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Ever Note - Chapter 11, Scent Of A BadBoy

Sleep comes in the depths of resting where dreams do not exist. Angelina knows that Beauty is her dream self but her true need is recuperation from all aspects of a busy life. That includes how active that her dreams are. This truth allows Angelina to sleep in late on the following morning, a Saturday morning. It is great until around ten o’clock when awakening happens with a minor league bed quaking bounce by Jenessa. The well-planned jumping upon the king sized bed brings happy shouting, “Get up, sleepyhead! It`s ten twenty in the morning!”

Jenessa then goes even further with the awakening by forcing Angelina to feel less comfy. In a teenaged display of rebellion, Jenessa stands by the bed`s side to instantaneously rip back the bed sheets. This swiftly allows the flooding in of cool air upon Angelina’s nude body. Then as the nudity is seen Jenessa swiftly tosses the sheets back up over her sleepy cousin. In turn, the heavy-eyed professor places a death grip on the returning bed sheets with a painful groaning escaping. Yet, cousin Jenessa cheerfully continues the waking process with, “You got explaining to do. So, wake up.”

The blond Italian then once more jumps on the bed to scoot up next to Angelina. Jenessa snuggles in next to her sleepyhead hostess who is shocked, groggy and murmuring, “Oh my god. Go away.”

As this exists Angelina burrows deeper under the sheets with trying to once again find sleep but she knows the impossibility of it. It always is that Jenessa is a perky morning spirit that needs up around six to make the most of the day physically active at the crack of dawn. Hence, everyone must be ready for anything. And today the thing is insistent of them both being awake.

“No. And you like me this happy in the morning. We always get everything done too. So, get up. Come on. I have tea over on the bureau. We will make the Farmer`s Market if you have a quickie shower and toss on jeans with a t-shirt.” Is sent out cheerfully as a bit of bum bouncing and poking occur.

With that and flashes of thoughts Angelina grumbles. “You never toss on any clothing. You always look..” and with that spoken Angie takes a peek over her shoulder to see Jenessa fully dressed in an elegant red paisley cotton blouse. Then in noticing it, Angelina raises up to turn fully around to get a complete view of things. She sees the beige casual trousers with flat sandals on the feet and the beige silk shawl draping over shoulders. Within that, the brunette feels aches from end to the others as she claims, “There are times you are not sane. I suppose you tossed those on. ”

“Well, no. It took a while but it gave me time to wonder why you have a sexy man dropping off teacups in your postal bin at six this morning. He seems happy and waved at me too, quite congenial. It was nice but in all honesty, it interrupted my centering abilities during my running session. So, I kind of need answers about Mr. Sexy. Especially, since I demand to know how long you have been secretly doing him? Sex with him could be hot.”

“Sex! I am not doing anyone.” Tiredly spurts out Angelina with attempting to mentally talk herself into waking because there is no alternative when it`s Jenessa. And with that, there exist a pause in chat but soon the Italian blond shares, “Angel, I am na├»ve at times but I do know men very well. Men do not give such particular gifts to any woman. That man has a thing for you. And the accompanying note reeks of Clive Christian. And we both know it’s the billionaire bad boys cologne.”

“Huh?” brings a spoken wondering of the confusion that instantly now is created.

“Yes, smell it.” And with that Jenessa hands over the note enclosed in a black envelope with red wax encryption seal that she had been placed on the night table. “See, it has strong spicy citrus, sexy floral and earth tones while being stirred by diamonds and gold. It is the one thing that I love about male cologne. You know that I can smell it a mile away.”

That has Angelina barely touching the envelope as the scent easily meets her nostrils. Then come flashes of William with it sending out dread. Instantly her body goes limp with no energy to deal with anything about him. Hence, it`s groaning flopping on the bed to pull the sheets up and all of it as she grumbles, “Spare me, spare me. God! I can’t do today. Not if he is in it”

“Stop that, Angel. “ opens a chastising, as the chat gets deep in the technical information of a sexual nature. ”Tell me who he is. Has he got big hands? What color eyes? His smile is what? How tall? Firm ass? And does he like it rough, kinky like you do? Come on tell me, I have the right to know if he is the sperm bank for more babies in our family. I bet he is kinky since it’s a scent of bad boy sexiness.”

“I already did.” Groans a more awake Angelina with her placing a death grip on the sheets while pushing herself under them so that she doesn’t need to deal with anything more.

“Huh. When?” Arrives the quizzical demand as Jenessa struggles to pull back the sheets to get Angelina to deal with the inquiry.

“Last night and for the past three years.” Flies exasperatedly from within Angelina while brandishing best efforts to keep the sheets around her nudity.

Thus, wrestling ensues with the two women getting tough about who wins the sheets. Yet, in it, all Angelina knows that she is fully awake while confronting too many things that bring her begging to have it all happening later in the day. “My God, it`s too early for this, Jen. It`s my day off.”

“No, you actually have the next two years off on a sabbatical.” Articulates Jenessa with tossing the bed sheets at her cousin. Then the tall Italian walks over to get the two teacups. In collecting them, from the tray on top of the dressing bureau, Jenessa chirpily continues, “Last night you mentioned no sexy billionaire bodybuilder type. You spoke of that weirdo who harasses and stalks you.”

“Bingo!” proclaims Angelina in a nestling in against the bed`s headboard with tucking in the sheets to cover up from the coldness that has come to her curves.

With that enlightenment spoken it swims into Jenessa to have shock follow it. White floods her face stating that such things are horrific to hear. “You are joking. He is a Clive Christian man. Oh my god, Angel, that is wrong on so many levels.” Cries out in a sadness that borders devastation to a woman who adores men with fashion sense and power. “I got to sit down. It is too early to deal with trauma like this.”

Angelina couldn’t agree more. With all the honesty in her, she thoroughly believes it`s too early for anything on her first day of sabbatical. Yet, she accepts the teacup and begins drinking the brew.

“You can’t do these things to me.” Mournfully sighs Jenessa who sits on the bed next to her cousin. “It messes up my radar.”

“Oh, it has done more than that to me.” comes the understanding reply from a woman who has endured casual stalking, minor harassment, public arguments and crap while being seduced too.

“I now see why you say that he is half sane. He thinks himself a god to dress the part while lingering in the shadows as a stalker pervert bent on possession of you.”

“Bingo.” Comes methodically shared in a sipping of tea. The silence that comes marks Angelina rewarding to Jenessa fro the earlier behavior of waking. A payment in seeing that demons exist in the early hours if the feet touch the floor too early on a day off. In fact, it allows silence for several sips until Angelina clears her throat to glance at her cousin saying, “You danced with my devil at dawn. By the end of the week, he takes me to dinner and all of Hell`s demons will simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief while petitioning Heaven to save me.”

That definitely proclaims that both women are ready for the day. Hence, as the tea finds drinking to done Angelina soon rises from the bed to enjoy a quick shower. Hurriedly after that, she dresses in the pink silk blouse, cream-colored casual slacks, the intimate clothes and the two-inch casual walking sandals that Jenessa wrangled out of the walk-in closet. As Angelina walks down the staircase, into the living room, Jenna tosses over a new cashmere shawl of creamy paisley colors. ”New, a gift from Papa. You know that he never wraps gifts and always wants things used immediately.”

With that done Angelina catches it mid-air with being a bit surprised at the tossing but she really isn’t. Therefore, she lovingly smiles with eyes dancing in glee to joyfully say, “What else has he sent? He always sends several things to spoil me.”

“Oh, two new books by Italian theological theorists. He says those will encourage research. Then there are three old books that you had on that list, that old tea stained paper that you gave him nearly eleven years ago. Plus, Papa sends music that he secretly recorded at a strings concert in Vienna. It was illegal to hide the recorder but he said God forgives things done in the name of sharing heavenly music with his angel.”

They both erupted into laughter knowing how unique that Enrico Bombieri can be. The family`s patriarch, who is known as Papa by everyone, tends to leave his mark of fatherly affection and educational encouragements in the most interesting ways. This is especially true of his relationship with Angelina for he is the one who raises her after her parents are killed in a car accident. He swiftly swoops in to rip American authorities of any jurisdiction over her. He collects her as the only prized gem that belongs to his brother`s youngest son. The proud renowned mathematician states to anyone that ‘Italians take care of their own famiglia’. Angelina at the time is almost seven years old with immediately moving from the eastern United States to Italy. With this instantly, Enrico becomes Papa with him being her life`s center within a massive and a loving Italian family.

