then glide on the buttons of her pink blouse as she taunts, “You can`t touch this, you are not going to lick these.” comes in playful teasing as she brings both hands to cup her own breasts before she is returning to unbuttoning her top.

“You minx. You are no an angel.” Conveys Beth as she is loosening her skirt`s belt to then fully remove the school skirt and display lower nudity as the skirt and items get to tossed to the floor.

“I would be if you didn’t speak French and Italian to me.” States Jennifer with the releasing of the final button to reveal breasts that possess fully hardened nipples within a petite white lace bra. The shirt removal makes both of them smiling. Seeing that Bethany is pleased Jennifer as she comes beckons Beth to come over close. ”I wouldn’t have it any other way, my sweetest temptation.’ Is said in confidence as Jennifer then makes her nipples pucker nicely as she moans “Please, kiss them, they are aching Bethie. Please.” Comes a sweetness of needing to be pleased with sexual pleasure.

At that moment, Bethany pauses to moisten her own lips before coming to sit on the bed`s edge. Sitting there as her hand arrives to slip around Jennifer to release the bra from Jennifer`s body as Bethany plays a soft worshipful kiss to the valley between Jennifer`s breasts. It is a magnetic pull to take what she knows should be forever hers. With a deep breath, she focuses her eyes solely on Jennifer`s eyes while saying in a seductive tone, “I love you.”

In turn, Jennifer is diligently watching, is deeply feeling the sexual heat and is simply is lost in sensation. She always is when Bethany makes love with her. “ Please, please…please suck them.”

Then the fingertips of Bethany`s left hand slowly glide over the hard peaks of tiny flesh making Jennifer`s nipples throb even more. It is like touching webs the electric energy of life. It is a feeling that is a silken smooth sensation that echoes out between them as Bethany coos. “Loving you. Yummy.“

It is love energy overload. It sweeps senses as Jennifer`s body trembles making her legs weak. Bethany`s fingers come to tug those naughty nuggets and to pull Jennifer forward. Pulling her with they each wanting so much more in an intense feeling of being pulled to be closer. It all allows a deep pleasure filled moan to slip Jenn`s lips as they both come to kneel on the bed to face each other. They each now know that resistance is non-existence and the teasing is soon to be creamy cum. It is as breath is entwining with upper lips meeting in a hungry kissing and eyes staring at the other`s eyes. It is blue eyes gazing into blue eyes. It is heated breaths coming more rapid. Yes, it is ever so swiftly that lips are pressing in an all-encompassing fluidic motion of intense emotion and the neediness of thrilling in sexual pleasure. It is a moist, passionate playfulness in declaring love eternal. It lasts endless moments as they both enjoy the play of lips to lips, with breath being hot and with it is the sharing of the soul. It’s a magic moment that can’t be explained in a way other than you have to be there to understand that the universe turns inside out when they touch and love.

It is not astonishing that Bethany grips Jenn`s ass as she pulls away from the lip lock to whisper, “Get your fingers in my pussy and don’t stop. No stopping...”

Jennifer gasps of air and obediently glides her hand down to cross over Bethany`s nude pussy mound. As she does it Bethany`s free hand slips past the waistband of Jenn`s skirt to then glide down into the hot wet of Jenn`s womanly treasure. Jennifer gasp of the touching to afterward push her own fingers into touching Bethany`s pussy lips as she claims in heavy breaths “Make me cum. Force it, Beth. Own me, fuck me, just take what is yours….yours.”

They both desire cream; streams of cream and hours of filling this need of being close in lovemaking. It is easy to do as upper lip once more devour each other in ravenous kisses. Kissing that is deeper, sweeter with pressing all of their lust into each other. It comes hot, intense and wild as Bethany does as she is commanded too. She does it for reads the need in Jennifer`s eyes for those radiate of ‘love, take me and I miss us.’ That is delicious a truth for them both as the pleasure of tongues wildly dancing within mouths comes with the thrill of constant penetration of those lower lips by two very long fingers sliding straight through moist pussy lips. “Oh my god, more, more.” is the begging from Jennifer who needs this.

Bethany too feels the building of blazing heat and the wetness seeping from her vagina. It’s untamed lust, as they remain kneeling and finger fucking each other into creamy bliss. This has Jennifer moan in a siren-like sound to then have her hands busier in stroking Bethany`s clit.

