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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 7, Calculated Seduction

Angeleesa walks the distance between them. As she does Deeni`s cell phone rings with an unknown ringtone.” I need several moments for whatever this is. So, go cool down the horse before giving him to Zeke.”

At that, the two parted ways with Deeni peering at the phone’s screen with the name listed as Victor Daneiro. With that, her mind instantly builds walls to prep for what might be coming. Then a swipe of the phone`s answer icon releases a weary sigh within answering. “Victor,”

“I will stay away for the term of the contract if you never harm her. But, I will come for her at the end. I do want major holidays with my child and do want to take her to the team trials in Italy. ” Comes in smooth calculated response.

Deeni immediately states what she has pondered for the past three months “You both seem to want me believing this is only about a riding deal and a placement. I know differently. In fact, four months ago a good friend of mine from Italy said that you have found a new way to take Common Quarters from me. Thus, since she loves me then it is, to tell the entire truth.”

Instantly Victor gives an amused chuckle before sharing. “So suspicious but I have always liked that in you, O`Shea.”

“Uhm, I don`t care about what you like Victor,” Deeni frostily states with an edginess but she remains calm while watching the cooling down process of Conquistador.

"You should care. Denis always cared about what his enemies were doing. But you do not push your suspicions into action thus you will fail this time."

Deeni winced about such but she couldn't say anything. At least not until a certain someone is completely distracted. Then in being satisfied that Angel is preoccupied Deeni continues the chat. “Uhm, action, good then you have not noticed." Arrives coldly to then continue, "I do demand to know what dirty deed is in the works. Four months ago I heard that it has to do with blood and Torino. Who is dying? And yes, you would commit murder if you had to.”

“No death, but yes, I have the best plan on Earth to take back what your father stole with a rigged up bet. It is so great that you must continue seducing and let her believe that you love her. My Angel instantly become mesmerized by you at the Preakness and it only makes everything perfect. I saw the moments between the two of you. It felt so right as I watched with you both supplying exactly what I have always wanted. Or at least it gets me the end goal of my ultimate wish.”

“Huh!” Flies in shock from Deeni as Victor slows the dealing out of puzzling information to have Deeni irritated with conveying. "What? Huh?"

That brings evil laughter through the phone. Then as Victor barely believes how lucky that he finally has become the Italian businessman proclaims, “To top it off Angel falls so hard for you that she does anything. Anything with even being the bad ass bitch that manipulates me. She is so like me and you are just like Denis. You both suit each other too.”

Deeni`s mind spins with the puzzle unfolding. The disorientation carries her into confusion as she stands alone in the training corral. Thus, with feeling like she is a bit freer Deeni austerely declares, “You are a bastard! An unholy bastard!”

Then Deeni sort of understands as the bigger plan comes fully opened as she thinks of it all. She sees how he can own Common Quarters due to a relationship between her and Angel. She now understands how Victor Daneiro gets his most prized wish as payment for doing nothing. “You are using you her, you fucker."

Once more a pleased chuckling comes as Victor goes on about the deliciousness of how he gets what he has always wanted from an O`Shea. “She does my work for me. Strange how that is. Quite a twist that my only child loves Denis` lesbian delinquent. Both Denis and I both hated that you each are lesbians. But, I now see the benefit, yes I do.” And that provides more maniacal laughter.

Within all of it, Deeni grows white hot with anger. But, she knows that the screaming of her rage or being too much may bring more pleasure to Victor. So, she is silent with being aware that Angel may return at any second. And, if all of what abides between herself and Victor is true then Angel exists caught in the middle. Caught and it will cause pain that should not happen no matter what. After all, Deeni knows that Angel loves her and that should never be harmed. She understood that at the Preakness. She looked into Angel`s eyes and those eyes supplied love, at first sight. That is fine because Deeni felt that too.

Yet, in the silence, Victor finalized what he phoned about. “It would be good if you have Torino supply the sperm for the boy child or children. Torino has Daneiro blood even though its seven generations back in history. So, do man up to let her fuck him. Let him think that he can be hers. And, if she is anything like the women in my family then she gets pregnant easily. But when he asks for marriage then she will send him away so she can be with you. I know that she will. She wants that in order to a pease me but she wants you too. So, in the end, you two have Torino`s money through child support. And, I am making sure he pays. He will do that even though I know that 'we' both prefer the child to be a Daneiro - O`Shea rather than Torino.” Then the phone becomes dead silent with Victor disconnecting.

Rage bound. Anger in all its degrees. Deeni exists unprepared for the dirtiness of using Angeleesa. She knew the entirety of contract and the Daneiro`s being at Common Quarters exist as a ploy. All of the information about the Italia conveys that. Plus, she is privy to a few secrets but this is wild. It is for she truly possesses no expectation of Victor being evil enough to use his daughter in business dealings. But he has. Not only that Deeni knows that she has affection for Angel, a love that came from merely looking into eyes during a horse race. Thus yes, angry and needing to defend a woman that she barely knows but Deeni must protect Angel from a man who commits any crime to acquire what he wants.

In that very moment, Deeni gazes at the barn`s entry doors that swing wider into fully open. It takes a few more moments but soon Angel struts inside the doorway. She stands in the massive door`s opening wearing a long white shirt dress with sandals on her feet. Deeni smiles without any effort for there stands an angel in the barn, an angel for her. The watching bring Angel to walk across to Deeni who in turn walk toward this woman who seems to be a handful and not an angel. But maybe she is, and then again maybe she is not. Yet, Deeni currently believes that Angeleesa is an angel in a dirty plan that can hurt many people.

With such thoughts, they both come to be closer with Angel happily announcing. " I want to shower in your bathroom and lay with you all night. I want to be yours, only yours forever. Please Deeni, may I? We will do everything because I belong with you. I don't care about anything else. Not right now, not for two years and neither will you care until it all. So please, please take me and let be yours"

The two of them meet mid arena with it allowing Deeni to reach over and tenderly hold Angel`s hand. Both women smile as Deeni brings the backside of the hand upward to press her lips with whispering in a kiss. “Don`t make me love you.”

“Too late, I already did and we both knew that at the Preakness.” Arrives through a Cheshire cat grin as Angel discovers excited shivers with becoming more aroused because of the kiss.

“You are so sassy. Goddamn, what are we gonna do.” Seriously exclaims Deeni in feeling overwhelmed by all that has come at her in the three months.

“Well, unless you want exhibitionism then lead me into your bathroom and bed.” Angel conveys with a blushing giggle.

Yet, with saying such, Angle understood it all too. So she looks in Deeni`s eyes to see seriousness resting in them. Hence, Angel sighs while sharing. "I assume the call was Daddy. He possibly provided threats and more." Then looking earnestly into those green eyes Angeleesa further conveys, "Deeni, I promise that no one with Daneiro blood will ever own Common Quarters. He righteously lost the bet and so it's done. We do not own the feud. But, we will be together. So come on, let us shower and make love."

Deeni peers in those eyes of blue. She wants to believe all that Angel claims but still, she knows better. She recognizes it even though Angeleesa pulls Deeni toward the door in saying, "Please. Please. I have waited three months, plus a year. Please." Arrives in honest pleading.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that they both soon enter the back door of the house to go through the kitchen to make their destination. As they do Molly looks up with her eyes widening to then soften as the other two women walk through the kitchen.

In noticing the housekeeper it has Deeni blushing with conveying, "Do not disturb us and it is a late breakfast with personal time until noon tomorrow." Arrives directed toward Molly as Deeni pulls Angel along in going through the dining room and then living room to go up the stairwell of the two-story house.

Molly gives a reply but neither woman hears it for they are racing up the stairwell. Then at the peak of it, Deeni in one fluid motion whips Angel from the top step to be instantly pinned against the hallway wall. Everything becomes a blur of bodies solidly pressing and lips surrendering to demanding kisses. A furious display of lustful passion. Their fiery desire from all the months of flirtation and sexual energy become unchained. Hence, its non stops. It exists as lips on lips, moving wildly, pressing in hunger with dizziness owning them. There comes biting, eating breaths and hearts pounding loudly as two women no longer need to have control. Lips gifting moaning to mix with purring to flow into heavy breaths and then suddenly two hands. Deeni grabs the collar of the shirt and ripping begins straight down the front. "Mine, mine and you will understand that. Yes, you belong to me. You are no longer his."

Angel gasps of it to then grin in saying, "Please, fuck me. I am everything you need. And, I need you." Then she grabs the remainder of the shirt to toss it off her body and over the railing of the stairwell to the float to the lower floor.

In that Deeni grins until her smile cracks. She also grasps Angel`s left hand to pull her along to the master bedroom `s open doorway. And in the approach, she pushes Angeleesa against the frame to say, "Hush. I have a few things to say. There could be regrets if we don`t always share the truth. So, listen and then we will make love. But listen before you cross this threshold. Because once you do you are mine forever."

However, Angel finds no fun in waiting so she tries to nudge them through the door. Yet, Deeni pins her to a pillar post to demand to say what must be said. "No, no, just fuck me. I don`t care. Talking can wait." Exclaims Angel who is beyond being horny.

"Grr, you are so damn sexy and sassy. I am going to go crazy trying to handle you but I will handle you." Comes in seriousness with a grin of happiness. "Settle down, god damn, just listen. We will make love in ten minutes, I promise."

