Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 4, Tunes, Tubs, and Treason

Into the muscle car, she goes. It is effortless with Angelina soon maneuvering the car to be well on its way toward her house in suburbia. The car rolls along on the tires at the posted speeds while minimal traffic subsists as a constant due to the late hour of the night. This allows her mind to minimally focus on the driving of the seventy-some minutes that is the journey across the city. During this time some of the exhaustion seems to depart. Hence, Angelina’s eyes of blue do widen while her mind slowly drifts through thoughts of enjoying a long hot bubble bath. This is a something that she craves to enjoy. Therefore a complete tumbling into daydreams of the two-story Victorian-style home of three bedrooms and well-groomed yard come to join in the pushing out of anything to do with work. Those very notions of a bath provide a release of soothing breath, as the distance to home grows shorter.

“Thirty-seven minutes to home, you can do it, girl. Not long at all. You can stay awake that long.” Her own vocal encouragement creates gigging to fill the car. It does for Angelina realizes she shouldn’t be talking to herself. But with that, there exists a wary sigh for there also is an acceptance that she often does it. Hence, she once more speaks to the emptiness of others not being in her car, “I got to stop talking to myself. Momma said it`s a sign of madness. And god knows that Uncle Enrico claims he stole all the madness in the family so, uhm.”

Then suddenly with that notion Angelina halts the car to end the stream of thoughts for she almost runs a red light due to the daydreaming. Therefore, there are deep breathes with a silent wish to be already home. That exists even though she sits at a city intersection waiting for traffic lights to change. This gives her to realize that there seem to be too many traffic stops on the way home and that brings more conversation into a car empty of others. “Uhm, it feels like there is a hundred stop light already tonight.”
Angelina then decides that she needs more patience and that she should relax. Thus, she looks around while waiting for the light to change at a mid-city intersection as the seemingly endless traffic from the other directions pass through it. In doing that she reads a billboard to the left side of the roadway. A large billboard that rises like a flat tower on a small building. Upon it is an advertisement for an upcoming musical concert. This has her once more speaking to no one, “Jazz Pop musician Quinlin Asher coming to the University Anteroom stage, three intimate nights of Jazz and Pop music. Seating limited with a short social mixer afterward. Tickets are two hundred dollars with all proceeds to the university`s Music Department. Dates are July sixth through ninth.”

"Beep. Honk. Beep." arrives the loud mechanical prodding by other motorists to scoot along for the traffic light is now green causing the line up behind her to be a bit annoyed that they aren’t moving along. “Okay, okay, I am moving forward!” she shouts to no one in irritation but it said to everyone too.

With a huff, Angelina slams the gas pedal down causing a high speed advancing through the intersection. It leaves the other motorists well behind for she doesn’t let up until all the tension of the night slowly begins to melt away. Then as Angelina settles into letting go of the tense sensations she ponders of the concert, “My bedtime music. I like her music a lot. In fact, I own all of her CDs. I do. For it is years ago that I heard her at a bar in New York city during a vacation trip.”

In that vein of spoken thoughts Angelina makes decisions about a possible social event, which has her further voice, “ Gee, I should go to one of those concerts. One evening out is something that I may enjoy. I may even take someone with me. Uhm, Yes, I should do that. So, I will plan for that.” She affirms with then taking to creating a mental note to look into buying two tickets for going to one of the three nights of the event.

The ideas of it fill her thoughts for a little while but then it is causing Angelina to turn the radio on for the remainder of the drive home. She still needs a distraction and so in a hope to catch some international news sound fills the car. Therefore, it does such as the pretty brunette turns the car onto her street with starting to prepare for the eventual stop. Once the car is parked in the driveway the radio is turned off before she climbs out to collect a work satchel and a lunch box from the back seat. Then in no time at all, she is inside the well-maintained house.

