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Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 9, Eye Of A Tigress

So, is Bethany really okay? And what is truly going on between her and Dominick? Additionally, what
is betwixt Beth and Jennifer now that life has changed so very much for them both? Then again, what is Bethany developing into now that she is no longer living a life as an abused child? Are these changes truly her life truths too?

These are interesting questions and each should be answered. Yes, we will try to answer all that and maybe, in the end, she is okay. Maybe she is not okay at this point too. There are worlds of possibilities and time certainly is proving that fact, but if being 'okay' intends that she is safe, then yes, she is safe from her past. The past has no hold on her and along with the telling of that, the rest of the queries are soon to be answered too.

But currently, in order to answer if Bethany is okay in life then we need to tell of her being introduced to a particular woman. Yes, we do. For this woman influences Bethany to this very day. However, we first must discover what her school life and friendship with Jennifer becomes after she is realizing that she is an adult woman and a dominant one.

From moment one of her returning to school Bethany is recreating her social life and her social status. She ends up ruling a micro world where teen girls are not only enjoying a preppy lifestyle, but it is the world where teen girls also yearn to experience bits of rebellion and the trappings of adult womanhood. Bethany supplies such things to many of her classmates. She does it be providing socially unacceptable activities and sexual experiences through evoking her personal magnetism, but it is mostly privately done. Thus, it`s not truly visible but it is too. It is due to that that Bethany becomes a major shareholder in delivering what she calls ‘smiles’ for her classmates. Therefore, as a result, it is a whirlwind of school social power shifts that exist through her manipulating with her ability to achieve any goal that she wishes and her skills to give epic orgasms. Within that, she is holding nothing back as that intellect of hers combines with an invisible personal magic that has no limits. No limits in anything and that includes her unearthing more of her sexual and intellectual self to carry out her need to be dominant and to prove that she is unique.

As a result and to no surprise, Bethany is revered as an icon of school popularity within two months. She is adored by over ninety percent of her classmates and her fellow leaders in the school. Plus, she is honored as excellence in scholarly pursuits too. This shows her leading the graduating class with high grades and awards. Along with it, Bethany rules the swim team, the chess club, several other groups and anything else that she wishes too. Bethany does it even if she isn’t the public face of such things. It also occurs even if she never asks for such power with concern to most of what is given to her. But yes, in many ways she controls school life.

Adding into that she is very much a leader on the hidden sides of her private school. These veiled activities hold forbidden sexual activity amongst the girls, exam cheating, term paper tempering, scams, drugs, piracy and the secret control of school activities. Thus, it is for certain that Bethany proves that her immense intellect, sexual prowess, and non-school connections do have power in the world of private schooling. Oh yes, she does and she claims she never truly intends it either.

If you know Bethany during the present day then you will say that doesn’t make sense. But it does when it is understood that there are limited amounts of her present-day social graces existing back then. Especially this is true when she uses her persuasive charms and sexual deeds to influence classmates from European countries to aid her in illegal activities. Activities such as having classmates copy music CDs and video movies to create counterfeits to sell in North America and to peddle locally. This has her becoming a member of a notorious street gang in Britain for they want their share when the illegal activity interferes in their illicit business ventures. Yes, this is a hard moment for Beth since she makes a pact with them by secretly joining the hoodlums so that she can maintain her power in the school. In doing so, Bethany discovered that she must sell drugs in her school as part of the deal. This makes her a very bad girl and that is mostly why she keeps the illegal hidden because it steps outside her policy of harm none. Plus, she assumes that Captain Sean and Dominick are never going to approve. Well, will they approve of her dealing drugs? Uhm. No, they don’t but that only comes clear near the end of her private schooling.