“I love him! I so love him!” Gleefully proclaims the usually well-contained professor. Then as she finishes unfolding the shawl, to show its massive size of almost being a blanket, she giggles, “I have things for him too.”

Then with watching Angelina wrap herself lovingly in the elegant shawl Jenessa reports, “He sent love, big affetto, endless amore. So, big that he said it`s bigger than Boolean Pythagorean Triples Problem.” That supplies more laughter over the uniqueness of their Papa as the two of them gather purses and keys with Jenessa encouraging, “We better get going. There is the Farmer`s Market and then I want to go to several Grocers with a cafe stop too. We will have dinner here before going to the theater tonight for that Jazz concert.”

The day runs like that. Fun, giggles, chatter and forgetting about any stress or anything that don’t please them. It all wades into a Sunday and a Monday of similar things, fun things and with no night dreams. No dream realms. None, because Ever has not summoned Beauty due to wanting Beauty to rest in both the waking life and in the dream world. Therefore, Sunday comes to be a sacred day of no church service but the holiness of sleeping in with dreamless sleep. They then enjoy yoga at noon after waking late. That is followed by lunch on the patio and then it`s the two of them onward to a few art galleries for entertainment. By the end of the day, both purchase a piece of art and enjoy dinner at a small but out of the way artsy restaurant. A retro place that exists as a hangout for local musicians but they invade with enjoying the atmosphere until they both need to get to their beds. So, home they go.

Monday comes to have a routine that tends to exist during weekdays when Jenessa lives with Angelina. Waking at seven with breakfast after jogging and then them dressing for the day. Most mornings are filled with reading or studying. While afternoons have the pleasure of outings or outdoor activities. The evenings vary from quiet home time of chats with dinner to them inviting friends over for dinner or even the two ladies wandering out to be entertained.
But on Tuesday morning, as Jenessa waits for Angelina to come out to the front porch things get interesting. Oh yes, those do and the routine gets strange. Jenessa has done the stretches for the morning running session and is shaking off negative vibes as a silver limo pulls up. From within the confines of the luxury beast, a sternly standing demon of a man unfolds into the morning air. It hails as a bad boy who wears Clive Christian but this morning he is in blazing red track shorts, a black mesh tank shirt, and sneakers that seem to have amounts of usage. In that very instant, the driver`s door opens with an elderly chauffeur walking around to place a water bottle in the hand of a serious looking William McKnyght.

“Sir, water. And I will follow you three. Have a drink and then I will carry the bottle in the car.” This can be heard as the two men take to staring at Jenessa while joining in on the wait for Angelina.

“Keep up but not too close. It may be hard for you. It might be for the ladies are slower than me.” William instructs for what he thinks are coming events as the men abide standing on the street in front of the Victorian style house.

In that moment Angelina walks out of her house before closing the door. As she does then Jenessa warns, "Girl, I think our morning has become hellish hot and you will need more than demons groaning of petitions.”

“What are you talking about?” inquires Angie without noticing the arrival of the guests at the gateway`s end. She thus begins limbering up but as she does Jenessa`s head is shaking with her sharing, “Repeat after me. I will be good. I will be good. I will..”

Being bewildered Angelina looks up at Jenessa who stop the chant. In doing that there comes a glance out of the corner of her eyes. The brunette of blue eyes spies why she needs to be good. She swiftly sees William doing stretches for a running session. And in that truth, it gets weird inside her mind with her energy suddenly turning into chaotic sensations with her realizing that she didn't call. She also knows something fierce is coming that she won't enjoy. No, she will not for she gave her word and she knows how men like William react to such things. Even more so than that, it spurs on some intensely mixed feelings that rise strange angry heat in her. But first, it must be said that she exists as a woman of high dignity and of a belief in a 'supposed truth' that intelligence should never be profane. However, Angelina occasionally breaks that rule. She does even though it is claimed that intelligent people never use profanity. And of course, Angelina Ana Bombieri mostly lives by that too. Yet, she can so easily have a sailor`s mouth when the time calls for it. Hence, a very unrefined and quick whipped, “Fuck!” exclaims from her lips as she fully stares toward the abomination residing at the end of her gateway.

Easily it is heard by William to have him respond in a cheery tone while coldly glaring at Angelina. “Good morning to you too, Dr. Bombieri.” Then turning his gaze he looks directly at Jenessa to warmly say, “And, hello to you, Ms. Bombieri. I am William Amon Maximus McKnyght. I also am your running date mate for the next month of mornings.”

Such a statement definitely is a shocker. It inspires a need to respond but William forces his own agenda. “I assume Doctor that you don’t know how to use a phone. Or possibly it’s the opening of a letter that is the skill that you lack. Or is it that you enjoy lying to me. Then again, have you some disease that has you forgetting anything that you promised to do?”

It stings. It holds well-directed wrath. It claims the need to clear the air. And above all, it declares where everyone abides in concern to what may be a trio for the month. Is it pleasing? No. Is it needed by any of them? Maybe. Could it be done better? Definitely. But none of that matters due to Rebel Billy liking to take on any wrong doings against him by doing that in a direct manner with pulling no punches. Angelina wrongs him. He knows it. It hurts too. He comes to demand respect. There must be an apology and the reward of getting justice. In his opinion, he is haunting her until she does those things. Additionally, in that, the billionaire plans to soak up all opportunities to seduce and possess his most desired prize, yes, his need of the Dr. Bombieri.

Angelina, however, rolls her eyes about it all. She reaches over to grab Jenessa by the arm to then get them running off the porch to take the full paced start across her neighbor`s lawn to avoid William.

“You are naughty, Angie!” William screams at her as he swiftly follows them by walking a harder pace to catch up. When he does William comes up behind them to begin chatter. “Sexy ass on both. I prefer the front, though.”

Then with a sigh and leaning in, with an attempt to nuzzle against Angelina`s neck, he sweetly demands, “A sincere apology whenever you have the time. Then we are making a date for every day during the next three months. You wanted to intentionally hurt me. And you did. It doesn’t matter why. But you have hurt me a great deal. You seem to not need to keep promises to me. Well, then I will control when the dates exist and for how long. When you understand the importance of truth and trust then I will stand back to give you control again.”

William then steps from behind them to run alongside as he finalizes, “Silence when I jog. I lead and the car will follow us with the chauffeur watching us. He has water and first aid.” That brings shocking truths while William settles things with saying, “Expect me at random times. Don’t worry about dressing. I will bring what you both need. Or I will wait for you to be ready if there is a need. But our dates are at least once every day. Plus, I jog with you every morning.”

That harshly pours into Angelina. It is misdemeanor feelings for her with Jenessa silently spurring them on to do the two-mile run. Jenessa knows the daily exercise could stop for the day but it shouldn`t. After all, she doesn’t mind the car or William. And knows that from what is said about him that he is going to do exactly what he claims. Plus, she knows that a run may give thinking time for everyone to cool off. So, Jenessa signals that they are not stopping. The two females even do it in silence with them both thinking about why William is their new running buddy. As they approach home Jenessa says to Angelina, “You wronged him. You know it but yes, we both legitimately forgot about the teacup and you need to call him. You didn’t mean to hurt him. But you did. So, maybe apologize. I will too if it helps. It seems the right thing to do no matter who he is.”

Angelina wince of her cousin taking the demon`s side. Taking to the truth but it is something that comes difficult to swallow even if she prefers doing the right things in life. Inside herself, she knows the crap of the unkindness that William has committed toward her. Yet, she understands that she let that go when there is the agreeing to dates with an expectation of a phone call from her to begin that process. That thought nudges her into a speck of a thought about possibly apologizing but she sends it away. As she does she sees William run past the house to not even lessen his pace. The limo behind them then pulls up alongside with the driver rolling down the window.

“Excuse me, ladies. I will follow you to the house to be sure that you are cared for. But, Mr. William is continuing for another mile before we return to the penthouse. He wants you to know that his day is busy. However, he will do his best to have a date at some point but don’t ever change plans during any day. No changes for he does manage what is important to him. And you are most important, Dr. Bombieri. So, we both wish you a lovely day.”

Such comes to pass with the two women smiling in congenially saying, “Thank you.” Then as they approach Angelina’s gateway the pace of running slows to allow a flowing into a casual walk as they watch the limo drive on down the street.

