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Arousing Ry - Chapter 8, Conqueror Prey

Ry wakes late with a massive throbbing headache while hearing the alarm clock blurring. Looking at the flashing numbers gives notice of an hour late with hours of more sleep needed. However, she must rise up to go into the office.

"Goddamn!” as grogginess with pain consumes her with making the waking severely felt as she points blame of its existence. “Women will one day kill me.”

Then the flood of yesterday`s memories fills her mind bringing Ry groaning even more. Afterward, she stirs in a rising up on the bed with wearily stating, ”When, when will there be sanity?"

Next, she falls back on the bed to snuggle into the pillow but she knows that she needs to get out bed. She then requires a shower but first, she should call into work to see if anyone noticed her as missing in action.

This day of February nineteenth exists as the one that proceeds a day of what feels like Hell storming life. Yet, in that thought, Ry rises from her comfortable bed to live February nineteenth for being alive after means that life moves forward. Hence, a deep breath as the sun streams through those curtained French style doors that lead out onto the balcony of her bedroom.

She looks at the closed doors to wonder if she has time for coffee out there this morning but knows that she doesn’t. She recognizes that she can`t take the time for any pleasurable things. That provokes a searching for the cordless phone to begin dialing her own office at the family`s architectural complex.

“Ah there.” Comes claimed with finding it to press the auto-dial number to her Personal Assistant. With ringing ending and hearing breathing as the voice on the other end begins speaking but instantly interrupted with Ry saying, “Hush. Jerome, it is me. Is my father looking for me? Is Terri hunting for me? What is booked and be hushed?”

The thirty-something, gay, male personal assistant smirks as he shuffles files to the side. He then chuckles with sharing answers to the questions, “Sis is gone this week with doing meetings in the U.K. Father vanished with step mummy to Los Angeles for a shopping lovers holiday. Bro is as sexy as ever, but late today. Just like you are. I scheduled you both as being busy with committing a crime of collecting coffee stamps for the poor.”

Jerome snickers at the idea of food stamps collecting. Then he clarifies about Ry`s brother. “Domi lists himself as doing community service for the homeless today. Which that is bullshit. He possibly went to the cinema since to watch classic films to avoid fucking up things. So, I penciled you in for something similar.”

Jerome waits for a response, but none comes and so onward he goes in that fast-paced way of just spilling it all. “It is a free morning for you, boss. See, I am a good boy. Your pet boy is protecting your ass but really somebody else best be fucking it because forging the scheduling books is uncool.”

“You want me fucking someone. Well, that is only because you don’t like my ass.” Retorts Ry with cheekiness as the joy of not worrying about work fills her senses.

“I love you ass but really we both know that we each prefer same gender ass.” Sassily flies back as a reply.

Ryanne chuckles within shifting of herself to rise in a sitting on the edge of the bed. “True. Thus, everyone knows that you like Domi`s ass. And for all, I know you could be hoarding sexy dreams of 'doing' my father too.”

“Oh honey, I like a young dick in my ass.” Jerome begins as a reply of details and amusement while pushing into more. “Don`t be thinking that daddy is my kind. He only teases me with that stern stare that he tosses around. Yet, somehow I think that he is begging to be pleased by a real man. You Les girls are so missing out.”

Jerome is so just ‘out there’ with comments but he says it with love and declares it because he knows that he can say to her. “But daddy is into pussy, as are you. So, once more I am not into your ass and can`t be your excuse today. Therefore, you best be doing a sexy kinky bitch that doesn’t get either of us in 'doo ditty pooh'. But you should get into your office because no one is here.”

With that Ry pushes off from the bed. Within her mind, the realization that she now may enjoy coffee on the balcony fills her senses. That creates a smile as she tosses around the thought that someone must love her considering that today starts on an awesome note. They must for this morning she already has three wishes filled. Thus she shares some info to get moving forward into her day.

“Jerome, it`s coffee on the balcony and a long shower. Then, I am heading to those meetings at lunch. If father calls tell him that I am in traffic. That is a realistic lie to cover my ass. I will be in round one.” She states with walking across the threshold of the bedroom`s doorway.

