Pleasure`s Pen

Pleasure`s Pen - Romance Erotica Novel
Author: WindWhisperer
Romance Erotica - Contemporary Adult Fiction - LGBT
Epic romantic love story
Lust - Forbidden love - 2 women - 2 worlds
Arabella & Emily
#WindWhisperer #Erotica #Romance #LGBT #PleasuresPen

Name: Emily Willow Windstorm
Aliases: Emi, Mom

Gender: Female.
Age: July 21/43
Astro: Cancer
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, public knowledge.
Heritage: Irish, Scottish, German, English
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Spiritualist
Marital Status: Divorced

Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Wavy, Auburn brunette
Eyes: Emerald green
Height: 5 ft. 0
Weight: 123lbs
Physical: Casual modern well-toned body structure.
Complexion: Caucasian, Toned, velvety, and smooth.
Measurements: 34-25-35
Bra Size: 34D
Dress Size: 8
Shoe Size: 8

Personality: Intellectual, independent, inquisitive, sensitive, creative, soulful, patient, tenacious, kind, devoted, versatile, adaptable, patriotic, loving, maternal, unpredictable, sentimental, resentful, vane, introvert and moody.
Life Status: Author, Intellectual, and Mother

Erik Harold Windstorm (Father)
Rhea Emily Windstorm-O`Brien (Mother)
Siblings: Mason (Brother), Lisa (Sister), Timothy (Brother), David (Brother), and Gwendolyn (Sister)
Jasmine Astrid Whelan (Daughter)
Troy Simon Whelan (son)
Simon Lawrence Whelan (Ex-husband)

Residences: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Prince Edward Island
Career: Novelist/ Author
Business: Author

Special Info: Best friend is Robert. Bodyguard is Winston. BDSM Submissive.

History: Drives a Pontiac Solstice
She lives at a walled estate with 10 acres of land, long lane. 3 outbuildings and a 3-bedroom bungalow with the front gate locked with having cam surveillance.

Name: Arabella Elizabeth Regency
Aliases: Ari, Domina

Gender: Female
Age: November 4/39
Astro: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian, privately
Heritage: American
Nationality: American
Religion: Spiritualist
Marital Status: Divorced

Eyes: Mesmeric blue
Hair: Wavy, long, platinum blond
Height: 5 ft. 3 inches
Weight: 127lbs
Body Build: Athletic and well toned muscular.
Complexion: Toned, velvety, and smooth.
Measurements: 34-24-35
Bra Size: 32C
Dress Size: 3
Shoe Size: 8

Personality: Spiritual, intelligent, independent, social, charming, energetic, action-oriented, fearless, tenacious, thoughtful, pleasant, eloquent, devoted, patient, ambitious, passionate, sarcastic, suspicious, shrewd, extrovert
Life Status: Scholar, businesswoman, divorced.

David Lee Regency (Father)
Margaret Elizabeth Regency-Voltzheissen (Mother)
Siblings: Kenneth Cole Regency (Elder Brother)
Jacob Aristotle Regency (Elder Brother)
Serena Regency-Whittingham (Elder Sister)
Calvin Joseph Cottenlan (Ex-husband)

Residences: Farmhouse - New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Education: Sacred Heart Academy (Valedictorian) & Tulane (Liberal Arts/Sciences)
Career: Computer expert and a business owner
Businesses; Computer store and antiques

Special Info: N/A

BDSM Dominant. Plays piano and violin. She is an n Arabian horse owner. Owns a farm of 50 acres, mostly woodland. Drives an SUV and a Harley cycle. Love martinis, cheesecake, and fish, along with having a great passion for living

The renewal of the boring topic takes Emily into enjoying a better look at the woman who is accompanying Mr. Paul. Emily gazes at the beautiful blond knowing that the woman has been looking at her. Emily glances back with just as much interest and she is catching the other woman intently staring in what seems to be a warm disbelief over meeting Emily. The beautiful blond lady tries to hide that fact of that she is staring, but the arriving of a smile of something unexplainable is displaying that the other woman is indeed deeply interested in Emily. The blond also is trying to hide the fact that she is undressing Emily with that stare but Emily knows when such is happening for it occurs often in her life. This whole thing of ogling Emily usually is ‘let go’ by her as part of how others are always reacting to her outer beauty but not this time. Instead, she steps a bit outside of her usual behaviour of semi shyness to slightly lean forward to becoming in physically closer to the younger woman while assertively stating “Pleasure to meet you. I am Emily and you are who, my darling?”