“It can be fun, Angel. We can make it fun. Don`t do any more harsh things. It is best to not. If you truly want it all to stop like you said the night I flew in then let us both control it to be that. God, we are both Bombieri women and teachers too. Let`s teach him that you are sorry and that life is already as you want it to be.” Wisely claims Jenessa as she opens the door with further saying, “Sit on the step. We need to talk about this. I will bring us lemon water before you make breakfast.”

And they do chat about it with enjoying the drink. It is decided that William gets his apology and that after a week Angelina could apologize. In fact, Jenessa states, “It is best to be no less than a week before a sincere apology. It is needed so that we are entertained by whatever he brings. The next week can educate on how to deal with him. Plus, it effectively has William think that he wins in getting what he wants; yet he has not. You can have control after you apologize. So lets put our heads together and do this. We are intelligent and can do everything.”

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 10, A Big O

Within this note of a soul love between these two women Ever firmly asserts her breathing to be even so that kisses are few. She wants Beauty to fully fill the command but there is a need to stimulate only one orgasm. Hence, getting carried away into two or more must be controlled. Strangely enough, it is orgasm control when Ever is extremely familiar with having as many as she desires. And that is rarely ever less than a half dozen.

Yes, Ever claims all the rights of being a Dominant. Such is the truth in reality even though it’s a bonding in the dream realms. Her claims upon such a status exist via service of anything that pleases her or that she wishes for. Such things and events can range into the vast extremes of various kinks. Especially, when it is on the topic of orgasm control and being sexually pleased. One such common kink comes as her having no issue in disallowing orgasms for Beauty for months. She often does it while enforcing Beauty to be serving a minimum of a dozen climaxes to her during a single sexual session. This subsists due to Ever`s belief that a Dominant must have no less than twelve orgasms for each one climax that a submissive receives. This has a further extreme in that the denial is one thing but how it is done often is interesting. It is for Ever long ago convinced Beauty to take meditation courses along with being hypnotized to control her none sleep orgasms when being stimulated in the dream realms. Hence, this deed truly proves that Ever does control the power exchange between them for it exists in the waking world too.

Therefore Ever evens out her breathing so that kissing is limited. She sees Beauty watching her mouth while searching those gray eyes while loving every moment of the lovemaking. Loving it even within the exhaustion that is running rampant through the actual physical body and mind of Beauty. Such feelings swarm into Ever at a constant pace. These are increasing as the play continues but she knows that Beauty needs to serve. It must exist or part of Beauty may feel neglected and useless in the relationship. So that triggers, “I am horny. Your left hand is not where it should be. Please me. Do it now!” She demands in sharp sternness.

Instantly Beauty slides her left palm slowly downward over Ever`s wrist. The heated sweat is evident as the palm trails downward in blessing the length of Ever`s inner arm. It enjoys its leisurely path of play until Beauty’s palm meets the elbow’s junction on Ever`s arm. In doing so Ever suddenly gasps for she really likes the thrill of how Beauty needs to never let go.

Then as another slips out a huge grin spins upon Beauty`s enticing upper lips as her eyes dance of getting to enjoy another kiss. Yet, before the beautiful brunette does she knows that there are protocols for that too. So, she humbly asks, “My Domme, May I kiss your lips?”

“One.” is the fast reply within breathiness as Ever reigns in the gasping and tries to not have her body moving into full arousal of wanting so much more than only one orgasm.

Ever is horny. No doubt about it. It existed as the truth when William mentioned it earlier in the waking world. Additionally, it definitely is full-scale wanton lust now that she has Beauty right where she needs a submissive to be. That place is Beauty kneeling with giving a kiss while the left hand of long lovely fingers of Beauty makes way to drop to Ever`s thighs.

And it does come there. It arrives willing to tease and please as much as possible. Thus, landing eagerly comes. But a soft touchdown with the erect index finger barely touching the firm muscled skin on the curve of Ever`s right inner thigh. Such happening blazes a sparkling light into Ever`s gray eyes. The excitement of pleasure coming shines so brilliantly on this woman of controlled life. It does for it is a deep demand for orgasm with it showing in each movement that is now made. Each lovely move of these two females bodies while enjoying the push into a higher state of arousal. Their energy comes bolder to unite in the force that binds them to each other. Their eyes dance in an unspoken language of a neediness of physical love. Then in all the growing tension, more heated moisture flows between both of their thighs. It grows in its dripping as lusty aching hit a higher note when Beauty barely press a sweet lingering kiss to Ever`s mouth. Within the kiss, the brunette breathes in the oxygen that is betwixt them. It has them each feeling a tugging the hypnotic link of their passionate souls as lust comes to fully to bear. And that triggers Ever to whisper in the kiss, “You tease. You are to fuck me. Fuck me now, bad girl.”

Not a word slips Beauty`s lips for she very well knows what she is doing. She understands that teasing is welcomed but she must be careful too. But the command does leave a sinful grin upon her lips having the sides of her mouth crack in a seemingly permanent pleasure of displaying her joy.

This leads to Beauty promoting her index finger to glide in a smooth caress down over the curve of her Dominant`s thigh. The motions create more teasing energy sensations. Feelings of intense pleasure that bind with the already well-stirred cravings. Cravings that spin wild within them both with it building to more beautiful touching that brings dizziness, dizziness as that index finger barely moves. In fact, it merely travels a single inch downward but it pours out a gasp with having Ever`s mind spin of euphoria. This swiftly has Beauty asking “ My Domme, May I…”

But Beauty doesn’t get to finish because of the gorgeous blond Dominant growls within sizzling arousal breaths, “Yes, and fuck me, my slut.”

Once more Beauty takes to pressing a tender loving kiss on Ever`s lips. She looks into eyes and grins even more if it’s possible. She can see that Ever is pleased and that the teasing is still okay to enjoy. Yet, Beauty figures it is time to further the cause of filing her Dominant`s commands. Thus, the caress of her index finger slides down to touch a firm well-shaven pussy mound. And as her finger glide on Ever`s skin, a deeper breathing with panting emanating from both of them. In this, each woman recognizes its no stopping. They know that their horniness is now wild. They understand that teasing is no longer permitted and Beauty`s need to serve her Dominant. A must for there is a primal craving to give by supplying orgasm. It has Ever`s free hand grasping Beauty left breast, the heart breast. It once more makes the energy chain a circuit. Therefore, it creates a heart to soul and soul to heart connection through three palms and a breast.

“Love to you, loving only you.” With it spoken by the blond Dominant to have it heard by the brunette submissive with her finishing it, “Only ever in love with you.”

In seconds that follow Ever deeply kisses Beauty`s lips with not a further word for they both know what must be. So, Beauty`s index finger continues to move to the moist heat of Ever`s pussy. It is a tickling touch that slowly crawls along causing both women to tense up in readiness for the onslaught of pleasure giving. It all has Ever`s lower body muscles flexing in an untamed rhythm of anticipation. Then in an instant, that long lovely finger slips over lower lips that radiate heat.”Mmm!” comes in purring from the beautiful blond who desire so much more. “Mmm. Ohh, yes, yes.”

Beauty brings a rhythmical pace in tapping her finger on Ever`s clit as it then begins creating tiny light touching circles on the wet hot folds. These motions build into reaching a tension that makes Ever clench her pussy muscles and then force them to open. Then it’s a repeat as the wildfire of arousal fills and thrill. She now wants more, she demands it with needing that high of release. “More. I need you.”

“Yes, my Domme.” Replies Beauty who leans up to press a deep sensual kiss to Dominant’s upper lips. A kiss that takes the breath as Ever returns her passion as the lust comes mutual within its tasting. This fills them as Beauty brings a steady rubbing pace through those lower lips that now enjoy two fingers thrusting in deep.

“Mm, yes, yes!” Comes winded from Ever in heated breaths as she gets dizzier with almost ready to release her creamy treat.
The constant thrusting of fingers into Ever`s vagina with kissing continuing brings Ever`s left hand to squeeze Beauty`s breast harder. Harder with the fingers thrusting deeper in a pounding that rocks Ever`s body. The world of the dream realm seems to spin wildly even though it stands still in watching them as Ever`s orgasm wants to scream into freedom. The natural high of orgasmic bliss sweeps her senses to push it over the top to signal releases. Beauty remains relentless in her serving the need while having her fingers play upon powerful muscles of a goddess of a woman. Thus, Ever takes to riding it out with allowing her climax to shatter in releasing creamy liquids that rush to meet Beauty`s hand. And a sit flows Beauty`s eyes dance with the delight of filling a command by servicing her Mistress.

“Love to you, loving only you.” This comes tenderly spoken by the brunette submissive to have it overheard by the blond Domme allowing her to finish it, “Only ever in love with you.”

