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Ever Note - Chapter 5, Lullabies Of Lust

Within an hour Angelina is toweling off before then slipping beneath the Egyptian cotton bed sheets of her poster bed. It is a cradling in finery as she nestles snug under the sheets, as there is a reaching for the remote control device that controls the audio system across the room. With a click the sounds comes, the sound of Quinn Asher playing piano and singing songs from the CD titled, ‘Seeking My One.’

"Ah you, yum, that voice of peace and heavenly feelings. Rock me to sleep, Quinn. Rock me gently and take me to my Ever.” Comes the purring as Angelina closes her tired eyes.

The room is encompassed by blissfulness for the songs on the CD are melodies meant to call forth love and desire, romantic and powerfully seductive. Each one different with some being Asian tones, others are American Jazz, while others are western European, one is French and then there is her favorite that is Italian. But the last that she hears, as she drifts into sleep, is a very American English and modern Jazz tune.

‘My One.
My forever.
Ever to be mine for we are entwined throughout all of Time.
I come for you; I come because I am less without you.
Forever my one, forever my bleeding need is you.
My One; you are my only truth for I must be one, one with you.

One with you, you feel me too.
You are one with me, and I seek you.
One with you, you need me too.
I am your One, are you seeking me too?

My One.
My forever.
I lay the gates open to you.
Open for you to pass through.
I have learned the ways of mystic truths and the knowledge to call only you.
Calling you into the realms where we now exist as love ever true.
Calling you with my soul that is filled with you.

One with you, you feel me too.
You are one with me, and I seek you.
One with you, you need me too.
I am your One, are you seeking me too?

Seeking me, me seeking you.
Needing us with our love ever true.

One with you, you feel me too.
You are one with me, and I seek you.
One with you, you need me too.
I am your One, are you seeking me too?

I seek you.
I am a seeker seeking my lover ever true.

One with you, you feel me too.
You are one with me, and I seek you.
One with you, you need me too.
I am your One, are you seeking me too?’

Sleep comes just as she hears the last verse of ‘Seek Her’. It is the course verse of the sensual romantic Jazz song. It is an invitation, a note to someone lucky enough to have the musician’s affections. This lulls Angelina into the realms of sleep. Pulling her into the peacefulness with soft seductive tones that carry her into reenergizing that mind that seems to never stop when awake. With such happening the body`s tension and its exhaustion play out into total relaxation as the comforts of the lovely quilt top mattress of the king-sized poster bed provides a cradle. Along with this is a paradise amongst no less than eight pillows of feather sweet dreaminess. Lastly, to finish off the ensemble there lay a handmade quilt over her that comes embroidered with her favorite flowers, glorious velvety red tulips on a background of stunning ivory white. Red tulips that represent perfect love and her secret wish of finding the dream lover that she only knows as 'Ever'.

Oh yes, it`s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ amongst the serenade while upon an enchantment bed. A lovely haven of rest that in all truth is the second of the two demands that Angelina makes when there is moving into the house. Oh yes, it is a must of a new bed when she and the ex-hubby moved in prior to the divorce. It has to be for it is found that Jake Wayne is a boy of dirty treasonous deeds by fucking several women in their prior bed of marriage. That existed as discovery when she arrived home early from visiting family in Italy. Upon quietly entering the house she finds Jake with three prostitutes in their bed in the other house that they owned. Yes indeed, a very dirty bad boy and she felt it necessary that the bed is burned. Then again, he is lucky enough that her wild fury over finding his infidelity didn’t burn the house down with him in it.

A person now may wonder if our ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is a sexual woman. It may be a wishing to know if she has lost her sex drive in her late thirties. It might come as a thought when noting that her ex-hubby regularly took to enjoying sex with others. That tends to be a misguided whispering in society when men cheat. Yet, such an assumption is clarified with an understanding that four orgasms easily flowed from Angelina during the bathing prior to sleeping. Hence, without reservation, it is fact that Angelina Ana Bombieri is a sexual woman. She definitely is. And such truths come when knowing that she maintains no less than three sessions of sexual self-pleasure every day. Add to it she is kinkier than most women, kinky in the ways of BDSM truths and a love of bondage with pain for pleasure. And that is sexiness when knowing that she is a dominant-submissive woman that does know her personal power. Indeed ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is yummy; she is delicious in endless ways if her chosen lover is game for it.

“Kneel, Beauty!” is the command as Angelina drifts into dreams after several hours of peaceful sleeping. “Come unto me, my beloved. Your Ever needs the pleasure of your soul entwined within mine. In mine, in here, in our realms.”

“Yes, my love, I serve thee.” Is worshipfully spoken by Angelina in the dream.

A dream consisting of a world of brilliant crystalline buildings, pristine nature and this house of love, an entire world of her and this female phantom is known as Ever. Dreaminess in many measures and pleasures. It is a place mythically built to please the senses and to entice into wishing to always exist within it. Thus, the nights that Angelina dreams about Ever brings the truths of a morning of wishing for just that.

