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Sweet Sexiness - Chapter 10, All That She Wants

Doing what Jennie wants is to become the motto of Bethany Ann. From that moment on things begin to change but it is only enough to make it seem like there is a change coming. Therefore, when the two go on autumn break during the coming week that change becomes confusion within Bethany. It does for several reasons and it is mostly due to the pushing by three forces upon the young woman that is still in her late teens. One is the powerful obsessive love for Jennifer, with the others existing as owning sexual self and creating her own self-image. These collide and mix within an explosion that seems to last the entire almost two weeks of autumn break.

The flight back to home in Ottawa is as it usually is. Both girls are seated in Executive Class on a direct flight from London Heathrow Airport to Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport. There are pains taken to be sure they both are always together and that the best of everything is done for them, including safety. It is this for Captain Sean Santos demands that his two daughters are cared for. As they sit together Jennifer is reading quizzes in magazines and asking Bethany the questions while she too answers them.

“Rate your first kiss. On a scale from one to five with number one, a fantasy comes true and five don't remember it.” Asks Jennifer as she crosses her legs making her little school skirt ride a bit high with that catching Beth’s eye to create a yearning look of wanting to see much more as she ponders the quiz statement to then ask, “My first kiss with someone other than you 'know who,' is that what you mean?”

Jennifer instantly shoots a sideways look at Bethany, a look of annoyance. “Forget him! No talking about him. He doesn’t own you anymore.”

Beth`s eyes seize Jennifer`s stare as the two glanced at each other with Jennifer sending further warning but those are unspoken. It is to be the understanding that there is no talking about Beth`s biological father. That has a pondering humming exude from Beth as she thinks about how Jennifer dislikes it when Beth talks about her biological family. It also has her thinking of how life once exists for her and how it now is. She knows that she is now a Santos, but she is not really one and that is even though Jennifer continually tells her that a Santos female behaves in certain ways. This has Beth sigh; she breathes even deeper than before and folds her arms in front of herself in trying to send away the scars that are forever embedded in her.

This leaves Jennifer to be watching as Bethany obviously is thinking and choosing to hide it like she always does. “Bethie, you know I that don’t like us including that bad stuff. We are both now happy. Happy and we are sisters, best of best friends and ..and..and..”

“And lovers, Jennifer. I love you, Jennie. You love me and we make love often too. It is why only we share a dorm
room.” Claims Beth with snapping out of the thinking and then returning to focusing on Jennifer having her further say, “And yes, I am a Santos. I am yours, forever owned by you.”

Jennifer smiles to then lean over to kiss Beth`s facial cheek. But Beth turns her head as the kiss is given and it becomes full lip kiss. That is beautiful with it taking Jennifer breath with her automatically succumbing to it and playing it. Their lips simply love each other and it`s lovely as they both seem to forget that they are in public. Within the bliss, Beth`s hand cup Jenn`s head to hold the moments and they kiss and kiss. Soon Jenn pulls away but Bethany leans in to play another kiss on Jennifer`s lips. This brings Jennifer to whisper “Bethie, we will get caught. Daddy can`t find out or we lose each other.” Worriedly claims Jenn, as her eyes instantly take to seeing if anyone is watching them.

Bethany immediately backs off to join in the looking for them to see if they are being watched but no one is even seated in executive class with them on this early morning flight. Her heart falls a bit with her longing for more than kisses and to be so close to Jennifer that air can`t even pass between them. Thus, is sorrowful voice tone Bethany states, “No one, my goddess. No one has seen us. But, I wouldn’t care of they did.”

With hearing such Jennifer instantly turns to look at Beth to sternly say, “I care! I can`t ever lose us. So, it is not here Bethie. No love making here…daddy will kill us. People are watching. And we will be found out.”

“I like people watching me.’ replies Bethany with maintaining a gaze into Jenn`s icy blue eyes as she loving coos “I love you and I don’t care who sees our love. I want to show everyone. Love is love, Jennifer.” She states to then stand up to make a direction for the airplane`s bathroom.

In doing so, she steps past Jennifer as she says “If you follow me to the bathroom then we can have more then some kisses. And yes, you want more than kisses.” Comes seductively spoken with great confidence as Bethany places a finger under Jenn`s chin to the force Jenn to look up at her. “You can`t always be an icy goddess, my love. Come and enjoy before we get home.”

