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Ever Note - Chapter 14, Friendship’s Kinetics

Three days of entertaining events do occur after the women arrive back from Malibu. They leisurely discuss the offer and evaluate that their prior plans worked. They think that everything runs smoothly with William unaware of how interactions truly are. In fact, both women believe that they have controlled all actions between the three of them. Hence, Jenessa suggests that Angelina makes William a friend to hang out with so that controlling him does exist.

Indeed, it is thoroughly discussed that Angelina should enjoy treating William like a classroom of students. Such actions could provide behavioral control techniques, teaching interaction boundaries and giving of awards for good behavior. That, of course, must accompany Angelina tightly regulating all plans, enforcing rules and enduring misdemeanors. That won`t be easy but her years of teaching skills come into play in all of this. And without a doubt, Angie knows how to teach, teach and expertly govern a room of adults. Thus, a feeling of confidence about controlling William overtakes the theology professor.

As for the rewards part, Angie hopes that she doesn`t need to. For she is uncertain what effects may arrive from rewarding William. After all such might provide encouragement to him with ideas of wanting more of her and to take control of her. Yet, she sees the point in supplying positive reinforcement. It seems to be something needed so that she keeps a tight leash on a man who proves that he is a force that dominates. So with a deep breath, Angelina hopes of the eventual payoff of having no William in her life. It goes with the assumption that bad boy billionaires become frustrated when being extensively controlled. Quite an idea that has no true fact to back it up but both are willing to push things into what they feel is a positively perfect way to deal with what Angelina currently endures in concern to William McKnyght. So, within that everything seems all sorted as they finish making plans before bedtime.

Therefore, three full days of activities in the city do occur. It begins with morning runs to then mix in mid-afternoon lunches, and evening dinners out while participating in cultural events for amusement. All three days are thoroughly enjoyed with William building each moment to be the idea that Angelina is in control of everything. Hence, that has life seem that all things are easily comfortable and becoming as the women wish life to be. Thus, it is no surprise that all three of them spin the conversations and thrill in the sharing of events. It is a happiness that forms a semi-solid trio of friendship that seems somewhat more long-term than it is.

As friends, they each agree that life is going well and that Jenessa needs to live in North America so that life remains as it is. Yet, late on the last day, William sends the white limo to take the ladies to the airport. The two females soon stand at the terminal gate to the plane. Both appear somewhat lost and know that emotional pain exists in the coming days. Each feels that they are departing from a sister that is a best friend but truly the other woman only is a cousin. Hence, Angelina's eyes flood with tears with her saying farewell to Jenessa.

"Am gonna miss you. I miss you already, had fun. " Arrives in sobbing with continuing chatter. "You really should come live here. You always wanted too. You are divorced, I am divorced and we both enjoy teaching. We each exist workaholics and live so similar. You easily may find a job here. We share the house and everything would be great. "

Then more watery droplets stream for both as Jenessa peers at Angelina with helplessness and an, 'I love you' feeling. It shines on both women as Jenessa`s stare silently claims, 'great idea but it's not that easy'. Therefore, more tears flow with the next words from Angelina becoming inaudible.

As the Italian blond woman wipes away her own droplets she replies, “We will be together again when you visit. So, enjoy relaxing before the traveling that comes with studies overseas. You only have a year before all that study during next year. You need this year off and you need to enjoy it.”

“I do.” Tearfully asserts Angelina with embracing Jenessa once more.

“Yes, you do Angel. And you seem to be managing it well for a woman who is a workaholic. You even handle Billy very well.” Comes spoken in admiration as the two cling to each other within the embracing.

Angelina grins of that providing a sassy, “Hell yes, I do. We have whipped him and taught lessons.”

“Damn straight! And it is you that whipped him.” Claims Jenessa with adding in, “Bombieri women can do everything. We are badass bitches that know the ropes with then making men kneel.”

It is cocky of them. Indeed, it comes across as a bit arrogant but it is how they see it. Of course it`s untrue but still, it helps Angelina deal with the problem of William being so much William. And with mentioning of him then William suddenly strides up to them while holding two red roses tied with a yellow silk ribbon. He immediately passes over the two flowers to Jenessa with joyfully saying. “One is from Angelina. One is from me. Each is kissed. We both send you off with our best thoughts. Be safe.” Then he leans forward embracing Jenessa while whispering in her ear. “I will miss you. If you ever need anything then call me. That is even if Angelina kicks me out of her life.”

In return, Jenessa holds onto him a moment longer with whispering in his ear. “She may do that but hey you like the challenge.”

“Yes, I do.” he confidently affirms with immediately standing beside Angelina to place an arm about her waist with her automatically moving in closer to him. William smiles of the closeness that usually is not allowed and Jenessa instantly notices that her cousin strangely easily accepts the gesture. Such puzzles causing Jenessa to wonder what it means as she says to Angelina, “You are magical. You always amaze me but I am going to miss the flight. Miss it if we keep talking. So, I must go.” Then Jenessa supplies one last hug to Angelina before stating, “You are doing great and you are happy too. Do remember that. But, if you aren`t okay, then I can be here within a minute. That is if you need me to be.”

That brings the coming of a true farewell. Then Jenessa boards the plane as Angelina finds a lookout place to watch the plane fly off. Within this happening William follows Angelina to stand beside her in stating, “I will walk you to the car after you see it take off. I can`t stay longer than that. I also I can’t join you for a late dinner but I will call later.”

“Oh, okay.” Comes the solemn response before they walk out of the airport with no further conversation between them until reaching the automobile. Upon approaching the white limo the chauffeur swings the door open with Angelina then taking to sitting in the backseat. In her doing so William bends downward to check if she is settled in before he then queries of many things, “What are your expectations from now on? Do the morning runs still exist? You still have control, my Angelina, it`s still all you. Everything between us is still all in your hands. So, how do we proceed?”

That instantly allows a stunned feeling of a stinging truth to fill her. That truth is that from this point onward life changes drastically. The fun times wanes into being alone with the busy routine almost nonexistent and her still having to deal with William. That creates quietness with William looking bewildered for he wants to seize control to dominate this moment. Yet, to deal with those sensations he grips the car door to send that energy into his fist. Within that, there exists a sharp silence until Angelina looks him dead straight in the eyes to share honesty with him.