Then Ry slowly walks the hallway to gaze downward at the first floor of the house from the landing of the upper staircase. This has Ry hearing Jerome saying that he penciled it in and prepped the needed documents. As that comment comes shared Ryanne spins out last comments “Thank you, my pet boy, for giving me the birthday gift of the morning off. Lunch is on me. Take it from my petty cash and enjoy!”

With that, the phone is clicked off while Ryanne walks down the steps to soon be in the kitchen to replace the cordless house phone back on the modular unit. The next moments fill with coffee making and trying to really feel awake. While standing there waiting for Ry begins trying to clear nausea in her head that exist due to the alcohol intake of last night. The realism of a hangover currently owning her head brings irritation to have her state, ”Payton, damn you, woman! You choose to gift me with a full workout of emotions instead leaving me alone with memories of great sex on my birthday. I didn’t need that shit.”

With a shake of her head, Ry pours the coffee into a mega cup. She yawns over the tiredness that sits so vividly within every body cell. That reality invokes Ry to leave the mug on the kitchen countertop before wandering back up the stairs. During the following hours, Ry`s accomplishment includes two more hours of sleeping, drinking cold coffee upon waking and a long shower before visiting her office at the firm`s main headquarters.

Once at the office Ry collects the portfolio of current drafts for the meetings in her workday. The first meeting takes place at her favorite watering hole. The client for the minor-league project exists as a New Yorker that enjoys the pub with only having time for a late lunch meeting. Which is good for Ry relaxes when there and appreciates the quality of food. Hence, walking in Ryanne looks around in search of any interesting women before coming to stand in front of the large ornate wooden bar counter. The lovely countertop fits well with the Irish pub atmosphere and d├ęcor. In leaning against it Ry gives a full visual sweep of the quaint traditional pub. In doing so she spies a sexy little blond just across the way. The petite treat sweetly bends across a booth table while a firm barely skirted ass has Ry`s pulse race of the possibilities that can be. Those ideas do roam wildly in her mind as she is more than obvious with staring.

“Do you need binoculars? Or can I just assume that she is the next notch on your bedpost?” Does float from an amused sounding familiar male voice.

“No Gerry, she is hetero without a doubt. I rather not mess with the places that a dick has been. Thanks but no thanks.” Ry states without even looking at the middle-aged bartender who does the weekly day shifts. And with that, an awareness of teasing may soon follow. Gerry is good with that. He even hunts girls for her but as of late he comes up empty with suggestions.

“Are you hunting, again?” Queries the older New York Irishman who is a friend and the usual barkeeper. “Do you need new a new partner?”

“I am always hunting. You know that I welcome all new opportunities involving a sexy worthy woman.” Ry claims as she saddles up onto a stool that the front portion of the bar`s counter. With that being said it brings lady hunting to be on Ryanne’s mind. She wants some new prey but whom. Within that thought, she orders a lunch meal. “Gerry, I am ordering lunch but hold bringing it until my client comes. Then will you deliver a small pasta salad with baked trout and a tumbler of Jamison’s? However, I could use a tumbler of whiskey until then.”

Gerry smirks of having the topic changes as he writes out the food order. Then he fills the drink request to then stroll around to the front of the counter to pass along the freshly poured tumbler of whiskey as a waitress collects the written note of a food order. “Ordering more salad are we. You are still hardcore on the no grease thing.”

“You can be whipped, mister. I just cannot do that shit that you call down home cooked Irish grub. Gerry, there is a fine line between food and cholesterol death when it`s deep fried into oblivion.”

“Yet, you grease up your girls when you doodle their dittle and tease their titties.” The older male briskly conveys in bold crispy chat.

Ry glares at him for being so crass of how she provides romantic pleasures to the fortunate souls who get to share her bed. In her view, it is a pleasure of tasting womanly cream that she willing offers and enjoys. That, in turn, has Gerry realizing that he must clarify.