The other woman brightly smiles within a blushing over the catching within visually undressing a stranger, “Arabella Regency, I work with Mr. Paul here at the university. It is a pleasure to meet you too, Emily. I have heard of your work. I have even read your books and am attending the seminars this week.”

Emily watches, observes those lips move and views so much more as Arabella too continues enjoying inspecting Emily. It is simply staring and flirting within that gazing without saying a word. Then with a warm smile for what they see on each other they are hearing Paul relenting to viewing the two women connect. He has no choice for he simply isn’t being listened to on the topics that he continuously addresses. Yet, Emily doesn’t care for him and only remains to hold her gaze into those mesmeric blue eyes. Within this Arabella attentively returns the unceasing gazing and this is having these two women exchange unwritten knowledge between them.

This exchange has Emily so wet in her lower lips that she uncontrollably squirms from her now wet panties. It does additionally create a moistening of her upper lips by way of a whipping press of her moist tongue. She is then swallowing hard of the lump of desire in her throat for she knows what she wishes to enjoy. It is sure isn’t Paul or Winston that Emily wants to experience at this moment. Yet, she can’t touch what she really wants, not just yet, not even if she craves with every ounce of desire that is within her body to touch Arabella. So that gaze of lust grows into a hungrier stare, whilst the other woman sweetly states in lyrical tones of mature charismatic seductive, “We have a fine computer technologies department here at the university. I work in it under the Department of Special Services. It is a great place to visit when on campus. Emily, I am sure a tour of it is something that you may enjoy. Why not drop in? Why not come visit? I can make time to help you enjoy the many aspects of it.”

Well, within Emily’s thoughts does ring out that Arabella definitely has a sexy voice and she doesn’t need charm to make a woman lust after her, but Arabella has that too in her demeanour. Both of these elements of Arabella are leaving Emily spellbound. It does for Emily likes listening to and hearing confidence within a woman. It is easy to see this within Arabella through the readdressing of a request to visit the computer labs. Such is an invite that a moment ago Emily flatly turns down by making it clear that she isn’t intending to visit the labs. So these qualities of confidence, charm and sensuality are lovely accompaniments to the spell that comes from looking into those blue eyes. So much, so that this is true that Emily knows that she is willing to take pleasure within staring into them while she gives gifts of sweet dreamy naughty things. And so out comes a new statement from Emily. “Mm, nice offer. And yes, I am taking that offer from you. Winston will give you my business card that has my personal cell phone numbers. Please, call me sometime tomorrow with a time and directions to location. I will greatly enjoy doing a tour with you, Arabella.”

It seriously could not be hotter energy exchanging between them in this public space as they innocently chat and enjoy the view of each other. They know it too. They each do very clearly sense the powerful unspoken energies that are vibrating between them, even if they do not completely understand it yet. There nonetheless is a controlled wild sexual heat, and yet it is still an eager instinctual need that is more than a sexual sort. However, they both know something is to happen between them in concern to fleshly pleasure for they know who each other truly is by looking into each other`s eyes. But they aren’t the types to do anything about it during a first meeting. They easily have a magnetic force concerning each other with them both knowing it’s worth exploring. They deeply understand what is currently going on and think it can be much more, as they stand there appreciating each other for they both feel a passionate familiarity of a strong force of the other, but suddenly Paul interjects with, “Very good. Then you do take my offer. I am ready for you when the time comes.”

Winston snickers of Paul`s comment as he passes over the business card to Arabella. Arabella gives acceptance of it and is sharing a brilliant smile as she then scans the words on the card. ”Canada, eh. That is a bit far for me, but you are doable.”

