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Ever Note - Chapter 1, Where There Is A Rogue

Cooling breaths that slip his parted lips as the firmness of his moist tongue caresses the perfection of pearly whites that are extremely familiar with biting. Ferociously biting into all things whether it`s the hunger for food, for personal pleasure or any business acquisitions. Yet, tonight in contrast to that raw power there is only a soft meditative inhaling to have the hot air trailing out in a noticeable desiring of something. Hence, this dashing blond haired rogue of a businessman intends to at the very least be nibbling something that he wishes for and wants. That brings his dark eyes with blue oriels staring obsessively at what he deeply desires as a personal treasure. Thus, he is surveying his next procurement while within his life he makes every move possible to bring the 'wished for' thing to him.

“She is exquisite, isn’t she, Billy Boy.” Interrupts Professor Emeritus Jasper Brent as he gauges the behavior of the man sitting next to him.

Jasper sits at a dining table in this room noted for supplying time to charity endeavors. He does for tonight the fourth session in a series of events takes place in this room of elegant finery here at the university. The four sessions of lectures, by various members of the Humanities departments, exist in order to garner monies for another archeological dig that university is committed to. Therefore, all guests’ in attendance are associated with the Antarctic Project, just as there are invitation-only guests from the business world to encourage donations. Hence that is the reason why Jasper and his nearby tablemate are present but still, they both would do anything to experience this night`s lecture. That fact brings the semi-well-known professor to boldly say, “Angie is the university`s best lecturer and is mesmerizing to watch. We fellows of the Humanities department cannot believe our luck, especially since she is single and beautiful too. Too bad she leaves us next month to go on sabbatical.”

William McKnyght listens to his friend Jasper but he doesn’t for this woman that he met three years ago really does stun him. He is mesmerized during the past three years of knowing her. In fact, this man of immense wealth and roguish ways follows his lust by unearthing every detail about the woman that he watches. Within doing so William is slowly falling in love. Additionally, his growing interest in her is to the point of almost clandestinely stalking Dr. Angelina Ana Bombieri.

And with watching he sighs, breathes that wishful way of wanting this desire, this woman that holds him spellbound. And that is not easy to do for he is not a gentleman that is easily swayed by feminine anything. But the day he looked her in her eyes something owned him. With saying that it must be understood that no one is permitted to own William McKnyght. Hence, he is driven to find out why she does and how she did it with one gaze into her eyes.

“Beautiful, intelligent, dominant woman and single. Ripe for the right man but she does not ever seem to date, anyone. In fact, there is a betting pool to see who can get her to accept a date. But no luck so far.” Jasper states as the applause come strong with the end of the lecture session to have the event smoothly shift into the dining part of the charity event.

With such spoken, William smirks. He does for he sees why there are attempts and a betting pool. In that thought, he assumes that the efforts are amateur since he is instinctually aware that a woman like Angelina Bombieri requires more than the sort of man that does betting pools. That truth has William keeping his stare on the physical form of Angelina as she moves skillfully from the podium. Then he furthers his gazing by watching her weave through the crowd of guests to find her seat at her designated table with the university`s Dean. In doing so he notes that she is gracious to those who are making comment and stopping her for a moment but in the end, her firm ass sits next to Dean Gregory Roth.

“Such grace, my pretty. So perfectly suited,” he murmurs with reverence.

Jasper once more notices that his longtime friend is smitten with the beauty of a woman that many wishes and want, but none seem to achieve. So, he leans over to amusedly convey, “Aren’t you so glad that I asked you to enjoy my spare ticket? I knew you would like watching her for an evening and possibly one of us may give a try at seeing if she will finally succumb to a date.”

To say that William is suddenly puzzled is most truthful. He likes his long-time buddy but there are a few things about Jasper that William is most certain of. One is that good ole Jasper is nowhere near capable of a woman like Angelina Ana Bombieri. Yet, William is not ready to let that truth lose and so he snickers, “Well, I will give it a go first. Then you will have a clear launch pad for your attempt after she turns me down.”