“Come on dude, don’t look at me like that. You know that I envy that talent that you have.The one where you have them easily falling into your hands. You are ‘Cool Hand Luke’ and as slick as spit. Most guys could take lessons from you about seducing babes.”

“I ain't giving lessons. But, if you have the 411 on the blond over there than I can manage to eat a salad and a side dish of fish that is greasy.” arises as a swift change of topic while Ry eyes the blond that she speaks about.

“Cecilia Santos. A local popular musician and out of your league.” Gerry sums up as his knowledge of a woman who is now on Ry`s hunting list.

“No one is out of my league, Gerry. So, spill all the info before the client gets here.” Ryanne declares as she is going to undertake the acquisition of a new temporary lover.

“Cecilia is engaged to that local TV personality who does the sports morning show and evening news. Happy go, lucky girl, a dominant personality and talented with her band even playing here on occasion, but she likes guys with no girls ever involved.”

“Come now, all women are Bi when it is me seeking them. We have already discussed that many times, but I guess she likes what she likes. Yet, damn, I so wanna enjoy licking her from her tip to her toes. I could play my own music on her personal everything.”

“Do you need a wingman?” Gerry quizzes with knowing that he adores watching the skills of Ry seducing girls.

“Hell no, just let me do this my way.” With that Ry walks over to the now seated beautiful blond who could stop traffic at every hour of the day and night.

Ry stands at the edge of the booth table until Cecilia glances up from her lunch and a conversation with some guy who is relatively plain looking. “Hi, Cecilia. I have heard that you play here. I am kind of hoping that you soon return for gigs. I do for I want to enjoy listening to the woman whom I bet is dreamy to kiss. Or at least in my dreams, you smile sweetly when kissed.” A straight-shooting lead into total directness and then a waiting game is the approach to achievement. It exists because Ryanne doesn`t care if she is shot down, for, in the end, it`s a moving forward to new sex territory. Yet, the wait for a reply isn’t long for the guy sitting at the table gruffly states, “My sister doesn’t do dykes. Take a hike.”

Ryanne doesn’t look at him though. Instead, Ry then leans down to look into the eyes of beautiful happy mystery as those eyes dance into Ryanne `s mind to inspire a spell of conjuring wet dreams. Thus, a lovely spell weaves causing Ryanne to wish to truly touch and kiss each eye in worshipful pleasure sharing she own spellcasting brings her closer to possibly getting lucky. That allows a whisking forth of enforcing that she wants an answer from the lady who spins spells. “I think that Ms. Cecilia can speak for herself. She seems independent, freethinking, and an open-minded lady that likes a bit an adventure. The adventure includes dinner, dancing and a wish of only one kiss before I safely escort her to her home. So, if you don’t mind …” With that Ryanne winks at Cecilia who sits amused of the forward nature of a woman who definitely is a breath to breathe in. Additionally, it happens as Ry finalizes with. “Would you enjoy such, Ms. Cecilia?”

“Are you sure that I am single?” comes the inquisitively as the blond beauty leans forward to breathe upon Ry`s lips that could easily be kissed. That of course only has Ryanne wanting more, but coolness remains ever present, as the gazing into eyes becomes intense. Eyes are read, re-read and then cheeky grins at them both. Then Ry confidently conveys, “No ring on any finger. Rumors of engagement but I notice no ring, and you haven’t once said no to my invite. Thus, you are open to...”

Ryanne senses that her spell works. Yet, with that spinning spell working its magic Cecilia cuts Ryanne off with “I am honored, Miss, Ms.…Ms. who?”

“Ryanne Masterson. A woman who is enjoying this chat with you and I am wishing to do more of it, if you may give me the time to enjoy more of you.”