“I only do running when she visits.” Comes clearly spoken knowing that she must deal with this man all on her own, on her own with things that she merely wants to not have in her life.

“I know. But I run every morning at five. I always have. However, I like the routine of this month when it was seven. But no you won`t be doing that and so much is going to change once I close this door. I lose you when I let go of this door.” He conveys in a tint of sorrow with immediately standing straight so that she doesn’t see that it sincerely shows on his face.

With such said Angelina ponders how things now change between them. It brings thoughts of what existed before Jenessa`s visit. Then she thinks of the events of the past month. She sees how things may change. Then comes the further realization that she truly is on sabbatical. Her being on leave from teaching for two years with all of its loneliness and endless hours to fill subsists as a hardship for the workaholic professor. It comes, as tribulation for long ago, Angie understands that she needs to work so that life feels complete. Yet, she must endure one-year of no work, followed by studying all over the world next year. All of that exists before she then returns to teaching at the university again. To her, it`s all good events if she may skip the year of forced resting time so that she move into the remainder of coming events. However, the year of no work only screams to be boredom, loneliness and wandering around feeling lost. Within these thoughts and feelings, Angelina Ana Bombieri does the unspeakable.

“William, there aren’t any changes. No changes as long as you keep your promises of me being in control. Thus, I do yoga and fitness at six each morning in my spare room. So, if you still run the same route we did this month then we may enjoy coffee at my place before you go to work. What do you say to that?”

That statement provides a luminescent smile with William feeling completely right about how he has Angelina exactly where she should be. Hence, the next four months have mornings filled with them sharing morning routines starting at six. The remainder of each day tends to be the two of them doing their own thing. But often dinner is together with it being almost anywhere in the city. Therefore, it involves various types of eateries, parks, his office and Angelina`s house. They occasionally add in going to museums, the cinema, the music theater, and art galleries. He shows her all that can exist for entertainment in the city. Including special nights at the BDSM club that William is a member of. So, there seems no real change but the happiness for them both increases.

Through it all, Angelina feels that she controls the relationship for William allows her to perceive it as that. William does but it is not true that Angelina controls their interactions for he often secretly intervenes or sets things up without her knowing it's initiated by him. Yet, according to the professor, their friendship seems to not change but it slowly does. It does in many little ways causing a quiet bliss to exist for both.

In time everyone around William treats the friendship as though he and Angelina are a couple doing dating and being destined for marriage. That subsists as not factual but William quietly encourages it with Angelina not really noticing. She does not for her only real concern is controlling his interactions with her life. Which she thinks that she expertly wields that power but Angelina is unaware of how much William influences their friendship into being more. Yet, without a doubt, Angelina does not want more than a basic friendship but it comes to her anyways. In truth, it exists via William’s puppeteering efforts. Such endeavors exist right after Jenessa`s departing. In fact, from day one of the departure William slowly fills Angelina`s free time with his presence, his voice, his plans and anything that she can be a part of while being connected to him.

Of course, there is more than that in Angelina`s life. So in many ways, William is limited too. Actually, Angelina enjoys much more than their time together for she writes articles in concern to her career and deals with various aspects of her active social life. Hence, that is part of why Angelina doesn’t know of his manipulations. Her naivety of his manipulation comes even easier due to there being no William late at night. Yet, at night Angelina is most happy and lost in it. She is, for in the depths of the late hours the sexy submissive professor feels that she is not alone.

How? How is it that she is not alone in a house of only her? Easily. For she quite honestly thrills in falling deeper in love with Ever. Thus, the beautiful professor remains dazed with being even more lost in love. In fact, as far as Angelina is concerned, she has heaven at night with her submissive love to a female phantasm while during her days a powerful man submits to her will. Therefore time passes sweetly with Angelina not noticing any of William`s trickery. In fact time journeys by quite swiftly within all that happiness.

Indeed, time joyfully moves onward with loads of great events to find pleasure in. Each new week brings Angelina into liking William; it brings her into wanting his daily companionship. Shocking to have such a change in her life, it would astound if she actually placed thought into it all without her needing to not be lonely.

Yet, Angelina does not even place the first thought into any of it, nor into the trust levels between them. Thus, in time much changes with the mornings of coffee becoming breakfast together. Then the young friendship truly becomes comfortable in many ways for Angelina allows herself to call him every day by mid-afternoon. And she does it just because too. Then during these calls, William tends to ask about her day and of her ideas for the day. Upon hearing those he brings those to fruition. On top of that William ever so conveniently makes certain that Angelina somehow gets connected to any social events that he is a part of. Hence, it arrives to be even more of a semi-sustained togetherness for them.

Throughout it all, it`s not seeming to be more than Angelina planning their interaction. That idea must happen so that the illusion of control by her is proudly shining in concern to all things betwixt them. That must subsist for William knows that he cannot do a return to what life existed like before the charade. He can`t for it is a life without Angelina. Thusly, he continuously has it seem that neither of them exists without the other while having people think it is a budding romantic relationship. Yet, Angelina doesn't see it as he does but she accepts that he sure makes life less lonely. Hence, she enjoys that a good amount of her days include him as a friend. But romance and love never cross her mind in concern to William.

William knows this too. Her accepts the no romantic notions from her and plans on changing it. It must change because the deepest love abides in William in concern to Angelina. So his life must have her in it. His life, his work, his thoughts, and all of him revolve around creating life to be, as he wants it to be. That life, his life is to have Angelina married to him. That comes to be the end plan. In his view, they must marry and she needs to love him when it happens. So, he feels that everything is great with their friendship only needing Angelina comfortable with being more than a friend.

The months pass by with the time approaching the concert sessions that Quinn has scheduled for the university`s concert hall. This event lives as a bit of excitement for all three of them due to obvious but differing reasons. Angelina is overjoyed because Quinlan Asher is that one musician that completely thrills all of Angelina`s senses. To top it off Quinlan Asher1s music provides the nightly sound stage for Angelina to ascend into the dreams where she meets Ever. Yet, Angelina almost forgot about the tickets but that`s because she bought them during the night of her last workday which is months ago. Currently, the two tickets lay on her desk at home waiting to be used but they possibly won`t be for William arranged tickets for them too. That is great but it makes two sets of tickets because Quinn supplies William with free tickets. Such occurs for the two friends plan to meet up in order to share a drink after the first night of the three-part concert session. That comes to be expected since they don`t often spend time together anymore. So to no surprise, William calls to say 'thank you' on the night that tickets arrive in the mail. After a 'thank you` being delivered the chat swings in many directions even though the hour is very late.

