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Arousing Ry - Chapter 2, Payton`s Pleasure

Statistically speaking if Ry`s girlfriend showers alone in the morning after a night of sex then she needs to consider it a notice that the tenure of being girlfriend is over. Thus, Payton best be kissing some ass to prove that her waywardness reforms with a better attitude that Ry can appreciate. That does include begging so that the girlfriend status remains while regulating life into a pleasing no-confrontational way. Yes, heavy-duty pleading and backtracking must exist. Or the girlfriend won`t even get a kiss goodbye from the goddess of lust games. With that said it also can be mentioned that Payton is well aware of this for she knows what happened to Ry`s last three girlfriends. Hence, Payton understands what she now must deal with.

“Ryanne! Do you love me?” Comes shouted from Payton who remains in the bedroom as Ryanne enters into the kitchen to begin the process of coffee making. Ry hears her but continues to do the coffee-making thing. Thus, she smoothly sets the espresso machine into motion. Within the waiting, she reaches for yesterday`s newspaper to then stand in leaning against the cupboard. With unfolding the undisturbed pages Ry hears Payton coming much closer while Payton crisply queries of things that do not please. “You are leaving me today, aren’t you?”

That brings a swift nonchalant glancing upward toward Payton who draws closer to Ry`s location. Within this Payton continues talking in the same clear clean tone. “You never intend to love me. Do you?”

Such create a shifting of the newspaper with raising it upward a slight amount to cover any viewing of Ryanne`s face. It arrives as the only response too. That brings Ry to possess the firm intention of reading anything on the page so that she can avoid any fighting that definitely comes with this incoming topic. Indeed it exists as in interesting topic of the past for Ry tried to leave a few months ago when Sydney St Croix demanded her too. Back then arguments shot about wildly for days but there must be no arguments today. None, due to it is fiercely thinking that no words are needed when the subject involves love or feelings. Plus, the months ago arguments defined many things.

“Do not be a coward Ry, answer me.” Comes as a demanding that simply must never be said to anyone. It especially must not be said to Ryanne Masterson who suddenly grips the paper in fisting it with then peering over the top of the newspaper. Ry stares because she knows that Payton now stands directly in front of her. Thus, Ry wishes to show the displeasure that rests in her eyes over the comment. Hence, the word of coward strongly fills Ryanne as she watches the way Payton smirks with staring into Ry`s eyes in waiting for a reply. Yet, there remains silence from the ever-cool Ry. That needs to be true of Payton too but it isn’t happening. It is not occurring as the road to Hell comes quickly for them both.

“I see!” is sharply spoken in that tone of understanding that chat is currently one-sided.

At this moment a soft shuffling of feet exists with Ry immediately feeling Payton`s hands gripping Ryanne`s nude thighs in demanding possession as they stand face to face. Then Payton’s palms smoothly move along Ry`s waistline until those meet in the space between Ry`s tummy button and pussy mound. With a look upward Payton watches for reactions and a reply. Yet, the only response comes as Ry tightening stomach muscles with then breathing deeper over being touched so near her sexual center. With this happening Payton figures it`s a game of ‘Hard To Get’, an instance of a hard to get any vocal reactions. But Payton is determined to get vocal responses to everything that she asked this morning. It is to be done even if it requires forcing it out of Ryanne.

That idea brings Payton to kneel in front of Ry. Then Payton leans inward to breathe on the nude skin of Ryanne`s pussy mound. The hot air makes a shiver race through Ryanne causing flexing of Ry`s lower body muscles as a retort to the teasing. Yet, Ry merely continues the reading of the newspaper.

Payton once more gazes upward to see if Ry is being attentive. Such comes hard to summarize, so she grins of needing to push more into having sex for she senses the muscular responses but nothing more. That fact encourages her to achieve a vocal reply to the questions. Hence, Payton`s hands move downward over Ry`s womanly mound with the intention of prying open those strong thighs for coming events. The anticipation of it creates arousal within the kneeling brunette, the exhilaration that rushes out in heated breaths land on Ry`s tummy. Within the heavier breathing, Payton leans in closer to Ry`s nude pussy mound. As she does a whipping of her tongue caresses her own mouth to moisten lips for there must be wet to make more wetness. With thinking such Payton changes her mind to wanting to kiss Ry`s well-shaven skin naughty pleasure center.

Being this close to tasting paradise is a teasing temptation. Payton is tempted to forget this foreplay to now merely fuck Ry. But she loves the tease so very much. So, Payton plays a luscious seductive kiss to Ry`s pussy mound before immediately trailing nibbling kisses downward. Moving her moist mouth in meticulously caressing with the intention of creating responses, moving until kisses land in the valley between thighs and torso. She does it while demanding to part Ry`s thighs so that Payton may taste that lush sea of lust that it always needs to be loved.

