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Arousing Ry - Chapter 6, Naughty Truth

However, Ryanne currently is trying to sort out why she suddenly not thinking straight with an existing of weird sensations within her. Within this Ry tries to regain control of whatever that is not seeming normal as she lay on the table staring at the chandelier that dangles from the ceiling. In gazing at there exists astonishment of how Orianna suddenly turns into not being submissive but keeps the roll of it while giving into the birthday wish. Thus, Ryanne quietly finds her senses with pushing aside the odd energy that entered her moments ago.

With such accomplished Ry decides that the rest of the evening involves no BDSM. Her subsists of enjoying a romantic dinner and chatting of life. Hence, there possibly might be sexual pleasure at her house later. Yet, Ry knows that such things on occasions allow Orianna to think that a mutual love relationship has a possibility between them. Thus, romance and love ideas must be thwarted. She can’t truly allow Orianna to be more than BDSM for the kink exists as the first need in Ry`s intimate life. So, this allows the need for controlling things in concern to love ideas but in all honestly, it is beyond too late. Yes, Orianna romantically loves Ry. That comes as not an issue for Orianna respects Ry enough to know that the feeling has no potential of being mutual. With a deep breath Ryanne arranged herself to sit on the table`s edge with immediately looking down at Orianna in conveying, “Orianna, may we have dinner? May we enjoy some dancing? Then it would please me to wake with you in my bed tomorrow. Please, let the power exchange not exist for the remainder of my birthday.”

“Huh?” Comes from a woman who knows that stepping outside scene isn’t ever given as a permission. Yet, Orianna also knows that Ryanne controls the scene no matter what for its part of their written contract of BDSM.

Ry understand that too as she watches the puzzlement on Orianna’s face. This provokes Ry to restates the request “Orianna, no more Dominea, and pet tonight. We may do friends and casual pleasure. Please relax with me to enjoy an evening of dancing, chat, and wine. I promise you many orgasms in my bed and then you being held in my arms.”

“But we have a contract, Dominea.” Arrives filled with worried whispers as Orianna slides from the chair to kneel upon the floor. Her mind comes flooded with ideas of somehow having displeased Ryanne. So, Orianna crouches in waiting to receive punishment. This Ry smiles about but shakes her head in with giving a sigh of she should have known it could be perceived as improper actions. Thus, Ry descends off the table knowing that she must clarify.

“Do you need more than some casual sex, drinks, and an evening with me? If you do and you truly need the power exchange tonight then we continue tonight`s play session.” Ryanne retorts with standing in front of the kneeling woman with wanting Orianna to understand. So Ry firmly states. ”Orianna, stand up to look me in the eyes as you have permission to speak freely.”

Orianna rises but she doesn’t look Ryanne in the eyes as she whispers, “I have done you wrong. My Domme, punishments, please allow me to kneel for punishments.” Arrives in pleading.

“There is no wrong.” Instantly proclaims Ry in doing damage control for the Orianna is a natural submissive in her mentality. Hence, Ry further shares “You have given abundantly. You may trust that no one gives oral pleasure as you do.” This brings Ry to place a finger under Orianna’s chin in demanding Orianna to look into Ry`s eyes as her voice tone is strong. “Orianna, the birthday girl gets her wishes. I am the birthday girl. I wish you in my bed without the limits of our contract.”

“But we have a deal. I give you submission and you supply controls.” Orianna meekly voices while frantically surveying Ry’s eyes for answers to what causes the displeasure and the stop in the power exchange.

Ryanne ponders this worry before judging that the apprehension is understandable and so she gives further assurances. “We are okay, Ori. But for tonight you now submit to being the naughty submissive with treating your Dominant the way that you would any lover. Punishment is you being an hour late for work tomorrow. Then after tonight, we continue our contract.”

Ry says this knowing that it solves many things for Orianna in concern to this moment. One of which exists as pushing past the untruth of being displeased by Orianna. Plus, a provision of a mild punishment for a fictitious wrongdoing exists in the form of a mere lateness on a day that some people often are late for work. Ry knows that Orianna must relax in order to think clearly of things so that her mind changes gears into a non-BDSM orientated sharing, For if she doesn’t there may be sub-drop and that can scar a submissive with hurting the power exchange bond. Hence, there is softly spoken, “You will do this, my pet. So, please, sit on the right side at the dinner table. We are having dinner, and then dancing before you are to be cuffed to my bed in my house. Do you understand?”

Orianna hesitantly agrees with the evening proceeding with diligent attention to creating a casual atmosphere. This brings out that cool charm that Ryanne easily produces. They chat of work court cases, building projects and who sued whom over architectural misdemeanors in the world. It gets interesting but near the latter portion of the meal and after a couple glasses of wine, Orianna asks a few intimate questions.

“So, did you love the one that you are hiding from? And yes, you are hiding Ry. It is written all over you that you are, for you are with me on your birthday. You are with your toy and not your girlfriend. So, I assume that this last one got close. Did she say the love words? And yes, I know how that goes when it is you. So, maybe, just maybe you loved this one?”