The release makes Ever’s body quake as it causes deep breathing by both with the thrusting slowly waning into a stop. Then as calm begins to fill them Beauty scoops the thick cream up so that she may bring it upward. As the hand comes intro Ever`s view she releases Beauty`s breast from the grip. She smiles as her hand then clasps around Beauty wrist. “We have a treat,” she mentions while reaching behind herself to retrieve a Cream Cum biscuit from the plate that rests on the headboard of the bed.

The moments that follow provide Ever holding the biscuit as Beauty uses her fingers to smear the creaminess of orgasm on the cookie-like biscuit. With each scooping and caress, the two women smile into eyes and breathe each other. As they do Ever feels Beauty energy fighting to maintain REM sleep. So she figures it is time to truly release her lover into a relaxation. But firstly a reward that comes from being a good naughty girl.

“My submissive, you will eat our biscuit. It will fill you to allow you your orgasm. The other world will be creamy for you.”

Kissing each other one more comes with Beauty taking to enjoying nibbling the Cum Cream biscuit. Ever`s arms embrace her having Beauty`s backside feel the loving caress of fingers playing along with a spine to relax out tension and to ready them for snuggling. Ever smiles as biscuit becomes devoured and she giggles, “Mmm, You are love and all that I desire.”

Beauty smiles with watching every movement of Ever`s eyes while feeling the love being massaged into her spinal column. It provokes a purr for Beauty enjoys having her strong back loved with the constant caress. But in a few seconds Ever squirms to adjust positions. She next begins rising while placing Beauty down on the bed. Ever lays her beloved on the right side before then reaching the bottom of the love bed to pull the heavy lilac printed quilt over them both.

“We are sleeping. You will sleep in tomorrow too with relaxing all weekend. Sweet dreams, my soul, my beloved.”

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 9, Beauty`s Sleeping Psalm

Within time`s passing midnight eventually, comes. By then Quinn bathes thoroughly to place a sterilized natural lemon spray on her skin. After which she prays in order to cleanse her mind. Upon feeling ready the somewhat tired woman eats a meal of baked unseasoned fish with drinking two glasses of lemon water. When such rituals are completed it brings the inducing of a set of ancient incantations. Such spells are the beginning of the summoning within the Holywood room in the upper tower. Each invocation is spoken in Vedic Sanskrit. A nude Quinn soulfully utters them into the room while adding in the directing of her soul to seek out a particular dreamer. This summoning process takes an hour due to that it also subsists as sacred rituals of purging negative energies.

Indeed no negativity is permitted in collecting that pinpoint to connect to ‘Beauty’. Hence, preparation prior to this is the renewing of alchemic tools with freshly sanctified spring water and new beeswax candles. This has the effect of creating the domed room to be the holiest of lovemaking sanctuaries. A sacred room so that there is to be that infamous puddle of cum that amuses those who know of this ritual. And that is fine. Her cum from lovemaking is so much more than cum. It is an understanding that wherever Beauty`s body exists in mortal life then Quinn’s spirit is felt. It is and that usually is available to meet Quinn after two in the morning.

Available and undergoing what they wish. Whether that is cum puddles or simply enjoying their relationship by wandering the dream realms. This knowledge of availability by two o’clock each night is true due to trial and error process. Everything about connecting to Beauty comes through this invoking process. All things of her exist by this way with exception of the lifelong ‘movie like’ dreams that do naturally occur during night dreams.

This is dreaming that originates with Quinn during childhood to then turn into regular experiences to make their relationship what it presently is. In fact, the dreaming especially arrives when ‘Beauty’ has emotional turmoil in her mortal life. This is known as facts for at times within the beginning of the dreams Beauty pulls Quinn into immediately embracing without Quinn even thinking of Beauty. This exists due to the radiation of emotional flux that overwhelms aura energy as the emotional energy then makes Beauty the controller in that particular dream. Otherwise, Quinn is the one who summons and controls the dream realms that they enjoy.

Therefore, at two fifteen of the central North American time zone the actual stimulating begins. It has beginnings under the shroud of darkness with the scent of Palo Santos meeting myrrh and frankincense. At two fifteen in the morning with a purified nude Quinn Asher there comes chanting in Vedic Sanskrit before ascending to trance with whispering in English.

“Come unto me, my beloved. Your Ever needs the pleasure of your soul entwined within mine. In mine, in here, in our realms.”

Angelina definitely is sleeping deep with feeling the pull of her soul mate`s beckoning. Pulled to come into enjoying sexual pleasure but the overworked professor is dead tired too. Thus, there is no immediate entry into Quinn`s chosen dream realm. It is not instantaneous for Angelina is beyond tired from a long workweek to next be entertaining a member of her family, a cousin who is to stay with her for a month. So, it`s no surprise that she easily finds a deep sleep after an evening of being busy.

A truly fun time but one bordering on total exhaustion after the picking up of Jenessa Bombieri at the international airport. It is a picking up with Angelina somewhat late. But so is the flight from Milano that brings Jenessa to the United States. Then after it is all dealt with the two best friends, who happen to be cousins, commit the best of embraces before enjoying a dinner at Angelina`s favorite Italian-American restaurant. It is fine Italian food, Canadian wine and Amazonian attitudes about life. This has the evening at least three hours of a meal and it also filling with talking nonstop of life and whatever trickles into the wide variety of topics. Once they feel satisfied with staying more than their share of time then the drive to the Victorian style house seems to be too long. In fact, it proofs to be too true as chatter slows between them and that bends into Jenessa dozing off in the passenger’s seat. Angelina welcomes such for she too needs sleep. So, it is a marker of not staying awake late to continue catching up. Thus, as Angelina turns the car onto the driveway Jenessa stirs into awakening from the car coming at a slower pace and that provokes Angelina to say, “Sleepyhead.”
“Yes, Angel. I am sorry. As I said at the restaurant my work has me exhausted. Just as you too are drained from that unbelievable hectic pace that you keep.” Drowsily is a claiming by the forty-something Italian blond female of devastatingly shocking green eyes and model like physical features.

“You need sleep. And you know that there is no sorry for us. It is our rule. So, please, get yourself up to your usual bedroom and do not worry about anything. We have a month together but first, we both need sleep.” Angelina advises with a feeling of thankfulness that she is not the only one that may pass out if they don’t get rest.

From that point onward it is the gathering of the luggage case with night clothing in it. As Jenessa does this Angelina collects her own work satchel from the backseat of the car. After that, the two women easily make short work of house entry to almost immediately begin the process of going to bed. They say their ‘sweet dreams’ to next experience getting into their individual rooms with each having a shower soon after. This is followed by them individually snuggling into their own bed with that leaving the house settling into stillness. A sweet peacefulness that provides a descending into a depth of sleep that barely has Angelina capable of being pulled into the REM sleep of the dream realm by her lover, her Ever.

“My love, I serve thee.” Is worshipfully spoken by Angelina as her subconscious becomes aware of what is happening, aware of Beauty coming to Ever.

As awareness unveils Beauty instantly kneels on the grassy earthen soil within a cultivated forest. She kneels to the seeing of the angelic like a figure of her Ever. This brings Beauty to be looking down to keep reverence of the holiness of being with her Dominant. A powerful sacred moment as Beauty feels the warmth of a summer sun high in the skies. Yet, there is the shade of tall trees marking shadow lines on the soil that lay in her sight. This instantly tells Beauty that the chosen realm is what they both call White Birch Hallow.

Indeed it is the holy hallow made by their love. White Birch Hallow is a vast Birchwood forest with red soiled travel lanes. This paradise owns a wide variety of nooks of adult playground spaces to enjoy romance and sexual pleasures. It is here that the ultimate romantic paradise for love, for lovemaking and for falling into all that true love may ever be. This realm of the dreamlands is also one of pristine beauty and a place where love runs wild in its pleasures of almost fairytale wonders.

“Beauty, you hesitated in coming home to our togetherness. Is there something I need to know?” Comes as a query from Ever who feels that something lay betwixt them as an unspoken energy barrier.

“Only tired, my Ever. Only tired.” Truthfully claims Beauty with not remembering the moments spent with William during her waking day.

Hearing this Ever comes to stand before Beauty with pondering that such is possible for she knows that Beauty usually is quick to come. Hence, Ever reaches down to lay her left hand upon Beauty`s right shoulder while slipping it further in reaching to acquire a hand to hold. ”Your hand, give me your hand, Beauty. I wish to hold it. We will walk as lovers.”

