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Ever Note - Chapter 7, Awaking Into Answers

It is an understatement to say that Angelina’s thighs are covered in creamy cum upon waking the next morning. It exists from mentally triggering a physical orgasm during sleep. Thus, there blazes a smile on her face while her tired body stirs. She is still fatigued and wants to not get up. Yet, she must. So, she does.

That is how the day begins. But by the time of four in the afternoon the beautiful brunette is not only out of bed but she is elegantly dressed in a light pink pencil skirt and a long sleeved button up blouse of pale peach tones. She additionally is completing the teaching of the last class of her workday. Thus, she is at the university with standing in an empty classroom after all the students have filed out.

“Was it good for you? It is great for me.” arrives spoken into the stillness by a familiar male.

This is that one voice that is beginning to have Angelina cringe upon hearing it but she shakes it off while giving a disapproving glance toward the doorway where voice emanates from. Next, she takes to applying the eraser on the chalkboard to clean it before she then turns around to walk over to the projector machine to turn it off. Therefore, she is choosing to ignore him. And during all of that the soprano toned voice continues chat even though Angelina has not replied, at least she has not verbally done so.

“Come on Angie, hating me and ignoring me is not the way that pretty you treat anyone. I know that about you.” He logically supplies with walking into the classroom to sit on a chair to further his cause of being there to see her.

“You are much more than most women, so please do understand that I am not giving up. I won`t! And you know deep inside of you that I cannot. If I did then I wouldn`t be Rebel Billy. I would be like other men. And we both understand that most men are not truly capable of being on the same planet as you. But I know that I am qualified. You also realize that fact and you like that but hate it too. You do, for I can sense that there is something that keeps you distant from being with anyone. It is okay that you do hold something untouchable inside of you but please allow me a shot at dating you. I need it after making an ass of myself during the past several months, and especially last night.”

Within silence, Angelina listens with smirking of his comment while having thought of, ‘Damn straight, that you made an ass of yourself.’ Then in her mind, she sums it up with, ‘you bully! You should wallow in it for a while too.’ But she remained silent and let him ramble on as she stood watching him.

“Yes, I admit to being all of that and more. But you need to understand that I had to and that I am not usually being that to any woman. I do strive to be much more in life. Men like me do not do idiocy for a mere woman. But we will do anything for a mortal goddess. It is done so that we may stand even taller as a mortal god amongst humans. So, please, help me. Help me so that you can enjoy my company. You may experience whatever that I have to offer you, which is everything that you might desire in life.”

There is a long silence in the small basement classroom, that is one of the many within the university`s several campus buildings. This silence subsists for this is the last thing that she expected to happen any day. Not only is the long-winded oratory a bit surprising but also when adding William McKnyght to it then it’s truly odd. Yet, in some strange way, she expects him to show up anywhere and do almost anything. And that is what floats in her thoughts while pondering what he says. That gifts a further silence but it is not much more time before Angelina queries, “Offer?”

William instantly looks up her as she walks toward him while collecting her work satchel. These movements of Angelina coming toward him have his heart dance as her personal energy fills him in powerful ways. That forces William to sit straighter with peering into her eyes for he is drawn to look because her soul is seen in them. This once more has him attached to her soul energies. They both look into eyes. They each take too absorbing some invisible thing that exists between them. Angelina breathes deeper but she smoothly ignores it. Yet, William is shaken as he stammers, “Offer. Yes, I offer my time, attention and anything that pleases. I do. And I do it to my full potential. Please. I do. I do.”

“Ah, I see, interesting.” Coolly replies Angelina as she soaks up what seems like begging but is it.

Such an unusual exchange of place and power provokes William into gathering his self-confidence while setting free a bit more of the offer for her to think about. “You know that in my life people are to please me. If they don’t then they are of no use to me. It is a waste of time for me if I am not getting what I desire. Time is the true priceless thing in life, so I never waste time. Pleasing me is valuable too. Hence, pleasing is important to me. And that is especially true if it is a personal matter. So, you can assume that you are going to be given the best of me. That offer of anything that you want from me involves pleasing, you please me with your presence and me pleasing you. I did say that I will please you and it is coming in whatever form that you may allow me to do that. That can be dating, hanging out, conversations, money, material things, attention, intimacy, sex, kink, and all that you possibly may dream of.”
At this William tilts his head while holding gaze in her eyes. However, Angelina stands there before him with arms folded across her breasts. She gives him a severe look for she once more is astonished by his behavior. Surprised by his unwanted actions but he somehow intrigues her enough. Thus, she adjusts her stance, sighs deeply and focuses on his eyes. This has her mind spinning of what he shares today and even what he has done in the past. In that, her thoughts have no answer for him but she does understand that William is not relenting. Hence, Angelina shakes her head to finalize that she either allows him this ‘whatever’ that he wants or there is eventually a restraining order. Oh yes, indeed there can be law enforcement and the courts as the end result of these interactions. And she doesn`t want that. She can`t for there already is a restraining order in concern to one man in her life, that man being her ex-husband.

