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Arousing Ry - Chapter 4, Frisky Family Affairs

With the bike coming to a halt not far inside an almost empty garage Ryanne swings her lithe body off the bike. Then she removes the black motorcycle helmet from her head to place it on the cycle`s seat. This comes just before walking over to press the button on the wall to close the automated garage door. Afterward, she gives a sigh as she slowly walks toward the staircase that leads up to the entry of the house that brings her to enter into the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen Ry immediately spots Cory who is a petite tall Dutch lady of forty-something. This beautiful blond woman is her father`s girlfriend for past ten years but everyone considers her to be his wife. Which suits her father for Cory exists as a youthful-looking woman of simplistically pretty while being well educated and very bohemian. Add in the deeply avant-garde attitudes and she fits in with an abundance of artistic residents of Slope Park. She also fits nicely into Ry`s description of the ultimate fantasy woman. Thus, Ry stares at Cory enjoying minor daydream of how the fantasy gift for her birthday would be Cory spending days in her bed being sexually kinky in every imaginable way. However, with the head shake, she walks a bit farther into the kitchen.

“Hello, Cory. Sorry that I am late.” she sweetly states with heavy hints of warmth as the twinkle in her eyes dances upon watching Cory turn to smile at her.

“You are never late, Ry. You are my darling. You are fine with timing and on time no matter what Lee says. Now, kiss my cheek and grab a glass of wine. It is Australian for tonight and you can take home a bottle for I bought you one.” Comes as a reply of reassurance filled with love.

Cory Tatum lives life as a very kind and deeply generous lady, especially to Ry. Such subsists because Ry treats Cory very well as opposed to Ry`s sister and brother being disrespectful. Then again, Ry gives kindness to most all the mature sexy women. But yes, Ry easily gets lost in the dream of possibly fucking this older blue-eyed, blond but that might kill her father if he found out. And, because of that, there is never a public spoken word of how much Ry feels attracted to her father`s woman. Yet, they both know there is sexual energy between them that they both tenderly cultivate while privately flirting and secretly masturbating in concern to it.

Thus, with a bit of a naughty feeling, Ry kisses Cory`s left cheek to then walks over to the island counter located mid kitchen. She does this in order to pour a glass of the white wine from its bottle that rests in an ice bucket. In doing so Ry turns around to inspects Cory`s movements for she enjoys watching anything that Cory does. In eyeing the beauty of her stepmother Ry`s breaths deepens for her favorite daydream exists as sexually enjoying Cory anywhere in the house. It is only a fantasy though, so Ry shovels her mind into other thoughts.

“Is your niece coming for a visit anytime soon? She truly is a lot like you. You spoke of her returning.’

“I did?” queries Cory.

“Yes, during our phone call last week. Has she mentioned when she may be returning? Or is it only a wishing to?” quizzes Ry while answering the question too.

“My darling, Astrid canceled due to that she now dates a man.” Claims Cory who knows that such info stings Ry a little but Cory continues the sharing. “ Astrid didn’t know how to tell you of him. If she comes to visit then you two will, well, will enjoy more than cheek kisses. “Cory states looking at Ry with not wanting Ry hurt over her niece`s decision to no longer be sexual playmates. “So sorry for I know that you and she have a sexual thing but this is best for her. She wants children and to settle down in traditional life. This man can give her those dreams that she has.” Then with returning thoughts back to the dinner being the event at hand Cory lovingly smiles with nodding that they need to go into the dining room. “Everything is ready.”

“That isn’t fun about Astrid.” Ry replies with a sad sighing before continuing on, “Too bad. That is another good Bi girl lost to a man.”

Then with another sigh, Ryanne walks over to hold the kitchen door open in allowing Cory to carry a large dish of hot food without needing to worry about spilling. This supplies Cory to pass through the swinging door first with additionally giving a full view of everyone that already exists in the dining room. Thus, in turn, everyone there easily views both women coming out of the kitchen.

“Late! You have are...” Ry`s father sharply states as both ladies barely enter the dining room that is decorated in Dutch provincial d├ęcor.

“She has been with me. There is no late. She was on time. Lee, please, no more of that tonight. We are to sit for our meal. Please, sit and enjoy dinner everyone. And Lee, may we have the music returning? It is much more pleasant to have music playing when dining. So, please, settle down and let everyone be happy for we celebrate Ryanne’s birthday and our family.” Demands Cory in response to any verbal brutality that may ensue from Lee toward his daughter.

