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Ever Note - Chapter 9, Beauty`s Sleeping Psalm

Within time`s passing midnight eventually, comes. By then Quinn bathes thoroughly to place a sterilized natural lemon spray on her skin. After which she prays in order to cleanse her mind. Upon feeling ready the somewhat tired woman eats a meal of baked unseasoned fish with drinking two glasses of lemon water. When such rituals are completed it brings the inducing of a set of ancient incantations. Such spells are the beginning of the summoning within the Holywood room in the upper tower. Each invocation is spoken in Vedic Sanskrit. A nude Quinn soulfully utters them into the room while adding in the directing of her soul to seek out a particular dreamer. This summoning process takes an hour due to that it also subsists as sacred rituals of purging negative energies.

Indeed no negativity is permitted in collecting that pinpoint to connect to ‘Beauty’. Hence, preparation prior to this is the renewing of alchemic tools with freshly sanctified spring water and new beeswax candles. This has the effect of creating the domed room to be the holiest of lovemaking sanctuaries. A sacred room so that there is to be that infamous puddle of cum that amuses those who know of this ritual. And that is fine. Her cum from lovemaking is so much more than cum. It is an understanding that wherever Beauty`s body exists in mortal life then Quinn’s spirit is felt. It is and that usually is available to meet Quinn after two in the morning.

Available and undergoing what they wish. Whether that is cum puddles or simply enjoying their relationship by wandering the dream realms. This knowledge of availability by two o’clock each night is true due to trial and error process. Everything about connecting to Beauty comes through this invoking process. All things of her exist by this way with exception of the lifelong ‘movie like’ dreams that do naturally occur during night dreams.

This is dreaming that originates with Quinn during childhood to then turn into regular experiences to make their relationship what it presently is. In fact, the dreaming especially arrives when ‘Beauty’ has emotional turmoil in her mortal life. This is known as facts for at times within the beginning of the dreams Beauty pulls Quinn into immediately embracing without Quinn even thinking of Beauty. This exists due to the radiation of emotional flux that overwhelms aura energy as the emotional energy then makes Beauty the controller in that particular dream. Otherwise, Quinn is the one who summons and controls the dream realms that they enjoy.

Therefore, at two fifteen of the central North American time zone the actual stimulating begins. It has beginnings under the shroud of darkness with the scent of Palo Santos meeting myrrh and frankincense. At two fifteen in the morning with a purified nude Quinn Asher there comes chanting in Vedic Sanskrit before ascending to trance with whispering in English.

“Come unto me, my beloved. Your Ever needs the pleasure of your soul entwined within mine. In mine, in here, in our realms.”

Angelina definitely is sleeping deep with feeling the pull of her soul mate`s beckoning. Pulled to come into enjoying sexual pleasure but the overworked professor is dead tired too. Thus, there is no immediate entry into Quinn`s chosen dream realm. It is not instantaneous for Angelina is beyond tired from a long workweek to next be entertaining a member of her family, a cousin who is to stay with her for a month. So, it`s no surprise that she easily finds a deep sleep after an evening of being busy.

A truly fun time but one bordering on total exhaustion after the picking up of Jenessa Bombieri at the international airport. It is a picking up with Angelina somewhat late. But so is the flight from Milano that brings Jenessa to the United States. Then after it is all dealt with the two best friends, who happen to be cousins, commit the best of embraces before enjoying a dinner at Angelina`s favorite Italian-American restaurant. It is fine Italian food, Canadian wine and Amazonian attitudes about life. This has the evening at least three hours of a meal and it also filling with talking nonstop of life and whatever trickles into the wide variety of topics. Once they feel satisfied with staying more than their share of time then the drive to the Victorian style house seems to be too long. In fact, it proofs to be too true as chatter slows between them and that bends into Jenessa dozing off in the passenger’s seat. Angelina welcomes such for she too needs sleep. So, it is a marker of not staying awake late to continue catching up. Thus, as Angelina turns the car onto the driveway Jenessa stirs into awakening from the car coming at a slower pace and that provokes Angelina to say, “Sleepyhead.”
“Yes, Angel. I am sorry. As I said at the restaurant my work has me exhausted. Just as you too are drained from that unbelievable hectic pace that you keep.” Drowsily is a claiming by the forty-something Italian blond female of devastatingly shocking green eyes and model like physical features.

