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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #9, Straight To Horny

Preferring dirty sex to dirty deception rings inside Xavier. It does with it then invoking the realization that Gabi is even shrewder than he expected. To his surprise, she is gifting him with what he hoped that she would. He wants her being able to handle all things that his world entails. That includes him being a control freak in all aspects of his life.

Yes, control fanatic to the point of traditionally commanding all aspects of any love interest`s life, any lover that entered his life. Then ever since the day that he discovered Gabi, Xavier readied to be married to her. And with that he researched her. Within all that data he found only unacceptable. That thing came as a habit of allowing romantic partners to dominate her life through emotional and mental intimidation. Such exists as a vile thing to him for that alone seems to be what creates any non-permanency of an intimate partner in Gabi`s life. Which is not okay by him for he is seeking a forever with her. Thus, he grins as the phrase that she speaks ring over and over inside his mind.

' ...prefer dirty sex over dirty deception. Prefer dirty sex over dirty deception.'

“Well, just don’t stand there. Food is here and I am hungry. You can deal with it while I dress in jeans and a blouse for dinner. “ Comes said with Gabi proceeding up the front steps to then soon be standing in the open doorway to her house. In doing so she turns to look at him with coolly proclaiming, “Xavier, do not ever play games with me again. If you do I will cut your cock off when you are sleeping.“

A hard swallow by Xavier swiftly follows as a reaction to her cold statement. It does for he is well aware of how she carries out dirtier deeds of business dealings. Thus, he snaps to attention with seeing her vanish inside the house and hears a delivery car pulling up the curb.

“Excuse me, mister, do you live here at this address? I have two prepaid orders of Thai for delivery at 107 Hastings to a Gabbriel Bruce." Such emanates from a husky male voice via an open window of a small roughed up sedan that is a delivery car for a very eclectic restaurant that has the best Thai food in the city.

“Yes, she lives here. She is inside but I can take the package. It is me who had called in the order. ” arrives as response as Xavier begin walking toward the car.

“Aw, okay, Mr. Bruce. Here it comes. Three bags and a bottle wine too.” And with that, the driver of the vehicle reaches over to the seat beside him to then pass the three large brown paper bags out the window.In doing so he conveys. ”If ya don’t mind can you come closer to get them? My car has issues with its doors and the motor needs to remain running. If ya know what I mean.”

Xavier grins of the name for he is not that but gee it sounds interesting. Yet, he gives it no further thought at the moment for he collects the parcels before walking into the house. Once inside he finds that Gabi still is upstairs for he doesn't see her around the large open area. With that, Xavier instantly has a wicked idea. Yes, a deliciously naughty idea of dinner on a bed, and doing undressing to afterward be sexually seducing this woman that he wants as Mrs. Gentz.

Such an idea allows swiftness in traveling up the steps as the parcels are maintained in his arms and all while he grins of the possibilities that can exist in the night. Then with arriving at Gabi`s open bedroom door, he spots her standing dressed in a bra and panties while she gives a sigh of needing to dress again. "No clothes, but yes, I must." Comes heard with a clearing of Gentz's throat with such having Gabi looking toward him to instantly be stalk still.

"Then don`t." He proclaims to her as an answer.

This makes her aware that he is in her private territory where she feels exposed in an awkward moment. Nonetheless, she says nothing for a strong peaceful feeling settles within her. A feeling of her owning power over him within a knowledge of her being in control for she did so with the confrontation in the yard. Thus, maybe she still possesses that even here and she likes that idea. Still, she says nothing while moving to collect a silk robe before slipping it around her curves and tying it snugly in covering up. Only then does she voice anything and it comes sharply. “You are naughty!”

“No, I am horny and I am following you. Just like you asked me too." He defends himself for he knows that he may not be playing games any longer but that doesn't intend that he is a pushover either. So, he continues with saying, "Following the woman that I love and she is hungry for dinner. So what do you say to dinner on your bed? We can have a nice picnic on your bed with us finally having the full pleasure of lovemaking. What do you say to that?”