This brings Ryanne`s body into undeniable fiery arousal as it forces shifting of how Ry stands. In turn, Ry willingly parts thighs permitting Payton`s hands to easily caress Ry`s inner thighs. Such allows Payton`s two thumbs to spread open those lusty petals of womanly wetness. In doing so Payton once more focuses upward. She wants to see if the newspaper reading is halted. It is a need to know if the focus is on answering to all that Payton wants replies to. Yet, there is nothing coming so Payton’s two thumbs drift leisurely into entering the pulsating paradise of Ry`s hot pussy. Oh,

"Oh, oh my." Slips raspily spoken from Ry who has felt every motion with now needing to be pleased for her always extremely horny in the morning`s after waking. Within this Payton easily understands that Ryanne likes. She can tell even more so for the heated tension comes fast from Ry’s body, a body that moments ago stood within cool carefree stance. But now Payton is starting to make progress to the goals of answers. So, she becomes excited and pushes agenda even more.

“Leaving me will not help you.” Exists as an attempt of provoking the sharing of feelings while more attempts to arouse sexual desire higher before Payton plans to hold Ry hostage within needing to orgasm. Oh yes, Payton has plans and knows how to do this extremely well. This agenda comes as a wish to hold Ry tortured of needing an orgasmic release, a hanging in painful bliss until a few answers about feelings arrive. Yes, it`s dirty play within love and lust, but geez Ryanne isn’t exactly playing nice by ignoring answers to the love questions.

Therefore, both of Payton's thumbs gently probe a little deeper within the wet tight confines making Ryanne take full notice with wild horniness blazing fully into her body. Thus, Ry flexes taut strong vaginal muscles against the prying thumbs. She gasps of the coming of what usually is a great finger fucking session when Payton takes to this type of pleasure. This truth allows the beginning of more fire within Ry`s vaginal canal with an instant need to have her pussy devouring anything that Payton wants to probe it with. In fact, Ry wants her pussy to engulf every inch of those thumbs as her upper lips allow sharper gasping to pour from within. This supplies deeper breathing to cool off from the overpowering sensations of sexual heat that flood her lithe body. So, Ry swallows hard the knowledge that she is being fucked while she leans against the kitchen counter. Such awareness rings to be a delicious thing of happiness on a morning of not enough sex and too much talking.

In the next seconds, everything gets hotter when Payton lightly blows cooling air on Ry`s pretty moist lower lips. This unsettles Ry for this amount of extreme arousal brings being lost in erotic sensations with the cooling giving an awareness that she is in a state of trance. Hence, Ry becomes attentive while allowing her nude thighs to part even wider but she wants to not be so controlled by sex too.

This pleases the kneeling brunette for Payton knows that sex always gets Ry’s attention and she understands how she can use it too. Payton long ago understood that Ry always drops a bit of her cool collectedness when confronted with being touched in pleasure`s need. This fact is an essential of the coming events of sharing feelings. Therefore, an appreciative smile rests upon Payton`s lips with seeing Ry lost in being fucked. This allows Payton to leans forward to flick the tip of her firm moist tongue across her girlfriend`s clit.

“Yum. I want. My horny girlfriend must be fucked first thing. I love to fuck you but you will do more than enjoying this.“ arrives fiercely spoken just prior to another lash of Payton`s magical tongue whipping on Ry`s overheated moist pussy lips as the two thumbs continue rubbing the inner walls of Ry`s pussy.

Then Payton pulls away from to continue driving two thumbs in pumping motions within Ry`s slick vagina. Such intense plays of desire cause Ryanne to be fisting the newspaper while beginning to breathe heavier than before. Ry easily gives full attention to orgasm creation. Oh yes, undivided attention as Payton's thumb fucks Ry into what is to be an unparalleled erotic high. This the moment swiftly turns into a wild session of pounding thumbs invading wetness. A wet pussy splashing juices on both women as a sloppy symphony of lusty pleasure sharing hits its point of needing an orgasmic release. Yes, Ry is past the point of no return. Thus, it is a bit much to not notice the erotic feelings exploding within her entire body. This especially comes true when the thumb thrusting pounds harder with each new driving inward in her vaginal canal.

Payton built it to this with it now time to deal with it. Therefore, Payton instantly stops her thumbs smashing into Ry`s womanly wetness. Payton does it while Ryanne`s breathing turns into creating a trance of dizziness. Then in that rush of sensations and Ry`s need to orgasm Payton simply holds stillness. This immediately brings Ry demandingly gasp, “More, no stopping. Orgasm, I need, you can not…”

“Not what, Ry? Are you feeling, Ry, uhm? Are you feeling a need?” comes spoken almost seeming to be innocent but it holds a knowing that it`s a dirty game that must be won and that voice tone of Payton is rich in the understanding that she must win this time.