"So, did you fuck your fantasy last night?" shoots from William in a sneering tone during mid-chat. He does it because he cannot understand how a perfect alpha female like Quinn stoops to be falling in love with a dream phantom. Thus, he finds it's weird that Quinn is not dating many celebrity models or a high profile sex goddess that is touchable. Therefore, he says what he does, within thinking that he is teasing, but it's harshly edged with gripping a disrespectful tone directed at someone who commands respect from everyone.

When Quinn gives no immediate response William continues the chat. "As for my girl, I finally have Angelina exactly where I need her. In fact, by the time I take her to your concert, I will have fucked her many times. I might possibly have her collared as my slave too. And it will be happening while she thinks that she has control. She will believe that until she submits to loving me. Then, I will take the illusion away to collar that bitch as she kneels in begging me to be mine. "

Quinn listens to him but dislikes that voice tone that he uses. Their past comes vibrant of such chatting but this time it irks her and she does not know why. But, as her friend talks of fucking and acquiring this mystery woman as a slave, Quinn feels coldly hateful energy burning in her body`s very core. That too comes to be something that she does not understand for Quinn loves William like a brother. Thus, Quinn becomes strangely silent with William noticing it with it irking him. So he pushes for an answer to his question. "Well, come on. We always share our stories of fucking women. So, tell me, was there a puddle of cum on that pretty Holy Wood floor? Or did Ms. Dreamy do a no-show?"

A disgruntled earnest sound slips from Quinn who tries to shrug off the feelings while she leans against the archway entrance of the Holy Wood room. In doing that she firmly exclaims, "Dickhead! Knock off the attitude. Because you still have not fucked your bitch. So, watch it!"

William laughs of Quinn`s reaction as he listened to the continued answer. "As I have told you, during every chat in recent months, it`s sex every night. Every night with Beauty there is lovemaking. She eagerly comes demanding ravenous sex. Sex all night. It has me sleeping days, because it is stronger than my life force, with it leaving my spiritual and psychological energies exhausted upon waking."

"Really!" Interjects William being shocked of what is said. But he remains listening as Quinn further shares. "She soaks up my energies. The orgasms during the exchange are mind-blowing intense. Beauty`s soul energies suddenly are powerfully robust within being more dynamic than my own. She instantly pulls me into the dreams upon my inducing the last of the meditative state of the Divine Dream Circle. She shouldn't be able to do that. She is not an Ascended Mystic or a cleric. However, Beauty manages to connect so swiftly that I am breathless each night as her soul grips mine. It`s boggling how it seems that in her real life my wife is freshly given some kind of immortal super juice each night."

William never expected to hear what he has. Yet, he has. In his listening, a pondering grows inside him. He ponders until Quinn takes a breath to drink a few sips of purified lemon water in the preparation for the inducing of the Divine Dream Circle. Therefore with hearing her stop her talking William softly conveys, "Uhm. That is odd. Uhm! Very odd."

"Yes, it is Billy. But, I am not too concerned. I really like it a lot." Quinn shares after swallowing the last of lemon water before setting the glass on a table positioned close by along the hall that exists outside of Holy Wood room.

"Yeah. I understand. I would too. But, wow!" He says in awe to next worriedly state, "It seems that she is equal power on the Dreamscape. That should be impossible when considering that you`re the keeper of those books. Even more so, your biological ancestry claims that your energies exist as the dominant Human force on the Dreamscape. No one should be able to do what she now does to you. Plus, if she is cleric then you would know her in real time."

Such brings Quinn to convey her collected ideas about that. "Possibly it is a reverse of my own soul energies. Maybe some change in Beauty`s real-life triggers an ability that I have. Then again, my life force is feeling wild for months now. It makes the connection between her and me to be off the scale. I wonder if the books not being opened somehow do that. Maybe the books not having a soul to tie to allows the residual buildup to empower the books` physical keeper with strange abilities, abilities that have arrived since you took that trip to do business for me in Malibu."

"Quinn, do not say that. That is madness. No one wants what that ancient energy could do if it is not fully contained." warns William knowing that secret society`s tablets tell of horrible events about it set loose on their Mortal landscape.

Yet, such being said allows Quinn to say exactly something that she shouldn't. "I do. I want it if it allows me access to my wife in real time and in our current mortal life."

"No, Quinn, nothing is worth such destruction. The warning about it is printed over and over in ancient script." Comes coldly from William as he worries of Quinn becoming unbalanced about things that are beyond serious.

Yet, Quinn gives it very little adherence as she speaks more of her thoughts about what is happening. "Beauty may soon be mine in this mortal life."

As that is spoken William`s desk phone ring of an incoming business call that he expects. Therefore, he interrupts Quinn with relaying that he has business acquiring his attention. So, he shares that their chat must continue another day. Such leaves Quinn to click off her phone to set it on the table with glass before she walks into the Holy Wood room to begin the Divine Dream Circle so that she may make love to her wife.

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Ever Note - Chapter 13, Taming Games

By morning the women have packed with talking it all through. Plans are created for them to daily not be at William's Malibu property until seven each evening. It must be at seven during the four days so they that may begin dinner with preparation for enjoying the evening with William. Such actions show the ladies in control with having an independence that secretly comes assisted by one of Jenessa`s friends that own a property in Malibu. Hence, things involving the trip become acceptable to Angelina for she possesses protest of it. She protests it for it seems to give William more control in concern to her. But, this plan helps her feel comfortable and through it, Angelina agrees that the apology must happen immediately after the vacation. It must exist at that point for she legitimately needs some control of how he interacts with her life. Or at least that is the plan that they set up with them ready to have some progress in the dealing with William. It also gives a bonus of a vacation that truly is a need in life.

Then at seven o’clock the next day the usual ‘run date’ happens. Its entirety exists as the customary thing of their morning exercise session. Afterward, the ladies clean up while waiting for William to return to the house from doing his own at his residence. Upon his return, they all get into the limousine with then traveling to the airport before each settles into William`s private jet. Then with all of it completed the three of them are off to California.