Lee Masterson swiftly stops what always comes to be roughness toward Ry`s minor misdemeanors of not abiding by his house rules. He ceases due to that Cory long ago laid out that she manages the house and he can have rules for his children that he wants but she runs the house. He additionally knows that Cory takes Ryanne’s side on things as of late. It has him understanding that he cannot win because regimented lifestyle doesn’t work for his life partner. Only love and logic do. And he definitely loves and respects his girlfriend. That encourages the sixty-something American male to stop his commanding to abide by Cory’s rules. As a result of Lee dutifully walks over to the cabinet where the stereo hide. He then turns on classical sounds for the listening during the dinner meal. Afterward, Lee sits next to Cory with everyone else seating immediately after him.

Generally speaking, family dinner fills with a limited conversation that is tinted in regulated politeness. At least it is until Lee makes issues with one of his children. He tends to have something negative on all three of them during every family event. But it`s never work-related; never and it must always remain that for Lee long ago demanded it to be that way. This leaves them all with attempting to not be the first up as a target. Yet, one is always chosen by their father to construct lively conversation of life things with everyone knowing that Ryanne exists as a favorite first target. The rebel child tends to bring noteworthy things from living an active public social life and being so highly sexual while mixing in rebellious activities. Therefore Ry`s father tends to be interested in acquiring explanations about some things. Hence, Ryanne is a bit tense when enjoying the monthly family dinner but somewhat relaxed too, especially today because of the events involving Payton.

Therefore everyone at dinner watches the two titans due to obvious and well-known reasons. Thus, everyone is mentally ready for Lee to mention his thorough disappointment in Ry. Everyone knows of the early return from Europe and the chaos of the break-up. In fact, it is a hot topic for the family with Ryanne`s sibling waiting for the dirty diced up news. Lee too is still wondering a few things. So Lee begins, “She hasn’t stopped, Ryanne Lea. She calls here to the house and to our personal friends looking for you. Her last call came moments before you arrived. So, you will call her. Her father claims that she is inconsolable. He threatens to ruin my chances in concern to three building projects at European harbors. Do you know how much this hurts the business? I told St Croix that you would smooth it out with his daughter. He wants it over between you tow but wants her happy ” Lee looks at Ry as though she destroys him before sternly stating, “If I must deal with this any further then it can be explosive from her father. The whiney bitch must be dealt with. Your toys must be properly dispensed with, are you understanding me? I don`t know how you can fix it but you must end it and have the wench happy too.”

Ryanne doesn’t look up, and yes, she understands that she must deal with Payton. She needs to when considering that the workplace rules of no personal drama affecting work need to be maintained. That exists due to Lee demanding respect from everyone toward everyone at his architectural firm. Yet, Ry sits there in a stillness to sustain that ever-cool exterior, while thinking of how much she hates these moments when being raked over the flames of criticism in concern to personal life events.

“Ryanne Lea, you are hearing me?”

“Yes, father.” comes to be the swift response.

“Do the duty. Man up. Or I will be manning the helm of it.” Warns Lee as he watches his daughter.

Ryanne knows he is right, but she wants to be defiant too. So, she holds her gaze downward at the half-empty dinner plate. Twenty minutes into dinner to already not want any more food while feeling the rumbling of rage craving to be set free. Yet, she leaves it all to simmer to give no further response. None even though a deathly silence exists over waiting for a war between the two titans. This fills her thoughts causing Ry to realize that maybe rebellion can wait for another day due to exhaustion. Therefore, Ry relents with conveying, “Sir, she will be dealt with tonight. You may count on me.”

The others at the long oval dining table seem to be still waiting with bated breath for more of the dual that really isn’t gearing up for the potential hopes. Hence, disappointment swings around to everyone, including Cory. Then to their further dismay, each hears, “I will trust that it is. If it is not dealt with by morning then I will send you escorted to Paris via bodyguards to deal with this whiney French slut that seems obsessed with you.”

That brings a solemn energy to fill the room but at least the minor exchange is something to satiate everyone`s thirsty need of war during dinner. Hence, everyone can now relax since the Titans’ dueling comes to be flatly non-existent. In this Ryanne merely nods with relenting, “Yes, sir. Understood, sir.”