Then Deeni holds Angel pinned while enduring constant playful attempts of kissing and touching those naughty places. But, then Deeni finally gets those hands imprisons while being almost breathless. At that moment she affirms, "Tell me what you know about the deal of you being here."

As it is spoken Angel comes to a full stop. The next seconds present smiling through strange giggling as Angel moves into sinister laughter. "Oh Deeni, my old man thinks that he is using me to get to you and to allow him to acquire this ranch. It's fucking hilarious. God damn, men and they think they rule the world."

The look in those blue eyes dances of dastardly deeds that exist lethal in carrying out whatever agenda. "The truth is dark, evil and filthy. Daddy says colonials are filthy but Americans have nothing on my father. And, I am his prodigy. So, listen for a while. No talking, because that way you will understand why I promise no one is taking Common Quarters."

With that Deeni rests nicely in once more being puzzled. So she chooses to listen. Listening while pinning the woman there with surveying eyes for the truth.

"Jesper Torino is an Italian automotive millionaire's only son. Met him at dance clubs. He is a perfect dance partner for a lesbian woman. We are secret friends. He has to produce one male child. Strangely enough, I need the same thing. But Jesper secretly wants men and can barely stomach looking at women." Comes wrapped in the irregular laughter while spilling truths.

Angeleesa doesn`t stop there as she next tries to settle the giggling while stating, "Word in female equestrian circles claims that you are a pervert known as Dominant. A kinky bitch that literally has fucked seventy percent of the current lesbians on the riding circuit. I am a submissive. And, when I saw you at the Preakness my entire body screamed love, need and belonging."

By this time Deeni abides in a bit more than shock. She releases Angeleesa with retreating to the wall opposite of the woman that she intends to have sex with. And in it, all she remains confused but listens. That is good because Angel is not done talking but Deeni also is more suspicious of the so-called bigger game that surrounds her.

Nonetheless, the beautiful Italian confidently stands just inside the bedroom door wearing a red bra and lacy panties. She blows Deeni a loving kiss with continuing onward to explain. "The truth is that I am letting my father use me. It serves purposes, love`s purposes. It gives you to me and a life here with me being a mother. I demand that in my life."

Then with a deep breath and coming close to Deeni, she says, "It allows two gay men to be in love and to be together. It produces a grandchild for the Daneiros and the Torinos. It allows we two lesbians have a family and to be in love. It permits two old men to die enjoying their traditional sensibilities and anti-gay beliefs." And with that Angel places a soft quick kiss to Deeni`s lips as she purrs and stares into the eyes saying, "I love you."

Deeni heart thumps into stopping. Breathing stops as she hears the words. And then she trembles of the sensations of every ounce of horniess flooding her body once more. And that is good because she is not the only one.

Anges stands close with becoming hornier while watching Deeni be too serious. So to help happiness to return Angel blows another kiss before reaching behind her back to unfasten the bra to toss it into the room. "Deeni, I will stop daddy from hurting you. He holds no control."

With mentioning such Deeni breaks silence to say, "Do you swear on your mother`s grave that you tell the entire truth to me?"

“Yes," Then with a cold smile and pulling Deeni toward the bedroom, Angel conveys, "Yes, I swear on my Momma`s grave. I do for all I want is you and to belong to you. But, I won`t deny who I am. I am my father`s prodigy and because of that I can handle daddy and be a ruthless bitch. Can you spend your life loving a manipulative hell-raising nymphomaniac that is the daughter of your worst enemy? Can you allow me to love you? I know that you do love me."

The action comes swift. Deeni pushes Angeleesa through the bedroom archway. It is instant forceful manoeuvring. Angel is made walk backward and Deeni kicks the door closed with a loud slamming. As the bed comes to be right there, and to be a playground of primal lust Deeni strips her pants and boots off. Next, she ferociously grasps Angel`s long raven colour tresses before thrusting her left-hand past the panties` rim. At that moment breaths are heavy, eyes locked onto each other`s and Angle spread her legs to give access with Deeni`s two fingers buried in a wet hot pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, my Domme, fuck me. I need please, please." Comes whining as Deeni forcefully plunders that tight hot hole with powerfully relentless thrusting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 6, Uncloaking Sassiness

Sunday mid-afternoon, the two women stand in the indoor training area of barn three. Angeleesa once again readies to get on top of Conquistador to do the almost impossible jump that Deeni regularly carries out on a standard thoroughbred horse. According to Angeleesa, it must be proven that everything can be better than some ‘has been’ rider. However, because of the sass and disrespect spewing during the seven failed attempts, Deeni ends training with the instruction to cool the horse before beginning other duties. Yet, Angeleesa is fed up with taking orders. So, there comes the gripping of the reins as she turns to face the horse Then a placing of a foot in the stirrup with sassily stating, “Watch and learn from a real rider, Ms. Wannabe.”

At the sound of that, Deeni whips her body around to catch the full view of it happening. Instantly in one fluid motion, Deeni`s left hand that holds a sturdy three-foot long dressage whip flicks a swatting snap of the leather tether on Angeleesa`s ass. “Down, bitch!” Comes in a piercing command as Angeleesa instantly screams of the inflicted pain.

Everything instantly stops for them both as Angeleesa slowly turn to face this woman that dared to whip the firm fineness of an ass that she feels deserve worship. Hence, as the stinging heat fills a cold daring glance is shot toward Deeni with eyes easily proclaiming a ‘fuck you’. In that second the dressage whip splits the air. The lash meets its mark again with giving a full thunderous snapping that allows the sound to ring throughout the enclosed smallish compound.

“Do it again, I dare you” comes frigidly snarling in a warning threat from Angeleesa.

“Really!” Deeni sternly muses with feeling like she now shows who possesses the true power between them.

So yes, there may come a daring to do more, oh yes, Deeni wants to dare. That idea lethally abides in those eyes of green that hold rage and sexual hunger. Yet, it is chained while something else comes unchained. It arrives in the form of a warm wet orgasm spilling from Deeni`s lower lips. It leaves her dizzy with breathing heavily while lustfully staring at Angel. This exists because of the whip snapping to Angeleesa`s body. A fetish trigger for the Irish American has thing about leather and whips. Thus, an excited shivering consumes in a continuous quaking while the primal need for sex owns Deeni. Within it, all her heart races with wanting to show Angeleesa what sex between two highly sexual lesbians can be.

This allows the energy between them to build in higher heat as Angeleesa`s entire body remains stiff from the disbelief about whipping. She stands ever so still with leaning against the horse that jostles about. In this, the Italian woman’s eyes glow of deviance while her body ascends into high horniness. Breathing deepens with her pussy lips aching, nipples growing harder and that heart pounds in an untamed rhythm.

“Why not just fuck me right here? Why not spank my ass red? Do you think it will make my pussy drip? Can you handle me, Deeni?” Arrives in spiritedness with knowing lusting radiates from both.

Deeni, in turn, sternly paces directly over to Angeleesa to bring the tip of whip`s handle under Angeleesa’s chin. In that, the Italian woman backs away from it and the horse with then daring Deeni to fall into crossing that line of sexual. Hence, the moment has eyes to eyes with both women knowing that their body climbs into a volcanic sexual heat. The aroma of sexual desire clings to the air and Deeni coldly states, “Only in your dreams, Angel. You need to do more begging. So, continue. This filthy colonial likes youR begging. When I am pleased with it you are to be on your knees with more pleading.”

Deeni looks Angel dead centre in those blue eyes with her own green ones to wishfully want and then sigh. She does for logic kicks. Thus, instantly body temperature changes as the mind remember what is outside this moment. She does it as she tries to control the sexual energy from roaming into the primal wild. It takes all her power but its gripped with then proclaiming another sigh. After that Deeni fills with disappointment as there comes the sharing of the logical truth of what really exists for them. “Angel, we both know you can’t have me.”

This brings Deeni leaning in ever so close to those luscious upper lips to whisper, “You do remember that Daddy arranged a marriage to a man. That intends that I would only be a toy for you.” Arrives as Deeni`s nose nuzzles Angel`s.

Instant angry fire fills those blue eyes as Angel forcefully pushes Deeni away. The shove creates stumbling but recovery quickly exists. In doing so Deeni notices Angel walking away from the confrontation and that creates lightning energy to fill the Irish American. So, in a flash of movement Deeni is next to Angel with swiftly grabbing an arm to pull Angel in close. She immediately presses the two of them together while voicing, “I saw more than two years at the Preakness. I want the more. Let me know when you want more, more than what daddy wants for you, my Angel.”

That takes Angeleesa by shock with a lost look flooding her eyes. It comes for not once has Deeni mentioned anything about wanting more than sexual encounters. In fact there only exists the intense flirting, the devilishly teasing and the emotion of the feud. Not one time comes to a mentioning of wanting what Angeleesa made clear at the start. Not once has Deeni shown such feelings. Thus, a simmering of the erotic heat comes as Deeni continues on, “ I am more than a brute, my Angel. I am more than that man, my Angel.”

"Your Angel, really but, I am not your anything, Deeni.” Arrives knowing that Deeni claims no ownership Angeleesa. None and she has listened with recognizing the change into the seriousness of what they could be.