Four days. Four days of vacation for the ladies with William doing work related endeavors. Hence, it all goes exactly as planned. It does even though William is suspicious about where the two ladies vanish each morning before his departure from premises at nine. It puzzles him for the women never answers the door nor participates in a morning jog session. But he assumes it`s not a wish while on vacation. Therefore William is unaware what occurs after spending several hours enjoying each other’s company via dinner and conversation. Yet, as he leaves the guesthouse each night the lights in the building go out with him not seeing the ladies until seven the next night. Thus, William doesn`t know that the two women vanish from the guesthouse within an hour of his departure. However, they disappear under the cloak of darkness to clandestinely run the beach until they arrive five houses down from William`s. This is where they exist for the four days due to Jenessa `s friend is another man that wears Clive Christian. Thus, this is their 'hideaway' that gives them control of all that they wish to enjoy. It additionally is not truly relying on William for much of anything.

No reliance on a man who wants to control and to own a woman. Yet, there exists the depending upon a man who wants to help free them from being controlled. Marcus Del Vecchio subsists as a kindhearted man who gives permission to use the empty house and to do what they need to at his expense. In fact, the Italian billionaire allows it because he knows of William’s controlling reputation. He knows all too well about it with Marcus having a great disagreement with the methods that go with it. So, when he discovers the history of William`s dealings with Angelina it provides an insistence on helping and it comes accompanied by a vow to rescue them if they wish it. Hence, he supplies happiness.

So the four days have happiness in them. Everyone involved is pleased. William especially is for he thinks that he creates progress on constructing Angelina to be truly his. So, it all is good, especially since he has no idea of most of it. He exists blinded of it with the impression that he controls everything about the vacation. Therefore, it seems that teacher Jenessa counterbalances Rebel Billy`s governance. Could it be a teacher teaching a Dominant a few new lessons about dominance, uhm, might it be?

Now, Angelina could do that too. In fact, she sort of does that for she talks candidly with Jenessa about it during all of the dealings with William McKnyght. And now, Angelina does her parts in this current attempt of taking back power. Even outside of this she spoke of doing something similar to teaching a few lessons if the chance arrived to force some control about William existing in her life. But it is difficult when it`s a billionaire with endless abilities to do anything that an obsessive powerful personality desires. That truth additionally mixes with Angelina living in a daze concerning a phantom lover. With both of those realities joining the exhaustion in life from being a workaholic. Therefore, Angelina is partially blind, while forced into feeling helpless during a living within being fatigued all of the time. That creates no environment to clearly think or to collect a personal support system to assist with it. Hence, Jenessa now does this for it is what family does. Angelina thus connects to her family knowing that family connections are the best for to increase personal power. It also brings in the energy of other trusted power sources. This Jenessa has. And the current non-family connection may only be one but it`s a biggie, a billionaire bad boy biggie.

So, in a way, that big connection supplies beautiful dreams for Angelina. It does for the peace of mind allows crystal clear connections to Ever during every night. The clarity exists because both women are in California since Angie is on vacation. Such truths of clarity and great connection provide more happiness to accompany the existence of less stress. That lessening combines with fewer of many negative things and that delivers more of the positive things. Things that are large smiles like that of supplying more sexual pleasure. Dream sex involving Beauty and her phantom lover. Dreamy lovemaking with a stronger pull into a tighter bond of an unbreakable love and it`s bliss. True, it`s in dreams. Yet, there exist real effects in the waking world. Then again, it exists as more than the usual for its vacation sex. Thus, it`s kinky, romantic and intense with leaving both women dizzy with ecstasy in their dream world and within the waking life.

By the end of dinner on day four William calculates that all that happiness radiating from the two women is because of him. So, the billionaire silently claims a small victory with slowly becoming the man to further acquire Angelina as a possession. That is not true but everyone is happy. However, the happiness abides for different reasons than they each think. Number one, Angelina is happy because she finally relaxes. Jenessa is content due to time spent with her favorite cousin in a relaxing environment. True the two women are pleased about teaching lessons to a brute. And the brute is happy in the illusion setup for him to enjoy while his power over his prey is stolen. Thus, it exists into a positive thing for everyone.

In the morning of day five, all three are at the airport by noon. It occurs at noon for William demanded to sleep in until ten before they all enjoy lunch on the beach. This brings lift-off happening around one in the afternoon. Then the six hours pass with all three talking openly and laughter shared. Within those hours Jenessa starts a chat about how she might enjoy watching the pilot fly the plane so that she learns basics about it. That stimulates William to allow her access to the front cabin with and leaving her to do as she wishes. Upon doing this he reenters the main space to stop several feet away from where Angelina sits. She happily gazes out a window watching the clouds while serenity glows off her. William smiles with thinking that it`s because of him. That provokes him to want to celebrate. So, he walks over to the minibar to then clear his throat in saying, “Will you enjoy a tumbler of cognac with me?”

He next places two tumbler glasses on top of the counter as he reaches for the bottle to share details of what pours into the glassware. “It is a nice Courvoisier X.O. Cognac that is beautifully matured to highlight the complexity and richness of the liquid. You may enjoy it for it possesses exotic vanilla with a crème brûlée bouquet accompanied by candied orange aromas and iris flowers notes. Just like you, it is exotic, sweetly aromatic to all my sense and quenches.” comes the sharing of it in a charm that is smooth in seduction while leaning into flirtation.

But Angelina is ready for his attempts of his flirting for she has agenda that needs William comfortable chatting with her. So, she sends out a bit of sassiness to then push him into more of his flirting. “Ah, that means that I am drinking me. That could be delicious. Oh yes, it could and maybe, maybe I need to enjoy a drink. So, yes, I accept your offer.”

He stares at her to laugh while feeling his body tense with sexual desire. It instantly is a desire to be voyeur while she drinks her own cream, her sweet cum. ‘Yum’, comes as the last thought before he seductively charms, “Oh, watching you drink your own essences. You tease. You do tease, but do tease me more. More. I want more.”

“Do I tease you? Do I really?” she requests as he finishes pouring cognac into both tumblers before turning around to bring one to her.

Then as he makes the first step toward her everything becomes quiet with a feeling of clarity. The air is still and sweet in a demanding of honesty between them as he replies, “Every minute, every heartbeat and I love it. So, do not stop. You are dreams, Angie. Yes, my dream. You know it too.”