Within twenty minutes, Angelina is in the master bathroom that is adjacent to her own bedroom with both rooms existing on the second floor of the large house. Her bathroom, however, exists as special. It does for it is elegant tranquility, a place of serenity according to her. It comes as a room of simplistic luxury too. It is the exact design that she wishes as well. It also exists as one of only two demands of change about the house when she, with her, now ex-husband, bought the house five years ago. They purchased this gorgeous well-preserved Victorian home on a whim to then renovate it before they moved in.

Jake hastily carried out her demands too. Jake is the handsome brunette ex-hubby with green eyes and he is built like an athletic construction worker. But his good looks have nothing to do with the renovation. The redecoration happens for a very serious reason that act has nothing to do with appearances of any kind. So, you may now be questioning why is it done to her specific wishes and not his too?

Well, in all honesty, Jake Wayne does it because the marriage subsists as being a rocky one due to his many moments of infidelity. So, those truths urge him into creating heaven in a bathroom. He claims it to be his attempt to appease his brilliant wife because once more his penis is busy with another woman. Oh yes, even after having to move due to his nonsense he managed more adultery and she finds out about it. She discovered it after endless promises that his sex addiction is controlled and that he can be faithful to her. So, being a man who builds industrial complexes, a man of a relatively prosperous construction company, Jake Wayne is extremely willing to do just about anything to appease Angelina. Oh yes, he is! And that is because he knows that Angelina is enormously capable of making his entire world rain of living Hell. She could and that is due to her bailing him out of bankruptcy just after they marry during her twenty-ninth year.

Did she bring the world of Hell`s brimstone to his door? Not really. She demanded a few things. It started with owning the house upon divorce. She wanted a new car too, which exists as her Ford Mustang that is fully loaded with every option possible. Then there is the three-bedroom cabin on the west coast of Canada. And then Angelina wanted two more things from him. One is that he is to pay off all her debts collected right up to the day of divorce. And the last is that he is never ever to be the same space as she is. And all requests are very reasonable according to her. With it, soothing her wishes to murder him in concern to him almost destroying her relatively clean reputation.

Hence, the bathroom and all of her demands from ex-hubby are hers. Those are, as she stands there nude beside the bathtub that is made for two bathers. This faux cast-iron loin`s claw bathtub dominates the space but the room is larger than most common bathrooms. In fact, a wall between the master bathroom and what used to be the third of four bedrooms became demolished to open up space. It left only three bedrooms. In turn, this allowed the creation of the luxurious bathroom that maintains simplicity. The tub is lengthwise in front of a very large window that opens up into the backyard. The window possesses a seat and drawstring redwood wooden shutters. The floor is redwood as well. The fixtures and cabinetry are too. Therefore, it is the modern luxury of the simplicity of marble, redwood, brass wall sconces, lamb`s wool rugs, a large linen closet, a double sink, and a brass chair piled high with softcover romance novels.

“Mine.” she reverently whispers with turning off the hot water that is filling the tub while creating bubbles from the solution that she pours in it moments ago. “Mine, mine and in an hour from now it off to bed. Bed with dreams of Ever. My Ever.”

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 3, Seduced By A Mustang

Tension is rising like a knife stripping the encounter with William of sanity. It is swiftly met with sheer awkwardness coupled with embarrassment as an unknown guest at a close by table loudly states, “You two should get a room.”

In what next seems good timing Jaspers slips an arm between them to nudge Angelina away from William. “Angie dear, come with, please come with me. You need fresh air. And our friend must collect his dignity for Billy should wipe his drool off the floor. Billy seems to devolve to schoolboy when around a beautiful intellectual woman.”

That breaks the energy spell for William but no true stop of his actions happens as he reaches to repossess Angelina`s hand. But Jasper continues to prod Angelina toward the exit. She allows it with reaching for his arm to immediately pull herself into Jasper with shakily conveying, “Thank you, Jasper, thank you.”

He is a savior with her being ever so willingly giving into what she knows is safety. Jasper is very pleased with it too by displaying it with a warm smile as he pats her arm that entwines his. “Angie, it is a pleasure to assist. But do come, so that you may head home.”

