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Arousing Ry - Chapter 4, Frisky Family Affairs

With the bike coming to a halt not far inside an almost empty garage Ryanne swings her lithe body off the bike. Then she removes the black motorcycle helmet from her head to place it on the cycle`s seat. This comes just before walking over to press the button on the wall to close the automated garage door. Afterward, she gives a sigh as she slowly walks toward the staircase that leads up to the entry of the house that brings her to enter into the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen Ry immediately spots Cory who is a petite tall Dutch lady of forty-something. This beautiful blond woman is her father`s girlfriend for past ten years but everyone considers her to be his wife. Which suits her father for Cory exists as a youthful-looking woman of simplistically pretty while being well educated and very bohemian. Add in the deeply avant-garde attitudes and she fits in with an abundance of artistic residents of Slope Park. She also fits nicely into Ry`s description of the ultimate fantasy woman. Thus, Ry stares at Cory enjoying minor daydream of how the fantasy gift for her birthday would be Cory spending days in her bed being sexually kinky in every imaginable way. However, with the head shake, she walks a bit farther into the kitchen.

“Hello, Cory. Sorry that I am late.” she sweetly states with heavy hints of warmth as the twinkle in her eyes dances upon watching Cory turn to smile at her.

“You are never late, Ry. You are my darling. You are fine with timing and on time no matter what Lee says. Now, kiss my cheek and grab a glass of wine. It is Australian for tonight and you can take home a bottle for I bought you one.” Comes as a reply of reassurance filled with love.

Cory Tatum lives life as a very kind and deeply generous lady, especially to Ry. Such subsists because Ry treats Cory very well as opposed to Ry`s sister and brother being disrespectful. Then again, Ry gives kindness to most all the mature sexy women. But yes, Ry easily gets lost in the dream of possibly fucking this older blue-eyed, blond but that might kill her father if he found out. And, because of that, there is never a public spoken word of how much Ry feels attracted to her father`s woman. Yet, they both know there is sexual energy between them that they both tenderly cultivate while privately flirting and secretly masturbating in concern to it.

Thus, with a bit of a naughty feeling, Ry kisses Cory`s left cheek to then walks over to the island counter located mid kitchen. She does this in order to pour a glass of the white wine from its bottle that rests in an ice bucket. In doing so Ry turns around to inspects Cory`s movements for she enjoys watching anything that Cory does. In eyeing the beauty of her stepmother Ry`s breaths deepens for her favorite daydream exists as sexually enjoying Cory anywhere in the house. It is only a fantasy though, so Ry shovels her mind into other thoughts.

“Is your niece coming for a visit anytime soon? She truly is a lot like you. You spoke of her returning.’

“I did?” queries Cory.

“Yes, during our phone call last week. Has she mentioned when she may be returning? Or is it only a wishing to?” quizzes Ry while answering the question too.

“My darling, Astrid canceled due to that she now dates a man.” Claims Cory who knows that such info stings Ry a little but Cory continues the sharing. “ Astrid didn’t know how to tell you of him. If she comes to visit then you two will, well, will enjoy more than cheek kisses. “Cory states looking at Ry with not wanting Ry hurt over her niece`s decision to no longer be sexual playmates. “So sorry for I know that you and she have a sexual thing but this is best for her. She wants children and to settle down in traditional life. This man can give her those dreams that she has.” Then with returning thoughts back to the dinner being the event at hand Cory lovingly smiles with nodding that they need to go into the dining room. “Everything is ready.”

“That isn’t fun about Astrid.” Ry replies with a sad sighing before continuing on, “Too bad. That is another good Bi girl lost to a man.”

Then with another sigh, Ryanne walks over to hold the kitchen door open in allowing Cory to carry a large dish of hot food without needing to worry about spilling. This supplies Cory to pass through the swinging door first with additionally giving a full view of everyone that already exists in the dining room. Thus, in turn, everyone there easily views both women coming out of the kitchen.

“Late! You have are...” Ry`s father sharply states as both ladies barely enter the dining room that is decorated in Dutch provincial décor.

“She has been with me. There is no late. She was on time. Lee, please, no more of that tonight. We are to sit for our meal. Please, sit and enjoy dinner everyone. And Lee, may we have the music returning? It is much more pleasant to have music playing when dining. So, please, settle down and let everyone be happy for we celebrate Ryanne’s birthday and our family.” Demands Cory in response to any verbal brutality that may ensue from Lee toward his daughter.

Lee Masterson swiftly stops what always comes to be roughness toward Ry`s minor misdemeanors of not abiding by his house rules. He ceases due to that Cory long ago laid out that she manages the house and he can have rules for his children that he wants but she runs the house. He additionally knows that Cory takes Ryanne’s side on things as of late. It has him understanding that he cannot win because regimented lifestyle doesn’t work for his life partner. Only love and logic do. And he definitely loves and respects his girlfriend. That encourages the sixty-something American male to stop his commanding to abide by Cory’s rules. As a result of Lee dutifully walks over to the cabinet where the stereo hide. He then turns on classical sounds for the listening during the dinner meal. Afterward, Lee sits next to Cory with everyone else seating immediately after him.

Generally speaking, family dinner fills with a limited conversation that is tinted in regulated politeness. At least it is until Lee makes issues with one of his children. He tends to have something negative on all three of them during every family event. But it`s never work-related; never and it must always remain that for Lee long ago demanded it to be that way. This leaves them all with attempting to not be the first up as a target. Yet, one is always chosen by their father to construct lively conversation of life things with everyone knowing that Ryanne exists as a favorite first target. The rebel child tends to bring noteworthy things from living an active public social life and being so highly sexual while mixing in rebellious activities. Therefore Ry`s father tends to be interested in acquiring explanations about some things. Hence, Ryanne is a bit tense when enjoying the monthly family dinner but somewhat relaxed too, especially today because of the events involving Payton.

Therefore everyone at dinner watches the two titans due to obvious and well-known reasons. Thus, everyone is mentally ready for Lee to mention his thorough disappointment in Ry. Everyone knows of the early return from Europe and the chaos of the break-up. In fact, it is a hot topic for the family with Ryanne`s sibling waiting for the dirty diced up news. Lee too is still wondering a few things. So Lee begins, “She hasn’t stopped, Ryanne Lea. She calls here to the house and to our personal friends looking for you. Her last call came moments before you arrived. So, you will call her. Her father claims that she is inconsolable. He threatens to ruin my chances in concern to three building projects at European harbors. Do you know how much this hurts the business? I told St Croix that you would smooth it out with his daughter. He wants it over between you tow but wants her happy ” Lee looks at Ry as though she destroys him before sternly stating, “If I must deal with this any further then it can be explosive from her father. The whiney bitch must be dealt with. Your toys must be properly dispensed with, are you understanding me? I don`t know how you can fix it but you must end it and have the wench happy too.”

Ryanne doesn’t look up, and yes, she understands that she must deal with Payton. She needs to when considering that the workplace rules of no personal drama affecting work need to be maintained. That exists due to Lee demanding respect from everyone toward everyone at his architectural firm. Yet, Ry sits there in a stillness to sustain that ever-cool exterior, while thinking of how much she hates these moments when being raked over the flames of criticism in concern to personal life events.

“Ryanne Lea, you are hearing me?”

“Yes, father.” comes to be the swift response.

“Do the duty. Man up. Or I will be manning the helm of it.” Warns Lee as he watches his daughter.