This creates a smile to come Beauty`s lips as she supplies her hand to Ever with rising up to walk. “Yes, my love, I need to be closer to you.”

“You and I will be closer to each other upon our marriage bed in the next-door dale. It is our destination.” Claims Ever with slipping a hand against one of Beauty`s to clasp hands as the walking toward the connecting dale exists for them both.

“Your favorite Egyptian cotton sheets of royal lilac are waiting on our bed. And on our little bistro tea table, there is Berry Cordial tea and Cum Cream biscuits. Two of your favorite treats served on the Fae crystal for your enjoyment. On the back of your chair rests your pink linen waist robe. You will change into it before we snuggle on our Victorian style poster bed. Our bed now has its new veils and tapestries of ivory. A paradise for sleeping that is waiting for my Beauty, my sleeping one.” Is weaving as inspiration from Ever so that Beauty may find the respite that Ever sensed to be the requirement for them both.

This telling of an enchanted life moment emerges for them. It arrives as real in the Dreamlands. It does for it is a fairytale weaved of impossible magic that does pop up for their enjoyment. And in all her confidence Ever knows that her words possess the magic of it all being almost instantly delivered for their pleasure. In fact, the moment that Ever states of the enchanted moment then it exists for them. All that is needed is the arrival Beauty, Beauty to be with Ever as they leave the current woodland dale of spring wildflowers encircled by tall white birch trees.

“We will settle on our bed to sleep in each other's arms. We may enjoy kink during our next evening of togetherness.” Lovingly shares Ever, as she leans over to play a tender love filled kiss to Beauty’s closest facial cheek.

“I like that.” Sleepily convey Beauty as she devotedly gazes up into Ever`s gray eyes. “I love you, my Ever.”

“I love you too, Beauty. Our love is perfect for us just as our slumber is unspoiled while sharing kisses under the moon. We do have a full moon to replace the high noon sun.” And with that spoken the daylight leisurely fades to darkness with the only illumination being a bold full moon and zillions of stars twinkling in the celestial curtain of night skies. Breathtaking to see with the blazing silvery hues of the mystical of the night playing a symphony of the light display as the two lovers walk into the dale next door.

As they do Beauty queries, “Do you wish Berry Cordial tea before we snuggle, my Mistress?”

The treat having high tea is easily accessible too for they stroll past the tiny table of tea service and treats within a moment of their entry into what seems like an extra large master bedroom created by immaculate primal nature. The tea serve accompanies a carpeting of the finery of bluegrass tuft and trimmed to the perfection of softness that its delicate sweet on the feet. It is the base of an enormous bedroom that is walled by a thick collection of white Birchwood trees for privacy gifting. It is claimed to be a simplistic room of a wooden bistro style table set, a closet wardrobe, an outdoor wooden bathing tub of extra large size and the divine Victorian poster bed built of white Birchwood that has a canopy of a Weeping Willow tree. A lovely bed with a mattress overstuffed with its fluff of goose down feathers while as the elegance of the lilac colored bed sheets and ivory colored tapestries exist as the comforts of the bed of divine lovemaking. Or better yet, it is a 'sanctuary of sacristy', a love bed made in dreams for two who find their love the most natural of all things in existence.

“Tea you say, my love.” Ever says in thinking of it while smiling of Beauty`s wish to serve even though Ever senses that her submissive grows more exhausted. But in all truth, it is more than that. In fact, it`s noticeable that Beauty is bone tired causing Ever `s energy to be aware that Beauty`s mortal consciousness and body are at its limits. Hence, in a quick decision of understanding that, plus accepting that Beauty needs to serve, to serve even if it should wait. However, Ever conveys, “No tea but my submissive may bring the Cum Cream biscuits for us to enjoy in our bed. I know that you need to serve me so you may do that but then I will care for you, my beloved one.”

Ever then instantly feels the tug of Beauty reaching back behind them to attempt the collecting of the tiny plate of biscuits for their pleasure sharing. Yet, it’s too far to retrieve without turning back to get them. This has Ever chuckle for Beauty can`t reach the biscuits without releasing hands. “You never like letting me go. Not even to please me. And that pleases me.”

Beauty blushes in responding, “No. I will never let you go. It tortures me that we are this and not more. I need you in my waking life. If we were allowed we would be more, more and married.”

The truth, yes it is. Yes, they both know this reality of what is between them. They each have desperately tried to change this but the dream realms collapse when they start to make efforts into sharing anything about their mortal waking life. Thus, Beauty is unaware that her dream lover is billionaire musician and businesswoman Quinlan Asher with a secret of being deeply spiritual. In turn Ever is uninformed that Beauty is Dr. Angelina Ana Bombieri with a full-time professorship of Divinity while being a divorcee who lives a solitary life in the city that Quinn once called a home for a year. Therefore, Angelina is unacquainted of being madly in love with the musician who serenades her nightly via CDs. It is also honest to say that Quinn is naive of William trying to steal the one woman that Quinn has loved for most of her life. Hence, life could be interesting for these three if those long ago ancient Ascended Mystics had not placed such strict controls within the dream realms.

With such spoke about the truth of life Ever leads the two of them back toward the tea table that holds the Cream Cum biscuits. In that, she pushes a smile into the moment with soulfully sharing, “We will marry within a week of our meeting. There must be a way to have more. There must be a way, my beloved.”

Then leaning downward Ever brings Beauty`s hand up to her lips to place a tender sweetness of a loving kiss as she looks deep into Beauty`s angelic blue eyes.

“I love you,” reverently whisper Beauty to further happily share, “I do, I do marry you and will ever only be yours.”

“I do, I do and only ever yours, my Beauty.” exists the reply in solemn surrender to the very thing that they both wish for with all their souls.

Then with Beauty retrieving the plate of Cream Cum biscuits Ever changes the topic. She does this so that happiness exists instead of the sorrow of what is their reality in the waking world. “These are your creation and they are a treat. So sweet, crumbly like tea biscuits but ginger cookie thin with tanginess. That tang taste almost tastes like your own cum.”

With that Beauty snickers for she too feels a topic change is good. Yet, she had not expected this one. This giggling has Ever tilting her head sideways in looking at Beauty with wondering if the analysis is correct. “You do not. Do you? Do you bake these with your own cum? If you do that in the other world then you are making them often. Yes, often for I want to watch and then I am eating my fill as I supply dipping sauce for them.”

“Yummy!” Comes exclaimed as Beauty does a happy dance with then tugging on Ever`s hand to come along to their bed.

This new topic brings a minor excitement to Beauty and she wishes those promised kisses on that marriage bed of Birchwood and bliss. Thus, Ever joyfully follows and they both arrive at the bed`s edge where Ever takes the plate of Cream Cum biscuits to rest them atop the headboard of the king-sized bed. Then she softly commands, as she stands next to her submissive mate, “Kneel in the middle of the bed. I am going to sit with my back against the headboard, pillows comfy for me while you are watching. You are serving me an orgasm. Only one. No more than one for me. This will satisfy your need to serve me with it pleasing me. It will serve our need to relax for we will orgasm in the other world. Stress relief and a happiness.”

With hearing this Beauty remains holding Ever’s hand while she begins the settling onto the bed. Then she crawls to the very middle near the bottom of the bed to kneel there in waiting for her Dominant to find leisure on the bed near the top. When both are once more peering eyes into eyes Ever lovingly instructs, “Come straddle my lap. We will press palms to palms and it will be eyes to eyes. Then you will with your left hand please me, you will give me one orgasm. You will do it without removing your right palm from my palm. You will do it while giving me one kiss every time my breathing changes. It will be a spanking every time you do not kiss me. Come my one, come serve me.”

Nothing more is needed to have Beauty saddle into straddling that lovely outstretched length of legs of Ever. A long length of well-muscled legs that are opened enough for access to Ever`s nude pleasure treasure. This gives to Beauty straddling wide and sitting low in the saddling. Such brings both women to become very comfy with Ever placing both of her palms up in mid-air between them. “Left palm first, soul first.”

Beauty giggled as she hears the sweetness in the directions. Then she places her flat open palm worshipfully against Ever`s right palm. “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.” Is spoken in a psalm of love that naturally flows between them.

Being pleased with it has Ever smile as she feels moisture growing between her lower lips. It joins the flush of sexual heat that comes when Beauty straddled her legs to saddle into lovemaking. But that sitting in a bestriding did not change her breathing for she wants to control it and to merely have this one orgasm for she now easily recognizes the depth of tired that Beauty truly is. She does and as the pulse energy is felt in Beauty`s palm it further tells of the depth of tiredness having a need for mental reinforcement of only one orgasm.