“Bethie, no.” exists the firm reply.

Bethany smirks to walk on for she truly needs to use the faculties of the lavatory. This leaves Jennifer sitting there thinking of the kissing and of their lovemaking. That leads to thoughts of the moments in their dorm room when it is only the two of them and her being held by Bethany. She likes it, needs it and craves but she knows that she shares Bethany with anyone and everyone. Plus, deep inside her Jennifer hears that voice of how girls don't love girls and that sex between them is sinful. That ‘good’ Christian religious teaching that is being embedded in them both in the school nags at Jenn but she is just so addicted to Bethany. She is that from the day that Bethany held her in the garden shed. And yes, she wants to go to the plane’s little bathroom and enjoy what Beth wants to give her. But she can`t, no she just can`t make their love public, not public in any way.

This is pondered as Bethany returns to her seat next to Jennifer. With Bethany settling in she glances at Jennifer who seems almost heartbroken over something. This has Bethany querying “What is wrong, Jennie?’

“Nothing. Nothing.” Arrives as lies.

“Yes, there is something. So tell me..." She pushes and when none comes she further pushes it “Tell me. Tell me or I will tickle you and make love to you in the airport bathroom.”

“Bethany, no it`s not important.” Is said as Jennifer turns away to try to seem busy with other things and to avoid the ensuing chat.

“Yes, it is always important. Everything about is important and comes first.’ Then Beth leans over to lovingly whisper in Jennifer`s ear saying, “You know that I listen. Tell me. We will fix everything.”

And as they sit so close Jennifer mentally questions within her own self what she should say and how to say it. She does for that struggle within is a never-ending battle. That ever-raging war between knowing what love is, wanting, having it and the way the world demands things to be. The world says no to loving Bethany and her soul says yes that its the truth. Even at this young age, Jennifer knows that she loves Bethany much more than as friends. But she can`t love Bethany, it is not allowed for good girls like Jennifer.

It is that war that wages within Jennifer but somehow she chooses to say, “I want tickles, tickles in the airport bathroom.” With that, she turns to gaze directly into Beth`s eyes saying, “ I am sorry. I was cold before.”

Such should have Beth grinning but she does not. Instead, she says, “I understand. I do. It is difficult for you. Father will not like what we do. Many don`t but I will never stop loving you. You are my soul Jennie and I am waiting for you to be mine.”

“I am yours. Bethie I have not had sex with anyone but you.”

Jennifer saying that makes Bethany dizzy. The beautiful energy in it is powerful and it is all that Bethany truly wishes for in life. But she is also smart enough to know that if Jenn won`t share public affection with her then Jennifer isn’t ready to truly be Bethany`s girl. This has her mind flowing of that truth just as it has often struggled with that during the recent few years. To further that thought Bethany can tell it’s not easy for Jennifer to love anyone and especially not other girls. It isn`t easy for many girls to love another girl beyond friends, and that is including herself. But she knows that she loves Jennifer and nothing is going to stop that. She may need to love Jennifer within a limiting but she loves and is going to love Jennifer forever. And as Bethany smiles at Jennifer, smiles within the thinking of how hard it is for them a slight frown comes push away the smile but Jennifer reaches for her hand saying, “We have almost two weeks and daddy is not home until the last three days.”

Bethany looks at her and giggles to say, “Ya know, for a girl who doesn’t like public kissing you sure are eager to get me naughty in private.”

That makes Jennifer blush to try to hide her head by pulling the little comfy blanket to be up over her head. That encourages Beth to peek under saying “You are such an angel. But you are my bad girl. And yes, we can slip into the bathroom when we land. That is we can if the driver isn’t there looking for us. If he is then we make love when we get home.”

With that Jennifer blushes even more and they both share a quick kiss under the blanket as Beth shakes her head being amused. “Mmm” purrs Beth then there is removing further temptation by conveying, “Come, we need to be good girls and finish reading our chapters for the literature class.”

Yet, it is chemistry that occurs when they arrive home. The driver no sooner carries the luggage in the house to then leave and the two girls look at each other with that naughtiness that screams horny teen girl. Reaching for Beth`s hand Jenn seductively says, “I am not an angel. Last to your room gets the bottom first.”