She grins. Angelina certainly understands that she is. She looks him in the eyes as he clinks his glass against hers while she queries, “To our health, yes. But Angie?”

“Do you disagree with it? Do you agree that it is time to be friends, to be first names? I think it is past time. So, I make no apology for not saying Dr. Bombieri. I do respect you, and your career with its life achievements. I do. But it is time for personal. So, let us drink as friends and talk with direct honesty.”

“Okay, then William there can be no more intro sharing about you saying your full name. It annoys me. I know whom you are.” she shares with enjoying a sipping of the lovely rich liquid.

“Definitely.” He agrees as he too takes a swallow from his the tumbler.

She, in turn, watches him with gauging when she should plant the apology. For that is her agenda today. However, first, a few ground rules to go with the newly said profession of friendship. So there comes a firm statement, “I prefer Angelina to Angie. I am Angel to my family. My intimate partner has the privilege of using Angie."

William nods to the declaration. He then chuckles, “I am owning Angie one day. That is a claim that is to be true at some point. But for now, I prefer to not be lumped with others. So, if you do not mind then may I call you, Ana?”

Angelina immediately is shocked and uncomfortable with his request. “My mother`s name.”

“I know. And she was as beautiful as you. She also rarely apologized and loved like most women can`t. She was special like you.” William spoke with reaching in an attempt to touch Angelina`s free hand but Angelina pulls away.

She does this because it is surprising that he speaks of sacred things. It shows on her face too as she pushes back into the seat to look very serious with saying, “Please, do not. You have done a great amount of research on me. It shows. I could not stop you, even if I had known. I know that you stalk me. It is noticed. Once more, my power is limited to stop you. I dislike some of the things that you do in order to be close to me. It gives feelings of helplessness and no respect. But my parents are sacred topics. I defend them. So, please do not talk about them. As for calling me Ana, I cannot grant you your request. So, please stop because my parents are off limits to you from now on.” She insists, as her voice is soft in a quiver but confident too.

William hears, hears ‘it’. It is written in her voice tone with it existing in the way that she says each word. It subsists as warnings so intense that he must adhere. He needs to for it is not a submissive saying anything. Nor can it be a person saying rules. For it is a soul demanding to not be touched, at least not touched just yet. However, every word wraps in a wishing to not harm him either. Hence, he knows that he pushed into a place of holiness and pain. As a result, such forces him to set his glass tumbler on the floor. Then he looks deep in her eyes. Instantly Angelina fiercely looks back at him in a warning with him searching the pain that is there. He does it while her invisible walls of protection begin to construct to hide her soul. This deed coming between them bothers him for that is the last thing that he wishes. Thus, William knows that he commits a true sin toward her. So in reply, Wiliam immediate kneels on the floor before her in saying, “My apology for demanding too much. I won`t ask forgiveness for I do not deserve it. I am sorry for being so invasive in your life. You are right. So, I will call you Angelina. But, maybe, eventually, you allow it to be ‘my’ Angelina.”

Angelina stares at him in disbelief that he kneels to her for he doesn’t seem like a man who kneels to anyone. Such is the truth too. This provokes her into feeling that her agenda is long overdue. So, she leans forward to almost be nose-to-nose while bringing direct honesty. “I apologize for forgetting about calling you in concern to the hanging out. There is no intent of disrespect. I meant what I said about calling. I merely got lost in enjoying Jenessa`s visit. It is easy when I am so exhausted and need to be lost in fun things. It is why she is here with me for a month.”

“I know. And yes, I also understand that you wanted to apologize to me. It showed when you continuously accepted the morning run sessions. As for Jenessa’s presence, I can see that being true for she relaxes you. You two are like sisters. She protects and loves you fiercely. And that has my respect. Also, during one morning last week, Jenessa said that the no phone call is her fault. That you truly do respect me and merely forgot because of her.”

That brings an amused smile on Angelina after listening to what he shares. She next shakes her head of it for that is the last thing that she expected of Jenessa. But why not, in fact, it is why not for many of things between them at this point. After all, balance now seems to exist. She likes that. It is nice. Hence, she leans down picking up his tumbler before then passing it to him as she requests, ”Promise me something William, and please seriously promise me?”

“Yes,” he responds with maneuvering to sit his ass on the floor. “Anything! Make it many things of promises, if you need me to make promises then I do. I like this honesty and us moving forward.”

Such ideas bring the professor to quickly mentally study the sudden opportunity. It is done even though she only wants to ask him to not be controlling. Yet, maybe she should lay a few more ground rules for their interaction from this point onward. So, she sets out to do that.

“Okay. Then, it is many promises, several because I can. Subsequently, you are now promising to do these things. Firstly, anything that concerns stalking me must stop. You also need to phone me if you want to know where I am. Call if you want info about me too. So, that means no more researching me. Place me on speed dial if you must. Also, there is no more showing up without calling. We additionally make plans together for the mutually shared events. And when you do see me you cannot do gifting. I am capable of caring for me. Therefore, you promise to do no more intruding and to treat me as a friend. No treatment as an item to own or other such things. We can be friends who share chat, going to events and sharing some things in life.” Angelina firmly states with furthering it with “That is what I need you to promise me. Okay? Do you promise to abide by this? And to abide by things that I need as part of you hanging out with me?”
Every ounce of it almost instantly kills William inside. But he recognizes that he claimed promises of anything and many things. So, he is bound by his own words. He understands that so the result exists as him placing the glass to his lips with saying “I promise.” Then he pours the half-full tumbler of cognac down his throat in a non-stop push to force himself to accept things. After trying to do so he rises up to walk over to fill the glass once again. In doing so he declares, "As I thought, you are worthy of me. You are darn good at laying out terms of conduct. So yes, I promise. But, please, allow me another drink. I need it and I am more fun with a few drinks in me."

That sets the tone for the remainder of the flight. William proves the capability of three hard amounts of liquor without being tipsy. Then he instantly begins drinking citrus water and coffee. He does it while providing stimulating chat on various topics. The ladies, in turn, return each ounce of what is coming. Therefore the duration of the flight flows with the highest caliber of flirtation with three intellectuals driven by the thought of inspiring amusement. This exists as the enjoyment of personalities that know the ways of being conversationalists. Hence, it comes as high notes of laughter mix with sweet teasing and daring staring to provoke more of all that is. It has to be this for William feels like he finally achieves his goals. Additionally, he is set on proving why Angelina cannot doubt that she is his and that he is the man to fill the rest of her life`s plan.