“Uhm, really?” Questioningly ascends while the dressage whip taps on one of Angeleesa`s ass cheeks. “Really, I do think that you are, you are in many ways. So let us see. Firstly, you are my student. Second, you are my stable hand. And you are my protégé, my guest, my meal companion, my illegal trespasser, and my…”

“Fantasy. Only a daydream because all you do is this endless mind game and an ancient feud. You fall into it instead of claiming me. Where is the Dominant? Aren`t you a woman who takes what she wants? Your eyes said it. The gathered info tells me that you are. Even the rumours say that you are.” Easy spews from Angeleesa`s lips as she looks deep into Deeni`s eyes with a fiery dance of brutal honesty mixed with horniness.

It stings, the words hurt. The sounding of the truths between them brings everything to a stop. All stopped as eyes intently search in eyes for the answers. But none come. None at all and that shakes both into a deadly silence. Then Angeleesa begins quaking. She quakes like when she entered Molly`s kitchen for the first time to confront Deeni. Seeing this has Deeni looking away from those searching eyes. Then arrives the lowering of her head in defeat before she swiftly struts off toward the barn door. She does that until Angel sharply states. ”You can’t handle me, can you?”

That too rings in stinging but it brings action instead of silence. Action with turning around to slowly walk the several feet back to Angelessa to announce, “Oh, my Angel, you need to do a little more begging. If you are good at it then by the day`s end you are in my bed. So, if you really want me then call daddy to tell him to not come for breakfast anymore. If you do good then you will be my breakfast. So, my angel, please prove to this filthy colonial that you truly want to be mine.”

With it spilled, with all of it out there then Deeni swivels around to continue the journey out the door but in doing so she hears. “Papa, you cannot come to Common Quarters anymore.”

Deeni immediately halts to turn around to find Angeleesa holding a cellphone with talking into it. “Please, do not come here anymore. Return to Italy. I need to spend time with Deeni.”

Then a pause in the chat comes with Angel listening while Deeni watches in astonishment. She next hears, “Because, because you being here upsets everything. You promised to leave when I said.”

Once more Angel gives adherence to whatever comes as a reply from the phone. Then she trembles in stating,“I need Deeni and whatever there is here. You said you that would behave when here and neither of us ever do. I nor you behaved in the past three months. I cannot have what I really want if you continue coming and I remain doing what I have been.”

Instantly yelling is heard. It wild too with it even heard across the distance of the several yards between the two women. It seems that Victor feels upset. That is recognized with no effort to see how it affects Angeleesa. It shakes the beautiful young woman as silent tears stream on cheeks as she fiercely stands in place to listen and take each verbal blow in full. Then when the screaming hits a new high Angeleesa confidently says, “You cannot stop me. We made a deal. One blood grandchild but it will be done my way.”

With such spoken, the phone is tossed several feet to meet the dirt surface. Afterwards, Angel immediately mounts Conquistador as she coldly stares at Deeni who is walking toward her. And in that Angel proclaims, “Begging commences after a ride on the back pastures. One last ride before he takes Conquistador.”

But before the horse can be motioned to move Deeni possess a death grip on the bridle to command, “I know the horse is registered as yours. Added to it you are not going anywhere. You will face him and so will I. Get off the horse and kiss me. We will own this event.”

“He is coming, Deeni.” Screams out in fear but not relenting nor taking back what passed between them.

“ Yes, he is but I hold a court-ordered restraining order that can demand his deportation if he breaks it.” Proclaims Deeni with patting the horse`s neck to soothe the beast while chat continues, “The deportation is effective if it's about trespassing.”

With that Deeni studiously stares into Angel`s eyes saying, “No running from me. It is two years with me. I am quite sure we can get you pregnant. In fact, Torino will give up the seeds. Daddy then has his wish with you getting yours too. After that, we will see what exists but play your plan out. After all, that is the true plan. Right? ”

“Yes, right but do you know that at times I hate you?” arrives in a coldness of being found out as Angel provides a frosty smile.

“I hate you too. But, I knew that at the Preakness when you wouldn’t blow me a kiss when I sent you one.”

That provides a warm-hearted chuckling from Angel who begins dismounting Conquistador. “Deeni, I am only running to you. You should have noticed that by now.” With that said there next arrive a blowing a kiss to Deen even though they now stand mere feet apart.

“You are naughty about kisses and yes, I noticed you coming to me but you still must do the required begging.”

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 5, Temptation's Aftershocks

It is a rough start followed by three months of torturing each other with sexual energy while living hell comes in the form of an enemy at home base. Pleasure, pain, and a need to hide the weapons or body bags might exist.

It starts first night with the Italian beauty proving that she gathers attention. It is not surprising with the sexual energy easily radiating. It comes in Angeleesa`s every move and every breath. Thus, the men living and working at the ranch notice with them wanting a chance to have. Hence, during the first night two male stable hands get caught peeking in the only window of the bunkhouse room while the gorgeous woman dresses for bed. Deeni spies the two men and in that she chases them off. However, Deeni steals a peek to then be caught by Angeleesa. A scene follows with Deeni standing outside the window getting a full frontal nude view while being called a rude colonial during snickering. It supplies mixed emotions of negative and arousal but in the end, the entire incident also allows worries of Angeleesa`s safety in the bunkhouse.

Not a good start to anything. Then again the following morning brings the first of day of the daily ritual of Daneiro`s arrival. An arrival that starts at eight every morning. It brings a second Daneiro horse trailer parking at the gatehouse. Then a limo pulls up with Victor Daneiro soon mounting and riding an Arabian stallion along the long lane with him followed by the black stretch limo. Upon arrival, the Victor acts like he owns Common Quarters with demanding breakfast and morning coffee with his daughter in her room. Of course, nothing is suitable when he is doing it. That provides argument leading Daneiro into demanding less rustic living quarters. Yet, both Deeni and Angeleesa do state that the arrangements are part of the contract.

Along with that, the Italia trainer's arrival gets delayed three weeks. Such places tension to force Deeni to provide the training that should be daily given. Daneiro insists on it due to it being in the paid contract. So the lessons are set up to follow what the Italia trainer`s schedule exists as. Once that becomes public knowledge it provokes the other three riders to demand equal treatment under the terms of their contracts. Hence, Deeni`s days become completely out of balance and the actual stable business begins to suffer due to it. It does for Deeni has no time for many things. In the end, she exists on the edge of exhaustion by doing constant sessions of training along with her everything else.

Such sort of works out but the sexual tension between the two women grows to be something that is barely stayed off. That too is exhausting for Deeni for she must control herself due to Victor being constantly present during the daylight hours. Nonetheless, the arousal and sexual energy can be smelled in the air with the eyes daring each other as the days pass. Hence, it`s the highest forms of daily flirting. That comes delivered in the ways that two intelligent sexual women possessing professional flirtation experience can deliver. So, it's hot energy and barely controlled between them most days.

In fact, the first instance exists in front of Victor DaneIro during the second morning while they are in a training corral. It comes during morning exercise with horses. The moment begins with Angeleesa`s foot caught in a stirrup when dismounting. A request for help from Deeni exists since she abides mere feet away. In that helping the two women are physically close with Angeleesa nearly kissing Deeni in the attempts to free the foot. “I am going to fuck you soon. You are mine, O`Shea.” Arrives in a whispering while they both stare at Victor watching them and it immediately is easy to understand that they both enjoy being on exhibition when flirting.

“Then fuck me, fuck me in front of daddy. Come on, Angel.” Arrives in daring bold statements. Angeleesa only snickers into a seriousness before becoming quiet with watching Deeni while needing to prove how much desire she holds.

It is like that for the next several days. In fact, it builds up ever so nicely with it becoming interesting in sexual heat and wild desire. It does until that until three days later during the late evening when Deeni enters the kitchen in a bathrobe to get a night time snack. It exists as not a terrible thing to do in one's own house. However, Angeleesa sits at the kitchen table enjoying a late night cup of tea. Immediately the raven-haired beauty speaks without Deeni being aware that anyone else might be in the kitchen.

“I dare you to drop it.” Comes in serious huntress tone with Angeleesa next standing to walk over to Deeni to place a finger directly between Deeni`s firm round breasts. Then a lethal stare of intent comes shot from her eyes into Deeni`s eyes while sexual hunger abides as barely held. “I soon will taste. Are you ready? Be ready for I ache to be tasted by you. I soon will taste these perky peeks and so much more.”

This allows the two women to stand eye to eye with Angeleesa not moving the finger. Deeni deeply feels it there with the sensations owning the entirety of her senses. She feels pinned with the touch instantly stimulating into creating wetness and volcanic vaginal heat. It shocks with swift sexual desire possessing and no control of it by either of the women. It sits there devouring both women as breathing grows heavier. The air becomes torridly hot with them squirming in standing close to each other while silently begging in their minds to merely take what they want.

‘Just fuck her. She is begging to be fucked. She needs to be with a woman. You are that woman. You lucky bitch, just fuck her.’

‘God damn, drop the fucking robe. Drop it to fuck me. So horny, you are so fucking hot too. Fuck me, please, fuck me.’

They each know that the sexy heat rises with the moist on lower lips dripping while lust builds with each breath. It reaches a crescendo as Angeleesa`s tongue whips along her own lips to smack upper lips together in a show of hunger while Deeni`s lower lips begin to pulse. Each is fully aware that sex is happening now and with that Angeleesa consent with claiming, “Mine, Deeni. And, you knew it at the Preakness. So, did I.”