Ryanne knows he is right, but she wants to be defiant too. So, she holds her gaze downward at the half-empty dinner plate. Twenty minutes into dinner to already not want any more food while feeling the rumbling of rage craving to be set free. Yet, she leaves it all to simmer to give no further response. None even though a deathly silence exists over waiting for a war between the two titans. This fills her thoughts causing Ry to realize that maybe rebellion can wait for another day due to exhaustion. Therefore, Ry relents with conveying, “Sir, she will be dealt with tonight. You may count on me.”

The others at the long oval dining table seem to be still waiting with bated breath for more of the dual that really isn’t gearing up for the potential hopes. Hence, disappointment swings around to everyone, including Cory. Then to their further dismay, each hears, “I will trust that it is. If it is not dealt with by morning then I will send you escorted to Paris via bodyguards to deal with this whiney French slut that seems obsessed with you.”

That brings a solemn energy to fill the room but at least the minor exchange is something to satiate everyone`s thirsty need of war during dinner. Hence, everyone can now relax since the Titans’ dueling comes to be flatly non-existent. In this Ryanne merely nods with relenting, “Yes, sir. Understood, sir.”

Domi instantly kicks Ryanne; he kicks her ankles under the table. He likes it when one of the three of them is courageous enough to create defiance, yet Domi hardly ever does any intentional rebelliousness. He rarely has a turn at being the first target too. He tends to be submissive to the point of being considered a weakling. Many say that he is a wimp when their father confronts him. So, Ryanne gives him no attention with not returning the nudge. Yet, Domi sits to her right with trying to pretend of eating even though Domi wants more entertainment. So, in that secret wishing, Domi nudged her again to prod Ry into saying all that Ry actually wishes to tell their father. He knows much more can spill out with no ‘yes, sir’ involved. That seems naughty but not really for Domi long ago understands that Ry regulates the confrontation just enough so that her siblings don`t get too much crap. Indeed, the truth is that Ryanne’s siblings know that but like the show that comes with Ryanne`s rebellious ways.

Ry`s elder sister Terri is on Ryanne`s immediate left with giving a glance of anticipating of more entertainment. Terri is a beautiful brunette of thirty-five making her three years elder than Ry and ten years older than Domi. But as Terri continues to stare then Ryanne replies with a flash of a cold glare in silently claiming of not wanting more. Yet, Terri nods ‘yes’ for she is not wanting more confrontation. She needs it so that time runs out with not allowing their father to claim more victims, victims with one of them as the new topic.

However, a new topic comes swift due to Domi making waves. Lee has a need to force his son into being what Lee considers a man. But tonight it`s not quite that. Tonight the topic exists about Domi wanting to move out of the family home due to feeling the strain of living under his father`s dictatorship. Lee, on the other hand, thinks that his son has much more learning to do and needs to be dependable and trustworthy in life. Easily understandable due to Domi can`t handle a job freely given to him by his father. A job that Domi regularly messes up and should be fired for incompetence. Thus, being responsible for a residence comes wondered about. So, chat comes swiftly between the two men but Domi easily complies with Lee`s wishes. He does due to the truth that the next fuck up at work may bring unemployment since Domi feels ready for the adult of everything.

As that peters out there comes a renewal of silence until Cory undertakes to chat with Sheila. The two mature women always enter the chat when silence exists for neither of them like quietness during family dinners. This permits everyone else to finish their meal with Ryanne thinking about the birthday cookies that Sheila always supplies on her birthday. Outside of that thought Ry only wants to not be here in the house for any longer than necessary but she must finish dinner for it`s her birthday celebration. Thus, Ry eats and waits while pondering the homemade cookies until Cory stands up in stating, “Dessert is served poolside when everyone is finished.”

This exists as the signal of the end of the family dinner. Ryanne finally begins to feel like she can almost escape to her own home and some sleep. First, though the dessert of birthday cookies with ice cream and a possible dip in the indoor swimming pool. This comes as the family tradition but Ryanne doesn’t want to swim. However, everyone finds seating poolside in order to enjoy the remainder of the family togetherness. This has Domi doing the pool thing for he loves swimming and Ry enjoys watching him. So, she settles upon a deck chair at poolside as she sits down Shelia wanders over to nestle on the chair next to Ry with Sheila supplying kiss to Ry`s facial cheek to be happily saying, “Happy birthday, sweetie. Your birthday cookies come from me. There is an extra tin of cookies on the counter in the kitchen for you to take home. It is a treat for a heart that weeps.”

Ryanne kisses Shelia’s cheek in return with whispering, “You always take care of my heart. So, that makes my heart only yours. The playmates are toys. You are my joy. Thank you, Shelia, and you spoil me. ”

That has Sheila blush as Ryanne retrieves a cookie and a glass of wine that Cory is serving to everyone. Cory then leans over to brush a kiss to Ryanne`s other facial cheek in whispering in Ry`s ear. “Happy birthday. I wish that you may get your fondest wish, and much more.”

Ryanne looks up into those eyes while trying to not think of what her fondest wish of Cory truly is. Oh yes, a wish of fucking Cory until both become breathless. Hence, a deep cooling breathing to handle such a thought pours out of Ry. It does for Ry knows that Cory possesses a high sexual appetite with occasionally fucking women while Lee watches. Thus, Cory and Lee have an open relationship with sex involving others for both of them. All quite nice in Ry`s opinion but Ryanne doesn’t want her father watching her have sex with anyone. That is even though Ryanne enjoys the daydream of privately stealing Cory as a playmate. That truth now shows in Ry`s eyes causing Cory to turn away before walking toward Lee. She does it while understanding that the high sexual tension can explode into more than flirting tonight. Such exists as too true and Cory secretly wants to pleasure in that for Ryanne`s powerful sexuality is an irresistible drug to her. It often brings Cory to thoughts of kinky play with Ry but she knows the harm that it can do.

With such happening, it leaves the chatter to be only between Terri and Lee as the main conversation. The two are discussing the upcoming community events and tree planting on behalf of the architectural firm. Such a topic comes, as a slight bit of boredom for Ryanne but everyone else is busy. This allows Ryanne to drift off into other thoughts, thoughts of needing a new partner for regular sex with Payton gone. This accompanies the current concern of casual sex partner for her actual birthday day. Being alone on Sunday without any warm body to please her or to please is not a fun concept for naughty Ry. Or at least that is the first thought until Ry considers that she can call a special friend to enjoy an evening of kinky play. Thus, Ry grins of the quickly forming daydream that may exist during the coming days. Yet, it last not long due to her father breaking the mood with demanding attention in shouting, ”Ryanne Lea, Ryanne Lea, you are daydreaming. Wake up. “

Lee next sits beside his youngest daughter as Sheila rises to leave for going home. “Sheila is leaving. Treat her right with walking her out. I also know that you are tired too, so go home. I don’t want to see you until Tuesday morning.” Then Lee looks into his daughter`s eyes as she starts to push up off the seat. In that motion, Lee grips her arm to halt movement as he conveys, “I was harsh today, but you can’t treat people like toys when it can hurt the firm too. Otherwise, I don`t care about the St Croix`s. Do what you must do. I will handle St Croix. If I must.”

With that, Ry looks at her father in puzzlement for she swears of hearing the love in his voice, but she can`t be hearing that. Nope, she cannot be. So, she begins to reply, “Uhm, you..” but she stops before saying anything about him going soft on her.

“I nothing, I am only telling you to get your ass out of here. So, go find a girl and do what you enjoy. Happy birthday! ” He coldly states with knowing that he loves her and it showed. Then with that understood and nothing more spoken Lee rises to walk off toward his home office`s entrance that abides just to the left of the pool`s main door.

