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Arousing Ry - Chapter 1, Sexual Feelings

"Everything about you is sex. Sex, sex, sex is that all you ever think of?” Comes full throttle from a woman who is no longer willing to enjoy orgasmic bliss after a full night of teasing out countless ounces of cum.

“Seriously, Ryanne it is all you ever do with me. All we do is fuck each other and we rarely do anything more. I am more than a fuck and why do you hide from my world?” She states to then turn to look Ryanne Masterson dead straight in those jade color eyes.

Ryanne merely lay upon those red satiny sheets of a sleigh bed that have seen a rocking within wild kinky pleasures for the past week. The only breaking away from constant lovemaking comes when they must sleep or eat. Sleeping simply happens due to exhaustion. The meals are more of an adventure though. Those are for such either subsists as delivery from the bistro down the street or made by them both here in this loft style apartment that overlooks the streets of Paris. Yet, no matter where the food comes from the two women enjoys eating all meals on the balcony. This subsists as the one rule, this of no eating food in bed. Payton insisted on it because if they remain on the bed Ryanne quickly takes to kissing or touching Payton. With such things swiftly leading into more sex with it quite often coming even before meals are finished. Thus, Payton knows that sex is something that Ryanne cannot get enough of. She has always known it.

“Well, it`s true Ry. We have barely left the apartment all week. Are we hiding?” Payton jokingly claims in furthering her cause as her eyes fill with the wondering of why they are so reclusive. It brings a gaze from Payton St Croix that come stern in its glaring over the feelings of Ryanne hiding from something. Hiding ever since Ryanne return from the American continent.

Yes, that dreaded America steals ‘her’ Ryanne for endless weeks at a time. It then sends Ry back here to France but still, Payton thinks that a new woman is now the object of her girlfriend`s attention. That is what Payton feels deep within her, feels that she is competing or having to not be seen due to others or something in Ry`s life. These sensations recently come in their relationship for it is quite different a month ago.

A month ago Ryanne has no issue with anything about their long-term relationship. In fact, they even have enjoyed public lovemaking on the steps of nightclubs throughout cities in Europe. Of course, photojournalists from tabloids catch them. Such is a must when it`s two high profile socialites that rebel against the proper behaviors set by one set of parents. Thus, photographers bring the images to the forefront of the young European socialite's life with such placed right in front of her family too. In fact, because of such things, Payton’s life is rocking of interesting repercussions. It does for her daddy exists as a well-known high profile businessman in the international shipping industry. Thus, verbal spankings regularly come to both women from Sidney St. Croix. Such are accompanied by threats directed at Ryanne. Threats in concern to maintaining proper decorum due to the truths that the St Croix family refuses to take seriously that their daughter is a lesbian. Therefore, if Ry remains unsettled in public displays with Payton then it is easy to interfere with the architectural contracts that Ryanne`s father`s firm holds as prime business dealings in Europe. Hence, if Ry messes with the St Croix family too much then she too is to be messed with and that means parents involved with businesses connections coming to be tools.

With no response from Ryanne it pushes Payton even more into getting an answer, “Well, it`s true, Ry? Why do we not go dancing? Why cancel the party invites? Why no going out? We always go out and have fun when you come.”

“Payton, get your ass into the shower! I will be there after making espresso for us. “ Ry claims in ways of not allowing anything for true answers. She does not give any for Ry wants what Ryanne wants. And this week that wanting is of sex and doing work duties here on the Euro continent. Along with her work duties, Ry has a duty to decorum and pleasing two families. She has this while pleasing a girlfriend and keeping to pleasing herself. Yet, her Euro girlfriend currently seems a bit rebellious, rebelling against the rules set up by their daddies.

“No, answer me!” Comes back in sharp demanding response from Payton, who thinks that the reply is a lot too harsh for her comfort zone.