“You are nude making you a very good girl. You always follow requests and maintain them. You have kept this one for over seven years. In July it will be seven years since you came to this realm, a world built for us.”

With this conveyance of noting an anniversary for them Ever extends her left hand that holds a black riding crop. She then taps both of Angelina’s delicate bare shoulders. “Let us see how strong and determined Beauty is. Let us see that." Comes solidly commanded to further demand, "You are going to hold me and tongue fuck me into two orgasms as you remain kneeling right there. But first, you will remove my leather panties by untying the strings with your teeth. Then I will straddle my left leg over your right shoulder while you hold me to please me.”

With this seductively instructed another tapping of the riding crop has the platinum blond female coldly declaring a forewarning. “Letting me fall brings no orgasm during your day tomorrow. Faltering in pleasing me gives you no orgasms for a week.”

As it`s spoken Angelina feels the soft leather tipped end of the riding crop under her chin as it begins forcing her to look upward in Ever`s sparkling gray eyes. “Do you understand, Beauty? Do you promise to serve this need?” She grimly queries as she furthers such with a sharp, “Answer me, and answer me now!”

“Yes.” Is humbly spoken. Only that for that is all that is permitted when such things are afoot betwixt them. Therefore, Angelina is a worthy submissive for her Dominant lover.

“Good girl, very good. Now show me your naughty tongue. Stick it out to lick the back of this hand!” Comes growled while staring down at this beautiful brunette that is a dominant submissive. That brings Ever to hold out her right hand in front of Angelina`s lips. The sight of it brings Angelina`s heart beats stronger as their eyes hold stare into each other`s. They watch the soul while they know that the power of this act of submission is engaging every part of who they are. Hence, it easily is a truth that Ever knows that her own heart is filling with that seductive beating energy that is a fire between them.

“Oh, yes.” Sizzles from within the tall platinum blond as Angelina`s moist tongue plays one long stroke upon the skin of Ever`s hand. This creates shivers to strip purring from within Ever as she snarls, “More. More. More. Three more. Show me that you love me. Make me believe that your tongue loves my flesh. Love me, my Beauty. I know you love me but show me.”

The cold instruction is a total turn on for Angelina. Those femininely muscular curves tremble with arousal. Sexual excitement while her vagina pulses with contractions and such triggers her dime shaped nipples to grow diamond hard. Therefore those protrude outward like spires of seduction. These sensations consume the senses as the nude brunette pants, panting with her lips quaking. Full supple lips that are mere millimeters from Ever`s hand. A hand that feels heated breathing. Angelina`s hot breaths that splash back upon her face. It forms dizziness as she gazes mystified up into her phantasm`s eyes. Then in a neediness, Angelina’s eager tongue barely touches Ever`s hand. Next, the very tip of it leaves a dot of wetness where the hand and wrist meet. In the following second, Angelina maneuvers her wet tongue to create tiny circles before lovingly gliding up the very center of the back of her Dominant`s long hand. So, it is up, up over skin and straight to the tip of the fingernail on of the center finger. Then without hesitation, she plays a soft worshipping kiss to the fingernail.

As Ever watches the kiss her heart pound hard in her left breast. The sound of it with the rhythms forces her athletic curves to stiffen in an attempt to control the arousal excitement. Nonetheless, her eyes betray her with glowing of limitless sexual desire as her pussy aches even more than it already does. The kissing of finger`s nail spurs out a rumbling seductive growl that has her sound like a lioness on the prowl. But she controls herself with not moving while holding breaths to be smooth in evenness. She evenly carries out breathing as she next sternly states, “Good, but the kiss means that you will give me three orgasms while kneeling.”

The inspiration for a smile, oh yes it is the effect. An enormous smile for Angelina knows that it’s punishment but it`s heavenly discipline. A most satisfying penalty with an eventual blissful elixir as a seal that has her thoughts singing musical notes of ‘I love you, love, love every inch of you.’

This lyrical spell of ‘love thoughts’ is broken with Ever nudging her own hand’s backside upon Angelina`s quivering upper lips. Such truth stimulates ideas for the third licking. Indeed, Angelina does have a few notions but she requires this lick to explode with love. It must have true love and the power of her need to serve this beautiful feminine phantom of her dreams.
So, the kneeling dreamer once more undertakes a seduction, a seducing using her tongue. But firstly, she places a loving kiss upon the pinky finger`s major knuckle to then slip her moist tongue between her lips to mark it with a teasing. This creates purring before meandering over to the ring finger`s major knuckle. Once more a similar tease plays out while she controls her eyes to hold stare into those gray ones of her lover. This comes followed by the middle finger served with teasing pleasure before moving onto the index finger. Thoughts are of ‘yummy’ that she tastes ladyfingers with Ever`s thumb remaining to be served. Hence, a breath accompanied by a concentrated stare into Ever`s eyes exists so to be sure that there is no displeasure of the trivial rebellion.