Deeni hears it. It spurs on the next motions as she reaches to grip Angeleesa`s waist with suddenly pulling in the well-toned Italian female against the hardness of middle-aged athletic feminine body. In this Deeni`s eyes declare predator with no teasing allowed. None may now exist between them with the scent of untamed arousal existing. The time to take it is now. That exists because both women have spent the day teasing each other to create this moment. Thus, that one last chance to back off is given.

“Then kiss me,” arrives in sharp command to declare readiness as high sexual desire consumes Deeni`s body. “Kiss me, Angel. Kiss me and find out that no man will ever be enough for you.”

Moments of endless bliss waits on an edge. Angeleesa needs to submit to more than flirting and she begins to say it. “Fuck…”

However, a house guest seeking tea enters the kitchen. Hence, both women feel a bit awkward while needing to hide what has occurred. That simmers to make both of them back off from doing anything. It also leaves Deeni thinking about it all. It allows her to begin hating that she does not possess better control around Angeleesa. She despises that Angeleesa seems to hold the power between them. That should not be happening at all. After all, not holding the power while claiming to be dominant in life is similar to being stripped naked in front of the world. That exists as twice as much torture when considering that Deeni proclaims to be a Dominant in the arena of sexual anything. Therefore, Deeni owns a speck of hate in concern to Angeleesa. A minor hate because the last thing that a Dominant allows is a submissive taking the power in an exchange. And according to Deeni every woman that she wants obviously must be submissive. Thus, Deeni seems to not handle being near Angeleesa without hating her in some form. Yet, the lusting for the beautiful angel comes to no stoppage. Such a pretty one while being the daydream distractions in every sense of life.

Angeleesa, on the other hand, can barely tolerate the building sexual energy while feeling Deeni`s attempts to keep a distance. That conjures up a plan to be a sassy bad girl during training sessions. It must be then for Deeni now manages not being around Angeleesa outside of the demanded sessions of the contract. It subsists as a good plan but at first, it doesn’t work. It only achieves Deeni being a dictator while keeping at least a dozen feet away at all times.

On top of the failures becoming an annoyance for Angeleesa the daily life at the ranch takes over both women`s routines. In that Deeni makes sure that Angeleesa has work to do until meals and bedtimes. Thus, they both see each other only for meals and for those necessary dally training sessions. That does change at three weeks the Italia trainer arrives and that allows a supplying of the minimum in extra training sessions. Hence, less contact during days and even then Deeni manages to keep a distance from the woman who occupies her mind too much. Yet, tension remains thick with Angeleesa trying her most to gather attention without being too obvious. It not working makes Deeni bossier while feeling that little hatred of not holding the power between them. That happening has Angeleesa annoyed into being furious for she must achieve being with the woman that she dreams of at night.

This all provides tempers flaring daily into shows of deviance and more tension building in the attempts to be close or keep away. Dealing with it comes in any way deemed necessary and that includes name calling with rude behaviour. But, at least it’s being dealt with. Therefore, every day ends in a silence. This all comes to the supper table with cold stares of not being able to find whatever it is to win this crazy game between them.

Yes, it becomes a game between them. It does because Deeni decides that Angeleesa only wants to conquest Common Quarters. That can happen by conquering Deeni`s personal dominance and humiliating in ways that truly make the feud between Daneiro and O`Shea a personal thing for both women. It all stems from Deeni feeling dominated by a submissive. So, it's all efforts to stop anything between them. Hence, sex with Angeleesa must not happen ever. That becomes Deeni`s truth but she knows it not to be true too.

Angelessa, on the other hand, grows into being completely frustrated by everything. It affects all the things that she does. With that, she discovers the wrath of her father. He sees the unfocused work and he easily recognizes the attempts at flirtation mixed with rebellion. Then he begins demanding that his daughter stop the silliness. So, bring regular statements that Angel must marry Torino with being sexually faithful too. This is the reality even though it abides as hushed at first but soon it comes out a bit louder. That provides full out arguments in Angel`s bunkhouse room and a not too silent war existing betwixt them everywhere else.

Hence, the ranch becomes a drama zone. But even in that Deeni carries out all her duties while knowing that she must confront Victor. It must be that for he has to leave Angeleesa alone due to it upsetting the ranch work environment and the contracts of other riders. In fact, letters from Italy come in demanding to rid the premises of the distractions or the contracts are broken with full payments demanded in return. So yes, sexual tension builds but so does anger and so much more. It grows and grows until the last Sunday just as three months of Angeleesa being on the ranch comes to a close.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 4, Daring To Declare

The situation abides as interesting tension for its negative emotional and intense sexual but Molly merely gets busy with creating the three extra meals. Such is easy for she had most of it prepared due to providing breakfast to this week`s house guests.

Along with that Deeni and Angeleesa enjoy a mutual staring contest. Of course, something needs spoke but Deeni dares not due to Molly. So, a hard quietness stands between them as Molly stores two meals in plastic ware before placing a teacup on the kitchen table. She then pulls out a chair to encourage Angeleesa to sit. With such happening Molly cheerily states, “Sit down, my dear. Deeni will behave. So, say what you need to. This is not about your father and the feud.”

Then Molly turned to fully glare at Deeni with that type of glaring that abides as a warning and wisdom. “My Martin despised my father. My father thought Martin a dirty cop. There is a lesson in that. Understand!”

Molly then collected the third meal that sits on the kitchen counter close by. She held the plate of food with watching Deeni before she settles the breakfast meal next to the teacup. “I will be gone an hour with delivering to the gatehouse. But, I am totally certain that I will be serving Angeleesa breakfast for the next two years. Understand, Deeni.”

The lawmaker has spoken. Definitely, that subsists as the truth and an ominous energy comes to hovers in the air. Deeni once more feels forced into something that is unwanted but she must do it. She hates that feeling. She sighs the deepest breath with swallowing the hard lump of loathing of forced bindings of a deal.

In that she watches Angeleesa`s hands grip the top rung of the chair that sets behind the place where the meal abides. In doing so Deeni gazes upward to peer into Angeleesa`s eyes that hold a begging plea. The beautiful raven-haired woman`s facial expression shows the same emotion.

It is at that moment that Deeni hears her own father`s voice in her mind, ‘The feud is not yours.’ Such provides grumbling sounds, as Deeni knows full well that Victor Daneiro still has not stopped even though the feud and land acquisition attempts should have ended. Thus, according to Deeni`s logic, there exists no reason to trust anything about Victor or his daughter. But, with that thought another memory comes to mind, ‘Vic was my best friend once, a friend until two years after I won the land from him in a bet. It was more than Paddy luck.’

Deeni remembers her father very well. The man lived as a true Irishman possessing raw luck with millions of four-leafed shamrocks in his veins. But, no one could say that Padraig Denis O`Shea lived life in a saintly manner. In fact, the feud endures due to a bet on a horse race with a land swap involved. The land subsisted as Common Quarters and a similar area in California. On top of all of it, there exist a few versions of the tale too.

With that memory and knowledge, Deeni nods toward Angeleesa to sit down. Thus, providing permission to be in the house and doing a deal. “Sit, talk and you have five minutes. If you do well you get to eat. If not then I am going to the barn to begin daily duties.” Arrive warningly in a deadly tone.

To say it takes no time for Angeleesa to sit is an understatement. The woman quickly rests her ass on the chair with looking over at Deeni to immediate say, “Four things. It might be seven minutes.”

Then Angeleesa reaches to hold the teacup between her two palms. It comes as an attempt to hide nervousness and it works. Then with nerves tidied up, Angeleesa begins the five-minute gallop to destiny.

“ Two places available on the Italian second string for the Equestrian games of 2022. I am offered a tryout and given a slot here at your ranch. I will win.” Is sharply spoke in absolute confidence with sudden peering into Deeni`s eyes with sharing the seriousness of owning a spot on the second squad.

“You are a respected trainer of horses and riders. I want you giving me side training, extra coaching that the Italia instructor won`t give to any of the second string riders. So, to get that I offer you two years of me being a stable hand in exchange for your help.”

Deeni`s eyes widen in complete surprise. They do for billeting and the possibility of extra training comes already paid for through the contract. In fact, the monies for all four riders and horses exchanged hands over a year ago. But she says nothing with allowing Angeleesa the remainder of the five minutes to chat.

“Father always does what I want. I am spoiled. He wants a grandson from his lesbian daughter and he requests me to marry a man. So you see, I hold a great amount of power over him. He even begged and bribed authorities to let him step on this property today. It took 50000 American dollars.” The voice tone sounds ‘matter of fact’ with hints of joy in concern to controlling a powerful billionaire.

That stung into Deeni`s mind as a bit shocking but not unfathomable. It allows her to sit still realizing what the bigger game might exists as with wondering of the possible future of it all. So, she says nothing while listening to Angeleesa who easily continues while speeding into almost having the five minutes spent.

“As part of that deal of me being here, my father cannot touch Common Quarters or you for as long as I am here. You need to recognize that.” Then the gorgeous Italian woman pauses to enjoy a sip of the cooled tea.

In that Deeni conveys. “Interesting, very.”

“It is, but hush, I own thirty more seconds. Don`t stop me. You must hear this next part. Just listen. Even if you shun me the next two years, just listen.” It comes with a begging stare shot into Deeni`s eyes as Angeleesa closes hers to gather courage.