Ryanne glares up at Payton. It happens as Ryanne tosses off the satin sheet covering those fine lines of athletic curves that are sweetly a thirty-something woman. She is a gorgeous creature that is smooth in her seductive beauty and dark within the coolness of her aura energies. She is an exquisite woman of that special energy that very few possess in life. She has that certain delicate spellbinding mystic and intellectual seduction that draws many to her. It gives her the talent of being able to keep almost anyone enchanted while being seduced by her. She exists as a sexual goddess that seriously brings about that smooth coolness of an alpha personality that not many women have. It is a male quality of humans and even then very few males own it. Yet, Ryanne Masterson is a professional at wielding this as her base power. True, it is more than the mere cool confidence of doing everything in life but it is most certainly interesting. It additionally includes the seducing of hordes of women and achieving anything that she desires in life. This without a single doubt makes Ryanne a delicious treat.

However, currently, it doesn’t show for she is trying to avoid a fight due to only wanting the positive things and pleasures involved in life. So, as Payton angrily prepares to say more Ry breaths deeper to seek calmness while readying to change the topic but Payton fiercely conveys, “You answer me!”

“No! Stop. You must stop. You only need to know that you will be fucked again. You only need to worry of that.” Ry harshly tosses at Payton.

Strictness from Ry towards the demanding of this spritely five foot eleven woman that is intellectual seduction, sexual diva, and playful flirtation. Ry embraces great respect for Payton but she knows the limits that they have. So, Ryanne holds to a fierce staring contest with this woman who is falling in love with her. Yet, Ryanne isn’t allowing love as issues between her and anyone. It exists as a law in her life. Thus, within her, that fact comes once more settled as truth to have her next turning to leave the bedroom but she pauses at the bedroom door with softly saying. “No more questions. None. You know that I leave today. Enjoy what we have. Please enjoy it. You know what your daddy said.”

“Fuck, daddy!” Is shooting back with a stinging raw edge as Payton has that stare of needing her life to exist in her own ways. And that exists even if her father likes controlling it in every way that is possible.

“I would but he needs to be a woman,” Ryanne coldly states in a cheekiness but she is serious too. Ry is for they both know that the issues with Mr. St Croix are deadly severe. “You know that I am a true lesbian. I do not do men. You do men. He wants you fucking and marrying men too. He doesn’t want you with me. So, live in his rules. We live in his rules until he says for you to stop. He also knows that I only fuck women, the more women that I fuck the better for me. He says you deserve better than me because of that. Thus, we must exist in what we can until he makes you leave me. We must enjoy what we can or I will find what I need elsewhere.”

That exists as the truth between them. All of it is honest to goodness truth. Within it, they both also understand of Ryanne`s prowess in seduction with it accepted by them as a rule of being part of their romance. A rule of Ryanne having many lovers and that the girlfriend status is the most cherished. Payton knows that she is Ryanne`s girlfriend. But that isn’t the issue this week. It`s a ‘daddy issue’ and being caged in ways that are not okay with either of them but they are working on it. At least they are going to try to do that for a little while. This has Ryanne now leaning against the pillar posts of the doorway as she whips out with. “So, no fucking your daddy. Not unless his cock suddenly vanishes. Therefore, it is you, you and me until we must end this. ”

“Ry,” Payton sharply says to then hesitate while in her mind tries to comprehend Ryanne. Payton tries to understand that Ryanne submits obstacles but remains dominant and ferocious in life. She sees fierceness and knows that Ry is dominant but she doesn’t understand why they both do not merely rebel to have what they want. “Ry, do you want me? Do you still want me? Really want me? Are we more than sex and good times? Daddy doesn’t matter to me. If you really desire me then he doesn’t matter. Only you matter. That matters to me.“

That brings that restless squirming of shifting to a straighter stance against the pillar post for Ryanne. Standing taller has Ryanne a good five foot eight inches tall and she feels the need to look at Payton. But she cannot. There is to be no looking into those eyes. None and it makes Ryanne suddenly wishing to not share the total truth that exists between them. Such truths are the honesty that her heart is deadly cold and that the sex is beautiful with it enough to keep the relationship involving Payton going. Yet, it is a bit more than that for Ryanne knows that a part of her could enjoy making a ‘couples life’ with Payton. However, it can`t happen for Payton is marked as a treasure for someone else. Ryanne recognizes it and so does the beautiful brown-eyed Payton but for various reasons, neither likes the concept.