Domi instantly kicks Ryanne; he kicks her ankles under the table. He likes it when one of the three of them is courageous enough to create defiance, yet Domi hardly ever does any intentional rebelliousness. He rarely has a turn at being the first target too. He tends to be submissive to the point of being considered a weakling. Many say that he is a wimp when their father confronts him. So, Ryanne gives him no attention with not returning the nudge. Yet, Domi sits to her right with trying to pretend of eating even though Domi wants more entertainment. So, in that secret wishing, Domi nudged her again to prod Ry into saying all that Ry actually wishes to tell their father. He knows much more can spill out with no ‘yes, sir’ involved. That seems naughty but not really for Domi long ago understands that Ry regulates the confrontation just enough so that her siblings don`t get too much crap. Indeed, the truth is that Ryanne’s siblings know that but like the show that comes with Ryanne`s rebellious ways.

Ry`s elder sister Terri is on Ryanne`s immediate left with giving a glance of anticipating of more entertainment. Terri is a beautiful brunette of thirty-five making her three years elder than Ry and ten years older than Domi. But as Terri continues to stare then Ryanne replies with a flash of a cold glare in silently claiming of not wanting more. Yet, Terri nods ‘yes’ for she is not wanting more confrontation. She needs it so that time runs out with not allowing their father to claim more victims, victims with one of them as the new topic.

However, a new topic comes swift due to Domi making waves. Lee has a need to force his son into being what Lee considers a man. But tonight it`s not quite that. Tonight the topic exists about Domi wanting to move out of the family home due to feeling the strain of living under his father`s dictatorship. Lee, on the other hand, thinks that his son has much more learning to do and needs to be dependable and trustworthy in life. Easily understandable due to Domi can`t handle a job freely given to him by his father. A job that Domi regularly messes up and should be fired for incompetence. Thus, being responsible for a residence comes wondered about. So, chat comes swiftly between the two men but Domi easily complies with Lee`s wishes. He does due to the truth that the next fuck up at work may bring unemployment since Domi feels ready for the adult of everything.

As that peters out there comes a renewal of silence until Cory undertakes to chat with Sheila. The two mature women always enter the chat when silence exists for neither of them like quietness during family dinners. This permits everyone else to finish their meal with Ryanne thinking about the birthday cookies that Sheila always supplies on her birthday. Outside of that thought Ry only wants to not be here in the house for any longer than necessary but she must finish dinner for it`s her birthday celebration. Thus, Ry eats and waits while pondering the homemade cookies until Cory stands up in stating, “Dessert is served poolside when everyone is finished.”

This exists as the signal of the end of the family dinner. Ryanne finally begins to feel like she can almost escape to her own home and some sleep. First, though the dessert of birthday cookies with ice cream and a possible dip in the indoor swimming pool. This comes as the family tradition but Ryanne doesn’t want to swim. However, everyone finds seating poolside in order to enjoy the remainder of the family togetherness. This has Domi doing the pool thing for he loves swimming and Ry enjoys watching him. So, she settles upon a deck chair at poolside as she sits down Shelia wanders over to nestle on the chair next to Ry with Sheila supplying kiss to Ry`s facial cheek to be happily saying, “Happy birthday, sweetie. Your birthday cookies come from me. There is an extra tin of cookies on the counter in the kitchen for you to take home. It is a treat for a heart that weeps.”

Ryanne kisses Shelia’s cheek in return with whispering, “You always take care of my heart. So, that makes my heart only yours. The playmates are toys. You are my joy. Thank you, Shelia, and you spoil me. ”

That has Sheila blush as Ryanne retrieves a cookie and a glass of wine that Cory is serving to everyone. Cory then leans over to brush a kiss to Ryanne`s other facial cheek in whispering in Ry`s ear. “Happy birthday. I wish that you may get your fondest wish, and much more.”