With seeing that Ry shrugs of the moment to do as he asked of her. She doesn’t rebel when it`s Sheila for Sheila gives love to the family and they all know it. Sheila knows it and it`s cool within being respected. So, Ry pours on the charm with showing deep gratitude to the woman who often keeps the family sane. There comes chat and loving things before Ry stands at the back door with the cookie tin in hand. She then walks out of the kitchen’s back door to enter the garage while Sheila says bye to the others.

In mere seconds Ry reaches for her cycle helmet while placing the cookies on the saddlebags. In doing so, from behind her Cory states, “You need a bag for that tin of cookies.”

At this Cory walks toward Ry to be directly in front of Ry just as Ry turns to look at Cory. This is causing Ry to almost be pinning against the cycle.

“You need this and one more thing if you will keep it between us.” Then before Ryanne can speak or nod Cory plants a deep luscious erotic kiss with tongue insertion into Ry`s lips. Something definitely comes as sealed, signed, and sexy in breathless as Cory cups Ry`s face to then release the kiss while gazing into Ry`s eyes. ”Happy birthday and don’t be alone on Sunday. If you are then I can promise that you will have a visitor and we both know that I may not do that.”

Ry stands there with no coolness about her and just staring back at the blazingly sexy older woman who easily can make anyone stop to peek and be weak. With that, all delivered Cory next walks up the steps to enter through the door into the house with Ryanne watching every second of the seduction to be replying. “Tease!”

Without flinching or turning around Cory giggles “Ry, if I were twenty years younger and single you would never be alone, and you would know love. Now go home, think of me and bring yourself a treat. Happy birthday, darling.”

Happy indeed, happy as a clam in the sand at high tide and yes, that is the best birthday gift so far. Next, Ry must manage a sex partner for Sunday and if her plans go right then aloneness won`t exist on her birthday.

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Arousing Ry - Chapter 3, Wild Child`s Whipping

That could be the lead into a really sweet sexual morning but as Payton stands up Ryanne stares at her puzzled of it all. Yet, Payton has no bewilderment with her feeling accomplished as she leans in to kiss Ryanne on the mouth. It comes planted so sweetly to relay that she completed the conquering, as she whispers. “I am showering, bring the coffee when it's ready and you will be returning the pleasure when you come to join me in the shower."

Ryanne stares into glares disdainfully. Every measure of the last moments of the morning sinks into Ry`s mind to create a few realizations. Among these is that she herself spoke the ‘love’ word to a girlfriend. That is not a crime for most people in life but Ryanne doesn’t say the ‘love’ word to girlfriends. Not ever!

She just doesn’t and with watching Payton depart the kitchen Ryanne instantly makes a virginal decision. The results of it come with Ryanne waiting long enough to know that Payton is in the shower before swiftly beginning to carry out her needs. Such involves quickly dressing in whatever clothes that she wore yesterday. Then she stuffs all the clothing that she can into a large roll along luggage case before tossing the already filled hefty packsack over her shoulder. With a last quick glance around Ryanne shivers of what could happen if she doesn’t get moving. Then in no time, the brunette female is out the apartment door to be entering the elevator. The entire process of leaving feels like an eternity for she wants to be gone, gone with it happening long ago. That thought causes Ry to whip out her cell phone to speed dial a number, “Masterson. 22 Rue, a preorder. I am ready. It`s immediate.”

Ry next clicks off the phone to shiver again within the thoughts of what happened in the apartment as she becomes impatient over making her getaway. "Stupid Ry, that came close."

Then as the elevator door opens Ry struts fast toward the apartment building`s front doors. In doing so she sees the waiting taxi with it pulling to a stop just after pushing the building`s outdoor doors open. This quickens her pace with her motioning the driver to stay inside the car but to pop the trunk. She can’t have delays at this point so with tossing the luggage into the trunk the hatch come slammed closed. Ry wishes to waste no further time as she strides to the back door to open it before settling into the backseat of the little car. With belting in comes the relaying of information to the driver. “Citadines Apart'hotel Saint-Germain-des-Prés, nonstop. Double the fare if you make it in record time.”

The car immediately begins heading to the hotel located across the city of Paris. It isn’t her usual stay of a hotel, but Ry cannot go to the regular places due to obvious reasons. However, Ry needs a shower before making new plans for the flight back to the United States. She requires the earliest flight which contrasts the plan of the originally scheduled departure of a night flight to New York later in this day. Of course, she can be on it. Yet, if she does Payton may track her down to create an emotionally charged public scene filled with argumentative confrontation. That is not good for either of them for if it supplies unrestricted opportunities to paparazzi to get more dirt on both of them. Thus, the event of Ry leaving Payton can make negative news for daddy St. Croix who then might bring issues for Ry`s father. Such is not wanted. Thus, such things must be avoided due to it providing a summoning of what she calls, ‘dancing with death’. Or in layman`s terms being confronted by her father`s rage.

His anger easily arises when his children do anything to damage the family`s reputation or the architectural firm`s status in the world of business. That holds great truth to it. Daddy Masterson exists as a hardcore businessman that lives life within strict rules with not taking kindly to threats from anyone. He subsists the type of man who demands the best from his three children, especially since all three offspring work for him. Being a single father for many years he easily knows the value of regulation in life and discipline in raising children, raising them the hard way while levitating his architectural firm into an international ranking. He demands to have all aspects of life existing in an ordered routine. As a result life `s wheels turn in proper ways or they do according to him. That, of course, falls apart on occasion. It easily does since his second child is a rebellious wild child that regularly displays being a handful. Thus, the next day Ryanne finds herself enduring a wait in her father`s office on the top floor of the mid-city building that houses the family`s firm. It subsists as a painful time with nervousness showing. And that brings Ry to glance at the secretary who lovingly smiles at her.

“He is angry. Your girl calls him non-stop and he got a call from St Croix this morning. You messed up big this time, but he will calm down. However, I supply a warning that you do not mention your brother to him. Three contracts went bad and it blew up to a climax two days ago.” comes spoken by the elderly woman who watches the prized child of the Masterson`s knowing exactly what comes during the next moments when the office door opens.

Ryanne closes her eyes in terror at the mentioning that her only brother once more screwed up accounts forcing their father to be irate even before her indiscretions existed. Hence, Ry understands that Domi requires rescuing after she ‘dances with death’.

The return home definitely calculates as unpleasant. However, she figures the jetlag and the hangover from the flight may help numb the incoming fury but she doubts it. Thus, pain on top of pain. But at least she has several uninterrupted hours of sleep that happened on the plane. With that mostly due to her cell phone signal not working during those hours. That’s a bonus because Payton is on a phone-calling streak of attempting to reclaim Ry. That now exists non-stop for Ry since the landing at LaGuardia Airport but apparently, her father endures it too. With that thought, her father`s office door swings open ending a meeting with a client of the firm. As this occurs her father glances coldly toward Ry in commanding. “In here! Now!”

Ryanne is already standing with briskly walking past him while not looking at him. She dares not. She understands the drill of things with abiding in silence and adhering to the expected routine directives in concern to confrontations with him. Therefore, it`s perfect militia posture, standing at attention and silence until otherwise directed. The nervousness in her body turns to chilling shivers as her mind rushes with the lack of any ability to help her. Thus, she tries to hush her busy thoughts all while she silently praying that he makes it quick with limited amounts of shouting so that she can grovel with explanations and promises. However, the thinking suddenly halted with the door behind her seemingly sounding like thunder in closing. Yet, it barely sounded.

“Ryanne Lea, four questions. Honest answers too.” He coldly demands in calmness as Lee Masterson stands behind his youngest daughter in breathing on the nape of her neck.

“Yes, sir!” Ry crisply replies within knowing that not only her father speaks but a man of military rules when he deals with his children.

“Is it permanently over with no need of more?” he coldly requires of her while Ry exists positioned in front of the massive glass desk that abides in the center of the large open area office.