“I am not answering any of that. You know your daddy has plans for you. What he wants for you is significant and you know it. He won`t let you have me for he doesn’t allow it. And what he wants for you is important.” Ryanne clarifies while swallowing the saliva lump in her throat.

“You are only flirting with a lesbian and you know it. You can`t have a future with me.” Ryanne declares while walking over to stand directly in front of this woman who gazes at Ryanne with a deep love that is wantonly sitting within those eyes of brown dreamy pools of the soul.

“Looking at me like that doesn’t change anything. You know that not being with me is what your parents want. It is what the tabloids say too. Everyone around you says that I am your ‘dirty player of hearts’ and you are fucking me for fun.” This comes within a dewy tone of Ry attempting to not break a heart, but Ryanne apprehends that it eventually is going to happen between them. So, she softens the truth to try to hide it so they may have a tiny something just a little longer. “You are more than dreams. You are, oh…”

In this Ry brings a long feathery gasping of how deeply Ry is attracted to Payton St. Croix. Then reaching upward she places her fingers upon loose strands of brunette tresses that fall in front of Payton`s gorgeous face as Ry continues. “You are, are...the world to me, you are..” Comes in whispers of a soft devotion of never wanting their relationship to be more than lust. It is dangerous if the relationship becomes a mutual love and not the sexual play with lively adventures in life. Those are merely dangerous to both. The incoming acts from it exist as things that neither can bear because Payton`s family cannot accept that their daughter is a bisexual leaning into lesbianism.

“No, Ry. No, we are more than flirting and all of that. You matter. You matter most to me. Do I matter to you? Tell me. Tell me for I need to know your true feelings for me. Please? Tell me. Tell me please.” Payton pleads in a quivering tone for she senses that block of coolness that Ryanne has when pushing through hard moments. That harsh wall that Ry has using seductive behaviors. Payton understands that Ry is going to turn this moment into sex to avoid sharing true feelings. Hence, Payton takes to digging deeper. She must go deeper for what she needs to know before Ryanne leaves for America again. Payton recognizes that America steals Ry from her and America can keep her too. Therefore, Payton gives another try at getting the love words and love feelings.

“Ry, you can see it in these eyes. You can see that I have fallen in love you. You know that my touch is different this week than the past months. Ry, please, please drop the walls and tell me. Tell me what you feel about me. Please?” Begs Payton in that way that you know that an answer must come. It needs to for it’s a powerful yearning within an almost crying of needing to be loved in return.

Yet, one thing that Ryanne Lea Masterson is good at is not tripping the switch in concern to fucking up in things of the heart. She avoids it like a plague, a plague that may consume her. She treats it like it is one voracious disease filled event that can possibly even destroy the entire world that surrounds her. So, she whips out a response to thwart all ideas of talking about feelings. “Pleasing you is what I wish to do. You are my desire and you know my feelings about you. You do feel it in my kisses. You know my feelings are in our energy. My feelings are there every time you press your lips to mine.”

“No! Ry, no!” Comes sternly in pushing away the smooth cool seduction. “Do you love me? You know, I want to know what you feel about me. So, spill it. I need the truth. I must have it before you return to America where you may decide to never see me again. I have the feeling you will do that to us.”

“Uhm.” Comes humming from Ryanne who steps back to watch this other woman take control of the process of what should be an easy turning around in concern to unwanted emotional events. Seeing such has Ry hoping that it turns into sexual pleasure and not be any truth-telling within more discussion of personal love feelings. Inside Ry, there comes a need to redirect it for Ryanne doesn’t do the true ‘feelings’ chat with anyone. Thus, Ry shakes her head in a chastising manner while gazing at Payton before saying. ”Shhh.”

Yet, the soft hushing brings Payton to firmly glance at Ry with a ‘don’t even try it glaring staring’. That has Ryanne inhaling a large amount of air and then exhaling immediately to bring calmness to then try a new route to have the chat stopped. “Baby, you know what is between us. So please,” Ry affirms in another attempt to have the questioning stop without saying anything of true feelings.