Jennifer makes it to the room first to then plop on the twin-sized bed. She turned to face the door to see Bethany arrives second to the room. Then she taunts, “I always get what I want. When I want it, how and you better..”

“Fuck you. I going to fuck you for the next week and make you chant my name.” And with that Bethany has a lusty look within her mesmeric blue eyes as she stares at Jennifer. Bethany now stands at the end of the twin sized bed seductively saying “You want me, my princess. I can see it. So, take it off slowly for me. Tease me. I am wanting ..wanting..”

“Then come get it you badass. Come, love this angel.”

“You are not an angel.” Beth giggles with a grin, as she knows that Jennifer rarely leads their sexual lovemaking. So, Bethany kneels on the bed to crawl up to face Jenn. Being on all fours, she looks deeply into Jennifer`s eyes lovingly whispering, “ I love you.”

This has both them knowing that their hearts are racing and the world is now spinning with only them in it. Two hearts rushing in a melody of love that takes the very breath from them both as it places in dizziness within their entire beings. It has Jennifer fighting for air to say of love, “I..I...I love..oh god, you make it so hot, so fast.”

“Oui, mon chéri. Sì, il mio amore che facciamo. Oh, Bella and if you are a good angel I will let you kiss me after you cum all over my face.” Sensually purrs Bethany with shifting to kneeling on only her knees before sweeping in to capture Jennifer lips in a hungry kiss.

Even in her late teens, Bethany is a rising master of seduction. She spills out erotic sexual energy and plays in it like it’s an art that she is born with. Sexy energy, an energy that is so carnal that even when she isn’t seducing it pulls people into her and thrills them. It is often said that resistance is futile once Bethany directs her lust in your direction. And so it is this same thing for Jennifer as they begin lovemaking on their autumn holiday.

It is rapid exhaling wand inhaling within them demanding their kisses to play and it is making them even dizzier with desire. Oh, it`s fiery but Jennifer finds means to breathily say, “Fuck me. Fuck like you promised.”

That has Bethany stopping the kissing to grin with replying, “Only if you strip. Take it off..” she growls with lust shining in her eyes “Take off your clothes for me, Jennie. Strip!”

Souls meeting with eyes staring in a daring and with a declaring of needs; those eyes are beautifully shining beacons of love as the two come to dance within their mutual lust. Each is ready and so Jennifer pushes Bethany back as she then whips her body around to stand next to the bed. Her fingers then glide on the buttons of her pink blouse as she taunts, “You can`t touch this, you are not going to lick these.” comes in playful teasing as she brings both hands to cup her own breasts before she is returning to unbuttoning her top.

“You minx. You are no an angel.” Conveys Beth as she is loosening her skirt`s belt to then fully remove the school skirt and display lower nudity as the skirt and items get to tossed to the floor.

“I would be if you didn’t speak French and Italian to me.” States Jennifer with the releasing of the final button to reveal breasts that possess fully hardened nipples within a petite white lace bra. The shirt removal makes both of them smiling. Seeing that Bethany is pleased Jennifer as she comes beckons Beth to come over close. ”I wouldn’t have it any other way, my sweetest temptation.’ Is said in confidence as Jennifer then makes her nipples pucker nicely as she moans “Please, kiss them, they are aching Bethie. Please.” Comes a sweetness of needing to be pleased with sexual pleasure.

At that moment, Bethany pauses to moisten her own lips before coming to sit on the bed`s edge. Sitting there as her hand arrives to slip around Jennifer to release the bra from Jennifer`s body as Bethany plays a soft worshipful kiss to the valley between Jennifer`s breasts. It is a magnetic pull to take what she knows should be forever hers. With a deep breath, she focuses her eyes solely on Jennifer`s eyes while saying in a seductive tone, “I love you.”

In turn, Jennifer is diligently watching, is deeply feeling the sexual heat and is simply is lost in sensation. She always is when Bethany makes love with her. “ Please, please…please suck them.”