The pleasure of the conversation provides time to be zooming and bringing the expected but disappointing knowledge that they circle the airport ready to land. With that everyone realizes it`s evening with dinner hour past, thus a meal is needed. William offers to buy them dinner but the ladies only wish to be home. He understands that for he needs to get to the office to settle a few matters. Thus, he reaches for his cell phone to dial a number. Then in soft instruction, “Deidra, I need three dinners from my usual. Two go to Dr. Bombieri`s residence and the third to the office. Rocco delivers with immediate need. Make it Castelluccio lentil soup, spicy poached salmon and Torta di Cioccolato with a sparkling Brut Rosé. Wine must be Italian, two bottles. Rocco has the wicker basket. It is a rush order. Thank you and have a good evening.”

With the clicking off of the phone Angelina protest of his actions. “You do not need to do that William.”

“Yes, I do Angelina.” He asserts with furthering of the reasons why. “It is a must because I do not kidnap women to entertain them so I may dump them off at their doorstep dizzy of hunger. It is my pleasure to provide dinner so that you two may enjoy relaxing for the remainder of your day. That way we all are ready for our morning run at seven tomorrow when you start enjoying the controlling of our hanging out.”

“Please, you do not need.” Comes further adamant protest from both ladies with Angelina in the lead of it but William insists on saying. “I am selfish and you should enjoy me being that. Trust me, you will enjoy when I am selfish like this.“

As such comes said the pilot instructs of the need to belt in with the landing happening. The following moments have the buckling in done as all three still chat of the dinner acceptance and then of acquiring baggage. It is done amongst thank you for the vacation and the information that Jenessa departs in few days to return to Italy. With that shared William understands how precious the coming days are for the two women. Thus, as he aids both into the waiting white limo with him stating, “We must amp up the fun. So, we need to make some plans. Please, think of events Angelina and call me. I won`t make plans without you but if you give me your ideas those will be a reality. You two need to enjoy the next days. I will not intrude but if I am allowed to join you then I will be elated to do so. Therefore, in the morning we can discuss plans but, for now, sleep well and we may talk later.”

The two women say farewell and the limousine's backdoor does close with the car then pulling away. As it does William strides over to the waiting silver limo. With this happening the awaiting elderly chauffeur hears William instructing, “It worked. You must contact the private investigator about being more discreet with surveillance. But he is to continue his task. My wife seems to need to control things for a while but she won`t be.”

“Your wife, sir?’ questions the chauffeur in a minor disbelief as he holds the door open for William.

“Yes, Dr. Bombieri is succumbing. Just like I knew that she would but she takes great effort. However, Angie is worth it. She is Mrs. McKnyght.”

“Yes, sir. As you say, sir.” And with that, the door closes as William settles in the limo.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 12, Bartering For Babes

From that moment both women control how they deal with William. They allow him whatever whenever he chooses it to be. It is hard at the start. It takes restraint on Angelina`s part for she had decided that no man could have power in her personal life ever again, not after the divorce from Jake Wayne. In her view, there is no trusting of men. Not after the ex-hubby used her naive loyalty and their sacred vows as a means to fuck with every sensory system within her. Thus, William definitely has a mountain to conquer even outside the fact that Angelina is in love with a dreamy phantasm. But eventually she settles into what is the conjured plan but the start of things is interesting.

Hence, that Tuesday night, the night after the first run date the two cousins sit in the living room of the Victorian two-story house. Around ten o`clock, as they are watching a documentary about Stephen Hawking`s, Theory Of Everything, there is a sudden ringing of the doorbell. It comes, as they are relaxing on the sofa in their pajamas. The ringing has them both instantly turn to look at each other to then in unison excitedly whisper, “It`s William! Ready set go!”

Next Angelina stands to go open the door. Then upon approaching as she pulls the metal door wide open but she sees no William. However, standing there before Angelina is the elderly chauffeur dressed in a black suit. He stands nodding hello to her while holding in his left hand two crystalline wine goblets while the other hand does grip a wine bottle. As she views all this the elderly gentleman cordial states, "Good evening, Dr. Bombieri and Ms. Bombieri. This evening hanging out brings Italian white wine of a golden hue, a Moscato d'Asti from Montfretta, in Piedmont within Northern Italy. The year is 2015 with the taste light for it is a dessert wine.” Then holding the glasses he pours them to half full. “There, please enjoy. But, first, if I may ask, then please wait until I pour some beverage into Mr. William’s glass?”

With this said he steps aside to next pull the third glass from his jacket`s inner pocket before walking down the steps. With the chauffeur moving aside, Angelina has a full view of William who is standing at the end of the house`s walking path. This is a clear view even though the veranda’s lighting creates dark shadows but she still sees him with his big grin. However, she says nothing about choosing to only stare while holding both wine glasses that the chauffeur placed in her hands. Thus, she coldly peers with mixed feelings about all of this as the chauffeur pours William a glass of the wine. Straight after William raises the glass saying, “Blessed night, ladies. Please, drink for I soon must head home to get sleep.”

At this point, an excited Jenessa joins Angelina to collect a glass with sharing a warm smile in saying, “He has good taste in wine. I am drinking and we can stare at him. It is the least that we can do for our Italian wines. And be nice, we can do this.”

The ladies glasses are then raised in accepting the tribute. Upon taking firsts sips the semi-forced smiles shine with nothing more said. Nothing more said between all three but the sipping of the wine is enjoyed while William merely has his presence known. This is all very good. Such is especially true for William for his only purpose in concern to the evening is this moment of making his power known. Subsequently, the expected amount of time for enjoying the drink passes. In the end, the driver walks to the car before William cordially nods farewell. Then he makes his way to enter the limo and driving off into the night as the ladies watch it all.

So it is no surprise that on Wednesday morning, William shows up at around six thirty. He sits in the limo waiting until the women come out. They once more begin the morning run session before he does. That brings similar efforts to catch up to set the pace as he did the day prior. Yet, during this time no conversation exists. He merely takes the lead with it all going well. In fact, every morning`s ‘run date’ is quite like Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nonetheless, during the coming days, the dating excursions vary with each being unique in some manner. These differ in that the date events happen at random times and often are simplistic with minimal monetary costs. Yet, it still has that critical cause of embedding William in Angelina's life is some way. Thus, he is creative and makes it interesting while supplying no real reason for upset.

