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Arousing Ry - Chapter 3, Wild Child`s Whipping

That could be the lead into a really sweet sexual morning but as Payton stands up Ryanne stares at her puzzled of it all. Yet, Payton has no bewilderment with her feeling accomplished as she leans in to kiss Ryanne on the mouth. It comes planted so sweetly to relay that she completed the conquering, as she whispers. “I am showering, bring the coffee when it's ready and you will be returning the pleasure when you come to join me in the shower."

Ryanne stares into glares disdainfully. Every measure of the last moments of the morning sinks into Ry`s mind to create a few realizations. Among these is that she herself spoke the ‘love’ word to a girlfriend. That is not a crime for most people in life but Ryanne doesn’t say the ‘love’ word to girlfriends. Not ever!

She just doesn’t and with watching Payton depart the kitchen Ryanne instantly makes a virginal decision. The results of it come with Ryanne waiting long enough to know that Payton is in the shower before swiftly beginning to carry out her needs. Such involves quickly dressing in whatever clothes that she wore yesterday. Then she stuffs all the clothing that she can into a large roll along luggage case before tossing the already filled hefty packsack over her shoulder. With a last quick glance around Ryanne shivers of what could happen if she doesn’t get moving. Then in no time, the brunette female is out the apartment door to be entering the elevator. The entire process of leaving feels like an eternity for she wants to be gone, gone with it happening long ago. That thought causes Ry to whip out her cell phone to speed dial a number, “Masterson. 22 Rue, a preorder. I am ready. It`s immediate.”

Ry next clicks off the phone to shiver again within the thoughts of what happened in the apartment as she becomes impatient over making her getaway. "Stupid Ry, that came close."

Then as the elevator door opens Ry struts fast toward the apartment building`s front doors. In doing so she sees the waiting taxi with it pulling to a stop just after pushing the building`s outdoor doors open. This quickens her pace with her motioning the driver to stay inside the car but to pop the trunk. She can’t have delays at this point so with tossing the luggage into the trunk the hatch come slammed closed. Ry wishes to waste no further time as she strides to the back door to open it before settling into the backseat of the little car. With belting in comes the relaying of information to the driver. “Citadines Apart'hotel Saint-Germain-des-PrĂ©s, nonstop. Double the fare if you make it in record time.”

The car immediately begins heading to the hotel located across the city of Paris. It isn’t her usual stay of a hotel, but Ry cannot go to the regular places due to obvious reasons. However, Ry needs a shower before making new plans for the flight back to the United States. She requires the earliest flight which contrasts the plan of the originally scheduled departure of a night flight to New York later in this day. Of course, she can be on it. Yet, if she does Payton may track her down to create an emotionally charged public scene filled with argumentative confrontation. That is not good for either of them for if it supplies unrestricted opportunities to paparazzi to get more dirt on both of them. Thus, the event of Ry leaving Payton can make negative news for daddy St. Croix who then might bring issues for Ry`s father. Such is not wanted. Thus, such things must be avoided due to it providing a summoning of what she calls, ‘dancing with death’. Or in layman`s terms being confronted by her father`s rage.

His anger easily arises when his children do anything to damage the family`s reputation or the architectural firm`s status in the world of business. That holds great truth to it. Daddy Masterson exists as a hardcore businessman that lives life within strict rules with not taking kindly to threats from anyone. He subsists the type of man who demands the best from his three children, especially since all three offspring work for him. Being a single father for many years he easily knows the value of regulation in life and discipline in raising children, raising them the hard way while levitating his architectural firm into an international ranking. He demands to have all aspects of life existing in an ordered routine. As a result life `s wheels turn in proper ways or they do according to him. That, of course, falls apart on occasion. It easily does since his second child is a rebellious wild child that regularly displays being a handful. Thus, the next day Ryanne finds herself enduring a wait in her father`s office on the top floor of the mid-city building that houses the family`s firm. It subsists as a painful time with nervousness showing. And that brings Ry to glance at the secretary who lovingly smiles at her.

“He is angry. Your girl calls him non-stop and he got a call from St Croix this morning. You messed up big this time, but he will calm down. However, I supply a warning that you do not mention your brother to him. Three contracts went bad and it blew up to a climax two days ago.” comes spoken by the elderly woman who watches the prized child of the Masterson`s knowing exactly what comes during the next moments when the office door opens.

Ryanne closes her eyes in terror at the mentioning that her only brother once more screwed up accounts forcing their father to be irate even before her indiscretions existed. Hence, Ry understands that Domi requires rescuing after she ‘dances with death’.