“Yes!” Comes screaming from Bethany as they both now take to rubbing, teasing and penetrating each other`s womanly treasure. It is fast; it is furious rubbing and intense playing, as kisses are relentless. It`s moments of simply almost attacking each other`s pussy with strokes, thrusting and all that is needing to create powerful sounds of sensual moaning before a deep cry of mutually releasing cum that has Bethany chanting “Love you love you, love you.”

That doesn’t stop, as there is a moving into orgasm two. Instantly it is a need for them. It is a refusal to only enjoy one. So they continue to ride the storm of lust and sharing. They clasp onto each other, they give it more and hold on as their fingers slowly change pace into leisurely teasing pussy lips. Each does tickle the other`s moist lower lips and kiss until it turns into tenderness in lovemaking. Lovemaking that is bringing a boiling second climax for both. The rush of it makes everything between their thighs soaking with their creamy juices. It is now an understanding that this is a beginning of epic sex and so much more for their autumn holiday.

That intends that climax three is building nicely as Bethany sweeps Jenn`s G-spot with several intense thrusts wanting to trigger waves of orgasm. For if Jenn wants then Jenn gets for Bethany desires to please Jennifer in every way. Thus, it`s more kissing; hungrily laying lips the on the skin and breathing in their sexual scent. Breathing, as Jennifer rocks into the thrusts given to her and the ones that she is giving to Bethany. The overwhelming intensity of deep slow sensual thrusts upon G-spots causes trembling that is out of control before each is then shattering into a creamy gushing of waves of cum. This is the birth of orgasm three with Jennifer falling into Bethany`s arms over the powerful release and intense sharing.

“Love,” comes in a breathless whisper as Beth holds her soul mate to lay them both in cuddling up on the bed.

So, it is cuddles, home but soon it is Dominick and that other woman that Bethany needed in her life. Yet, for now, it's true love, soul love and all that Jennifer wants.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 9, Eye Of A Tigress

So, is Bethany really okay? And what is truly going on between her and Dominick? Additionally, what
is betwixt Beth and Jennifer now that life has changed so very much for them both? Then again, what is Bethany developing into now that she is no longer living a life as an abused child? Are these changes truly her life truths too?

These are interesting questions and each should be answered. Yes, we will try to answer all that and maybe, in the end, she is okay. Maybe she is not okay at this point too. There are worlds of possibilities and time certainly is proving that fact, but if being 'okay' intends that she is safe, then yes, she is safe from her past. The past has no hold on her and along with the telling of that, the rest of the queries are soon to be answered too.

But currently, in order to answer if Bethany is okay in life then we need to tell of her being introduced to a particular woman. Yes, we do. For this woman influences Bethany to this very day. However, we first must discover what her school life and friendship with Jennifer becomes after she is realizing that she is an adult woman and a dominant one.

From moment one of her returning to school Bethany is recreating her social life and her social status. She ends up ruling a micro world where teen girls are not only enjoying a preppy lifestyle, but it is the world where teen girls also yearn to experience bits of rebellion and the trappings of adult womanhood. Bethany supplies such things to many of her classmates. She does it be providing socially unacceptable activities and sexual experiences through evoking her personal magnetism, but it is mostly privately done. Thus, it`s not truly visible but it is too. It is due to that that Bethany becomes a major shareholder in delivering what she calls ‘smiles’ for her classmates. Therefore, as a result, it is a whirlwind of school social power shifts that exist through her manipulating with her ability to achieve any goal that she wishes and her skills to give epic orgasms. Within that, she is holding nothing back as that intellect of hers combines with an invisible personal magic that has no limits. No limits in anything and that includes her unearthing more of her sexual and intellectual self to carry out her need to be dominant and to prove that she is unique.

As a result and to no surprise, Bethany is revered as an icon of school popularity within two months. She is adored by over ninety percent of her classmates and her fellow leaders in the school. Plus, she is honored as excellence in scholarly pursuits too. This shows her leading the graduating class with high grades and awards. Along with it, Bethany rules the swim team, the chess club, several other groups and anything else that she wishes too. Bethany does it even if she isn’t the public face of such things. It also occurs even if she never asks for such power with concern to most of what is given to her. But yes, in many ways she controls school life.

Adding into that she is very much a leader on the hidden sides of her private school. These veiled activities hold forbidden sexual activity amongst the girls, exam cheating, term paper tempering, scams, drugs, piracy and the secret control of school activities. Thus, it is for certain that Bethany proves that her immense intellect, sexual prowess, and non-school connections do have power in the world of private schooling. Oh yes, she does and she claims she never truly intends it either.