“You need sleep. And you know that there is no sorry for us. It is our rule. So, please, get yourself up to your usual bedroom and do not worry about anything. We have a month together but first, we both need sleep.” Angelina advises with a feeling of thankfulness that she is not the only one that may pass out if they don’t get rest.

From that point onward it is the gathering of the luggage case with night clothing in it. As Jenessa does this Angelina collects her own work satchel from the backseat of the car. After that, the two women easily make short work of house entry to almost immediately begin the process of going to bed. They say their ‘sweet dreams’ to next experience getting into their individual rooms with each having a shower soon after. This is followed by them individually snuggling into their own bed with that leaving the house settling into stillness. A sweet peacefulness that provides a descending into a depth of sleep that barely has Angelina capable of being pulled into the REM sleep of the dream realm by her lover, her Ever.

“My love, I serve thee.” Is worshipfully spoken by Angelina as her subconscious becomes aware of what is happening, aware of Beauty coming to Ever.

As awareness unveils Beauty instantly kneels on the grassy earthen soil within a cultivated forest. She kneels to the seeing of the angelic like a figure of her Ever. This brings Beauty to be looking down to keep reverence of the holiness of being with her Dominant. A powerful sacred moment as Beauty feels the warmth of a summer sun high in the skies. Yet, there is the shade of tall trees marking shadow lines on the soil that lay in her sight. This instantly tells Beauty that the chosen realm is what they both call White Birch Hallow.

Indeed it is the holy hallow made by their love. White Birch Hallow is a vast Birchwood forest with red soiled travel lanes. This paradise owns a wide variety of nooks of adult playground spaces to enjoy romance and sexual pleasures. It is here that the ultimate romantic paradise for love, for lovemaking and for falling into all that true love may ever be. This realm of the dreamlands is also one of pristine beauty and a place where love runs wild in its pleasures of almost fairytale wonders.

“Beauty, you hesitated in coming home to our togetherness. Is there something I need to know?” Comes as a query from Ever who feels that something lay betwixt them as an unspoken energy barrier.

“Only tired, my Ever. Only tired.” Truthfully claims Beauty with not remembering the moments spent with William during her waking day.

Hearing this Ever comes to stand before Beauty with pondering that such is possible for she knows that Beauty usually is quick to come. Hence, Ever reaches down to lay her left hand upon Beauty`s right shoulder while slipping it further in reaching to acquire a hand to hold. ”Your hand, give me your hand, Beauty. I wish to hold it. We will walk as lovers.”

This creates a smile to come Beauty`s lips as she supplies her hand to Ever with rising up to walk. “Yes, my love, I need to be closer to you.”

“You and I will be closer to each other upon our marriage bed in the next-door dale. It is our destination.” Claims Ever with slipping a hand against one of Beauty`s to clasp hands as the walking toward the connecting dale exists for them both.

“Your favorite Egyptian cotton sheets of royal lilac are waiting on our bed. And on our little bistro tea table, there is Berry Cordial tea and Cum Cream biscuits. Two of your favorite treats served on the Fae crystal for your enjoyment. On the back of your chair rests your pink linen waist robe. You will change into it before we snuggle on our Victorian style poster bed. Our bed now has its new veils and tapestries of ivory. A paradise for sleeping that is waiting for my Beauty, my sleeping one.” Is weaving as inspiration from Ever so that Beauty may find the respite that Ever sensed to be the requirement for them both.

This telling of an enchanted life moment emerges for them. It arrives as real in the Dreamlands. It does for it is a fairytale weaved of impossible magic that does pop up for their enjoyment. And in all her confidence Ever knows that her words possess the magic of it all being almost instantly delivered for their pleasure. In fact, the moment that Ever states of the enchanted moment then it exists for them. All that is needed is the arrival Beauty, Beauty to be with Ever as they leave the current woodland dale of spring wildflowers encircled by tall white birch trees.

“We will settle on our bed to sleep in each other's arms. We may enjoy kink during our next evening of togetherness.” Lovingly shares Ever, as she leans over to play a tender love filled kiss to Beauty’s closest facial cheek.

“I like that.” Sleepily convey Beauty as she devotedly gazes up into Ever`s gray eyes. “I love you, my Ever.”