“Please, walk me out. I am a bit dizzy.” tiredly voice Angelina with attempting to focus enough to manage to leave.

With that said Jasper directs Angelina along to the exit without even a singular gaze at the man who is one of his best friends. That suits Angelina fine for she doesn’t understand the encounter with her truly only wishing to go home with having wanted no intrusions. None for she is exhausted, too tired to deal with hormonal men on a high of sexual desire too. And that is exactly what she sum William McKnyght to be, he merely seems to always be that when around her.

So out into the hallway for the two of them. On the way out, there is no stop at the coatroom to gather anything for the spring provides lovely weather for the evening. Hence, as they stroll along the hallway Jasper chats. “I am sorry, Angie. You didn’t need that from any men. I apologize for my gender, and for our stupidity at times. Are you okay, my friend?”

“Yes, Jasper.” She says with breaking her silence after gathering her senses and breaths into peaceful. Then she notes that they approach the building`s exits doors that lead to the outside and the vast parking lot. With seeing the route to escape from all men and everything dealing with work Angelina shares, “I can handle him. I can! He merely seems to be everywhere lately and he is so insistent. He just doesn’t seem to take the hints that I am not interested. After all, how could he be, he is, is so..” She doesn’t complete it for she cannot quite say what she thinks about William, it would be rude to say such to Jasper.

“He is a brute, my dear. He is a beast when he is questing for a goal. But tonight he is taught lessons and you are safe for a while. I do hope that you are okay?” Arrives smoothly spoken with brilliant smiling as Jasper feels like he truly has one-upped the great seducer that is Rebel Billy Boy. In fact, he feels that he carried it out effortlessly too. And he has done it with simply being himself, the man of common gentlemanly ways and excellent timing.

“Yes, I am quite fine even though I am exhausted.” With coming closer to the exit door to the parking lot, Angelina tiredly conveys, “Thanks to you I am safe. You seem to be a knight whisking me away from a magician`s spell.”

“I am no knight, and that is even if he is a magician. What I did is what a true friend does, Angie. You know that you may count on me for I said that I am a friend. We shared that four years ago when you first arrived here at the university. Back then I was the lucky staff member of the Humanity`s Department that took you around for a tour of campus. We talked a lot back then. And as I said back then I will help. I meant it when I said that anything that you require is something I am willing to assist with. Such things do include bully boys and even a drive home if you need one?”

Jasper sets up the launch pad for him achieving the elusive date. He is doing it ever so nicely too. He is wrapping it in the generosity of friendship and gentlemanly chivalry but it is only enjoyed as a sharing of kindness. It is to be only that for the offer logically is that when considering their history. Hence, Angelina reaches for the door as she slips her arm from wrapping around his. Then she politely shares a farewell, “That is extremely kind. Thank you for the offer but I enjoy being alone for my drive home. It will do me good to enjoy the solitude and if I need company then maybe it can be listening to the radio to clear thoughts. But thank you for your kindness, Jasper. ”

“Oh! Oh. Okay,” comes in a surprise of not accomplishing his hidden goals. That has him stepping forward to open the exit door for her as he motions her to proceed out into the cool Spring night air of a starry sky and silver moon that is beaming a ‘hello’ to them both. This brings Jasper to step completely outside with holding the door as Angelina passes through it. He then gives his hidden agenda one more try, "Please, allow me to walk you to your car? I wish to be sure that you are safe and on your way, dear Angie.”

The cool air hits the forty-something brunette professor of youthful beauty as she walks past him on her way to ending a workday. The coolness takes her senses by a bit of surprise causing her to be crossing her arms to then rub warmth into her upper arms. In that, she smiles toward the moon to next share in a lively confidence, “My car is parked close, so there is no need to worry. But, thank you. And once more, I say thank you for being so kind about helping me with an ongoing issue.”