If you know Bethany during the present day then you will say that doesn’t make sense. But it does when it is understood that there are limited amounts of her present-day social graces existing back then. Especially this is true when she uses her persuasive charms and sexual deeds to influence classmates from European countries to aid her in illegal activities. Activities such as having classmates copy music CDs and video movies to create counterfeits to sell in North America and to peddle locally. This has her becoming a member of a notorious street gang in Britain for they want their share when the illegal activity interferes in their illicit business ventures. Yes, this is a hard moment for Beth since she makes a pact with them by secretly joining the hoodlums so that she can maintain her power in the school. In doing so, Bethany discovered that she must sell drugs in her school as part of the deal. This makes her a very bad girl and that is mostly why she keeps the illegal hidden because it steps outside her policy of harm none. Plus, she assumes that Captain Sean and Dominick are never going to approve. Well, will they approve of her dealing drugs? Uhm. No, they don’t but that only comes clear near the end of her private schooling.

However, someone important does bring immediate attention to it all. That person is Jennifer. Oh yes, Jennifer doesn`t allow any of it to go unnoticed. She easily finds that Bethany is a rival for attention within in the school and knows why it is that way too. But we first must note that the attention achieving is usually Jennifer`s territory and it’s customarily much cleaner ‘attention-getting’ with no truly illegal things involved. So, it is easy to see that it is not pleasing to Jennifer when discovering that Bethany has greater influence in the school and within finding out Jennifer knows that she can`t do much about it. Hence, Jennifer is peeved at her best friend and that inevitably has the two teens verbally dueling it out on several occasions. The first of which happens just prior to the school`s autumn vacation break that is over a week long in length.

“What the fuck do you think that you are doing, Bethie?” is shouted much too harshly having it ring out on the corridor walls of the stone building.

Indeed, that is a severe sound coming from Jennifer for she usually doesn’t raise her voice to anyone. But that too changes at this point and it should also be mentioned that it is at this juncture that the two girls begin to have a more interesting and often blunt relationship. That change starts during the prior weeks when there are dirty glances and countless minor league warnings from Jennifer. Warnings that do not go unnoticed by Bethany. So, it is truly not shocking that this moment brings swift angry declaration that definitely gets Bethany`s full attention. In fact, it is a total attentiveness as the two sort of bump into each other during a mid-afternoon in late October.

Hence, the first argument of their friendship occurs outside of classrooms in October. And it is just after Jennifer is informed that she must follow Bethany`s lead in concern to all swim team activities. In fact, the swim coach lays it out to Jennifer just minutes prior to the ‘by chance’ meeting between the two girls. So, as Jennifer’s mind whirls of the coach proclaiming that Bethany is the stronger swimmer for the regional competitions and that Jennifer needs to step aside there comes anger of it all.

The thoughts arrive as ‘why should I step down from being captain? What the fuck!’ In that, she feels it wrong to be letting Beth control the swim team and that is having her further think of such things as ‘the swim team is filled with my friends that voted for me. They made me captain because I am the best. I won the title and that is all that counts. I won and I won fairly too!’ Within that Jennifer doesn’t care who is stronger or better within being capable of winning regionals for the team. She won the captain's spot and that is what matters. Thus, with that in mind, Jennifer refuses to allow Bethany to control the team; to control it even though Jennifer may remain the team`s official captain. So, Jennifer dishes more anger out as her mind spins in built-up annoyances.

“What the fuck is up with you?” She sends out toward Beth as she trucks on through with more of her fury. “I bring you into my world and you are cutting my throat by taking over my life. Holy fuck, Bethie!” is the announcement with Jennifer stepping forward to look Beth directly in the eyes. “Stop the fucking shit! Stop, or I will show you what power is. And it won`t be school crap or fucking any girl who needs an orgasm. It is going to be much more!” Comes the threat through gritted teeth as those icy blue eyes are dancing of warfare. “So much more, for you have no true idea who my daddy actually is. But I do! And you will be dealt with if you aren’t careful by backing off. Backing off from doing whatever it is that you are doing. I am goddess here! Not you!”

Next, Jennifer folds her arms over her breasts but she does not allow Bethany any reply. Instead, Jennifer begins to repeat what she is told of the power shift in the swim club. She tells it efficiently for it is all so fresh in her mind and emotions. Plus, Beth is being so convenient with standing silently while trying to absorb the harshness of what is going on between them.