“Right palm, heart palm on my soul's palm.” Is requested with Ever leaning forward to breathe a breath of Beauty`s very air as their lips almost touch. This allows the full capture of eyes with eyes to connect the depths of the soul into a union that binds them for eternity. Then with taking to temptation Ever presses a gentle kiss to Beauty`s upper lips as she amorously whispers, “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.”

The loving kiss almost distracts Beauty from her task but she gathers her senses to peer deep into those gray eyes that are so mystical that they intrigue. They are spellbinding, mesmerizing and love in all of Love`s vastness. Thus, it`s breathing, deeper breathing, intense breathing and wanting more kisses so that love is more and more. This makes the moment is stuck but Beauty automatically slips her left palm to press Ever`s right palm. Then it’s a rush, in a high-speed energy rush it comes in its circuit of what keeps and seeps between them. So it`s pulse, sensation, electric soul connection rendering in its entire splendor. It brings both women to breathe so deep that it's gasping that brings body quaking. It is quaking that notes and floats out as a signal of allowing the kissing of Ever`s of upper lips by Beauty. A slow sweet humble kiss of love`s bleeding need. Then with the release of the love kiss, there is worshipfully heard, “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.” Comes the tiny rhythmic psalm of the profession of the love betwixt them.

They instantly know of their blood pulsing. They recognize that the heat between thighs is erupting in bursts of an erotic calling to be pleased. Pleased, touched and loved in ways that are a passionate play. Passionately playing the wetness until it comes in waves of creamy sauce to dip the Cream Cum biscuits into. Yes, they will have biscuits but first, there is that one orgasm, one. Only one and so far both really like how it’s coming, building and wanting to be shared. Wanting free but controlled as Ever shares, “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.”

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 8, Taunting Answers

‘Sincerely my soul feels whole.
This soul journeys a life with limited strife for you are its delight.
Baby, my baby, my soul holds you, sincerely only you.
You within our forever love, my soul`s love in all its might.
Sincerely my soul is whole with only you.’ flows as the first of the lyrics in the ringtone.

“Got it, did you.” cheerfully states William in clicking the Blackberry phone on as it meets his ear.

“I did. But what good is it? These books serve me nothing if I can’t open them or use the contents. I need the power of specific ancient incantations for that experimentation. You know that I must momentarily unbind dream particular spells of the antediluvian Mesmer’s.”

William knows that is the expectation of his fellow Ascended Mystic. Such a truth settling in him has a tired sigh escape him as he further listens to Quinn Asher. “I can’t bind my soul to a book. Billy, you know that I can’t. For, I have been doing soul connection to search for my eternal soul mate. If I bind my soul to anything other than her then I lose her for all of the eternity.”

That is a difficult honesty for Quinn. A truth as she sits in the black leather swivel chair of her office that is atop the twelve-story building in the city`s central area. She looks out the massive windows that take up an entire wall as she finger flips through business contracts of new musical talents wanting to be connected to her entertainment production company. However, she continues to chat with ignoring the business dealings in front of her. “The irritation of dreams ending when I try to find the location is maddening. If there are invocations of relinquishment in this book I want them. I need those for this is the book of spells used to create the restrictions and laws on dreams in mortal life.”

The beautiful blond now deals in the swift direct chat that is always between her and William. And most times it seems like professional dealings between them even when it`s social. It does for she tends to dispense fast facts in concern to the things they share. Especially, when it is anything involving the aspects of their common bond in a secret society. This bonding in the Ascended Mystics is a bit of strangeness for these two who are good friends long before making frat promises. And today it is this venturing into the business of mysticism and soul energy that influence their relationship to be most direct in opinions and chatting. So, it is no hold barred and in many ways, it clarifies expectations and behavior. This provides respect for both and that is true even if they are the fiercest of competitors too.

In fact, when it is the topic William respecting woman then Quinn exist on top of his list. In his opinion she is the only woman in William’s life that he may enjoy transforming into a man, yes, a man with the hope of her being his actual brother instead of a fraternity sister. Such an idea of gender change is a great one according to William for there could be no thoughts of ever trying to entice Quinn into being a submissive slave for him. So a good old-fashioned sex change would strip Quinn of her beauty to have it no longer distracting William. No distractions during any completion of whatever they are dueling for in business circles or during games. But alas, Quinn is that perfect distraction and truly a fine human of great intelligence. Quinn additionally exists as a first-class fellow BDSM Dominant, a Domme that is an alpha woman that occasionally kicks Rebel Billy`s ass in life. Those areas often include business, playing polo and enjoying hot rod racing. But currently, she is not into one-upping William. In fact, she needs helps that very few can provide but she knows that Rebel Billy is someone that might be able to assist her. So, she states her cause of calling him. “It is important to know a way to open these with my soul without using my soul.”

“I understand the importance of the books. I recognize that you need what you need. I know that you love this phantasm that you conjure up in your naughty sacristy of seduction and synchronicity. I do. And that is even though I prefer flesh and bone to fantasy sex.” Happily, claims William who is still high on the energy of achieving a date with Angelina.

“Billy…shut up or give me some help. No crapping on my love life.” Instantly is a stinging warning over no crack shots about her sex life or his ideas of the neediness of physical sex.

Quinn next easily dismisses what seems like his jesting as she continues on with the task behind the phone chat. “You know that I do not live by the notions of normal or ‘Can`t do’ philosophies. You do not live by them either, my brother Mystic. So, help me find a way to not bind my soul to this book but open its secrets too.”

“Uhm.” Is heard from William who still high on Angelia chatting with him.

In this William rubs his chin as he ascends into the seriousness of Quinn`s inquiry. But within pondering, of his stored mental knowledge on the book and such topics of dream spinning, comes a worried sighing as he sadly replies, “Quinny, there has never been one for those books. Those books come from the original tablets. The original knowledge is thirteen stone tablets written in Sanskrit. The shadowy heritage of the tablets tells of a war between humans, spirits and the predecessor of the Ancient Mystics Society. Our society`s antediluvian wizards and acolytes are said to be the most powerful during the age of ‘The Coming’. The Coming as you know is the arriving others from before organized Human civilization. In fact, our organization`s history secretly is that we believe..”

“Yes, yes!” impatiently interrupts Quinn in angered annoyance. “Yes! I know it claims that any true bloodline life bearer of our society is alien blood. We come from another dimension to travel time with using astral projection and alchemistic energy tunnels. But that doesn`t goddamn well help me any. Now does it? And who the hell believes in time traveling aliens that can possess any spirit and all humans? Who believes as that legend claims? Do you have any proof of it? I know that I don’t. I know that I am fully human with no camouflaging liquids in me. I also have damn well studied as much as any member of the mystics society.”

“Quinn!” Sharply is tossed into her ears as William tries for a return to sane chat from the emotionally driven obsession of his friend. An obsession that brings anger over what is thought to be the only hope in Quinn`s search for her soul mate.

“Be sane! Think clear! And be nice to your brother. I can still kick your ass, even if you do have boobies.” He insists in a pseudo teasing as he listens for what he knows to be her riled up with emotion and not truly using all of her intelligence.

“What? Boobies! What the hell!” Comes in partial surprise with irritation mixing from hearing his juvenile retort of breasts. However, Quinn knows that she is driven by the passion of finding the reincarnation of her soul mate. Thus, she is aware that on occasion it affects her judgment in the business of being a guardian of the realms of mysticism. William does understand that too. And because of that Quinn doesn’t allow him an answer as she admits, “I am not being childish. You say that to me every time we talk about my love of ‘Beauty’.”

Quinn next stands up from the sitting on the chair. Then she walks directly to the wall of windows as she continues sharing her cause for the chat. “Boobies. My god, come on man, you too have a woman that you obsess over. The only difference being that yours is flesh and mine still need to be revealed as fleshly human. So, don’t get high and mighty, mister. I too kick ass and my boobies did give me the advantage the last several times.”

Shot of a verbal shot is fired and declared by them. But yes, in the play William even listens to the unspoken comments and Quinn`s heart`s need. In this, the big badass guy takes to roaring out in laughter over how he tortures Quinn about the obsession of a fantasy sex life and her using sex appeal on him to win anything. “You are getting easy these days to bait. It shows that you didn’t get the phantasm to rim your ass and tongue fuck you during the last session.”