However, someone important does bring immediate attention to it all. That person is Jennifer. Oh yes, Jennifer doesn`t allow any of it to go unnoticed. She easily finds that Bethany is a rival for attention within in the school and knows why it is that way too. But we first must note that the attention achieving is usually Jennifer`s territory and it’s customarily much cleaner ‘attention-getting’ with no truly illegal things involved. So, it is easy to see that it is not pleasing to Jennifer when discovering that Bethany has greater influence in the school and within finding out Jennifer knows that she can`t do much about it. Hence, Jennifer is peeved at her best friend and that inevitably has the two teens verbally dueling it out on several occasions. The first of which happens just prior to the school`s autumn vacation break that is over a week long in length.

“What the fuck do you think that you are doing, Bethie?” is shouted much too harshly having it ring out on the corridor walls of the stone building.

Indeed, that is a severe sound coming from Jennifer for she usually doesn’t raise her voice to anyone. But that too changes at this point and it should also be mentioned that it is at this juncture that the two girls begin to have a more interesting and often blunt relationship. That change starts during the prior weeks when there are dirty glances and countless minor league warnings from Jennifer. Warnings that do not go unnoticed by Bethany. So, it is truly not shocking that this moment brings swift angry declaration that definitely gets Bethany`s full attention. In fact, it is a total attentiveness as the two sort of bump into each other during a mid-afternoon in late October.

Hence, the first argument of their friendship occurs outside of classrooms in October. And it is just after Jennifer is informed that she must follow Bethany`s lead in concern to all swim team activities. In fact, the swim coach lays it out to Jennifer just minutes prior to the ‘by chance’ meeting between the two girls. So, as Jennifer’s mind whirls of the coach proclaiming that Bethany is the stronger swimmer for the regional competitions and that Jennifer needs to step aside there comes anger of it all.

The thoughts arrive as ‘why should I step down from being captain? What the fuck!’ In that, she feels it wrong to be letting Beth control the swim team and that is having her further think of such things as ‘the swim team is filled with my friends that voted for me. They made me captain because I am the best. I won the title and that is all that counts. I won and I won fairly too!’ Within that Jennifer doesn’t care who is stronger or better within being capable of winning regionals for the team. She won the captain's spot and that is what matters. Thus, with that in mind, Jennifer refuses to allow Bethany to control the team; to control it even though Jennifer may remain the team`s official captain. So, Jennifer dishes more anger out as her mind spins in built-up annoyances.

“What the fuck is up with you?” She sends out toward Beth as she trucks on through with more of her fury. “I bring you into my world and you are cutting my throat by taking over my life. Holy fuck, Bethie!” is the announcement with Jennifer stepping forward to look Beth directly in the eyes. “Stop the fucking shit! Stop, or I will show you what power is. And it won`t be school crap or fucking any girl who needs an orgasm. It is going to be much more!” Comes the threat through gritted teeth as those icy blue eyes are dancing of warfare. “So much more, for you have no true idea who my daddy actually is. But I do! And you will be dealt with if you aren’t careful by backing off. Backing off from doing whatever it is that you are doing. I am goddess here! Not you!”

Next, Jennifer folds her arms over her breasts but she does not allow Bethany any reply. Instead, Jennifer begins to repeat what she is told of the power shift in the swim club. She tells it efficiently for it is all so fresh in her mind and emotions. Plus, Beth is being so convenient with standing silently while trying to absorb the harshness of what is going on between them.

In all truth, it is boggling for Bethany to have such ruthlessness directed at her from the female that she loves with all her soul. Thus, Bethany is in shock of the news, of the voice tones and of everything that Jennifer is dishing at her. It is unfathomable since Bethany knows that she never is intentionally harming Jennifer. In fact, Bethany is always prepared to truly die for Jennifer but currently; Bethany is lost of what to say or of how to react. So when Jennifer finishes her tale-telling Bethany sputters out, “I ..I…nev…never asked ..asked to be captain. I like ..I like being vice-captain. So, so sorry. Sorry, my goddess.”

The next moments have Bethany looking at Jennifer within being disoriented. She can’t believe that the changes in her own life are hurting the most precious part of her life. Bethany has never ever thought that Jennifer could be angry with her or that their friendship is to less than perfect. Additionally, Bethany feels that she can’t fix it by using her charisma with Jennifer, for Jennifer long ago demanded it to not ever be used between them. So there is no breaking the promise and that has Beth continuing to surrender into quietness while listening to the threats and further anger.

