Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ever Note - Chapter 4, Tunes, Tubs, and Treason

Into the muscle car, she goes. It is effortless with Angelina soon maneuvering the car to be well on its way toward her house in suburbia. The car rolls along on the tires at the posted speeds while minimal traffic subsists as a constant due to the late hour of the night. This allows her mind to minimally focus on the driving of the seventy-some minutes that is the journey across the city. During this time some of the exhaustion seems to depart. Hence, Angelina’s eyes of blue do widen while her mind slowly drifts through thoughts of enjoying a long hot bubble bath. This is a something that she craves to enjoy. Therefore a complete tumbling into daydreams of the two-story Victorian-style home of three bedrooms and well-groomed yard come to join in the pushing out of anything to do with work. Those very notions of a bath provide a release of soothing breath, as the distance to home grows shorter.

“Thirty-seven minutes to home, you can do it, girl. Not long at all. You can stay awake that long.” Her own vocal encouragement creates gigging to fill the car. It does for Angelina realizes she shouldn’t be talking to herself. But with that, there exists a wary sigh for there also is an acceptance that she often does it. Hence, she once more speaks to the emptiness of others not being in her car, “I got to stop talking to myself. Momma said it`s a sign of madness. And god knows that Uncle Enrico claims he stole all the madness in the family so, uhm.”

Then suddenly with that notion Angelina halts the car to end the stream of thoughts for she almost runs a red light due to the daydreaming. Therefore, there are deep breathes with a silent wish to be already home. That exists even though she sits at a city intersection waiting for traffic lights to change. This gives her to realize that there seem to be too many traffic stops on the way home and that brings more conversation into a car empty of others. “Uhm, it feels like there is a hundred stop light already tonight.”
Angelina then decides that she needs more patience and that she should relax. Thus, she looks around while waiting for the light to change at a mid-city intersection as the seemingly endless traffic from the other directions pass through it. In doing that she reads a billboard to the left side of the roadway. A large billboard that rises like a flat tower on a small building. Upon it is an advertisement for an upcoming musical concert. This has her once more speaking to no one, “Jazz Pop musician Quinlin Asher coming to the University Anteroom stage, three intimate nights of Jazz and Pop music. Seating limited with a short social mixer afterward. Tickets are two hundred dollars with all proceeds to the university`s Music Department. Dates are July sixth through ninth.”

"Beep. Honk. Beep." arrives the loud mechanical prodding by other motorists to scoot along for the traffic light is now green causing the line up behind her to be a bit annoyed that they aren’t moving along. “Okay, okay, I am moving forward!” she shouts to no one in irritation but it said to everyone too.

With a huff, Angelina slams the gas pedal down causing a high speed advancing through the intersection. It leaves the other motorists well behind for she doesn’t let up until all the tension of the night slowly begins to melt away. Then as Angelina settles into letting go of the tense sensations she ponders of the concert, “My bedtime music. I like her music a lot. In fact, I own all of her CDs. I do. For it is years ago that I heard her at a bar in New York city during a vacation trip.”

In that vein of spoken thoughts Angelina makes decisions about a possible social event, which has her further voice, “ Gee, I should go to one of those concerts. One evening out is something that I may enjoy. I may even take someone with me. Uhm, Yes, I should do that. So, I will plan for that.” She affirms with then taking to creating a mental note to look into buying two tickets for going to one of the three nights of the event.

The ideas of it fill her thoughts for a little while but then it is causing Angelina to turn the radio on for the remainder of the drive home. She still needs a distraction and so in a hope to catch some international news sound fills the car. Therefore, it does such as the pretty brunette turns the car onto her street with starting to prepare for the eventual stop. Once the car is parked in the driveway the radio is turned off before she climbs out to collect a work satchel and a lunch box from the back seat. Then in no time at all, she is inside the well-maintained house.

Within twenty minutes, Angelina is in the master bathroom that is adjacent to her own bedroom with both rooms existing on the second floor of the large house. Her bathroom, however, exists as special. It does for it is elegant tranquility, a place of serenity according to her. It comes as a room of simplistic luxury too. It is the exact design that she wishes as well. It also exists as one of only two demands of change about the house when she, with her, now ex-husband, bought the house five years ago. They purchased this gorgeous well-preserved Victorian home on a whim to then renovate it before they moved in.

Jake hastily carried out her demands too. Jake is the handsome brunette ex-hubby with green eyes and he is built like an athletic construction worker. But his good looks have nothing to do with the renovation. The redecoration happens for a very serious reason that act has nothing to do with appearances of any kind. So, you may now be questioning why is it done to her specific wishes and not his too?

Well, in all honesty, Jake Wayne does it because the marriage subsists as being a rocky one due to his many moments of infidelity. So, those truths urge him into creating heaven in a bathroom. He claims it to be his attempt to appease his brilliant wife because once more his penis is busy with another woman. Oh yes, even after having to move due to his nonsense he managed more adultery and she finds out about it. She discovered it after endless promises that his sex addiction is controlled and that he can be faithful to her. So, being a man who builds industrial complexes, a man of a relatively prosperous construction company, Jake Wayne is extremely willing to do just about anything to appease Angelina. Oh yes, he is! And that is because he knows that Angelina is enormously capable of making his entire world rain of living Hell. She could and that is due to her bailing him out of bankruptcy just after they marry during her twenty-ninth year.

Did she bring the world of Hell`s brimstone to his door? Not really. She demanded a few things. It started with owning the house upon divorce. She wanted a new car too, which exists as her Ford Mustang that is fully loaded with every option possible. Then there is the three-bedroom cabin on the west coast of Canada. And then Angelina wanted two more things from him. One is that he is to pay off all her debts collected right up to the day of divorce. And the last is that he is never ever to be the same space as she is. And all requests are very reasonable according to her. With it, soothing her wishes to murder him in concern to him almost destroying her relatively clean reputation.

Hence, the bathroom and all of her demands from ex-hubby are hers. Those are, as she stands there nude beside the bathtub that is made for two bathers. This faux cast-iron loin`s claw bathtub dominates the space but the room is larger than most common bathrooms. In fact, a wall between the master bathroom and what used to be the third of four bedrooms became demolished to open up space. It left only three bedrooms. In turn, this allowed the creation of the luxurious bathroom that maintains simplicity. The tub is lengthwise in front of a very large window that opens up into the backyard. The window possesses a seat and drawstring redwood wooden shutters. The floor is redwood as well. The fixtures and cabinetry are too. Therefore, it is the modern luxury of the simplicity of marble, redwood, brass wall sconces, lamb`s wool rugs, a large linen closet, a double sink, and a brass chair piled high with softcover romance novels.

“Mine.” she reverently whispers with turning off the hot water that is filling the tub while creating bubbles from the solution that she pours in it moments ago. “Mine, mine and in an hour from now it off to bed. Bed with dreams of Ever. My Ever.”

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