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Arousing Ry - Chapter 10, A Hand To Hold

The night manages to be less interesting as the drink splatter on the wall and shattered glass hit the floor. It comes as shocking for Ryanne never loses her coolness. She never steps outside the self-control but it is time to do just that. She can feel it occurring too. It abides in her very soul. Yet, she cannot allow that to exist. It can`t for losing her temper irritates. It pushes her anger higher. Thus, as it fills her Ry sinks to her knees on the floor with leaning against the sofa.

That permits her eyes to slowly close due to weariness within wooziness. Yet, anger boils within her. Finally, the breaking point reaches a maximum in her life. Her life`s seams do bulge to want to erupt for everything comes harder lately. Life is exhaustion with endless frustration over women and being too tired to hold the reigns of everything for everyone. She knows that she had dreams. Loving dreams. She wanted more than sex, parties, working endless hours and this life that seems to always push her limits. Within those spinning thoughts the eyes of green slowly close to gradually allow the night to pass.

In that sleeping, a mixture of drunken dreams and life thoughts flood her subconscious to create an interesting dream. It is one so vivid that it feels real and has Ry believe that she is awake and living life. In it sees her beloved mother who smiles at her. It radiates has beautiful happiness and Ry feels surrounded by love. Within this lilting paradise of a dream, Ry is spellbound with merely watching her mother who is more than iconic to Ry. Then within it comes whispers of, “My baby girl it`s okay. You will understand. It is okay and maybe it`s time to hold a new hand.”

Ry doesn’t understand but she doesn’t need to. The woman that endlessly holds her heart seems so real in this moment. Thus, she wants to live this with having that unconditional love once more to exist in her life. And within that, she smiles in saying, “I love you.”

“Yes, you do my darling. But Ry let it go. Floated it away. Feel, feel the things that you need to. Stop hurting you. Release everything and let the love in for love must come in for it to be known. To know the depths and conditions of love you must let love in.” Softly shares her mother with caressing Ry`s facial cheek as she then continues, “You are most like him. He too couldn’t let go of many things. But he did it for me. He did and we had joy. Now you too must let go, let go of me to see what is really there. It waits for you, you are ready if you dare to reach to trust.”

“No, no. I will not let you go. You are love.” Solidly conveys Ry with wanting to hold the love feelings forever.

The phantasm smiles sweetly as she pulls Ry over to be against her within the dreams. Thus, there are two sets of green eyes staring and sharing the love as the phantasm allows Ry to feel all of what is floating around them. This brings the phantasm to say, “Beautiful isn’t it, this love that you have for me. It is filled with trust, kindness, openness and a bond so strong that neither of us ever dared to leave it. I needed it. You needed it. We endured many lessons and held strong. Someone in your life will do that for you if you let him or her in. But you must let me go. You must allow her a chance. It is the only way that you fail, you fail if you do not give her a chance.”

Ry instantly begins to round up a reply of refusing such things but then the phantasm sternly says, “Trust me. Just once more, one more time, just trust once more. Please, trust me.”

Ry is speechless for that tone is something that must be respected but she manages a soft-spoken reply of, “No”.

The phantasm kisses Ry`s left cheek to whisper, “She waits for you and you are loved by me but reach for her.”

Suddenly Ry comes shaken out of the dream with this permitting no reply. The being pulled from the dream comes from falling forward in the leaning against the sofa. Her drunken stupor, while she kneels there in the living room of her house, creates a thud and an awakening that greatly not wanted. Hence it gifts anger and her sprawled on the floor.

“Goddamn!” arrives with an accompaniment of groans as Ry adjusts to reality. Then she feels the lingering of the love feelings that are for her mother and she smiles but moans of the pains that she feels from falling. “Mother. Love.”

The following moment's mix with haze, and upset with a wanting of the dream to return. Yet, Ry knows that is craziness. So she groans more within trying to sit erect. Once it`s accomplished she slowly brings herself to stand up with trying to get past the groggy drunkenness so that she can somehow find her bed. However, no bed comes. She merely tumbles to the sofa and passes out into a drunken sleep that is dreamless.

Several hours later she once more is awakened with the time being mid-morning the next day. This time a no falling to the floor exists but a solid nudging with a very strong voice tone comes heard from Jerome. “Boss, your sexy ass should have been at work three hours ago. A big meeting first thing at seven and no one showed to handle the firm’s newest high profile client. You missed it. It won’t go well if daddy finds out. I reschedule for this afternoon and fixed it but you missed it. Get to shower and I will drive us to work.”

