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Ever Note - Chapter 8, Taunting Answers

‘Sincerely my soul feels whole.
This soul journeys a life with limited strife for you are its delight.
Baby, my baby, my soul holds you, sincerely only you.
You within our forever love, my soul`s love in all its might.
Sincerely my soul is whole with only you.’ flows as the first of the lyrics in the ringtone.

“Got it, did you.” cheerfully states William in clicking the Blackberry phone on as it meets his ear.

“I did. But what good is it? These books serve me nothing if I can’t open them or use the contents. I need the power of specific ancient incantations for that experimentation. You know that I must momentarily unbind dream particular spells of the antediluvian Mesmer’s.”

William knows that is the expectation of his fellow Ascended Mystic. Such a truth settling in him has a tired sigh escape him as he further listens to Quinn Asher. “I can’t bind my soul to a book. Billy, you know that I can’t. For, I have been doing soul connection to search for my eternal soul mate. If I bind my soul to anything other than her then I lose her for all of the eternity.”

That is a difficult honesty for Quinn. A truth as she sits in the black leather swivel chair of her office that is atop the twelve-story building in the city`s central area. She looks out the massive windows that take up an entire wall as she finger flips through business contracts of new musical talents wanting to be connected to her entertainment production company. However, she continues to chat with ignoring the business dealings in front of her. “The irritation of dreams ending when I try to find the location is maddening. If there are invocations of relinquishment in this book I want them. I need those for this is the book of spells used to create the restrictions and laws on dreams in mortal life.”

The beautiful blond now deals in the swift direct chat that is always between her and William. And most times it seems like professional dealings between them even when it`s social. It does for she tends to dispense fast facts in concern to the things they share. Especially, when it is anything involving the aspects of their common bond in a secret society. This bonding in the Ascended Mystics is a bit of strangeness for these two who are good friends long before making frat promises. And today it is this venturing into the business of mysticism and soul energy that influence their relationship to be most direct in opinions and chatting. So, it is no hold barred and in many ways, it clarifies expectations and behavior. This provides respect for both and that is true even if they are the fiercest of competitors too.

In fact, when it is the topic William respecting woman then Quinn exist on top of his list. In his opinion she is the only woman in William’s life that he may enjoy transforming into a man, yes, a man with the hope of her being his actual brother instead of a fraternity sister. Such an idea of gender change is a great one according to William for there could be no thoughts of ever trying to entice Quinn into being a submissive slave for him. So a good old-fashioned sex change would strip Quinn of her beauty to have it no longer distracting William. No distractions during any completion of whatever they are dueling for in business circles or during games. But alas, Quinn is that perfect distraction and truly a fine human of great intelligence. Quinn additionally exists as a first-class fellow BDSM Dominant, a Domme that is an alpha woman that occasionally kicks Rebel Billy`s ass in life. Those areas often include business, playing polo and enjoying hot rod racing. But currently, she is not into one-upping William. In fact, she needs helps that very few can provide but she knows that Rebel Billy is someone that might be able to assist her. So, she states her cause of calling him. “It is important to know a way to open these with my soul without using my soul.”

“I understand the importance of the books. I recognize that you need what you need. I know that you love this phantasm that you conjure up in your naughty sacristy of seduction and synchronicity. I do. And that is even though I prefer flesh and bone to fantasy sex.” Happily, claims William who is still high on the energy of achieving a date with Angelina.

“Billy…shut up or give me some help. No crapping on my love life.” Instantly is a stinging warning over no crack shots about her sex life or his ideas of the neediness of physical sex.

Quinn next easily dismisses what seems like his jesting as she continues on with the task behind the phone chat. “You know that I do not live by the notions of normal or ‘Can`t do’ philosophies. You do not live by them either, my brother Mystic. So, help me find a way to not bind my soul to this book but open its secrets too.”

“Uhm.” Is heard from William who still high on Angelia chatting with him.

In this William rubs his chin as he ascends into the seriousness of Quinn`s inquiry. But within pondering, of his stored mental knowledge on the book and such topics of dream spinning, comes a worried sighing as he sadly replies, “Quinny, there has never been one for those books. Those books come from the original tablets. The original knowledge is thirteen stone tablets written in Sanskrit. The shadowy heritage of the tablets tells of a war between humans, spirits and the predecessor of the Ancient Mystics Society. Our society`s antediluvian wizards and acolytes are said to be the most powerful during the age of ‘The Coming’. The Coming as you know is the arriving others from before organized Human civilization. In fact, our organization`s history secretly is that we believe..”