“Baltimore, Maryland during May 2017 at the Preakness, and we were both there. My seat was one row behind you and three seats to your left. You looked over your shoulder to speak to Juan Harrier, a good friend of yours. You caught a view of me wearing an elegant white dress. You proceeded to talk to Juan but you didn’t remove your eyes from me for one-second. You watched until the crowd sprung up to cheer for the winner of the Preakness. We both missed the race; you watched me and I could not stop looking at you. And, I don`t ever want to. When I saw you later in the lounge I asked my father who you were. You can imagine what he said. But, as he did my only thought was I am fucking her, one day I will do that. She is mine.”

The five minutes end at the mention of May 2017 but Deeni remains silent because there arrives the flood of memories of that day. Yes, there was a beautiful woman and indeed she looks exactly like Angeleesa. That woman of then captured Deeni`s attention due to a feeling, something odd and as though she knows her but she knew that did not.

Angeleesa stopped talking. She simply sits there audibly breathing in nervousness while holding the teacup tighter and waiting. She let go of bomb, which exists more powerful than anything nuclear. She knows it too. However, she has done a year of thinking it through and planning this out.

It comes as the plan after being offered the spot on the Italian equestrian team at the end of May 2017. That day the contract read clearly about the O`Shea ranch being the training facility. That suited her fine. It existed as a little over a week since she looked into the eyes and soul of Deeni O’Shea at the Preakness. That set the path of what brings this day and this conversation.

To say that Deeni`s head has not stopped spinning since her ride on the back pastures is so true. She makes no movement for the longest time. There comes a long hard stare of disbelief. A million thoughts are unleashed into roaming wild on the plains of her mind and not one of them wants to be corralled. None. None until Deeni looks down at Angeleesa`s hands gripping the teacup. The knuckles are white and the cup is quaking with making a soft sound on the wooden tabletop. That forces Deeni`s eyes to shoot back up to engage Angelessa` blue eyes. As she does a tear is seen on the edge of the other woman`s left eye.

At that moment she surveyed all that existed. She peered deep into eyes to see if lying might be. Yet, Angeleesa held tears of what seems like a pain. In that many things come to be realized. Deeni remembers what it is like to want something involving riding. Yes, she does. And that look rests in Angeleesa`s eyes, just like it has for many other riders that Deeni has trained.

“Winning is that important, is it?” She coolly questions.

Angeleesa immediately allows a trail of tears but no sobbing fill the air. Instead, she clears her throat to say, “I wanted the spot since my childhood. But, I also want two years with you before I marry a man. Daddy wouldn`t let me come here without promising to marry Jasper Torino. He knows that you are my kind of lesbian and you are his enemy.”

“Uhm.” Deeni softly claims with believing that as truth. It seems more logical than the attraction but then Deeni knows they have that too.

The silence then returns with each looking at each other. In that Deeni gazes at the hands on the cup with them still quaking. In that second she reaches over to with her left hand to suddenly steady the motion.

“Angel, marrying a man to just fuck me is a high compliment. A princess tumbling from her high horse to do barn work seems interesting. A place on the second string takes at least four hours a day extra.” The words are clear with being cut sharp and Deeni continues to hold those hands around the cup.

But, she now has taken to do it with two hands; both come to steady the moments as understanding comes to bear. Understanding filling a busy mind with a heart clear exists for her. The thirty-seven-year-old woman knows what it is like to want a prize and to be limited. She once rode too. Even more so, her father demanded a heterosexual marriage and grandkids. But, that is not happening. So yes, that old hatred and the feud seem overshadowed by something more important.

“Deeni, I work hard. I manipulated everything to have my chance. I even managed to come to the house to negotiate when Father insisted that he should. So, torture me if you will. But, I am being honest with you. It is their feud, not ours.”

Deeni took deep breathes in almost seeming to hear her own father saying that same thing. This same idea of it not her feud and that once a friendship existed between O`Shea and Daneiro. Such brings soft feelings, a heart feeling and Deeni removes her and Angeleesa`s hands from the teacup. She continues to embrace them as she stands up to walk toward the other woman.

“You heard what Molly said. Breakfast is here every morning at seven. You can join the Italia squad at dining room`s table. Or if you want to slum it, I eat here in the kitchen using peasant tableware.” Out it comes, the final and true decisions of it all and Deeni accepts that two years with Victor Daneiro occasionally hanging round must be endured.

“Really! Peasant. Okay, but you might get a morning kiss if I join you.” Arrives shared with Angeleesa no longer shaking with nervousness.

“Really, kisses?” States Deeni who loosens the grip from the other woman`s hands before furthering the reply with a warning. “The morning that you do then you can expect much more than rider training.”

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 3, No Panties Invasion

The information takes the breath away leaving Deeni shocked of it all. Hence, there comes instant silence with her world spinning into impossibilities. That allows Daneiro to continue as two police officers begin walking toward the group gathered around the limousine.

“O’Shea, we need to quietly have a sensible chat.” Sharply breaks the silence, as the tall Italian male sounds serious while walking closer to Deeni who remains atop of her horse. “Five words. Deal. Orlandi. 2010 and boarding horses.”

At the mention of the sequence of words, Deeni`s eyes flicker in the direction of Daneiro. “What about it?” Snappishly shoots out of Deeni as she begins the descent from the horse to meet the two police officers.

“I know two are here, one is coming and you said you would take four in total. Angel`s Arabian is four.” Then as that fills the air between the two of them the crowd begins to disperse for the police begin demanding that everyone scatter. Hence, the noise of it allows Deeni to have a moment to collect thoughts as she farther dismounts to turn around with coldly glaring at Daneiro before harshly commanding “You in the house but first I must deal with Steve and his sidekick.”

“Good day, Deeni” Arrives cheerily from the more broad-shouldered of the two male police officers as he walks toward Deeni and Victor.

“Hey, Steve. Sorry about the call, but I thought that I had an intruder being dangerous on the back fields.” Comes shared with a warm smile at the deputy chief of the local police.

“Oh, I figured it is a trespass issue. I will deal with it if you still need me too. But, we are here for another reason. We have two calls about Common Quarters. One delivered yesterday with a request to be here this morning to assist a Victor Daneiro with breaking a restraining order. He claims that you released him from it due to a contract with him. Thus, he wants it known that he is not breaking the law. So, he requested surveillance to avoid legal ramifications and well, the district benefits if I show up.”

“Oh, really?” Deeni disbelievingly queries with the understanding that Victor has set up something. She additionally assumes that there exists so much more to whatever actually is going on. So, with a feeling of being totally blindsided Deeni points toward Victor to proclaim, “There is your man, the guy that you forced out of here not too many weeks ago.”

“Yes, I am aware of him. There was only once that I had to peel a rifle from your hands. It definitely is a memorable moment even without your screams and the knee to my balls.” Steve Wood stated with a chuckle. “So, ma’am do you request to have him removed today? Or is everything peaceful like?”

Deeni looks sheepishly at Steve knowing full well that the trespassing phone call exists because she wants Daneiro and Angeleesa off her property. Hence, technically yes, she does want that reality. But no, she now definitely does not. Not when considering the short bit of information given just as Deputy Steve Wood arrived. So, as a result of that info, a few things need to be sorted out just so that the friendship she possesses with Steve remains good and solid. So, she begins spilling a shade of the truth.

“To be honest and this is only between us, okay?” Deeni begins to explain while hesitating to have the approval of things being off the record before continuing on with the shaded truth. Then as the nod of ‘okay’ is given Deeni furthers explains. “It is kind of like the municipality benefiting if you show up. That type of thing, if you get what I mean?”

There arrive the raised eyebrows with the ‘knowing’ smirks in saying, “Yeah, okay” with both getting the drift of it all. Then Deeni walks a bit closer to Steve to almost whisper, “He is why I called. No info prior, and so, it is a bit hard but that changed after calling you. Apparently, I own a foreign business deal that I must honour and Daneiro is part of it. So, my heart says throw him in prison but my pocketbook states that I apologize to you.”

The two of them eye each other with understanding the feelings of being pawns in a pond with the big game going on. Then as everything sinks into them both Steve adjusts his weapons belt as he studiously glances around the area to then convey what he thinks of it all.

“That is why I am sitting in my car at the end of your gate until he leaves. Either that or I need all of your firearms with no kneeling my balls this time.” Arrive jovial spoken with hints of seriousness as his eyes catch a glimpse of the truck, trailer, Arabian horse and Angeleesa. As those do then a wondering about something shows on his face and so he says what comes to his mind. “I am making an assumption. So, correct me, if I am wrong, okay?”

Deeni nods to allow Steve to further the chat about things. “The truck and flashy trailer remain here, as does the new eye candy. Correct?”

Deeni instantly focuses in on Angeleesa to then nervously shuffle her feet like a kid in a candy store while knowing that a trap is set and the sweetest part of it might be bedding a spoiled piece of candy. But, before her reply comes Steve notices the way Deeni looks lost in lustful wishes and so he needs no reply but understandingly conveys, “Met her yesterday. Beautiful, intelligent, shrewd, daddy`s girl, reeks of sexuality and by the looks of it she likes to be teased by big things between her thighs.”