The return home definitely calculates as unpleasant. However, she figures the jetlag and the hangover from the flight may help numb the incoming fury but she doubts it. Thus, pain on top of pain. But at least she has several uninterrupted hours of sleep that happened on the plane. With that mostly due to her cell phone signal not working during those hours. That’s a bonus because Payton is on a phone-calling streak of attempting to reclaim Ry. That now exists non-stop for Ry since the landing at LaGuardia Airport but apparently, her father endures it too. With that thought, her father`s office door swings open ending a meeting with a client of the firm. As this occurs her father glances coldly toward Ry in commanding. “In here! Now!”

Ryanne is already standing with briskly walking past him while not looking at him. She dares not. She understands the drill of things with abiding in silence and adhering to the expected routine directives in concern to confrontations with him. Therefore, it`s perfect militia posture, standing at attention and silence until otherwise directed. The nervousness in her body turns to chilling shivers as her mind rushes with the lack of any ability to help her. Thus, she tries to hush her busy thoughts all while she silently praying that he makes it quick with limited amounts of shouting so that she can grovel with explanations and promises. However, the thinking suddenly halted with the door behind her seemingly sounding like thunder in closing. Yet, it barely sounded.

“Ryanne Lea, four questions. Honest answers too.” He coldly demands in calmness as Lee Masterson stands behind his youngest daughter in breathing on the nape of her neck.

“Yes, sir!” Ry crisply replies within knowing that not only her father speaks but a man of military rules when he deals with his children.

“Is it permanently over with no need of more?” he coldly requires of her while Ry exists positioned in front of the massive glass desk that abides in the center of the large open area office.

“Yes, sir!” Solidly states as Ry who remains stalk still while an icy shiver runs her spine.

“Do you need to return to Paris to collect anything?” Her father sternly requests in stringent tone in hoping that there is no need to.

“No, sir! I already collected all that I wanted, sir.” Arrives with hiding all emotion so that her father doesn’t deal with any more than he already has from her leaving another lover.

“Are you home for the rest of the week?” He father requests as he breathes upon her facial cheek while peering around to look at her sideways in his continuing to stand behind her.

“Yes, sir! I will be to work tomorrow, sir.” Comes firmly spoken with knowing that work is his first priority and he expects it to be hers too.

“Did you enjoy your birthday?” Exists in an almost softness but it isn’t. He loves her and even understands, but he cannot allow too much die to Ry being rebellion incarnate. Throughout her life, it exists as a dominant characteristic in her. However, by age fifteen Lee Masterson forces his daughter to be well-rounded in supplying the mechanisms of control with also helping to create that cool edge to everything that Ry owns.

“Yes sir, the two weeks off from work are appreciated. Thank you, sir!” Ry replies in a happy honestly. Two weeks not quite complete and she may lose the remaining days due to it a payment for the crap that Payton brings. But working right this minute isn`t what she wants but life is life. So, Ry breathes a sigh over what she feels that he may bring as punishments.
Punishment indeed and with Lea hearing the answers that he wanted he swings around to stand in front of Ryanne with supplying a scrutinizing glance into Ry`s eyes. Lee Masterson gazes into his daughter`s green eyes with his own green ones with an understanding sympathy while he summarizes, “Take the rest of the week. It is your birthday gift that I gave you. It is a full two weeks and you only enjoyed one week. So, enjoy the remainder but first, go bail your brother out. Your sister has important messages for you too. So call her. And dinner is at my city house at eight this evening. Don’t be late and Sheila missed you. So, be nice to her on the way out.”

“Thank you, sir. May I leave?” Ry inquiries before even moving one inch and that comes knowing that her father is finished of dealing with her.

“Yes, you may, Ryanne Lea. And tell Sheila that she may join us for dinner tonight too. It is your birthday meal.” He replies to then settle in his desk chair while Ry heads into the outer office where Sheila waits.

Ryanne immediately looks at the elderly woman after closing the office door upon departure. She stands there relieved of everything turning out better than expected. This shows on her face and her body once more relaxes into its usual nonchalant persona.

“Alive, I see! One day he will eat you alive, but you are lucky this week.” Shelia amuses in a chuckling of knowing how things turned out. “You are gonna be the death of you both.” She states while passing over documents to Ryanne that possess Domi`s signature on the front folder.

"What are these? Ry asks with scanning beginning to open the folders.

“You only need to sign off on the last page of these three accounts before dropping in to see Domi. However, give a visual scan of the files when you visit Domi. Then tell him those look good for they now do. I fixed all of the nonsense hours ago. But be sure to mention that you both must watch those three accounts more closely. All three accounts are in good standing but your brother fell apart when Lee confronted him.” With that, the beautiful elderly woman stands in front of Ryanne to without warning supply a loving motherly hug to wrap around Ryanne as she softly consoles with, “Does it hurt? Did she deserve it?”