Cecilia gazes into those enigmatic green eyes that are very much a sweetness to look into and as she does she whispers, “Maybe one day we can do lunch. I am busy this month. Thank you for asking, and am sorry for my brother being not so kind. Have a good day, Ryanne.” This comes in the sweetest voice tone with Ryanne swearing that erotic sirens now sing. That, in turn, creates plans of an afternoon sex dream to assist in a naughty session of pleasure at work. It also allows Ry a grin with registering defeat, as she nods politely in stating, “Then it is until later, Ms. Cecilia. I promise to be waiting for the chance to see happiness dance in those lovely eyes during a lunch date in our future.”

To say the least the interaction possesses directness while keeping things all casual cool. Ryanne knows she could do better with the effort, but she cannot shake the hangover feelings from last night. So she sort of knows that catching a girl for pleasure`s purposes possibly is not happening today. Hence life moves forward with backing away from the table and waiting for her client.

Thus the following hours include the client showing up with lunch occurring and the success of the drafts being a celebration. Then it`s back to the office for more meetings, many phone calls and Ryanne calling Domi to forces his ass to be at work to do a half day of work. In the end, the day exists as an exhausting one with her tired, to begin with. That truth of being worn-out beforehand wears out a person no matter how hard working or capable they are. So, to no surprise by seven in the evening Ryanne chills out at home while resting on the sofa and eating takeout pizza for dinner. In doing this she hears her cell ringing. She acquires it from lying beside her on a cushion. Next, she clicks it on to provide answering of the ringing. “Seven PM, and what are the words?”

There is a short pause without a reply that creates a silence from the phone`s caller. The possibility that maybe due to the opening address for it catches most callers off guard but then a reply. “Word is, yes. It is dinner tonight, your bed and pizza are coming. I found you via Gerry and yes, I like girls and the rumor is to protect my ass. Scotty is only my best friend. Otherwise, it`s girls and you need to be enjoying me. Give me a chance? Please?” sings out in a pixie sounding voice tone that brings Ry to sit straighter on the sofa.

With sitting more upward she instantly relaxes to then slump back into her former position. With a deep breath, Ry cannot believe it but damn Cecilia comes to sing a sexual symphony. Opportunity knocks with it time to play sexy tunes of naughty happiness. Yet, outcomes a crisp response of. "Quite an offer, Cecilia. Tracking me down, eh. I thought that you said that you are hetero and don`t play with girls.”

Silence exists on the other end of the phone for a long moment, but then there arises a sharp retort. “Do not play with words! We both know that you want to fuck me. The need is more than you can handle. Your eyes were all over my ass when you arrived at the pub earlier today. I owned you from the moment you walked in the pub. You knew we were to have sex. I so own you! So, get ready to be my bitch.”

“Huh!” Arrives as stun response from Ry that tries to absorb the switch in attitudes and the idea of her being anyone`s bitch. Such permits Cecilia state. ”You will open the door even before I knock once. You will have vodka, no ice, and no damn wine either. I don’t need to be romanced. I need a permanent fuck buddy and you do have sexual stud written all over you.”

Ry laughs of Cecilia, yet that goes cold as she listens even further. “You will have two sets of real cuffs and one dildo. We will need all night. We will be having all three meals together tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will get to know each other. Tonight, you will fuck me. Just sex, no romance and no love ever.”

When it rains it pours. Then again with a second thought, it can be said that Heaven with Hell falls from the sky or does it? Ryanne ponders it all, plays out processes in her mind to state, ”You are such a good little finder. Find your ass here. I will wait one hour. If you are late then you need to beg me to let you in.” With that Ryanne hangs up the phone and turns it off. She does this to then casually reach for her slice of pizza on the coffee in front of the sofa while she waits for her soon to be a submissive toy. With that, a sleepy sigh happens for she is a bit tired, but she can manage an evening of fucking a naughty piece of ass. So a slice of pizza gets eaten as Ryanne reaches to turn off the TV so that she can listen to music on the stereo. Yet, as she does she notices headlights flashing through the tiny windows along the sides of front door. ”Ah, the little minx comes to me. A quick little play toy.”