“No stop! Finish fucking me, Payton, no starting my engine to stop.” Shoots out in stern cold warning as Ry`s hands possessively grip Payton`s head of wavy brunette tresses. That has Payton straighten her posture within the kneeling in a show of defiance so that Ry cannot control the moment. It additionally has her coldly muse with, “My dirty Domme will get release when she feels. When she feels the need of sharing. Sharing her feelings of me with me. You won`t force me to please you, not today.”

With this happening it`s time to get serious about things. Thus, there comes a forced sudden thumb pumping within Ry`s pussy, a pussy that drips with womanly honey with a never-ending rush of sexual heat. Payton follows it up with swiftly leaning in closer as she runs her tongue around and around Ryanne`s clit. Ryanne groans, grits her teeth, and gasps to breathe heavier with each tongue-lashing. And now, without a doubt, Ry knows that she needs only a little more to be pushed over the top to get her release. Thus, it is not shocking that a soft irritated scream erupts when Payton once more stops the onslaught of pleasure giving to speak further of her true agenda.

“You seem to be feeling Ry? Are you feeling, Ry? Do you love it? Do you love?” comes conveyed with knowing it`s torture for Ry with Payton using manipulation while demanding to be loved.

Ryanne frostily glares at this woman who is excellent with sexually pleasing Ryanne. In the looking down Ry supplies a nonverbal warning that the stopping is not tolerated. With that followed up by a disgruntled growl. It gets physical when Ryanne`s hands grip Payton to force Payton into more. Yet, resistance comes causing Ry to be vocal. ”More! You can’t stop!” Ry fiercely growls at Payton.

Payton replies with holding firm to not be moving to finish the game of orgasm giving. However, she instead chooses to sweetly voice, “Answer me. Tell me how you feel. Tell me and then you may have the orgasm. But first, my dirty Domme must answer me. Oh yes!”

Next, Payton breathes cool sweeping breaths toward Ry`s erect pussy folds. It comes moments before wiggles Payton`s thumbs give a teasing tender caress across the skin that pulses of waiting to orgasm.

In this heightened awareness, Ry is going mad with wanting to orgasm but Payton holds her against the cupboard to force no movement. Hence, no escape while causing Ry to depend upon Payton for last touches to push orgasm into release. And it is this knowledge that provokes Payton to once more demand answers to questions. “Do you love it?”

“Yes!” Shoots through gritted teeth with groaning moans while Ry`s body constantly trembles of being lost in high erotic sexual sensations that force her past the threshold of stopping. So, Ry tries to find sanity but does not, and that sanctions Payton to fulfill more of her agenda.

“Do you love me fucking you?” Is smoothly quizzed while Payton nuzzles the tip of her nose to the wet pussy folds to maintain the pleasure build up without allowing the orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fuck me….” comes demanded by Ry through wild need of more touch.

“Do you love it?” comes in happy tones from Payton as the chat progress within a new tease to have thumbs widen that vaginal canal as the inner muscles pulsate in furious need. “Horny, and I want to give you more. I need you to enjoy me. Please. Do you love it? “ Loving encourages Payton as the border of sanity comes broken.

“Yes, love it. Love when ...when..” Ryanne whisks out without being able to truly think.

Everything about this has Ryanne’s breathing rapid to accompany the beading of sweat, as her entire body trembles and a level of madness floats with lust`s suspension. This allows Payton to bring thumbs to wiggle in Ry`s tight pussy causing a rocking of Ryanne`s body while Ry fiercely maintains a tight grip on Payton`s brunette tresses. In a renewed attempt to force Payton to please Ry there comes more to be heard.

“Do you love me?” Demands Payton while having her thumbs supply a quick pumping in Ry`s pussy to maintain the pressured pleasure sensations. Then she stops. But she swiftly does it again. There comes repeating until Ry is nearly mad with needing releasing with her mind entering the zone of giving into everything. "You love me, Ry, love me. Love you."

“Love you!” Screams out as an orgasm sweep Ry`s senses within the continued repeat of stops and starts. Within it, Ryanne`s body succumbs to the high tension with her head tossing back in the enjoying of the heated high of climax. And Payton grins so big that she giggles at her accomplishment.

The game is played. Pleasing is the game of the day. Ryanne gets morning climax first and Payton gets the love words that she wanted. It is playing with cream, as the cream pours out in squirting. The precious liquid covers hands and arms to have Payton sit on her ass on the kitchen floors to begin licking the creaminess on her own skin. Within enjoying this Payton purrs like a good kitty getting a milky treat.

“I love you too, Ry,” Payton states in further giggles while lapping up cum with watching Ryanne trying to regain all that coolness after the sharing of true feelings.

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