With such spoken, Angelina walks over to him smiling up at him before drawing into real close to placing a friendly kiss on the left side of his face.In pulling away from it Angelina winks up at him before turning around to walk down the concrete steps while Jaspers watch with being stunned of the kiss. Yet all Angelina now wants is leaving the entirety of males being demanding of her. So, she picks up the pace when her feet find the sidewalk beneath them. Next, she instantly scoots along toward the first row of parked cars where a bright blue convertible Ford Mustang awaits her. It waits for her with it being the only male that Angelina allows to seduce her, seducing her into freedom.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 2, Noting The Notables

“Oh my, I am so sorry mademoiselle, ” swiftly comes apology to the waitress as William instantly recoups his usual cool composure. “Please, allow me to help with the mess? It is the least that I can do.”

Then William passes over his large fabric napkin to then non-verbally demand that Jasper gives up his too. After those are delivered William further states, “Please, let me move my chair.”

Then in doing so, he stands his full height of nearly six foot two before his gentlemanly behavior comes full throttle with a warm smile along with him catching glimpses of Angelina watching the drama. It exists as a seamless faux performance as Angelina warmly smiles. True, she has no recourse but to wait due to the close quarters of tables and the massive spillage on the floor. Hence, there comes patience in watching the gallantry while she supplies an acknowledgment nod toward Jasper. William notes such but he cares not that his friend gets a bit of attention. In all honestly, William now gets what he definitely knew that he could create. So his plan arrives complete within its desired perfections. And the bonus is that Jasper did not see it coming but William reaps the best reward of the evening`s first chance at getting a date from the elusive Angelina.

So he and the pretty professor stand looking at the drama while another wait staff member helps with the tidying up. It brings Angelina the joy of connecting to Dr. Jasper Brent for she holds great respect for his work. After which her attention returns to the man that she often bumps into in recent months. This has her scanning William’s face to notice his ever so winsome smile. This is a smile that he enjoys trying to charm her with while sharing controversial topics. Which is fine by her but she has detected that in recent William McKnyght seems to know all of her favorite personal haunts. That leaves her feeling marked and it makes her a little bit breathless when she thinks about it too much. So, she shakes that away to smile sweetly back at him.

Noting the smile, William politely clears his throat as he begins to address the exploring of the evening`s first shot at a date with the professor. Such an adventure permits him to push his chair to clear a path so that Angelina may maneuver more towards him. In doing so William conveys, “Dr. Bombieri, a pleasure to see you. I am sure that you remember me. I am William Maximus Amon McKnyght and we bumped into one another a few days ago. Additionally, I am sorry for the intrusion. It is only a minor mishap that won`t be long but allow me to help you pass on through.”

All is said as he extends a hand to assist Angelina in walking over the almost dry spot on the tiled flooring. She in turn congenially accepts to then sweetly reply, “Good evening, William.”

Angelina also warmly smiles a gracious greeting that she tends to supply to all gentlemen. Yet, Angelina knows that he most certainly is not typical of the men that she comes across in life. She does for Angelina has sort of come to know William, to know him in many ways during the years since their first of meetings here at the university. Those memories have her further convey, “The full name every time, we have met many times and you say it every time.”

“Yes, I do ma’am. I wouldn’t want you forgetting Me.” is his cheerful reply.
“Oh now, William, it is highly doubted that you are forgettable.” She retorts with feeling his hand pull her forward toward him. This almost unwillingly pulls her to walk over to stand in front of him, in front with an eye to eye view.

“I do hope so, Dr. Bombieri. It is important to do my best to be a force, one that promotes memories and the motions, with garnering the needs that I have.” comes the conveyance while he does not relent allowing her hand to be removed from his firm grip during this now mutual eye contact.

Angelina smirks for she has memories of him all right. Each is interesting with various depths of flirting, chat, and more. But their bumping into each other is not all flirtation nor sweetness. The well-accomplished professor of Theology has a minor understanding of the business side of this man too. That side of him stands out in intriguing ways in the world of humans. Along with all of that Angelina additionally is well aware of some of the deeply intimate parts of William`s life as well. Alongside those things, she does toss in her keen understanding that he now willfully focuses his attention on her. And such exists even though she has taken no effort to allow him that.