The facial changes during this thinking are self-explanatory. Thus, William recognizes the change in her disposition even before anything is spoken. He additionally reads Angelina`s eyes within the silent decision-making. This brings a pondering that possibly he finally has done what it takes to getting a date. It seems he may have for there is no anger or augment, at least not yet. In fact, it is noted that Angelina is calm and relaxed while thinking of his offer. That creates a smile on William’s lips that accompanies his body letting out some of the tension through a deep breath. However, he remains sitting still on the chair. He does for he wants Angelina to say what her eyes are already telling him. Her eyes, her lovely blue eyes that are warming into a sparkling as the idea of giving William a chance to enjoy her company fills her. He knows it fills her mind. It all does as she finalizes that she may need to give him a chance. Along with it there come thoughts of, ’It is not that bad. He can be okay when not being pushy. Plus, it is only a meal. Maybe two with me limiting everything.’ That allows a ponderous “Uhm!” to be uttered.

“Oh my gosh, you are so kissable when you do that!” swiftly shares William as he stands up.

That brings Angelina’s eyes wide for he once more is talking of kissing. And that is something that she is trying to limit. Therefore, she instantly regrets what she moments ago decided. Thusly, that flashes in her eyes as he walks past her to the turn around with saying, “The control of what happens to us is yours. Only you. You have it until the day that you tell me that you feel safe with me. That is the day that you understand that I not going to do anything that you do not desire. On that day, if you choose to then it is I being Dominant me.”

Worlds of ‘wow’ things are spoken with it leaving Angelina wondering ‘how in the hell does he do that’? Do that of shocking her so easily. Such facts create deep breaths with feeling like she once more is experiencing the same things that existed before when he is near her. However, Angelina knows that William is telling his truths in a direct honesty. That she appreciates and respects. So she replies, “Give me a few days. I need to sort all of what you said. Then I will call you. That is a promise. Okay, William?”

Warm is the grin, a smile of winning what he wants. This brings William to walk over toward the doorway to immediately snap his fingers. In that second an older looking man in a chauffeur`s uniform step into view within the middle of the classroom`s doorway. As the chauffeur stands there he holds a single white Azalea that possesses a golden lace ribbon wrapping its stem. Angelina immediately notices that the ribbon dangles for at least a foot of length on the two ends and that doesn`t include the large bow. Quite a sight as her eyes gazes on the lovely flower that William retrieves before he walks over to her stand in front of her. Next, he holds the flower for her to accept. “Keep the ribbon. It is important. It could be special on that day that you feel safe with me.”

“Safe?” is queried, it`s said in a thinking of ‘why do you think that I don’t feel safe around you.’ Such is an immediate puzzlement. It assuredly is for Angelina knows that she is safe around him; she has never given that a first thought. But he obviously doesn’t see that. And now she wonders if safety is a factor when William is near her.

“Yes! Safe as in trusting, trusting so that whatever your untouchable thing inside of you is, then you will understand that it too is okay with me. So yes, safe and that wall between us is accepted. You are to be protected by me even if you have walls to keep everyone away from your untouchable thing.” William smiles lovingly at her as he continues, “It can exist even if you desire to have everything that is possible with me. But for now a date and working on an unconditional trusting of me, trusting me always.” He claims in true sincerity while giving a farewell nod to be backing away as he waits for a reply.

There is no silence, even though he once more talks too much and says shocking things. In fact, Angelina figures that it must be her turn to talk. “Wow! You say a lot all the time. But, I think that I get it. I heard it all. I did.”

Indeed she listened. But she has not much more to say, at least not currently. So there is a return silence in the classroom. Is it quiet because she is overwhelmed? Yes, indeed, for Angelina is flabbergasted about William’s end goals. That is why she asked for a few days. And now, she wonders if she needs a week to think about it all. She may for he brings a demand for dating, her dating him or anyone. If she does that then it ends the deliberate drought of no men in her life and that is hard for Angelina to do. Why is it difficult? Well, because the forced famine is due to that she loves the woman in her night dreams. So, she has no need for dating since she has love already. Hence, this wish of a date has her immobilized in how to deal with William but at the same moment, she knows that he must be dealt with in this way too.

He must be for Angelina knows that William is relentless in his chasing of her. He has proven it. Thus, she recognizes that by allowing him a date that may then solve him randomly popping up in her life. That brings the understanding that a minor bit of control can exist since she gets to pick the moments. At least control might subsist for a while. That idea is pleasing with it immediately provoking a smile. It is a pleasant smile in accepting that she should do the date with him in order to achieve the eventual goal of him leaving her alone. Such ideas lead Angelina to cordially stating, “I will phone in three days to set up something. I think the business card that you gave me a year ago is somewhere in my house. So, I will call to confirm a possible dinner between us. But for now, I am late for picking up some family at the airport. Therefore, please, excuse me.”

William couldn’t be happier to allow her departure but as she walks toward the door to pass him his cell phone sends out the beginning ringtone of ‘Sincerely Soul’. Yet, before it can be noticed as more than a phone ringing William joyful shares, “Farewell Angie, I look forward to the call and I will leave a new biz card in your mailbox.”

Angelina waves bye as she walks out of the room and down the hall to not give more conversation for she truly is late. That allows William to happily walk a bit deeper into the classroom as he permits the ringtone to sing out the words to one of Quinlan Asher`s most popular songs. ‘Baby, my baby a soul, my soul holds you. Sincerely..’

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