“Yes, sir!” Solidly states as Ry who remains stalk still while an icy shiver runs her spine.

“Do you need to return to Paris to collect anything?” Her father sternly requests in stringent tone in hoping that there is no need to.

“No, sir! I already collected all that I wanted, sir.” Arrives with hiding all emotion so that her father doesn’t deal with any more than he already has from her leaving another lover.

“Are you home for the rest of the week?” He father requests as he breathes upon her facial cheek while peering around to look at her sideways in his continuing to stand behind her.

“Yes, sir! I will be to work tomorrow, sir.” Comes firmly spoken with knowing that work is his first priority and he expects it to be hers too.

“Did you enjoy your birthday?” Exists in an almost softness but it isn’t. He loves her and even understands, but he cannot allow too much die to Ry being rebellion incarnate. Throughout her life, it exists as a dominant characteristic in her. However, by age fifteen Lee Masterson forces his daughter to be well-rounded in supplying the mechanisms of control with also helping to create that cool edge to everything that Ry owns.

“Yes sir, the two weeks off from work are appreciated. Thank you, sir!” Ry replies in a happy honestly. Two weeks not quite complete and she may lose the remaining days due to it a payment for the crap that Payton brings. But working right this minute isn`t what she wants but life is life. So, Ry breathes a sigh over what she feels that he may bring as punishments.
Punishment indeed and with Lea hearing the answers that he wanted he swings around to stand in front of Ryanne with supplying a scrutinizing glance into Ry`s eyes. Lee Masterson gazes into his daughter`s green eyes with his own green ones with an understanding sympathy while he summarizes, “Take the rest of the week. It is your birthday gift that I gave you. It is a full two weeks and you only enjoyed one week. So, enjoy the remainder but first, go bail your brother out. Your sister has important messages for you too. So call her. And dinner is at my city house at eight this evening. Don’t be late and Sheila missed you. So, be nice to her on the way out.”

“Thank you, sir. May I leave?” Ry inquiries before even moving one inch and that comes knowing that her father is finished of dealing with her.

“Yes, you may, Ryanne Lea. And tell Sheila that she may join us for dinner tonight too. It is your birthday meal.” He replies to then settle in his desk chair while Ry heads into the outer office where Sheila waits.

Ryanne immediately looks at the elderly woman after closing the office door upon departure. She stands there relieved of everything turning out better than expected. This shows on her face and her body once more relaxes into its usual nonchalant persona.

“Alive, I see! One day he will eat you alive, but you are lucky this week.” Shelia amuses in a chuckling of knowing how things turned out. “You are gonna be the death of you both.” She states while passing over documents to Ryanne that possess Domi`s signature on the front folder.

"What are these? Ry asks with scanning beginning to open the folders.

“You only need to sign off on the last page of these three accounts before dropping in to see Domi. However, give a visual scan of the files when you visit Domi. Then tell him those look good for they now do. I fixed all of the nonsense hours ago. But be sure to mention that you both must watch those three accounts more closely. All three accounts are in good standing but your brother fell apart when Lee confronted him.” With that, the beautiful elderly woman stands in front of Ryanne to without warning supply a loving motherly hug to wrap around Ryanne as she softly consoles with, “Does it hurt? Did she deserve it?”

“No, there is no hurting. Yes, she manipulated me.” Ryanne coolly states allowing the embrace, for the hug is Sheila’s ways in life. Thus, Ry returns a partial hug for Sheila exists as the unrequested maternal figure that watched over the three Masterson children during their childhood. Then with the release of the loving hugging, Ryanne continues saying what she must, “You are getting spankings at dinner tonight. His place at eight, it`s family and you are bringing my birthday cookies. I miss your cookies.”

With that Ryanne walks off into the corridor of the large office building`s most upper floor. As she does Shelia sweetly conveys, “I missed you too, dear. I love you.”

By seven that evening Ryanne sorts out her brother`s mess AND calls her sister. She next endures the many endless voice notes on her office`s phone system left by Payton. She does this before returning to her Victorian style house located in Park Slope, which is the more bohemian part of New York City.

Entering the front door of her home Ry finds that the housekeeper for Ry left things in disarray due to not feeling well with leaving clothes being strewn all over the on the living room floor. She further observes that the refrigerator has fresh produce. Then the discovery of a note on the kitchen counter, a birthday note telling more about her housekeeper`s visit. Ry reads what Arai has to say and smirks about doing so. ‘I miss you. The blueberries are from me with thoughts of serving you birthday sex and you eating the berries when tasting my cum. Call me if you want to fuck me. Please, call and let me come. But if you don`t then happy birthday, my kinky horny boss.’

Ry grins as she drops the note causing it to fall on the counter before picking up the bowl of blueberries to place them in the refrigerator. She likes her bisexual housekeeper. The twenty-something college student works for Ry while studying to be a paralegal and existing as a nymphomaniac that has dark dirty kinks of enjoying pain and exhibitionism.

“Oh, you are such a kinky caring bitch and I like that.” Says Ry with amusement about being missed by her housekeeper. Amused over leaving her mark on anyone who gets to enjoy her sexually. Then with departing from the kitchen, Ry sighs with saying “Only if I had a dozen like you. Endlessly fuckable and not wanting a relationship.”

With that thought, Ryanne moves to the upstairs of the house to prep for the evening`s dinner with family. Thus, a quick shower before the beautiful brunette tosses on casual khaki jeans and a white elegant Asian-style silk button down long dress blouse. The pants are new and soon to be belted by a white braided leather belt. It, however, is unseen under the dress shirt due to the dress shirt plunges to Ry`s mid thighs. The ensemble feels relaxing, loose and brings a smile to lips what need one before the evening`s coming festivities.

Then with a peek at her reflection in the mirror Ryanne ponders making up her face with choosing that less is more. This comes followed by brushing the shoulder-length brunette tresses, hair that seems fuller of waves today than during prior. Yet, Ry knows that such is not true. However, within being amused by that she notices a strand of gray amongst the brown. It brings a sigh and a whisper of, “A bit gray. Getting old. Yes, you are, girl. To top it off you need a steady fuck buddy and soon it won`t be easy to acquire them.” She uneasily states with a checking for any aging lines upon her gorgeous facial structure. She sees none and with continued inspection comes a summing up. “None. Good girl and now tolerate the evening. You can endure. First, there is dinner with..."

A sudden pause arrives with a grimace as Ry continues saying the truth of the coming events, “with the master.' The sound of it stings for she dislikes being controlled. So, there comes consoling with a sigh while voicing, "Oh, you know that he is the master. Yes, sir, yes sir and you will live through it, so buckle up, sexy.”

Next, Ry allows another sigh before she slips into a black leather cycle jacket. After which she tucks her dark Harley helmet under an arm before making the way out to the garage where her cycle awaits. It takes no time to mount it and to be off toward the destination.

The drive to her father`s house is short for he lives only a few blocks away from within a larger older restructured house. A beautiful classic house that Ry adores and finds comfortable. She glances up at as an automated triggering mechanism on her cycle triggers the garage doors to open. Pulling into the garage Ry knows that everyone else already is here and on time. She is a minor bit late, but not really late for she knows that everyone tends to arrive thirty minutes early.