Smirking of this Ry runs her fingers on both hands through her long wavy brunette tresses. She stands up to then look toward the house`s front door. Ry next walks over toward the kitchen to an area that gives a view of the doorway and yet not a direct sight view. She casually leans against the pillar posts of the kitchen entry to cross her arms over her breasts. She then takes to holding a devilish grin. Now she waits. And the waiting pays off. It does for it takes only a few moments for it to sink into her visitor that the door isn’t magically opening. So the results come as an angry rapid knocking.

“Ah poor baby, you need to put more effort into it if you want me. Come now a bit more ” Ry says with a chuckling of knowing that she owns the control in the sexual interaction that involves her being the dominant partner. So, once more a waiting game to prove a few things so that the sexual playground exists as Ry needs it. Thus, it is not that surprising that two firm knocks sound on the front door with those having Ry snicker. “Oh my, you are getting there. You need just a little more passion. Come now, earn my bed.” She cheekily states knowing she isn’t being heard, but she sure wishes otherwise.

Suddenly a silence abides to make Ry wonder why it`s quiet. But then Ryanne hears, “Open the damn door, bitch! Or you will find home invasion a familiar idea.”

Ryanne chuckles to then cross her ankles in a continued leaning against the pillar posts as she conveys. ”Poor thing. I won`t mind an invasion by a sexy kitten who thinks I am an easy conquest.” This comes accompanied by the shaking of Ry`s head in a show of being amused while providing another chuckle before cheerily shouting. “It is unlocked, come in!”

Instantly the door swings open so fast that it rattles against the inner wall of the Victorian style house. With the door wide open it reveals a very sternly posing blond woman that holds a stare of utter rage. She zeros in her gaze to give a ‘how dare you’ glare of contempt. This comes as Ryanne simply remains inclined against the kitchen`s doorposts to serenely convey, “Welcome, Cecilia. Do come in and if it isn’t too inconvenient please close the door.”

With a toss of those golden tresses, Cecelia stands to peer at this piece of woman that needs to be fucked and spanked for being so rude. Yet, in that knowledge, she wonders if she now should. Then in summing up that sex remains the agenda she nods of how much work she has ahead of her. With accepting that idea Cecilia announces, “One day you will learn to obey and maybe then you will be worthy of me. You take care and good night.”

Ryanne laughs about the spoken drivel as she points toward the front entry door. "There is the door if you prefer to mess with me.” Then with pointing to the stairwell, she chuckles again but her facial features appear serious. “Up the stairs is the bedroom.”

Ryanne then stands straight to walk directly in front of the little tart of a woman that is Cecilia. Staring deeply into Cecelia`s eyes of blue Ryanne coldly declares, “Get your ass where it belongs and let me do what I do.”

Next, Ryanne places the index finger of her right hand under Cecilia`s chin. Cecilia immediately slaps it aside while moving past Ryanne to walk into the living room. Then she turns around to stare at Ryanne who slowly comes look at this woman who apparently likes to have control. Thus, with a devious grin, Ryanne nods of the information that she gathers on Cecilia. Loads of knowledge comes from a woman who seems to shift personality. Thus, Cecilia seems to be a woman of lust, personal power, and deception. Hence, a grimace sets on Ry`s face for she dislikes miscalculating info about her sexual prey. Ry always is obvious when on the prowl but Cecilia leaves one impression to then be so different in the end. Ryanne tends to want to teach lessons to such women. So, she plans to continue the torturing of Cecelia.

“Wine is on the counter if you need romance. Otherwise, do a stripping for me with removing every piece of clothing right here.” Coolly commands Ryanne who once more leans against a wall to maintain that air of being nonchalant while knowing that the true power of sexual lust eventually forces most women to do Ry`s bidding.

In return, this brings unbridled laughter from Cecilia who conveys, ”Deaf are we, darling. I see you like to control and do it with a sense of coolness. You wield it very well. But it won`t work on me. I do not need sex that badly. I can walk out of here without any regrets. You won`t have any either. And, you won`t even miss me. You won`t care but do remember that you will never know what it`s like to….uhm.” She stops the chat to then stroll past Ryanne in seeming to leave the house. “Have fun in life Ryanne. Life is too short to not have fun. But, you should not play games with a ‘sure thing’.”