“Yes, yes!” impatiently interrupts Quinn in angered annoyance. “Yes! I know it claims that any true bloodline life bearer of our society is alien blood. We come from another dimension to travel time with using astral projection and alchemistic energy tunnels. But that doesn`t goddamn well help me any. Now does it? And who the hell believes in time traveling aliens that can possess any spirit and all humans? Who believes as that legend claims? Do you have any proof of it? I know that I don’t. I know that I am fully human with no camouflaging liquids in me. I also have damn well studied as much as any member of the mystics society.”

“Quinn!” Sharply is tossed into her ears as William tries for a return to sane chat from the emotionally driven obsession of his friend. An obsession that brings anger over what is thought to be the only hope in Quinn`s search for her soul mate.

“Be sane! Think clear! And be nice to your brother. I can still kick your ass, even if you do have boobies.” He insists in a pseudo teasing as he listens for what he knows to be her riled up with emotion and not truly using all of her intelligence.

“What? Boobies! What the hell!” Comes in partial surprise with irritation mixing from hearing his juvenile retort of breasts. However, Quinn knows that she is driven by the passion of finding the reincarnation of her soul mate. Thus, she is aware that on occasion it affects her judgment in the business of being a guardian of the realms of mysticism. William does understand that too. And because of that Quinn doesn’t allow him an answer as she admits, “I am not being childish. You say that to me every time we talk about my love of ‘Beauty’.”

Quinn next stands up from the sitting on the chair. Then she walks directly to the wall of windows as she continues sharing her cause for the chat. “Boobies. My god, come on man, you too have a woman that you obsess over. The only difference being that yours is flesh and mine still need to be revealed as fleshly human. So, don’t get high and mighty, mister. I too kick ass and my boobies did give me the advantage the last several times.”

Shot of a verbal shot is fired and declared by them. But yes, in the play William even listens to the unspoken comments and Quinn`s heart`s need. In this, the big badass guy takes to roaring out in laughter over how he tortures Quinn about the obsession of a fantasy sex life and her using sex appeal on him to win anything. “You are getting easy these days to bait. It shows that you didn’t get the phantasm to rim your ass and tongue fuck you during the last session.”

“You bastard!” rings out in hollering through the cell phone to cause William to pull the phone away from his ear before he laughs even harder. Then Quinn makes sure that he hears more for she knows that Rebel Billy is thrilling too much in her discomforts so he has a price to pay. “Help me or I am gonna show you how easily I can take that new acquisition in the city`s east end. You damn well know that I stopped purchasing when I found that you come as the next qualifying buyer.”

That places a minor bit of starch in William fun side but the laughter is difficult to restrain as he chuckles through trying to give a sober reply, “No tantrums from you. And you don’t need that warehouse. If you did then the secret selling of it to yourself, to avoid the new bylaws would have happened no matter what I wanted.”

It is naughty childish taunts. That now creates silence. Dead quiet after the power pushing that is regularly exchanged between them. Hence, it is a sharp and familiar peacefulness too. This invokes William’s actual brotherly feelings for her. Therefore, William holds the phone closer to his ear to hear her breathing. He sighs with respect for her feelings and her needs, but William still has no answers about her inquiry. Hitherto, there comes more seemingly long silent seconds to pass while Quinn stares out the window that gives a panoramic view of the city`s mid center`s rooftop-scape. Then Quinn suddenly commands to trail it into love sounds, “Help me. I won`t beg. You know what she means to me. You know that I will give up everything to merely hold her hand for a moment in this life.”

“Uhm” arrives the ponderous reply from William with him making note of the love tone, the tone that Quinn reserves for the phantasm that holds more power than any Dominant or human could hold over anyone. He respects that too, even if it accompanies soulful pain and bossiness. Yet, he still has no answer.

In all truth, Quinn knows that fact too. They both understand that the books are a one of kind with them being soul bound to the only humanoid person capable of reading them. Thus, the person that possesses the largest quantity of alien life bearer bloodline in their veins is the new solitary keeper of the Dream Note Stones. This is more than true and their mutual friend, of the alchemic sciences, understood that when he sent them. And it is for that reasoning the book comes to be Quinn`s. These ascend to her possession but she refuses to open it to give to its powerful future. To do so most assuredly denies Quinn`s basic requirement of her personal eternal life. That necessity is a neediness based on the truth that a soul needs what it needs. And she requires ‘Beauty’ in every mortal lifetime, not a book and magic. Therefore, Quinn may not bind her soul to the book nor is it to have her spirit as its personality upon her mortal death. That honesty brings a sadness sigh to materialize from her lips in vapors of breath.