The statement drips of sexually charged hormones and locker room talk with it seemingly truthful. Thus, both watch Angeleesa dismount. It exists as a delicious sight for the no panties gives an excellent view of what gets teased. Nothing is left to imagination even though a quick dismount exists but it seems to be in slow motion for Deeni and Steve private viewing experience. As a result one of them has a bulging hard-on while the other once more takes to enjoying a wet daydream. It remains like that until the second officer walks up after a discussion with Victor Daneiro. “Mr. Daneiro claims that he has been welcomed and that our job is done. So, maybe we can do some breakfast, okay boss?”

All subsists as being heard as all three of them focus in on watching Victor Daneiro and Angeleesa walk the horse to the horse trailer. Then with that happening Deputy Steve proclaims, “Ms. O`Shea offered us breakfast of two eggs, toast, a couple pieces of meat and coffees. Molly will deliver it to the Common Quarters gatehouse. That is if we are willing to sit there until Mr. Daneiro departs. So, you go bring the car and set the radio on some decent music. Molly always cooks good meals.”

And that is that. Decisions made. All comes sorted out. Sort of. Possibly there exists some justice served with the big players in the game trapping the little leaguers. Yet, nothing of it has got nothing on Molly`s cooking. So off the three go with Deeni walking toward the house to arrange the two meals. As she does stride toward in the back door she walks by the Daneiro horse trailer. In doing so she supplies a cold hard stare at Victor who amiably states, “We need to talk. I must know a few things. I need it okay to occasionally come here to see my daughter.”

“You need to fuck off.” Spews in harshness from Deeni while not breaking stride and then furthering the reply with, “Whatever I owe, then I owe. But, you get off my property.” Replies Deeni while continuing in the direction of the backdoor of the extra large two-story renovated ranch house.

It is an older home renovated to be modern. After her infamous father died ten years ago Deeni updated much of the house with making it into a pseudo miniature mansion. It had to be that due to the plan that now exists. That is the plan of turning the ranch into what it is today, a horse boarding facility for wealthy clients while being a top quality training centre for professional riders in the southern United States. In doing that the house became twice its original size with the older house gutted to make way for modern updates that include seven bedrooms with bathrooms on the upper floor. The lower floor conveniently suits basic needs of the guests that often come to live for a short a period. Thus, it holds a friendly and stately atmosphere that consists of a large eat-in kitchen, an elegant dining room, a library-den and a comfortable dignified outsized opened space for a living room-media room concept.

It is a nice house, a home for Deeni and the one person that she truly respects. Thus, with a pull on one of the double wooden screen doors Deeni stride inside to immediately face the aroma of breakfast being made by Molly.

Molly looks up from grilling waffles to cheerily convey, “Almost late. I see that Steve is here. He wants breakfast too? The three in the dining room are fed and soon done. I have waffles, fruit salad and sausage. Tea is in your cup on the kitchen table.” Arrives in a deeply southern tone belonging to a sixty-something woman that does not behave like an employee but she is one.

Molly Carson knows she governs the house with everyone abiding by her rules. Deeni made it that way and not even Deeni dares to go against Molly. So yes Deeni is late for breakfast and yes she needs to know about Steve who always wants to be fed when he comes to visit.

"Yes, ma’am, he and Budi are hoping you might make them a gentleman’s breakfast.” Convey Deeni with barely looking up at Molly for once the meal menu is set then there are no exceptions and Steve had placed an order outside of it being waffled.

“Lil Stevie Woody will get waffles and maybe an egg if I am generous. And his coffee might be like he wants but being demanding could have him eggless.”

Deeni now knows that Steve could be more eggless. But then again Molly is kind of sweet on him too for he wears a uniform like her deceased husband did. Thus, Deeni chuckles in wondering if it might be true, “They are at the gatehouse and he`d enjoy seeing you. He said it makes his day and your food is worth the trip out here at the crack of dawn. I kind of stuck my foot in it by calling him unnecessarily.”

With that Molly suddenly stops the reaching into a cupboard for paper cups so she can fill them with coffee. She looks over at Deeni questioningly. “That redhead cop is sweet talking. So much like Martin, so he might make it to eggs if he is that nice to me.”

Deeni grins about the lie she told but she has promises to keep. Plus, she owes Steve for a few things. Thus, the least that can be done is the breakfast with it delivered by a woman that Steve holds great respect for.

“Thank you, Molly.” And as Deeni walks over to the kitchen table to get the teacup to begin drinking the tea the screen door opens and closes. But, that is not all that becomes instantly known. Not only a door is heard but something powerful instantly is felt entering the spacious kitchen. And even without looking Deeni feels it; she feels a strong sexual energy and a something that she does not recognize, at least not recognizing yet.

“Hello, Ms. Molly, I am Angeleesa. I called earlier about coming to live here and wanting to know of the facilities.” The voice is sweet, congenial and it brings Deeni`s entire body hitting high sexual arousal without another thing being done.

“Oh yes, my dear, you did.” Instantly replies Molly gesturing to Angeleesa Daneiro that she should come further into the house.

That gets Deeni know the reality that Molly give welcome and such a thing makes Deeni`s head whips around to watch her arch enemy’s daughter walk into an O`Shea home. Not only walk into the house but also be fully welcomed by the only person that usurps Deeni.

“Come in, sit down. Tea is ready and breakfast is too. That is if you wish it Ms. Daneiro. You must eat and then you will see that we have a great kitchen.” Warmly exists in southern hospitable charm.

“Oh please, do call me, Angeleesa, Ms. Molly. And yes, I will. ” Courteously derives spoken in warmth while the most beautiful smile beams at Deeni.

The nearly six-foot, raven-haired beauty stands there wearing a contoured angelic white sundress that is too short. The black leather riding boots travel up past knees belonging to long muscular legs. It is a view that exists as too sexy and by the look of it, two hard nipples push the fabric of the sundress. It is like being gifted hell and heaven all in one moment. Yet. as Deeni`s stares her mouth fall open in awe because the sun beaming in the door frames Angeleesa like a celestial being. But, Deeni knows that angels wear panties and this woman doesn’t. Hence, it`s all deception and possibly a demon wanting to torture with sexual energy and much more. Therefore, the thought of no panties and a woman oozing sexuality brings Deeni a mixture of feelings with all of it being barely controlled and so very raw too.

And that shows on Deeni`s face as Molly glances at her boss. Thus, Molly easily understands the signals that are shared and it’s interesting too. After all, not many women shake Deeni O'Shea. Thus, the signals supplied are amusing. And that is good because Angeleesa sends a signal, a wink of a signal toward Deeni to encourage that naughty heat to arise between them.

“Okay, my dear and please let me introduce you to my boss, this our Deeni.” Molly conveys with giggling before wandering off to pour another cup of tea with finishing up with, “ You had mentioned that you wanted to chat with her. So, please… ”

Well, Deeni needs to sit down. So, she does. Her world collapses. The world spins out of control. Plus, she now needs clean panties. But, even more so, there is Molly being Molly. And a Daneiro is having tea in an O`Shea home with a warm welcome by the only woman capable of making Deeni behave.

Then as that begins to settle Angeleesa speaks again. ” I don’t mean to intrude but Deeni may we share some chat?” This comes sweetly conveyed by Angeleesa who stands just barely inside the back door.

But, before Deeni can speak Molly happily offers, “Of course you can. Deeni likes company at the kitchen table. So, come into my kitchen and enjoy tea. My home is your home. ”

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 2, Lawfully Lost

Yet, this is home. It exists as a place of several acres that contain three stable barns, a hobby farm with an animal barn, a gatehouse, three corrals, a bunkhouse and the lodge house with its small separate guesthouse. The first thing that is seen upon entering from the back pastures exists as the three horse barns with the accompanying training corrals. The ranch is a professional stable for housing foreign and domestic horses for various racing competitions. The expansive setup houses some of Europe`s finest equestrian rides and trans riders from all over the world. Thus, it is a busy place.

But Deeni does not think of any of it as she enters into the large open space. Instead, this woman who inherited this vast property scans the lot for the mystery rider but Deeni only sees ranch employees. That brings the assumption that the mystery rider jumped the trails fence for an alternative way out of the back pastures. That is possibly so due to avoidance of trespassing issues and dealing with Deeni. So, with one last sigh, Deeni feels disappointed about not confronting the trespasser.

“Damn!” The brunette rancher states to herself as she takes a deep breath with releasing the emotion about it all.

In doing so Deeni`s eyes of green catch view of a flame red Dodge Ram 3500 truck with an extravagant custom built horse trailer attached to it. Such a type of truck is a semi-typical vehicle for those who bring purebred horses to Common Quarters for stabling. But still there comes a whistling envy with silently admiring an updated version of the truck that she owns. Such a truth makes Deeni curious as to who owns the red one for she instantly wants to meet them.

“Uhm, it must be my mystery protégé. She is here earlier than planned.” Arrives spoken as Deeni then looks to opposite direction with suddenly noticing a silver limousine with a chauffeur standing next to the back door.

That creates curiosity. It does for as far as she knows no one of possessing a stretch limousine is expected today. None at all, not even the anticipated business comrade that brings the newbie protégé has a limo out in rural Kentucky. With that thought, Deeni then assumes that the new protégé has not arrived but someone else has. With such a thought floating about the limousine’s backdoor swings open with the assistance of the chauffeur. That allows the slow emergence of a man of black hair with his lips crisped in an evil sneer. And upon him fully being seen Deeni cringes with loathing every second of being anywhere near him.