Ryanne once more is amused as she places her back fully flat to the wall. She then stares into those eyes that dance of lust`s intent. Within the staring, Ry knows that wrestling this woman will be a wild sexual treat and so it`s time to step up her game. “Kiss me, bitch! Kiss me like you want to fuck me. Then, I can forgive whatever disobedience that you do until you learn your proper place. But, until then you will be fucking me because you will regret it if you don`t. So, come here to me to submit, submit to kissing me.” Comes coldly shared with pulling no punches of what is afoot between them.

Then Cecilia’s laughter sounds like a symphony as it rings off the walls. She then leans her backside flatly on the opposite wall of the hallway that she and Ry exist in. They stand there as they size up what is next in their game of seduction. Each woman notices the light that dances in eyes and it is the beautiful energy of an inferno of lust. The smiles come cool, the breathing grows to be calm but then it changes a bit as they both wait for each other out. After several long moments, the first to speak is Cecilia as she states, “Arrogant, unemotional and dirty kinky.”

Ry doesn’t say anything for a moment but soon she grins of the summing up of observation, “Only because you like it and need to lick me.”

Cecilia doesn’t smile instead she thinks that this encounter is getting interesting. She lays her two open palms flat against the wall while thinking such. She wants to focus the seductive energy; the powerful lust aura between them must be controlled. It must be for her need of sex may show giving Ry the upper hand. And yes, sexual need glistens on wet lower lips that ache of wanting touch.

“You are bad for me. I like that. However, you should get me some vodka. Really, you should it will have you serving me.” With this said Cecilia`s breathing grows heavy as her eyes begin to read the curves of Ry`s breasts that have nipples popping hard within a designer black leather vest. A nice tight fitting vest with no shirt under it. In the surveying, it shows a black bra maintains Ry`s full round globes of womanly mountains that deserve conquest.

“And you want me more than you want air. So, no drink and you should kiss me.” Ry asserts with keeping her cool stare focused to then supply a licking to her own lips as she begins playing a finger along the V opening of the well-fitted vest. “These are worth tasting. Come now, you want to taste me. You need to too. If you didn`t then you would have left already.”

“No, not really. You think too much of yourself, darling. And really, if you are worth it then you should kiss Me.” arrives with a cocking of an eyebrow and daring tone as Cecilia next chides, “Come now, make me want you. Be a good girl and submit to your need.” States the beautiful blond with adding a sassy wink that states further daring.

Ry stares at Cecilia just a moment more before she nonchalantly turns to walk into the living room with slowly strolling up the stairwell. By the time that Ry stands on the third step as she assertively declares, ”The bedroom is at the end of the hall. I will be nude by the time I get there. You best be nude by the time you get there.”

It comes true that Ryanne tosses off clothing as she casually ascends the steps. She soon stands outside her bedroom doorway with pushing the door open to lean against the pillar posts. She abides there with believing that soon Cecilia should be at the top landing of the stairway. It takes several extra moments but yes Cecilia comes up the stairs. She only wears a set of sexy red panties and bra while flinging aside her top. In being a good follower she looks at Ryanne while licking her lips with a moist whipping of her tongue. Then Cecilia growls a primal purr as a sizzling breath swiftly follows.

“You make this hard. I only wish to fuck you.” Enters the chat through seething angry and verbal notes of lustful intentions. “You need to be on your knees. Kneel for me.” She demands while slinking in like a panther on the prowl.

Ryanne, in turn, stares into those eyes that shine of sexual hunger but she simply smiles while bringing her hands up to grasp both of Cecilia`s breasts as Ryanne coldly conveys, “Kitten will get treats when kitten properly purrs for me. You will purr pretty while drinking all my cream and only then will I think of fucking you.”

