Monday, December 5, 2016

Worshipping Her

“May I please kiss you right there, right there where you smile?” I query as I look at her, looking at my Beloved.

The beautiful blond has dreamy round breasts that are fully proportioned and so perky within plump. The two lovely globes of womanly flesh immediately catch the eyes when being confronted by this blond goddess. Those so easily bring a sharp gasp as a daydream descends to be enjoyed.

Oh, such lovely breasts that they make it difficult to not stare at them even though there are mesmeric blue eyes to gaze within. Her beauty and especially those fleshly orbs do make it a need to worship her. To adore by bringing hands to smoothly touch with the trailing of fingertips over every naughty firm inch of them as eyes of green finally connect to the beautiful blue ones. That brings more smiles as my hands are molding them to feel them. A caressing of them, that has me crave to be forever embracing them. Oh yes, that is the wish and it comes with an awe of reverence, as I whisper, "Love, love, love you, my Beloved."

Then as I get dizzier my lips arrive at tenderly kissing each of them fully upon the perkiness of the nipples that are hard for me. Then as my lips leave the sweetness of tasting each lovely nipple so that I am slowly laying my moist lips in measures kisses over every portion of each breast`s surface. The pleasure of it drives me mad with needing to make love to every inch of her for she is making the most delicious of purring sounds. As she does I once more stop to look up into her eyes to next place a sacred kiss to each nipple with softly conveying, "Only mine, only thine and forever entwined."

All of it shared as my hungry mouth fully encompasses one of those perky knobs that need endlessly sucked, teased, bitten, nibbled and licked until we both are mad within our lust to please each other.

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