Ice Goddess

The Ice Goddess - Romance Adventure Novel
Author: WindWhisperer
Romance Adventure - Contemporary Adult Fiction - Heterosexual
Epic romantic adventure story - Lust and love
Tyranny - Religious corruption - 3 Worlds colliding
ToriLea Lane
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......a week later at noon the three ladies met to enjoy their routine luncheon. Each arrived individually into the fine dining room that belongs to the Inn. The first of the arrivals strolled through the doors attired in shimmering blue elegance. She sat at a window table. She wished to enjoy the glowing warmth of the late autumn sunlight as it streamed onto her form. Her wait was not long but a pleasant fifteen minutes.The other two ladies were only striding apart as they began to enter the dining room. The seated lady had been sitting but in solitude but immediately turned to take notice of the other two women`s arrival. As she did so, she was beaming with a peaceful contentment that magnified all she would ever touch.....(The Wind Whisperer).
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.“What the hell was that ....?”

She asked as he slammed the car into second gear. In moments, she was more than ready to ask questions later. For, the speed was now intoxicating, and the swirl of dust was breath capturing. In the moments before all this, he had been clicking photo shots. Pictures of something in the valley below them. She, on the other hand, had been leisurely lounging in the front seat of the sleek sports convertible. The warm winds wrapped around the car that was resting on a cliff under the late afternoon sun. The whispering winds continually were whirling about the inside due to the top being down. Then suddenly, his camera was tossed in the back seat. He came bounding over the side of the car completely out of breath. Instantly, he was planted in the driving seat. Then in a blink, they were off in a cloud gyrating of dust. She choked back a cough, as they began to hit full speed. Her hair that was not bound, within a dark cloth wrap, flapped about her face. All was due do the dust cluttered wind coming inside the car. If it were not for her dark sunglasses, she could not see anything either. Her thoughts were many, but the one foremost in her, already pulsing, the mind was "Where in Heaven`s good names are we bound for?"

The driver sat silent. At least until the two of them reached the outskirts of the old wildlife territory. This section was known as the Old Range. It remained as vast wilderness land area that was slowly becoming part of the community limits. Silence then became broken as they crossed into civilization. Even then at this point Salvi only supplied mumbling. Rambling on in an almost inaudible, and random pattern. None of it seemed to make any sense. He simply went on while sitting poised tensely in the seat. As if he, was comfortable at this high speed. Like he was meant to drive at such a high velocity in such a lawless manner and not thinking of traffic. This unfamiliar tension resting upon his young face was one that made him almost to seem like a warrior on life`s last defensive.

This was quite understandable if others could have seen. Viewed what had lingered in his vista only moments ago. Anyone would have agreed with his behaviors if they too had seen it. He currently existed full of a horror that gave him a passion that drove him to the edge of acceptable behavior. He made a decision that all people must see the view he had seen. That this truth he had happened upon indeed should be set free. That is why he now stood to pants out of breath from his high-speed trek and sprint from the car to his present location. His form gasped for breath at the front of the door to the local newspaper`s Editor`s office. He reached forward to be flinging open the old wooden door. He soon discovered that his bursting into the office was to be, suddenly, in the midst of a private meeting. One that consisted of the chief newsroom staff having the week`s end meeting.
Those inside, the office, in turn, glared at what they saw as his constant arrogance. Such arrogance came as a regular unwanted intrusion. Then with some of the staff`s tempers ready, to meet their heights, the part owner/ managing editor stood to his feet. With a mere wave, of his large hand, the editor silenced the ruckus. With this act, the tall, handsome older figure of a commanding gentleman sat down. He waited to see what was to come from the younger man. What would his ace reporter have for him? The reporter that now stood on the threshold of the open door trying to catch him another breath. His newsman`s instincts told him that something great was forthcoming.

In a state of utter exhaustion mixed with a frantic pounding within his, heart Salvi gasped for air. With what little air that Salvi could manage, he eagerly whispered: "It happened!” It had been meant as loud proclamation. Excepting this whisper was all that could be managed. His sprint through the parking lot and bounding up several flights of stairs had winded him. Salvi gasped for more air so that he could once again begin speaking."It did ....ugh..ah.. Then in one more mere moment, Salvi Lane was lying in almost lifelessness on the newsroom floor. His vision collapsed into an unconscious state. Salvi had wished to tell more of the story. The tale of the long un-supposed conclusion to the renowned and time-honored, Richwell, hellfire giant. But with that last thought of wanting to share all that was left to the world was a motionless corpse.

In a quiet burial, Salvi`s empty body was lowered in solemn surrender to its Creator. Prayers were said with heads bowed to remember him. To pay reverence to the hot shot, the reporter that came from the small town. Salvi had seemed on a journey all his life. This came accompanied by a need to achieve some certain something. He had achieved the life goals of going to the best of journalism`s noble schools. Then denying his mother`s multi-billions. Lastly( but definitely not least) seducing almost every virgin in Richwell. Now, he lay lifeless within the loving arms of mother Earth. He lay in the ancient resting zone bearing a unique secret.

