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Ever Note - Chapter 10, A Big O

Within this note of a soul love between these two women Ever firmly asserts her breathing to be even so that kisses are few. She wants Beauty to fully fill the command but there is a need to stimulate only one orgasm. Hence, getting carried away into two or more must be controlled. Strangely enough, it is orgasm control when Ever is extremely familiar with having as many as she desires. And that is rarely ever less than a half dozen.

Yes, Ever claims all the rights of being a Dominant. Such is the truth in reality even though it’s a bonding in the dream realms. Her claims upon such a status exist via service of anything that pleases her or that she wishes for. Such things and events can range into the vast extremes of various kinks. Especially, when it is on the topic of orgasm control and being sexually pleased. One such common kink comes as her having no issue in disallowing orgasms for Beauty for months. She often does it while enforcing Beauty to be serving a minimum of a dozen climaxes to her during a single sexual session. This subsists due to Ever`s belief that a Dominant must have no less than twelve orgasms for each one climax that a submissive receives. This has a further extreme in that the denial is one thing but how it is done often is interesting. It is for Ever long ago convinced Beauty to take meditation courses along with being hypnotized to control her none sleep orgasms when being stimulated in the dream realms. Hence, this deed truly proves that Ever does control the power exchange between them for it exists in the waking world too.

Therefore Ever evens out her breathing so that kissing is limited. She sees Beauty watching her mouth while searching those gray eyes while loving every moment of the lovemaking. Loving it even within the exhaustion that is running rampant through the actual physical body and mind of Beauty. Such feelings swarm into Ever at a constant pace. These are increasing as the play continues but she knows that Beauty needs to serve. It must exist or part of Beauty may feel neglected and useless in the relationship. So that triggers, “I am horny. Your left hand is not where it should be. Please me. Do it now!” She demands in sharp sternness.

Instantly Beauty slides her left palm slowly downward over Ever`s wrist. The heated sweat is evident as the palm trails downward in blessing the length of Ever`s inner arm. It enjoys its leisurely path of play until Beauty’s palm meets the elbow’s junction on Ever`s arm. In doing so Ever suddenly gasps for she really likes the thrill of how Beauty needs to never let go.

Then as another slips out a huge grin spins upon Beauty`s enticing upper lips as her eyes dance of getting to enjoy another kiss. Yet, before the beautiful brunette does she knows that there are protocols for that too. So, she humbly asks, “My Domme, May I kiss your lips?”

“One.” is the fast reply within breathiness as Ever reigns in the gasping and tries to not have her body moving into full arousal of wanting so much more than only one orgasm.

Ever is horny. No doubt about it. It existed as the truth when William mentioned it earlier in the waking world. Additionally, it definitely is full-scale wanton lust now that she has Beauty right where she needs a submissive to be. That place is Beauty kneeling with giving a kiss while the left hand of long lovely fingers of Beauty makes way to drop to Ever`s thighs.

And it does come there. It arrives willing to tease and please as much as possible. Thus, landing eagerly comes. But a soft touchdown with the erect index finger barely touching the firm muscled skin on the curve of Ever`s right inner thigh. Such happening blazes a sparkling light into Ever`s gray eyes. The excitement of pleasure coming shines so brilliantly on this woman of controlled life. It does for it is a deep demand for orgasm with it showing in each movement that is now made. Each lovely move of these two females bodies while enjoying the push into a higher state of arousal. Their energy comes bolder to unite in the force that binds them to each other. Their eyes dance in an unspoken language of a neediness of physical love. Then in all the growing tension, more heated moisture flows between both of their thighs. It grows in its dripping as lusty aching hit a higher note when Beauty barely press a sweet lingering kiss to Ever`s mouth. Within the kiss, the brunette breathes in the oxygen that is betwixt them. It has them each feeling a tugging the hypnotic link of their passionate souls as lust comes to fully to bear. And that triggers Ever to whisper in the kiss, “You tease. You are to fuck me. Fuck me now, bad girl.”

Not a word slips Beauty`s lips for she very well knows what she is doing. She understands that teasing is welcomed but she must be careful too. But the command does leave a sinful grin upon her lips having the sides of her mouth crack in a seemingly permanent pleasure of displaying her joy.

This leads to Beauty promoting her index finger to glide in a smooth caress down over the curve of her Dominant`s thigh. The motions create more teasing energy sensations. Feelings of intense pleasure that bind with the already well-stirred cravings. Cravings that spin wild within them both with it building to more beautiful touching that brings dizziness, dizziness as that index finger barely moves. In fact, it merely travels a single inch downward but it pours out a gasp with having Ever`s mind spin of euphoria. This swiftly has Beauty asking “ My Domme, May I…”

But Beauty doesn’t get to finish because of the gorgeous blond Dominant growls within sizzling arousal breaths, “Yes, and fuck me, my slut.”