Instantly inside, Emily`s mind is a screaming of, ‘Yes, I am! So are you! You may fuck me at any point in time! I want you!’ Yet, she doesn’t state it out loud, even if her eyes do betray her desires. Instead, she is rolling her tongue inside her mouth while gazing into Arabella`s eyes. As Emily does this Arabella stretches forth her hand to seal the deal in concern to the computer labs tour. This has Arabella politely stating, “I am sure you are busy with a first night routines and you possibly need rest after the long flight. So, we will not keep you any longer and we will take our leave for now, and I will call you later.”

This has Emily`s hand slipping into the handshake to agree to everything that they share. It is it should be simplistic, but it is a giving of a grip of possession that has the heat of their hands melting together. It is an electric moment within touch of skin to skin and they both gasp of the feeling. It is a striking sensation as their breathing is suddenly taken further off balance with this fully touching of skin. Within this, they each nearly devour the other within intense staring of eyes to eyes, as they demand that their hands remain entwined for long quiet moments. It is beautiful. The knowledge sharing and this partaking of energy exchange are remarkable for it is making a soul connection through touch and eyes. It is this very soul sharing that confirms that they have more than the obvious sexual attraction. In fact, this moment is a partaking of many past lifetimes. It is an entwining of eternal spirits and so much more. It is breathless and wild. It is otherworldly energy. Still, even with this solid truth there must be composure within this astonishing exchange between the two women for both aren’t the sorts to be that way. Add to it there must be that way of ‘just not making a scene’ in public. After all, Emily doesn’t need any more of her private life out in the public world of news media.

No, she doesn’t. Especially since it already is out there in public venues too much. Indeed, the media likes to eat up the news about Emily`s life and it fuels the ways the public thinks that she lives in her private and public life. Still meeting this special woman of Arabella has Emily smiling brilliantly as she replies with, “It is something that I look forward to Arabella. Thank you.”

With that Arabella shares a knowing smile as she congenially asserts, “Do have a lovely evening, Emily. Our city is wonderful to enjoy at any time for newcomers with the university`s campus so very gorgeous at night for walking the grounds. It is hoped that you do enjoy it and there is peace wished for you when you sleep. We will connect soon. I promise.”

“The same is wished to you. And yes, I will enjoy all that I really do desire in your fair city.” This is the return while knowing that the pleasures most certainly are wonderful, thus far.

With that complete Paul voices his two-cent worth of farewell into things, “Yes, do have a pleasant evening. We will be heading to our homes. I look forward our time together, Ms. Windstorm.” With that he and Arabella take to walking out of the exit doors that are a few feet away from current location of the group.

Winston shakes his head in awe over the whole event as he comes around the front to look into Emily`s face. He arrives there to exist very tall in his presence. “You seem to desire her. I really had thought for a moment there that you were going to fuck her right here due to the way you look at her and she looked at you.”

With a deep sigh of wanting just that to be the reality of things Emily closes her eyes as her body still feels the electricity from being near such a passionate and powerful presence as this woman known as Arabella Regency. Then she claims another sigh of wishing for that dreamy idea while then opening her eyes to says in feathery wisps, “I dream of it. She is creamy dreamy. Oh, I dream...”

Winston surveys this with analytical processes and is taking to noticing that he has rarely ever seen his boss so enamoured with anyone. In fact, it is fact that Emily Windstorm lives a quiet secluded life with very few lovers at her call. She has always chosen a serene world with her two children while working at her writing, but there is no large horde of lovers to enjoy. Still within that she attends many types of functions along with the pleasure of her quiet existence, but she keeps her distance from getting too involved within anything that can be too personally intimate. Nevertheless, even with that subdued lifestyle she manages to hold the attentions of those who need to be capturing in her web of charms. That can easily be seen on this night as she charms and is enchanted by a lovely American southern belle.

In a moment, Winston escorts her through the exit doors that are leading outside. He then is commanding them over to the university campus`s building where they are lodging for the week. It is a small two-story building of many dorm type rooms that include private bathrooms. Her room is at the end of the long corridor on the second level. His room is next to hers, but it is on the opposite side of the hall.

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