Ryanne looks up into those eyes while trying to not think of what her fondest wish of Cory truly is. Oh yes, a wish of fucking Cory until both become breathless. Hence, a deep cooling breathing to handle such a thought pours out of Ry. It does for Ry knows that Cory possesses a high sexual appetite with occasionally fucking women while Lee watches. Thus, Cory and Lee have an open relationship with sex involving others for both of them. All quite nice in Ry`s opinion but Ryanne doesn’t want her father watching her have sex with anyone. That is even though Ryanne enjoys the daydream of privately stealing Cory as a playmate. That truth now shows in Ry`s eyes causing Cory to turn away before walking toward Lee. She does it while understanding that the high sexual tension can explode into more than flirting tonight. Such exists as too true and Cory secretly wants to pleasure in that for Ryanne`s powerful sexuality is an irresistible drug to her. It often brings Cory to thoughts of kinky play with Ry but she knows the harm that it can do.

With such happening, it leaves the chatter to be only between Terri and Lee as the main conversation. The two are discussing the upcoming community events and tree planting on behalf of the architectural firm. Such a topic comes, as a slight bit of boredom for Ryanne but everyone else is busy. This allows Ryanne to drift off into other thoughts, thoughts of needing a new partner for regular sex with Payton gone. This accompanies the current concern of casual sex partner for her actual birthday day. Being alone on Sunday without any warm body to please her or to please is not a fun concept for naughty Ry. Or at least that is the first thought until Ry considers that she can call a special friend to enjoy an evening of kinky play. Thus, Ry grins of the quickly forming daydream that may exist during the coming days. Yet, it last not long due to her father breaking the mood with demanding attention in shouting, ”Ryanne Lea, Ryanne Lea, you are daydreaming. Wake up. “

Lee next sits beside his youngest daughter as Sheila rises to leave for going home. “Sheila is leaving. Treat her right with walking her out. I also know that you are tired too, so go home. I don’t want to see you until Tuesday morning.” Then Lee looks into his daughter`s eyes as she starts to push up off the seat. In that motion, Lee grips her arm to halt movement as he conveys, “I was harsh today, but you can’t treat people like toys when it can hurt the firm too. Otherwise, I don`t care about the St Croix`s. Do what you must do. I will handle St Croix. If I must.”

With that, Ry looks at her father in puzzlement for she swears of hearing the love in his voice, but she can`t be hearing that. Nope, she cannot be. So, she begins to reply, “Uhm, you..” but she stops before saying anything about him going soft on her.

“I nothing, I am only telling you to get your ass out of here. So, go find a girl and do what you enjoy. Happy birthday! ” He coldly states with knowing that he loves her and it showed. Then with that understood and nothing more spoken Lee rises to walk off toward his home office`s entrance that abides just to the left of the pool`s main door.

With seeing that Ry shrugs of the moment to do as he asked of her. She doesn’t rebel when it`s Sheila for Sheila gives love to the family and they all know it. Sheila knows it and it`s cool within being respected. So, Ry pours on the charm with showing deep gratitude to the woman who often keeps the family sane. There comes chat and loving things before Ry stands at the back door with the cookie tin in hand. She then walks out of the kitchen’s back door to enter the garage while Sheila says bye to the others.

In mere seconds Ry reaches for her cycle helmet while placing the cookies on the saddlebags. In doing so, from behind her Cory states, “You need a bag for that tin of cookies.”

At this Cory walks toward Ry to be directly in front of Ry just as Ry turns to look at Cory. This is causing Ry to almost be pinning against the cycle.

“You need this and one more thing if you will keep it between us.” Then before Ryanne can speak or nod Cory plants a deep luscious erotic kiss with tongue insertion into Ry`s lips. Something definitely comes as sealed, signed, and sexy in breathless as Cory cups Ry`s face to then release the kiss while gazing into Ry`s eyes. ”Happy birthday and don’t be alone on Sunday. If you are then I can promise that you will have a visitor and we both know that I may not do that.”

Ry stands there with no coolness about her and just staring back at the blazingly sexy older woman who easily can make anyone stop to peek and be weak. With that, all delivered Cory next walks up the steps to enter through the door into the house with Ryanne watching every second of the seduction to be replying. “Tease!”

Without flinching or turning around Cory giggles “Ry, if I were twenty years younger and single you would never be alone, and you would know love. Now go home, think of me and bring yourself a treat. Happy birthday, darling.”

Happy indeed, happy as a clam in the sand at high tide and yes, that is the best birthday gift so far. Next, Ry must manage a sex partner for Sunday and if her plans go right then aloneness won`t exist on her birthday.

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