Within all of that her most vivid memory of William is the invitation to be a guest at a private BDSM club in Dubai of the UAE. She takes the opportunity to study the BDSM Kink culture for a lecture series that exist as a university sanctioned project. When the invite came she grabbed the opportunity quickly. The invite came via an old friend who knew of her upcoming lecture and the book series of sexual oddities in culture. So, it exists as a godsend for her. Then in doing the research of fetish practitioners Angelina definitely sees plenty of William. She sees him vividly with countless women and having sex in the most interesting ways. Such things give the brunette professor a very well educated viewing of women doing extremely imaginative things to please this man known as Rebel Billy in BDSM circles. So to say that she knows him is not true but it is true. It also intends that she is going to remember him forever with no long introduction ever required.

“As I said, you are unforgettable and thank you for the three hundred thousand.” Angelina conveys with trying to slip her hand from his without success and so she continues to chat, “That is a generous gift to a good cause, a special foundation to provide funding and jobs for students on the archeological digs in Antarctica.”

Of course, this is a noted wish to change the topic for she is aware that she must do duty to appease and acquire any further donations if it is at all possible. Yet, such conceivably is not going to happen for the ticket price of dinner was a cool 50, 000 dollars.

“Oh, it is only a few hundred, consider it three hundred kisses." Comes in turning chat into a new direction as he then spurs it on with sharing, "Ya know, it equals kisses. Thus, a few hundred kisses, uhm.” he claims to further say, “Not much at all.” Arrives with a warm charm and an almost purring of how much desire he has for her kisses while staring into her eyes.

Angeline knows of his renowned charisma. She understands he would enjoy kissing her for he has tried. She definitely does recognize that. She also understands so much more of what he is about. All of those truths have her bringing her best cooling defense. “Kisses, eh. You will run out of those one day, William.”

“Not really, Dr. Bombieri. I am a man of means. I will always have kisses for you; do you require more of them? More of anything?” he supplies with a smile that tends to melt almost any woman into a puddle of lustful wishes and neediness to be in his arms. And without a doubt, if Angelina needs more money from him then he will toss it to her, but only if she supplies the date that is so very elusive.

“More?” Softly questions Angelina with surprise to push through to a giggling that she couldn’t hold back.

“Yes, more. More kisses. More money. More, more, and I think that you need more. I know that I need more.” The serious edge is there as he whips out a further playfulness. He must see if his lust can be momentarily satiate with relenting to anything that he offers. Oh yes, he must at least walk away with that. He must for William has a need to pull her into any flirting, or anything. He needs her falling into his energy aura so that he is capable of seducing her mind in the ways that Angelina needs a man to have her.

But she knows what is going on. Angelina sees it all unfolding. She feels it there pushing on her but she stays her ground with a hard swallow and a flirty winking. Then she sweetly pulls herself in closer to look him deeper in the eyes as her breath caress his face. “The speech wasn’t that good, William. But..”

“I would give another hundred thousand if you kiss Me.” he swiftly interrupts in playful trickery while knowing that he feels such a deep need to keep her close. Therefore, he pushes the whole moment of the flirting higher by saying, “I will donate another three hundred thousand if you go on a date with me tomorrow evening.”

Angeline cannot believe it but she knows that she hears it. Shock! It most definitely is heard in all of its notes, its syllables, and its meanings too. It then bounces in her mind. The statements provide a gasp of a silent, ‘oh my, gosh’ but there are no words. Therefore, Angelina stands in front of him looking stunned while swallowing hard of his proposition.

“Oh, come now.” William chastises, as the vision of her being shocked exists with it allowing him to further claim his actual cause of being at this charity event. “Dr. Bombieri, it is not a first time I have asked. So, maybe, it is time you relent. Maybe you should allow me to give a bit more to your cause. Then, if you find our dinner date a lovely thing I could even help out further with the things that you desire.” spoken with a charming smirk and knowing that he has her right where he needs her to be.