She, however, tends to show up closer to the actual time due to being rebellious of the unspoken rules. And the unspoken involved in family dinners are many but number one exists as always be a half early. This exists as one of many rules set up by Ry`s father with Ry often breaking those for she sees no need for most of the rules. At least not now that she is an independent adult. Hence, she refuses to live by militia rules outside of work. Additionally, to this, any family events are limited to only occurring upon request. Therefore she endures Friday night family dinner at the end of every month and the occasional other typical family events of special days. And tonight is a typical event; it comes as a celebration of her birthday with the actual day still in the future. So, with another sigh, Ry begins a last mental preparation as she gazes toward the entry into the house via the garage.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Arousing Ry - Chapter 2, Payton`s Pleasure

Statistically speaking if Ry`s girlfriend showers alone in the morning after a night of sex then she needs to consider it a notice that the tenure of being girlfriend is over. Thus, Payton best be kissing some ass to prove that her waywardness reforms with a better attitude that Ry can appreciate. That does include begging so that the girlfriend status remains while regulating life into a pleasing no-confrontational way. Yes, heavy-duty pleading and backtracking must exist. Or the girlfriend won`t even get a kiss goodbye from the goddess of lust games. With that said it also can be mentioned that Payton is well aware of this for she knows what happened to Ry`s last three girlfriends. Hence, Payton understands what she now must deal with.

“Ryanne! Do you love me?” Comes shouted from Payton who remains in the bedroom as Ryanne enters into the kitchen to begin the process of coffee making. Ry hears her but continues to do the coffee-making thing. Thus, she smoothly sets the espresso machine into motion. Within the waiting, she reaches for yesterday`s newspaper to then stand in leaning against the cupboard. With unfolding the undisturbed pages Ry hears Payton coming much closer while Payton crisply queries of things that do not please. “You are leaving me today, aren’t you?”

That brings a swift nonchalant glancing upward toward Payton who draws closer to Ry`s location. Within this Payton continues talking in the same clear clean tone. “You never intend to love me. Do you?”

Such create a shifting of the newspaper with raising it upward a slight amount to cover any viewing of Ryanne`s face. It arrives as the only response too. That brings Ry to possess the firm intention of reading anything on the page so that she can avoid any fighting that definitely comes with this incoming topic. Indeed it exists as in interesting topic of the past for Ry tried to leave a few months ago when Sydney St Croix demanded her too. Back then arguments shot about wildly for days but there must be no arguments today. None, due to it is fiercely thinking that no words are needed when the subject involves love or feelings. Plus, the months ago arguments defined many things.

“Do not be a coward Ry, answer me.” Comes as a demanding that simply must never be said to anyone. It especially must not be said to Ryanne Masterson who suddenly grips the paper in fisting it with then peering over the top of the newspaper. Ry stares because she knows that Payton now stands directly in front of her. Thus, Ry wishes to show the displeasure that rests in her eyes over the comment. Hence, the word of coward strongly fills Ryanne as she watches the way Payton smirks with staring into Ry`s eyes in waiting for a reply. Yet, there remains silence from the ever-cool Ry. That needs to be true of Payton too but it isn’t happening. It is not occurring as the road to Hell comes quickly for them both.

“I see!” is sharply spoken in that tone of understanding that chat is currently one-sided.

At this moment a soft shuffling of feet exists with Ry immediately feeling Payton`s hands gripping Ryanne`s nude thighs in demanding possession as they stand face to face. Then Payton’s palms smoothly move along Ry`s waistline until those meet in the space between Ry`s tummy button and pussy mound. With a look upward Payton watches for reactions and a reply. Yet, the only response comes as Ry tightening stomach muscles with then breathing deeper over being touched so near her sexual center. With this happening Payton figures it`s a game of ‘Hard To Get’, an instance of a hard to get any vocal reactions. But Payton is determined to get vocal responses to everything that she asked this morning. It is to be done even if it requires forcing it out of Ryanne.

That idea brings Payton to kneel in front of Ry. Then Payton leans inward to breathe on the nude skin of Ryanne`s pussy mound. The hot air makes a shiver race through Ryanne causing flexing of Ry`s lower body muscles as a retort to the teasing. Yet, Ry merely continues the reading of the newspaper.

Payton once more gazes upward to see if Ry is being attentive. Such comes hard to summarize, so she grins of needing to push more into having sex for she senses the muscular responses but nothing more. That fact encourages her to achieve a vocal reply to the questions. Hence, Payton`s hands move downward over Ry`s womanly mound with the intention of prying open those strong thighs for coming events. The anticipation of it creates arousal within the kneeling brunette, the exhilaration that rushes out in heated breaths land on Ry`s tummy. Within the heavier breathing, Payton leans in closer to Ry`s nude pussy mound. As she does a whipping of her tongue caresses her own mouth to moisten lips for there must be wet to make more wetness. With thinking such Payton changes her mind to wanting to kiss Ry`s well-shaven skin naughty pleasure center.

Being this close to tasting paradise is a teasing temptation. Payton is tempted to forget this foreplay to now merely fuck Ry. But she loves the tease so very much. So, Payton plays a luscious seductive kiss to Ry`s pussy mound before immediately trailing nibbling kisses downward. Moving her moist mouth in meticulously caressing with the intention of creating responses, moving until kisses land in the valley between thighs and torso. She does it while demanding to part Ry`s thighs so that Payton may taste that lush sea of lust that it always needs to be loved.

This brings Ryanne`s body into undeniable fiery arousal as it forces shifting of how Ry stands. In turn, Ry willingly parts thighs permitting Payton`s hands to easily caress Ry`s inner thighs. Such allows Payton`s two thumbs to spread open those lusty petals of womanly wetness. In doing so Payton once more focuses upward. She wants to see if the newspaper reading is halted. It is a need to know if the focus is on answering to all that Payton wants replies to. Yet, there is nothing coming so Payton’s two thumbs drift leisurely into entering the pulsating paradise of Ry`s hot pussy. Oh,

"Oh, oh my." Slips raspily spoken from Ry who has felt every motion with now needing to be pleased for her always extremely horny in the morning`s after waking. Within this Payton easily understands that Ryanne likes. She can tell even more so for the heated tension comes fast from Ry’s body, a body that moments ago stood within cool carefree stance. But now Payton is starting to make progress to the goals of answers. So, she becomes excited and pushes agenda even more.

“Leaving me will not help you.” Exists as an attempt of provoking the sharing of feelings while more attempts to arouse sexual desire higher before Payton plans to hold Ry hostage within needing to orgasm. Oh yes, Payton has plans and knows how to do this extremely well. This agenda comes as a wish to hold Ry tortured of needing an orgasmic release, a hanging in painful bliss until a few answers about feelings arrive. Yes, it`s dirty play within love and lust, but geez Ryanne isn’t exactly playing nice by ignoring answers to the love questions.

Therefore, both of Payton's thumbs gently probe a little deeper within the wet tight confines making Ryanne take full notice with wild horniness blazing fully into her body. Thus, Ry flexes taut strong vaginal muscles against the prying thumbs. She gasps of the coming of what usually is a great finger fucking session when Payton takes to this type of pleasure. This truth allows the beginning of more fire within Ry`s vaginal canal with an instant need to have her pussy devouring anything that Payton wants to probe it with. In fact, Ry wants her pussy to engulf every inch of those thumbs as her upper lips allow sharper gasping to pour from within. This supplies deeper breathing to cool off from the overpowering sensations of sexual heat that flood her lithe body. So, Ry swallows hard the knowledge that she is being fucked while she leans against the kitchen counter. Such awareness rings to be a delicious thing of happiness on a morning of not enough sex and too much talking.

In the next seconds, everything gets hotter when Payton lightly blows cooling air on Ry`s pretty moist lower lips. This unsettles Ry for this amount of extreme arousal brings being lost in erotic sensations with the cooling giving an awareness that she is in a state of trance. Hence, Ry becomes attentive while allowing her nude thighs to part even wider but she wants to not be so controlled by sex too.