To say that Ry woke fast definitely exist as the truth. Ry hears it all, all of what Jerome conveys. She does it while trying to adjust her sitting with scrambling to be coherent with a definite painful hangover. The pain of it forces her eyes closed as she thinks that she lives in hell, utter hell and nothing seems okay. But Jerome provides solace as he lovingly pats her lap in stating, “Come on, sexy. I am taking you upstairs to the shower. You undress and clean up. I will get the clothes. You must get to the office immediately for someone must be there to just be there. Your father may call if the new client connects to him. But you can have a nap for I canceled all of the scheduled meetings, all but two meetings. The one with the new client is at the day`s end. Then there is your usual monthly lunch date.”

Ry moans about it all but she knows that she has duties. Within the dream and the night must be set aside. So both are left in past as she accepts the offer of Jerome`s hand to help her stand up. Soon both of them walk up the stairs with Jerome chattering on about the new client and expectations. As they reach the top of the steps Jerome says, “Ya know, you are damn lucky to have sexy ass bitch of a guy like me to take such great care of you. You should give me a raise, yeah a raise with maybe an extra half hour for lunch each day.”

Ry snickers of that with turning toward her bedroom to go for the shower as Jerome then states, “I almost forgot but your sweetheart called today too. She worried about you.”

That brings Ry opt sudden halt to be cursing. “Fucking, Payton. What is the fuck is she up to now.”

But before Ry can say more Jerome sternly interrupts, “ Hush. It was Orianna wondering of dinner availability for tonight. She mentioned something about hand-holding at a business dinner at eight. She must have a date. Something about a former girlfriend and needing to not be single. ”

“Oh!” Claims Ry feeling stupefied.

“Yes, your sweetheart.” Claims Jerome who moves to collect a clean silk shirt, lace undergarments and a pair of dress slacks for Ry while he rambles and Ry heads into the master bathroom that is a part of the master bedroom. “ Your Ori need you because you are the only one who can make a date seem like she is married. Which I agree with her for you two are so much an old married couple that it’s crazy. So, I penciled you in. After all, you need some serious fun and she always brings you happiness with a spot of naughty love.”

Ry grumbles of the love word as she tosses off clothes with turning on the shower before entering into it. Then once inside, she shouts, “Okay. I will go. But, I need to know details. “

Jerome laughs at the reply as he shouts back. “You didn`t have a choice.”

Then while collecting the last of the clothing items he walks to the bathroom door to lean against it to further share. “I decided for you. And your clothes are your new black flared trousers, the leather vest with brass clasps, the linen colored bolero shirt that I gave you and those heeled black leather boots that you like. Casual but upscale. I will have it ready by eight. Plus, the limo picks you both up with a pink sweetheart rose in the car. Just in case you wish to be Romeo.”

Ry hears it all. She expected nothing less for Jerome is that amazing person that she needs in her life in the exact ways that Jerome exists in her life. But as she reaches for a towel she needs to clarify something. “ She is not my sweetheart. I only hold her hand and occasionally fuck her because I am her Dominant.”

“Maybe.” Retorts Jerome as Ry walks past him with still being mostly wet but quickly towels off to get dressed.

“No maybe about it. I do not do love. “Comes in form clarification

Jerome laughs at such to then claim “Maybe.”

Ry turns to face him with getting on her pants to then sternly stare him down. Jerome smirks of it to afterward walk over to peer into Ry`s eyes in powerfully stating, “She has been with you for as long as I have. Everyone knows that she loves you. She fixes you when you are broke and you allow it all too.”

“I do not!” fiercely conveys Ry with turning away to finish dressing.

“Okay then”, sums up Jerome with a concern of getting them both into the office but more must be said to “Okay, it is as you say. But no other woman can call you like she did today. You do not allow. In fact, the hand holding that she asked about, you do it with her. You do it with Orianna even when you are with another woman at a function. You, in fact, seek her out and find a reason to hold her hand.” With that that Jerome finishes chatting with a sigh shared in saying, “Kind of weird and it is as you say. Maybe, eh. But hey, we are late. Time to get in the car. Meet you there.”

Thus, he leaves the room and the house without waiting for more from Ry. Yet, Ry stands mid room fully dressed in being puzzled by it all and more exhausted than ever while trying to stop the hangover from spinning within her senses.

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