“You are naughty with teasing me, Beauty. Oh yes, you are but I like it. Keep going.” Seductively shares this woman in heavier breathing with her stare glued to surveying every movement of her kneeling lover. This has her heart racing in a rhythm of feeling a true connection. But encouragement is needed, thus she swings the riding crop in readying to swat. Then in mid-air, the effort changes to merely a sweet tapping of Angelina’s nearest ass cheek. “Be good because I plan to make your ass red with this crop. Red, kissed and loved until you squirt cum all over your tight sexy thighs.”

Indeed that is the encouragement of the best kind. It provokes Angelina into kissing the major knuckle of Ever`s thumb before whispering, “I love you.”
In return Ever gives a hard swat on Angelina`s exposed ass cheek. It is magical snapping sound that makes Angelina even dizzier having her body to continue to tremble with sexual desire. She wants to scream in a request for more but there is no need to since Ever supplies another swat to the soft supple skin of Angelina's heart-shaped ass. “Yes, enjoy it, Beauty. Enjoy those shards of tingling. More are coming. More stinging pain to demand that you give me your sacred cream.”

Angelina knows that she may not get too excited but wetness is seeping between her thighs. It is maddening sensations as it has her wishing to squirm due to the heat is volcanic as it radiates from deep within her vaginal canal. Thus, body ablaze with arousal and it is similar to Ever but that swatting continues. Each one invokes stimulation but there is no permission for orgasm. Therefore, it must be controlled, held and felt until it is an agony that is a sheer utter pleasure. This has Angelina barely holding focus on her task of the third lick. Her breaths are wild panting in heaviness as her lips part to slip her tongue out with placing it on the center finger before laying it flat enough to moistens the skin without too much wetness. Then in a slow sensual movement, she glides her firm tongue up until Ever`s wrist is touched. Then a kiss with Angelina prayerful saying, “Love is you, love is you.”

Snapping sounds are constant as the paced rhythm of drumming swats now number at thirteen. Yet, Ever listens to those words, those soul words, words that radiate from a heart of purity and fiery passion. Angelina`s heart that Ever claims to have known literally forever. She claims this just like she always has the dreaming brunette believing that they are eternal soul mates bound by a chain of soul-linked energy. However, currently, sexual desire is a scent that wafts strongly between them as Angelina prepares to supply the last lick to her Dominant’s hand.

Wrapped in dizzy desire, holding her aroused body humble but so proud to be kneeling as Angelina lovingly kisses the centre of the part of the backside of Ever`s hand. She breathes upon it to then inhale the sweet scent of Lilac. Her mind chants, ‘So horny’ as her heart whispers, ‘love’ and everything is controlled with a soulful understanding that this is what her true need is. This here with Ever, and it doesn’t matter if its only dreams to vanish whenever she wakes.

It is beautiful. Both know that their bond is more than dreams but all they have is dreams. As Angelina watches Ever`s eyes there are smiles between them as Ever turns her hand over to display her palm. Without a breath of a second, the kneeling brunette worshipfully kisses the centre of the warm pulsing palm. Then as hot vapours are pouring from her lips her tongue flicks out and Angelina licks from the tip of the centre finger all the way up. Up, up, upward past the wrist until she begins to feel a need to have her body rise and in that second there is felt the pressure of Ever`s muscular left leg upon Angelina’s delicate right shoulder.

“Beg to untie my panties!” Is sharply directed at the tone warms with continuing, “Beg me, Beauty. Beg for the honour to release my pussy for tasting.”

Angelina swallows hard the wet lump of desire that sits strongly in her tight throat while she is lost in wild woozy sexy feelings. The dazed glow of lust mixed with soul love pours as her energy binds with Evers. Then she slowly rises to move her head with placing her teeth upon the first drawstring. The pulling is seductively teasing to provide the pleasure for both as Angelina body trembles of sexual energy. In the following moment, the drawstrings fall and as do the black leather panties partially do. This brings Angelina to once more move so that she may release the last string to reveal the treasure that she knows is unlike any other ever.

Breathing, deep uncontrolled breaths rumble between them. Their hearts thunder of this power exchange but suddenly Ever screams in frustration. Her gray eyes filled with horror and anger. Angelina fills with mix emotions for she feels that she may have displeased. But she knows she that all instructions are followed. Then the haze comes, the mists of waking to pull her but she fights it. Struggles to maintain the dreaming as she wars against waking. Angelina’s body takes to tossing with kicking off the quilt while maintaining sleep. Holding it in a death grip but she cannot seem to keep the dream world with its delights and so she screams too. Yet, she doesn’t truly wake. At least she doesn’t until an hour later when cool early morning air brings shivering to her nude uncovered body.

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