“I love you too, Beauty. Our love is perfect for us just as our slumber is unspoiled while sharing kisses under the moon. We do have a full moon to replace the high noon sun.” And with that spoken the daylight leisurely fades to darkness with the only illumination being a bold full moon and zillions of stars twinkling in the celestial curtain of night skies. Breathtaking to see with the blazing silvery hues of the mystical of the night playing a symphony of the light display as the two lovers walk into the dale next door.

As they do Beauty queries, “Do you wish Berry Cordial tea before we snuggle, my Mistress?”

The treat having high tea is easily accessible too for they stroll past the tiny table of tea service and treats within a moment of their entry into what seems like an extra large master bedroom created by immaculate primal nature. The tea serve accompanies a carpeting of the finery of bluegrass tuft and trimmed to the perfection of softness that its delicate sweet on the feet. It is the base of an enormous bedroom that is walled by a thick collection of white Birchwood trees for privacy gifting. It is claimed to be a simplistic room of a wooden bistro style table set, a closet wardrobe, an outdoor wooden bathing tub of extra large size and the divine Victorian poster bed built of white Birchwood that has a canopy of a Weeping Willow tree. A lovely bed with a mattress overstuffed with its fluff of goose down feathers while as the elegance of the lilac colored bed sheets and ivory colored tapestries exist as the comforts of the bed of divine lovemaking. Or better yet, it is a 'sanctuary of sacristy', a love bed made in dreams for two who find their love the most natural of all things in existence.

“Tea you say, my love.” Ever says in thinking of it while smiling of Beauty`s wish to serve even though Ever senses that her submissive grows more exhausted. But in all truth, it is more than that. In fact, it`s noticeable that Beauty is bone tired causing Ever `s energy to be aware that Beauty`s mortal consciousness and body are at its limits. Hence, in a quick decision of understanding that, plus accepting that Beauty needs to serve, to serve even if it should wait. However, Ever conveys, “No tea but my submissive may bring the Cum Cream biscuits for us to enjoy in our bed. I know that you need to serve me so you may do that but then I will care for you, my beloved one.”

Ever then instantly feels the tug of Beauty reaching back behind them to attempt the collecting of the tiny plate of biscuits for their pleasure sharing. Yet, it’s too far to retrieve without turning back to get them. This has Ever chuckle for Beauty can`t reach the biscuits without releasing hands. “You never like letting me go. Not even to please me. And that pleases me.”

Beauty blushes in responding, “No. I will never let you go. It tortures me that we are this and not more. I need you in my waking life. If we were allowed we would be more, more and married.”

The truth, yes it is. Yes, they both know this reality of what is between them. They each have desperately tried to change this but the dream realms collapse when they start to make efforts into sharing anything about their mortal waking life. Thus, Beauty is unaware that her dream lover is billionaire musician and businesswoman Quinlan Asher with a secret of being deeply spiritual. In turn Ever is uninformed that Beauty is Dr. Angelina Ana Bombieri with a full-time professorship of Divinity while being a divorcee who lives a solitary life in the city that Quinn once called a home for a year. Therefore, Angelina is unacquainted of being madly in love with the musician who serenades her nightly via CDs. It is also honest to say that Quinn is naive of William trying to steal the one woman that Quinn has loved for most of her life. Hence, life could be interesting for these three if those long ago ancient Ascended Mystics had not placed such strict controls within the dream realms.

With such spoke about the truth of life Ever leads the two of them back toward the tea table that holds the Cream Cum biscuits. In that, she pushes a smile into the moment with soulfully sharing, “We will marry within a week of our meeting. There must be a way to have more. There must be a way, my beloved.”

Then leaning downward Ever brings Beauty`s hand up to her lips to place a tender sweetness of a loving kiss as she looks deep into Beauty`s angelic blue eyes.

“I love you,” reverently whisper Beauty to further happily share, “I do, I do marry you and will ever only be yours.”

“I do, I do and only ever yours, my Beauty.” exists the reply in solemn surrender to the very thing that they both wish for with all their souls.

Then with Beauty retrieving the plate of Cream Cum biscuits Ever changes the topic. She does this so that happiness exists instead of the sorrow of what is their reality in the waking world. “These are your creation and they are a treat. So sweet, crumbly like tea biscuits but ginger cookie thin with tanginess. That tang taste almost tastes like your own cum.”