In turn, Angelina hears him. And Angelina catches the statements in the same vein that he heard her. And she hears it in the ways he intends it all. However, she doesn’t swiftly dive in for the kill like he does. Angelina instead smirks, snickers and states, “Should I come collared, cuffed or just nude like you enjoy your dates.”

Instantly unbridled laughter erupts from William. This is even though he is known for being relatively serious when doing acquisitions of anything in life. Added to that he is usually ready for anything that a woman may say but that comment from Angelina takes a prime spot for shocking him. Thus, laughter continues for he is simply in awe of her.

While he does so Angelina stands in front of him feeling as though they are both gather up too much attention in a room meant for no true spectacles. In fact, she can feel the stares that are thrust at them and it is penetrating them. This makes her very wary of several people staring toward the two of them, one of which is Jasper.

Indeed Jasper is. He is sitting on a chair close by while looking bewildered as he stares at her but she does not understand why. So, she grins at him with stating, “It is nice to bump into you both but I am on my to the powdered room before going home.”

Then with squaring her gaze solely upon William, Angelina conveys, “I will think on the date proposal but no promises for I rarely do that any longer. You may call me to confirm my answer. Call me here at my office during tomorrow afternoon.”

“Well, you should go on a date. A date with me.” Quickly responds William as Angelina firmly removes her hand from his. This creates chaotic feelings for the removal gives him sensations of spinning wild in a powerful broken energy. That provokes him to further share, “Dates are not only money, meals, and treasure. Dates can be kisses. I like kisses.”

He stops for a moment because he is growing a bit too disorientated from the whirling energy feelings that he doesn’t understand. So it is a stopping to bring calm that tempts him into saying so much more for his thoughts continue to bend into kissing her. “And..mmm,” comes in purring growl with William then leaning in, leaning in with whispering, “Do you like kisses? I asked you that a few weeks ago but you never answered me. I asked while we attended the museum`s showing of scientific art.”

Indeed, he is pushing the limits of public propriety for such functions. In fact, William seems drunk even though he is not. He knows all of that, as William now feels lost that she is not physically touching him for he feels compete when they physically connect. He also recognizes that they both understand that he is making a spectacle of himself with losing control of his desire. Thus, he is lost in his craving of Angelina. He is for there is something about this woman that does that to Dom William McKnyght and that is even though it shouldn’t be happening. It should not be for it is an impossibility when considering that he is a man of total control and dominance in life. Yet, this woman that he craves, as his next submissive playmate, holds a hidden power over him. It is thus no surprise that this very truth now helps him to plunge deeper into being a spectacle.

Hence, there is another round of an attempt at achieving the elusive date. And this time it`s a no holds barred endeavour. “No answer, Doctor. I find that interesting. I am sure that you enjoy kisses and dating. In fact, you are a very social woman. So. I find no answer an interesting thing. It comes to be just as intriguing as you earlier focusing on the nudity and the enjoyment of the weeklong events at the club in Dubai. Maybe it is not simply kissing and a date, maybe it`s a nude date and kissing. Maybe...”

This promotes a mischievous smirking upon his lips as he brushes his nose against hers in a playful request for a confrontation. Then with no reply, William finishes chat by claiming, “Maybe you have secret wishes, Dr. Bombieri. Maybe it is much more than kisses or business dollars that you need.”

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 1, Where There Is A Rogue

Cooling breaths that slip his parted lips as the firmness of his moist tongue caresses the perfection of pearly whites that are extremely familiar with biting. Ferociously biting into all things whether it`s the hunger for food, for personal pleasure or any business acquisitions. Yet, tonight in contrast to that raw power there is only a soft meditative inhaling to have the hot air trailing out in a noticeable desiring of something. Hence, this dashing blond haired rogue of a businessman intends to at the very least be nibbling something that he wishes for and wants. That brings his dark eyes with blue oriels staring obsessively at what he deeply desires as a personal treasure. Thus, he is surveying his next procurement while within his life he makes every move possible to bring the 'wished for' thing to him.

