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Letters Of Laurel - Chapter 2, Tidal Waves And Teasing

With participating in what feels like the usual twenty laps of swimming Laurel Ann takes to retreating from the sea. She swims within her nudity to be heading in towards the shore as far as she possibly may. She is very much a water goddess and as such she even takes to enjoying floating in the waves until her front body portions are almost caressing on the sandy bottom of the ocean. Then with a pushing upward, to be rising like a tower of breathtaking beauty, the salty sea waters rain down over her five foot eleven frame in sensual teasing fluidity before the droplets reluctantly return to the sea. Reluctantly for those seem to enjoy playing in glistening almost lover`s caress upon those perfect female curves. Those water droplets are clinging like a lover in need of one last touch. Yet, these elements seem to know that a return to the sea must exist since holding this goddess in their caress too long will only be caging a lovely creature that needs to soar in the Heavens as an angel.

Now with a whipping backward of her head, those long platinum blond tresses that are sea soaked come to be draining down over that strong well-muscled backside. It tickles her as she takes to brushing her fingers, of both hands, through the hair while she gazes forward to be noticing that her wife is entering the patio doors of the beach house. She can almost visually pick out that Trinity is carrying the wicker picnic basket. With each step forward that fact is made clearer and it is having her sigh of it. This is a clue to the concept that their picnic has ended. It additionally has her understand that a shower will be forthcoming. She likes that and maybe within the watery world of the sprinkles, she may once more be permitted to please her lovely wife. At this, she smiles for water is so pleasing in every way in her life.

Yes, water is her saviour in so many ways. It kept her clean of the filth of her father`s physical touch when he sinfully stole from her creating the tainting of her young body. This is the tainting of her womanly person with his unrighteous need to have sexual events with her during her childhood. She remembers the hot steamy showers of endless water after each time he left her with his sperm. She remembers how the waters drove away his scent and those feelings of her being the evil one due to her beauty. It had been he who was evil as he tainted her flesh in every chance that he could. She fought him within her mind and heart, but he always had dominion over the body. She has comfort in that she fought him with all that she could but he was ‘father’ and all she could do was save her sanity by closing her mind and heart to him. Closing them from all harm until the waters drove him away from her and made it all better. In that cleansing, she then would release her watery tears within the sprinkles and somehow she would be finding peace. This is an unfathomable peace, while once more releasing her emotions and mind from protecting these from him. Water is her saviour.

Then it is once more the saviour as the need for water brought Jenessa to her. Jenessa had many times run away from Mio Capo. This is the man who is Jenessa’s father and currently Laurel`s employer. The lovely blond goddess of Jenessa Angelo had been Laurel’s first wife and Jenessa had chosen at fourteen years old to run away on a horse. During that summer while on break from private school and when both females had been fourteen years old, Jenessa had chosen to be riding west to find an escape from a world which she felt is horrid. In doing that Jenessa found a need for a washroom break and a glass of water. That search brought her to a community park in a small hamlet on the outskirts of North Bay, Ontario. That was perfect for at that park Laurel Ann had been enjoying a rare hour of hanging out with a school friend.

Not only was this a rare time of play for younger Laurel Ann but it is the luckiest day of her entire life. For as that fourteen-year-old blond female dismounted her horse Laurel Ann had at that very moment taken to be gazing upward from her position of setting on the earth next to a birch tree. She gazed up from having heard the horse hoofs prance in toward her. That has her in the thought that such is impossible at her little park and it couldn’t be true, even if her eyes had been closed. Now her eyes were fully open. Those ocean blue eyes couldn’t believe it as she gazes upward to view what seems like an angel floating down to Earth to stand directly in front of her.

“Hey, sweet temptation, please tell me where may I get a glass of water for drinking around this town?” Silkily whisks outward in liquid happiness from those perfect lips of the angel that became known as Jenessa.
That same gorgeous angel stands there holding the reins of the horse that later became known as Apple. Yet, there now came more of that angelic tone as Jenessa continued to state in what seems like feathery whisperings. “I have been riding forever and need to have some water. Plus a washroom would be nice too.”

