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Ever Note - Chapter 2, Noting The Notables

“Oh my, I am so sorry mademoiselle, ” swiftly comes apology to the waitress as William instantly recoups his usual cool composure. “Please, allow me to help with the mess? It is the least that I can do.”

Then William passes over his large fabric napkin to then non-verbally demand that Jasper gives up his too. After those are delivered William further states, “Please, let me move my chair.”

Then in doing so, he stands his full height of nearly six foot two before his gentlemanly behavior comes full throttle with a warm smile along with him catching glimpses of Angelina watching the drama. It exists as a seamless faux performance as Angelina warmly smiles. True, she has no recourse but to wait due to the close quarters of tables and the massive spillage on the floor. Hence, there comes patience in watching the gallantry while she supplies an acknowledgment nod toward Jasper. William notes such but he cares not that his friend gets a bit of attention. In all honestly, William now gets what he definitely knew that he could create. So his plan arrives complete within its desired perfections. And the bonus is that Jasper did not see it coming but William reaps the best reward of the evening`s first chance at getting a date from the elusive Angelina.

So he and the pretty professor stand looking at the drama while another wait staff member helps with the tidying up. It brings Angelina the joy of connecting to Dr. Jasper Brent for she holds great respect for his work. After which her attention returns to the man that she often bumps into in recent months. This has her scanning William’s face to notice his ever so winsome smile. This is a smile that he enjoys trying to charm her with while sharing controversial topics. Which is fine by her but she has detected that in recent William McKnyght seems to know all of her favorite personal haunts. That leaves her feeling marked and it makes her a little bit breathless when she thinks about it too much. So, she shakes that away to smile sweetly back at him.

Noting the smile, William politely clears his throat as he begins to address the exploring of the evening`s first shot at a date with the professor. Such an adventure permits him to push his chair to clear a path so that Angelina may maneuver more towards him. In doing so William conveys, “Dr. Bombieri, a pleasure to see you. I am sure that you remember me. I am William Maximus Amon McKnyght and we bumped into one another a few days ago. Additionally, I am sorry for the intrusion. It is only a minor mishap that won`t be long but allow me to help you pass on through.”

All is said as he extends a hand to assist Angelina in walking over the almost dry spot on the tiled flooring. She in turn congenially accepts to then sweetly reply, “Good evening, William.”

Angelina also warmly smiles a gracious greeting that she tends to supply to all gentlemen. Yet, Angelina knows that he most certainly is not typical of the men that she comes across in life. She does for Angelina has sort of come to know William, to know him in many ways during the years since their first of meetings here at the university. Those memories have her further convey, “The full name every time, we have met many times and you say it every time.”

“Yes, I do ma’am. I wouldn’t want you forgetting Me.” is his cheerful reply.
“Oh now, William, it is highly doubted that you are forgettable.” She retorts with feeling his hand pull her forward toward him. This almost unwillingly pulls her to walk over to stand in front of him, in front with an eye to eye view.

“I do hope so, Dr. Bombieri. It is important to do my best to be a force, one that promotes memories and the motions, with garnering the needs that I have.” comes the conveyance while he does not relent allowing her hand to be removed from his firm grip during this now mutual eye contact.

Angelina smirks for she has memories of him all right. Each is interesting with various depths of flirting, chat, and more. But their bumping into each other is not all flirtation nor sweetness. The well-accomplished professor of Theology has a minor understanding of the business side of this man too. That side of him stands out in intriguing ways in the world of humans. Along with all of that Angelina additionally is well aware of some of the deeply intimate parts of William`s life as well. Alongside those things, she does toss in her keen understanding that he now willfully focuses his attention on her. And such exists even though she has taken no effort to allow him that.

Within all of that her most vivid memory of William is the invitation to be a guest at a private BDSM club in Dubai of the UAE. She takes the opportunity to study the BDSM Kink culture for a lecture series that exist as a university sanctioned project. When the invite came she grabbed the opportunity quickly. The invite came via an old friend who knew of her upcoming lecture and the book series of sexual oddities in culture. So, it exists as a godsend for her. Then in doing the research of fetish practitioners Angelina definitely sees plenty of William. She sees him vividly with countless women and having sex in the most interesting ways. Such things give the brunette professor a very well educated viewing of women doing extremely imaginative things to please this man known as Rebel Billy in BDSM circles. So to say that she knows him is not true but it is true. It also intends that she is going to remember him forever with no long introduction ever required.

“As I said, you are unforgettable and thank you for the three hundred thousand.” Angelina conveys with trying to slip her hand from his without success and so she continues to chat, “That is a generous gift to a good cause, a special foundation to provide funding and jobs for students on the archeological digs in Antarctica.”

Of course, this is a noted wish to change the topic for she is aware that she must do duty to appease and acquire any further donations if it is at all possible. Yet, such conceivably is not going to happen for the ticket price of dinner was a cool 50, 000 dollars.

“Oh, it is only a few hundred, consider it three hundred kisses." Comes in turning chat into a new direction as he then spurs it on with sharing, "Ya know, it equals kisses. Thus, a few hundred kisses, uhm.” he claims to further say, “Not much at all.” Arrives with a warm charm and an almost purring of how much desire he has for her kisses while staring into her eyes.

Angeline knows of his renowned charisma. She understands he would enjoy kissing her for he has tried. She definitely does recognize that. She also understands so much more of what he is about. All of those truths have her bringing her best cooling defense. “Kisses, eh. You will run out of those one day, William.”

