Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 2, Tidal Waves And Teasing

Into the waiting sea Laurel runs and soon she is immersed within its watery world. It is the largest natural swimming pool imaginable that she now swims within. The pleasure of the salty Atlantic seas caressing her gives her the passionate need to swiftly whiz through the waters. In seconds she is having them glide so smoothly over those perfect curves. The caressing of her skin is beautiful to feel and inspires each new stroke so that in time there are many laps of swimming being done. It nicely shows that Laurel is a once upon a time completive swimmer.

She loves the water encompassing her within the passion of its element. The watery fluidity of flowing liquid arms that are such a constant of nature is easily allowing her to abide within them. It embraces her like a lover, like a mother and like a world of wonder that is to be sacredly worshipped. Swimming, swimming and living. She could be here forever and not mind it. It is a world where she escapes life and lives only within the controls of the water and the care of her Goddess.

Trinity has been watching all this as she wraps in the red silk bed sheet while at the same time enjoying the wind`s soft breezes and another goblet of juice. “Beautiful” she whispers out to the beachscape as she views the passion that Laurel has when she is swimming. Passion is her lover in every way. She knows it and loves every ounce of it. “You, my lover, must be pampered today. You have treated me too well on this morning. Thus you deserve to be pleasured within a pampering all day. I won’t be chasing you down in the sea. That is for tonight`s play.”

This sends Trinity into the thoughts of researching some more of all that they could do. She knows that they will see Charlottetown later in the day but during tomorrow she thinks they should wander into Summerside to attend the Celtic music center that is there. They both do take pleasure in such cultural music. Maybe within the adventure, they will find something interesting and a bit of new music to enjoy. With that understanding, Trinity knows that lunch will be needed when they are in that city and so she should keep an eye out for a suitable location. Then again they usually simply wander around and within that, they find some quaint little place to manage a bit of a lunch.

Looking over at her side at the dishes on the picnic blanket she sees the empty dishes that are setting there from the pleasure of eating breakfast. This brings a new smile to crisp her lovely luscious lips. “You are a naughty woman! You have such a way of making every moment so romantic and pleasing.”

Then with a gaze back toward the sea, she is taking the last sip of juice from the goblet and she decides that she should tidy up the mess. Tidy it for both of the women will be in need of a shower before wandering off into the adventures outside the beach house property. That will come right after Laurel retreats from the grip of the sea that she is conquering with each stroke that she takes with the swimming of her morning swim laps. So precious is that woman who loves the swimming, so beautiful is the love that she shares with Trinity and so amazing they both are. “Yes, we are,” states Trinity in confident whispering as she begins the cleanup of the picnic area and ends the thinking of how much she loves her wife.

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