“She is exquisite, isn’t she, Billy Boy.” Interrupts Professor Emeritus Jasper Brent as he gauges the behavior of the man sitting next to him.

Jasper sits at a dining table in this room noted for supplying time to charity endeavors. He does for tonight the fourth session in a series of events takes place in this room of elegant finery here at the university. The four sessions of lectures, by various members of the Humanities departments, exist in order to garner monies for another archeological dig that university is committed to. Therefore, all guests’ in attendance are associated with the Antarctic Project, just as there are invitation-only guests from the business world to encourage donations. Hence that is the reason why Jasper and his nearby tablemate are present but still, they both would do anything to experience this night`s lecture. That fact brings the semi-well-known professor to boldly say, “Angie is the university`s best lecturer and is mesmerizing to watch. We fellows of the Humanities department cannot believe our luck, especially since she is single and beautiful too. Too bad she leaves us next month to go on sabbatical.”

William McKnyght listens to his friend Jasper but he doesn’t for this woman that he met three years ago really does stun him. He is mesmerized during the past three years of knowing her. In fact, this man of immense wealth and roguish ways follows his lust by unearthing every detail about the woman that he watches. Within doing so William is slowly falling in love. Additionally, his growing interest in her is to the point of almost clandestinely stalking Dr. Angelina Ana Bombieri.

And with watching he sighs, breathes that wishful way of wanting this desire, this woman that holds him spellbound. And that is not easy to do for he is not a gentleman that is easily swayed by feminine anything. But the day he looked her in her eyes something owned him. With saying that it must be understood that no one is permitted to own William McKnyght. Hence, he is driven to find out why she does and how she did it with one gaze into her eyes.

“Beautiful, intelligent, dominant woman and single. Ripe for the right man but she does not ever seem to date, anyone. In fact, there is a betting pool to see who can get her to accept a date. But no luck so far.” Jasper states as the applause come strong with the end of the lecture session to have the event smoothly shift into the dining part of the charity event.

With such spoken, William smirks. He does for he sees why there are attempts and a betting pool. In that thought, he assumes that the efforts are amateur since he is instinctually aware that a woman like Angelina Bombieri requires more than the sort of man that does betting pools. That truth has William keeping his stare on the physical form of Angelina as she moves skillfully from the podium. Then he furthers his gazing by watching her weave through the crowd of guests to find her seat at her designated table with the university`s Dean. In doing so he notes that she is gracious to those who are making comment and stopping her for a moment but in the end, her firm ass sits next to Dean Gregory Roth.

“Such grace, my pretty. So perfectly suited,” he murmurs with reverence.

Jasper once more notices that his longtime friend is smitten with the beauty of a woman that many wishes and want, but none seem to achieve. So, he leans over to amusedly convey, “Aren’t you so glad that I asked you to enjoy my spare ticket? I knew you would like watching her for an evening and possibly one of us may give a try at seeing if she will finally succumb to a date.”

To say that William is suddenly puzzled is most truthful. He likes his long-time buddy but there are a few things about Jasper that William is most certain of. One is that good ole Jasper is nowhere near capable of a woman like Angelina Ana Bombieri. Yet, William is not ready to let that truth lose and so he snickers, “Well, I will give it a go first. Then you will have a clear launch pad for your attempt after she turns me down.”

“That is a kind offer,” claims Jasper with being perplexed while growing worried. He is for Jasper knows that if his buddy gets the first crack at acquiring a date then he, himself possibly won`t get any. That is a truth between them. It is something long ago understood between them. It becomes such during their university days with it providing Jasper with great amounts of insight into the man that he claims to be a best friend. Thus, he curtly proclaims, “Oh, I think that I am braced for the embarrassment. So, I am having the first go at it.”