“Get the hell off my property!” comes screamed in instant anger followed by a guttural growling as Deeni immediately stride Canyon forward to deal with an enemy in any way that might be necessary.

“You are bastard that manipulated races. I told you before my ranch is not for sale.” Deeni declares as she finds herself suddenly accompanied by two male ranch hands standing next to Canyon.

“Daneiro, leave, now!” comes growling between clenched teeth while the statement is mixed with heavy disdain as Deeni moves Canyon forward. She needs to be properly positioned to stare the tall intruding brute dead straight in those dark malevolent eyes. In doing so Deeni`s hatred continues as she commands “ Zeb call the police and get my Remington Sendero.”

“Yes, boss.” Replies a thirty-something ranch employee as the other employee steadies Canyon as tension exists so thick that it could be sliced like bread.

However, Deeni figures she won`t be waiting for either of her requests as she nudges Canyon to move directly in front of Victor Daneiro. Yet, in doing so a surprise interruption occurs. That comes as the raven-haired mystery rider arrives from nowhere with insistently pushing the Arabian horse between Daneiro and Deeni.

“What the fuck!” Deeni screams with a sudden need to control a startled Canyon while the workman scampers off to be safe. “Get the fuck out of my way, wench! You will get your turn for the trespassing and for being a bitch to me on my own property. But for now, I have Euro filth to deal with.”

However, the Arabian rider only glares at Deeni with not backing off. Thus, Deeni now understands that she as two royal pains in the ass. In fact, the woman rider is deserving of a whipping from a riding crop due to interfering. But none comes and the mystery woman maintains a calm position atop that Arabian horse while masterfully controlling herself and the horse. That allows Deeni to understand that two confrontations exist and that is not a pleasure in any form. But first, Deeni needs to protect Canyon. So, she pulls reins of the standard thoroughbred to force him back from being too close to the other horse. Such gathers the attention of many rancher workers in the stable yard. But, it also allows for someone else to say what he or she wishes to.

“That is exactly what I expect from a ‘colony brat’ with the manners of a barbarian. Your father commanded respect due to his behaviour and business sense. In fact, Denis O`Shea sat as an equal with my father in the elite of Euro Equestrians. Shame on you for this craziness.” Arrives haughtily spoken in almost perfect English that is tainted with hints of refined Italian.

The stinging announcement is shot from the mouth of the beautiful mystery rider as she and Deeni watch the crowd gather. However, that does not intend that Deeni has nothing to reply.

“Huh?” sharply claims Deeni while thinking that the raven-haired female obviously lives in a delusion. After all, Deeni does not understand what a trespassing stranger has to do with the arrival of an enemy that buys up all the little stables in the district in order to control Kentucky racing. Hence, Deeni looks puzzled as she sits on top of Canyon while trying to sooth the horse into staying calm. In doing so the thirty-something ranch owner figures that the interfering doesn`t concern the other woman. That is even though the trespasser seems to behave otherwise. But, as Deeni begins to speak she is once more interrupted.

“You treat moments with no manners. You make a jest of priceless seconds with squandering time on boring events. Stop being a brute, Deeni. I am not here to listen to an ill-mannered colonial spewing nonsense while wasting precious time. ” Flies from the raven-haired female`s mouth to have Deeni fill with anger Deeni. That anger allows Deeni to instantly motion Canyon forward in order to begin dealing with one of the two issues that irritate.

However, at that moment, the two horses decide nothing is okay and they jostle about with that making both riders to almost fall from their saddles. Then as the Arabian begins to settle down Victor Daneiro reaches for the throat-latch of the black horse. At the same time, Deeni demands that Canyon backs off but not before there comes heard. “Mio, no! Mio! No, you are much more than a colonial whelp. You are bred as a perfect beast. You are a brilliant Arabian champion, my Conquistador. Shh, settle.” Commandingly flows in loving tone from Daneiro to the black horse that suddenly calms down.

Then out of the corner of Deeni`s eyes, she spots Daneiro proudly smiling up at the young woman as he gains control of it. Daneiro`s gaze fills with pride and not any anger over being interrupted by the twenty-something female and her horse. Such an action surprises Deeni for Daneiro never tolerates anything that interferes with his business agenda. Not even in order to seduce a beautiful young woman. And that exists even though he is a renowned womanizer. Added to that and at the same time, the mystery rider seems almost too relaxed in the saddle as a stranger touches the purebred horse. Such seems strange to Deeni for such is not usual among horse owners. Thus, it leaves more puzzlement inside Deeni`s mind.

Then as thoughts build in the ranch owner`s mind she wonders why Victor Daneiro suddenly is courageous enough to step foot on O`Shea property. It seems a bit too brave after Deeni threatened his life at gunpoint a few weeks ago. Yes, that definitely appears odd and illogical.

Then with continued thinking, while watching the two lawbreakers, Deeni O`Shea becomes more curious about the red truck. The truck and horse trailer being in the yard with no obvious owner makes the mind spin weirdly.

In fact, it all seems to be too much strangeness happening all at once. That abides especially true when pondering the intrusions by two unwanted people. One of which is the trespasser with uppity insolence and bitchiness. The other being a man that Deeni would enjoy placing behind prison bars. So, Deeni feels a bit lost about it all while not wanting any of it occurring.

So annoyance easily fills Deeni as she stares around at everything while wishing to still be in the back pastures riding. But obviously must deal with this so she takes deep breaths to stay calm. Those are needed after experiencing an uppity bitch and an archenemy being extra friendly while both break the laws of trespassing on private property. Nonetheless calm does not last for Deeni really is more than irritated. Such brings a growl from Deeni as the ranch worker returns to the state that the police are on the way.

That news provides some relief to Deeni. It does for both trespassers will soon be dealt with by law enforcement. With that setting in thoughts, Deeni looks directly at the other female as the woman turns to stare at Deeni. That allows angelic blue eyes gaze into Celtic green ones. Then as each realizes that they look into each other's souls the world hushes with both woman spellbound into smiling after seeing something familiar that exists in another world. It is a hush of pure soul and as it happens police sirens scream in the distance causing the link to be broken. That allows the focus to shift back to reality. It also permits the mystery rider to speak again.

“You need taming. O`Shea, you are too crude to be a woman of the legacy that others claim of you. All I see is a woman that requires taming. I hope that one day a man tame you so that you have manners and intelligence. Just like all true women should be, for you are a brute.” arrives spoken by the raven-haired woman while shaking her head in disbelief at dealing with a woman that she cannot comprehend.

If that doesn’t farther infuriate Deeni O`Shea then nothing could. Thus, anger owns Deeni over the wrongly assuming wrongly many things. It comes to be even more of an upset due to it is only seconds ago that Deeni swore that their eyes exchanged something unexplainable. But, that can`t be true when considering the harsh words of a moment ago.

After all, Deeni not only exists as being openly lesbian but she lives life as hardcode feminist with a serious Ivy League education to her credit. On top of that Deeni Roisin O`Shea abides as a spitfire of a woman with a muscular body frame while standing at five foot seven. That allows her to be capable of just enough street brawling to make life interesting when it needs to be. So, nope, Deeni does not subsist as a typical feminine woman. Instead, the Kentucky born American of Irish ancestry chooses the ways of a more masculine lifestyle and dresses in a modern metropolitan male appearance. Accordingly, it is strikingly different when noticing the femininely refined model like looks of the mystery rider.

It is those differences that supply Deeni the upper hand in any exchange that involves more than words. And yes, at this point the anger can lead to more than words. Thus, Deeni knows it won`t take too much effort to teach lessons to this creature that pushes all the right buttons. Those buttons do lead to being hogtied before receiving endless spankings. Therefore a wish now exists. The wish is to force the beautiful Italian onto the dirt yard in hope of the other woman landing squarely on that naughty ass to begin what is deserved.

Yet, Deeni O`Shea shakes her head of light brunette hair that exists tied up in a ponytail. Disbelief abides about everything of her morning. It is simply that. Yet, Deeni`s mind is under control even though circumstance demand otherwise. So, as the siren sounds come closer she tucks the riding crop into the waistband of beige classic-styled rib jodhpurs, as she clicks the heels of the archetypal black leather boots on the stirrups as she grows impatient of waiting on the police. Such annoys her even more. So, she brings thoughts that the day soon may be extremely hot and so she needs to change out of the half chaps and black woollen dress sweater with a turtleneck collar. At that is something that she has control over on this strange morning.

However, as the cop car is heard coming even closer Deeni notices that her trespassers are staring at her. So, she glares back at them before settling her gaze on the mystery woman. And for a brief second, she begins to hope to once more see whatever there had been shared for that fleeting moment before hatred took over again. However, such does not occur. In fact, Victor Daneiro once more interrupts.

”Deeni O`Shea. I must apologize for I do owe you an introduction." He states smoothly to then continue on. "I do for you need to meet my only child. You need to meet her before you involve unnecessary elements in our business meeting. So, please, do say hello to my daughter, Angelessa Vittoria Daneiro.”