With that Beauty snickers for she too feels a topic change is good. Yet, she had not expected this one. This giggling has Ever tilting her head sideways in looking at Beauty with wondering if the analysis is correct. “You do not. Do you? Do you bake these with your own cum? If you do that in the other world then you are making them often. Yes, often for I want to watch and then I am eating my fill as I supply dipping sauce for them.”

“Yummy!” Comes exclaimed as Beauty does a happy dance with then tugging on Ever`s hand to come along to their bed.

This new topic brings a minor excitement to Beauty and she wishes those promised kisses on that marriage bed of Birchwood and bliss. Thus, Ever joyfully follows and they both arrive at the bed`s edge where Ever takes the plate of Cream Cum biscuits to rest them atop the headboard of the king-sized bed. Then she softly commands, as she stands next to her submissive mate, “Kneel in the middle of the bed. I am going to sit with my back against the headboard, pillows comfy for me while you are watching. You are serving me an orgasm. Only one. No more than one for me. This will satisfy your need to serve me with it pleasing me. It will serve our need to relax for we will orgasm in the other world. Stress relief and a happiness.”

With hearing this Beauty remains holding Ever’s hand while she begins the settling onto the bed. Then she crawls to the very middle near the bottom of the bed to kneel there in waiting for her Dominant to find leisure on the bed near the top. When both are once more peering eyes into eyes Ever lovingly instructs, “Come straddle my lap. We will press palms to palms and it will be eyes to eyes. Then you will with your left hand please me, you will give me one orgasm. You will do it without removing your right palm from my palm. You will do it while giving me one kiss every time my breathing changes. It will be a spanking every time you do not kiss me. Come my one, come serve me.”

Nothing more is needed to have Beauty saddle into straddling that lovely outstretched length of legs of Ever. A long length of well-muscled legs that are opened enough for access to Ever`s nude pleasure treasure. This gives to Beauty straddling wide and sitting low in the saddling. Such brings both women to become very comfy with Ever placing both of her palms up in mid-air between them. “Left palm first, soul first.”

Beauty giggled as she hears the sweetness in the directions. Then she places her flat open palm worshipfully against Ever`s right palm. “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.” Is spoken in a psalm of love that naturally flows between them.

Being pleased with it has Ever smile as she feels moisture growing between her lower lips. It joins the flush of sexual heat that comes when Beauty straddled her legs to saddle into lovemaking. But that sitting in a bestriding did not change her breathing for she wants to control it and to merely have this one orgasm for she now easily recognizes the depth of tired that Beauty truly is. She does and as the pulse energy is felt in Beauty`s palm it further tells of the depth of tiredness having a need for mental reinforcement of only one orgasm.

“Right palm, heart palm on my soul's palm.” Is requested with Ever leaning forward to breathe a breath of Beauty`s very air as their lips almost touch. This allows the full capture of eyes with eyes to connect the depths of the soul into a union that binds them for eternity. Then with taking to temptation Ever presses a gentle kiss to Beauty`s upper lips as she amorously whispers, “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.”

The loving kiss almost distracts Beauty from her task but she gathers her senses to peer deep into those gray eyes that are so mystical that they intrigue. They are spellbinding, mesmerizing and love in all of Love`s vastness. Thus, it`s breathing, deeper breathing, intense breathing and wanting more kisses so that love is more and more. This makes the moment is stuck but Beauty automatically slips her left palm to press Ever`s right palm. Then it’s a rush, in a high-speed energy rush it comes in its circuit of what keeps and seeps between them. So it`s pulse, sensation, electric soul connection rendering in its entire splendor. It brings both women to breathe so deep that it's gasping that brings body quaking. It is quaking that notes and floats out as a signal of allowing the kissing of Ever`s of upper lips by Beauty. A slow sweet humble kiss of love`s bleeding need. Then with the release of the love kiss, there is worshipfully heard, “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.” Comes the tiny rhythmic psalm of the profession of the love betwixt them.

They instantly know of their blood pulsing. They recognize that the heat between thighs is erupting in bursts of an erotic calling to be pleased. Pleased, touched and loved in ways that are a passionate play. Passionately playing the wetness until it comes in waves of creamy sauce to dip the Cream Cum biscuits into. Yes, they will have biscuits but first, there is that one orgasm, one. Only one and so far both really like how it’s coming, building and wanting to be shared. Wanting free but controlled as Ever shares, “Love to you, loving only you. Only ever in love with you.”

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