She looks at Ry in that way of almost motherly chastising. It leaves Ry with an uneasy feeling too. It especially does since those statements and that stare holds deep truths on occasion about some relationships that she pulls away from. Ry often hides and wishes to stay hidden when emotional things get wild. Yet, that is not true currently but yes, she refuses to love anyone outside her family. Such must remain as truth no matter who loves her or what type of deal is made about love. All intimate relationships either remain as lust based or she walks away.

Orianna sits smirking before leaning back in the chair as Ry eyes survey Orianna’s of the intent of the moment`s ago questions. Hence, Orianna supplies a very analytical stare back at Ry in an attempt to divine answers to the questions. Then before lowering her eyes she softly states, “There are times you fascinate me. Maybe one day you will let go of all that pain and let love hold you. There is a love that can be your dream.”

That too makes Ry uneasy, but a smile on Ry’s lips grows over the analyzing and statements. It continues to as Orianna gives a push for answers to queries. “Was it love Ry? Was it love like I stated years ago? You know the love of when you kissed me to whisper that it is best to keep it as lust. “

“No, Ori. I do not love anyone.” Ry claims in mumbles with adjusting her ass on the chair as she musters keeping the entire cool persona intact.

This allows Orianna the understanding that answers are coming. So, she continues. “Did you want to love her? It might be possible even if you didn’t want me in your heart. And that is fine with you and me. We have an understanding for I find happiness in many ways but Ry...Uhm.”

Next, Orianna reaches across the table to hold one of Ry`s hand in solid possession. Within this Ry tries to pull away for the chat is now uncomfortable in mood and topic. Of course, there comes an attempt to endure within shrugging it off, as Orianna demands to continue her agenda.

“You will listen to me. And it is not because; I am a lawyer or intellectual. But because I actually care for you beyond the sex things that we do.” With that said Orianna begins to drift further into a dangerous area in concern to Ryanne. “You said that we have equality for our dinner tonight. Thus, we now chat as friends and not as BDSM playmates. Therefore, you need to listen to me without becoming that collected pile of persona that goes cold when the topic is of feelings or love concepts.”

With that Ry automatically leans forward with rising up over the tiny dining table`s top. She smoothly comes directly facing Orianna’s face. Right there and so close Ry can taste Orianna`s breaths.

“Loving is more than what most people profess. Don`t judge me, Ms. Lawyer. It is certain that you do prefer the lust and kink when it`s a relationship with me. We asserted that long ago. But, if I ever explore love, then I am damn sure it will be epic if I do.” Comes in tints of cold smooth sweetness as Ryanne settles into her chair to frigidly stare into Orianna`s eyes commanding, “However, for now, I do lust. So, it is five sets of cuffs and pleasure until dawn. As for keeping the promise of dancing, you will dance for me in my bedroom and you will please me after. Maybe then, you receive pleasure if I wish it. Understood?”

The last sentence most comes growled and the coldness brings shivers to Orianna for it is an instant return to power exchange. Orianna could let it unsettle but a good lawyer takes the heat of any moment to then turn the tables. So, with a winsome smile and leaning across the table, she softly tells a bit of truth. “You are missing out Ryanne. Trust me! You can trust that you are missing out when you deny love in your intimate life.“

Then rising from her chair to go stand in front of a seated Ry, Orianna kneels at Ry`s feet in stating, “One day she is coming for you. She will come to devour your soul with a single look. You will melt in her presence. You will collar her and need it more than anything. It will be you with wanting to say of love. It will be you requiring the marking of her with love in the saying of love. Then you will demand her to be your only one but you won`t be able to solve those crazy emotions that you cage. You won`t be able to because you feel that you must hide. Then your heart will scream for even more of it. You will be lost but so found too. What then, Ry?”

With that Orianna leans forward to respectfully kiss both of Ry`s feet to then rise again. Next, she pushes up to stand up fully with peering down at Ry. Orianna doesn’t say any more about love things. And Ryanne remains sitting with only surveying it for inside stunned feelings exist in concern to a lesson that Orianna tries to teach. She abides there as Orianna now tiredly claims, “We chatted as a friend and now a good night and a happy birthday to you. The night is an alone one for you. You have things that need to be done in private and quiet. So, I am going home. I need sleep for a court case in the early morning. Give me a call when you need me again. A call for when lust overwhelms and you need to be a Dominant so that love is scared away from your heart.”

Ry should lose her cool, yet she chooses to raise her wine glass as she thinks of response before giving permission to Orianna to leave her presence and the scene. In a moment Ry warmly conveys her exact thoughts, “Thanks for the orgasms. Those are great birthday gifts. I am calling you soon but first I give you a heads up for the third Sunday in next month. The session is including discipline. Yes, a suitable discipline for this evening. So, do expect it and please do not cancel.”

Orianna diligently listens to then collect her coat with giving a congenial farewell wave while retorting, “I will be on time. I will bring the whip for you to wield. And expect it fully hard and in the vein that I dished it out. For we always share the truth, so it must be the truth. Truth then and as it was now.”

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