“Not really, Dr. Bombieri. I am a man of means. I will always have kisses for you; do you require more of them? More of anything?” he supplies with a smile that tends to melt almost any woman into a puddle of lustful wishes and neediness to be in his arms. And without a doubt, if Angelina needs more money from him then he will toss it to her, but only if she supplies the date that is so very elusive.

“More?” Softly questions Angelina with surprise to push through to a giggling that she couldn’t hold back.

“Yes, more. More kisses. More money. More, more, and I think that you need more. I know that I need more.” The serious edge is there as he whips out a further playfulness. He must see if his lust can be momentarily satiate with relenting to anything that he offers. Oh yes, he must at least walk away with that. He must for William has a need to pull her into any flirting, or anything. He needs her falling into his energy aura so that he is capable of seducing her mind in the ways that Angelina needs a man to have her.

But she knows what is going on. Angelina sees it all unfolding. She feels it there pushing on her but she stays her ground with a hard swallow and a flirty winking. Then she sweetly pulls herself in closer to look him deeper in the eyes as her breath caress his face. “The speech wasn’t that good, William. But..”

“I would give another hundred thousand if you kiss Me.” he swiftly interrupts in playful trickery while knowing that he feels such a deep need to keep her close. Therefore, he pushes the whole moment of the flirting higher by saying, “I will donate another three hundred thousand if you go on a date with me tomorrow evening.”

Angeline cannot believe it but she knows that she hears it. Shock! It most definitely is heard in all of its notes, its syllables, and its meanings too. It then bounces in her mind. The statements provide a gasp of a silent, ‘oh my, gosh’ but there are no words. Therefore, Angelina stands in front of him looking stunned while swallowing hard of his proposition.

“Oh, come now.” William chastises, as the vision of her being shocked exists with it allowing him to further claim his actual cause of being at this charity event. “Dr. Bombieri, it is not a first time I have asked. So, maybe, it is time you relent. Maybe you should allow me to give a bit more to your cause. Then, if you find our dinner date a lovely thing I could even help out further with the things that you desire.” spoken with a charming smirk and knowing that he has her right where he needs her to be.

In turn, Angelina hears him. And Angelina catches the statements in the same vein that he heard her. And she hears it in the ways he intends it all. However, she doesn’t swiftly dive in for the kill like he does. Angelina instead smirks, snickers and states, “Should I come collared, cuffed or just nude like you enjoy your dates.”

Instantly unbridled laughter erupts from William. This is even though he is known for being relatively serious when doing acquisitions of anything in life. Added to that he is usually ready for anything that a woman may say but that comment from Angelina takes a prime spot for shocking him. Thus, laughter continues for he is simply in awe of her.

While he does so Angelina stands in front of him feeling as though they are both gather up too much attention in a room meant for no true spectacles. In fact, she can feel the stares that are thrust at them and it is penetrating them. This makes her very wary of several people staring toward the two of them, one of which is Jasper.

Indeed Jasper is. He is sitting on a chair close by while looking bewildered as he stares at her but she does not understand why. So, she grins at him with stating, “It is nice to bump into you both but I am on my to the powdered room before going home.”

Then with squaring her gaze solely upon William, Angelina conveys, “I will think on the date proposal but no promises for I rarely do that any longer. You may call me to confirm my answer. Call me here at my office during tomorrow afternoon.”

“Well, you should go on a date. A date with me.” Quickly responds William as Angelina firmly removes her hand from his. This creates chaotic feelings for the removal gives him sensations of spinning wild in a powerful broken energy. That provokes him to further share, “Dates are not only money, meals, and treasure. Dates can be kisses. I like kisses.”

He stops for a moment because he is growing a bit too disorientated from the whirling energy feelings that he doesn’t understand. So it is a stopping to bring calm that tempts him into saying so much more for his thoughts continue to bend into kissing her. “And..mmm,” comes in purring growl with William then leaning in, leaning in with whispering, “Do you like kisses? I asked you that a few weeks ago but you never answered me. I asked while we attended the museum`s showing of scientific art.”

Indeed, he is pushing the limits of public propriety for such functions. In fact, William seems drunk even though he is not. He knows all of that, as William now feels lost that she is not physically touching him for he feels compete when they physically connect. He also recognizes that they both understand that he is making a spectacle of himself with losing control of his desire. Thus, he is lost in his craving of Angelina. He is for there is something about this woman that does that to Dom William McKnyght and that is even though it shouldn’t be happening. It should not be for it is an impossibility when considering that he is a man of total control and dominance in life. Yet, this woman that he craves, as his next submissive playmate, holds a hidden power over him. It is thus no surprise that this very truth now helps him to plunge deeper into being a spectacle.

Hence, there is another round of an attempt at achieving the elusive date. And this time it`s a no holds barred endeavour. “No answer, Doctor. I find that interesting. I am sure that you enjoy kisses and dating. In fact, you are a very social woman. So. I find no answer an interesting thing. It comes to be just as intriguing as you earlier focusing on the nudity and the enjoyment of the weeklong events at the club in Dubai. Maybe it is not simply kissing and a date, maybe it`s a nude date and kissing. Maybe...”

This promotes a mischievous smirking upon his lips as he brushes his nose against hers in a playful request for a confrontation. Then with no reply, William finishes chat by claiming, “Maybe you have secret wishes, Dr. Bombieri. Maybe it is much more than kisses or business dollars that you need.”

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