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~ Erotica Whispers ~
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Arousing Ry (Chapter 14, Pretty And Promises )

On the following Monday, Lee brings the usual monthly staff meeting into existence in his office. Ry and her two siblings listen to then report the status of their projects. It takes very little time for the departments of the architectural firm tend to keep closely connected. Thus, in under an hour, Ryanne tidies up notes as her siblings depart the large open space office. With the office emptying of staff members, Lee places his final analysis in his notes to be addressed later on. Then he reaches for his desk phone to make a call about one of the items on his note list. In doing such he glances toward his daughter as she rises from the chair that she rests on. Ryanne lost in thought merely begins to leave as she hears her father say, “Ryanne Lea, your phone is on the chair. Please, do not forget it.”

Ry hesitates as he speaks. She thought the phone lay in her pocket but it obviously fell out while setting. So with a look back, she returns to the chair to pick it up and as she does Lee further conveys, “ Great job today. I love you.”

She pauses dead still in her motions as he stares directly into her eyes. He does it too then stand up to give respect as he partially smiles. “I always love you.”

She stares back at him. It isn`t small stuff, it is epic. It`s a second within life that means everything. She exists breathless with not being able to move or say anything. In that Lee tilts his head to allow the smile to stay placed as he conveys, “Get going. Watterson likes being early for meetings. Shock him by being ready early with than giving him that update that should rock his world.”

Ryanne stiffly stands there for a few more moments to confidently smile back at him. Then nudging herself into motion she picks up the phone to quietly walk out through the door.

And that is how Ryanne exists during the coming days. She exists stunned and quiet. Even during that night, Ry floats in silence. She and Orianna enjoy a date of a casual dinner and dancing. They wake in each other’s arms the following morning after a night of wild lovemaking. They talk throughout the day too. The quietness wanes but at times it returns. The two women talk a lot but still, Ry mostly listens to ponder everything spoken. Day after day life fills with work, chat with Orianna and coming home to Orianna. Every night a dinner date, a something, love making and waking to do it all over again. Days become weeks. It all feels normal and like they are more than Domme and Submissive. That feeling grows until four weeks later Ry abides in the deepest quiet all day.

It subsists as until that evening at the pub. Entering in she sits bar side talking to her bartender buddy and the quiet flows away easily. ”The old man said that he loves me. Cool, eh!”

“Lee is getting soft, is he?” comes the retort in snickering disbelieve.

“No, he isn’t. It`s family shit. Stuff. Do not drip on it, man. It is cool.” Claims Ry feeling all fuzzy inside over the memory of what her father actually said it to her.

Gerry hears the strangeness of joy in defending the family. Oddly enough he thinks that the sounds of happiness in concern to family comes long over due. So, he gives no further mention of wondering but does continue chatter. “So, you are celebrating with more whiskey and more women.”

“No, no more women.” Professes Ry with swallowing the last sips in the whiskey tumbler before nudging it toward Gerry to get a refill.

“Huh!” Arrives in shock. “There must be more women. I am your wingman and I need the hetero women that turn you down.”

“Can`t help ya, Gerr. I am working on a thing with Orianna. We have had a date every night the past few weeks or so. Been good. She cooks and does all sorts of loving things. Great at sex, and loves me. It feels natural. So, no more women until I sort out things with Orianna. Then maybe if she proves to be like the others.”

Well, if you want someone to be stunned within barely breathing then Gerry definitely subsists as the man expertly doing that job. He begins to shake off the shock for he swears that his best buddy didn`t say ‘no women’. Thus, in stuttering, he tries to sort it out. ‘”Ah. Oh. No women. Ry. No, no, no, no.”

Ry sees him losing sanity over it and she smirks before taking to laughing in conveying, “No women. And really it not this alarming.”

Gerry simply stares at her in complete disbelief as he summons his wits to deal with the absurdity. Then with a deep breath, he asks, “Where did you hide, Ry? Cause really no women is like, like, like not possible, dude.”