Tori Lane stood graveside wiping away the tears, of loving mother`s deep grief. Tears that streamed upon her somber alabaster face. She could still not believe that her only child was lying there at her feet. Resting under the layers of cold earth. Salvidor was her greatest joy in life. Even after, he announced that he had no need to share in the family wealth. She remembered Salvi’s wish to not become one of the honored members of upholding Lane family traditions. Tori recalled of how her son proclaimed this upon his return from university. These thoughts all continued on within her mind. They flowed randomly as she made way back to Secret Garden, via a long midnight black limo. Tori`s memories wander onto thoughts of Salvidor the man. Then to Salvi`s boyhood, and finally to her cherished love`s infant moments. Her tears ceaselessly flowed with the profound heartache that she would hold forever.

Entering into the old estate, all seemed even more lonely than ever. It had always been hollow, but now it had no hope of a heart. Salvi had been its last hope. He was to make the family residence into a home. Not just a hollow habitation belonging to a power-hungry family. Salvi was the final chance to save the Lane family tree. Save it from its ravenous need to control the town of Richwell. Even though, this was the beer baroness`s family`s legacy and most flaunted achievement.

It rained for almost two entire weeks following the burial ceremony. This suited Tori perfectly fine. For it went with her mood, but to others, this mood was devastating to see. ToriLea Lane was the ultimate ice goddess. She never let emotion have its way! Most people actually had thought it to be one of life`s complete impossibilities. Be that as it may, all Tori seemed to manage these last few weeks was to occasionally be sleeping. Or to be constantly and aimlessly wandering the house or gardens. Her tears flowed with the emptiness that she now possessed.

During these weeks that followed the burial, she only ever was wearing slippers, and sheer linen day wear. For warmth, she wore a satin evening robe. She had no time or energy for dressing. She was like a haunted soul wrapped within the sleek flowing lingerie that streamed about her feminine form. To say the least, she seemed almost without direction now that her one and only child had passed away.

Near the end of the latter of the weeks, one of the local protestant ministers was brought in to comfort her. Tori had been expecting such a visit. At least, ever since Julia had dropped by with condolences. Even with this knowledge, she remained unchanged in behavior. The man that now entered her Sitting Garden was tall, and a dashing figure...even at sixty something. The Reverend stood silently drinking in the view that lay before him. In a few moments, he realized that the gaze was in lust. He quickly took to a silent prayer of forgiveness.

Tori turned to momentarily only to be glancing at Rev. Dr. Tellus then to be turning to face elsewhere. The Reverend in return walked over to the glass windowed wall. To the view the lovely outdoor garden. He marveled at how such a ruthless and passionately immoral creature managed to create such heavenly landscapes. Then Rev. Tellus brought, his eyes back to fall upon the daintily dressed curves of female perfection. He thought of how ToriLea Lane was the gift from heaven that made ‘all’ men stumble and worship.

Tori spoke first, breaking the hallowed strained silence."Have been expecting you.”

His reply was "Ummm!"With a raised studious eyebrow and a look of doubt came upon his face.

She continued in the same subdued tone "Well, Rev. Dr. Tellus, what is on your mind? Assuredly, you are not having concern over, cold-hearted, cruel me."

Rev. Tellus, choose to only, silently, stare at her. This brought an amused smile to Tori`s face. Rev. Tellus obviously was much more serious in attitude over the statements. Excepting the reverend chooses to say nothing. A comment would only cause more words than he felt necessary. Too many words would be inappropriate in his opinion. All since ToriLea Lane was not one of his favorite people. At least she was not in recent years.

Each stood for a moment curiously gazing at one another. Both thought, what would, or even better what should be spoken. Then again how should it all be stated when it was spoken. In what seemed like a great effort, Rev. Dr. Tellus crisply spoke "Ms. Lane, it has been brought to my attention that you now require the services of the church. I, am hereby come to your house to see as to what you may need?"

This greatly entertained Tori. It created another small smile to glimmer upon her beautiful English lips. Her thoughts were many, but none was of how the great religious church could assist in any portion of her life.

Rev. Tellus continued on with what seemed to be rehearsed oratory "The church has many leaflets on the subject which you now seek aid with. God...I mean the church provides for all.” He was careful to not mention God. For, deep inside himself, he was quite certain that Tori Lane had never truly been capable of searching for the Great Creator. At least he thought it could not be a truth. Especially, when considering all the perfervid tales and immoral activities that she was publicly renowned for. He deliberated upon the thought that ToriLea Lane and his daughter existed as best friends. He knew that ToriLea was without a doubt the complete reverse of Julia. She shone as the demon opposite of his sweet angelic Julia. He thought ‘Opposites surely do attract, even in friendships.’

With her back once more turning away, from Rev. Tellus, Tori was momentarily deep in a thinking silence. She had now grown weary of the amusement that R. J. Tellus had provided. So with, a very little effort she formed her next words. "Dear Sir: Please, say your prayer. Speak all your nice words. For I sincerely require nothing of the church."

With that said Tori watched Rev. Tellus lower his head. The parting prayer was then said. Tori patiently listened to each softly spoken word. The good Reverend slowly raised his head. He spoke words of how the church was there for all. That the phone number was easy to come by. After doing this Rev. Tellus motioned that he knew the way out.

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