The defiant fire in Cecilia`s eyes gleams like a billion suns that have her back away. She dislikes the declaration of dominance, but Ry reaches out to be gripping Cecilia’s arms with swiftly tugging the beautiful blond to be smashing against Ry`s own body. She stands solidly in place holding Cecilia tightly. Ry immediately looks in those eyes while stating in warning tones, “No leaving! You will be my bitch as I will be yours. We are fucking each other. You will like it and you will purr for me and beg for more. Just as I will do so for you.”

Hot! Hell`s heat exists and it radiates between thighs along with the moist sweetness. The electric energy promotes Cecelia’s hand to be stroking Ry`s nude lower lips. Rubbing effortlessly occurs until bliss devours Ry and it creates intense breathing. Ry is taken off guard; she is taken into suddenly wanting to release an orgasm due to the energy exchange between them. It`s sitting there ready to flow, but it's sort of still under control. There must be a control. She cannot allow it to be this easy. She never gives into the wilds of sexual pleasure until total control by her exists. At least that is the usual way but it's not happening. She finds herself wanting the quick fuck with a dropping into control of this woman. But she cannot allow it no matter if she does or doesn`t live on the edge of sexual energy in life. However today her energy seems confused while confronting with a woman much like herself. And somehow Cecilia seems to know it too.

It`s a fire with them both wanting more. So it`s breast-to-breast, upper lips almost touching and bodies clamoring within a powerful sexual hunger that needs filling but not just yet. Ry is ready and her body quakes, knees are weak and the moans sound intense as she barely holds on to releasing her cream. All of her senses swim into dizziness with her loss in the energy flow. That has Cecelia continue to play her fingers and palm in a faster pace of teasing upon those lower lips for she can feel Ry`s body intense with a craving to release orgasm. “Ah, so the coolness can crash.” Arrives in amusement.

Then there is a licking of Ryanne`s lips by Cecilia as a free hand comes to grip Ry`s neck to pin Ry against the pillar post. This exists while Cecilia continues the constant onslaught on Ry`s pussy lips. This pleases, as Cecilia commands, “No love words No love between us, ever.” Then in a warning tone, she annunciates in growling, “I own you! You will fuck me when I wish it.”

Ryanne squirms of the declaration for no woman possesses her. None are permitted. No Dominant allows another to control them. Yet, Cecilia continues to pin her against the door` post with a strange strength that holds Ry prisoner. Her thoughts exist in a fog but her hard find Cecelia`s thighs to force them apart. Then she places a leg there to keep them open as she speedily begins caressing Cecilia’s lower lips.

“You can be tamed. I know it.” Comes in confident whispers from Cecilia who brushes upper lips on Ry’s. Kisses, kisses and eating breaths as her hand remain relentlessly fierce in rubbing Ry`s lower lips. It creates more heat with juicy wet but Ry holds her orgasm, as she demands to build one for her new playmate. Wild sensations flood her with the tingling causing movement toward not possessing any control of what is going on. And Cecilia understands this very well as she presses a domineering kiss with a purring as she snarls. “Oh, you are so fucking sexy. Give it to me, my slut. Cum for me!”

It is breathing, gasping with voracious kisses and within the onslaught of both women racing fingers on pussy lips in demanding that cream comes. Ry`s clit is fully swollen, growing pink from fraction and the withholding orgasm can`t be no matter how tightly every muscle within is controlled. But Ryanne tries to maneuver Cecilia into orgasm first. She must do it to get control but in the end, her hands grip a fist full of Cecilia`s hair along with the wrist of the hand that grips Ry throat. Within it the entire struggle for dominance it`s wild and raw as the heat is volcanic and the energy off the scale between them. Ry simply loses all control due to being so aroused by a woman just as sexual as she is and with the coolness shattering the cream squirts hard within a sweet shower of heated lust filled liquids.

Cecilia enjoys that to then suddenly release from the kisses. She stands back from Ry as she still holds her hand around Ry`s neck. Then she coldly stares at the woman that she conquered as she claims. “You will find me in our bed. You will lick me into an orgasm. Then you use a dildo up my ass as you finger my pussy into my second orgasm. I get two and you then may have your second one.”

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