As it is conveying the police car halts at the main house as Victor looks up at the mystery rider in finalizing. ”Angel, please, give a proper hello to your new teacher and boss. We soon will have company and our new partner may need to explain why she called law enforcement to deal with a business contract. ”

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Playtime Pursuits - Chapter 1, Delivering Mists

Just outside of the world-famous city of Lexington, Kentucky exists a quaint ranch land region filled with down-home sweet times. It is abundant in sprawling farmlands that are renowned for breeding the finest in thoroughbred horses on deep rich mystical bluegrass.

A world of horse ranches unlike any other place on Earth. That exists because that grass does magic to horses. It does gift what it takes to be champions in the games of the human world`s elite. Hence, it is horse racing of any kind. Horse racing for it is part of the traditional playtime pursuits of the wealthy and those seeking to make fortunes. Additionally, the rural region possesses great natural beauty with communities being steeped in genteel southern American values and the finest of hospitality. It possesses the perfect environment for the wealthy to seek the best in horses for their playtime pursuits.

But, it has deep secrets too. One is that it holds an insatiable need for some locals to enjoy kinky sexual pleasures in privacy. In fact, there abides a group of D/s enthusiasts that are a part of the local society since the turn of the last century. Along with that exists a very vibrant modern upper-class gay community nestled amongst the white-collar heterosexual career orientated suburbia folks.

Therefore, it is communities of people that own lengthily ancestral heritage that allow some very modern diversity with ignoring the existence of the secret world of deviant sexiness. In fact, it seems that decent living is stronger when all of these things bind together to maintain the thriving infamous horseman's paradise for the elite of North American and international society. That in its self might be shocking. It is, even more, of a truth when the entirety seems as natural as the supposed mystical bluegrass.

This current day is one of those ‘days’ where the sky meets the earthen landscape in a splendour that makes a horse`s heart want to run free on the wide-open range. Run like it`s being chased by a wildfire. Free like the wild whipped air as the rider simply takes to enjoying a natural high in allowing the winds of time to rush by. It is a mystical feeling that has a harmonic bliss of a human and a beast `s heart pulsing as one.

Yet, Deeni Roisin O`Shea knows that she must return to the daily life at the stables. That subsists even though this glorious day seems made for riding and so it is fact that she wishes to not head toward home. But the reason to not go home consists of more than a day made for enjoying the open grange of pastures that she owns. The truer reason exists as being united to someone and something that she thought would work out as a perfect relationship. However, after two years Deeni knows that it won’t. Thus, she has heartache to deal with and riding helps her to think.

Heartache, hard work and a need to be free are on her mind. Thus, the morning holds pain and unwanted freedom. This comes whispered in the stallion`s ear as they both feel liberated from life obligations. The whispers made her best horse races faster since his owner does need that of him. Yet, after too short of a time they must return home. And that is even though Canyon wishes to not end the morning ride of being surrounded by the light fog and the desires of his owner. However, they must turn their view toward the world of the famous Quarter Common Stables. That exists, as a truth due to the newest protégé for adult hired hand and live-in riding, classes are scheduled to arrive during mid-morning.

Such is the reason the duo of horse and owner now participate in enjoying a fast pace through the fog. Then as the pace becomes a glorious natural high there arrives a sudden break of the mists into a clear morning sky. However, that isn’t all that becomes discovered because dashing passed them is another rider.

A female rider on a black Arabian horse whips past from behind and that startles Deeni. It also supplies time to assume that the other woman is either foolish or possibly experienced with riding on strange terrain during thick fog. Neither reason matters for Deeni knows that keeping a higher pace in an unfamiliar foggy range area is dangerous. And yes, the rider definitely exists as a stranger to Deeni`s pasturelands and that is easily known.

Thus, there exists the understanding that the rider trespasses. This is not because Arabian horses don`t board at Common Quarter Stables. In fact, four purebreds Arabians live in the barns of the large ranch. Thus, the marker of trespassing comes as a different truth. That abides in that Deeni doesn`t permit riding on her pasturelands without her written consent. This comes as especially correct during foggy days with it maintained as rules no matter if the horse is an Arabian or not. But yes, the powerful horse subsists as impressive. So, does the female rider of well-defined athletic curves that bounces in the saddle with enjoying the high paced speed.

The entirety of it brings Deeni to do a sudden pull back on the reins of Canyon due to the need to exist in momentary awe. The astonishment consumes the brunette ranch owner who attempts to control Canyon while viewing the other female`s ebony tresses flutter wildly as a sexy nude ass and gorgeous athletic curves dressed in the shortest little sundress are the sight to be seen. The site provides quite a temptation too for Deeni has a thing for women of dark hair and sassy wild ways. And those things are definitely on display.

Yes, Deeni O’Shea lives life as a lesbian. Thus, that sexy dress on a beautiful woman of wild ways brings instant naughty thoughts. That reality warrants some attention to be given to the mystery rider. That is even outside of that fact that the trespassing must be addressed too. Therefore, a sudden decision about doing a ‘get to know’ comes into existence. So, she purses the other rider.

She does and in doing so a secret that isn’t really a secret comes to light. Hence there exists a ‘secret’ that abides by a hushed reality. The hush surrounds Deeni`s personal life and the intimate pleasures that fill it. Those activities contain the deviant sexual lifestyle of being a BDSM Dominant. That truth runs in her thoughts while watching the other rider vanish into the distance. It also provokes Deeni to snap those leather reins to against Canyon’s body to force him to run faster. That exists because the wayward rider steals privileges that only belong to Deeni. Thus, there exists a need to chastise the trespasser. And declaring discipline and her natural Dominant status are things that Deeni enjoys employing. So, it is time to be the landowner with providing lessons in concern to the laws of Deeni`s land.

In doing so the middle-aged brunette ponders the idea of implementing aspects of the ‘hushed’ intimate lifestyle upon a wild lady rider that publicly displays a nude ass. Oh yes, there are thoughts of a riding crop meeting the surface of a firm naughty ass. Then again, there also abide the ideas that hands could be bound by bailing twine while dangling from a barn loft`s rafters. All of it exists as a very pleasing idea as a payment for breaking rules. In fact, such thoughts cause Deeni to whip Canyon`s backside with a riding crop as they dash toward the other rider.

In no time at all a visual sighting of the prey occurs. Such comes because of a ruthless effort to shorten the distance between landowner and trespasser. Deeni wants this occurring so that she possesses enough speed to pass the other rider. Thus, it is no surprise that after a great effort Deeni accomplishes that. In that achievement, she even manages to look over her shoulder to declare a disapproving head shake. However, that garners no reaction from the trespasser.

Therefore, an instant needs to gallop several extra furlongs exists. That seems to be the only remaining way that can provide both riders to stop for a discussion. That is because Deeni decides it is time to arrange blockage of the trail. Such a thing should arrange the needed chat. So, as Deeni and Canyon speed ahead of their visitors they soon come to a halt in the middle of the worn trail that is not far from the main pasture gate.

As they wait for thoughts of what the conversation will be afloat in Deeni`s mind. Initials thoughts are of providing the pasturelands rules. But once such occurs then maybe a nice little ‘get to know’ can be done too. Yet, Deeni`s Dominant side wants more for she prefers to whip out the southern charm to tantalize the beautiful woman into being extra friendly. With that dreamy notion, there exists the fantasy of sex mate that might possibly be willing to feel the discipline of the riding crop on that naughty ass. After all, the trespasser must pay for the illegal use of the restricted pastures. So a momentary daydream of sex with a bit of D/s exists but Deeni holds no hope of that. She knows it merely abides as a daydream that comes when she connects to a beautiful brunette woman of wilder ways. So, she chooses to be realistic about possibly eventually acquiring a kiss, a kiss would be a pleasing payment too.

The awaited moment to have a chat comes quickly as the female rider halts after spotting Deeni blocking the last bit of the trail before the exit gate. As the rider of the Arabian horse manages that it allows eyes of aqua blue to look at Deeni while a giggling amusement fills the air. The laughter emanates from the woman of ebony tresses as she enjoys smiling in that way of seeming to have won a secret something.

“Are you lost on your own pastures, Ms. O’Shea? It is okay Deeni but no need to worry about where you are. After all, the range gate is just ahead. So, please, get out of my way for I have a meeting to be on time for.” Arrives in a voice tone of superiority and snickering over what is happening.

Then with a swish of a whipping of the leather reins, the brunette forces the Arabian horse to swiftly maneuverer around the blockade. With that, the mystery rider leaves Deeni in the dust. But Deeni is not only left but suddenly feels stunned and slightly annoyed over being treated so poorly by someone who commits unlawful acts on her private property.

Therefore, Deeni gave her head a shake due to being bewildered. Hence, at that moment she realized a few things. One of those things is an obvious disadvantage of not having clue about who the woman is. This comes due to not recognizing her in any way. Second is the understanding that the trespassing is intentional. Thirdly, the woman knows Deeni. Then lastly Deeni needs to accept that the perceived payment of a kiss won`t be happening. So, unlike what should have been no existence of a true exchange of words exists. Instead, the mystery rider passes through the range gates several thousand meters in the distance with Deeni watching it all.

When the puzzlement simmers Deeni nudges Canyon to begin the journey back to the stables of Common Quarters. That has Canyon doing a leisurely pace in returning to the open yard of the main section of the stables. The entirety of it has both horse and rider to seem almost disappointment and with that, the two take a deep breath of not wanting to be in the stable's yard.

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