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WindWhisperer is the pseudonym of an author born to weave words into a spell of the delicious erotic with the fantasies of dreamlands. She wisely chooses her pseudonym for it very much a part of her soul, a soul connected to the wind and its whisperings.

WindWhisperer`s birth and childhood occurred on Prince Edward Island with her being one of the proudest Canadians alive. She is a woman of midlife years with her being a small town girl that has moved around a bit in her life, but she lives extremely privately. Additionally, she is an 'old soul’ with her writing ‘soul stories’ for she is a spiritual presence and a woman that is 'young at heart'. Whether she shares seriousness, social or silliness she does enjoy sharing her stories while daring others to read to them. Hence, she writes. She writes Romance-Erotica Fiction and Fantasy Fiction with additionally being a reluctant poetess and philosopher.

WindWhisperer is seeking a place within your reading world and wishes for you to find thrills within her Romance Erotica Fiction and Fantasy Fiction. She plans to do her ‘already well-formed’ fan base proud and is bringing her best writing for her new and current readers to find pleasure within.

Birth Place:
Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

July 21.

University of Prince Edward Island (Bachelor of Arts Degree)
Holland College of Prince Edward Island (Various Certificates)

WindWhisperer`s favorite life quote:
“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it “ E.G.O.

Welcome to my world of dreams – WindWhisperer

1. Pleasure`s Pen (Romance Erotica Fiction - LGBT - BDSM)

2. Politics Of Seduction (Romance Erotica Fiction - BDSM)

3. Arousing Ry (Romance Erotica Fiction - LGBT - BDSM)

4. Randi`s One (Romance Erotica Fiction - LGBT - BDSM)

5. Titania - Realm Of NeoImmortals: Titania Time (Fantasy Fiction)

6. Titania - Realm Of NeoImmortals: Dragon Age (Fantasy Fiction)

7. Titania - Realm Of NeoImmortals: WindSwept (Fantasy Fiction)

8. Titania - Realm Of NeoImmortals: WindCity (Fantasy Fiction)

9. Titania - Realm Of NeoImmortals: Mortal Myth (Fantasy Fiction)

10. Sweet Sexiness (Romance Erotica Fiction - LGBT - BDSM)

11. Passionate Pursuits (Romance Erotica Fiction - BDSM)

12. Arcane Arousal (Romance Erotica Fiction - LGBT)

13. Ever Note (Romance Erotica Fiction - BDSM)

14. The Ice Goddess (Romance Erotica Fiction)

15. Triumphant! - Realm Of Angels & Demons (Fantasy Fiction Mini Series)

16. Scorpio`s Beloved - Titania: Realm Of NeoImmortals (Fantasy Fiction Mini Series)

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Canadian Cancer Society:
WindWhisperer is a supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society. Her support includes fundraising events, monetary funds, and raising awareness of the disease. She has had her life touched by various cancers, including it is invading her own personal family and many close personal friendships.

Girl Guides of Canada:
As a youth participated and later in life took to adult leadership roles within various levels. The quest for furthering women`s rights and achievements through knowledge and life experience is something she holds dear.

Canadian Diabetes Association:
WindWhisperer is a supporter of the Canadian Diabetes Association Her support includes monetary funds, and raising awareness of the disease. She has had her life touched by diabetes on many levels.

Epilepsy Canada:
WindWhisperer is a supporter of the Epilepsy Canada. Her support includes monetary funds, and raising awareness of the disease. She has her life touched by diabetes on many levels.

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