Ry pats her jacket pocket as Gerry stands behind the counter pouring whiskey into a tumbler. Then with a goodly amount of liquor in it, he picks up the glass to toss the liquid down his own throat in one gulp. This brings Ry to laugh out, “Listen, dude, collect yourself and it is not that shocking.”
“Hell fucking yes it is. It is one of the impossible things in the world.” Comes flung out with no control. Then Gerry reaches to fill the whiskey glass again but Ry grabs it as it becomes full.

“You are a working. This one is mine. I want to finish it before Ori arrives for dinner.” With that said Ry takes a big sip to swallow it fast as she happily continues the chat. “And speaking of dinner, bring us a great sweet white wine. Something European. We will need menus. Plus, if it`s cool then we want that table over in the corner.” She conveys with glancing toward the area to next finish the request. “I don`t need any idiots hitting on us. Her day has been rough and she needs some social but not much.”

In that moment Orianna strolls up to them from out of nowhere with a smile while leaning in to whisper in Ry`s right ear. “My Domme, I missed you. I love you.” That comes followed by a soft kiss on Ry`s ear as Orianna glances toward Gerry to say, “ Hi. Been a while, Gerry. How are all those parking tickets? Any new ones since last month?”

With collecting two wine glasses Gerry reaches under the counter to bring up a small sized stainless container. “Nope, been a good boy, Ms. lawyer. And thank you for taking care of that case for me.”

“I enjoyed it. Plus, one ticket being lost and they wanted you paying that huge fine. All others were paid for on time. The system looks bad when it shouldn`t.” claims Orianna as Ry slips an arm around Orianna`s waist in a possession of pulling her in closer. Ori in return looks down at Ry with smiling bigger than seemingly possible. Ry winks at her to then gaze at Gerry saying, “ My girlfriend is amazing, isn`t she. She serves in the best ways. Gotta love that, love her.”

Shock. Oh yes, Gerry abides in feeling shocked again. His eyes grow wide in disbelief. His mind spins of, ‘who stole my buddy’. And then he begins shaking, again. But Ry reaches out to tap him with saying, “The table is open. Bring us the wine and menus.” With that Ry nudges Orianna to lead the way. She additionally picks up the tumbler of whiskey as they walk toward the booth in the corner.

When Gerry gets over the disbelief he delivers a chilled bottle of German Riesling along with the other requests. The wine is poured and with Gerry departing Ry makes a toast. “May my girlfriend forever enjoy the fine sweet of my kisses so we may devour life.”

The clink of the glassware exists but so does surprise on Orianna’s face. That allows her a quick sip with immediately questioning, “Girlfriend?”

“Yes!” confidently states Ry in setting the wine glass down on the table to then reach for Orianna`s left hand as Ry`s other one reaches into her coat`s inner pocket. In doing so she brings out a blue jewelry box to place it on the table in front of them both. Each stares for a long moment. Then in holding Orianna`s hand, a wild energy floats between them making both women dizzy.

“Ry?” assails from Orianna whose breathing turns deep with trying to steady the emotion with a hand meeting her chest. Then with a hard swallow, she feels flush as the world spins with tears flowing. That permits Ry to bring the held hand up to lips to kiss Orianna`s knuckles. Afterwards, Ry turns the hand over to kiss the palm.

“Ori, we own a BDSM contract. But, I want more. So, in the box is a ring, nothing more than a ring of promise. It states that I want you as my only girlfriend. I want to try out an ‘us’.”

Ry smiles through it all. She anxiously does finger touches the box too but the nonchalant persona still swarms her. She next kisses Orianna`s a hand again for Orianna exists white with shock. Ry instantly notices this to share, “Okay, a pulse, even if you are ghostly white. And yes, I know it’s sudden and hard. So, I want to finish this,” claims Ry while knowing it shocks them both. Yet, Ry wanted to ask of ‘girlfriend things’ all week while they shared dates. Yet, until today it felt not right.