This pleases the kneeling brunette for Payton knows that sex always gets Ry’s attention and she understands how she can use it too. Payton long ago understood that Ry always drops a bit of her cool collectedness when confronted with being touched in pleasure`s need. This fact is an essential of the coming events of sharing feelings. Therefore, an appreciative smile rests upon Payton`s lips with seeing Ry lost in being fucked. This allows Payton to leans forward to flick the tip of her firm moist tongue across her girlfriend`s clit.

“Yum. I want. My horny girlfriend must be fucked first thing. I love to fuck you but you will do more than enjoying this.“ arrives fiercely spoken just prior to another lash of Payton`s magical tongue whipping on Ry`s overheated moist pussy lips as the two thumbs continue rubbing the inner walls of Ry`s pussy.

Then Payton pulls away from to continue driving two thumbs in pumping motions within Ry`s slick vagina. Such intense plays of desire cause Ryanne to be fisting the newspaper while beginning to breathe heavier than before. Ry easily gives full attention to orgasm creation. Oh yes, undivided attention as Payton's thumb fucks Ry into what is to be an unparalleled erotic high. This the moment swiftly turns into a wild session of pounding thumbs invading wetness. A wet pussy splashing juices on both women as a sloppy symphony of lusty pleasure sharing hits its point of needing an orgasmic release. Yes, Ry is past the point of no return. Thus, it is a bit much to not notice the erotic feelings exploding within her entire body. This especially comes true when the thumb thrusting pounds harder with each new driving inward in her vaginal canal.

Payton built it to this with it now time to deal with it. Therefore, Payton instantly stops her thumbs smashing into Ry`s womanly wetness. Payton does it while Ryanne`s breathing turns into creating a trance of dizziness. Then in that rush of sensations and Ry`s need to orgasm Payton simply holds stillness. This immediately brings Ry demandingly gasp, “More, no stopping. Orgasm, I need, you can not…”

“Not what, Ry? Are you feeling, Ry, uhm? Are you feeling a need?” comes spoken almost seeming to be innocent but it holds a knowing that it`s a dirty game that must be won and that voice tone of Payton is rich in the understanding that she must win this time.

“No stop! Finish fucking me, Payton, no starting my engine to stop.” Shoots out in stern cold warning as Ry`s hands possessively grip Payton`s head of wavy brunette tresses. That has Payton straighten her posture within the kneeling in a show of defiance so that Ry cannot control the moment. It additionally has her coldly muse with, “My dirty Domme will get release when she feels. When she feels the need of sharing. Sharing her feelings of me with me. You won`t force me to please you, not today.”

With this happening it`s time to get serious about things. Thus, there comes a forced sudden thumb pumping within Ry`s pussy, a pussy that drips with womanly honey with a never-ending rush of sexual heat. Payton follows it up with swiftly leaning in closer as she runs her tongue around and around Ryanne`s clit. Ryanne groans, grits her teeth, and gasps to breathe heavier with each tongue-lashing. And now, without a doubt, Ry knows that she needs only a little more to be pushed over the top to get her release. Thus, it is not shocking that a soft irritated scream erupts when Payton once more stops the onslaught of pleasure giving to speak further of her true agenda.

“You seem to be feeling Ry? Are you feeling, Ry? Do you love it? Do you love?” comes conveyed with knowing it`s torture for Ry with Payton using manipulation while demanding to be loved.

Ryanne frostily glares at this woman who is excellent with sexually pleasing Ryanne. In the looking down Ry supplies a nonverbal warning that the stopping is not tolerated. With that followed up by a disgruntled growl. It gets physical when Ryanne`s hands grip Payton to force Payton into more. Yet, resistance comes causing Ry to be vocal. ”More! You can’t stop!” Ry fiercely growls at Payton.

Payton replies with holding firm to not be moving to finish the game of orgasm giving. However, she instead chooses to sweetly voice, “Answer me. Tell me how you feel. Tell me and then you may have the orgasm. But first, my dirty Domme must answer me. Oh yes!”

Next, Payton breathes cool sweeping breaths toward Ry`s erect pussy folds. It comes moments before wiggles Payton`s thumbs give a teasing tender caress across the skin that pulses of waiting to orgasm.

In this heightened awareness, Ry is going mad with wanting to orgasm but Payton holds her against the cupboard to force no movement. Hence, no escape while causing Ry to depend upon Payton for last touches to push orgasm into release. And it is this knowledge that provokes Payton to once more demand answers to questions. “Do you love it?”

“Yes!” Shoots through gritted teeth with groaning moans while Ry`s body constantly trembles of being lost in high erotic sexual sensations that force her past the threshold of stopping. So, Ry tries to find sanity but does not, and that sanctions Payton to fulfill more of her agenda.

“Do you love me fucking you?” Is smoothly quizzed while Payton nuzzles the tip of her nose to the wet pussy folds to maintain the pleasure build up without allowing the orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fuck me….” comes demanded by Ry through wild need of more touch.

“Do you love it?” comes in happy tones from Payton as the chat progress within a new tease to have thumbs widen that vaginal canal as the inner muscles pulsate in furious need. “Horny, and I want to give you more. I need you to enjoy me. Please. Do you love it? “ Loving encourages Payton as the border of sanity comes broken.

“Yes, love it. Love when ...when..” Ryanne whisks out without being able to truly think.

Everything about this has Ryanne’s breathing rapid to accompany the beading of sweat, as her entire body trembles and a level of madness floats with lust`s suspension. This allows Payton to bring thumbs to wiggle in Ry`s tight pussy causing a rocking of Ryanne`s body while Ry fiercely maintains a tight grip on Payton`s brunette tresses. In a renewed attempt to force Payton to please Ry there comes more to be heard.

“Do you love me?” Demands Payton while having her thumbs supply a quick pumping in Ry`s pussy to maintain the pressured pleasure sensations. Then she stops. But she swiftly does it again. There comes repeating until Ry is nearly mad with needing releasing with her mind entering the zone of giving into everything. "You love me, Ry, love me. Love you."

“Love you!” Screams out as an orgasm sweep Ry`s senses within the continued repeat of stops and starts. Within it, Ryanne`s body succumbs to the high tension with her head tossing back in the enjoying of the heated high of climax. And Payton grins so big that she giggles at her accomplishment.

The game is played. Pleasing is the game of the day. Ryanne gets morning climax first and Payton gets the love words that she wanted. It is playing with cream, as the cream pours out in squirting. The precious liquid covers hands and arms to have Payton sit on her ass on the kitchen floors to begin licking the creaminess on her own skin. Within enjoying this Payton purrs like a good kitty getting a milky treat.

“I love you too, Ry,” Payton states in further giggles while lapping up cum with watching Ryanne trying to regain all that coolness after the sharing of true feelings.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Arousing Ry - Chapter 1, Sexual Feelings

"Everything about you is sex. Sex, sex, sex is that all you ever think of?” Comes full throttle from a woman who is no longer willing to enjoy orgasmic bliss after a full night of teasing out countless ounces of cum.

“Seriously, Ryanne it is all you ever do with me. All we do is fuck each other and we rarely do anything more. I am more than a fuck and why do you hide from my world?” She states to then turn to look Ryanne Masterson dead straight in those jade color eyes.

Ryanne merely lay upon those red satiny sheets of a sleigh bed that have seen a rocking within wild kinky pleasures for the past week. The only breaking away from constant lovemaking comes when they must sleep or eat. Sleeping simply happens due to exhaustion. The meals are more of an adventure though. Those are for such either subsists as delivery from the bistro down the street or made by them both here in this loft style apartment that overlooks the streets of Paris. Yet, no matter where the food comes from the two women enjoys eating all meals on the balcony. This subsists as the one rule, this of no eating food in bed. Payton insisted on it because if they remain on the bed Ryanne quickly takes to kissing or touching Payton. With such things swiftly leading into more sex with it quite often coming even before meals are finished. Thus, Payton knows that sex is something that Ryanne cannot get enough of. She has always known it.