It drips of a hoping. Xavier hopes it goes in exactly that direction of lovemaking. He wishes it even though he is aware of her perceptiveness over what exists between them. Additionally, he also understands that Gabi now sees that she has the ability to take control of any moment between them. This thus has her in silence with deciding of what is happening. Therefore, he waits, waits with looking deep into her eyes with sharing a coaxing.

”Gabi, you want no games. So, I said it. Said it straight. All men want it. I am no exception. So, if you are open to it then I want sex with you. It will only ever be with you from this second onward. Thus, you now have the power. You do for I am a man waiting on your whim when it comes to sexual anything. And yes, I am horny when I see you. Therefore, please, if it`s only the sharing of the dinner then I understand but I truly want to have much more. Your decision will stand no matter what. But please do decide.”

It flows out in a mature wisdom, yet it is such an innocence of seeming that is almost like a little boy asking access to his toy chest. That surprises her. Gabi expected him to be taking command back from her. However, it does not exist. Such a truth makes her stand there pondering of what should be done for in actuality Gabi typically is open to having sex at this stage of most dating relationships. Hence, she eyes him to contemplate how the tables have turned and that she truly is the authority of the moment. She likes that she has the power with that possibly a better thing for her when considering the history of her romantic intimacy in life. Such truths have her have her looking him straight in the eyes. "Place the bags on the nightstand. Your clothes are off, fully nude, you nude. Then we eat before you will fuck me, fuck me until morning." arrives cold toned, and with a directness as Gabi then questions. "Deal? It is a deal. Xavier, it is for it is what I want. I want sex. I do. Then maybe if you please me, I may agree to dinner at that restaurant that we should have been at tonight."

Xavier burst out in chuckling as he realizes that she truly wants to be doing dating. Next, he strolls over to set the bags down before then removing his clothes. "Mr. Bruce thinks that is a good idea. In fact, I think that I am going to like pleasing you."

"Mr. Bruce?" instantly queries Gabi on the heels of the comment for she doesn't understand what her father has to do with anything.

"Yes, the delivery guy married us. I suppose that makes the dinner in these bags to be our banquet meal. We apparently did a quickie thing with me becoming Mr. Bruce. It has me wonder if I am an easy hook up for marriage or a cheap date." He teases with tossing his shirt off and kicking his pants from around his ankles. Afterward, Xavier reaches into the bags to find the paper plates and the items for dinner.

Gabi is amused of what is said with her settling upon the bed to be adjusting pillows for comfort while watching him pass along the dishes of food and etc. She diligently watches him. She finds it cute of how he easily takes to caring of the meal and serving it. That surprises her but then again it doesn't for in the past he enjoyed serving her drinks during a sexual encounter.

Back then he served her with it stinging in her mind as a sexy romantic thing that she profoundly enjoyed. That event exists as a true pleasure. The memory of it creates heat, her hot in her womanly center proclaiming her to be even hornier than she thought. It does, yet she is hungry too. So she eyes him as he sets the last foil container on the bed. She eyes him with his dark eyes meeting hers as he begins to sit on the bed to enjoy dinner. As they stare he sees it, sees the lusty world of the primal desire for pleasure. "Oh god! Oh Gabbriel, you are so extremely beautiful."

"Xavier, don't say that. You can`t say that. You must not, for I am horny too, horny and hungry. And it`s your fault for having me drink wine the other night while you were tongue fucking Me." arrives in an edged seriousness of barely controlling her desire for she knows what is happening. She understands it as the heat in her vagina wages a war to consume her senses with it screaming in her mind. The screaming of, 'sex, sex, sex now! Just fuck him!'

Xavier mischievously grins for such is unexpected but he likes it. He likes it a lot but he knows that Gabi needs energy for sex. Therefore, the hunger must be dealt with first. Hence, he nudges chat into, "Yes, Pretty One, but we can do both. The food goes on the night tables by your bed`s sides. We then can feed each other and if you wish I will be between your thighs to once more enjoy the pleasure of tasting your cream. That way we enjoy some of the meal now and have each other too."

Gabi in turn simply forgets about food for the horniness is not controlled. Therefore, she is straight about what she needs. "Eat me, eat me now!" She next releases the slash of the silk robe with moving upward to lean against the bed`s headboard before spreading her thighs to allow him access to her wet heated pussy.

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