Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 3, Seduced By A Mustang

Tension is rising like a knife stripping the encounter with William of sanity. It is swiftly met with sheer awkwardness coupled with embarrassment as an unknown guest at a close by table loudly states, “You two should get a room.”

In what next seems good timing Jaspers slips an arm between them to nudge Angelina away from William. “Angie dear, come with, please come with me. You need fresh air. And our friend must collect his dignity for Billy should wipe his drool off the floor. Billy seems to devolve to schoolboy when around a beautiful intellectual woman.”

That breaks the energy spell for William but no true stop of his actions happens as he reaches to repossess Angelina`s hand. But Jasper continues to prod Angelina toward the exit. She allows it with reaching for his arm to immediately pull herself into Jasper with shakily conveying, “Thank you, Jasper, thank you.”

He is a savior with her being ever so willingly giving into what she knows is safety. Jasper is very pleased with it too by displaying it with a warm smile as he pats her arm that entwines his. “Angie, it is a pleasure to assist. But do come, so that you may head home.”

“Please, walk me out. I am a bit dizzy.” tiredly voice Angelina with attempting to focus enough to manage to leave.

With that said Jasper directs Angelina along to the exit without even a singular gaze at the man who is one of his best friends. That suits Angelina fine for she doesn’t understand the encounter with her truly only wishing to go home with having wanted no intrusions. None for she is exhausted, too tired to deal with hormonal men on a high of sexual desire too. And that is exactly what she sum William McKnyght to be, he merely seems to always be that when around her.

So out into the hallway for the two of them. On the way out, there is no stop at the coatroom to gather anything for the spring provides lovely weather for the evening. Hence, as they stroll along the hallway Jasper chats. “I am sorry, Angie. You didn’t need that from any men. I apologize for my gender, and for our stupidity at times. Are you okay, my friend?”

“Yes, Jasper.” She says with breaking her silence after gathering her senses and breaths into peaceful. Then she notes that they approach the building`s exits doors that lead to the outside and the vast parking lot. With seeing the route to escape from all men and everything dealing with work Angelina shares, “I can handle him. I can! He merely seems to be everywhere lately and he is so insistent. He just doesn’t seem to take the hints that I am not interested. After all, how could he be, he is, is so..” She doesn’t complete it for she cannot quite say what she thinks about William, it would be rude to say such to Jasper.

“He is a brute, my dear. He is a beast when he is questing for a goal. But tonight he is taught lessons and you are safe for a while. I do hope that you are okay?” Arrives smoothly spoken with brilliant smiling as Jasper feels like he truly has one-upped the great seducer that is Rebel Billy Boy. In fact, he feels that he carried it out effortlessly too. And he has done it with simply being himself, the man of common gentlemanly ways and excellent timing.

“Yes, I am quite fine even though I am exhausted.” With coming closer to the exit door to the parking lot, Angelina tiredly conveys, “Thanks to you I am safe. You seem to be a knight whisking me away from a magician`s spell.”

“I am no knight, and that is even if he is a magician. What I did is what a true friend does, Angie. You know that you may count on me for I said that I am a friend. We shared that four years ago when you first arrived here at the university. Back then I was the lucky staff member of the Humanity`s Department that took you around for a tour of campus. We talked a lot back then. And as I said back then I will help. I meant it when I said that anything that you require is something I am willing to assist with. Such things do include bully boys and even a drive home if you need one?”

Jasper sets up the launch pad for him achieving the elusive date. He is doing it ever so nicely too. He is wrapping it in the generosity of friendship and gentlemanly chivalry but it is only enjoyed as a sharing of kindness. It is to be only that for the offer logically is that when considering their history. Hence, Angelina reaches for the door as she slips her arm from wrapping around his. Then she politely shares a farewell, “That is extremely kind. Thank you for the offer but I enjoy being alone for my drive home. It will do me good to enjoy the solitude and if I need company then maybe it can be listening to the radio to clear thoughts. But thank you for your kindness, Jasper. ”

“Oh! Oh. Okay,” comes in a surprise of not accomplishing his hidden goals. That has him stepping forward to open the exit door for her as he motions her to proceed out into the cool Spring night air of a starry sky and silver moon that is beaming a ‘hello’ to them both. This brings Jasper to step completely outside with holding the door as Angelina passes through it. He then gives his hidden agenda one more try, "Please, allow me to walk you to your car? I wish to be sure that you are safe and on your way, dear Angie.”

The cool air hits the forty-something brunette professor of youthful beauty as she walks past him on her way to ending a workday. The coolness takes her senses by a bit of surprise causing her to be crossing her arms to then rub warmth into her upper arms. In that, she smiles toward the moon to next share in a lively confidence, “My car is parked close, so there is no need to worry. But, thank you. And once more, I say thank you for being so kind about helping me with an ongoing issue.”

With such spoken, Angelina walks over to him smiling up at him before drawing into real close to placing a friendly kiss on the left side of his face.In pulling away from it Angelina winks up at him before turning around to walk down the concrete steps while Jaspers watch with being stunned of the kiss. Yet all Angelina now wants is leaving the entirety of males being demanding of her. So, she picks up the pace when her feet find the sidewalk beneath them. Next, she instantly scoots along toward the first row of parked cars where a bright blue convertible Ford Mustang awaits her. It waits for her with it being the only male that Angelina allows to seduce her, seducing her into freedom.

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