“Well, it`s true Ry. We have barely left the apartment all week. Are we hiding?” Payton jokingly claims in furthering her cause as her eyes fill with the wondering of why they are so reclusive. It brings a gaze from Payton St Croix that come stern in its glaring over the feelings of Ryanne hiding from something. Hiding ever since Ryanne return from the American continent.

Yes, that dreaded America steals ‘her’ Ryanne for endless weeks at a time. It then sends Ry back here to France but still, Payton thinks that a new woman is now the object of her girlfriend`s attention. That is what Payton feels deep within her, feels that she is competing or having to not be seen due to others or something in Ry`s life. These sensations recently come in their relationship for it is quite different a month ago.

A month ago Ryanne has no issue with anything about their long-term relationship. In fact, they even have enjoyed public lovemaking on the steps of nightclubs throughout cities in Europe. Of course, photojournalists from tabloids catch them. Such is a must when it`s two high profile socialites that rebel against the proper behaviors set by one set of parents. Thus, photographers bring the images to the forefront of the young European socialite's life with such placed right in front of her family too. In fact, because of such things, Payton’s life is rocking of interesting repercussions. It does for her daddy exists as a well-known high profile businessman in the international shipping industry. Thus, verbal spankings regularly come to both women from Sidney St. Croix. Such are accompanied by threats directed at Ryanne. Threats in concern to maintaining proper decorum due to the truths that the St Croix family refuses to take seriously that their daughter is a lesbian. Therefore, if Ry remains unsettled in public displays with Payton then it is easy to interfere with the architectural contracts that Ryanne`s father`s firm holds as prime business dealings in Europe. Hence, if Ry messes with the St Croix family too much then she too is to be messed with and that means parents involved with businesses connections coming to be tools.

With no response from Ryanne it pushes Payton even more into getting an answer, “Well, it`s true, Ry? Why do we not go dancing? Why cancel the party invites? Why no going out? We always go out and have fun when you come.”

“Payton, get your ass into the shower! I will be there after making espresso for us. “ Ry claims in ways of not allowing anything for true answers. She does not give any for Ry wants what Ryanne wants. And this week that wanting is of sex and doing work duties here on the Euro continent. Along with her work duties, Ry has a duty to decorum and pleasing two families. She has this while pleasing a girlfriend and keeping to pleasing herself. Yet, her Euro girlfriend currently seems a bit rebellious, rebelling against the rules set up by their daddies.

“No, answer me!” Comes back in sharp demanding response from Payton, who thinks that the reply is a lot too harsh for her comfort zone.

Ryanne glares up at Payton. It happens as Ryanne tosses off the satin sheet covering those fine lines of athletic curves that are sweetly a thirty-something woman. She is a gorgeous creature that is smooth in her seductive beauty and dark within the coolness of her aura energies. She is an exquisite woman of that special energy that very few possess in life. She has that certain delicate spellbinding mystic and intellectual seduction that draws many to her. It gives her the talent of being able to keep almost anyone enchanted while being seduced by her. She exists as a sexual goddess that seriously brings about that smooth coolness of an alpha personality that not many women have. It is a male quality of humans and even then very few males own it. Yet, Ryanne Masterson is a professional at wielding this as her base power. True, it is more than the mere cool confidence of doing everything in life but it is most certainly interesting. It additionally includes the seducing of hordes of women and achieving anything that she desires in life. This without a single doubt makes Ryanne a delicious treat.

However, currently, it doesn’t show for she is trying to avoid a fight due to only wanting the positive things and pleasures involved in life. So, as Payton angrily prepares to say more Ry breaths deeper to seek calmness while readying to change the topic but Payton fiercely conveys, “You answer me!”

“No! Stop. You must stop. You only need to know that you will be fucked again. You only need to worry of that.” Ry harshly tosses at Payton.

Strictness from Ry towards the demanding of this spritely five foot eleven woman that is intellectual seduction, sexual diva, and playful flirtation. Ry embraces great respect for Payton but she knows the limits that they have. So, Ryanne holds to a fierce staring contest with this woman who is falling in love with her. Yet, Ryanne isn’t allowing love as issues between her and anyone. It exists as a law in her life. Thus, within her, that fact comes once more settled as truth to have her next turning to leave the bedroom but she pauses at the bedroom door with softly saying. “No more questions. None. You know that I leave today. Enjoy what we have. Please enjoy it. You know what your daddy said.”

“Fuck, daddy!” Is shooting back with a stinging raw edge as Payton has that stare of needing her life to exist in her own ways. And that exists even if her father likes controlling it in every way that is possible.

“I would but he needs to be a woman,” Ryanne coldly states in a cheekiness but she is serious too. Ry is for they both know that the issues with Mr. St Croix are deadly severe. “You know that I am a true lesbian. I do not do men. You do men. He wants you fucking and marrying men too. He doesn’t want you with me. So, live in his rules. We live in his rules until he says for you to stop. He also knows that I only fuck women, the more women that I fuck the better for me. He says you deserve better than me because of that. Thus, we must exist in what we can until he makes you leave me. We must enjoy what we can or I will find what I need elsewhere.”

That exists as the truth between them. All of it is honest to goodness truth. Within it, they both also understand of Ryanne`s prowess in seduction with it accepted by them as a rule of being part of their romance. A rule of Ryanne having many lovers and that the girlfriend status is the most cherished. Payton knows that she is Ryanne`s girlfriend. But that isn’t the issue this week. It`s a ‘daddy issue’ and being caged in ways that are not okay with either of them but they are working on it. At least they are going to try to do that for a little while. This has Ryanne now leaning against the pillar posts of the doorway as she whips out with. “So, no fucking your daddy. Not unless his cock suddenly vanishes. Therefore, it is you, you and me until we must end this. ”

“Ry,” Payton sharply says to then hesitate while in her mind tries to comprehend Ryanne. Payton tries to understand that Ryanne submits obstacles but remains dominant and ferocious in life. She sees fierceness and knows that Ry is dominant but she doesn’t understand why they both do not merely rebel to have what they want. “Ry, do you want me? Do you still want me? Really want me? Are we more than sex and good times? Daddy doesn’t matter to me. If you really desire me then he doesn’t matter. Only you matter. That matters to me.“

That brings that restless squirming of shifting to a straighter stance against the pillar post for Ryanne. Standing taller has Ryanne a good five foot eight inches tall and she feels the need to look at Payton. But she cannot. There is to be no looking into those eyes. None and it makes Ryanne suddenly wishing to not share the total truth that exists between them. Such truths are the honesty that her heart is deadly cold and that the sex is beautiful with it enough to keep the relationship involving Payton going. Yet, it is a bit more than that for Ryanne knows that a part of her could enjoy making a ‘couples life’ with Payton. However, it can`t happen for Payton is marked as a treasure for someone else. Ryanne recognizes it and so does the beautiful brown-eyed Payton but for various reasons, neither likes the concept.

“I am not answering any of that. You know your daddy has plans for you. What he wants for you is significant and you know it. He won`t let you have me for he doesn’t allow it. And what he wants for you is important.” Ryanne clarifies while swallowing the saliva lump in her throat.

“You are only flirting with a lesbian and you know it. You can`t have a future with me.” Ryanne declares while walking over to stand directly in front of this woman who gazes at Ryanne with a deep love that is wantonly sitting within those eyes of brown dreamy pools of the soul.