“You bastard!” rings out in hollering through the cell phone to cause William to pull the phone away from his ear before he laughs even harder. Then Quinn makes sure that he hears more for she knows that Rebel Billy is thrilling too much in her discomforts so he has a price to pay. “Help me or I am gonna show you how easily I can take that new acquisition in the city`s east end. You damn well know that I stopped purchasing when I found that you come as the next qualifying buyer.”

That places a minor bit of starch in William fun side but the laughter is difficult to restrain as he chuckles through trying to give a sober reply, “No tantrums from you. And you don’t need that warehouse. If you did then the secret selling of it to yourself, to avoid the new bylaws would have happened no matter what I wanted.”

It is naughty childish taunts. That now creates silence. Dead quiet after the power pushing that is regularly exchanged between them. Hence, it is a sharp and familiar peacefulness too. This invokes William’s actual brotherly feelings for her. Therefore, William holds the phone closer to his ear to hear her breathing. He sighs with respect for her feelings and her needs, but William still has no answers about her inquiry. Hitherto, there comes more seemingly long silent seconds to pass while Quinn stares out the window that gives a panoramic view of the city`s mid center`s rooftop-scape. Then Quinn suddenly commands to trail it into love sounds, “Help me. I won`t beg. You know what she means to me. You know that I will give up everything to merely hold her hand for a moment in this life.”

“Uhm” arrives the ponderous reply from William with him making note of the love tone, the tone that Quinn reserves for the phantasm that holds more power than any Dominant or human could hold over anyone. He respects that too, even if it accompanies soulful pain and bossiness. Yet, he still has no answer.

In all truth, Quinn knows that fact too. They both understand that the books are a one of kind with them being soul bound to the only humanoid person capable of reading them. Thus, the person that possesses the largest quantity of alien life bearer bloodline in their veins is the new solitary keeper of the Dream Note Stones. This is more than true and their mutual friend, of the alchemic sciences, understood that when he sent them. And it is for that reasoning the book comes to be Quinn`s. These ascend to her possession but she refuses to open it to give to its powerful future. To do so most assuredly denies Quinn`s basic requirement of her personal eternal life. That necessity is a neediness based on the truth that a soul needs what it needs. And she requires ‘Beauty’ in every mortal lifetime, not a book and magic. Therefore, Quinn may not bind her soul to the book nor is it to have her spirit as its personality upon her mortal death. That honesty brings a sadness sigh to materialize from her lips in vapors of breath.

William hears that having his heart feels it too but still no answers come to him to gift to his sister, his sister of the mystic. Therefore, more silence and another sigh that has William add his own sigh.

“Go home!” William suddenly directs with not wanting her to have sadness. Then he continues addressing her to possibly provide hope in a solution for her. “Go home, that is if you are not already there. In the between time, I will regenerate research. When an answer surfaces then I will redirect it to you but go home. Go, so that you may connect with her. You must access whatever she empowers you with. I don’t understand the relationship that you make with a dream lover but your phantom somehow gives you what Angelina might give to me. So, do go home to induce the Holywood with the alchemic spheres. Go enjoy a sacred kinky evening of cum puddles.”

In that is wrapped honesty and affection. So Quinn relents to the facts that no answers are unearthed. She does it with more of a sigh too. However, she also recognized if there are solutions then the two of them may discover those. So there exists hope. Thus, she has done all that she could by phoning William. That has Quinn enter into agreeing with him. “I am on my way there. Only wanted to call. If anyone can assist me in the fact-finding that I require then it`s you.”

“Oh pish, stop. All you want is to have me stand at attention with that free song that you demanded that I make as the ringtone for you. We both know that it is why you enjoy calling me. It`s control, baby, it is control of me with me being a good boy for you, baby.” he submits with lightheartedness to encourage feeling positive as the return to a bit of teasing exist with implanting chat of the lyrics to the ringtone song that is titled, ‘Sincerely Soul’.

“But I admit I like this little ditty of a ringtone.” He affirms to push smiles that she may capture. “You giving it to me saved me money since its no downloading it from the online music store that charges me atrocious rates for your kinky seductive brainwashing songs.”

And finally, that produces a minor giggle from Quinn, only a small one for she didn’t force him into anything. Thus, she replies, “Oh really! Is that what my music is.”

She is unaware that he sees her songs as that but yes she long ago admits to him that her music is that too. However, the truth of him getting the ringtone is that William heard her playing the song during four years ago, playing it on the piano within her home`s conservatory. She had moments before completed preparing it for the recording session that comes later that day. He likes it so much that he actually stays all day to experience the recording session. After that William asks to buy a presale copy. In turn, he chooses to additionally purchase copies of all of her recorded CDs. Thus, it could be said that he instantly is a fan of her music. Yet, such is not true. It is not for William long ago exists as a fan attending many of her concerts. But it is factual that William never gives time to own any of her CDs until that day. And within the new experience of the recording session, William insists that Quinn tells him of which song represent her best. She says it is ‘Sincerely Soul’ for it is what her soul is. So he chooses it to be the song to sincerely represent her to him.

That is a truth and it additionally true that Quinn gives a sincere, “Thank you, Billy. You always have my back.” Then Quinn breaths a happier breath to share, “I hope you get that date with your professor woman before you make more of an idiot of yourself in the social pages like you did last night.”

With that Quinn walks to her desk to retrieve the daily newspaper that is opened at the social section where a commentary of the donations for the lectures is written. Looking at it Quinn can`t resist torturing William in return of what he carries out earlier in concern to her. Subsequently, she reads, “William Mckynght picks the first place of top donators with his three hundred thousand dollars of a donation that came with him providing a voyeur`s view into the prestigious opportunity of giving a more personal donation.”

A tittering laugh comes out of Quinn with William clearing his throat to invoke a seriously disgruntled breath over what he has already read during his morning. He read it to next live with it all day before bringing himself to face Angelina for his behavior nagged him. He needed to confront her to then somehow resurrect his dignity in concern to her and he feels that he has managed it. Yet, he highly doubts he can do the same with concern to how Quinn views the news in the social pages. He doubts it even more as he now easily hears that Quinn doesn’t stop laughing. Hence, William soberly replies. “You have cum puddles, I have social page puddles of idiotic scenes.”

“Yes, Billy and we both still somehow enjoy our puddles. Once again, thank you and have a good one.”

With that being the sharing there is a clicking off from the chat to then soon have Quinn in her home`s master bathroom. Relaxing there within bathing as a preparation of once more summoning ‘Beauty’. She needs her dream lover. In fact, Quinn demands to beckon ‘Beauty’ to the dream realms in order to make love within the pleasure of energy balancing and power exchange. She needs this since their last session ended in unbalance.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 7, Awaking Into Answers

It is an understatement to say that Angelina’s thighs are covered in creamy cum upon waking the next morning. It exists from mentally triggering a physical orgasm during sleep. Thus, there blazes a smile on her face while her tired body stirs. She is still fatigued and wants to not get up. Yet, she must. So, she does.

That is how the day begins. But by the time of four in the afternoon the beautiful brunette is not only out of bed but she is elegantly dressed in a light pink pencil skirt and a long sleeved button up blouse of pale peach tones. She additionally is completing the teaching of the last class of her workday. Thus, she is at the university with standing in an empty classroom after all the students have filed out.

“Was it good for you? It is great for me.” arrives spoken into the stillness by a familiar male.

This is that one voice that is beginning to have Angelina cringe upon hearing it but she shakes it off while giving a disapproving glance toward the doorway where voice emanates from. Next, she takes to applying the eraser on the chalkboard to clean it before she then turns around to walk over to the projector machine to turn it off. Therefore, she is choosing to ignore him. And during all of that the soprano toned voice continues chat even though Angelina has not replied, at least she has not verbally done so.

“Come on Angie, hating me and ignoring me is not the way that pretty you treat anyone. I know that about you.” He logically supplies with walking into the classroom to sit on a chair to further his cause of being there to see her.

“You are much more than most women, so please do understand that I am not giving up. I won`t! And you know deep inside of you that I cannot. If I did then I wouldn`t be Rebel Billy. I would be like other men. And we both understand that most men are not truly capable of being on the same planet as you. But I know that I am qualified. You also realize that fact and you like that but hate it too. You do, for I can sense that there is something that keeps you distant from being with anyone. It is okay that you do hold something untouchable inside of you but please allow me a shot at dating you. I need it after making an ass of myself during the past several months, and especially last night.”