She stated in repeating her needs and continuing to seduce without knowing that she is. All this while looking into those ocean blue eyes of Laurel with Jenessa`s own icy blue eyes sparkle of playful happiness. Next, she further voices “Where around here can a girl get a free glass of water and the use of a bathroom, my sweet temptation?”

At the sounding of the voice, Laurel has become instantly spellbound. Somewhere in her heart, is connected to an ancient tune that could only be heard by the soul which is the mate to the soul that has that very voice attached to it. Thus Laurel knows it is her one true love.She knew it then just as she has every moment in her life after that moment of Jenessa climbing off Apple`s backside. She knows that instantly without any doubt whatsoever that Jenessa Angelo has always been meant to be her soul mate in life and love. Yet, she stammers out with a repeating of “Sweet temptation..” while adding in “” she begins to question but stops as she begins to fully view those succulent curves of teenaged beauty.

Even then Jenessa was a goddess and someone that brings strong sexual desire. Back then within the first meeting, it is instant desire, immediate need and instantaneously Laurel falls in love. Laurel certainly did straight away fall in love, to then quickly become completely obsessed over Jenessa Angelo. Obsessed with her and Laurel now need to manage to get Jenessa anything that Jenessa wishes for. Including the glass of water, a new best friend for life and endless pleasures until Jenessa passes away into the next world without Laurel. Yet, a glass of water had made her life feeling blessed, then to be soon filling her with the cleansing love of a woman unlike any other in the universe. So once more water is Laurel`s saviour.

Then there is another important moment where water brings salvation to Laurel. That is the day of being ‘Real; with a woman who does become the next wife within Laurel Ann`s life. This is the ‘real’ of life and it comes by sharing truths and chats with Trinity Roberts. This real and true sharing is exactly the truth even though the meeting place that exists for them is one of pretending ways and fantasy play. The meeting place of ‘pretend ways’ has the song of Orinoco Flow playing within the imaginary realm that Trinity has created. The song in itself means very little to most but to these two females, it is a love song that does conjure concepts of sailing. Laurel has always wanted to possess her own boat and to be learning the craft of sailing. She wants to learn sailing, and it is because it’s being surrounded by that element that is her salvation in life. This is the salvation of water cleansing and giving back her heart. It is a giving back to her so that she may love again and sailing will be a vessel to do so for her.

This giving exists within water as it is remaining in somewhat of a loose control of Laurel`s personal self. It encompasses and commands but sways a boat. It additionally creates a cleansing relaxing feeling when within a boat on the seas. Water to an extent does engulf a sailing vessel but Laurel knows that the titanic element is mostly under control until Laurel chooses to disrespect it. She has always chosen the respect of it and it in return gives her the freedom to be anywhere she wishes to be. Or in this case, it unlocks the love within her. Love and water are her saviours. These are encompassing her and giving freedom within ways that are unfathomable. Water saves her, fills her senses with an understanding that she can control what happens to her and she can be cleansed by it if it is necessary.

Those facts do make Trinity a priestess of Laurel`s saviour. This truth due Trinity is a sailor. Trinity is a sexy sailor that is a master craftswoman of sailing boats. She is additionally a sailor who enjoys the music known as Orinoco Flow. Thus, once more water brings salivation and love to Laurel Ann. That day of meeting Trinity within the imaginary realm of pretend play can be seen as water arriving in a tidal wave of love. This is a tidal wave that has Laurel finding it hard to breathe and in deep need of air. Yet, she has air, for with each breath she knows that she has the all-encompassing love of her sailor wife. Trinity is a wife who is a priestess of the oceans and the water elements. Thus, she is giving Laurel an outlet to share her heart and to feel safe in life.

Yes, she is safe. Laurel now is saved in her life, but soon Trinity won`t be safe for Laurel is deciding that her wife shortly won’t be safe from her due to the growing need to sexually please Trinity once again. Please, that Lady of Oceans since the remembering of meeting Trinity is causing great sexual arousal. The first meeting is instant sexual electricity and attraction. So as Laurel Ann is crossing the patio door’s threshold it is now time for seeing if her sailor wife is ready for round three of the erotic playfulness of their vacation. Round three and water is still Laurel Ann`s saviour.

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