“Looking at me like that doesn’t change anything. You know that not being with me is what your parents want. It is what the tabloids say too. Everyone around you says that I am your ‘dirty player of hearts’ and you are fucking me for fun.” This comes within a dewy tone of Ry attempting to not break a heart, but Ryanne apprehends that it eventually is going to happen between them. So, she softens the truth to try to hide it so they may have a tiny something just a little longer. “You are more than dreams. You are, oh…”

In this Ry brings a long feathery gasping of how deeply Ry is attracted to Payton St. Croix. Then reaching upward she places her fingers upon loose strands of brunette tresses that fall in front of Payton`s gorgeous face as Ry continues. “You are, are...the world to me, you are..” Comes in whispers of a soft devotion of never wanting their relationship to be more than lust. It is dangerous if the relationship becomes a mutual love and not the sexual play with lively adventures in life. Those are merely dangerous to both. The incoming acts from it exist as things that neither can bear because Payton`s family cannot accept that their daughter is a bisexual leaning into lesbianism.

“No, Ry. No, we are more than flirting and all of that. You matter. You matter most to me. Do I matter to you? Tell me. Tell me for I need to know your true feelings for me. Please? Tell me. Tell me please.” Payton pleads in a quivering tone for she senses that block of coolness that Ryanne has when pushing through hard moments. That harsh wall that Ry has using seductive behaviors. Payton understands that Ry is going to turn this moment into sex to avoid sharing true feelings. Hence, Payton takes to digging deeper. She must go deeper for what she needs to know before Ryanne leaves for America again. Payton recognizes that America steals Ry from her and America can keep her too. Therefore, Payton gives another try at getting the love words and love feelings.

“Ry, you can see it in these eyes. You can see that I have fallen in love you. You know that my touch is different this week than the past months. Ry, please, please drop the walls and tell me. Tell me what you feel about me. Please?” Begs Payton in that way that you know that an answer must come. It needs to for it’s a powerful yearning within an almost crying of needing to be loved in return.

Yet, one thing that Ryanne Lea Masterson is good at is not tripping the switch in concern to fucking up in things of the heart. She avoids it like a plague, a plague that may consume her. She treats it like it is one voracious disease filled event that can possibly even destroy the entire world that surrounds her. So, she whips out a response to thwart all ideas of talking about feelings. “Pleasing you is what I wish to do. You are my desire and you know my feelings about you. You do feel it in my kisses. You know my feelings are in our energy. My feelings are there every time you press your lips to mine.”

“No! Ry, no!” Comes sternly in pushing away the smooth cool seduction. “Do you love me? You know, I want to know what you feel about me. So, spill it. I need the truth. I must have it before you return to America where you may decide to never see me again. I have the feeling you will do that to us.”

“Uhm.” Comes humming from Ryanne who steps back to watch this other woman take control of the process of what should be an easy turning around in concern to unwanted emotional events. Seeing such has Ry hoping that it turns into sexual pleasure and not be any truth-telling within more discussion of personal love feelings. Inside Ry, there comes a need to redirect it for Ryanne doesn’t do the true ‘feelings’ chat with anyone. Thus, Ry shakes her head in a chastising manner while gazing at Payton before saying. ”Shhh.”

Yet, the soft hushing brings Payton to firmly glance at Ry with a ‘don’t even try it glaring staring’. That has Ryanne inhaling a large amount of air and then exhaling immediately to bring calmness to then try a new route to have the chat stopped. “Baby, you know what is between us. So please,” Ry affirms in another attempt to have the questioning stop without saying anything of true feelings.

“Not good enough, Ryanne Lea! You fuck me daily, but the love words you do not say. Not once within sincerity have you said them. So, tell me what, if anything, is in that heart. Tell me or we can stop the sex so that we can work on our emotions. Tell me, come on!” Payton pleads with also issuing out a minor league threat to this dark-haired woman who seems to never budge more than a cool inch or two about feelings of the relationship sort. And that is what Ryanne sums up too. She realizes it is the deadline time for things. She figures it`s truth-telling time even if the pretty socialite isn’t seeing what is the truth for weeks now.

“Ry, come on!” Payton demands more firmly on the need of the knowledge that can keep their relationship healthy.

“Payton, please. You are my world here.“ Exists as demand as Ryanne looks into those eyes of Payton`s while wishing that Payton noticed the truth long ago.

After all, the truth is very clear with it definitely well defined when daddy St Croix sternly declares that he expects grandkids from his only child. He wants legacy and generations of family for his money to enjoy. He makes his statements vibrant, statements that he is anticipating that his baby plays the hetero game in life. So in order to push Payton into seeing what the trust must be Ryanne coldly conveys, “I do believe you have a man that is supposed to be attached to you at some point.”

“A man?” Arrives in an inquisition of misunderstanding for her mind is knee deep in wanting feelings from her girlfriend and not the ‘whatever’ of herself being a daughter of high society. She needs Ry to share. In fact, the other parts of Payton`s life are currently on hold until she gets particular information. That info must come from Ryanne. It needs to for Payton wants a heart to love her and is now demanding it from the woman who needs to give it or get out.

“Yes, a man. You know, that guy that is daddy`s choice of lover boy for you.” Disdainfully slips from within Ryanne as she continues on with, “You will marry and have a hetero thing. You are to be married to some rich dick that will bore you to death in bed. You and him doing a snooze zoo with his vanilla daydream awhile fucking your daddy`s money. Someone like Taylor Tennyson.” conveys Ryanne remembering the party of several weeks ago when they endure the ego of a professional sports jock turned naval engineer that is trumped around as the pick of men for Payton to approve of.

Within this Payton, diligently listens for she requests talk of feelings even if those seem to not be forthcoming. Yet, this outburst may lead to that if she can keep Ry talking. However, currently she isn’t getting exactly what she wanted, but she gets a juicy drip of something to help her get answers about Ry`s feelings. Payton does for she wonders, ' is that a tinge of jealousy? Feelings? Is it possible that Ryanne has an emotion in concern to my love life?'

This brings a surprised gaze with Payton needing to talk, but she sticks with silence for there exists the scent of feelings being shared. And comes as shocking after months of none in their relationship. So Payton stares, watches in that way that comes softer in love and in understanding that Ry is cracking at long last. Payton thinks that she sees a melting of coolness that needs to be encouraged. Yes, it must be stimulated if she wants Ry sharing emotions. Yet it's not a positive emotion. It is jealousy. Payton doesn’t want a jealous girlfriend. She wants the love words and the love feelings. Thus, she figures there must be one more go at this plugging away at getting Ry to share feelings.

“I never said that I want men to be for me. Stop listening to him. Stop it, Ryanne! There is no Tennyson or other men in my life. So, you don’t need to be jealous. Jealousy isn`t something you and me do. But, if it takes me bedding a man to have you love me then I will.”

“What!” Arrives in ballistic response over the hearing of Payton’s summary. Ry next tries to perceive how there is jealousy of anyone in her life. When she can`t figure it out Ry lets lose with her thought while being bogged down in anger. “Me,! Me! Me, me jealous? Me?”

Then full stop as she shifts and walks toward the bedroom doorway, “Me, me, Payton, me? Are you, uhm. Uhm. Oh, okay. Me!” She sums upon the matter of jealousy for it best is left alone. Hence, Ryanne just shakes her head for she needs to rattle this around for a while due not comprehending. So, with a look of disbelief toward Payton, Ry walks to the doorway with sternly declaring. “Coffee! Coffee will be in the kitchen waiting for you. I will be reading the newspaper. So, go have a good shower.”

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