Within silence, Angelina listens with smirking of his comment while having thought of, ‘Damn straight, that you made an ass of yourself.’ Then in her mind, she sums it up with, ‘you bully! You should wallow in it for a while too.’ But she remained silent and let him ramble on as she stood watching him.

“Yes, I admit to being all of that and more. But you need to understand that I had to and that I am not usually being that to any woman. I do strive to be much more in life. Men like me do not do idiocy for a mere woman. But we will do anything for a mortal goddess. It is done so that we may stand even taller as a mortal god amongst humans. So, please, help me. Help me so that you can enjoy my company. You may experience whatever that I have to offer you, which is everything that you might desire in life.”

There is a long silence in the small basement classroom, that is one of the many within the university`s several campus buildings. This silence subsists for this is the last thing that she expected to happen any day. Not only is the long-winded oratory a bit surprising but also when adding William McKnyght to it then it’s truly odd. Yet, in some strange way, she expects him to show up anywhere and do almost anything. And that is what floats in her thoughts while pondering what he says. That gifts a further silence but it is not much more time before Angelina queries, “Offer?”

William instantly looks up her as she walks toward him while collecting her work satchel. These movements of Angelina coming toward him have his heart dance as her personal energy fills him in powerful ways. That forces William to sit straighter with peering into her eyes for he is drawn to look because her soul is seen in them. This once more has him attached to her soul energies. They both look into eyes. They each take too absorbing some invisible thing that exists between them. Angelina breathes deeper but she smoothly ignores it. Yet, William is shaken as he stammers, “Offer. Yes, I offer my time, attention and anything that pleases. I do. And I do it to my full potential. Please. I do. I do.”

“Ah, I see, interesting.” Coolly replies Angelina as she soaks up what seems like begging but is it.

Such an unusual exchange of place and power provokes William into gathering his self-confidence while setting free a bit more of the offer for her to think about. “You know that in my life people are to please me. If they don’t then they are of no use to me. It is a waste of time for me if I am not getting what I desire. Time is the true priceless thing in life, so I never waste time. Pleasing me is valuable too. Hence, pleasing is important to me. And that is especially true if it is a personal matter. So, you can assume that you are going to be given the best of me. That offer of anything that you want from me involves pleasing, you please me with your presence and me pleasing you. I did say that I will please you and it is coming in whatever form that you may allow me to do that. That can be dating, hanging out, conversations, money, material things, attention, intimacy, sex, kink, and all that you possibly may dream of.”
At this William tilts his head while holding gaze in her eyes. However, Angelina stands there before him with arms folded across her breasts. She gives him a severe look for she once more is astonished by his behavior. Surprised by his unwanted actions but he somehow intrigues her enough. Thus, she adjusts her stance, sighs deeply and focuses on his eyes. This has her mind spinning of what he shares today and even what he has done in the past. In that, her thoughts have no answer for him but she does understand that William is not relenting. Hence, Angelina shakes her head to finalize that she either allows him this ‘whatever’ that he wants or there is eventually a restraining order. Oh yes, indeed there can be law enforcement and the courts as the end result of these interactions. And she doesn`t want that. She can`t for there already is a restraining order in concern to one man in her life, that man being her ex-husband.

The facial changes during this thinking are self-explanatory. Thus, William recognizes the change in her disposition even before anything is spoken. He additionally reads Angelina`s eyes within the silent decision-making. This brings a pondering that possibly he finally has done what it takes to getting a date. It seems he may have for there is no anger or augment, at least not yet. In fact, it is noted that Angelina is calm and relaxed while thinking of his offer. That creates a smile on William’s lips that accompanies his body letting out some of the tension through a deep breath. However, he remains sitting still on the chair. He does for he wants Angelina to say what her eyes are already telling him. Her eyes, her lovely blue eyes that are warming into a sparkling as the idea of giving William a chance to enjoy her company fills her. He knows it fills her mind. It all does as she finalizes that she may need to give him a chance. Along with it there come thoughts of, ’It is not that bad. He can be okay when not being pushy. Plus, it is only a meal. Maybe two with me limiting everything.’ That allows a ponderous “Uhm!” to be uttered.

“Oh my gosh, you are so kissable when you do that!” swiftly shares William as he stands up.

That brings Angelina’s eyes wide for he once more is talking of kissing. And that is something that she is trying to limit. Therefore, she instantly regrets what she moments ago decided. Thusly, that flashes in her eyes as he walks past her to the turn around with saying, “The control of what happens to us is yours. Only you. You have it until the day that you tell me that you feel safe with me. That is the day that you understand that I not going to do anything that you do not desire. On that day, if you choose to then it is I being Dominant me.”

Worlds of ‘wow’ things are spoken with it leaving Angelina wondering ‘how in the hell does he do that’? Do that of shocking her so easily. Such facts create deep breaths with feeling like she once more is experiencing the same things that existed before when he is near her. However, Angelina knows that William is telling his truths in a direct honesty. That she appreciates and respects. So she replies, “Give me a few days. I need to sort all of what you said. Then I will call you. That is a promise. Okay, William?”

Warm is the grin, a smile of winning what he wants. This brings William to walk over toward the doorway to immediately snap his fingers. In that second an older looking man in a chauffeur`s uniform step into view within the middle of the classroom`s doorway. As the chauffeur stands there he holds a single white Azalea that possesses a golden lace ribbon wrapping its stem. Angelina immediately notices that the ribbon dangles for at least a foot of length on the two ends and that doesn`t include the large bow. Quite a sight as her eyes gazes on the lovely flower that William retrieves before he walks over to her stand in front of her. Next, he holds the flower for her to accept. “Keep the ribbon. It is important. It could be special on that day that you feel safe with me.”

“Safe?” is queried, it`s said in a thinking of ‘why do you think that I don’t feel safe around you.’ Such is an immediate puzzlement. It assuredly is for Angelina knows that she is safe around him; she has never given that a first thought. But he obviously doesn’t see that. And now she wonders if safety is a factor when William is near her.

“Yes! Safe as in trusting, trusting so that whatever your untouchable thing inside of you is, then you will understand that it too is okay with me. So yes, safe and that wall between us is accepted. You are to be protected by me even if you have walls to keep everyone away from your untouchable thing.” William smiles lovingly at her as he continues, “It can exist even if you desire to have everything that is possible with me. But for now a date and working on an unconditional trusting of me, trusting me always.” He claims in true sincerity while giving a farewell nod to be backing away as he waits for a reply.

There is no silence, even though he once more talks too much and says shocking things. In fact, Angelina figures that it must be her turn to talk. “Wow! You say a lot all the time. But, I think that I get it. I heard it all. I did.”

Indeed she listened. But she has not much more to say, at least not currently. So there is a return silence in the classroom. Is it quiet because she is overwhelmed? Yes, indeed, for Angelina is flabbergasted about William’s end goals. That is why she asked for a few days. And now, she wonders if she needs a week to think about it all. She may for he brings a demand for dating, her dating him or anyone. If she does that then it ends the deliberate drought of no men in her life and that is hard for Angelina to do. Why is it difficult? Well, because the forced famine is due to that she loves the woman in her night dreams. So, she has no need for dating since she has love already. Hence, this wish of a date has her immobilized in how to deal with William but at the same moment, she knows that he must be dealt with in this way too.

He must be for Angelina knows that William is relentless in his chasing of her. He has proven it. Thus, she recognizes that by allowing him a date that may then solve him randomly popping up in her life. That brings the understanding that a minor bit of control can exist since she gets to pick the moments. At least control might subsist for a while. That idea is pleasing with it immediately provoking a smile. It is a pleasant smile in accepting that she should do the date with him in order to achieve the eventual goal of him leaving her alone. Such ideas lead Angelina to cordially stating, “I will phone in three days to set up something. I think the business card that you gave me a year ago is somewhere in my house. So, I will call to confirm a possible dinner between us. But for now, I am late for picking up some family at the airport. Therefore, please, excuse me.”

William couldn’t be happier to allow her departure but as she walks toward the door to pass him his cell phone sends out the beginning ringtone of ‘Sincerely Soul’. Yet, before it can be noticed as more than a phone ringing William joyful shares, “Farewell Angie, I look forward to the call and I will leave a new biz card in your mailbox.”

Angelina waves bye as she walks out of the room and down the hall to not give more conversation for she truly is late. That allows William to happily walk a bit deeper into the classroom as he permits the ringtone to sing out the words to one of Quinlan Asher`s most popular songs. ‘Baby, my baby a soul, my soul holds you. Sincerely..’

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