Thus, the dates range from picnic dinners or lunches at Angelina's home with him personally delivering and not joining. Other romantic gestures include having both women serenaded by musicians just because it is fun. Fun with him joining in on singing and making it even more smiles. Then to be more artistic, in his attempts to be ever present, he brings a gardener to plant pink rose bushes along the walkway. In the bringing of the landscaper to do the work, William sits watching the process from curbside with claiming that it`s an odd way of gifting flowers but it may stop people from directly accessing the house. The ladies, in turn, think similar while resting on the outdoor porch swing reading and being impressed by his nontraditional method of flower gifting. Even still that is not the limit for William makes himself rooted in Angelina's life.

This planting of bushes leads to hiring an electrician to install better outdoor lighting for safety purposes. He suggested it`s needed for he has an open access to the house so that means anyone has it. In carrying out the upgrade William abides curbside drinking tea and doing business via phone with the two ladies drinking tea on the porch.

Everything comes as quite friendly and possesses hints of helpfulness. This is seen as true even though it can be considered intruding. But whether it is or not does not matter for it fills his goals of being inserted into her life. His agenda includes being sweetly present in ways that are filled with kindness but seeming to keep a distance. A nice thing for it has his new position in Angelina’s life as not overly intrusive. Hence, the two weeks of so-called 'hanging out' are okay.
In fact, the social friendliness only seems harsh when there come the arbitrary times of delivering a small gift box. Such deliveries don`t feel like it`s being only a friendship. It`s more like dating and that is unsettling for Angelina. Yet, each box holds a useful trinket in it. Each box additionally comes hand-delivered by William who makes congenial chat while both women are politely chatty within being gracious in return. Nonetheless, even in the friendly conversation, Angelina remains queasy of the gifts. She attempts to not accept them but William insists upon it. So, Angelina accepts them even though there exists a growing feeling of romantic notions constantly coming from William. That brings irritation and her still wanting him not in her life

Therefore, these gestures and spending time together are interesting. Very much so since the women do not truly have control. They don`t and in truth, it feels like repentance with needing the accepting of William as a presence in their daily lives. Yet, it cannot be said to be a negative presence. For through it all, William goes out of his way to silently make many points. Points like he truly cares and that he is willing to move the world to please Angelina. But no matter what, or when, he tends to tint it in a quiet romantic seduction, and an encompassing protection with it all intentionally cordial interactions.

So the two weeks fly by. Two weeks, plus three days pass fast for the trio. It is at this point that Angelina prepares to do as the two women planned for the apologizing. Yet, the night before that evening of planned apology William shows up to the house during the dinner hour. He comes with carrying a bottle of red wine from northern Italy; it is a Picco Attila 2014. He provides it after knocking on the front door, knocking instead of doing his usual ringing of the doorbell, a surprising thing causing the woman to wonder who is coming to the house. They figure it couldn`t be William for he always makes it known that he may be bringing meals for them and he tends to it long before the two women prepare anything. So, as Jenessa opens the house`s front door a surprise exist with Jenessa needing to greet William, to greet as Angelina watches.

“Hello, we had not expected you this early but please come in."

“Good evening, Ms. Jenessa and Dr. Bombieri. I know that I am not expected. I am sorry of that. Additionally, please excuse my infringement upon dinnertime. But, I do bring a gift to apologize for it." He states in solemn tones.

This has both women wonder of what gift. Wonder for it could be almost anything. Yet, it doesn`t matter to Angelina for gift giving is still an uneasiness for her to accept as part of the friendship. So she shifts in her chair while William continues with the gift giving and his reasons for coming to visit. "It is a gift for two reasons. One comes, as my apology for interfering in tonight`s mealtime. The other is to say thank you for the invite to dinner tomorrow night. Very wonderful of you both but I must go out of town on business. Thus, it is impossible for me to join you, two lovely ladies."

That is a shocker. This subsists as something that instantly brings both women to understand that their true agenda during all the friendliness may be destroyed. Hence, silence comes and that allows William to continue with his agenda.

"I truly am sorry. But I must go. It`s four days of business events with a few social engagements too. Four days for me to not be here. but I do wish that we could do dinner tomorrow. I dislike missing invitations but this one hurts me. In fact, it is more than the only a canceled dinner. I will miss our morning run, and the dropping in for visits, along with any possibility of an apology.” He sadly states with passing over the wine to Jenessa.

Then with that shared Angelina tries to absorb the facts of him changing her apology plans, so she says, “Thank you. But come into and join us. Come in and have a glass of wine. You must. For, at the very least we can enjoy a drink and chat before you go tomorrow.”

That indeed is polite from the professor but it exists as not the reason for his inclusion in the evening at mealtime. It is not. For in all truth she is thinking fast on her feet with trying to adjust her plan. That is true even though William is expected to do unexpected things but honestly, William never comes mid-dinner hour. That makes the invite to wine slightly unusual. But when understanding that William`s going away brings the women`s entire agenda to a stop then new plans must be swift. It must be. For the plan of the rehearsed apology is a need and Angelina rises from the seat at the dinner table to get three fresh wine goblets. In that, her mind spins of finding a way to smoothly slip in the apology, slip it in a day earlier while feeling rushed, “Do join us. We can finish dinner later. So, please, spend a few moments for it may help with the missing feelings.”

“I cannot. But, please, enjoy the wine.” William insists as he stands in the doorway watching the women.

“Oh, that is a shame.” quickly responds Angelina who rests the glasses on the table with Jenessa bringing the bottle to open it.

“It might be that but it`s that way for the next four days. And you may enjoy having the four days without me. I know that you will for you can have peace and with it, there is no one bringing you things that you don’t truly need. You also won`t need to endure finding a way to apologize without apologizing.”

“I have not said that William. That is not true.” comes instantly in affirmation from Angelina who knows that every gift actually has a practical purpose and that the eventual apologizing comes as a planned thing. In fact, such exist as a very planned thing for tomorrow night.