“No, there is no hurting. Yes, she manipulated me.” Ryanne coolly states allowing the embrace, for the hug is Sheila’s ways in life. Thus, Ry returns a partial hug for Sheila exists as the unrequested maternal figure that watched over the three Masterson children during their childhood. Then with the release of the loving hugging, Ryanne continues saying what she must, “You are getting spankings at dinner tonight. His place at eight, it`s family and you are bringing my birthday cookies. I miss your cookies.”

With that Ryanne walks off into the corridor of the large office building`s most upper floor. As she does Shelia sweetly conveys, “I missed you too, dear. I love you.”

By seven that evening Ryanne sorts out her brother`s mess AND calls her sister. She next endures the many endless voice notes on her office`s phone system left by Payton. She does this before returning to her Victorian style house located in Park Slope, which is the more bohemian part of New York City.

Entering the front door of her home Ry finds that the housekeeper for Ry left things in disarray due to not feeling well with leaving clothes being strewn all over the on the living room floor. She further observes that the refrigerator has fresh produce. Then the discovery of a note on the kitchen counter, a birthday note telling more about her housekeeper`s visit. Ry reads what Arai has to say and smirks about doing so. ‘I miss you. The blueberries are from me with thoughts of serving you birthday sex and you eating the berries when tasting my cum. Call me if you want to fuck me. Please, call and let me come. But if you don`t then happy birthday, my kinky horny boss.’

Ry grins as she drops the note causing it to fall on the counter before picking up the bowl of blueberries to place them in the refrigerator. She likes her bisexual housekeeper. The twenty-something college student works for Ry while studying to be a paralegal and existing as a nymphomaniac that has dark dirty kinks of enjoying pain and exhibitionism.

“Oh, you are such a kinky caring bitch and I like that.” Says Ry with amusement about being missed by her housekeeper. Amused over leaving her mark on anyone who gets to enjoy her sexually. Then with departing from the kitchen, Ry sighs with saying “Only if I had a dozen like you. Endlessly fuckable and not wanting a relationship.”

With that thought, Ryanne moves to the upstairs of the house to prep for the evening`s dinner with family. Thus, a quick shower before the beautiful brunette tosses on casual khaki jeans and a white elegant Asian-style silk button down long dress blouse. The pants are new and soon to be belted by a white braided leather belt. It, however, is unseen under the dress shirt due to the dress shirt plunges to Ry`s mid thighs. The ensemble feels relaxing, loose and brings a smile to lips what need one before the evening`s coming festivities.

Then with a peek at her reflection in the mirror Ryanne ponders making up her face with choosing that less is more. This comes followed by brushing the shoulder-length brunette tresses, hair that seems fuller of waves today than during prior. Yet, Ry knows that such is not true. However, within being amused by that she notices a strand of gray amongst the brown. It brings a sigh and a whisper of, “A bit gray. Getting old. Yes, you are, girl. To top it off you need a steady fuck buddy and soon it won`t be easy to acquire them.” She uneasily states with a checking for any aging lines upon her gorgeous facial structure. She sees none and with continued inspection comes a summing up. “None. Good girl and now tolerate the evening. You can endure. First, there is dinner with..."

A sudden pause arrives with a grimace as Ry continues saying the truth of the coming events, “with the master.' The sound of it stings for she dislikes being controlled. So, there comes consoling with a sigh while voicing, "Oh, you know that he is the master. Yes, sir, yes sir and you will live through it, so buckle up, sexy.”

Next, Ry allows another sigh before she slips into a black leather cycle jacket. After which she tucks her dark Harley helmet under an arm before making the way out to the garage where her cycle awaits. It takes no time to mount it and to be off toward the destination.

The drive to her father`s house is short for he lives only a few blocks away from within a larger older restructured house. A beautiful classic house that Ry adores and finds comfortable. She glances up at as an automated triggering mechanism on her cycle triggers the garage doors to open. Pulling into the garage Ry knows that everyone else already is here and on time. She is a minor bit late, but not really late for she knows that everyone tends to arrive thirty minutes early.

She, however, tends to show up closer to the actual time due to being rebellious of the unspoken rules. And the unspoken involved in family dinners are many but number one exists as always be a half early. This exists as one of many rules set up by Ry`s father with Ry often breaking those for she sees no need for most of the rules. At least not now that she is an independent adult. Hence, she refuses to live by militia rules outside of work. Additionally, to this, any family events are limited to only occurring upon request. Therefore she endures Friday night family dinner at the end of every month and the occasional other typical family events of special days. And tonight is a typical event; it comes as a celebration of her birthday with the actual day still in the future. So, with another sigh, Ry begins a last mental preparation as she gazes toward the entry into the house via the garage.

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