William hears that having his heart feels it too but still no answers come to him to gift to his sister, his sister of the mystic. Therefore, more silence and another sigh that has William add his own sigh.

“Go home!” William suddenly directs with not wanting her to have sadness. Then he continues addressing her to possibly provide hope in a solution for her. “Go home, that is if you are not already there. In the between time, I will regenerate research. When an answer surfaces then I will redirect it to you but go home. Go, so that you may connect with her. You must access whatever she empowers you with. I don’t understand the relationship that you make with a dream lover but your phantom somehow gives you what Angelina might give to me. So, do go home to induce the Holywood with the alchemic spheres. Go enjoy a sacred kinky evening of cum puddles.”

In that is wrapped honesty and affection. So Quinn relents to the facts that no answers are unearthed. She does it with more of a sigh too. However, she also recognized if there are solutions then the two of them may discover those. So there exists hope. Thus, she has done all that she could by phoning William. That has Quinn enter into agreeing with him. “I am on my way there. Only wanted to call. If anyone can assist me in the fact-finding that I require then it`s you.”

“Oh pish, stop. All you want is to have me stand at attention with that free song that you demanded that I make as the ringtone for you. We both know that it is why you enjoy calling me. It`s control, baby, it is control of me with me being a good boy for you, baby.” he submits with lightheartedness to encourage feeling positive as the return to a bit of teasing exist with implanting chat of the lyrics to the ringtone song that is titled, ‘Sincerely Soul’.

“But I admit I like this little ditty of a ringtone.” He affirms to push smiles that she may capture. “You giving it to me saved me money since its no downloading it from the online music store that charges me atrocious rates for your kinky seductive brainwashing songs.”

And finally, that produces a minor giggle from Quinn, only a small one for she didn’t force him into anything. Thus, she replies, “Oh really! Is that what my music is.”

She is unaware that he sees her songs as that but yes she long ago admits to him that her music is that too. However, the truth of him getting the ringtone is that William heard her playing the song during four years ago, playing it on the piano within her home`s conservatory. She had moments before completed preparing it for the recording session that comes later that day. He likes it so much that he actually stays all day to experience the recording session. After that William asks to buy a presale copy. In turn, he chooses to additionally purchase copies of all of her recorded CDs. Thus, it could be said that he instantly is a fan of her music. Yet, such is not true. It is not for William long ago exists as a fan attending many of her concerts. But it is factual that William never gives time to own any of her CDs until that day. And within the new experience of the recording session, William insists that Quinn tells him of which song represent her best. She says it is ‘Sincerely Soul’ for it is what her soul is. So he chooses it to be the song to sincerely represent her to him.

That is a truth and it additionally true that Quinn gives a sincere, “Thank you, Billy. You always have my back.” Then Quinn breaths a happier breath to share, “I hope you get that date with your professor woman before you make more of an idiot of yourself in the social pages like you did last night.”

With that Quinn walks to her desk to retrieve the daily newspaper that is opened at the social section where a commentary of the donations for the lectures is written. Looking at it Quinn can`t resist torturing William in return of what he carries out earlier in concern to her. Subsequently, she reads, “William Mckynght picks the first place of top donators with his three hundred thousand dollars of a donation that came with him providing a voyeur`s view into the prestigious opportunity of giving a more personal donation.”

A tittering laugh comes out of Quinn with William clearing his throat to invoke a seriously disgruntled breath over what he has already read during his morning. He read it to next live with it all day before bringing himself to face Angelina for his behavior nagged him. He needed to confront her to then somehow resurrect his dignity in concern to her and he feels that he has managed it. Yet, he highly doubts he can do the same with concern to how Quinn views the news in the social pages. He doubts it even more as he now easily hears that Quinn doesn’t stop laughing. Hence, William soberly replies. “You have cum puddles, I have social page puddles of idiotic scenes.”

“Yes, Billy and we both still somehow enjoy our puddles. Once again, thank you and have a good one.”

With that being the sharing there is a clicking off from the chat to then soon have Quinn in her home`s master bathroom. Relaxing there within bathing as a preparation of once more summoning ‘Beauty’. She needs her dream lover. In fact, Quinn demands to beckon ‘Beauty’ to the dream realms in order to make love within the pleasure of energy balancing and power exchange. She needs this since their last session ended in unbalance.

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