"No, you have not." William replies in warm adoration as he furthers it with, "You say polite and sweet things. That is unlike what comes from me. I am always direct, a bit of a bully and say my opinion with it fully loaded. I am cruel for I shower you with gifts that create discomfort and yet you are nice about it. That comes as not easy on you at times.” He stops to ponder the moment because he has agenda. Hence, he moves smoothly into sharing the true itinerary of his visit. “And tonight I am cruel for I wish to say what is on my mind tonight. I wish to say something selfish while waiting in a wondering of your possible reaction. But, in all sincerity, I know that you will be sweet and gracious. But I should not be unkind to you.”

“Me? Reaction? My reaction to?" Angelina quizzes for she definitely understands that he can bring anything her way. Therefore, not many things about him do surprise, yet he can amaze. So, she pushes him to share what he holds back. And she silently admits that it`s mostly because she is seriously curious about what comes her way. “Oh, you need not worry. I am can handle it all. So, please say what`s on your mind.”

“Okay, doctor. But, I have warned you about the upcoming statements. Do remember that.” comes spoken in having a sincere warning label attached. Then William takes a noticeable breath with directly stating his thoughts.

“My opinion comes as a wish. Yes, a mere wish of you two ladies joining me during the four days of my visit to Malibu, California. I have business to do there and I wish you two to come with me."

Both women stare at him slightly shocked. They do this as William next smoothly smiles of how he is doing just that to them. He knows that such a request takes the breath away but he still pushes through this need of maintaining his presence in Angelina`s daily life. So, he further shares his plans of how he sees the four days. "My beach house with its guesthouse exists as beachfront property along 'Billionaire Row'. You could enjoy the beach and shop at my expense. Plus, the main house`s staff can take care of any of your needs."

Indeed he continues to amaze Angelina but Jenessa watches the event within thinking about what is really happening between the three of them. Jenessa know there is more than the surface. She does because Jenessa is good at seeing events from all perspectives and knows everyone can own hidden agenda. Additionally, she knows how much Angelina wants the apology given so that the dynamic involving William changes. Thus, with the mentioning of Billionaire Row, it brings a spinning at high speed into plans and thoughts of her own. She does it as William turns his agenda into a pressuring of it being accepted.

"But, you won`t come. I am sure you are busy and the free vacation is an absolute invasion. It is too much, too much between friends. Yet, we both know that you deserve a vacation though. And you need it while you spend time pampering yourself. But I understand that you won`t accept my invitation. However, you asked for my thoughts, so there it is. It accompanies the intrusion of me being away from you." He states with being prepared for everything while seeming so unhappy too.

And he is ready. Set for anything, for William continues to convince them to join him. "The four days of vacation exists as a gift. No payments required and the apology can wait. Some time ago I said that anything that I have is yours during this 'hang out' process. So, I offer this short vacation and please seriously think about it. Please do, for in the morning after our usual run, I am asking both of you again. You both are invited and I am demanding to buy anything to make sure that you both enjoy the four days. But yes, all that makes me a bully who demands you to come while I am being direct about it and it`s all loaded with hope.”

At the end of it, William stands before Angelina with a sad face for he is sure that she won`t accept. But that doesn’t matter. And it cannot for one simple reason. That reason being that Jenessa sees how William works and she thinks it is past time that control belongs with Angelina. So, Jenessa does intruding with snappily conveying, “We accept but you will abide by our rules. That way we all get what we want. Especially you do achieve your goal. So, let us do rules. Okay, Billy?”

Yes, friendliness between William and Jenessa. It subsists, as that for Jenessa is often chatty with William during the prior two weeks. And that amuses Angelina for Jenessa can talk and is spirited at all hours with only respecting the silence of the morning run times. Hence, William cocks his head to the side with being interested but then he laughs. That gives Jenessa opportunity to further her foreseeing that William seems very well rehearsed for having such a sudden trip out of the city. That knowledge comes supplied due to her being a teacher of wayward teenagers. It does for she often catches such things and so she moves at high speed to take the reigns from him.

“We wish to go. Of course, we do.” She cheerfully claims with winking at her cousin and giving a grin that tells Angelina to not worry. In doing that Jenessa lovingly pats her cousin`s shoulder in a reassurance. “It`s gonna be sexy fun, Cali is a great time. Great idea to go! I adore going. Of course, we want to enjoy it and we especially want to do it if you’re flying us on the private plane. But first, we have negotiations with a resetting of those after the first day, but that is only if those need to be adjusted.”

William shifts his stance to peer at her with surprise. He had counted on doing a hard sell. He thought that coercion of having to do a middle of the night phone call, and possibly more, may need to exist. But this occurrence of sudden acceptance is good and it amuses him too. Thus, he laughs with sharing, “I have the feeling that you`re a negotiator for the United Nations. I do and that is with me not even knowing your bartering skills, at least not yet. However, if those are as great as your protecting the doctor then I am in for a hard session of discussing.”

It turns out that the things are not negative during the coming discussion. But yes, it`s a difficult bartering process. Firstly, comes the need of the women living independently of him. Secondly, the trio only may connect for a daily dinner at nine each evening. The event of dinner must take place in the guesthouse with the women creating the meal. Such is a demand because it is a partial payment for living in the quarters for four days. Next, Jenessa, with Angelina’s consent, requests that no money or further gifts be given. And lastly, there arrives a requirement of William to stop stalking Angelina for the remainder of his life. With that demanded Angelina definitely asserts her power into the creating of boundaries. Her cousin affirms the importance of everything requested. William finds some of it difficult but he understands for he sees how Angelina feels about so many things that are discomforts long before her mistake of not calling him. Nonetheless, William respects the demands and enjoys the whole event of negotiating.

So, as these come said it`s difficult for everyone and it seems that an expert pushes the control buttons. That exists as the truth for Jenessa in her teaching career deals with wayward teens pushing every limit possible. Then she sets rules and boundaries. Hence, it`s an acquired skill. Plus, she has to deal with Enrico Bombieri and he is very difficult when bartering. Thus, no budging on the demands due to knowing that she shouldn’t and in the end, William even gives his word of gentlemanly honor about it all. He does for it allows him to maintain his presence in Angelina`s daily life. Therefore, he bids them adieu with a grin and the ladies allows him to leave for they too get part of what they want. Plus, they must be up early for the morning run session.

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