“So don`t pass out. And yes, it’s serious. I want it all, the BDSM, you as my girlfriend and seeing where we can make it to. I want to.”

“To hold my hand.” whips forth from Orianna as more tears begin streaming, “You want to hold my hand, you love me.” Arrives as full tears flood her face. “Ry, Ry, I, oh, you.”

Ry smiles for she likes this great warm funny feeling coming into her. She knows that doing this astonishes. How could it not but she needed to see if she can dare to have more than lust in her life. Something inside seems to be leading her to that. And Orianna already loves Ry with proof of being dedicated. Yet, Ry knows that it all shocks everyone.

In fact, Ry amazed herself when she entered the jewelers before coming to the pub. She strolled in with looking for nothing but the clerk approached for Ry seemed lost. By the time Ry gathered her awareness the clerk begins talking of the special deals and that swiftly brought Ry to say, “No. I want a special gift for my girlfriend. Something pretty and promises. Minimum three thousand and I want it today. I want it engraved with, “Ori, my precious, love, Ry.”

With that Ry reached into her small side purse to retrieve her Visa Infinite Privilege Card. She then passes it over to the clerk who instantly has eyes glowing for she knows what the card entails. “Then we have exactly what you want, Ms. Ryanne.”

It all felt automatic and truthfully right. By the end of the visit, Ry holds a stunning Eternity wedding band. It shines of 1.5 mm in width with it entirely circled of perfectly cut .26ct diamonds embedded in platinum. Inside comes written the inscription. The clerk joyously cradles it in the blue box. It cost exactly the amount that a serious life promise should. No hesitation comes either. In all honesty, Ry left the store dizzy within a joy before slipping into her cool persona to enter into the pub. And now, she sits waiting to see if Orianna might be okay with the promise.

“So, what do you think?” nervously asks Ry, as Orianna grows quiet with staring in disbelief.

“Think. Think.” Arrives in stammering as tear flood no stop and Orianna dabs them up with a napkin. “I think, yes. Yes. We are trying. You belong me with me. I know that you do.”

“You do?” queries Ry in awe while picking up the blue box to open it. She then takes out the ring as Orianna gasps of seeing it. “My god, you didn’t!”

“I am serious, my precious. So, I did. I give dedicated promises and honestly, the trinket should be more. My seriousness is more than this. I want to hold your hand. Is it going to be a problem?”

Everything is breathless between them as Orianna gazes at her new girlfriend. Ry motions Orianna`s ring finger to be ready. In a swift motion, the ring easily slips on the finger of Orianna’s left hand. Orianna, in turn, gazes lovingly into Ry’s eyes. Next with the ring solidly placed Ry kisses Orianna’s hand in conveying, “I love you, Ori.”

The beauty of promises glows on both as the waitress walks up to them with both noticing the intrusion but find it okay as the woman asks, “How may I serve you tonight?”

“My girlfriend likes it spicy. So, why not start us both with your Cherry Heirloom Tomato Salad and the main course of Thai Spiced Crusted Grilled Shrimp.” In gazing at Orianna then Ry continues, “For dessert, we will have your Guinness Brownie Sundae. The wine is good but Irish Coffee with dessert.”

“Yes, Ry” convey the waitress with walking off to acquire the meal.

“Spoiling me, and that tempts me to spoil you when you allow me too.” Orianna expresses in a lilting seductive tone that captures Ry`s attention.

Their eyes meet with lusty fire waging wild. “I want to lick every inch of you tonight, Ry. I want to show you what a being your girlfriend means. By morning you will have told me over and over again that you..”

“Love you.” Ry says with grinning, “That, I love you.”

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Kitty Michelle Laurier said...

Beautiful Chapter -
a pause from explicit erotic, but building up strongly and beautifully.
Very very enjoyed