Then the fingertips of Bethany`s left hand slowly glide over the hard peaks of tiny flesh making Jennifer`s nipples throb even more. It is like touching webs the electric energy of life. It is a feeling that is a silken smooth sensation that echoes out between them as Bethany coos. “Loving you. Yummy.“

It is love energy overload. It sweeps senses as Jennifer`s body trembles making her legs weak. Bethany`s fingers come to tug those naughty nuggets and to pull Jennifer forward. Pulling her with they each wanting so much more in an intense feeling of being pulled to be closer. It all allows a deep pleasure filled moan to slip Jenn`s lips as they both come to kneel on the bed to face each other. They each now know that resistance is non-existence and the teasing is soon to be creamy cum. It is as breath is entwining with upper lips meeting in a hungry kissing and eyes staring at the other`s eyes. It is blue eyes gazing into blue eyes. It is heated breaths coming more rapid. Yes, it is ever so swiftly that lips are pressing in an all-encompassing fluidic motion of intense emotion and the neediness of thrilling in sexual pleasure. It is a moist, passionate playfulness in declaring love eternal. It lasts endless moments as they both enjoy the play of lips to lips, with breath being hot and with it is the sharing of the soul. It’s a magic moment that can’t be explained in a way other than you have to be there to understand that the universe turns inside out when they touch and love.

It is not astonishing that Bethany grips Jenn`s ass as she pulls away from the lip lock to whisper, “Get your fingers in my pussy and don’t stop. No stopping...”

Jennifer gasps of air and obediently glides her hand down to cross over Bethany`s nude pussy mound. As she does it Bethany`s free hand slips past the waistband of Jenn`s skirt to then glide down into the hot wet of Jenn`s womanly treasure. Jennifer gasp of the touching to afterward push her own fingers into touching Bethany`s pussy lips as she claims in heavy breaths “Make me cum. Force it, Beth. Own me, fuck me, just take what is yours….yours.”

They both desire cream; streams of cream and hours of filling this need of being close in lovemaking. It is easy to do as upper lip once more devour each other in ravenous kisses. Kissing that is deeper, sweeter with pressing all of their lust into each other. It comes hot, intense and wild as Bethany does as she is commanded too. She does it for reads the need in Jennifer`s eyes for those radiate of ‘love, take me and I miss us.’ That is delicious a truth for them both as the pleasure of tongues wildly dancing within mouths comes with the thrill of constant penetration of those lower lips by two very long fingers sliding straight through moist pussy lips. “Oh my god, more, more.” is the begging from Jennifer who needs this.

Bethany too feels the building of blazing heat and the wetness seeping from her vagina. It’s untamed lust, as they remain kneeling and finger fucking each other into creamy bliss. This has Jennifer moan in a siren-like sound to then have her hands busier in stroking Bethany`s clit.

“Yes!” Comes screaming from Bethany as they both now take to rubbing, teasing and penetrating each other`s womanly treasure. It is fast; it is furious rubbing and intense playing, as kisses are relentless. It`s moments of simply almost attacking each other`s pussy with strokes, thrusting and all that is needing to create powerful sounds of sensual moaning before a deep cry of mutually releasing cum that has Bethany chanting “Love you love you, love you.”

That doesn’t stop, as there is a moving into orgasm two. Instantly it is a need for them. It is a refusal to only enjoy one. So they continue to ride the storm of lust and sharing. They clasp onto each other, they give it more and hold on as their fingers slowly change pace into leisurely teasing pussy lips. Each does tickle the other`s moist lower lips and kiss until it turns into tenderness in lovemaking. Lovemaking that is bringing a boiling second climax for both. The rush of it makes everything between their thighs soaking with their creamy juices. It is now an understanding that this is a beginning of epic sex and so much more for their autumn holiday.

That intends that climax three is building nicely as Bethany sweeps Jenn`s G-spot with several intense thrusts wanting to trigger waves of orgasm. For if Jenn wants then Jenn gets for Bethany desires to please Jennifer in every way. Thus, it`s more kissing; hungrily laying lips the on the skin and breathing in their sexual scent. Breathing, as Jennifer rocks into the thrusts given to her and the ones that she is giving to Bethany. The overwhelming intensity of deep slow sensual thrusts upon G-spots causes trembling that is out of control before each is then shattering into a creamy gushing of waves of cum. This is the birth of orgasm three with Jennifer falling into Bethany`s arms over the powerful release and intense sharing.

“Love,” comes in a breathless whisper as Beth holds her soul mate to lay them both in cuddling up on the bed.

So, it is cuddles, home but soon it is Dominick and that other woman that Bethany needed in her life. Yet, for now, it's true love, soul love and all that Jennifer wants.

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