With that William turns to look Jasper dead center in the eyes with a coldness that claims unwritten warnings that promote Jasper to firmly lay his claims. “I bought the tickets, Billy Boy. Therefore, I get the first try. You can be my wingman.”
Therefore the playing field is set to go. But it must be realized that it is a dangerous thing to stand in the way of William`s desires to acquire a prize. It also said to be an intriguing thing to be the object of William`s desires. This is believed because him wanting to own anything has the item blatantly marked and those in his path are doomed. Hence without any doubt, once his sights are locked on then he demands to obtain while not restraining himself. At least he does not control until it is in his possession. Consequently, William McKnyght wins no matter the circumstances.

So, it`s circumstances of warnings and proclamations shared with both men`s eyes locked on the prize. A pretty one that brings stares directed intently upon the middle-aged intellectual of mature curves as she stands to leave her position at the University Dean`s dining table. They watch her with neither man sure of where Angelina is headed but both studiously observe. This brings them to note that she politely excuses herself before turning toward them. That makes them grin larger than suited for smiling. It tells of opportunity too. It especially does for they know that she possibly may go to the ladies room. And that exit to the hallway leading to the bathroom is a few feet to the left of them. Such reality maintains grins much like silly schoolboys lost in a mad crush on the popular girl. Hence, they are very observant of their prize making her way toward them. In fact, the two men enjoy the surveying of her beautiful smile as it becomes more defined with the progress of walking toward them. In that, they see the tired in her eyes. It is clearly noted that the day is long one as she walks with elegance and the ability to seem to float.

“I bet she fucks like every man`s dream.” Crudely claims Jasper in almost drooling over the fact that he feels that he is one-upping the great stud known as his buddy William. This is the thinking of middle-aged professor of moderate sexual prowess. It is that because he figures that he has first shot since he showed proof of rights. And in that Jasper decides no limits exist. Those cannot for it is a ‘now or never’ due to understanding that his buddy is focused on achieving. This allows both men to be aware of what is afoot as they look at Angelina who slowly walks toward them.

In the viewing of her, Jasper begins to feel the primal hunter`s energy that exists when a man recognizes that another man is chasing after the woman that he craves the most. In fact, Jasper can smell the scent of his adversary`s hunting pheromones building to that point of aggression being possible between them. Which is great for William does sense it radiating from Jasper too. Yet, he knows that Jasper is not even getting out of the gate when it’s a woman that to be accomplished. So, the truth of Jasper losing is inevitable, just as William`s ability to trigger the turning of tables is to exist.

Therefore the gentleman of an almost god-like physique calmly reaches for his empty wine glass. Then he beckons the closest waitress over to fill the glass. As she walks to the table with a bottle of red wine William softly exchanges the truths to Jasper as he sees the so-called truth happening. “A bit crude. You are so obscene about an elegant ladylike Dr. Bombieri. You need to respect her. She deserves respect before any man touches her. You are a fucktard for thinking that she wants to touch a man who has no respect for women.”

Jasper is shocked and with this, he prepares to treat the moment accordingly. Yet, as he does the waitperson pours the wine into the glass that William passed over to her. This brings them both seeing that Angelina is almost upon them and so William amps things up with firmly claiming, “You have never respected women. That is why you are squirting your jizz all over porn mags while I have women kneeling to my pleasures.”

With such being spoken William lightly turn around to face Jasper. He then provides a cheeky smart-ass grin of being a winner that has yet to be crowned. As he does this Jasper is seething with anger and that empowers the usually calm Jasper to shove William. An aggressive push is all that he permits in a warning of stating that such is uncalled for. Those motions of a shove are meant as a nudging however it becomes to be much more. It does for William allows his body to convincingly to seemingly be forced into hitting the waitperson. That provides the incoming drama of wine on the floor, a waitress unsettled and Angelina nearly colliding into the scene. Thus, a minor collision of women, wine, and a man catching himself while looking like a defenseless victim after seemingly being bullied by another man.

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