“Not good enough, Ryanne Lea! You fuck me daily, but the love words you do not say. Not once within sincerity have you said them. So, tell me what, if anything, is in that heart. Tell me or we can stop the sex so that we can work on our emotions. Tell me, come on!” Payton pleads with also issuing out a minor league threat to this dark-haired woman who seems to never budge more than a cool inch or two about feelings of the relationship sort. And that is what Ryanne sums up too. She realizes it is the deadline time for things. She figures it`s truth-telling time even if the pretty socialite isn’t seeing what is the truth for weeks now.

“Ry, come on!” Payton demands more firmly on the need of the knowledge that can keep their relationship healthy.

“Payton, please. You are my world here.“ Exists as demand as Ryanne looks into those eyes of Payton`s while wishing that Payton noticed the truth long ago.

After all, the truth is very clear with it definitely well defined when daddy St Croix sternly declares that he expects grandkids from his only child. He wants legacy and generations of family for his money to enjoy. He makes his statements vibrant, statements that he is anticipating that his baby plays the hetero game in life. So in order to push Payton into seeing what the trust must be Ryanne coldly conveys, “I do believe you have a man that is supposed to be attached to you at some point.”

“A man?” Arrives in an inquisition of misunderstanding for her mind is knee deep in wanting feelings from her girlfriend and not the ‘whatever’ of herself being a daughter of high society. She needs Ry to share. In fact, the other parts of Payton`s life are currently on hold until she gets particular information. That info must come from Ryanne. It needs to for Payton wants a heart to love her and is now demanding it from the woman who needs to give it or get out.

“Yes, a man. You know, that guy that is daddy`s choice of lover boy for you.” Disdainfully slips from within Ryanne as she continues on with, “You will marry and have a hetero thing. You are to be married to some rich dick that will bore you to death in bed. You and him doing a snooze zoo with his vanilla daydream awhile fucking your daddy`s money. Someone like Taylor Tennyson.” conveys Ryanne remembering the party of several weeks ago when they endure the ego of a professional sports jock turned naval engineer that is trumped around as the pick of men for Payton to approve of.

Within this Payton, diligently listens for she requests talk of feelings even if those seem to not be forthcoming. Yet, this outburst may lead to that if she can keep Ry talking. However, currently she isn’t getting exactly what she wanted, but she gets a juicy drip of something to help her get answers about Ry`s feelings. Payton does for she wonders, ' is that a tinge of jealousy? Feelings? Is it possible that Ryanne has an emotion in concern to my love life?'

This brings a surprised gaze with Payton needing to talk, but she sticks with silence for there exists the scent of feelings being shared. And comes as shocking after months of none in their relationship. So Payton stares, watches in that way that comes softer in love and in understanding that Ry is cracking at long last. Payton thinks that she sees a melting of coolness that needs to be encouraged. Yes, it must be stimulated if she wants Ry sharing emotions. Yet it's not a positive emotion. It is jealousy. Payton doesn’t want a jealous girlfriend. She wants the love words and the love feelings. Thus, she figures there must be one more go at this plugging away at getting Ry to share feelings.

“I never said that I want men to be for me. Stop listening to him. Stop it, Ryanne! There is no Tennyson or other men in my life. So, you don’t need to be jealous. Jealousy isn`t something you and me do. But, if it takes me bedding a man to have you love me then I will.”

“What!” Arrives in ballistic response over the hearing of Payton’s summary. Ry next tries to perceive how there is jealousy of anyone in her life. When she can`t figure it out Ry lets lose with her thought while being bogged down in anger. “Me,! Me! Me, me jealous? Me?”

Then full stop as she shifts and walks toward the bedroom doorway, “Me, me, Payton, me? Are you, uhm. Uhm. Oh, okay. Me!” She sums upon the matter of jealousy for it best is left alone. Hence, Ryanne just shakes her head for she needs to rattle this around for a while due not comprehending. So, with a look of disbelief toward Payton, Ry walks to the doorway with sternly declaring. “Coffee! Coffee will be in the kitchen waiting for you. I will be reading the newspaper. So, go have a good shower.”

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