“You are to behave like a female Santos; a member of my family and not riffraff from the fucking streets! You owe me and you know it, so stop hurting my life.” Arrives within their stormy vocal exchange that seems to calm as the voice tone now softens. “You claim that you love me, but here you are destroying my life at school. I haven’t got much else in life, Bethie. Thus, behave! Knock the crap off or Daddy is finding out about your illegal shit and your business with people that he doesn’t like.”

Then Jennifer steps more forward to be almost touching Beth. She afterward looks straight up into Beth`s eyes as she states, “Bethie, what happened to you? Why this, why after everything that we share? I want the real you in my life and not some messed up power hungry sex maniac.”

With that shared it has Bethany somehow finding words to deal with it all. She needs to say something for there is no way that Jennifer should be hurt by the deeds that Bethany is creating in life. So out it comes as ”I am still being me. My love for you is better than ever. I now can care for you and give you what you need. I love you in all the ways that you need love.”

Jennifer is most certainly listening within keeping stare into those hypnotic eyes as Bethany reaches for Jennifer`s left hand to then say, “I know the path that I am on is strange but we both are going to be okay. So, please, please forgive me for hurting you. Please? Please, Jennie, I did not mean to.” Then Bethany brings Jennifer`s hand up to hold it close she further lovingly voices, “I will fix things. Don`t worry, you are not going to be hurt by me anymore. Only love, only love coming from me. Harm none!”

In turn, Jennifer scans those blue eyes seeing that Bethany truly is not intending harm and that this chat is possibly a bit overdramatized. So she weakly smiles with saying “Yes, love, love me do, be my best friend.” Then she adds in “No hurting each other. We are sisters of the soul. We must love each other for no one else does.”

“I know, Jennie. And I am sorry.” Beth conveys in the sincerity of being truly repentant.

“Good! And, I wouldn’t ever tell daddy. If he knows of any of the bad stuff about us then he would find a weird way to punish us both. And we don’t need that during our vacations.” States Jennifer with shaking her head knowing that her father always finds ways to make life a bit interesting when misdeeds occur.

Bethany as a reply supplies a faint smile as she stands there only wanting to keep Jennifer this close while continuing to hold Jennifer`s hand. Within that Jennifer can see the true love in Beth’s eyes and that has Jennifer slightly uncomfortable for she knows it`s much more than friendship between them. That has Jennifer slowly loosening her hand from being held while she states, “Come on and let us go grab some lunch. The Posse is waiting and I don’t like eating meals without you.”

The next seconds have the hand released to create an instant sense of loss by Bethany. Yes, missing the closeness that she craves, the closeness that she needs with Jennifer but there is some happiness too. There is for they have shared an intimate moment with Jennifer truly feeling Bethany`s love. Yes, Bethany likes it when Jennifer is gazing into her eyes for Bethany knows that Jennifer sees that there is romantic love that is only for Jennifer. Therefore, Bethany determines that she has rethinking to do. Thinking of what to do about her actions at school but she also understands that such must occur after lunch. It must for Jennifer asked both things of her and Bethany always does what ‘her’ Jennie wants.

Yes, wants, wanting, needs, needing, and interesting things are between them. But they seem okay at this point. Yet, there is still more to be telling of what comes between them. However, first, there are a few special things that occur with Dominick during this period of Bethany`s pre-university schooling. These must especially be told about for Dominick becomes more than a boss and more than a friend as he reshapes what her ideology on trust is. And that is significant because during the coming years Bethany lives within a moral code based on trust and harm none. She does it while sacrificing her life to Jennifer. She does it as she is meeting someone that she titles as ‘a very special lady’, a lady that she loves beyond reason. Yes, loves beyond common sense; a lady that helps with all the wants, needs and interesting things.

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