In all truth, it is boggling for Bethany to have such ruthlessness directed at her from the female that she loves with all her soul. Thus, Bethany is in shock of the news, of the voice tones and of everything that Jennifer is dishing at her. It is unfathomable since Bethany knows that she never is intentionally harming Jennifer. In fact, Bethany is always prepared to truly die for Jennifer but currently; Bethany is lost of what to say or of how to react. So when Jennifer finishes her tale-telling Bethany sputters out, “I ..I…nev…never asked ..asked to be captain. I like ..I like being vice-captain. So, so sorry. Sorry, my goddess.”

The next moments have Bethany looking at Jennifer within being disoriented. She can’t believe that the changes in her own life are hurting the most precious part of her life. Bethany has never ever thought that Jennifer could be angry with her or that their friendship is to less than perfect. Additionally, Bethany feels that she can’t fix it by using her charisma with Jennifer, for Jennifer long ago demanded it to not ever be used between them. So there is no breaking the promise and that has Beth continuing to surrender into quietness while listening to the threats and further anger.

“You are to behave like a female Santos; a member of my family and not riffraff from the fucking streets! You owe me and you know it, so stop hurting my life.” Arrives within their stormy vocal exchange that seems to calm as the voice tone now softens. “You claim that you love me, but here you are destroying my life at school. I haven’t got much else in life, Bethie. Thus, behave! Knock the crap off or Daddy is finding out about your illegal shit and your business with people that he doesn’t like.”

Then Jennifer steps more forward to be almost touching Beth. She afterward looks straight up into Beth`s eyes as she states, “Bethie, what happened to you? Why this, why after everything that we share? I want the real you in my life and not some messed up power hungry sex maniac.”

With that shared it has Bethany somehow finding words to deal with it all. She needs to say something for there is no way that Jennifer should be hurt by the deeds that Bethany is creating in life. So out it comes as ”I am still being me. My love for you is better than ever. I now can care for you and give you what you need. I love you in all the ways that you need love.”

Jennifer is most certainly listening within keeping stare into those hypnotic eyes as Bethany reaches for Jennifer`s left hand to then say, “I know the path that I am on is strange but we both are going to be okay. So, please, please forgive me for hurting you. Please? Please, Jennie, I did not mean to.” Then Bethany brings Jennifer`s hand up to hold it close she further lovingly voices, “I will fix things. Don`t worry, you are not going to be hurt by me anymore. Only love, only love coming from me. Harm none!”

In turn, Jennifer scans those blue eyes seeing that Bethany truly is not intending harm and that this chat is possibly a bit overdramatized. So she weakly smiles with saying “Yes, love, love me do, be my best friend.” Then she adds in “No hurting each other. We are sisters of the soul. We must love each other for no one else does.”

“I know, Jennie. And I am sorry.” Beth conveys in the sincerity of being truly repentant.

“Good! And, I wouldn’t ever tell daddy. If he knows of any of the bad stuff about us then he would find a weird way to punish us both. And we don’t need that during our vacations.” States Jennifer with shaking her head knowing that her father always finds ways to make life a bit interesting when misdeeds occur.

Bethany as a reply supplies a faint smile as she stands there only wanting to keep Jennifer this close while continuing to hold Jennifer`s hand. Within that Jennifer can see the true love in Beth’s eyes and that has Jennifer slightly uncomfortable for she knows it`s much more than friendship between them. That has Jennifer slowly loosening her hand from being held while she states, “Come on and let us go grab some lunch. The Posse is waiting and I don’t like eating meals without you.”

The next seconds have the hand released to create an instant sense of loss by Bethany. Yes, missing the closeness that she craves, the closeness that she needs with Jennifer but there is some happiness too. There is for they have shared an intimate moment with Jennifer truly feeling Bethany`s love. Yes, Bethany likes it when Jennifer is gazing into her eyes for Bethany knows that Jennifer sees that there is romantic love that is only for Jennifer. Therefore, Bethany determines that she has rethinking to do. Thinking of what to do about her actions at school but she also understands that such must occur after lunch. It must for Jennifer asked both things of her and Bethany always does what ‘her’ Jennie wants.

Yes, wants, wanting, needs, needing, and interesting things are between them. But they seem okay at this point. Yet, there is still more to be telling of what comes between them. However, first, there are a few special things that occur with Dominick during this period of Bethany`s pre-university schooling. These must especially be told about for Dominick becomes more than a boss and more than a friend as he reshapes what her ideology on trust is. And that is significant because during the coming years Bethany lives within a moral code based on trust and harm none. She does it while sacrificing her life to Jennifer. She does it as she is meeting someone that she titles as ‘a very special lady’, a lady that she loves beyond reason. Yes, loves beyond common sense; a lady that helps with all the wants, needs and interesting things.

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