“That is a kind offer,” claims Jasper with being perplexed while growing worried. He is for Jasper knows that if his buddy gets the first crack at acquiring a date then he, himself possibly won`t get any. That is a truth between them. It is something long ago understood between them. It becomes such during their university days with it providing Jasper with great amounts of insight into the man that he claims to be a best friend. Thus, he curtly proclaims, “Oh, I think that I am braced for the embarrassment. So, I am having the first go at it.”

With that William turns to look Jasper dead center in the eyes with a coldness that claims unwritten warnings that promote Jasper to firmly lay his claims. “I bought the tickets, Billy Boy. Therefore, I get the first try. You can be my wingman.”
Therefore the playing field is set to go. But it must be realized that it is a dangerous thing to stand in the way of William`s desires to acquire a prize. It also said to be an intriguing thing to be the object of William`s desires. This is believed because him wanting to own anything has the item blatantly marked and those in his path are doomed. Hence without any doubt, once his sights are locked on then he demands to obtain while not restraining himself. At least he does not control until it is in his possession. Consequently, William McKnyght wins no matter the circumstances.

So, it`s circumstances of warnings and proclamations shared with both men`s eyes locked on the prize. A pretty one that brings stares directed intently upon the middle-aged intellectual of mature curves as she stands to leave her position at the University Dean`s dining table. They watch her with neither man sure of where Angelina is headed but both studiously observe. This brings them to note that she politely excuses herself before turning toward them. That makes them grin larger than suited for smiling. It tells of opportunity too. It especially does for they know that she possibly may go to the ladies room. And that exit to the hallway leading to the bathroom is a few feet to the left of them. Such reality maintains grins much like silly schoolboys lost in a mad crush on the popular girl. Hence, they are very observant of their prize making her way toward them. In fact, the two men enjoy the surveying of her beautiful smile as it becomes more defined with the progress of walking toward them. In that, they see the tired in her eyes. It is clearly noted that the day is long one as she walks with elegance and the ability to seem to float.

“I bet she fucks like every man`s dream.” Crudely claims Jasper in almost drooling over the fact that he feels that he is one-upping the great stud known as his buddy William. This is the thinking of middle-aged professor of moderate sexual prowess. It is that because he figures that he has first shot since he showed proof of rights. And in that Jasper decides no limits exist. Those cannot for it is a ‘now or never’ due to understanding that his buddy is focused on achieving. This allows both men to be aware of what is afoot as they look at Angelina who slowly walks toward them.

In the viewing of her, Jasper begins to feel the primal hunter`s energy that exists when a man recognizes that another man is chasing after the woman that he craves the most. In fact, Jasper can smell the scent of his adversary`s hunting pheromones building to that point of aggression being possible between them. Which is great for William does sense it radiating from Jasper too. Yet, he knows that Jasper is not even getting out of the gate when it’s a woman that to be accomplished. So, the truth of Jasper losing is inevitable, just as William`s ability to trigger the turning of tables is to exist.

Therefore the gentleman of an almost god-like physique calmly reaches for his empty wine glass. Then he beckons the closest waitress over to fill the glass. As she walks to the table with a bottle of red wine William softly exchanges the truths to Jasper as he sees the so-called truth happening. “A bit crude. You are so obscene about an elegant ladylike Dr. Bombieri. You need to respect her. She deserves respect before any man touches her. You are a fucktard for thinking that she wants to touch a man who has no respect for women.”

Jasper is shocked and with this, he prepares to treat the moment accordingly. Yet, as he does the waitperson pours the wine into the glass that William passed over to her. This brings them both seeing that Angelina is almost upon them and so William amps things up with firmly claiming, “You have never respected women. That is why you are squirting your jizz all over porn mags while I have women kneeling to my pleasures.”

With such being spoken William lightly turn around to face Jasper. He then provides a cheeky smart-ass grin of being a winner that has yet to be crowned. As he does this Jasper is seething with anger and that empowers the usually calm Jasper to shove William. An aggressive push is all that he permits in a warning of stating that such is uncalled for. Those motions of a shove are meant as a nudging however it becomes to be much more. It does for William allows his body to convincingly to seemingly be forced into hitting the waitperson. That provides the incoming drama of wine on the floor, a waitress unsettled and Angelina nearly colliding into the scene. Thus, a minor collision of women, wine, and a man catching himself while looking like a defenseless victim after seemingly being bullied by another man.

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