Once more Beauty takes to pressing a tender loving kiss on Ever`s lips. She looks into eyes and grins even more if it’s possible. She can see that Ever is pleased and that the teasing is still okay to enjoy. Yet, Beauty figures it is time to further the cause of filing her Dominant`s commands. Thus, the caress of her index finger slides down to touch a firm well-shaven pussy mound. And as her finger glide on Ever`s skin, a deeper breathing with panting emanating from both of them. In this, each woman recognizes its no stopping. They know that their horniness is now wild. They understand that teasing is no longer permitted and Beauty`s need to serve her Dominant. A must for there is a primal craving to give by supplying orgasm. It has Ever`s free hand grasping Beauty left breast, the heart breast. It once more makes the energy chain a circuit. Therefore, it creates a heart to soul and soul to heart connection through three palms and a breast.

“Love to you, loving only you.” With it spoken by the blond Dominant to have it heard by the brunette submissive with her finishing it, “Only ever in love with you.”

In seconds that follow Ever deeply kisses Beauty`s lips with not a further word for they both know what must be. So, Beauty`s index finger continues to move to the moist heat of Ever`s pussy. It is a tickling touch that slowly crawls along causing both women to tense up in readiness for the onslaught of pleasure giving. It all has Ever`s lower body muscles flexing in an untamed rhythm of anticipation. Then in an instant, that long lovely finger slips over lower lips that radiate heat.”Mmm!” comes in purring from the beautiful blond who desire so much more. “Mmm. Ohh, yes, yes.”

Beauty brings a rhythmical pace in tapping her finger on Ever`s clit as it then begins creating tiny light touching circles on the wet hot folds. These motions build into reaching a tension that makes Ever clench her pussy muscles and then force them to open. Then it’s a repeat as the wildfire of arousal fills and thrill. She now wants more, she demands it with needing that high of release. “More. I need you.”

“Yes, my Domme.” Replies Beauty who leans up to press a deep sensual kiss to Dominant’s upper lips. A kiss that takes the breath as Ever returns her passion as the lust comes mutual within its tasting. This fills them as Beauty brings a steady rubbing pace through those lower lips that now enjoy two fingers thrusting in deep.

“Mm, yes, yes!” Comes winded from Ever in heated breaths as she gets dizzier with almost ready to release her creamy treat.
The constant thrusting of fingers into Ever`s vagina with kissing continuing brings Ever`s left hand to squeeze Beauty`s breast harder. Harder with the fingers thrusting deeper in a pounding that rocks Ever`s body. The world of the dream realm seems to spin wildly even though it stands still in watching them as Ever`s orgasm wants to scream into freedom. The natural high of orgasmic bliss sweeps her senses to push it over the top to signal releases. Beauty remains relentless in her serving the need while having her fingers play upon powerful muscles of a goddess of a woman. Thus, Ever takes to riding it out with allowing her climax to shatter in releasing creamy liquids that rush to meet Beauty`s hand. And a sit flows Beauty`s eyes dance with the delight of filling a command by servicing her Mistress.

“Love to you, loving only you.” This comes tenderly spoken by the brunette submissive to have it overheard by the blond Domme allowing her to finish it, “Only ever in love with you.”

The release makes Ever’s body quake as it causes deep breathing by both with the thrusting slowly waning into a stop. Then as calm begins to fill them Beauty scoops the thick cream up so that she may bring it upward. As the hand comes intro Ever`s view she releases Beauty`s breast from the grip. She smiles as her hand then clasps around Beauty wrist. “We have a treat,” she mentions while reaching behind herself to retrieve a Cream Cum biscuit from the plate that rests on the headboard of the bed.

The moments that follow provide Ever holding the biscuit as Beauty uses her fingers to smear the creaminess of orgasm on the cookie-like biscuit. With each scooping and caress, the two women smile into eyes and breathe each other. As they do Ever feels Beauty energy fighting to maintain REM sleep. So she figures it is time to truly release her lover into a relaxation. But firstly a reward that comes from being a good naughty girl.

“My submissive, you will eat our biscuit. It will fill you to allow you your orgasm. The other world will be creamy for you.”

Kissing each other one more comes with Beauty taking to enjoying nibbling the Cum Cream biscuit. Ever`s arms embrace her having Beauty`s backside feel the loving caress of fingers playing along with a spine to relax out tension and to ready them for snuggling. Ever smiles as biscuit becomes devoured and she giggles, “Mmm, You are love and all that I desire.”

Beauty smiles with watching every movement of Ever`s eyes while feeling the love being massaged into her spinal column. It provokes a purr for Beauty enjoys having her strong back loved with the constant caress. But in a few seconds Ever squirms to adjust positions. She next begins rising while placing Beauty down on the bed. Ever lays her beloved on the right side before then reaching the bottom of the love bed to pull the heavy lilac printed quilt over them both.

“We are sleeping. You will sleep in tomorrow too with relaxing all weekend. Sweet dreams, my soul, my beloved.”

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